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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - October 3, 1931, Galveston, Texas Page two the Galveston voice saturday october 3, 1931 the Galveston voice health hints published weekly by the Galy Egton voice publishing company Moseley building 2509% avens e a Galveston Texas John w. Mcgaffey. Tom Shepard. Fred a. Sublette. Mrs. J. W. Pines. Editor manager sports editor City editor circulation manager subscription rates one year. Six months. Three months. Single copy. .$2.001.25 go 05 make ail checks drafts Money orders etc., payable to the a Silveston voice publishing company member associated negro press advertising rates furnished on application Rin Corpus number 642 Galveston Texas saturday october 3, 1931 finding negro playground you Are yet to get your Long promised playground you Are wondering Why. We heard one party Tell another a a let Spray for we too believe in the Power of sincere prayer yet we do not think we ought to Pray for the site. God is Busy he helps to Yose who help themselves. He gave you the ballot if you cannot get a Promise kept with it you do not need any playground or anything else. Remember you have no place of your own in which to play. Some folks Are saying a Spring will be time enough to give you the site and maybe the next election will be time enough to develop one. Of your leading no Groes said he was in favor of waiting until next election to give it so it would have some political significance., Isnit that some mud wait a til next Flection you do not expect the commission to take his advice at least not Tho a of that body who Hope to run again and get your much needed support. You were promised that playground in Good Faith and you Are yet living in Hopes if you die in despair. Next week we Are going to try give you the absolute Low Down on the whole affair. We Are going to Tell you the truth and nothing else. You Are entitled to the information you want to Kivow Why it is taking so Long to Settle this affair in which you thought nobody had any axes to grind nor Folk to get even with at any Cost. Did you know that you Are said to have a poor memory and would soon forget anything Well you wont forget did no to forget a Bye Bye Blackbird did you people who read usually remember Selah sunday school by or. A. Pleasants or. Pastor St. John i it it it list Church Houston a Exna. T r. E. A. Etter ,. Nephritis or Brights disease sunday october 4, 1931 11 quot the macedonian Call acts 15 6-15 romans 15 18-21. Motto te5it--- a go be therefore and make disc mels of All nations. Matt. 28 19. Topics senior and advanced what took Paul to. Junior christianity �5,Lime to Europe. Beginners 3 and primary Paul takes the other lands i introduction the m were subject to the leader1tfjp of the holy. Spirit going we crts he told them and refusing to to where he did not Lead. A All came to them from Macedonia which they quot obeyed for they knew it was the spirits Call. It was he re that a woman named Lydia was regenerated and became a mighty Power in the hands of the holy spirit. / Paul gives All the credit of bringing the gentiles into the Faith to Jesus who worked mighty in him. He was anxious to build where no under such circumstance. There aug prs Parence Matous nephritis or disease of the outer portion of the kidney and chronic interstitial nephritis or disease of the inner portion of. Kidney diseases which involve the heart proper chronic cardiac hypertrophy or enlargement quot a Zulz --------1 i. Foundation had been Laid keeping in mind the prophecy he had Learned concerning it. Lesson outline i. The holy ghost. Acts 16 6-8. Paul and his companions Here directed by the holy spirit to Stop preaching in Asia. They wanted to Lonnie and Johnnie. Last sunday you read Lonnie a Superb literary Effort in your morning paper along with thousands who knew not of his matchless ability to write or should we say sign. You read and wondered. Tuesday the ministers a Fiance was talked to by our Little Friend a Johnnie a if your memory Isnit bad you know Yho quot Johnnie is and what he once was. You would like to know what the desperate Johnnie had to say to the ministers of course you know he was not seeking information he knows quite a bit already. Pardon us for wasting our time and your Energy Reading about these two crusaders who no doubt have the solution to the ills of the negroes of the world. We understand that Johnnie asked the Alliance to do something about speakers or a certain speaker in the a big mock a an organization if you recall strictly protestant shame on you Johnnie brimful of helpful information As you Are Why not come out to the mock yourself and strut your forensic stuff Why advise the preachers what to do you refused to take a bit of advice yourself not Long ago a rember Johnnie of course you d rather not hear anything about the a a school blues and political foxtrot. That letter nothing to it. Let a Nie fought a certain site but did no to offer one in his letter appearing under the a opens of the people last sunday. Lie should remember that1 the commissioners did no to get a powerful lot of support from him and did get some assistance from prof. Wilson chairman of negro division of the City party. It is natural that somebody would try and Muddy the water. Done to pay any attention to the Workings of some of your Little angry boys. Boys will be boys you know. Ask Lonnie where he Waits the playground located and Why. Ask him what land he wants used maybe the commissioners will buy it. We said a maybe a. A. Over in Macon quot from the Carolina Enterprise a Black men who came to America with Columbus conquered the native s with Cortez who spilled the first blood in the Boston massacre a fought to begin the,.nation with Washington sailed the seas in 1812, helped both Lincoln and Lee in the 1860�?Ts, Rode at san Juan Hill in Cuba and got decorations for bravery in 1917 and 1918, Are a a a curse to the nation says Macon a mayor Glen further says a the sooner they leave the better off we All will be.�?�. Well mayor Toole has been getting his wish at least As Georgia , the state lost gome 140,00b negroes Between 1920 and 1930. The Cream of those who were alg to do it set and wanted better treatment left. Today thous ands of amp cres of Georgia farms lie vacant. Others Are filled with Cott Oij. Nobody wants., former Georgia coloured people Are in ther big Northern cities some starving-,1 some fat but All happier than when they lived in the state which lynched seven negroes in 1930 and has a Toole for a mayor in .1931. The negro is at the very Core of american life. He has bought to save it invented to improve it composed Sung and acted to a entertain it experimented and studied to inform it and has gone into the nations Slaughter houses farms and factories to give it the necessities for daily life. If every negro were taken from the United states overnight it would create a catastrophe from which the country might foot recover. A but he is. Not going to leave for the White people them Miles will pot permit it. See How they hushed up Marcus Garvey. Credit is due the Macon Telegraph and White leaders there for their definite stand against mayor tooled a statements it foretells great things and also shows again Why Macon As a City is a Leader in Southern race relations and quot the Telegraph stands above other Georgia papers. A but above All credit Black meconites for leaving the guts to hit Back As hard As they could against Sud idiocies As those of mayor Toole. This is one time when the race refused to forget unwarranted attacks made on them in the heat of one of the Laziest periods of depression in our history by a Man who has for four terms waxed fat off negro taxpayers Money. A of the hear followed by edema or swelling of feet and legs and afterwards of the whole body the important thing that must be written indelibly on the mind is that the complications that Lead up to kidney diseases myelitis or pus in the kidney is one of the most difficult to Deal with As it gives Rise to temperature causes excruciating pains in the Back and the main cause May not be in the kidney but May be other parts of the body being locally infected As pus from the appendix pus from the lungs in pneumonia and other diseases. If one will learn to take care of himself and have periodical examinations made yearly one will be Ible to. Keep Down these complications that ipad to nephritis or the thing that really causes it. In nephritis the urine is free enter Bithynia when they reached j Mysia Bui he would not allow them to do so. Hence they went As. J the work done for our heavenly i father must be directed Day. A by. Day by the holy spirit. No one j knows what to do nor where to do without his instructions. We see Here that these men were in earn est and faithful yet their desires were not what the lord wanted. I they were consecrated to the Mas Tor s use and ignorant of where 1 they must go. Our lesson Here is or that we must daily be directed go or excessive and May continue for a by him and hot attempt to Long while but when the. Stage be say without his direction comes secondary and complications,1 n. Pau a vision at Troas. Vs.9-arise with nephritis As Urmia or Jaq n,tnnihi1 we a a kid a vision appeared to Paul by throw off Theta a Funcy on and night the vision or a macedonian throw Oil the toxic Poison the urine becomes stagnant regurgitates or goes Back into the circulation and toxic poisons take place of the oxygen in the circulation standing and appealing to him with these words a across to. Macedonia and help As soon a3 he saw the vision they made Effort to go i. A thereafter a deciding that god had called them gelation takes place the brain to preach the gospel there. Dull and coma or deep Here were men who were willing death ensues. J to do the masters will and Only have periodical wanted to know where he wanted becomes Dull and lethargic. Sleep and done to forget to examinations and urinalysis made in an Effort to Cut Short the death rate of the negro. In answer to inquiries As to the cause of frequency of paralytic strokes i shall next week discuss this subject. A a a note die voice will appreciate any questions being asked through writing. No name need be signed it fitted to. The judge in Scottsboro by n. A. A. C. P. Attorneys on september 17. Sixty Days Are quot allowed the judge to sign the Bills of exceptions Large Extension class enrolled in Galveston one of the largest enrolments in the history of the Galveston Extension school is predicted by a. W. Mcdonald manager. The enrolment fee will be paid Friday evening 7 of clock at Central High school or. Mcdonald said. Plans for this years it work have been forked out by a. Henry Alston Prairie View director and the school will open monday evening at Central with k. M. Stewart b. S., Prairie View and graduate student Columbia University giver Fig instruction. Courses in English education and the social sciences will be offered for this a ear. It is a the plan of the director and manager to get in three quarters or two semesters of work for the year. This promises to be one of the Bariner years for Extension a colleges throughout the country due to the a worlds depression according to or. Mcdonald quot who Calls attention to the recently and potted slogan a on to College at Home or away a graduates of any. Accredited High school Are advised to Register and take advantage of the this Opportunity Friday night oct. 2, at Central High school. Coloured teachers going to Beaumont a a the executive committee of coloured teachers state association met in Houston recently and. Definitely decided to. Hold its meeting As scheduled in. Beaumont nov. 26 to 28. \ a. W. Jackson president presided and miss Ellie Alma Walls a Secretary treasurer kept the minutes. A t. Tatum was present in a his capacity of executive Secretary. A committee of seven headed by t t. Pollard supervisor of schools was present and presented Beaumont a claim. A a. W. Mcdonald first vice president was present in the j a Urnett j. D. Ryan t. H. Holley. Cd. Waller g. A. Sadler p a quot i Johns i it. Miss Walls and a Datum. Were the committee members present. % new York spa the National association for the. Advancement of it coloured people has sent its Check for $2,000 to Clarence Darrow As a retainer of a his fee for participating in the defense of the 8 negro boys sentenced to death in Scottsboro quot Alabama. Or. Darrow has consented to go before the supreme court. Of Alabama and make one of the a arguments on Appeal for a reversal of the convictions and new trials. The n. A. A c. P. Is prepared if necessary to carry these. Cases on Appeal to , u. Supreme court relying a the precedent set in the Arkansas cases where that court held that a mob dominated trial was not due. Process of Law. Bills of exceptions supporting he the petition Fot Appeal were Sut fit continued from Pago Ope a patronized by Large numbers of the race his. Slogan was a a done to Trade a where you can to work a thousands of negroes were a employed As a result of his militant crusade. Plenty of folks week kneed and afraid said he 6ouldn�?Tt put it Over he did just the Samd. The Wise Fellows bit around and say it can to be done still somebody out there is doing them to go. The holy spirit sends us where we Are needed not some times but All the time. This was a real vision. All real visions Are True. Iii. Paul and Silas sail for me Cedonia. Is. J.l-15. A leaving Troas they went straight to samothrace ii. And next Day to Neapolis. From to the once Neap Lis they came to Philippi the principal place quot in Macedonia. Staying some time there they went out to the Bank of the River where the per Nie prayed and talked to the Wojner who came a v. Lydia from Thyatira was there and was regenerated and she a and. H<5r household and were baptized after the services she carried them Home with her. She was a seller of purple goods. The Book says she con pulled them to abide with her. In Paul quot gives the spirit credit for Surcosa. Zioni. -15 18-21. Paul says that Jesus Christ in his spirit through him accomplished the work of securing the obedience of the gentiles using to do so words deeds Force of miracles marvels by the Power of the holy spirit. Hence he completed the preaching of the gospel from Jerusalem round to Illyricum. He says his ambition was to preach where name was not known so he might not build upon any others foundation. Ahe kept in mind the prophecy which says a they should see who never had Learned about him and they who Hud never heard of him should understand a j. Thought drawn the holy spirit is the Only one in the world that knows the mind and will of our father. We know Only As he interprets to us. Our desires Many times carry us in the wrong direction and hence our failures become Many. When our desires Are Given by the holy spirit they always meet with Suc Cess. The holy spirit is the Only True guide of humanity. It is not in Man to direct his Way because the holy spirit has been sent to us for that purpose. We think we know but he knows he knows. We think this is the thing to do and the Way to go. He knows what is to be done arid the Way to go. Let us Trust him and go where he wants us to go As Paul and his companions. To be filled with the holy spirit is to be Able to have a vision of what we Are to do and where we Are to go. Many do not believe in visions of a this kind therefore they never see them. God Rev als to men of Faith his truth to be . A -. When spiritual minded men can not come to the thing desired they know that god is Able and will show unto them that thing in a vision. A a men who Are not spiritually discerned do not believe such and cannot because of ignorance in unbelief. The truth of. It is not affected by their ignorance and in Besiei. A god has a time to make Kii own unto men what he wants done and will do so at his a own get time. God deals wit i the Nind in the heart of the spirit of Man which never slumbers nor a sleeps in life nor death. God gives visions to men who Are spirit men who make their bus Ift Ess one of Fuhing for men always go to the places where men Are to be caught for god. In Macedonia Many were made Happy by being caught by the Power of god work observations by w. H. Wilson the scribe of this column has Al ways conceded that any group committee or organization of any kind has a perfect right to make Choice of a site for the proposed Park and playground and submit game to the Board of a a City commissioners who will be the deciding Factor. Further we have a never a Felt curious about the judgment of the Board in their decision for we know the Board has no axe to grind simply to give us the Best site Tor be developed into As modern a Park and playground As the amount of Money set aside for that purpose can accomplish. S these of us who have presented la site have endeavoured to be explicit regarding what we believe to be the most desirable and leave the Price with the commissioners to adjust. We have been very careful not to put into print or Public utterance a single word or expression of criticism quot on anybody who has seen fit to favor another Choice. The site at 42nd, Between p and a has been selected by us with re Spect to its Merit and not with respect to the owners and we Are assured from every reasonable deduction that the masses will be Well pleased because several representatives of the various walks of life have visited and inspected this site and compared it with other Sites spoken of and judged it to. Be the most desirable site. The article which appeared in last sundays daily news Over the signature of or. Sholars which referred to the writer As having been appointed by the City commissioners to select a site is a Gross misrepresentation of the facts and could have had a no other motive than to mislead the Public find to insing Date the Board of City commissioners. The writer of the article or any set of level headed men or women can judge from the Topography of the territory and its surroundings As to whether it would make a desirable location upon which to erect a. Park and playground for our group. Prof. P. Sims a citizen who has never 1 dealt in politics was chosen As chairman of this committee and the writer of this famous sunday article was present and helped to make him so yet he now comes out criticising the efforts of the committee and criticising the a a boards for not sending out. An misleading statement in this article was the site at 42nd and p was in a White neighbourhood. The truth is there Aire More substantial Nice Homes owned by negroes in this Section than any other and the outlying lots will of course be put on the Market As soon As it is known that the negro Park and playground is chosen there. Richardson continued from Page one Cei Ved a 1 telegu Iii i do to in local Lodge which 4iad elected or. Richardson As its Delegate stating that or. Richardson had been regularly elected As their Delegate to represent them in the Beaumont meeting is their Delegate. The credentials committee further received i Telegram from the local Lodge of which or. Richardson is a member stating that Ivor. Richardson was financial with the local and grand Lodge. A the Telegram further state that he had paid Money enough during the month of july to pay his dues both grand and local up to and including the 1st Day to. Of october 1931. The Telegram also named the clerk in the office of j. W. Rice the endowment Secretary to whom it was paid. But notwithstanding the above facts Jas. T. Ewing and John w. Ilice sat with the credentials committee and voted and insisted upon other members voting to refuse or. Richardson a seat in the grand Lodge session and he was declared not to be a member of the or. Durham further stated that no Stone will be left. Unturned in Effort to show who made the false report to the Beaumont journal that or. Richardson had made a speech on the floor of the grand Lodi calculated to incite members of he group against the Mem by re of any other race. Dirham further. Stated that he could not conceive of intelligent Neri Boes in this age attempting to incite race prejudice against a fellow citizen in order to carry out the a nefarious schemes. He stated that it would be his purpose in the tidy. Of this a Case to uncover every Man who had a part in such Low and undermining scheme. He stated that he had no personal feeling in the matter but that he Felt that the citizens of Texas both coloured and White should know any Man or set of men by name or name who wilfully and promiscuously attempt to stir up race prejudice such As was done in this Case. Noted orchestra Leader booked to play a theatres new York Dps a Duke Ellington and his famous orchestra Are about to begin a six months tour of motion picture theatres for the Paramount Public circuit which will take this celebrated organization into most of the Large ing through Paul and his fellow ministers. The help that was called for is now being Given. Men who save men always love and Delight to care for them As did Lydia. 1 master Nii Rifis always give credit to the holy spirit for All accomplishments because it is he Only who can save keep direct and protect men. We should where he directs us and let. Jesus Christ be the foundation of All a we build. By Mary White Ovington chairman Board of directors of the n. A. A. C. P. A Djurka the Bush negroes of dutch Guiana a by Morton c. Kahn a published by the Viking press 18 East 48th Street Price ?3.50. A a we have already Lead one Book on the dutch Guiana negroes a Tom Tom by John w. Vander Cook. Or. Kahn does not write with the Charm of this predecessor but doubtless he feels that his observations secured under the Aegis of the new York natural history museum Are More reliable than or. Vandercook a otherwise Why should he fail to mention he cannot however be right in this for the. Two books agree in most particulars. Both describe the same tribal life and Bot i look upon these Bush negroes with sympathy and understanding. And the Bush negroes Are interesting enough to have a dozen such books written about them. Slaves who conquered their dutch masters two Hundred Odd years ago these Black men have perpetuated the customs of Africa on South american soil. In the impenetrable a Jungle they have Pratt iced their religious ceremonies appealed to their Witch doctors when ill married and Given in marriage according to the rules of their tribes lived As their forebears lived on the dark continent centuries ago. And if we compare this Book with a the books about Africa and her native tribes today they a have preserved their dignity their Independence better than if they had remained at Home. The european has penetrated Africa while leaving this bit of new world Jungle Uri disturbed. Djurka differs from a Tom Tom in being profusely and superbly illustrated. Negro carvings Are reproduced among them a Bench top a hair comb with the Snake Motif a tray a plate and spoon. They Are so Beautiful one aches with pleasure merely at a reproduction on the Page of a Book. A i have recently visited the most interesting colonial House in new England the Sargent House at Stockbridge mass. The architecture is Noble but the More intimate artistic work is lacking. There is no carving As would be the Case in the african hut of chair or table bowl or spoon. The same would be True of colonial houses in the South. One cannot but regret that the marvelous Craft with the knife that came to our shores in the slave ships was ignored. The slave was kept to his Hoe and of All his artistic ability As shown today in Suriname Only the music that poured from his Throat As he Bent Over a his work was allowed to remain pioneers have been proverb Ial killers of Beauty. A quot the article ability of the Bush negro As shown in the illustrations is the first and lasting impression of the Book. The courage of the race com6s next. The men work by spurts but when they do work they undergo privations and do very dangerous things. To see them As or Kahn did make their dugouts hollow d out of a tree arid then to shoot the rapids with them. Must have a been As thrilling As any aviation stunt. Their patience in. Harvesting their Small crops against the plagues of insects is amazing and yet How much More Manly More vital than to be in a Ford shop turning a screw the same motion of the hand for seven hours every Day. Will this Remote holding of the primitive african become westernized Vandercook in a Tom Tom a believes that Dpi lived. Man cannot conquer Thini impenetrable Jungle. Kahn thinks differently. He opens his Book with this sentence a the year 1929 witnessed the opening of the air mail to dutch Guiana and it can be expected that before Many Yeats have passed the encroach ments of Industrial civilization will wipe out the last remnants of primitive West african culture in the nerf world. The Bush negroes will be a vanished people their culture gone their life forgot Leif it if this be True All the Tiore reason then to print this Book full of the Beauty of a life that must soon perish. A. Cities of the East and Middle West. Except for an occasional engagement Here and there dance a lovers will not have an Opportunity during this period to step to the Favori Emusic of Harlem a aristocrat of. Jazz unless they pick up the Dyke via the Tadio for he is expected to broadcast at least once in almost every City he visits. A a a Youthful member composes Eulogy to Union pastor editors note this poem was composed for the anniversary Celebration of Rev. J. -n.x-Byrd, pastor Union Baptist Church by miss Ora Lee Clark a j. N. Byj Ltd of How Sweet it is to know As through this world we go that we have a Man to Lead our fathers Herd in the person of Rev. J. A. Byrd my father in. Heaven on Blessing pours you Are worthy of them and that he knows. A. You Are. His son his honoured son for in you a new Light has begun. We do not speak of Timothy or Samuel a but j. W. Byrd who Stirrett both Hayem and hell. Evangelist my god loves you Willy a to him forever be True of Young evangelist so sturdy and True May. Your soul 6e>revived in Grace. Anew. Sweet songster of israeli revival. Is talents Are so Many a none with them can mate King Cotton and his Black subjects the negro tvs brought to this country essentially to develop the Cotton Industry. He has found no fixed place in the american Industrial scheme outside of the Cotton Belt. Slavery did not thrive in new England because Cotton would idiot grow there. The great Northwestern territory became free soil because it did not lend itself to the Type of Industry to which slavery was adaptable. So a very was about to disappear from the upper tier of Southern states when upon the a. Yearance of the Cotton Gin King Cotton sought new Dominion in the Fertile lands of the far South he took his Black subjects with him in quest of the Silver fleece upon which he Hope to build his permanent Dominion. The emancipation of the negro did not materially alter his Fune tion and sphere in the Industrial Domain. As Long As Cotton remained King the negro Pas the Power behind the throne. His movement northward can easily be traced in terms of the Risea lid fall in the Price of Cotton. The Boll Weevil threatened the integrity of the Cotton Empire and started the. North Warful movement to which the world War gave added momentum. The threatened debacle of the Cotton Industry for the past decade tells the whole Story of the mad Rush into Southern cities and Northern centers. A a the negro has never proved himself adapted to any other form of agriculture if we omit the sugar Cane and Rice industries. He has never succeeded in Large numbers in the raising of wheat and Corn in cattle raising fruit culture gardening of truck or Dairying. Comparatively few negroes Are found where these types of agriculture prevail. There Are no negroes comparatively speaking in. The West or North outside of the cities. Even in such states As Maryland Virginia Kentucky West Virginia Kentucky and Tennessee the race is rapidly thinning out in the no Cotton agricultural areas. The great cities and the Cotton Belt will contain the great bulk of the race in the future. Give any negro forty acres and a mule and he can succeed in raising a crop of Cotton. There is no other Industry in which the coloured Man is deemed indispensable unless we consider the comparatively Small Field of the Pullman Porter in these two Fields the Black Man was thought that Domestic service is irreplaceable. At one time it was his exclusive task but Whites have crowded him almost out of this Field. A there Are four Hundred and fifty thousand Domestic servants in new York and Only four Hundred thirty thousand negroes. So that if every father Mother son and daughter of these were domestics there would not be enough to fill the quota. The foregoing is not Mere Idle dissertation on an abstract a disquisition but the basis for the consideration of a practical present pressing problem the Southern state3 Are just now in the midst of quot imposing a moratorium on the production of Cotton. What then would the poor negro do he could ill turn his agricultural experience to a diversified Lorfn of farming. The most encouraging indi9ation of racial Progress since emancipation has been indicated by the Large number of farms mainly Cotton farms under cultivation and ownership of the race and the still larger number operated by. Tenant or sharecropper. A herein Lily the beginning of self proprietorship whereby the race was getting hold of a the tools of production by which to make its own living. The Saddest chapter in the history of the Progress of the race is read ii the rapid decline in such ownership during the last decade. If a moratorium is declared on Cotton the negro will be practically driven from the Farris into the pities where he looters on the outer Edge of Industry without any a fixed or certain place. Of All the actual and contemplated ills growing out of the present depression there is no chapter which is sadder to contemplate than this. The negro stands helpless As the impotent subjects stand by arid see their King deposed. There is Little that he seems Able to do. He does quot not , but is controlled . He has nothing to a about the moratorium in which his Fate is involved. If indeed by taking heed thereto one can not add one Cubit to his. Stature one cannot help taking heed nevertheless i if we cannot control the situation we can at least regard it. I a few constructive suggestions can harm even if they May not do any Good. Notwithstanding the present apparently ugly face a of things agricultural the negroes future. Will be mainly found on the farm and largely in the Cotton Industry. A v a 2. The Federal government can at this juncture Best serve the race by Eric playing negro agricultural experts to disseminate scientific knowledge and methods of diversified and adaptable farming 3. Every negro Farmer and with apology to Henry Ford one. Wow say City Dweller As Well should cultivate a Garden homely philosophy by Georgia Douglamis Johnson saying a a yes done to be too Quick to say take time before agreeing to every proposition made to you. Good nature can be. Your to. Lite a a not is ofttimes a Savior. A a in la think it Over is a Safe rejoinder but saying a a yes without due consideration has rung the Knell in the lives of Many promising pilgrims
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