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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - December 19, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Eathl flan december had Hia private As try and As if by the Enol As carried across the the Well As political As a Unur for 1 fear that few villages exist without a mis 6wh House specimen of the Wiere Wren rolling it a Titei and it who turf the my Lar Mil it tt1 Nind Dan it Foo take Newago in the 2 Oclock for Buffalo and he Pur ged a ticket at Tho Railroad in paying form displayed in the presence of a Man standing quite a respect met but of at once j Friend tr6rti Down and of was a stranger in these part said he was also from abroad Mil on Hie Way he then purchased t ticket for and after Abmd con a station suggested that Lay should both vie n visit to Oen Sefc from Sam Rall made his memorable he went to the office and affected to inquire if there would be time for Tho visit and returned anfur4 nation that there was about three Quad tors of an hour to Thov then i Witover to Falls and found there a Man who appeared to be and who Cleil displaying a Large parcel of Money the disinterested Man in company with Tho stranger and brim be i ftps with rolling to Fawn h when be thiral thai k for it ii borate on Iii Amer if Rinc it Fremow Unco Flower Pitin it id Glim let and ii Oil lit their i hark la torrid Trig they list Rel the rafted Rock on Llie lumbering now ar6 is Wilh Tho bounding flock not a withering Leaf by the wind i not o murmur in Thoj tend ing bin far that Iii Moniria voice h like the Clear no Lei of the winding v too int Compi from dome like a in Lii in Light along now like the of n Tel Nett or Tver any possible excuse for persisting in his murderous intentions har Nipote of Allied a paper to be transmitted to him through m pen Seton a who acted in smoring now in the Charm of hear be the voice then Rome Awny int Titi Fri the a Tulk of rail or come where the and four aim play you May love and be Happy i Thiol from of the death of Haas his Friend in this a to tote effect if properly burrs second letter was considered too insulting to admit of a be willing to state that Tho conversation alluded to by so far As could recall was wholly in relation to and did not touch on burrs Pri vate character nor should he hesitate to make an equally prompt avowal or disa As other particular and specific conversation As to which he might be but As burrs Only object was to find a pretext for a Challenge the of diffused through Iron Teel almost hairy by produced the greatest excite would be hard to believe that any could even that party of which to whom purity and decency wore t and Only corruption a Delight he had been so conspicuous an was quelled for the were All were Creaturo changed his Illing to admit that he was not less Only which a pure patriotic than and that in his is Lin by death for he was Only in his forty s6ent of coarse now w eighth country had suffered an irreparable the general sympathy expressed itself in a Public ceremony Tho Mournful pomp of which the pity has Ner of seen the Young ladies should know that Tho French which is so popular with dressing is a since a never1 dangerous adorn of our Emi could have expected the general disavow nent surgeons was called a few Days and All his Hopes blight Al which he this offer was to perform an operation upon the As ill by Hamiltons instr pronounced unsatisfactory and a Mere head of a Young who had actually Burr became eager for vent evasion and again the second time Distaj Lorn the skin from by reason humiliating was the contrast vowing in the same the charge of the tightness of the Farn Between himself and to made against him of predetermined Host ily of which she is a member has been in his to was ready to Burr requested Van Ness to deliver peculiarly afflicted a Young a Vivod the apparently in Funken fellow to his political defeat Bui his blasted a even after its Short had the of both 11 nui0 though fallen from his Hamilton made a further attempt to Spe her cars torn by the weight of her Sti n in a Fin nor in n find Otlo Ollert is stimulated by Gross Are Insen sible to the exquisite Tho Dew and freshness of Tho Flowers of the heart which Delight both Good men he gazes As a Behemoth would gaze enraptured upon a Prairie of it is so much Pas Tho the Are Only a Mouthful for his Terri Belnap his breath blights he sneers of the and leers in the very face of As though she herself were the truth worn lie assures the credulous discipline thai Miere 13 no purity that its appearances Are Only the veils which Rover Ami nine Smitly with n a rower who looked Lihe a Clem if you give Lior a and went intent a Nett in Toifl old in Julin Iro nerf Puri King to i Jami Molly Toni Minhin Girtis Windy Ami by a Mist it c Lurtis Bicili in Broth Jolt Tinl Nilk it Ilia Liml of lilo Togo flier word Neon his Wolfl car Tel in Vii Gllnn Cirlor in App Lowonn Mill Tho Mil wheel John for ii n to n Ami hip we Nicl nun a Nuril Ami Ollic Cilc Rinilli Yon mind the pig pen of John june Pollilo and Ide Shiri lint inn a litre a life grew i Iho the Pipii line Luilie Linh Inin in Strep and no arc Tho stir it Orr Crow Ilii Xilon big your dont you rom Smarr Yanil Ihn Ivy w irn Trio he to unify run in in hip nun i Filip or r Lily ill Ith a Mil Jilin i her Chr Tite Wilh hip Romuk n the Hoyn Neil Pirn win la nip nil Gimp us any Mil the Hilj a run nil up his Money or to might lose at Llie Lime lilo fellow took up a Roll of something like a look a ring it and nut it in Lis and the Wallet the third act6r i m tin1 play soon complained of the loss of Liis and picked tie Wallet and it the Elm f performer in even after its car forme rotation of commanding info Ronco Cilc arrangement in a second a a rings and one of her became Par in the conduct of Hamilton still Nying any attest nil to evade or intention alte Eil in consequence of Iho tightness of eni oved the unbounded Confidence of a to defy or As has Beon her 1 Nis happened on the very Bui too re with particular reference to the closing that she Pul her thumb out of of his bit paragraph of Hamiltons first in de Avonne to get a i igbo Glove on Darla despised Sions to character or doubled his with any preen through Van an older sister was so 1 first Bui this next on her 1 an elder sister was so much addicted to the use of thai having been attacked Wilh the the disease waa unable to work its Way in Conse Quence of the manner in which the pores of her face Over with Pearl anon lbs was made by the Oiler to and suspected and just Given and it was a which he but about to sink into political on Hamill on s As Tho red i for was decline the wanted pecuniary i eral circuit court was in in which Saffron and warm dunks were bet now the game to be played two on this Des he had Many important that Tho i upon the Yankee Carne to its develop pirate of affairs wrought up his meeting should be postponed till the court Umlor Unaie tin my banter cd a Sci spirit to the Point in not of risking asked Liis companion to bit his j own Mke that of his and a lion to drained doing Roqu Cut plight have even entertained Tho in i de him to ind him what he Hud in his i sane though cunning and Dex that to might do the victim serous to a remarkable he had no had seen the ring and needed great Hamilton killed or i hot the Assurance that his companion i would win so the loan was As soon As it wag within the reach of the Nan proposing to he opened the Wal Siil to had the ring there and snatch prevent him from carrying it say Money was his but now Bis Friend to no Law Tho to tolling his dupe that and thus removed out of the of he might yet retrieve his desperate among other publications made in the course of Tho late were two it was since to was not any act of to expose his clients to pm loss or it was not at All in Tho spirit of a pro fessed it was not on any paltry Point of Honor that Hamilton had accepted Liis extraordinary by which it was attempted to hold him answerable for the numerous imputations of charac Ter bandied about the newspapers course 01 Inu Imu f f f i d tors by a zealous partisan of years 1 he practice of Duel ing he in one of which it was alleged utterly abhorred to had him l 1 k Ann a Trot in it it to a i Yea a in and for two or three the practice of duelling he int Hamilton had spoken of Burr As a who ought nol to be trusted with the reins of government self already been a victim to it in the loss of his eldest a boy of in a Polit Duel some two years As Gron to tolling his dupe that with the reins of government ical Duel some two years As Lii Erc vis no of a and n after repealing the a1 a private As a Mart under the in Cooper 1 could jct i you a still More despicable Opin on a Quilton had expressed upon this passage Burr seized As and cd the Money at Ili same Lime he handed Over the and told lilo who Lud Liis inti we ily away by that he wait until ii that 11 tire for Nith Nunlie Viand Picans of forcing Hamill of into a do and Vor his agent and assistant therein it tic pm Road of pct Sci cited Van a Young ing Liis newly it Julif to one of his most attached i s i itt i i and not less and implacable than Van Ness was s it to with a copy of Coopers urn As be1 Hui bought a lick t Tor at ii a Crook in tilt he Al Gilfil he hid b Teu and male plaint Al tin Polico there is Llie Hopa of his securing his Loit who Ali was nearly All he tie of the new York Tri thus apostrophes is Iho liver Dan the Oun ube is a lordly in does i drip from the Cirss of to p printed letter and a note from insisting upon a prompt and unqualified a Knowles gent or denial of the use of any expression which would warrant Coopers Ivr Cecily acquainted with Burr and Van and pc ref iving As Well from Van fess conversation As from burrs a sealed in Pinion to fix a quarrel upon Hamilton declined any imme Diate promising a reply in Fri fluency of moral and religious anti As a husband Loving and and the father of a numerous and Cut As a debtor honorable Dis whose creditors might his he had every motive for avoid ing the so he stated in a paper a premonition of his be look care to leave behind in in his character of a Public Man in was in that lofty spirit of of which examples Are so rising High above Tho disease struck the lady and upon her deathbed confessed that she had chalked out her own another Ogon at this afflicting dispensation went in to a rapid the of an acute spinal disease caused by the odious Stylo of Long dresses now in the fact produced such an excitement upon the last child of this unfortunate that in her anxiety and enthusiasm on the subject of the Bloomer she had become an incurable la and is confined in a cell adjoining Hal of the unfortunate Mother of this afflicted Whoso insanity Waso posed by lacing herself so tightly that she nearly starved herself by choking up the Ali Mcnary awful sunday after a peace of Thiriot lire yours do the Wahhabi a hnvt1 Suli Lynly Lillen upon a pillaged holy Cit ii s of Mec Ca and the a Irrigon of lit lie solicits Praise from fhe very openness a later Planco Elj Emited o info i of his veil and tells the listener thai All were massacred to a and n Inry act As he but Only a few Are Couri number of citizens perished Wilh in Ageous enough to own but the it mosques Werc parts of depravity during the greater Morni fifi the streets tar Bilgri which Fie prices sift w to pass have been Many of Llic houses Are Witk emblems and flags of i by description and while a general hilarity and Joy Bram on the lower portion of Broadway especially presents a Lively and Beautiful most of the Large stores and hotels being dec orator in1 a pay and enlivening Man on some of the flags and re Ricica Are the of Liberty of speech in Defiance of injustice Jar sit Ion United states try the a Tissin mind your own Kossuth and Liberty hated by honoured and Blest by the Nobin and and in every who so Well pm to Iho land of Tho free at he who so Milfs the Idow for irom the Howard is suspended a n map of the United slates with the motto the United of air Pirn from ceans wave to oceans wave they Ever Happy and to Rio is other Ein Bucnis no waving of fort breathing iht1 spirit of Freedom id Fri Ivins hat ill Iii due a correspondent of the Bible society record relates the following Many years Louisville was a pretty co Laining a Law and two it was a great resort Lor gamblers and persons of dissipated Hab at this period a a wealthy but very wicked carried on Annex Tensive on a it p Ting at Liis earliest in that n re nov he called to the All personal private Tain occasion he sent a confidential clerk a spirit magnanimous and self sacrificing to the East to Lay in a Supply of to the however in this instance in furnishing him with Tho requisite amount called for and he acceptor an unexpected fall in prices Edthe fall the ability to left the clerk in bund after Al his be in such was his own purchases were lie did not wish statement of Bis whether in Rej to take it Back with him and was it a loss How to invest he was a Relig Douay Ping and it occurred to him that bibles Wero More wanted in Lou is w m sisting mischief or effecting Good in those Low How to invest n he crises of our Public affairs which Likely to would probably be in separable from a conformity Wilh Dice in this with thai Candor towards his opponent like to Rhone gushes at once to a Lusty Llie Garden of a nor does Iho fac that the word however in its Sully the jts general signification it might imply Way of b one race and one imputations upon personal Honor As to did he Ever experience any re alone cannot measure its might be yet he disavowed m this the last tent but from Cradle in Tho Black for from its connection As used in Coop Ever any Diappa Tion to affix until it mingles with the it ers it apparently related merely to odium to Burr s conduct in this Partick a tips its Waters from Suali Iarud Bavaria Nuttli fictions for political a subpar lie denied feeling towards the Meadows of the Jet As nothing was said about the More Burr any personal ill while he admit the Viper Alp from the definite statement referred to in the same Ted thai Burr might naturally be influenced of Tyrol and Illyria As to which it seemed to be and against him by Nannc of Strong animal 1 Ion was demand versions in which he had and which As usually might Proba melted that no lands of the Turk and Tho Musco its youth is rapid Anil Kear the Arania of Tho Northern Hamilton expressed a perfect Rea stagnates in the Lazy languor of Idaess to avow or disavow any specific it is like one of those Viking opinion which he might be charged with uttered but added that he never would be interrogated generally As to the f to who went with the and tire of Iceland to Wallow in the by of the byzantine it hours Welbor be had Ever said anything in the inns of Luther Sung in lha places course of fifteen years of poli ucal com Luther dwell audit bears the Suez to justify the inferences which from his minaret the name of others might have thus exposing i his Candor and sincerity to injurious Butts historical grand Pul Lions on the part of All who might w associations than Attila and his have mis apprehended him Bly have been aggravated in the those in some might have been occasioned by Misc on Striction or yet his Cen sures had not proceeded on Light grounds nor from unworthy from the thai he might have injured As Well As from his general Trost parts of depravity Are Laid open Only when several such monsters meet to and vie with each As we might suppose shapeless mud monsters to distort Slimmest of lilo they live in fierce rivalry which shall reach the most infernal and bring up the blackest t nines the blood of an honest Man run to hear but tie Echo of Iho shameless rehearsals of their salacious each strives to Tell a Bla Kemale than the when the abomination of their actual life is not Damnable enough to Mussly Tho ambition of their unutterable they in their scenes yet More flagrant swear they Havo performed and when Thev each strives to Mako his tying boasting it would seem As if miscreants so Loath some would have no Power of temptation upon the experience shows Hal the worst men Are often the most skin fill in touching the Springs of human a Little of less of he in his bosom the various wild restless crap ire can for a som Bre melancholy when All is a violent exhilaration when others Are these wild gushes of particular to Tho sagacious tempter has has has practice until he can fit before Tho most capacious the human knowing every and All Tho and compe tent to touch any Noti through Tho Diapa As the Serpent deceived vhf purest of so now a beaut May mislead their to begins afar i decries the virtue of All studies to produce a doubt Hal tiny Aro under sell to unpacks his filthy plays off the fireworks of his corrupt in its duo its red lights and Green and lights and edging in upon the yielding who begins to wonder at his exp to boasts of his first he hisses at the purity of woman he grows yet tells More wicked and invents worse that he even though he has Pei armed worse a Linin Good men Ever thought Oil All All All Aro merged in and the most Detesta ble had i a son of i with Sirje him go Down to the re Lucr fall into the maw o this most besotted the plague is Trio Cli Olera is the deadliest fever is refreshment mans in comparison to Epi Muu and to Senca o moral lie lives no in Hells ambassador with full Creden nor can v e conceive Hal there n contents of value ii completely and 61 we men and i Auldren curried Oil to Trio is the courier who carried the Genco to described condition of the plundered towns As i to Rossini in he the it will be inhabit Tho Interior und Highland portion of lilo arabian their repression they could bring into the Field two Hundred thousand they As True in one and Mich Onset us his profit but Are Peculiar in denying to lilo latter Kajjy rally a in or front if h fi1 Kossuth for i i him l till in j n Linnet rovers Neil Rev the entire i1 Luis lying upon which is paint Austria and ii Floro Turkey who defends of Hiir in a am pin w ill i a to i 0 nun p Rutnik i and i1 torring Wear in i Siuy Oil Ilif floating Hungary in in rent Aro Dis Kos inc and assembled it Vander it Iii Den by invitation of the com Nuttroy of arrangements among Lorri we notice a deputation of the Philadelphia a Ribers of Tho common Imnel other Tho steam t reached Island at 1i claim to divine they accept the a boat was sent on Shore Koran in its primitive n divine Ntuli reject All Tho Arti cles added by the the govern ment is administered by two Otio superintending the other religious the first of these is styled and boasts an uninterrupted descent from Kubia founder of Iho lib command of theft inti Itil Ernal control of temporal and the administration of Ilice or Lour a Odonin conf Leru cd Wilh Llie mail Ali Nhi Abis mud totems Vick known at tie in presi it Cecii Iviry by the Conquest of Lair cil Iii which have now Tig am in Len into Mecca was captured in and Medina in into 1 sled by the then embroiled in the endless intrigues of the it by Iho Pacha of Egypt involved Tylij they swept in Triumph Over the whole of from the persian Lulf to and reduced and tie rest of under their Barbaric Mehnert murdered the mameluke in and be Lorn arid Lier year had Recap tured inc two sacred and contracted the step Liy until tie Victory of us was almost with Milli in to no prison Kossuth Flint the Coqui Vitioe War ready to him to the about 11 past Kos Sulli came on boned accompanied by his wife and and Oiler hungarian exiles nil of whom were loudly and a Salute it waa amusing to behold the efforts of the crowd in g t pvn a Fri Jisi of the hungarian and it times he was so that in was with great d i walk along the Crim Wiinie Alu r Musili pressing in him into the lot whre inn Ina ined in safety till his Ains Al Ilas the boat proceeded on her Way tip Tho she was a cited Wilh salutes from Ami ii Lerent the of which were decorated with a Litas Ami Reami is stopping Al Catly Cardo it with was Inlet and surrounded by thou jlu1 St under sailed Somp disc Laius Iii b to Anil was received with As she pissed along la Errill Oliai Ili Hen and Kos Ville than anything he finally resolved to invest it in and accordingly he sent Home three Hundred Dol Lars colonel thought the transaction rather As it was an article never called for Al his cards he could sell in but no j at after an idea struck gamblers would have cards Al any and on any accordingly be made Bis arrangements he Pul up a Bible to every pack of charging a Dollar and a half for the Fonn l i ii i i or and fifty cents for Iho telling i to o to each applicant that he could get no cards without a in due time the bibles were All disposed As the gamblers she Ith c m cheer tacit forced s to the in pita town if ii took it by inhibit Nils to the nil the Wilh i of his family to nolo to have their Heads Cut Kev Jogo Lur the Sli Aughter of to Weir Tilers ii Tho motives Ollu out Sultan obviously r girds lie danger As Ilia in my has placed i a Der the command of Mehmel the Veteran for Merly entrusted with of mud Ezcry mid to the i thei is no Beltt n of principles and temper in relation to such had to come to the Resolution which he left on and Communia More than 1 Ted also to his to withhold and throw away his first and perhaps even Only wanted they usually pro sealed the Bible to the first boy or girl they met in the in this Way hundreds of bibles were distributed in Louis m the Dacian before them and is not the letter concluded a stirring and John Sobi expected thai 1 shall enter in1 his second thus giving to Burr a double u c w Kaivan a nil factory Bonuro lilo of Vienna to Musur tie Lionis to Auy explanation upon a basis so vague As that Vou have 1 on Opportunity to pause and the grounds of on the Jer in looked on the River and its Waves More Yot will seethe matter a j sey opposite new were at is Tiu lighted with Tho splendor of the lne game right if 1 can Only regret 1 that time the usual Field for these single Slung in what has the Rhine to and must abide the i chiefly by reason of the i inflamed state political of Fri burrs Rug and offensive reply j quent Atud very Seldom i Mitzi Mutt a Vince surpass seac it Lias much to be on every and a legend by a things a legend tlirough1 intimating that be muons j ing without the Day having length Ofiu letter was greatly that sincer been and the hour appointed at 7 that of but Noi Vanti delicacy which fee professed so Oclock in the the parties Tallody tie Rhine is legendary Danube u jts acco citations u Broad and Majestic character they Alcoa necked with historical movements and Lead a Back wore re obscure the Stream f As it Hows with a Strong i losing its Way in Plains into Mountain where seems no Hope of has vague and undeniable in its express the ruins which and Silenio they Hay lost their and re Jose to give them i of Tho Middle still keep o Llie valleys to jail Pam p mysterious and Tsok up their silent ii expressions or burrs professed Tiff epithet in question i accompanied Only by their the Barge accompanied by he surgeon mutually agreed As a in or if any fatal result should not to be changed the seconds Meas ured the distance often loaded the made the other preliminary a and placed the at the appointed Burr took Riibe delicacy much to in the common understanding Olim lied it having been affixed to burrs name upon Hamiltons 10 waa to say whether he had authorized either directly or by uttering derogatory to it was a Parent from the Tod k was subsequently distinctly stated by Van to put out five Hundred dollars Al in have yourself packed in and stay with suspending till it amounts to a seems now becom ing a possible the scientific men of France at Specula Ting on a recent instance of n Young Man brought to life after being Frozen up eleven on the it has Given Rise to a revived belief in the theory that life can be suspended at and Crimi nals Aro about to be demanded of the government to be Frozen on the Reader will already have inferred what Relief this offers to such unhappy la Dies As find not contemporary with the hearts they sigh to they have Only to be iced till overtaken we shall add that the above is by no Means the blood of a Hying Man was then infused into the veins of Ries his body uniting with every pet Ilene drug of tie heart of every virtuous Young Man should Loat Lic Linin if he you should As soon hear a Wolf gamier around you to venomous the poisonous the feted prowling Hye and Iligir company would be an Hon or to you above Bis for they at least re main within their own nature Bui he goes out of his nature Hal he May Bej come More Vilu than ii is possible Lor a Mere animal to Lle is hateful to to i hateful to hateful to the coldest the Suteji Ahful ichor of his dissolved heart has flowed Over every feeling of his and left them As Iho burning lava leaves the Llie Orch Tho and it is a wonder the Bolt of Tod which crushed Sodom does cot slay it is a wonder that the Earth does not refuse the Burden and open and Swallow him 1 do not fear that the Young will be until reminded tha Papua cd i Slep than till which w find in one of limits it is u delicious Init Vemelia a Erluin that of Bein will m u d feeling that you shall drop Juntu thu cod is to not past ill Are just tired enough to r the r inclining in one Nosi Ion Delisi Kitfu thu o i o labor of the Day is a ure of the perceptions creeping Over Llie spirit of Conseil Wisn is s it self and slow an i do 1 be a Moll or de lulling her hand from that of Lur sleeping lieu Miuji seems to have u by Lucy closing Over it is More 1 to has gone to Lake airy that what Bun was a general disavowal the part of Hamil font my in toy Conversa lion be might Ever have to coup by was Duch arged impede Vaiona derogatory to the Honor of approached Ujj ineptly am rate the Ball entered Hamiltons and a he his the Frozen and Homovec and the Experiment was afterwards tried on a Frozen for the and with Complete Down East there resides a certain one very cold night he was aroused fro i a pub Jiu in kjinburg1 Dpi pulled to two an Jing Risili Mau a Leigh lain Olio Wera each trying to prove the superiority of Ioir a alive of course at an argument of a possesses from constant Over r turned to c Istle c mid he distinguished by m cheer inn the Rizw 1 la put no Bounds cup Tui of tic Grout Onich the guns loud glom Jov Sinois Island and the Jer s v and on going up Llie East Riv or As Lur us the Ujj aside Bill hailed Ith at the salutes were fired from the ship Morth Carolina and frigate and the Yards were by the in i j wards labile it Lund too ial3 to admit of Tho posed excursion up the North and it was or Teru Udud to densely crowded wit i cent hrs and on the i us lilo Morns corns of Anil by lir cd a which was the Sica Itier soon alter u entered Jird Cli 20 before 1 cheering a sued v and lot if Jiro Rauti and Ihu Rush towards the stand was so Eliut Ilic chairs and Ihu reporters were and Ihu Goud intentions Piot partially in president of of a i Kossuth to mayor As of Vormor of at Timpl was Niheu d to i 11 Tatj la u Urdi r but it was unheeded by in the Back pan of the no the in lao Conlus on Kere such Luai we Watro unable to Bear the mayors Ali rough we Stool within ten Leet of Kos uth s Ood loseto1 he and no doubt heard that pc Giuili r Jitich As follows a id desire lick my to Diuble thanks inc option you Honor flab Bui Wibly entreat you to keep is Lene Etelio it is not possible to in a Lucli of the Aud their example will be again free and a Remote Circle Atli diluted Cynta Ciao put a you admit thai is be in by this Man will e the and cd j Urther Down along Stream it studs will be found Many scooping from u granting burrs High to mite Mia exp the Baige men to Ordinary into Hami usaa he two Ted Fife in would Haj Febeo out of by a make by but on the suggestion of Sec slumber by a very loud knocking at his door after some he went to the of cad the what do you want to All there was the very Benevo ours a woman in put her baby into a its dirty front find Etti coat into the and act her Usu by to Rock it she did not discover take unto the baby pinned left Lex one Aji yours b Flat if our Hills wire rolled out should Bent thu hundreds of that Ivos should be Given because should Render unto Stivers the icings thut Are this sri mud tumbled about Gale Uji ii the allanic s my Giddy brains Are still in a and Lui Neul Storns yet to by treat bluing ins trembling Lei me before i go u Scio hours of jest of soil of Foj said a Little demo Kwa a Man of impudence own rage

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