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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 3, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers warm More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 93 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon april 3, 1974 76 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Senate House conference death penalty agreed upon Raleigh apr Senate House conferees have reached an agreement that will retain the death penalty for murder and rape and milk Bill is killed in Senate Raleigh a Senate democrats voted today to kill a Bill which would have allowed North Carolina grocers to lower the Price of milk. The Bill according to its sponsor. Sen Hamilton Horton a Forsyth. Would have allowed free Enterprise to work to lower the Price of milk to the consumer. It would have permitted grocers to sell milk As a a loss Leader to attract customers to their stores presently the state milk commission works to keep a minimum Price for milk from the time it leaves the Dairy until it reaches the consumer. Eliminate it for arson and first degree burglary. This was confirmed today by rep. Horton Rountree a Pitt one of the six conferees named after a previous set of conferees had failed to agree on the Issue. Conferees were appointed last year after the Senate and House failed to agree on the death penalty Issue. Rountree s report indicated that the conferees had agreed to hew closely to the Senate s position in the dispute. The Pitt legislator said the conferees were Busy getting their agreement reduced to writing and probably would report to the Senate and House during the Day. According to Rountree the agreement Calls for rape being divided into degrees with first degree rape punishable by the death. He said the a big step was doing away with the death penalty for arson and Nixon tax probe report received Washington a a congressional investigating committee received behind closed doors today a report by its staff believed to say president Nixon owes some $350,000 in income taxes. Questions before the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation include whether to hear Nixon s tax �=2�� for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Split shifts lawyers arguments that his deductions were proper and whether to make the staff report Public before the committee decides whether to endorse it or make changes. Sen. Wallace f. Bennett. A Utah. Said Nixon s attorneys have seen part of the report. Rep Wilbur d. Mills. D-ark., vice chairman of the committee told newsmen he understands the president s counsel has filed a Brief supporting its position. He said he would not object to giving the attorneys an Opportunity to state their Case but that there was some feeling in the committee that this could Lead to other requests for appearances and so involve the committee in extended hearings. Mills said he could not vote on approval of the report at today s meeting adding Quot i need at least a few hours to study he said he is open minded on releasing the staff report meanwhile. Several other members took the same position. The chairman. Sen Sec Nixon on 2a Haldeman approved a Chapin Washington a Dwight l. Chapin testified today that h. R. Haldeman approved the hiring of political Saboteur Donald h Segretti but that he left Haldeman a name out of an a eyes Only memo he wrote for top White House personnel. A i did not want to involve or. Haldeman Quot the former top aide to president Nixon Chapin testified at the third Day of his trial on perjury charges. After the government rested its Case . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell dismissed one of four counts in the indictment against Chapin former appointments Secretary to Nixon the prosecution introduced into evidence a memorandum giving a chronology of Segretti s activities which Chapin prepared on nov. 5, 1972. A Gordon Strachan brought the subject to the attention of a Blank and Herbert a Kalmbach at a White House meeting. It was approved for Segretti to be hired but i did not know the amount or the conditions of the salary the memo said. Under questioning by his attorney Jacob a. Stein. Chapin said the name which he left Blank was that of Haldeman. At another place in the memo there were two Blank spaces. Chapin testified that they represented Haldeman and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. The memo said Strachan. Another former White House aide. Had checked with these two men As to the identity of an agent in the Field whom they did not know. It said Segretti was then advised to report to g. Gordon Liddy convicted watergate conspirator and a that is How his phone number got in Liddy s Book and How his existence was later discovered by the Fri Quot Gesell asked Chapin at one Point whether the idea of hiring Segretti was his own or see Haldeman on 2a Queen Elizabeth crib a led 1,642 evacuated from luxury ship aboard the sea venture apr in lifeboats Bobbing Over Ocean swells the 1,642 passengers of the crippled luxury liner Queen Elizabeth 2 began to Transfer to this norwegian cruise ship today for a trip Back Home by Way of Bermuda. The weather was Good but the operation was slowed somewhat shortly after it began because of swells that developed during the Transfer. Officials said the actual Docking of the sea venture in Bermuda at Daybreak thursday was not expected to be delayed because the original schedule involved a Layover of several hours after the 250-mile voyage from the Transfer Point. Although those aboard the qe2 were inconvenienced by the shutdown of Many of the ship s services because of boiler trouble authorities emphasized that at no time were the passengers in any danger. The qe2 sailed from new York on what was bilk d As a a football cruise with professional football per a i to a a a i a Milt Hoh my i a Mai imm i a a q. I am calling about the Energy crisis Bere in High Point. Why is it that the traffic manager of North state Telephone co. Cannot fix the hours of the operators where they will not have three shifts. In other words they go in at 8 and work to 12, come Home and go Back at 8 and work until to or la of clock split shifts. There should be something done about that. Wish you could help on that. Thank you. Anon. Man. A. An official of the company says the split shifts Are necessary to accommodate the Public demand As Well As to give the operators a rest period. The Peak Load calling during business hours requires More operators to be on duty and again from 7 toll at night More Are needed than Between la and 3 a in. 10 narcotics agents cleared boats Transfer passengers from qe2 top to sea venture a wire photo tonalities on Board. But about half the passengers were in senior citizen groups. In the Transfer operation passengers walked Down a Gangway from a lower deck of the qe2 to a floating platform where lifeboats and launches took them aboard for the 300-Yard shuttle to a similar platform and Gangway at the sea venture the 19.903-ton norwegian ship. About a third the size of the 65.863-ton qe2. Had 600 passengers of its own aboard when it undertook the qe2 evacuation. Two Hundred decided to remain aboard while the others were quartered in Bermuda hotels. The skies were Clear and temperatures were in the 70s at the Transfer site about 250 Miles Southwest of Bermuda. The first qe2 passengers to walk up the Gangway of the sea venture were or. And mrs. Arthur Bray of Stonington Conn. They appeared to be in Fine spirits a they treated us very Well a Bray. 69, said of the qe2 staff. Then he added a there was plenty of scotch 1 and other drinking liquids Uke fruit juice were aboard the big ship but the drinking water system had stopped functioning. The first request of Many of the passengers As they boarded the sea venture was a Glass of water. The norwegian ship which normally carries a Crew of More than 250. Brought six repairmen and 20 cases of canned food for the qe2 s Crew which is remaining aboard the ship. The liner s refrigeration system was reported inoperative. Brian Cocup. Deputy managing director of the Cunard line which owns the qe2, flew into Bermuda to help handle arrangements. Asking Andy q. What is the age limit for asking a ask Andy Quot a question i am 16 and have a pretty Good question and want to ask him. Ilc. A. The column is especially for the 7 to 17 age group he tends to select questions that interest a lot of readers which often Means Many have asked the same question determining which one gets the prize May depend on How the question was submitted it must be on a postal card have your age name and address clearly written and the handwriting should be fancy. Brandied fruit q. I want to know about this brandied fruit that is getting so popular and does this mean it is alcoholic that it would make you drunk or is it a harmless and Good thing to have. It is recommended to use Over ice Cream sherbet or Plain cake and just wondered if it is Safe to have it. A. We never heard of anyone getting Tipsy on brandied fruit but that in t to say it in t possible depending on How High the proof in the Brand of Brandy you use half of the proof is the alcoholic Conten tand How much you use and consume in How Long or Short a time. Here a a recipe that sounds like it would be Worth the Effort. Place in a sterile stoneware Crock with a closely fitting lid one quart of Brandy. Add As they come into season one quart of strawberries one quart seeded cherries one quart raspberries currants gooseberries one quart peeled sliced apricots sliced pineapple sliced peaches. Avoid apples bananas pears and seeded grapes. With each addition of fruit add same amount of sugar. Stir every Day until All the fruit is added securing the lid each time. The mixture will keep indefinitely. Your Container should be big enough to hold All the fruits you plan to use and one you can store in a consistently Cool place not above 45 degrees to prevent fermentation. Advice not consent q. What can you do about a 14-year-old boy driving a car All the time he goes up and Down English and keeps going All the time and he says nothing can be done about it. I am afraid to let my kids out because of him driving the car. Mrs. B. A. If you know he a 14, you must know who he is so it would be better to talk to his parents first. If that does no to work ask the police to talk to the boy. Alton. Iii. A some of the to undercover narcotics officers acquitted on charges of terrorizing la persons in drug raids last year claim they were railroaded and maliciously prosecuted by the Justice department under pressure from sen. Charles h. Percy. The jury deliberated 32 hours tuesday night before finding the agents innocent of All charges that they violated the civil rights of the persons whose Homes were raided without search warrants there was no testimony during the trial to indicate that any drugs were found during the six raids. The prosecution charged that agents manhandled some of the residents of the raided Homes and threatened some with guns. As . District court judge Omer Poos read the last of the verdicts the seven Federal officers and three St. Louis policemen cheered Shook hands and embraced their families and friends. Some wept. Percy an i Sinois Republican conducted Senate hearings in Chicago last Spring on the six Illinois raids taking testimony Only from those whose Homes were raided David scuppers one of the defense attorneys and a former head of a Justice department organized crime strike Force in Chicago said Percy a wants to be president of the United states and he does no to know enough to listen to both sides. A it was a Railroad Job by the Justice department. They were railroaded Kenneth r Bloemker. One of the Federal Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs agents on trial said a i think we were indicted he also charged that Percy a jumped on the bandwagon because he has some presidential there was no immediate comment from Percy. Five related charges pending against the agents As a result of the raids Are not Likely to be prosecuted a government lawyer said after the verdict. Those charges included perjury before the grand jury and an attempt to cover up the raids. In closing arguments defense attorneys said the decision would signal drug a a to narcotics on 2a had Tad Renc president by jury Washington a California s it. Gov. De Demecke was indicted by the watergate grand jury today on three counts of perjury in connection with the itt antitrust Case. Demecke a leading contender for this year s Republican gubernatorial Dies unexpectedly de Reinecke nomination was accused of lying to a . Senate subcommittee during hearings on the nominations of former atty. Gen. Richard g Klein Dienst. Chief . District judge George l Hart or. Summoned special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski for an afternoon appearance to explain an apparent premature leak of the Reinecke indictment. Hart said that 22 minutes see Reinecke on 2a Paris map a France today faced the Prospect of a fierce election Battle following the sudden death of president Georges Pompidou. Pompidou the Republic s president since june 20. 1969, died tuesday night. Premier Pierre Messmer summoned government ministers to a meeting today to make arrangements for Pompidou s funeral. Informed sources said it would be a private ceremony restricted to hts immediate family with burial at or Villiers the Village Southwest of Paris where Pompidou had a country Retreat an official memorial service will be held in Paris saturday probably in the Cathedral of notre Dame the sources said. Pompidou returned from a weekend at Jorvilliers to his private apartment on the he St. Louis in the Seine Early tuesday and apparently he died there. A one sentence announce tace and body had swelled up and he had fatigued easily. But official reports usually said he had influenza. At Pompidou s death Alain Poher president of the Senate automatically became interim president the 65-year old centrist also served As interim president briefly after the resignation of the late Charles de Gaulle in 1969 in the election that followed he lost to Pompidou the gaullist candidate what s inside amusements. Georges Pompidou Bridge. .121 a c classified ads. .6-111 ment from the Elysee Palace comics. 8e said the 62-year-old president crossword. 31 died at 9 . The cause of editorials. Death was not announced but financial. There had been widespread obituaries. Reports for the past year that sports. He was suffering from some television. 4d form of cancer. Women a news. Since Early last year his weather. National health insurance Compromise offered Washington a the congressional ice Jam surrounding National health insurance has been broken by the introduction of new Compromise legislation by two influential democratic. A this could pass the House and Senate this year Quot rep. Wilbur d Mills d-ark., said of the Bill worked out Over the last 18 months with sen Edward m. Kennedy a mass. Mills chairman of the House ways and Means committee said he will conduct health insurance hearings april 24-26 and every Friday thereafter until All new Bills have been discussed. The Kennedy Mills Bill More closely resembles the Nixon administration s proposal than Kennedy a earlier Cradle to grave approach favored by organized labor. Mills said it carries a nearly identical $40 billion Price tag but would be financed through payroll taxes and an additional $8 5 billion rather than private health insurance premiums As proposed by the administration. Secretary Caspar w Weinberger of the department of health education and welfare praised the Kennedy Mills Bill but said that administration leaders a remain strongly opposed to the concept of total Federal control of health insurance and financing through social Security like payroll lax increases. The Kennedy Mills Bill would limit the average american family s out of pocket health care payments to $1,000 a year including a maximum $300 deductible for a family of three the administration s plan in contrast would set the catastrophic illness ceiling at $1,500 with a $450 deductible for the same size family. Both proposals would charge Consumers the first 25 per cent of Bills until the limit is reached and both would abolish medicaid for the needy with some form of amt. It a or n of had coverage. Unlike the administration plan which would cast private insurance companies and Blue Cross Blue shield in a major role the Kennedy Milis Bill would have them serve As fiscal intermediaries or Bill payers on behalf of the social Security administration much As they do now under medicare

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