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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - October 10, 1931, Galveston, Texas A the voice of the people is the voi0e of god vol. 1 a Galveston Texas saturday october 10, 1931 no. 38 the broadcast by John w. Mcgaffey using Idle Money you read in your papers thursday of a plan suggested by president Hoover to harness the Idle Money and do. Something tangible to relieve the tragic economic conditions now existing in America and the entire world. If the presidents plan is accepted and put. Into to operation things will no doubt take a change for the better overnight his plan will have a tonic effect on business in general More Money will be put in circulation arid a Confidence seemingly lost will be Thomas Lipton last week you read with sincere regrets of the passing of sir Thomas. Lipton a known wherever sportsmen gather As the world s Best loser. He amassed a great Fortune from the Tea Industry but when the drink which bore his name will have been forgot ten the qualities of the Man will just have begun to live. Sir Thomas left the bulk of his vast estate to Charity he spent millions trying to win a battered old cup Worth less than $500.00, representing the Only major yachting trophy not in his collection. To be Good sports we must be willing and Able to take what the. Fates have in store for us without crying that somebody was unfair and played favourites just because things went against us in Quot All competitive contests in or out of sports somebody must win and somebody will perforce have to lose quite a few big hearted losers Are remembered longer than narrow winners because of the spirit in which they take defeat. Sir Thomas Lipton played the game when he won he did no to gloat Over Victory when he lost he never cried. A a big affair at Reedy Chapel beginning monday inight and continuing through the week a series of Brilliant programs of entertainment will be held at Reedy Chapel . E. Church or. W. A. Ganv pastor Mon Duj amp i amp it North Carolinas to Tell pre pc sent a lilliputian night a Illinois club will stage a a manless wedding a a done to miss it thursday night a a Ohio will put on a a style show of that Eart t be beaten the show will be held in the Church Hall and a Mississippi club will repeat the a feast of seven tables a Friday night a a Washington club a under the leadership of a a . S. A. Maxey a wonderful play entitled ,�?�.d.6n�?Tt miss it. A new guaranteed you a each night come out and make this unique series of Chur teh affairs a huge Success. Or. Carr and All of Reedy extend you a most cordial invitation. A Good pitching or poor hitting up until today there have been Only a ill Quot lynchings in Yoiiro dear old u. S. A. The current season has almost 3 months to run before the 1931 season officially closes and its yet too Eaily to Rennke any predictions As to the final Lynching score maybe the mobs just Haven to got their eyes of the Ball and maybe on the other hand american sentiment and civilization have too much on the Ball for the Lynching sluggers to in Yik All Over and outside the Park. Be that As it Mey we re mighty glad to know that that �?o11�?� in t twice that number the year is growing a old soon it will be gone we Hope there will be no More a Fob Rule anywhere men live and move at Fol have their several beings. A Robert s. Abbot editor of the. Chicago defender says a Ehe mob must be destroyed it is eating at the very vitals of this vaunted civilization it has place la stigma on the Escutcheon of this widely advertised land of the free and Home of the Brave you know no mob was aver made up of Brave men the mob must Goi organized sentiment must run it out of the world and shut the Gate behind Iti. Mobs lire unnecessary evils. at realist succumbs or. Hamp Williams Church and1 fraternal circles of the City and state is dead. Or. Williams suffered a stroke several weeks ago while at his work and was rushed to Sealy Hospital where tuesday night he was the Chancellor command Der of the largest subordinate k. Of p. Lodge in the put Lilian jurisdiction. The of funeral was one of the largest seen in Galveston for some time Rev. R. M. Davis pastor Tabernacle m. E. Church officiated a. Tremendous throng paid final tribute to one who was known widely because his service was rendered in a Large scale. W. K. Hebert amp co. Had charge of the funeral which was held last Friday at 2 p. M. From Tabernacle Church. Isle resident Dies . Mali tda Taylor lifelong resident of Galveston passed away this week. Impressive funeral services were held Over her remains at West Point Baptist Church or. J. Calhoun,.pastori. Deceased was a member of Queen of Sheba Branch no. 4, Loyal knights of Progress. Or. Stanton attending District meet or. R. T. Stanton grand medical examiner u. . And s. M. T of Texas is in Bryan Texas attending a District meeting sponsored by the grand Lodge officials the meeting opened last in Trot with a Public demonstration and will last through saturday. By John w. Mcgaffey a a in a North Texas City commonly called baby London Dallas members of your group take Little part in City politics yet they get More tangible consideration at the hands of the City fathers than you get in the Garden spot of the Southland Galveston they Haye several places to recreate now they have another and its in the City limits too a a a 20-acre in its midst is a Beautiful Lake surrounded by a Grove when Dall Sites and their friends go to one of the former a playgrounds to sail boats and Fishi they May Pray for you the Only group of voters on gods Earth with nothing to show for the ballot. Some of these Days you May awake from your hurtful sleep open your blinded eyes and see a a Twenty acres done to forget Twenty ground is the actual size of that playground it was Given by the Tate administration in fact or. Tate the mayor asked the Board to give it himself he did not say wait until this or that season he did no to say there is plenty time plus he did no to Fence Stradle on costs and Upkeep no doubt he Well knew that the Money to buy and maintain would not come out of his pocket. He said a give it to the negroes of Dallas of course you can re Dily see the striking contrast. Politically or. Taters administration owed the negroes of his City Little you never saw anything about any Money being set aside to Biry those Twenty acres with either there Wasny to a lot of Bull wrapped with Yards of red tape and1 tied tightly with finely excuses and broken promises either. A /. Ten years of promises you have been promised a playground for a decade or More. Dallas gave her a Twenty acres in Sevy ral months and the commission was t sent to office by negro voters Brown sister and Frater. A yet it looks like you will be a Twenty years getting two blocks of ground As playground no. 1 for Yoiiro it children and the commissioners to off ice or rather furnished Atlanta University Lent gift from Friend new York Dps a Atlanta University Pioneer institution of higher learning for negroes located in Atlanta Georgia has been Given $3#,000,000 for hew buildings and their maintenance. Announce mint of the gift from a Friend of the University was made Here today by Dean Sage 49 Wall Street president of the University a Board of trustees. In order that construction work on the new buildings May serve to alleviate the present unemployment situation in at Uinta the plans have been expedited by the architects James Gamble Rogers inc. Of new York City and construction will begin soon or. Sage stated. Five buildings Are to be erected at an estimated Cost of $625,000, including an , women a dormitory menus dormitory a residence for the president and a Central heating Plant. Forty thousand dollars will be expended in renovating existing classroom buildings and $335,000 will be set aside As a building maintenance process of alteration. It took alot of nerve to write that a negro playground Plank m the platform so Many times with no results. A do you not know that White people do not have to vote m has in All in$tanc&3 to give certain gifts ?. Forty second and p location things done to look much better in this Park. Business you Are tired of the entire proceedings no doubt. You have been put off for ten years the Bonds Are not in court How Why do you think you Are being denied your playground Are you going to leave it in the hands of the lord ? done to. God is Busy besides he gave you the ballot and to everybody else in America. The ballot is a a getter off you elect men for a Park that a letting them by too cheap in pro Porti Ltd to what they can do in several years. But when you keep on electing them for a Promise you have no reason to believe will be kept that puts you in a class All by your lonesome we Are glad to note signs of your return to political and civic sanity we Hope you continue on the Road to political sensibility. Most of Yoi have cars ride out and look the two Sites Oyer and see which is the Best. You cannot make anybody give you anything but you can fix things so Yogi wont be promised an item and never get it. Your Are yet to give you your Park. Now it looks like several it finsand dollars will hold things up a bit longer if the Wisest site is considered. The Gin House is out of the question. You do not wanted be in amp Hospital zone. You owe the dead some respect. Just on the North of the Gin is a cemetery hilarity and laughter would be out of place around those who sleep beneath the Sod again that Gin site is too lows it would Cost at least several thousand dollars to raise Quot or Grade it so it look like a Lake when it Rains or drizzle. Look Over the two Sites the next time it gets Cloudy and see the difference. Any Nan or group of men helped by another or up should and in most instances do appreciate such assistance. You have sent petition after petition a few months ago your negro chairman or. Wilson was a big fellow in these parts big because he had the bait in his keeping. He has written he has asked by word of Mouth for the forty second and., sue p location he was supported by True and tried City party advocates. What has been the results of his crusade looks like the amp euro chairman is just a name and that during election season Only a we Are going to draw a cartoon of this affair just As soon As the cheapest site is finally taken under advisement and show you something funny about this business. We will run it for 86 weeks just to keep you informed about getting something and How to get it. You have never gotten anything from the City party they Haven to prom ised you but one thing yet you Haven to received that one thing up to our press deadline it May be Given sooner or later. You want the Best remember that not the cheapest by All the rules of the game you should have what your coloured leaders or second rate a Straw Bosses have asked the front office for. We along with you what will be the next excuse. Your Park should be ready by Spring not just begun done to you think Quot so Young Man if you marry a wife and she tells thing and fails to. Do it Pray Over it and forgive her if it again speak your mind if she lets it happen again its because she Fig i ures she has a strangle hold on Bur love and wont do anything but grumble a while and forget As you did once or twice before then Young Man quit her you will thug Ujj maintain your own self to of w i / a How soon or. Chairman quite often we Haye been in the chairman a society when a Layman would ask the negro head of the City party a when do we get our Park a Quot of course the chairman does no to know yet he makes some Effort to smooth things Over since he has Wisdom enough to see that the a Black sea is a body of troubled water just now maybe it will Calm that a what some Folk Are doting on but this time Well you never can Teir what hard experience teaches singed children. Wilson is in an embarrassing position he should with his corps have some weight maybe he has but you done to see it. You he asked for a definite site some of those who battled it be Miv chairman Are thankful now somebody else got the exalted and powerful position. Done to bother or. Wilson so Nuch about How . A a your new born baby he nay Tell something or at least As much As some of your leaders not selected by if the party is. Grateful to Wilson and his the buildings will be located on. A 60-acre Campus which adjoins the campuses of the two undergraduate colleges affiliated with Atlanta University Morehouse College for men and spa Man College for women. Atlanta University which is co educational is a graduate school. More than 1,000 students were enrolled last year in the affiliated institutions. 1work was recently begun on a University Library building to Cost around $300,0001 this building which has been provided by a Grant from the a Gene rain education Board will a a Rve not Only. Atlanta University and its. Affiliated colleges but will be Ava Habla of to 3 three other eng in Atlanta which May enter. Into cooperative it arrangements for it s use. In announcing the gift or. Sage said a the generosity of this Friend makes it possible for Atlanta University the Only graduate institution for negroes in the far South to modernize its present classroom buildings and to provide proper youths death housing for its students suitable residence for. Its president and adequate quarters for its administrative staff. With this equipment and funds for its maintenance Tho University will be better Able to carry on ifs task of training negro men and women for leadership of their people particularly in the Fields of education business and social work. In. Making it fits gift the donor has recognized the it importance of the development a at Atlanta of a University dedicated to the task of educating such rounded in 1865 and chartered two years later. Atlanta University was Orfei of the first institutions in 4b so a a a offer enrolled More than 6,000 students in its College arid Academy departments and has granted College degrees and Normal diplomas to 1,500 persons. Upon its affiliation in 1929 with Morehouse and Spelman a colleges or. John Hope for Twenty five years the president of Morehouse College became the fifth president of Atlanta University. Dallas Dps a for to a. First time in the history of Dallas county a White Man has been convicted for the killing of a negro the All White jury bringing in the Maxi mum sentence of five years As allowed under the criminal statutes of Texas for murder without malice after 20 min it utes of deliberation the guilty White Man is Lelion Beard who killed Booker t. Barnes respectable and popular Young Dallas negro Here August 9, 1931. At the time of the slaying it was alleged that Beard and a group Pip Whites had constantly meddled Barnes and other negroes and that when Barnes who worked at the local Post office and dressed Well detained from a Street car a group of White rowdies accosted him and during the disturbance Beard inflicted a fatal wound upon Barnes who was not the aggressor and who had hot provoked any trouble with his White assailants. The crime stirred Dallas from Center to circumference and the state made an Earnest Effort to punish Beard for the murder. His trial and conviction followed in the criminal District court of Dallas county despite the fact that Beard claimed self defense a the usual reason or excuse which Southern Whites give for shooting and killing defenceless and unarmed negroes. A National Benefit with receiver Washington d. and a Daniel c. Roper is to be the receiver for the National Benefit life insurance company. Chief Justice Alfred a. When of the supreme court of the District of Columbia last thursday gathered into his Chambers the Galaxy of lawyers representing the company various individuals among its roster of officers together with the District insurance commissioner and announced the appointment of or. Roper thus ending ten Days of intense undercover Maneule Rizig during which various. Factions in the company sought to have a Man named whom they considered Friendly to their interests. Judge a wheat a Republican who had asked for suggestions as1 to whom he of should appoint told the assembled lawyers that commissioner Roper was his own personal selection after considering the numerous names presented and that he had named him because his splendid character and Fine Quality were the qualities which he Felt the Post demanded. Has held Many offices or. Rope who made Bond Friday and Quot assumed his duties is a member of one. Of Washington a important Law firms and Well known in the capital. A Democrat and native of South Carolina he served during the Woodrow Wilson administration As United states commissioner of internal Revenue and As first assistant postmaster general. He has been a member of ignited states Tariff commission and recently became a member of the school Board of the District of Columbia. Men associated with various phases of governmental activity declare that during his regime As head of the powerful internal Revenue big a Reau he was one of the men Best liked by. Our people among official Washington. People commend him judge James Cobb who himself had been favourably considered for the Post commented upon mr., Roper saying that from Many sources assurances had come of hit Fine uprightness and Superior ability. Charles Hall Section chief of the census Bureau and Karl Phillips conciliator of labor both of whom had served during his regime a praised a this record of fairness regardless of or. J. Hayden Johnson a member of Tho District Board of education wrote or. Roper As a fell Vii member and said a i congratulate you upon your appointment but above All i want to congratulate the company and All concerned in the matter on your selection. The company is As Good As saved now through your connection with explaining his attitude toward the appointment or. Roper said a upon accepting it this tremendous responsibility my entire energies As receiver will be devoted to carrying on the business of the company As a going concern the conservation of its assets and the preservation and rehabilitation of the institution. Jjo a acts will at All times be under the supervision of the supreme court of the District of Columbia. The fullest possible Protection for the Polar by holders will be my chief commenting upon the fact that he is a southerner or. Roper con continued on Page Tyro army of voters they will get forty second and Avenue a but regardless of what or when in this affair remember a a traitor has never survived a conflict and an ingrate has never escaped the punishment of his Quot ingratitude property As Park port Arthur Dps a from a All indications port Arthur negroes will soon have a municipal Park and playground according to announcement made Here at the City Hall wednesday. Negotiations Are reported under Way for the acquisition by the City of Lincoln Park a five acro tract of land a in the negro Section of the City owned by Artest Dewalt a local business Man at a Price estimated at $10,000r a in speaking about Tho proposition commissioner John Reagan said that the Dewalt property would probably be purchased provided realty experts agreed it was Worth the Price which or. Dewalt is asking for it. The City of Galveston also promised the negroes of that City a municipal Park and playground but halted the Deal when negroes who had supported1 Tho successful City party ticket asked the City fathers to buy a site of land owned by a negro or. R. T. Stanton prominent Island. City physician and grand medical examiner for Tho u. B. F. And s. M. T. Of Texas. Knoxville Tutor attends meeting of Hoover Board. A Knoxville d p s a j. Herman Daves professor of sociology and economics at Knox Jalc College was in Washington d. C., last week to attend a meeting of president hoovers committee on Home a building and ownership. Or. Daves was Given his appointment last june Ami this is the second meeting of. The committee he has attended. The know Gallee sociologist is working particularly on the Quot relationship of hncqimo1tvnd, the .�ob�i6w- Ono of fhe of jct to Viia a to a tied committee is an attempt to relieve the Small income family a it of Tho heavy Burden of in exorbitant interest rate now encountered in purchasing a Home. Or. Davest wide experience in y. M. A. And social work makes him Welt fitted for his advisory position. Prior to becoming a member of Tho Knoxville College faculty he was located in Cincinnati and Buffalo. In Buffalo he took his masters degree in sociology at Tho University. To was graduated from Knoxville College in 1922. The presidents conference will Mcm to in a Golf Era session at the White House december 2-6. At that time the committee on which or. Drives is serving will make Ita report. 1 appellate court in Virginia will hear Nelson Case -4 new York decision from the Virginia court of appeals May be expected Early in november in the Ense of Thomas Nelson whose conviction on a charge of murder was once reversed and then carried on Appeal to the highest co dirt of the Btu the according to a letter received by the National association for the advancement of crib ored people. The letter written by r. O. Vic Cue one of the attorneys in the Case expos sch Confidence in the outcome of Mie Case which he argued a before the court in september. Nelson was convicted of Tho Mur Dor and robbery of a storekeeper in alb Marh county Vii inia on the unsupported testimony of a coloured boy who had been held in jail if Days himself Efy arfred with the murder and who had a a fessed perjury. Texas appropriates $24000 for graduate work at Prairie View Prairie View up the recent session of the forty second Texas legislature appropriated $24,000 for the next biennium for the establishment and maintenance of a graduate division at the Prairie View state ollege. This it Fis the first time that a Southern legislature has appropriate Money for either the establishment or maintenance of a graduate school for negroes., touring the summer of 1930, some work in English and education was attempted and during the past year Plains were drawn up and approved for a graduate division of the College. Until this time graduate work has. Only been of offered in the summer session but plans Are now being effected for making this work available for the Long session As Well As for Tho sum inc term. For each of the Piast two years Prairie View Lias successfully conducted a research Bureau and during the past year the Collego edited a study on negro High a school principals which attracted the attention of leading educators Over the country
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