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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 19, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday april i1910tmh Mich Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Page Tiree railroads need help in form of Carrier reorganization Pat o Brien cast in Rockne role Babson urges government to Speed up action to Render rails fair show in Battle with truckers and airlines by Roger w. Babson new Vork it. April 19.�?Only reorganization of the railroads capital set up and policies can prevent the air lines buses and trucks from eventually making nearly one half the Railroad mileage useless. For that reason i believe the Wheeler Loa Rill or some similar Friendly legislation should he pushed through this session of Congress. The railroads should he unshackled to give them an even break in their life and death Battle nit ii other carriers. The Railroad Are the nations a second biggest taxpayers biggest top heavy capitalization Sciort customers and biggest investment. If the railroads could get Back on their feet they could provide thousands of new jobs put millions of dollars in investors pockets and give business a tremendous hypodermic. Today hampered by i. C. C. Regulations. Sighted labor leaders and antiquated rate schedules the railroads Are being battered into a pulp by their aggressive competitors. Pullman traffic 1r going to air lines coach traffic to the buses lucrative freight and express business to the trucks. In link Load Moi hit i have no particular love for the railroads but i Bate to see a 20-billion-Dollar Industry die1 i hate to see a to Nihon Dollar a Day taxpayer sandbagged i Hale to see an employer of a million men hogtied. But that is exactly what is happening every minute. In the last two years the air lines More than doubled their passenger Load. Their rates Are dropping steadily now arc1 on even terms with Pullman Lutes on Many a jump. Like the railroads they Are soon to segregate their mail express and passenger business. A year or two More and we will see freight trains of the air this is tile sub Rosa idea for using the thousands of military air planes which after the european War. Will he available for commercial purposes. Ste i we in Joy Vig staus Juat Omeed stats at fresh lobster meat la. 55c Bologna croakers Large la. Green string less Beans 4 is 23c yellow or White Squash 4 lbs 25c bananas 4 lbs 19c fancy Small cucumbers 3 lbs 25c new red bus Bacon la. \ Kal it it Poku chops la. A a 15c tiny i k in pork six 10c obit Cor no Hahs la. 21c i Ith Field of Nee he sausage la. 19c ski Niess aia heat Franks Pound .17c smoked smoked sausage la. 17c aka n med Simona. Lamb roast la. 15c visit our poultry counter. All poultry dressed and drawn immediately after killed. Potatoes 5 lbs 21c Bunch of three hearts of celery 10c Libby a no Armour a Anglo corned beef 2 35c Kelloggs Pep pkg. 10c a _ old to. Popular >r7 _ preserves Lunette a no. Jar l t c pm Kraft american or 111., cheese run it it 2-1 b. Jwuc Pillsbury Vrr 27c peaches>7m".7231c of amp a potato Sticks "m7c Hormel a spam 9. Best pure lard. I Mil Milt 4-lb. Vartou 29c new West All Green asparagus 17c no. 2 can Triangle Sweet quart Lar pickles salad dressing Tomato pineapple dog food Corn pears Snowdrift a a 46c Mother it. Far la d e 4 of in la i Dole strongheart Briarfield shoe peo 3 2 4 2 21-oz. 4 ans no. Sih 4 an i to 4 ail no. 2 4 an Southern Manor Bartlett no. 2 i 4 i 41-lb. 4 ail 23c 20c 37c 17c 15c -17c 91c 19c strictly fresh eggs 19c Carton dozen Lando lakes butter a 37c a a a a a Pillbury s beat flour 12-,b bag Ooi the planes arc great time Sav trs. Their safety record gets better every heat the railroads in 1939. They Are clean and comfortable give wonderful service every passenger is a King. The railroads have improved in this respect but Are still far behind the air lines. They need new blood younger personnel Mea trained in Public relations. Instead of disagreeable ticket agents cold and impersonal train Crews they need employees who like making passengers and shippers comfortable and Happy. The coloured porters come closer to filling the Hill than the High paid j conductors Moke St k Eami in eth needed the roads must put on More streamlined equipment not on a few runs hut on Many runs. Pullman rates must he slashed drastically perhaps eventually i eliminated. Bunning time must j it he continually seeded up. Duplicate runs must he stopped trains pooled Branch lines eliminated. Freight rates must he flexible Quick to drop when Competition threatens. Differentials in thai South must he wiped out. I Rucks i a Annot possibly haul heavy freight As cheaply and efficiently As the j railroads of the carriers really wont to compete. Chief difficulties of the rail. Roads Are fourfold i i. C. C. I i regulation. 4 2 top heavy capitalization. 3i Job holding Man i Juif in cats. 11 i of a or in Bor unions. Of these problem number two seems most urgent. Thirty i per rent of the nation s mileage is in receivership a some of it i has been Only one jump ahead of i Tho sheriff for a similar length of time. A Railroad in receivership is not my idea of sales Appeal nor i Good advertising. Either for j height or passengers. Certainly it does not help the Bondholder nor the stockholder. Receive ships do of course. Provide big fat salaries for Law years insiders and receivers. The latter actually have More Power in running a Road in receivership than the president and Hoard of directors had when the Road was solvent. These Fellows stall and connive to prevent reorganization. When a Railroad comes out of receivership they naturally lose their jobs. Final plans were just announced for instance for the Minneapolis a St. Louis which had been in receivership since 1923�?nearly 26 years. Ender such circumstances Security Holder lose Hope that their Lead will Ever he . They sell their defaulted securities at enormous losses far below their intrinsic value. Meanwhile the receivers lawyers bondholders committees All suck i the blood out of the Road. Bol a it it hut sick roads Are in the same boat. They try desperately j to keep out of receivership. They Are forced to scrimp and Cut Cor ners to meet their Bond interest. J their locomotives and cars Wear out. They cannot afford to buy new equipment to Cut rates to meet Competition. Idu Esa be ke4>k4�a n Iza Aion needed Tho Hest thing in the world fori Tho railroads and that Means for every honest person connected j with them would he a sane., Pat of Brien who takes the part of the immortal coach in Quot the life of Knute Rockne a now being filmed in Hollywood meets the widow of the football strategist who holds a picture of her late husband it of Brien so made up As Rockne the notre Dame senior. Hows business business at new 1940 Low it David i. Hamson fluid Ness activity choked up another loss this week As the composite Index slipped Down 0.7 of a Point to 9.3 per cont below Normal. This is the lowest Index Reading since the sensational upswing started last september hut activity is still to per cent above the corresponding week of last year. This week s loss is the eleventh set Back in the last three months. Peculiarly enough however More observers believe that a new upturn is ready to be touched off a month or even two months ago steel operations continued to exert pressure on the Downside As operations dropped 0.4 of a Point to 60.9 per cent of capacity tile Industry is Down to the lowest operating figure in nine months but the Sharp Cut in steel Sheet prices announced last week should turn the tide. Freight car loadings continued their downswing although they managed to gain on the year ago comparison. Automobile assemblies seeded up modestly As reports of new car a sales for several companies for the first Quarter were at new All time highs. Textile Mills shoved j their schedules Forward hut activity in lumber Camps slowed Down. Rank Loans registered a i Sharp drop while demand deposits tallied another monotonous j gain. Coal output picked up ground but production of the a lion other major fuel Oil dropped noticeably. The Unex-1 petted dip in electric Power con sumption was another drag on the composite Index. Retail Trade a after showing had comparisons for several weeks with a year ago due to the i late 1939 easter is Hack on even keel. Sales Are running ahead of Lim 1939 level aided by an aver age Mark up on Price tags of 4.2 j i per cent Over last year. It weeks j 1 end. Business sentiment seemed an octave or two better but uncertainty Over the War and the elections is keeping Many a to j act trial Industrial retail and Security buyer sitting on the sidelines sooner or later however the Outlook must clarify and the composite Index will Start rating toward the Normal line again. Proposed in the Wheeler Lea Bill. No securities need to tie junked. Junior Bonds could he put on an income Oasis. Preferred and common stocks need not he wiped wholesale reorganization plan As out. Could buy new one housewife tells another is both practical and economical i a look 1 wrapped halves pack Aoud Cindi u a Pat no ii in other patents Pendino a a get my Money a Worth when i buy Southern bread. Twin pack costs it it More than bread wrapped the Ordinary Way vet there arc two oven fresh Servings to each loaf. Twin pack keeps gtd Southern bread fresh to the last slice. So i have no dried int slices to throw away. This Ood fresh bread is practical and economical a your grocer has Southern twin pack bread. Get a loaf today inside the familiar Southern bread outer wrapper Are two separately wrapped half loaves. Open one half and serve. Save the other till another meal. Southern amp to cuu cakes Are Rich and delicious there s Only one twin pack Southern bread mint right and left they would provide thousands of new jobs in tar shops textile Mills. Steel foundries Ore Miles lumber Camps. And they would keep on paying taxes of course problem number one a regulation a must he attacked at the same time. The carriers must be Given More Freedom to run their business As they think we ise. Once when the railroads had a monopoly on transportation. I. \ a regulations were necessary. Today however with air planes bus mid truth Competition Many of the in. Regulations Are harming both the Public Ann the shippers. Of the roads win their Battle their employees and bondholders i a perhaps even stockholders a j May win. As it is now they Are a i cinch to lose. If the Wheeler Lea i Iii is not just right government j management labor and Security j holders should tie Able to find i j some other working arrangement i which could solve the problem j certainly we ought not to sit by j i end see ail connected with the j Istl roads worker tax collector i investor get an unnecessary lick i ing the time Lias it ome when Hie i Holden Rule should he applied to All interests. Discrimination is a j i or Clitias sin demos to meet in Thomasville eighth District group will hold rally april 27 special to the Enterprise Thomasville. April 19. A Large number of democrats will assemble in Thomasville on saturday night april 27, to attend the eighth District rally. The eighth District comprises 12 counties and fully 300 persons Are expected to he in attendance As announced by Carl Wilson local attorney who is assisting in the arrangements for the meeting. A dinner will he served at the woman s club building prior to the program or Wilson stated that r. Gregg Cherry state demo i critic chairman is expected to be the speaker tor the occasion. Leading democrats in North Caro i Lina will he in attendance at the i rally. Those desiring to Purchase j tickets Are asked to Contact or. J Wilson at an Early Date. J i Ensi a take so Ekko it Hickory april i 9.�?i/p a More than too persons Here reported to the chamber of Commerce that they had Heel overlooked by the census takers. J among them was City manager i Ralph Smyre mks. Emm Minsun Aki new York april 19.�?i.pj mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt has been named to receive the first award to be Given annually by the Magazine the nation for distinguished service in the cause of american social Progress. 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