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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round 4a tuesday april 2, 1974 Kent state s deeper meaning the Volley of gunfire which left four students dead on the Campus of Kent state University nearly four years ago continues to trouble the conscience of the nation. Our conscience is not Likely to be eased by the indictments handed Down by a Federal grand jury against eight Ohio men who were at the time on the Campus of Kent state University As members of the Ohio National guard. It was from the ranks of the guardsmen that gunfire erupted leaving four students dead and nine others wounded. Ever since Justice in the Kent state shootings has been swathed in politics. The Kent state shootings did not happen in a vacuum. Demonstrations had occurred on the Campus in protest against president Nixon for ordering american troops in South Vietnam to invade Cambodia. The army Reserve officers training corps building on the Campus had been burned. But the Ohio National guard was ordered to Kent state not so much just to restore and maintain order As to be a Force for political retaliation. President Nixon spoke of College students protesting his order to invade Cambodia As gov. John Rhodes of Ohio in a Campaign for re election himself took a harsh Public stand against the protesting students. In such a charged atmosphere then it is not surprising that More than just restoration of order occurred. What did happen exactly has been disputed for four years. A presidential commission called the shootings inexcusable. An Ohio state grand jury did not indict any of the guardsmen. John Mitchell who was then the attorney general said in 1971 he saw no need to prosecute anyone. The parents of the four slain students a none of whom had participated in the demonstrations nor was anywhere close to the guardsmen at the time of the shooting a were not satisfied however. At least two books one by Peter Davies and the other by James Michener have raised questions also about the governments official reactions to the Kent state confrontation. The eight men under indictment on charges of assault intimidation and violation of the civil rights of the students were on the Kent state Campus under orders. Whether these men actually were the ones who fired the shots and whether they were ordered to do so Are questions to be answered during their trials. The larger question from the Kent state shootings remains for the american people to answer. What is to be our response to our leaders who exercise their authority with such disdain toward their fellow citizens on developing clout a the special interests have the clout not the average As the general Assembly rushes toward adjournment in time for easter it becomes increasingly apparent that the 1974 legislative record will go into the books with that Label As it was voiced by a spokesman for the n. C. Council for social legislation. Activities of the North Carolina Consumers Council and of common cause which dubs itself the a a citizens lobby a have been better organized this year than Ever before. Yet in a majority of important legislative efforts in which they have sought to exert influence they have come out on the Short times change and language must be changed to stay up with things. We got along fairly Well with councilwoman and with policewoman. Well use is. When we have to. And there May even be some justification for chairperson a if for not other reason to avoid the confusion with charwoman. But foreperson not yet the news women s studies the women s liberation movement has spawned an academic brainchild a women a studies a new Branch of learning in higher education. Like the Black studies movement that preceded it the idea of women a studies was bom As protest but quickly established itself As a valid Field for scholarly attention. Women a studies have caught on with remarkable Speed on campuses across the country. When the 1960s ended there were Only a few scattered courses dealing with women or woman s place in society. In the current academic year at least 2,000 separate courses Are being offered in at least 300 institutions and the number of the latter is growing All the time. A image of women in Western civilization a a the idea of women in philosophy a a women and the movies a language of sexism a a linguistic behaviour of male and female a these Are among the 2,000 course titles. Most Are in the Fields of English history and sociology. But More and More courses Are being added in anthropology economics the sciences and psychology women a courses have even invaded the pre medical and pre Law school curriculum to speak of women s studies Means More than single courses however. The trend is toward the development of what is called a a a women a studies this Means the creation of a new unit in the academic Structure hence recognition by the institution of women a studies As a distinct area of study or at least a sub specially within a traditional discipline. An institution with a women a studies program allots part of its budget to the new unit appoints a director and staff and awards degree credits to its students. More than 80 institutions have full scale women a studies programs. Approximately a dozen of these offer a Bachelor s degree to students who major in women a studies eight others permit students to take a minor in this Field and in Many others where students put together their own major minor program they said it congressman is korean s Advance Man by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington classified state department cables report that rep. Richard Hanna d-calif., has been escorting a South korean entrepreneur in search of Oil deals around the Middle East. The korean businessman is ton Sun Park a patrician who owns the posh exclusive Georgetown club in Mem Impi Washington. Park frequently travels to the Middle East on behalf of a family owned Petroleum shipping and marketing firm called the Miryung company. Oil tycoons from All Over the world Are swarming Over the Middle East in Pursuit of Arab Oil concessions. But the enterprising Park is the Only one who has brought along a . Congressman to introduce him to the right people. Hanna is Capitol Hills Premier Globe Trotter. In january he was gallivanting around the far East a was a guest a he admitted to us Quot of the Peniamina Oil company a indonesians National Oil firm. From Indonesia he flew to the Middle East. Classified cables from the . Embassy in Sana Yemen pick up the Story a a Hanna was joined Here by a or. Park. A former South korean National engage in a 0 Wycik Vij Werndl a. It hardly requires saying that neither of the two groups at this Point carries a great Deal of formal clout. Both have hard working leadership and a Small corps of activist spokesmen but their dues paying membership is rather limited. Nor is their Public voice very Well developed. For those reasons the general Assembly Felt Little constraint in voting rather consistently against their wishes. If either or both of the two organizations is going to really come of age this year it will have to be in careful compilation and wide distribution of the facts of the 1974 Assembly. The people after All do their speaking at the polls and poll time is barely Over a month away. The Job of reporting to the people on who voted for what remains doubly difficult in that Many actions Are taken on voice vote or in a Quick show of hands the legislature having successfully delayed acquisition of an electronic vote recording system. Too some issues that the citizens lobbies have worked on have died in committees permitting the full membership to escape having to participate to share credit or blame. Anil if inv Jill to fill von jail Lorn Luff Quot Immi choke ii i for shied in shipping elaboration of foreign investment opportunities and apparently political lobbying in for nearly three Days the pair flitted around Yemen meeting government and business leaders. A Cable from ambassador William Crawford informed the state department a congressman Hanna expressed an interest in meeting key Yemen development and financial officials and requested embassy facilitate. This we did and during the two and one half Days of his visit he was introduced to ministers of Treasury Economy development director of Central planning organization political and Legal advisers to president and governor of Central Bank. Congressman had Short amiable Courtesy meeting with president Irani escorted by concluded ambassador Crawford a rep. Hanna evinced a Lively interest in Yeman and its problems. He and or. Park promised Yemen officials that they would engage themselves in ail Effort to bring american capital to Yemen. They expressed particular interest in contracts for Mineral development and a joint shipping the two travellers then departed for saudi Arabia and Egypt where the record of their activities is More difficult to Trace. Reports have reached us however of Wheeling and dealing with the saudis. Again this month the congressman and the korean businessman will return to the Middle East. They will visit Egypt. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Although ton Sun Park is not an official of any government the state department is arranging for his accommodations in the Best hotels. In a classified Cable to the various embassies the department has requested Quot each Post except Cairo to ens Counce Park in Quot single room located next to or room reserved for rep. Hanna. In Cairo Telegram de state Quot or. Park requests a quite on the River Side of the Nile the engaging Park insisted to my associate Joe Spear that he and Hanna Arentt promoting any business deals but just happen to be going to the Middle East at the same time. They travel together said Park because the congressman a is like my Hanna told us he and Park had talked to officials Only at cocktail parties not at formal meetings. The likable Liberal acknowledged that he had promised Yemen officials he would encourage capital investment in their country but he did no to have anyone in he said. As for the a joint shipping Hanna insisted a i done to know what the ambassador is talking footnotes the Patent lobby is using Chain letters to fight Reform of the Patent system. It was started by Vincent Gregory president of Rohm and Hass chemical firm who wrote his employees and his 20 main competitors urging them to bombard the Senate with letters similar to his. The army is going ahead with plans to produce and test a deadly nerve Gas despite warnings this would jeopardize an agreement at Geneva to ban chemical warfare altogether. The army has ordered up to $51 million Worth of 20-ton dump trucks which the brass hats have now discovered Are really 18-ton trucks modified to look larger. The military brass a a saved $1,500 per truck by contracting with the Low bidder. Now it will Cost an estimated $2,600 per truck to bring it up to specifications. Good afternoon reach to recovery does its Job Well students May earn a b a. Degree with special emphasis in women a studies. At four institutions students May work toward a master s degree in women a studies. These Are George Washington University in Washington. D c., California state University in san Francisco the Cambridge Goddard graduate school for social change in Plainfield it and Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville . In addition the Ford foundation is supporting some 15 doctoral fellowships in women a studies and about As Many faculty fellowships. Massive pressure i rom women a groups and an instant positive response from women students account for the Swift growth of women s studies. The increasing number of women in faculty positions a itself a product of the women a liberation movement a helped Good collegiate authorities into taking action. Women a studies committees in professional and Learned societies also played a part. The Basic argument for women a studies is Akin to that used by Black studies leaders a that Academia like society at Large had ignored the role of a major contributor to National and world culture and that it was time to fill the Gap. A secondary motive was to get rid of stereotyped notions about women which were said to permeate scholarship textbooks and the consciousness of male faculty and College administrators. A the lottery is a product the same As any other. It has to be merchandised and improved like razor Blades and detergents you always have to come up with something a Edward /. Powers new Hampshire state lottery director discussing threats that the acc May curb lottery advertising. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus happily the Beautiful attitude of Vonnie Womble Thompson the former miss High Point whose own Battle with cancer has caused her to encourage others facing breast surgery has brought doctors and patients Here to greater realization that sharing fears speeds Healing. For three years the a reach to recovery committee of the High Point chapter of the american cancer society has done Yeoman service helping the 50 or More Mastectomy cases performed at High Point memorial Hospital each year but Vonnied a great testimonial a plus her dedication a has stimulated greatly the helpfulness of that local group of which Foy is chairman. It includes mrs. Jess Washburn mrs. Asa Parham mrs. Baxter freeze mrs. Alex Rankin together with such helpful specialists As mrs. J. T. Harris who prepares As needed the kits from fabrics donated by local salesmen and mrs. Carl Shelton an experienced nurse whose calmly Given advice has eased Many a worry. Too doctors Are aware of the splendid assistance being Given and Are encouraging patients More than Ever to Avail themselves of such compassionate help. It has been almost a year since Judy royals of the Enterprise woman a department did a timely feature on the subject and the work of that dedicated a reach for recovery team. She told How that group Isnit terrorized by the Prospect of breast surgery a too often taboo subject they Are ready to discuss anywhere anytime. They know that one in every 15 women will develop breast cancer in her life that 1.5 million american women have undergone mastectomies for removal of cancerous tissue and marriage before surgery can be caused to grow even stronger afterwards. The kits they distribute include a Booklet on reaching to recovery a letter to the husband and the daughter if there be one together with a prayer. Those kits plus the personal interest shown have eased the Way for Many a family terrified at the Prospect of a pm oms a there is no measuring the extent of the helpfulness those Fine women Are providing a nor is there a better time to take note of it gratefully than now when its cancer crusade week when everyone can have a part in the War against cancer. When or. T. A Zimmerman suffered a stroke that has had him hospitalized since feb. 22, one of the first questions asked on every hand was a what s going to happen to his camellias a a camellia grower of note or. Zimmer Many a sharing of those Flowers had become an institution Over the past 30 years when he rarely went out without camellias he gave widely to spread happiness wherever he went. His room at the Hospital has been kept aglow with them As members of the High Point camellia club led by Johnny Lewis and Bud Hines stepped in and have Given Loving care to or. Zimmerman a beloved plants when he . Something As pretty As those Flowers is the Way wonderful friends and camellia lovers have closed in to maintain the valuable collection of those plants or. Zimmerman began As a Hobby. There s some Little Solace now that the City Parks division has made known it will recommend Purchase of a replacement train for the one worn out at the City Lake Park. Probably no single facility at that Park created As much wholesome pleasure for children of All Ages As Riding it gave these past 20 years. Provided initially by the rotary club proceeds from it were directed to the general fund without provision for its obviously inescapable future necessary replacement. Announcement that it would not be operating this summer pending hopeful replacement next summer was heartbreaking to the Young to whom it provided so much enjoyment. It should never have been allowed to be missing from the Park this summer. Somebody really goofed on that one. Positive correction should be forthcoming As promptly As possible. Our Nephew Garland Mcpherson ii has been named City executive for the Hendersonville Branch of the Bank of North Carolina n.a., of which he has for som while been a vice president. He is a graduate of . State University who had previously been with the Bank in its base at Jacksonville . Helen Moody widow of the late beloved l. E. A a red Moody is at Crossnore school carrying on work he followed until his death from a heart attack Here recently. A a red Moody already a Veteran in boy scout administration headed the american romanies program at High Point College from its inception Here until his retirement two years ago. He was doing great work with children at Crossnore and now mrs. Moody feels she would be letting him Down if she quit so she will be there indefinitely carrying on the work with Young folks which was the Delight of her husband in his 40 years in service of youth a and she thankful she helped share that interest with him for 44 whirligig these Are the backfires from detente by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington red China watchers Are sending numerous reports out of Hong Kong describing the political fluctuations in peking. From the standpoint of global intelligence however the Rise and fall of political fortunes at peking is More or less a thermometer Reading on the Nixon Kissinger fever for a world peace now raging in epidemic fantasy on the Banks of the Potomac. The fact of the matter is that Premier Chou in Lai out of desperation in an Effort to halt russians imperialism reversed China a belligerent anti american stance in an Effort to Stop the expansion of the Kremlin. Chou made no Bones about the reason for his Choice. As recently As two weeks ago he declared that As Between a the two evils russian and american imperialism America was dying and Russia thriving hence he chose America. It perhaps reflects also the desperation he feels for one does not ordinarily choose the dying As ally in a death struggle. But Chou lost. It is now painfully evident to Western Europe to red China and to Japan that the Cardinal Point of the Nixon Kissinger foreign policy is detente with Russia. The fact that the two governments most staunchly pro american have lost their dominance through loyalty to Washington seems to Cut no ice with the or. Kissinger. Prime minister Heath of Britain is out of office and Golda men is reduced to a very shaky coalition. Seated at the Elbow of the Arab Oil kingdoms throughout the embargo were Kissinger a principal experts who directed the economic financial and Energy parroting of the West. The Mere fact that the russian Arab Combine could do this is enough to cause thoughtful persons the deepest concern. The fact that they can tighten the Energy noose at will in the future May Well spell out the Hangman a noose of Western Europe. Thus it is almost an insult to the intelligence of the american people for the president to Hail the absence of the necessity of Gas rationing As a major Triumph when As a matter of fact it More or less resembles the granting of Yard Liberty to a Insione previously confined to his cell the United states is dependent for much of its Energy from foreign sources. It is also dependent for 13 other absolutely necessary products if it is to maintain its Industrial leadership. It is the Nixon Kissinger Pursuit of this detente which has wreaked havoc with the Western european Alliance. But what is particularly annoying is that the russian detente has All but wrecked the peking Washington rapprochement. This has not been fully reported in Ordinary diplomatic terms. Indeed the administration appears to have been at some pains to either conceal or mislead the american people on the extent of the deterioration. The Blunt truth is that peking recalled her de Facto ambassador Huang Chien last fall. Apparently Washington attempted to soften the Shock but in the end it had no recourse but to recall ambassador David Bruce. The net score on detente so far is loss of Suez continued War in Vietnam Middle East fighting on the Golan Heights disintegration of nato heaviest deterioration of Washington peking rapprochement and a sky High worldwide Rise in prices to meet the new High Cost of Oil. Is this the Road to permanent peace i 4

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