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Galveston Voice Newspaper Archives Oct 3 1931, Page 1

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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - October 3, 1931, Galveston, Texas A the voice of the people is the voice of god vol. Galveston Texas saturday october 3, 1931 no 37 As we go to press the Are on strike How Long it will fast we do not know things Are quiet along the water front this Nior Ning that a Good. According to the records it. Has been quite a few years since a serious disturbance occurred on the water front everybody that this one will not last As Long or necessitate the calling out of the rangers to protect the City some sort of Mutual agreement will no doubt be reached 111 the not Distant future an agreement we Hope fair to both sides. The greatest you Are still Reading of Gandhi the greatest living mortal in the world. He is yet in England in conference whatever you do follow a and learn look for something from every Day you wont have to look Long after picking up your paper because its on the front Page. The. Sage of India is front Page copy. He wont yield he drinks his. Goat milk eats dates visits the children and keeps the big Fellows wondering about what its All about. If the Mahatma wanted quot a quot playground quot for quot quot the quot Ceil Deri of India he could get it at the word get it from England and he does not vote there either. Keep that in mind. Coloured brother and try to find out who is your Friend and who in t. A a a real men done to or wont Compromise when they Are right. Gandhi May come to the u. S. After All but he will hardly visit the South. Being dark of complexion. All he is 2 goats a Dollar watch his two loin cloths and a brain Ana what a brain Georgia in Macon Georgia a few Day ago the mayor a or. Tolo said the negro was a curse to the nation and the. Sooner they left the better a done to worry about the words of the mayor Inay be he does t a Lunoy airy b�tte1 Pray for him. A leading White people and a White daily paper have already called the Ray or Shanland asked him to Tak Eback what he said about a truly. I Loyal people. You Are not going to leave a Here the White people let you if you tried ask or. Garvey it do you know him As Long As the world lasts White and Black Folk will live Isido by Side in America especially in thesouth., some of these. negroes May vote Down in Georgia and the mayor a Hoose to run for something and. He will get the sup port of the negro voters wont he and . / flying forbidden you have known for quince gome time that even your army is a Jim Crow organization you ican fight and die and be treated Nice where things Arentt go Iii lao Good but after the Ball is Over you Are once again a negro Vith but not a a Ltd it entry. Yet this is is much your country As it is quot anybody a you have done As Tiuch for the e u. S. A. As anyone on the. Books of co Ursa Jav you done to know anything about the books since White folks did All the writing a and Yby a just Learned read a the other Day. Negroes cannot enlist in the army air corps they say no negro air unit and you done to expect any in the immediate a f Utu rift either. Y of know the Secretary of War do you not think head recommend letting you in done to give up after while your Chance and change will come. You have been tried by the fire of a human slavery oppression famine want and mobs you have continued to live1 and Prosper the darkest Days Are past hold a a up your March on Jard upward a new Day is dawning. Building begun if you ride of it and the West District .1 school you will see evidence of a building in the course of construction. It will hardly. ready before the present session ends next june. You Are glad to see that project finally get under Way. You wonder naturally about your other new buildings done to wonder they ate hidden in the future. One of them you Arentt 1 going to get at ill that a the. One farther West than the present West a District school the East District fire trap or Pine Box will be used for several years More at least. Think not pretty soon we will Tell a you something interesting about the school situation. A Joseph d. Bibb a negro Trade week will be observed in St. Louis ., this week one. Of the features of the meeting will be an address by. Editor. Bibb of the Chicago whip you know him Well he led the fight in the wind a City no in Jong ago for the a in plot ment of negroes in All stores St continued of Page two by John Wesley Mcgaffey Well ladies and gentlemen of color your playground has not been Given you As we go to press. You have been promised a site for 10 years or thereabouts still you Are without one to doubt you wonder Why the party you have elected and re elected to office seems to be. Lukewarm where your desires Are involved. You done to owe the City a arty anything it owes you everything. Without your almost solid vote there would be no City party. Once up in amp a time you were told that certain interests kept the Bond business in court nearly two is now out of court yet you have no playground Why it looks like they done to intend to give it to you again you wonder Why so say Spring will be plenty of time maybe it will and maybe it wont. You were never promised anything but a playground by the party you kept in Power since its organization it has never kept Faith with a nox preachers petition quite a few of your leading ministers have signed a petition which is in the hands of the Boardo commissioners that has been overlooked or ignored 20 of your 21 precinct chairmen and Wilson your Geff ral chairman signed a petition that has been ignored your original negro playground association signed a document also on record we believe with the Board still they wont Grant the request from the leading negroes who helped to elect them. Again maybe Oij ask Why All of them ask for a site Between p and q on 42rid. It is pitiful that a negro owns part of the Best site for a negro playground were it not for that you might have had Yoter Long promised plan grou iid. Keep in mind As the Days become years every dog has his Day and every cat his afternoon and some dogs have two Days. You Aye getting a very Rotten Deal at the hands of the men you put in office. Take away your vote and you would have a different set of i commissioners. ,. W a a negro said something about Lasker Park being quot used for mexicans. They Are entitled quot to a playground also Lasker. Park is in a. Mexican Negh boyhood. Look it up it and see for yourselves it is located at the Best or in the Logi jail neighbourhood for., it serves. You still Are be ing put in a the Wagon. The cheapest site h now you hear from several sources that you will get the a a cheapest site. Offered bad again you Are entitled to the a Best a. Not the cheapest you have never gotten. Any thing from the party you made we Are watching just to see if the negro leaders have airy weight with the men. They sent to office it looks like they Haven to. W. H. Wilsqn you had a chairman named Wilson you know him As a up of. he. Asked for ,thet2nd. Street site.-. He has at Titis writing of rather up writing been ignored. Maybe some of the Powers think the blk cd voters will forget a they Are wrong. They will remember next time 1 watch and see the Powers selected Wilson. You did no to he and his corps. Say give us the 42nd and p site. Have they gotten it. Will they get it when who among the Powers thinks him wrong. Fey is Leader or ,the.�?oleeder�?�? if course the Gity a party is grateful to. The "4�?T�0� a Groes for quot Rte hat they have done for the party but Are they showing it How.? a r a. Up those. Two Sites you know of two Sites there �?o3�?� Sites under consideration. Where is the �?~�?~3rd�?T,�?T site they have an old Gin tit by the Marine Hospital it a pm is like that a going to be your playground. It your children have to play in such Ari atmosphere. On the North they would read tombstones a at it rest -etfc.7c of a the a f a West is the Marine Hospital. They will hear the dying groans of men standing on the Brink of eternity a i the East a settlement. Of people not coloured on the West they can easily see the spot where they a should have been�?��?4%nd and Gin House is out of the question a Ven if it was secured for nothing Why riot buy the 42nd and a property maybe because half of it to go out and look at the Sites quot arid see for yourselves you done to want to be near the graveyard nor that old a in House we Are glad Wilson and his aides asked for a definite location we will keep that before you Otis in Black and White the 42nd and p site has unimproved property around it which would offered a to. Negroes if the playground was located in that Vicinity or it rather on that site the 42nd and p site is in a negro a a a a go boyhood. Go out and Sev for yourselves. More negroes own Homes around it than a round any other site anywhere in the City where a playground might be located. N5� playground at Alyou place to play White Chi Ildri a have several. Of fats Bayou developed now. If we were White naturally think of White people quot first still if a group of Black Folk had stood by us White Folk All the time arid put us in. Office we would at least try arid give them something besides unkept promises we Whites would a appreciate the Bridge that carried us Over during All of our travel Sand give the Blacks who built it something sometime we cannot commissioners do anything. We have asked them and they have promised. Has the Promise Beeri kept if not ? we Are conscious of the exalted position the american White mail occupies in the forum of world affairs we have helped him reach his goal North South Bast arid West the White Man is not ungrateful we nth be the City party take away our. Tar Gible support and see where they would be today. Still we Are refused a playground that they promised us. The Money to buy it has been set aside the men who own the Best site located in a negro Neil Fillbr Hook a would take the Bonds Why done to the comr missioners take the Rii up on its it because one of the joint owners happens to be Brown Skinn i what could be better than to buy a Llor part of the negro site from a negro or be Marshall Dps an official statement bearing the signatures of or. M. W. Dogan president of Wiley College and president Joseph j. Rhoads of Bishop College and announcing a the adoption of plans of affiliation Between the. Two local institutions was issued for publication Here last week. The decision to a Exchange two instructors and to employ jointly an outstanding professor or lecturer As the first step in the program of affiliation came after the two presidents and their boards had spent More than a year in a careful study of the problem of bringing the two colleges into mutually helpful relations and thereby improve their service for the youth of to blk Ege Grade in the Southwest. The plan neither provides for nor contemplates the merging of the institutions but forms the basis for cooperation a a without affecting the separate organization. Administration objectives and individuality of _. A a a the official Anno map Iby the to Jap Bessent was appeared it a a dress a. Of Afore a Bott student bodies "monday,1 september in both colleges. The former is officially assigned to the Bishop College faculty and the latter to Wiley. The name of the third joint teacher is being withheld pending the completion of business matters having to do with his employment. It is probable that the further affiliation quot of the two colleges will gradually take place through a More Complete differentiation of their curricula the elimination of unnecessary and expensive duplications of work the erection of a few buildings for the common use of both schools the adoption of a combined or coordinated annual pro Gram of lectures and recitals the development of cooperative provision for the enrichment of curricula the improvement of the social and recreational life. Of the two student bodies and the joint a operation of a summer school a the two presidents said. Both colleges Are High ranking accredited institutions and Are applicants for the approval of the association of colleges and secondary schools for the Southern states. Bishop is supported 20, and the plan went into effect immediately associate professor William j. Sinkford a. B., Phi by to Kappa arid a candidate4 for the. Master of arts degree from Tho University,1 of Michigan and so Date professor h. Mccane a b. Wiley a a a m., Northwestern Are a a offering courses in Romance languages and physics respectively. A and life son and his wife us four and no More a. That seems to be the situation in the negro schools of Galveston. Young lady if you Ever expect to get on in the local schools it looks like you will have to marry into the Job you done to have to Kotiw very much in fact Yon Don t have to know anything at All if you Are Good with one or two of the Nasty wire pullers they can ii it and How some. Families Are represented by two three and maybe sometimes four members in your local school system your end of the school business is very gotten you have what we Call the Foremost wire Puller of ancient or modern times in the person of one of the lowest types of a real Sambo and. Uncle Tom combined a gent or whatever you choose to Call a a it who seems to know what everything is All about and although you May frown upon his methods which May or May not be clean and according to Hoyle the baby gets by with everything he Seta out to do and for that we compliment him and pity some weak Sisters and Brothers who could do something if they went about it in the right Way. No needs of crying Over spilled milk. The work clean or. Unclean has been put Over by prof. Innocence and that last Deal he pulled a fast one nobody knew what it was All about i til everything was All Over the amusing part of this affair is the fellow does no to know anything about it least he has the brass and Gall toil Eay he does no to. Keep in mind that switch in Grade principals one of them got a the works a keep in mind also nobody knows How it happened yet somebody Black evidently had something to do with the diff to affair. Who was the underhand Marvel your guess is As Good As ours whom do you say one thing is certain whoever it was had some brains it took a bit of Slick work to by the Amori put that Over and keep the it hand in the affair partly hidden. Mission society when you get Down on your Knees to Pray you can thank with in a few and i Ira Lin in Luaao. Volvo Curtit. Q a 1a Richardson a suit with Headquarters in new York and i y0ljr Patron Saint that some of. These folks done to have 8 or 10 teen Rowh ii Lbw daughters or sons if you please and Pardon if they did 20 go Byo Toth Swap 1.�?-u. A a a upper lv.6 c u i turfed a educated and refined you Rig woman wants to be a in old maid a a trip to the Iii tar a where soil Tabody it no doubt would sing just before the ceremony a a a of Promise �?T the Fth 0001010 Nteta Lek Ninffa so heavily on a close Frieri or closer i relatives Arm would walk,-out, Brand new Little Hubby being in the �?~�?~400" Linow it would be a disgrace for him to get a. Cotton Hook and hit., the a wharf. Of course. must Teacle and another school position is roped in by Tjioe. Syndi. Fate and your Brilliant of caching Hild who knows Fai Cero so Tyell must text it to the kids in the Sticks. T but Don t get angry you Are , nobody you just Send the master mind a letter of congratulations and. Mail a note of condolence to yourselves. We Areri to going Toi say anything Abri it Hiiri but some of these Day Ghieri the dust of deceit and. Trickery is settled we Hope to get him to. Give our paper exclusive right to a Story quot written by himself Eik titled a How i did 1vhat"i did or a is in Rity rules in the army else Hejile a Price pubic ulcer bul cd summon All of the teachers out of work and. If Boniene would Lead a song or educational Dirge this writer would Bow in the a i thou i pc t3piscopal Chu Clr its head quarters being a in Chicago and is supervise Filan 1 in a ii it a a Cal a infirm of trustees. The move it designed to fld4 greatly a Trenwith of these colleges include provision. For.,/the promotion of a spirit of cooperation and Goodwill among their graduates former students and friends throughout the nation. A a Sherman up the damage a Uit of $55,000 brought by c. F. Richardson of Houston managing editor of the Houston prominent texan against the grand United order of Odd Fellows of Texas for his expulsion fro i the order during the recent grand Lodge session at Beaumont is on Call in the fifteenth District court of Grayson county monday october 5, 1931, according to information a Given out Here this week by it j. Durham who is attorney for or. Richardson. Discussing the Case which has created a excitement throughout Texas and the filing of which has brought him Riahy in Jii iries or Durham who is recovering from a severe illness said y a emr. Richardson has filed suit in the fifteenth District court of. Grayson county Texas against the grand United order of Odd Fellows of Texas for the sum of--$55,-000 As damages which he alleges he sustained by the acts and conduct of Jas. T. Ewing j. W. Rice j. Alston attains l. D. Lyons s love and other officers rapid agents of the grand Lodge in expelling or Sichi Trulson. From membership. In the grand Lodge at the Beaumont meeting. Or. Richardson alleged in his petition that he oppose the High handed methods of Tab. To. Ewing and his coterie of officers in handling the affairs and funds of Tho Odd Fellows grand Lodge or Richardson had threat ened prior to the grand Lodge to expose at the Beaumont meeting certain practices pursued by. Such officers Iii handling the affairs. Of tie grand emr. Rio Hardson was entreated by certain grand a Lodge. Officers to refrain from discussing their mismanagement of the grand Lodge affairs which he refused to do and or. a refusal to cease discussing such matters Enkin led a bitter feeling or tithe Prat of certain grand Lodge officers for or. Richard sch which Fili ally led to his expulsion As a member at the Beaumont meeting or. Richardson had paid his premiums to the local Lodge which included both the local and grand Lodge funds. Up to and including the 1st Day of october 1831. He had and legally elected by a local Lodge As a. Delegate to. The Beaumont meeting. V a a the credentials i coif Muttee re continued on pm two Pray or. For the a unemployed educators of it. Let Lourns Terrell a premise b f Groes some of the Brioney be ill spent if a negro got some of it would it Why the delay who is causing it surely not your friends because you put them in office and they said you would get your playground which Isnit much from men you elect year in and year out. You have places to play in a lot cities of. Texas and the South Haven to you would the Powers turn Dow their oven chairman their own choir their main supporters. Most prominent mini sters and laymen it for what prejudice personal animosity or would a lapping their proven friends in the face get i Sherii More votes from the negro element ordinarily White Folk done to try to get a a even negroes the entire world and everyone it it Are at their mercy. The american White Man is a grateful creature he believes in quot reciprocity a especially towards anybody who helps Hin and supports him. A we have kept the Faith with the City commissioners All of Thena Are White men of Sycin we know of heart and gratitude we Hope. We want the 42nd and <3?. Street site. Will White White men in the political kingdom remember those who helped put them there Isaiah Milligan quot Terrell a former principal of -1. M. Terrell High school at fort Worth for 33 years and Prairie View state Normal and Industrial College for 3 years passed away Hete monday night at the age of 72 years following an illness which sapped out his quot waning 1 a a. Follow Jig 30 years in the school room at fort. Worth and Prairie View professor Terrell came to Houston where be served As. President of. Houston College local Baptist institution of learning for 4 b years. The then became connected with old. Union Hospital at that time operated by the negro doctors of Houton As Finandal agent. He served in this capacity until is Cullinau Loca White philanthropist through the activities of or Terrell donated the present Houston negro Hospital to the negroes of this Community which absorbed the Union Hospital or. Terrell served As first superintendent of quot the Houston negro Hospital and was superintendent emeritus an Honprara-�p0�ltion created to Reward him for., his Fin amp service in connection with this Elee binary institution at the time of his death. Lib Talent his Iasi earthly hours in this institution1 which had been made possible in Large measure by his efforts. A native of a Iderson Grimes county where Bis father Alexander h. Terrell operated a Blacksmith shop for Many years or. Terrell was one of the first negroes in the state to receive a col Legac education being 1 awarded his Bachelor of arts Espee from straight University,.now. a in 1881 he returned to to tax As and was elected first principal a of the fort Worth negro High school later named i. A /. Terrell a High school in Honor of the Dis x Ting shed a educator when Tho sys ? tem was i being organized by a the late Alex Hogg brother to the lamented governor Julies Stephen Hogg. For 33 year or. Terrell a held this Post and his school had the distinction for Many years of the Only accredited negro a Higie school in the state. A he was a constitutional member of the first grand Lodge of. Tho it grand United order of Odd Fellows Ever held in Texas served of 1 president of the coloured team Hera state a association and As first vice president of the National association of Teuch Hora in coloured schools which was organized through the k efforts of a life Long Friend r. A Lee former texan and Early graduate of and teacher at Bishop a College Marshall. Professor Terrell was a personal a Friend of the Lato governor Jamos Stephen Hogg of Texas and of Tho late United states senator a Cul Heri i son and has known personally eve cry go Vengor since Hogg. To he. Text lined his Home at fort Worth the late. Bookert a Washington on the. Matt cry a first speaking in Texas. A the 1 funeral a will be held from quot Antioch Baptist cd lurch a Friday ramp to p. Ni., with Rev. J., i pastor Bethel Baptist Church coating assisted. other Loial ministers. Mccoy and Harrison undertaking company. Lias. Charge of Tiu body. 1 a
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