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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - December 12, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Whole emm december Ivory proday morning Corner of Sute a on Dollar a invariably u Tbs editors the apartment Intro which he was tired looked sufficiently j to Fife Ike the had once been a firt it hug it Timve been a week of canny symptoms which appeared to the our doctor Felt the gloom of the place when he we shown into the adjoining the scene was still your Art too much m6rallty Yon too Tom religion Tim Witch or wit Wrd Wilk trip Jolo of who my 1 kit an outlier Totin froth in Trio tar com Pond of find of Border in Emrih Oolitic kit to list in enough of aah to fair cute Ilion give m recent foreign of the or Ueki of Tny Oiler another i want More a wily anecdote or a rebut or a Riddle some Long for arts Timaru and worldly Earnol would rather another i want to Ioe a jumbled up variety in a Migoel Lanout h Edge podge i Only give the i want ii Conzi Lotcia my i to hear of for hrs Tonra of general none infer from a lit at least not one in i want to of of people totally by fire or fever another full m id rather Iii it the tall and Rie o Raccoon and Rome n a Pard far now and then in Dith of Roll it in Mil ilium Dot Here we to at Perfec Kara Hougil Illey Fie non Wai wheete we never would Jit Puio or grate or hum wild or loft or All Tho too haughty or in and every Edil Neinl Wight Jim nought to do Hiu Olmi and let the from the the doctor had made a Long round he was tired to death and the worst of the matter that All these ii patients had real maladies not the want Apical complaints of the who Are ill because they have leis but the substantial maladies of the As those troublesome patients wire really afflicted with he catalogue of ills that flesh is and As our Young doctor was very foolishly unlike a great Many of his Wiser he Felt him self unable to miss or forget or Cut them altogether and As one disagreeable consequence generally opines pretty closely on Tho heels of it of course Amo to pass As All his patients were the doctor himself was not very Rich and thus again it followed that to was obliged to resort to that primitive Mode of carrying himself the1 fashion of which was first set by that the not being Able to afford a or a or a stan1 or a was obliged to carry on the in the doctor had carried himself till he was thoroughly tired of his and he came weary and worn and though not just within a few de Grees of the danger of doing i two new that want you said the doctors will not tomorrow morning asked the Young As he looked at he own term chair by the fire and that fire a Good his slippers most invitingly ready for his the tabla spread for his not tomorrow morning lol believe they seemed but if people Only scratch a or o Tho doctor must come at his without a moments did you ask what was the the Laily has a High sir and the the lady and the then the Udy is a and the Man is Only a i understand they Are of Dif Ferent could leave the Man till Tomor a untrimmed burning Low in emitted flickering flashes of Light Over the just sufficient to a woman in the Middle Burn ing with and raving with lying on a bed and it the perfect image of tear and weeping Over the doctor sat Down by the aide of solitary and proceeded to speak of Hope and Comfort and the Young nurse dried her and listened to his words As if they had been syllable by an you Are not done asked the replied the with a sorrowful Shako of the it is not fit you should continue had you not better Send for some Friend to share your Frosh tears came into the Young girls Eye As she we have no friends at least none in this great you strangers in town we have been Here Only about a and have you really no Connexions in town no Mamma came on Law and you Are sole nurse we Are replied the alone in the the people of the Are afro deaf coming near they dread is Send you a Trio girl again Shook her Tho doctor Felt rather than saw that pecuniary difficulties were the you will not to Able to endure much More and the doctor looked on tier flushed her bloodshot and her evident i can endure you have strengthened me with but tonight will be an anxious night crisis in this in the midst of fever and 1 am obliged to warn is not right that you suppose to should die though our doctor had fairly and honestly earned a right to a Little most thoroughly tired himself in til the foolish sort of conscience which we have already spoken As Maing one of the component parts of his would not allow him to discard or plunge into the Comfort of Sis easy chair to breaking off a Corner should be left you know that she will die exclaimed Tho girl and in a paroxysm of fran tic she threw herself upon her Knees by the hiding her face in its folds and clutching handfuls of dra Pery in her convulsive i have already told said the Doc that i do not know that i do not even think it but something better than the indulgence of a childish sorrow is imperatively called the Girj Rose up again with an Offen ded notwithstanding her Brioc shall do All that i can and i shall do the replied the our doctor went from that shabby Gen Teel House to one of much less doubtful aspect it was so thoroughly and perfectly miserable that no one in his senses could shut his eyes on its wretchedness and desolation it was now quite and the streets were Ilka the Black perfectly fluid with mire and not a Light Glim mered in the obscure court into which our doctor for the commissioners of lighting and paving left the one to the Moon and the other to the and Asho Moon happened to be absent on other it required some courage and per Severance on Kendricks part to steer himself into the farthest extremity of the and up three pair of stairs into a Back where he at length found his alas alas i that these bodies of ours should be the avenues of so much not a nerve of this corporeal Frame but opens a Channel to an atom that May not vibrate with agony very dreary and desolate was the mis Erable fitting scene for suf not a spark of fire to lighten the aspect of its squalid poverty a Deal table a Uhar with broken spindles and a worn out and a Truckle bed were All its Garni and on that bed Lay the second our doctor Drew the rickety chair close to and sat a wretched Rush Light Malu darkness and Oast its Pale Light on the features of the Mise Rable Man he was and attenuated his features were almost in credibly Sharp and thin a pair of wild and faded deep sunken in their shot out fierce glances of anger and suspicion shaggy Eye a Bald and a Lew White locks on either completed the Pic the expression of his Counte and giving one last bring look to his cheerful he sum toned up All his and Onoe acre ventured Forth into tha rain and the the doctor made his nearest patient p first it happened to be the evening was darkening and the m growing brighter and when doctor lifted the Knocker of a sort of shabby genteel House in one of those streets of which Iris Imossi be to say whether they Are within or with e Pale of polite toleration the diff a Oaing from their standing just on where Gene Ivity vulgar and in the worse o or the beat of the nobody Able to decide excepting the and they give positive Susa they know that the they Kapkeo to is the conc to of doctors raising himself upon his with a look of fierce As though what he was about to aay were quite a answer hark the poor Are bad patients for you look round this do you think a would Glie five shillings for All it contains probably replied rial where do you think the Money would come from to pay your Long Bills go you would never get i willing to give up that expectation but that is no reason Why i should leave you to if you never get what does it matter to you whether i live or die if i had never seen or known of your having seen i am bound by my own con science to do All that i can for without getting paid screamed the without getting paid that does not effect my t think that 1 can do you some is my duty to try it is yours to let grumbled the sick the doctor went but notto the enjoyment of his his easy his or his Good fire it was Only to make preparations for the care of his two new another hour had made a wonderful difference in the aspect of Kendrick had in that to surround his poor patient with a few com forts had Dent him a procured him the cheering advantage of a had Giyen him what was equally nutritious neither had he been less careful of his other there he had himself administered himself smoothed the sick and seen All that was need Ful duly and never was kindness and support More craved for than in that sick Cham the totally unused to depend upon and in a that would Havo tried Tho strongest sat by Tho bedside of her who was raving with almost partly Zed with they were evidently unknowing and there was not a relative or Friend to share her or cheer or sustain her under our sanctioned by his became both nurse and com Forter and by that immutable Law which makes the weak loan upon Tho he under her her her three Days of unspeakable anxiety and terror to poor Esther Fol alas the heavy weight of to that seemed that seemed Days that seemed poor Esthers bloodshot her pallid her fainting bore witness to the flagging spirit but our doctors cheer ing his strength of and his consoling courage still sustained by a but a firm he made her at intervals take an hours rest upon the sofa in the adjoining whilst he assumed her station by the bed i his and authoritative to had ordered her to take needful and she had obeyed him like a when she grew he reproved when she he con of profession too Noble for Man rather of an be the instrument of binding up the broken of snatching life from the grasp of of giving to the Mother the to the Hus band the the loved one to the Loving shame that thy offices should Ever be filled with a sordid we have said that three Days of the Good piece of White paper All to it was Only what your1 Medicine was wrapped responded the As he Cork from the and presented its contents to his it would have done for another bottle if you had not destroyed the careful Man nov you have thrown the Cork into the is sheer waste and while t i Hook of do you want the bottles Back again let them go with the paper and i shall sell nothing is wasted Here by the will you buy them you give rather bet Ter prices than the i must refer you to my i never interfere with that part of the business then i dont wonder that you Are not Over Rich and Why do you waste your time upon me v i repeat that i do not Coll it wasted if i can do you any Good but i warned you in the beginning that you would never get paid and in fact i never sent for i am not it was the people of the matter who it was i am but you can and you need not come Back replied the old Are not the Parish i and if you you can Send your apprent said the doctor kindly you have got some fresh Crochet in your brain drive it out if you had Rich patients instead of poor said the old you would soon be Rich and let the poor they do nothing but encumber Tho Earth they pester the Happy with their they will murmur and they will not starve in but the voice of their misery is heard mingling with the revelry of the leave me let me like a let me turn my face to the Wall and and so saying the old Man turned him self angrily away from his 1 you con have the Blanket he but youll have Tho washing to pay your own fault Why did you Send it and the and the Jelly i didst ask for them that must be your very i have an antipathy to Triy Brethren of the and i must both justify my own spleen against them by thus sweeping their Musty figments and i am bound to maintain that All the skins and Are compared with a single drop of my and so Iho doctor swept away mass of with an air Between playfulness and authority and Esther gathering them with something Between a smile and a your kindness is the True Esther Speaks said the have been very kind to and we Trust that we shall pay you As we it seems that you Hare provided me a then you will not let me Call myself your Friend exclaimed the old As though his ears were startled at the unwonted have i a Friend in the world t am trying to prove to you that you have but you know that the offices of Friendship should be what do you expect rom me what have i to give you t shall i and bequeath to you these and his mockery of furniture i am wishing to prolong your not to hasten your kindness and attention shown to one you think 1 have a Large our House were never wont to go unre1 Freehold and look for some Revis 1 tonary or ships full of Rich Mer Momma said the the Wilt or exchequer or Dis a deep flush passing Over her that we must repay if that is the right word bitterest anxiety passed brought with it better the delirium had the fever was allayed and Heathoote Lay weak and to but memory and comprehension had resumed their but memory and though they served to reassure poor Esthers by seeming to give her Back the identity of her brought with them but Little Solace to the for with them came the remembrance of those anxieties which had been in fact the occasion of her maladies and our doctor what he before More than suspect that his own Bill was not quite As Safe As the Bank of the doctors other patient Lay with his head half raised from his Pillow supported by Hia striving to catch the first Echo of his footsteps on the another half hour and not Here said the poor his glistening Eye fastened on the half has he Forgetie or has something own and it will teach you another the old Man expecting a reply but Tho doctor remained so the patient turned himself Over once and found Hendrick had seated him self quietly in his what not gone yet exclaimed Tho old petulantly i thought i told you to but then i should have had the trouble of coming Back so 1 thought i had better wait until you i hoping that it would be soon and that i should save reasonable repeated the old is it reasonable to want nothing but you want strength and or at least 1 want them for and shall 1 die exclaimed the old 1 feel that 1 am sinking into my you feel because you have been Long deprived of proper nourish and where was i to get it where was i to get it the past is gone from us replied the doctor let us make the Best of the pres be Calm and ind Lake such things As 1 Send another Rush of painful feeling offer the old mans face a sort Arco Vul Sive working of the like the breaking up of a Stony nature and the 7our Preat kindness to us with unceasing mean Morbihan girl said the haughty Mother i mean that services so freely rendered shall be As freely p and not with a niggardly we who can Trace our ancestry to ought when we Aro to requite like curls and now to Ore bound to acknowledge that our doctor Wos just two or three grades below perfection and Little Tri fling Alloy or adulteration brought the slightest Shade of wounded Pride across his it is almost humiliating to Rei Fleet that worthy of an Angels me must yet to repaid with Silver and our doctor caught a depreciating glance from Esthers and the Shado passed away from Hia Are you mad exclaimed the doctor to his of her on his next visit Aro you read i to found him out of with his hat and apparently intending to go i Havo a right to do what i re plied the you Hove when you like to do what is foolish and Imru i did not Send for retorted the i you have no right to to i shall do As i you will please to take off your hat and and return to i am going replied the Man going out certainly not without my i can go without How Long Havo you been confined to bed let me three months and i say after Tor such a it would be a very hard Case if i could not once More Soo the outside of the Tho doctor pointed to the Elcel and Snow were drilling past in Clouds Borno on a cutting that seemed oblige the fourth j doctor left his poor patient with fresh tears now it a your turn to and if none of what can buy you of me for a Friend t these things could not buy me but you have far stronger claims what Are they sickness and and do which disgust and frighten All the rest of the make you my Friend 1 i am trying to prove myself such As i told you the offices of Friendship should be you mean that i should obey like a i mean that you should a to with me what you cried the sick and abandoning All Hia opposition and he submitted like a child to the wishes of our who taking immediate advantage of his relent ing saw him once More with his head upon his and left and he composed and scarce had he dec ended the crooked battered before the old Pertina Cious in his Hod again raised himself from his recumbent resumed his tattered his unsound and his Beaver less having first carefully locked his room staggered after clinging to the our doctor paid his visit the ensuing unsuspicious of what had he had not yet grown callus a the course of his and he was shocked to find his patient with the last Sands of his Ufa falling through the i am dying1 said the old i am and you Are the Only being in this wide world who has shown kindness to the destitute old you said that you were my and that the offices of Friendship were you have Dis charged them Well and i have done some thing on you have thought me poor but you were i was Only i had nothing to neither friends or because we must love i began to make a god if you of Gold it was because i had nothing else to Yoy Little thought you were paying court to the Rich old miser the Nance was that of and fear and fret ulness who Are you exclaimed the sick old Friend said the doctor cheer fully How Are we to Day nay what is As the old mans eyes suffused with their unwonted met his whats this whats gone wrong happened f it was a replied the old Man a tear to the memory of my she starting m the doctor took of All the millions of beings in this his station by the bed who Are you Wurl and a sudden have come to see if i can do you any replied the in soothing tones Good can do me any Sun of it you must not be Worth the i am sure i you a i want no they kill More than they dont waste your time i Ahau not think it waged if i be of any service to go hate your whole blood they Are goad their Adoor Orjay in Good wide Ever loved and a sudden remembrance i often think of her in the right tha tear into my j a mothers love is an unfathomable replied the a but i never Koew you have never known the dear est replied the sick axing his eyes upon the doctor Shook off his with slight the deter test say you sure of that i the Pali at feed his Eye searchingly a thinking of will quite quite spot gathered in his sunken but sorrow is not confined to the Low est abodes of poverty wherever Man fixes his dwelling there the Shadow so tha doctor found the footsteps of this foe to our race engr Aleju that we Are is it not a though a Friend in Dis in the dwelling of he poor patient to found propped up in bed with the Coverlet strewn Over with parchments and ominous look ing papers diffusing the effluvia of a lawyers and the sick woman feverish again with anxiety and excitement and poor Pale and sitting at her this 13 said our doctor actual treason you ought not to bestow a thought on the Rhin woman Drew up her wasted neck with an air of and it is the advantage of people in mediocrity to be exempt from engross ing they mind their daily Busi Ness those of elevated station Are absorbed in higher i mediocrity has Ilio Best Chance of said the we have a lawsuit said the with increased it will not be speedily and 1 shall soon recover health and or lose thought the shall then go Down to my country of my have yet decided but of course 1 shall consult m fill the station of my medical this suit is i my Choice of two princely or none at thought the shall be most Happy to recommend continued the Tappy although i could wish that roil resided in a rather More aristocratic to sever Oil that it do you see Tho weather and in sixty Winters times j of showing Charity to As if you dont like Why dont you keep your Carriage f said the patient with a sneer you would not feel it simply because i think it advisable first to keep Why dont you spend an hour Over your every and put on two or three rings set with and Wear and Fine White French Cambric and have your hair in and speak in a Condo insinuating and so ingratiate yourself with the women they Are fools thank i my and 0 f poor old lower my breath fails this and he gave him a Small parcel wrapped in the Iden i tical piece of torn paper which he reproached him for it is j 1 went to the Bank yesterday to make a Transfer in your i take they Are Bank i have saved you the legacy duty1 from is 0 Winter m Romin Gulih Hii o piping Hli fee Obj like then apace like Mimi inv Winter coming Winter ii the and Giulieri ground the and the let mtg her a Iron join there loot with Joyful id to Nippy j of filter h Coral g Winter ii coming fire be father f mernet Glt arty la let each in Happy and Why Are beifow4 non m Winter onming he bring thee det Chur think of Many who Long lathered on hard bet with foil for their Winter coming t Ajmer coming in Minier a no heart tha Vii re of ii in who Ali u a Pike poor have and if be would be May do them Winter ii coming Winter ii coming wherever you for the Elf Udink of want of we turn with a frown on your but and defer be Hope far Winter ii coming Winter if the Warter of Denali and noon he will Lili Chillik the Hanom on the the Light to the i Wimer ii coining 1 Winter of nning when in eaten Winter inv lie Tami n perishing than elem oar Ami of May in heaven nor we Norm be did it to did it lots thy said the Angels to As they urged him away from City devoted to Herre Famon Only is and neither her name nor those of her daughters appear upon the inspired of her also we have no information and Tho angelic announcement quoted above is the first Allu Sion to her in the sacred it appears quite probable hot she was a native of Sodom and became United to lot at Ter his commencing to reside in that wicked and ill Atod when the hour of judgment had and while lot still the Man Aro represented As hold and upon the hand of his and upon the hands of his two Toto lord being merciful to and they brought him Forth and set him without Tho and for thy life look not be Trind neither stay thou on the escape to the lest thou be con but As they fled from the tils wife looked behind and became pillar of a single allusion is made to her in Tho new and by tha lips of As he instructs his disc lies touching their flight from the impending rain of and warns them As their flight against returning to their Rosm for the purpose of taking any of effects with he very naturally rotors Back to the destruction of and the conduct of her As she fled from the City looked behind is the concise and significant and such is the Only use to which her name is she is like produced As Anil lust ration of looking to god but rather As a representative of those who at times at look another she had not the promptness of As she assures i will arise and go with thee but she and hesitates and she did As did the press towards the Mark but As she did not she renumbered the things Kent on that Day our doctor guilty of the of then Why dont you become a Slov the at Hen and go fora week without Toofic v it was covered with i u u assure or replied Tho doctor with Anu ply it top tip it was a on Lauki poor to marry Man you have torn thai i said our turning Rathe reproachfully to i thought that a careful suppression of thing excite or i know deserve oat t j m i feat Ohlde delayed suit will but uld r been acc Duhey re our Long deeded Toja Day Jor t your and turn up your sleeve Cults to show and your hair Cut once a and never Jive your clothes and snap everybody up that Speaks to and Tell them to order their they would sure to die of fear if you frightened them and that would establish your reputation and then you might carry All before you with the men simply because 1 dont p be a you can do As you and lean do the excepting going Aud that is the Oul thing i care for you will kill All the better for you will seriously Dis oblige i am sure you dont care a Jot whether i live or the doctor looked rather 1 Hope 1 have shown As much solicitude for you As for my most worthy a you mean to reproach me with Ziy i v said the resum ing his the whole of the matter that you cannot and shall not go out 1j who shall hinder me asked the old your own Good that says that could not be your Good you mistook the voice it was Only Caprice that said the i am not to be bantered out of i spoke of not of a and 1 have a great reason for 14 and of pave a reason an you at i Hendrick had lost his poor and he was Richer by More than Twenty thousand he found Heathcote in on the sofa her headdress her Cheeks stained with and Esther by her Side trying to console he saw in a moment that the suit was now we do not mean to her Home perhaps from doubtless no mean residence for her husband was princely in his there were some of her whom As she she had been compelled to leave behind must be lost in the threatened destruction then again in the future whither was she flying would she find or would i and brought i we All fess ional face he Sut Down and began to j his province of giving and what was his advice Gantle Rea Der it was neither More nor less than that Heathcote should increase was rather technical by taking the doctor himself for a Soninlaw As her castles in the country turned out be castles in Tho that she should Content herself with a More Mun Dane and take up her residence his confessed twas Only built of such vulgar materials As i bricks and Aud did the lady she did and Esther was nothing even rejoiced at the Exchange and to a wife and a Fortune were found in the Doc tors two suffering y i Shibo cast a forlorn to pass our her remnant of life in doctor m kindness of but certainly the distress which he witnessed a flush of pleasure Over his countenance quickly assuming his own pro Tho a missionary preacher Ini California thus describes an incident jul his Zepe hence at Columbia the most eligible room we could obtain for the evening was a res when we arrived at this place the tables occupied by Monte Deal the Jasper of the Boose wifi great notified those present Tea Usu House be open 14 that religious youth in gentlemen they not that she natural sentiments of the her to such an yet she not have there Are times Whin the soul must rein itself up to a desperate Effort when a Momenta j Rwjr yielding to natural or a slight Uler wandering of the or u single word or act of leads on to consequences affecting the destiny and Happi less of a especially in disregard to an express injunction of divine authority Regnant with the most imminent Dan if a heavenly voice look then is the Lime to f o matter whether the vis of the wine sparkling in the or seductive forms away the heart it m or terrestrial Bowers of to often preferred to or Golden wedges end garments of pig captivating the affections or Deer linger those ova better than not on one or of them4f be by restraining thine yes May face if ithot4d be Phi teed thy right pointing to m off

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