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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 19, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday april 19. 90the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Cive High Point singers take More awards in state contest music contest and festival will come to close tonight in Greensboro Greensboro april a Young High Point musicians won several awards in the stale High school music contest and festival of woman a College Here yesterday. The program will close tonight with a festival choir of hundreds of voices. Tonight s chorus will be directed by Olaf Christiansen director of the a Cappella choir at Oberlin College and the program will begin at 7 Tio o clock in a cock auditorium. Yesterday. High Point tied for second place in the Hoys quartet class a division with new Hanover High school of Wilmington and Albemarle High tying for first j place. High Point also tied for second rating in mixed quartet. Class a. Other places captured by High Point entrants included the following yesterday baritone. Class a. Bobby Gayle. Second rating and girls glee club. Class a. Second rating. Lessons in English by xxx. I. Gordon i words often misused to not say a there is the target that shot a there is the target is j which i shot is preferable. Often mispronounced rapier. Pronounce Rapi or a As in Ray i an in pit accent first syllabic often misspelled lieu to place Stead. Pronounce Iii. Ii As in use. Synonyms cease end Stop pause discontinue desist halt terminate. Word study a Ytse a word three j times and it is yours Al it us in-1 create our vocabulary by master in one word each Day. Today a Wold veritable agreeable to truth or to fact actual real j genuine As Quot the veritable Cross word Puzzle cooking school recipes Guil or count --v-00 n9 it Nooi Ke-jpes$4993875jnl93 s realty Transfer charming actress horizontal i. 8 pictured actress. 12 Farewell 13 to decline to prosecute. 15 to assist. 16 triad. 18 Barge men. 20 ancient 21 Wool fiber knots. 23 sloth. 24 railway abbr. 25 to swagger. 27 observed. 28 breakfast food. 30 More fastidious. 32 afternoon abbr. 33 before. 34 stepped upon. 35 too Square meters. 36 Auto. 37 Over. 38 bodies revolving around Sun. 42 pronoun. Answer to previous Puzzle dip m ii Efi see Rny h uses Simps a ebb Sass 43 Oleander. 45 no passerine Bird. 47 of the thing. 48 Salamander. 49 Gold Quartz. 50 therefore. 52 kilns. 54 life. 56 she is a or humorous actress. 57 she is a popular stage vertical 2 betimes. 3 greedy. 4 five plus five. 5 to confine to one place. 6 nutria. 7 Al. 8 Meadow. 9 to fall behind. 10 untruth. 11 notion. 14 Pound abbr. 16 she was bom in Canada. 17 to Bury. 19 she is a a a of comic song pm. 22 Flower part. 25 Ovule. 26 to reverberate. 27 to tally. 29 fourth of a Carat pm. 31 goddess of peace. 32 Peram Ulater 35 College graduates. 38 heaped. 39 and. 40 weighing machine. 41 spore clusters. 44 to wander. 46 pearls. 47 mythical Bird 51 plural pronoun. 52 Mystic syllable. 53 Compass Point abbr 54 form of a a a 55 preposition of place. Thursdays program american rib roast�?5 pounds Haw roat prepared so that it will stand fat Side up rub with Salt and place in a 400 degree oven Cook from 20 to 30 minutes per Pound depending on degree of oneness desired. Bake potatoes while meat is roasting meal in 4 put Chick roast 3 lbs Chuck beef Salt. And dredge with flour. Brown in hot Skillet then add a cup water. Let simmer slowly about 2 hours. Add following vegetables and Cook an hour longer a i cup chopped celery i cup sliced turnips or potatoes i cup sliced Carrot i cup sliced onions i Tablespoon Salt a cup shortening a cup sugar eggs 2 a cups flour look and learn by a. T. Gordon 1. Who a the greatest of German authors 2. What is the largest and Best known of All oceanic currants 3. Hoes water expand or contract in freezing 4. What race of people la the most primitive in the world to Day 3. Hat state of the Union in a named after the indians a new Erh 1. Johann Wolfgang 1749-1832. 2. The Gulf Stream. 3 it expands 4 the bushmen of Africa i. Indiana. Orange Ake grated Rind of Orang a a cup Orang juice 1-3 cup milk a a Teaspoon Salt 2 Teaspoons baking powder mix a for any butter cake dividing the mixture in 3 Laver pans. And Rook 375 degrees for 30 minutes put together with Orange filling and cover with Orange frosting Orange filling 4 Tablespoons butter cup Orange juice a cup sugar i Tablespoon grated Orang 3 eggs beaten run i Tablespoon Lemon juice carbine and Cook Over Low heat stirring constantly until thick about to minutes chill before spreading on cake Orange frosting 2 cups confectioners sugar 2 Tablespoons butter melted 3 Tablespoons Orange juice dash of Salt rift the sugar and to it slowly add the Orange juice. My Well and add melted butter and Salt. Broiling Lamb chops Pear halves canned peas and carrots Blae peas and Tarots in the broiler pan place chop on Boi or rack a minutes turn the chop and add the Pear halves Broll eight minutes arrange serving and add Teaspoon of mint Jelly to each Pear half Terve. Asheville salad i can Tomato soup 2 Tablespoon Knox gelatine i Rny 1<a cup Green peppers cup Mayonnaise and grated onion heal Tomato soup to Bolling dissolve cheese in hot soup and a tar until smooth. Cool and add Mayonnaise soak gelatine in veg Etab team and chit term and la h0t my tur than chopped pineapple Apricot Jam a draw apricots with juice 3 cups water so a cups sugar 2>4 cups crushed pineapple i bottle fruit pectin frv11 of uni it in water dram and chop or grind add to other ingredient except pectin bring to full rolling boil. A to Irreg constantly. Boil hard i minutes remove from heat and a or in fruit pectin stir and skim for 3 minute pour quickly into glasses Seal at once la 6-ot Glass. Mckenney on Bridge expert card Reading catches Trump King protects contract Surry county state Park won t be formally opened Raleigh. April 19 a a i j stale Parka superintendent Thom ent indication Are that the Etc indications Are that the i hanging Bock state Park in Surry j county would not he formally opened this Gummer recreational facilities at the Patk inclining an artificial Lake j hath House parking areas and j several Miles of toads and trails have Heen completed hut a provision has not vet been made Fot the entry Morse said. Governor will attend rotary convention at Rocky mount Rocky mount. April 19�? up governor Hoey will attend the 159th rotary District convention May 8-9. William hiker of Reidsville is District governor. I. D Thorpe of Rocky mount to general chairman of Hie convention and mrs. Jack Bennett will have charge of the entertainment of rotary Anne attending. A physical decline begins in the human Bod at about the age of 2k. Goei he by we. A. My Ken nov americans c Ard Xiii Bority South modern etiquette by Roberta in the recent Eastern team of a four championship tournament. I i had the pleasure of playing with i Harry j. Fiah Hein of new York i Holder of the world championship j masters pair title. While we fun lashed in second position. Or. Fish a Bein gave an excellent ten Youstra i lion of flue Bridge. Here is one of the nicest card Reading hands that j i have seen played this year. The Small Spade opened was won Ivy or. Fiah Hein South with the King he cashed the Ace and i ruffed a Small Spade then took two rounds of hearts on which q. When a Man begins to abuse his wife in the presence of a Friend. What should this Friend do a nothing unless lie can silently steal away. Colton say two diamonds were discarded a never join with your Friend the seven of diamonds was when he abuses his horse or hit played. Fast jumped up with the it a unless the one is shout to be Are and returned the nine of a old and the other to be buried a i hearts. Declarer ruffed and placed q should t one first get the consent of a person before pts lug him on the list of participant in a club program a. Be always. Q should one Ever serve Sweet wines preceding dry wines a no How can i Iii x inf the ten of diamonds. West winning with the Jack and returning the heart Queen. Here is the play that gave Declarer the tip off on the Queen of hearts fast discarded the Jarl of Spades. Fish heir i ii it ext Aud led the Queen of diamonds trumping in Dummy with a Small Chil. The Jack of Dohs was returned from Dummy and Declarer went went up with the Ace dropping the Hare King. A it v akj6j a 7� a j542 a of 2 a q to 8 5 2 a j 8 2 k n w e s dealer a j 8 5 j v 9 7 4 a a k 3 8 71 a k 6 a none q 109 3 4 aq109s duplicate a. And s. Vul. South xxx est North fast i a pass i v pass 2 pass 2 a pass 3 a pass 4 a Pas 3 a pass Pasa pass opening a 4k 2 19 the reasoned that if Kasi had held the Kink of clubs lie would have discarded his King of Din minds on the Queen of hearts thus shutting Declarer out of Dummy. Seldom can we read the Singleton King hut you can be How Well or. Fiah Hein did it on today a hand. Q How can i make better fudge when making fudge do not add the butter until the Candy is taken off the stove. Then add it without stirring. It will melt Over the top Sud prevent a crust from forming when the fudge is almost Cool. Stir it quickly and Mold with the fingers. Q. How can i keep rubber hands longer without their rotting keep the rubber bands in a lightly dosed tin Box they will retain their elasticity much longer than if exposed to the air. Q How can i remove a kerosene slain from doth a. Stour the spot with turpentine. Then with soap and warm water. Cranium crackers atm in Al Ivy bin you probably would have Little Lible telling where Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks Are. In you Tell in what states the mowing National Parks Are muted ? 1. Usu National Park. Known r Fulfur Springs. 2. Lassen volcanic National irk. One of few a Nicanov in listed states recently Active. 3. Grand let on National Park dudes spectacular Mountain Nae. 4. Carlsbad caverns not yet p to red in their entirety to. Zion National Park in Lud a Scenic Canyon. Answer on xxx ant and Page Uncle Ray s Corner Congo Hunters sacrifice Chicken to idol both men and women in Hie belgian Congo have a secret so Tiehes a they gather Iii certain places the men in one spot the women in another the men seem to have More of these dub than the women. In one of the secret clubs for men. Each member must carry a crooked stick this is supposed to give him spec Ial Power. Congo Folk Tell of gods or demons. And offer sacrifice to them san Itsines they make images of these beings and Pray to them As to idols. In a Village of the bus Lingo tribe an elephant was killed one Day. The meant that something had to he offered As a gift to to the Hunting idol the idol was made chiefly of Wood. Hut there wan grass on its head and it was partly covered with cloth. The grass was meant to show hair the idol was placed in Hie Only Street of the Village and a More than 2.000 by product were obtained from he 40,000,-000 tons of Coal used last year by the British Gas and Coke ia-4u�try. Crowd gathered around it. In the crowd were several drummer Aud hey rounded their log Drums with might and main. To the music of tile Drums a Witch doctor danced in front of the image then he picked up a howl of water stepped up to the idol and poured the water on its ear another Man smoking a pipe. Walked up to the image and blew smoke into its face the Toms Toms were still beating when a Skinny Chicken was brought to a Point near the image j the Chicken wan killed with a knife and the Witch doctor went into another dance the Chicken was supposed to pay the Hunting god for Hie Sut i Congo native nil ii a Crook ii Slick which is the Emblem of his Sec i to society. Cess of the Hunters in slaying an elephant such customs have been we going on for hundreds of years Large i Christian missionaries have worked Long and hard to change the beliefs of the natives and have met with Success in some places Hilt most of africans people have kept their old religion. Natives of the belgian Congo belong to the Bantu race. And Are related to the Zula of Southern Africa All of the haul us Are classed in a Loose Way. As negroes they have dark Brown or blackish skins. For travel Section of your scrapbook a leaflet called a famous music masters May be had by sending a so stamped self address d envelope to me in care of this paper incur Ray. Tomorrow a Bittie saturday talk sensational value silk Hose for Friday and saturday / special Purchase of Fine silk Hose limit four Cair to a i list Oiler 45-gauge sheers in first Quality wingless silk stockings All silk top plaited Heel and toe for Long Wear also wingless with plaited top in All new Spring shades. Regular 79c values while they last. High Point Washington. April 19�? ,4> the agricultural adjustment administration s 1938 farm program Cost $499,532,875.44. This amount reported by the aaa today As Quot virtually a com-1 plete and final statement of payments under the 1 938 j compared with approximately $ 400,000,000 for the 1936 pro Gram and $326.non.ooo for 1937. Payments to Farmers plus National and local administrative expenses amounted to $164,832.- 875.44. The balance represented obligations under Sinh phases of the farm program As regional laboratories to develop new uses for farm products removal of agric us a Phillips Esso service opens on North main announcement a made today of the open inf of Phillips Fusso service a Complete one Stop service station at North main and Ray streets. The station will he operated by Grady p. Phillips former Mechanic with Lyles Chevrolet company. To Al surpluses and Advance payments on the 1939 program covering Grants of Aid in seed Lime and fertilizer and advances to county associations for carrying the 1 939 program into effect. The latter Are deductible from 1939 a y in in i s. The largest state total was $63,764,159.20 for taxes the smallest $1,289.51 for Alaska. In Continental United states Rhode Island s $40,443.26 was the smallest state total. Other state figures Virginia $4,729,044.85 North Carolina $ i 5,0 25.336.u8 South Carolina 11 2,286.852.59 Georgia $18,483,008.59. A Complete line of Standard Oil products will be carried cold drinks Aud other Light refresh Menis will be available and a general repair department for re a a tailing automobiles and minks Lias been added. The repair department will he tinder Lite personal supervision of or. Phillips who has had several years experience in automotive repairing. Another feature of the service this station will Render is a Call for and delivery service for customers cars when requested. Point township c. T h corporation to Evelyn cd son Ballew. Plat on Oakwood Street. Carey Osburn Jones to Franklin Lewis and wife. Lot on w. C. Jon estate. I Ohl of i township j t Reynolds and wife to s t. Pm plat on Lawndale drive George f Newman and wife to c Lange and wife lot in Oakwood us division. Star mount company to w l. O by and wife. Plat on Madison Avenue Central investment corporation Joe h wife plat on soul Ash Street. I John Van of Ridley. Trustee and to miss finances Saunders lot in Lin Hurst subdivision w b. Richardson and wife and Cia erne Bulla to j. G. Preddy and wit plat on Floyd Street. R. H. Cline and wife to Carl Cline Aud others plat on West Mark Street. Nannie h Lewis and Elbert j it to Charles s Routh and w e Lew plat on Longview Street. Gilmer township mrs Lyda p. Chamblee to c it. Coe Man and wife plat on South Caroli Avenue Clay township w e Lewis and Charles 8. Rout and their wive to Nannie h Lew plat adjoining property of Hui Othera. Week end values big assortment of new Spring menus suits sport tweeds Aud worsted. New styles single amt double breasted. All color Greet Napa Grey a Browns blues. Special. Suit special on lot of men suits in new styles Light and dark patterns. Values to $18 5n. I i o special. Ii sport Coats big selection to choose from. New styles tweeds in greens Browns Grev. To i it special Price _ >0.95 sport pants just received by shipment of sport pants in plaids. Stripes Ami solid color tweeds. $1.95 $2-95 $3.95 menus sportswear styled by a a Columbia a a Ray broke Aud shirts with Short sleeves with or without Saddle Sitch collars Alt colors and sizes. 97c Felt hats select your hat from our hic Stock. New attics and colors in a fur Felt. $1.95 and $2-95 sport belts a the new Orke a by pm i tidy 48c to 97c men 1 dress shirts new shipment men s dress shirt new patterns full Cut. $1.50 value so i men a sox hug table men a sox. Pair. 5c boys shorts i lot boys shorts. All size coverts Etc. Pair. 39c men s ribbed shirts men s and boys Polo shirts pig shipment men and boys Polo shirts. All colors. Slightly imperfect. Each. Met f j men v ribbed under shirt. All sizes. 15c mens overalls full Cut Zipper Over sikh mens oxfords dust received a new shipment of men s value plus dress oxfords leather soles new styles Ait a extra value and men s oxfords men new style sport oxfords. Beige Bro xvii trim White Brown trim Ami new Shade tan antique q ill finial. Special Val. Boys oxfords Hoys new sport oxfords in White Brown Ami Yvo Lite Black or new tan. Leather or new Cork rubber sole. Value Novelty shoes ladies High Grade Novelty dress shoes straps or pull on styles. White Black Patent. N u"0 children s oxfords c Hildren s sport oxfords Ami dress shoes. Several i eat Ling brands $1.48 and $1.94 women a sandals women a new style open toe pumps or tics in Patent or White medium heels. Extra special pair. I ladies oxfords lathes sturdy built walking Oxford. The latest styles. Both muh fort Ami to i ill so. A>i.y4 moccasins hey us for moccasins solid or combination col Al cd i ors All sizes. A i 1 sport oxfords White or White and Brown Saddle Oxford. Leather or Cork soles women a sport oxfords big assortment newest styles in White Brown trim or All White new Shade tan. Plain toe or nine., Sty b s. A special pair. J. $2.95 mad $1.94 High Point

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