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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 19, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four High Point Enterprise Puller third after Norm and Sunda a morning the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolin j. P a publisher ibis 19.17 r b b. A. Rawley. Sec y Aud treat. Hammitt a Cech Gen. Mgr Capus m. Waynick editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve months 10.48 i six months. 5.30 three months. I 2.60 one month. 90 one week 20 carriers in nearby town axe not permitted to Ooi Lect for mors than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five week ii a subscription for a longer period u desired payment should by made direct to office. The associated press to exclusively entitled to the be Tai re publication of All news dispatch credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and Alau the local news Publ Abed therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation worthy and important crusade and extends similar compliments to the courts of Mecklenburg Quot that have acted in a number of instances with these dives in this the observer says that a there is absolutely no excuse for tile toleration of such joints As blatantly Cater to the baser immoral instincts of the True yet closing such joints simply bruises the tentacles of an evil. After a few Days it appears again insidiously and yet per viciously. When once the Homes schools churches and civic agencies function As they should in North Carolina the Law enforcement officials of the state will not have to padlock Many Road houses. Kutr Urti a Soond Cia matter it the Post office in High Point. N c. Untruth a cd at Congo of a rth a _ National adv repro Iutva Wmk John Buh co. 420 Lexington a. New York City Friday. April lit 1940. It j bought then pc id a leu father forgive them fur they know not what they Dot a and they parted i raiment and cast lot. A Luke is s4. A a a forgive Mapy things in others nothing in yourself. A aus Omu. Emf fast is fast and suf West is West. Japanese officials claim that they Are in Accord with Secretary tary hulls statement that the a status Quot of the dutch East indies must be maintained. But the japanese press supposed to represent the sentiments of those in authority strikes a different note. According to an associated press Story from Tokio Quot the newspaper Hochi said the four Power and nine Power pacts Wero aimed at maintaining the status quo in tile Pacific but that they manifestly Are incompatible with the japanese View it int that until the unfair status quo not Only in Tho far East hut in the whole world is placed by a Lair and now order no i a Ace can lie expected. A no doubt the Hull statement was intended As a political move to restrain Japan s southward expansion but the United states should know that such an attempt would Only inflame the in 19.�s Willard Pike in his Book a children of the rising w Rote a the sharpest focus of Japan s southward gaze is upon the dutch fast indies. Here is a treasure House As yet hardly unlocked a and containing exactly what Japan needs. Again it is Britain that is ultimately concerned. Britain could not tolerate a hostile wedge Between Singapore and Australia. And Only Britain can defend the but Britain now has about All she can say Grace to. Holland the nation which would seem to be chiefly concerned has informed Japan it is neither seeking nor accepting from any nation a Protection for its Rich overseas possessions in the fast indies. And the Brave Little nation by the sea has hinted that if Holland should become involved in the Huro it Ean War the government of the fast indies would la Able to carry on in defending itself and maintaining this nation gets valuable imports from the dutch East indies and does not want her Trade disturbed. However America is not going imperialistic again and it is doubtful that we would go to War Over Pacific islands 6,000 Miles from our shores whatever happens to our Trade. Nonetheless America holds the whip hand Over Japan. When once we break relations with the japanese and cease to Trade with them their economic status will become precarious indeed. Safety consciousness the North Carolina Congress of parents and teachers made no mistake in including among its activities Here a program designed to make the Congress More a safety that program presented this morning through the cooperation of the state Highway safety division portrayed graphically some of the heart Breaks that can result from the carelessness and negligence of pedestrians and Drivers alike. The program featured a skit in which children of Ray Street school participated designed to show Accident causes and results a a program which All mothers and fathers should Sec because it impressed vividly the tragic consequences which result from a Lack of proper care. The skit was followed by a discussion of safety what Steps have been taken to assure greater Highway safety in North Carolina and what further programs can be inaugurated to make children and adults alike More for after All. Until All Drivers and All pedestrians achieve that a safety there will continue to be a terrible Accident toll in North Carolina. That Bright pupils can forge ahead and Dull pupils can have the extra attention they need. Considering the Tempo of the times a boy or girl who can finish seven grades in five years should be permitted to do so. The Little red school House of Days gone by had its advantages in that pupils were advanced according to aptness. All in All teacher fitness must not be lost sight of. There Are teachers with a Grade certificates who Are poor instructors. Again there Are teachers having a Grade certificates Well prepared in mind and heart to carry on certain work in the school. As we see it this Standard business has become too rigid. So Many hours and so Many units per be have never made a Good teacher and never will. There is something to that old Story about Mark Hopkins on one end of a log and a student on the other making a College. In the Spring an old mans fancy with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people mini Vii m standards in elementary schools the meeting Here of representatives of the Parent teacher associations in North Carolina is serving to show the great Progress being made by our Public schools As the result of Parent interest in material equipment anti teacher fitness and the interest shown by teacher s in the Homes i Epi resented by their charges. This Mutual interest has been of special Benefit to elementary schools where in their formative years children need the Best guidance that the schools can give and All the encouragement possible from Well ordered Homes. In this connection we think it Well to give a summary of minimum standards for elementary schools which has been worked out by a committee of superintendents teachers and College professors of education in cooperation with members of the state department of Public instruction. We take the summary from state school facts published at Raleigh 1. A six St ult \ 2. At Toast too teacher tot Grade. 3. A majority of teachers holding class a certificates. 4 a minimum term of 160 actual teaching Days 5. An average attendance of 32-36 pupils per teacher. 6. An accurate Scholastic attend and health record for each Pupil or seven year course of each on december 31. 1936. A Young Man from Hibbing. Minnesota stood on the sidewalk in new York and looked at a store window being whitewashed from the inside. The store previously had been a lunch room and the Young Man had been working there. But the owner of the building would not renew the lease so the window was being whitewashed in order to make changes and get a new tenant for the store at an increased Price. The Young Man had been a soda Jerker there. But now his Job was gone. His name was Sam Tapley. He had been a soda Jerker All his working life. Imda hopeless looking Wasny to it ? but you Don t know Sam Tapley from Hibbing Minnesota. In addition. I forgot to say he had a wife. Now watch and see what he did. He had saved $300. But that was t All. He had an idea he had noticed when he was jerking soda that on Rainy Days people in the business Section telephoned in and had food brought to their offices. Why it be a Good idea to Start a business of supplying office workers with lunch in their offices could he do it on $300? Ile did t know. But he was willing to find out. So he rented a Back room up a flight of stairs placed a Deposit for Gas and electricity a Telephone and a refrigerator. He bought lumber and car entered his own tables. He bought too thermos bottles at sixty cents each. He had seen Coffee served in paper cups hut it grew cold leaked. Twenty six Days after he stood on the sidewalk watching the window being whitewashed he opened for business previously he had sent three errand boys through the office District Between 44th and 52nd streets and sixth and Park avenues with printed menus. There was no Street address. Just the Telephone number. Would any Calls come in the Telephone rang one cup of Coffee. Nothing else. But he delivered it. When the Day is As Over he had taken in Only $4.25. But the next Day it was $9.95. The next Day it was 16.30. Then it relived $61.35. Sam Tapley was the first Man in the history of new York to specialise solely in lunches delivered to offices. Today Ive is King of that Bitt iness. On an average Day he serves 700 lunches. And he now has 3.000 thermos bottles. Seven trunk Telephone lines in his office take orders. He has never served a meal in his place of business. What did Sam Tapley do he went into one of the oldest businesses in the world serving food and developed a new idea. It is making Money for him lots of Money. He has Many imitators but he pay s no attention to them. Does things his own Way. Makes a Success. Hooray for Sam Tapley. Friday april 19. 0to Brace Cotton in Washington Bruce cation to i Tuii of Kil Mav provide impetus for Guam base Washington april 19. A Holland s danger of getting drawn into the War May have the somewhat roundabout effect of giving the u. Navy its Long sought Harbor improvements on the Island of Guam. It figures out like this if Holland is invaded her Rich East indies Empire is left up in the air. A British or u. Protectorate has been suggested. Japan would t like that and probably would move set up a protectorate of her own neither the u. Nor Britain would like that in turn and out of it All there might easily develop a lot of trouble. And Guam is a lot closer to the Netherlands East indies than any adequate naval base the u. Now own. Basl could be Eck ulv built the Navy has been asking for Harbor improvements on Guam for Over a year. Last Winter Congress voted the idea Down fearing Japan would look on it As a threat. The same item was put in the Navy Bill this year the House again voted it Down hut the Senate is putting it Back and this time it May stick. On the face of it. The measure is simple enough. All that s asked is enough Money to dredge the knobs of Coral out of the otherwise Fine Harbor so patrol planes could land there safely. But in the Back of the mind is the idea that the soon Ive wanting a there very scratch such a hat trouble figures Walter winched 0n Broadway it try a Mak raft Fatemi. Coper Fht lf4. Dally a or i nor memos to a Colum kits girl Friday dear miss terrific i think i have something thing that should Click big with newspaper editors others in the Craft. Turn my column Over to new women working outside new York City during August. There a considerable Talent on newspapers who rarely get a Chance to show new York Syndicate chiefs How Good they Are. We can try the stunt Tenn rate. It should be a helluva lot to the columns submitted by press agents which their new. Some reporters and paper men and my vacation month opener celebrated client on sign in Short we can in newspaper clans columns 31 Days and who Carf Tell ? me be King features or somebody will discover another o. Henry. Mark Twain or Jack London. Remind me to Orchid poncho and his delightful band at Lamarti que. Also to laugh right in tile Kisser of John Lardner. Several weeks ago he kidded our Choice for dark horse in the Derby Fenelon of course As did so Many other dopes. So what ? so the journal american sports pages Tho other Day ran this in i news Story Quot Fenelon is Derby threat. Anybody can pick by Melechi that the favorite. The big idea is to hand a Reader a profitable dark horse. Thank Horace Stoneham and Eddie Brannick for my pass to enjoy the giants games. No yank pass a a de a if it has photo of girl named Helen flood or mrs. William link. Her sister Ruby very anxious to locate her tears she s met with foul ploy. Heard of in Pittsburgh i see it the president and or. Hull stirring talks on preparedness. Father Lime ten years ago new vice president Miller of the Southern railway save that he is ready to begin plans for underpasses Here. A a Over 75 persons have registered in the City Beautiful con a inuit people mrs. E. T. Harrison is visiting relatives in miss Annie Yow of Thomasville visited friends Here yesterday. Mrs. Elizabeth Covington Vulto has been visiting her daughter mrs. John sice Loff. For some time has returned to her Home in Baltimore. Las w of Mac ring talks on seems like cml us who made called Flag a Hearse essay can on Pongee planes and ship Stowe s scoops me. Tell Boss Al life Story Tamu preparedness. Seems a last year when some of same comments were vers. I thought or. In the journal amen is stalling about More a Vav As a Corker. Leland from Norway thrilled it it George m. Cohan s Ira show which la lie new 82. Died Josephus Daniels is the Only Altern a close watch of Brief the Earl of Balfour in Surret England today. Say j five Al Navy nation May regular naval base badly. Starting from a base could be built in less time than it takes to build to Reship. Of theres going to be in the East indies the Navy it d Ive a lot More useful. 1j. K. Main Fleet might of. Needed combined naval forces of Holland. Britain France and the u. S., stationed in far Eastern Waters Aren t very formidable even though the French and dutch Are creased their consensus is they could delay a japanese descent on the East indies and or Malaya hut could t Hope to Stop it. Timid take the main u. Fleet. Nearest u. Base is Cavite in the Philippines but it s inadequate. It has an old dry Dook which could accommodate Light cruisers and is equipped to do limited repairs but for a full dress scrap it just do. That leaves Pearl Harbor which East indies provide Kaw materials Trade figures show Why the u government is concerned threat to the East indies. Three of the 17 As Quot strategic raw in Blier and quinine the East indies and Malaya understood to have inst length there of late. Hey is too far away. Shout any maintained in Chicago. That the Saloon o dry Capone Jug being last year for which figures Are Avail Able the u. Bought Fror those Arras 181,00,000 Worth of tin 000.000 Worth of rubber and the Dollar figure in t most of its quinine. If Japan got those two areas she could either Cut off u. Supplies or by continuing their Sale make the u. Help finance her War with China. Commodities listed materials a tin. Come mostly from in 1937, called Quot Yankee Doo 28th in Washington sity is producing it Roosevelt explaining Ile boy april Catholic pm wrote mrs. Bryn mawr in remind me to listen to lbs sunday at 5 Henry Mclemore has a new sports info please program at that hour which i hear is immense. Call novelist i. Stone. Check if True he and wife touring in aug Tell or. Whitehead my hours Ait All upside Down again. And that a three cent stamp is cheaper than a phone Cal Tell the Boss that several Days before the Hitler so and socialists invaded Denmark and Norway eur told chums Quot these Are the last by Days of the Gazette congrats pad Locking Road Hoise the Gastonia Latex Law enforcement officials for going on a pad Locking spree with Road houses in its county and vigorously Calls upon the sheriff to continue this Good work a until these Dens of filth and inquiry have been cleaned the rho Quot lotto Oharu or nuance enrolled. 7. Minimum equipment with reference to a Library to supplementary readers c dictionaries. Ltd maps and globes e special classroom or general equipment including materials for Art music penmanship Etc. 8 an adequate and sanitary building. Note these requirement will lie found in publication no. 206. Handbook for elementary and secondary schools division of publications state department of Public instruction. Raleigh. 25 cents. Compared with haphazard methods of the schools in the �?T80�?Ts these standards too ambitious. But in the 20th Century not the 19th and the demand of this Century is for youth thoroughly prepared and ready to carry on the worlds work. School patrons can go far in seeing to it that the schools which their children attend come up to the minimum standards. The re should tie included in those in seem far we Are living do von have difficulty in remembering names Harold Thomas of Wichita Falls. Texas told me recently that when he failed to hear the name clearly upon being introduced to a Man he always asked to have the name repeated. Then he followed up by saying. Quot i am glad to meet you or. to refi Oai the name immediately after hearing it is a simple easy and excellent Way to help remember a mans name of you fail to repeat it immediately it probably will lie forgotten in sixty seconds. To remember a Man s name is a Subtle compliment to him which he will appreciate and he is Likely to resent it to some degree if you forget it. Start scrap Book Many readers Are rutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap books so that they May review and study them As a text Hook on Success. Why not Start your Success Book now scrap Quot a daughter Horn to Princess Ingrid of Denmark would have been heir had been a a throne. To the throne if it and if there still is nature be a filter wine to designed the moustache to according to orient1 to. And in is have turned it into a in l la Lull la t under Tonii the current Ess epee on images 12 and 110 mention me. Look it up. Phone Zorina. Ask her if she has a Story if not True Don t use that lady who inquired about Rubinoff. Wanted to know Why he a dropped out of the scene she can reach him at his Paramount bldg offices. Tell Newsweek the mgr. Sheen Rumor about converting a columnist probably referred to me because i was doing a rave about his new Book at the Stork the other night. Although it might lie an Echo of the erroneous Rumor about Dorothy Thompson which she told me was an exaggeration. She was seen dining with several Bishops before sailing. Tell the City desk they might get a Good feature out of the new nurses lodgings at Kings county Hospital. Perhaps the patients there built the new laundry chutes which have open tags at the top but no place for soiled clothes to exit Al the Bottom. Bob Garland the sex critic is at of. Sinai with a broken shoulder. Got it when a subway door closed on him. Have you my copy of Martin gum pert Book a Heil hunger i hear its very Good. Disney tells me no truth to Story about pinocchio and Bambi items. That pinocchio doing Fine a Bambi not called of says the Rumor was spread by a disgruntled worker who was fired and threatened to a a even mor if for did t run again. Tell loin do fee she misdirected her squawk. It did no to appear in our col i hear Virginia Langdon and Russell Swann Are experimenting a trial parting for a month and then May wed if they still care about each other. She s really mad about him. Watch it Good Story. That Michigan weekly which panned Hoover so hard for the arrests of the govt overthrow plotters is now publishing raves about How great a Guy the a Man is. Big scoop i suppose. Kills me the Way most of his belittles discover his Genius All of a sudden i Haven to wearied of the hic town news press at All. I just Haven to had room for ititus no cinch to do. I had my on Fenelon. Wanted to Wager $15 across the Board but Corum talked me out of it. Tell him to Send me a Cheek. Bernie is going to play for the Ziegfeld girls annual show this time. Gee. They sure take chances explain to Western Union not to Send Hills to House but to office the dupes. .1 mean for apr or apr collect messages to the paper did you take care of Joe for the circus thank John Ringling North explain the Chap can to afford it and never saw one before. Tell Jimmy the new shirts Are Fine. After the first washing shrink to size. I hop but How come the material Hasni to been shrunk also ask the tailor do i have to be there can t he make me some suits from last measurements in a Only a Little chunkier. Thank Lait. Connolly and Bennis for letting vacation in August instead of july then to years ago Lorn new Rev. Luther Little will arrive from Charlotte today and will begin a revival at first Baptist Church tonight at 7 45 o clock. The local Post of the american legion will meet tonight. The charter recently applied for has arrived. About people mrs h. I. Coffield is a visitor to Greensboro mrs. W. L. Stamey spent yesterday in win Sion Salem with friends. Or. And mrs. Collier Ellis of Winston Salem spent yesterday in High Point with friends. La. Harris left this morning for Asheville where he will attend a convention. A we briefs France is planning an army of 700,0t 0 men. A a the annual convention of the North Carolina classics reformed Church will meet in High Point in May. More than 20 persons were killed by a Tornado in Arkansas last night. There a something sour somewhere when tit report comes out that no sugar legislation will be required at this session of Congress. Imagine Congress finding anything not requiring legislation. I am hopeful of peace soon because Germany is not going to ask anything of England or France except free Access to raw materials on a competitive basis and free Trade and Exchange along the lines of the Hull . Gerhard t Alois West Rick German commercial counsellor in Washington. Dewey. And that s what it looks like according to the headlines. As of right now in a betting in a right. Of he runs a 3rd time it la be the sweetest scoop of ail. When did i first use i m pre. Two $135,. Though Ive it Dent Fleet it m is the responsibility of the Stu body to see that its activities re the attitudes of the majority of members. President Harry d. Gideonse of Brooklyn College. Sweden report Russia has agreed to pay indemnity of $10,000 for bomb. Ing a swedish Village by mistake. Collecting the sum will be something Els again. Let school life lie a period of Calin. In order that children May with the same Calm and equanimity face til confusion and turmoil of later year. C. Harold Caulfield. President san Francisco Board of education. There is no safety under the Sun for civilized Man except under conditions of genuine toleration and inalienable Legal Equality. Secretary likes. Me j \ Izzy keen melt All up the London mail s col respondent Here. Ask him if that appeared there yet supposed to run last sunday in the mails week end edition the London dispatch. Want to use sunday night Send us text. Seems to be plenty Buzz about the ticket being Hull and Farley in Washington. Affairs the privately circulated paper claims the i at a Quot definite Quot. Hew Long ago did i say it would be for the Greenville Piedmont a Good paper says that Napoleon once said Quot four hostile newspapers Are More to lie feared than a thousand bayonets Quot not anymore lady for had most gazettes against him and look at Hitler. And How about having Ben Bernie calling you names for eight years on a coast to coast Hookup. Evve snakes Don t use Quot debunking the bunk for a title go Back to Quot debunking the War propaganda Quot. Last week it came out a a debunking the Bun by Walter Fine thing. Its almost noon no so done to count on me covering the new play. 1 w. W. Furnished rooms hit seems like the newspapers had overlooked a important p int a till the other Day a reporter thought about i n t # r v i Ewing the wives of the candidates for president. The dem Locrata that is the wives of Democrat candidates Wasny to much interested in Liv in at the White House unless it s a absolute necessity. Missus Farley said Jim spends too much time in Washington. Reckon i was wrong but i thought he had a whole time Travelino Job to dedicate Post offices and collect names dates and nun iture pictures of rare democrats Fer new Stamps. Anyhow if or. Roosevelt Don t run a Gin they nought have to change the sign on the front door

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