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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - August 22, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Whole no Calhoun August Torner of state and depot our Dollar a Bof of real la and tee con tatar Tome lift a Ever tha borne for with with a whoop am a Liaw to Maurlr with hit Brail in Tom of the h6me or thit a us Kome for for me for Fer our times Ord volume Humboldt cos join published by the con a Tref much information on subjects in As which is not easily Kwh a work is important to Stow to a multitude of the subjects which live employed so Many philosophic and some of which Are far removed from the usual Fields of As affecting the i Stanoff of bodies Tod the magnitudes of it comes a great matter to discover the in Tensity of the Light of the and tie difference in the Light of Day of the night under4he full Moon is Obj Potts to the common Eye in the Gene but to determine the relative degrees of Light with any accuracy is not so easy t it was a Good while ago concluded that the Light of the Sun is times that of the seen by the Moon appears no brighter than the Clouds on which the Sun is shining the largest and brightest of All the fixed stars is or the which is now setting nearly with the wot Lai lories experiments make the Light of Tho Sun times greater than that of full and the brightness of the Sun to exceed that of Sirius Twenty thousand million hence it follows with the acknowledged Dis Tance of he must Send Forth 03 times As much Light As the if Siri us were at the same distance with the Sun the sky and Earth would be 03 limes u Bright As it is now under the Fullor bed and the Light would be insufferable Sirius May then be 03 is Large As the Sun if of the magnitude of the Sun must scatter times As much what magnify Tience does such a View impart to the the while the fixed stars retain their rela Tive they Are slowly approach ing each other in one part of the and receding inthe opposite her Schel inferred that the whole Sclar sys tem is moving towards the former and proceeded to compute the Point to be in or near the Constellation of which Ison the Meridian Little South of us of nine Oclock in the evening other astronomers Haw arrived at nearly Tho result from Independent this result has been reached from stars North of the Equa Tor but in a few past years the same conclusion has been derived from the Southern the motion of the solar system and the direction of that motion appear to be established Conlu Sioni in this is a magnificent while planets and thei secondaries Are revolving round the Sui As their the Sun and All his attend ants Are moving Onward in the infinite of probably in a mighty revolution round some More wondrous and the place of hat Centre is a Proximo Whit would be the result if the canopy Over us was covered with stars in successive till the whole was filled with even More than the and if the Light should pass without any and none be lost by the distance of the stars olbers maintained Tho firmament would be one glow of the stars would not be Distin no Constellation would be known sub would be noticed Only by its and the Moon appear As a Black the advantage of the present arrangement of the stars is most it would be that if the canopy shot its rays the the dark body of the Moon would be either Lumin Ous As the or the Moon be distinguished present Polar if it Aid not become lighter by the reflection of certainly the Moon and Earth would be Only celestial and nearly the whole of astronomy would be not even what world o wonders in astronomy in Ere the the i04iqi Herd to a Allver and to and in Theani Omer time to we Harrant Ullh n tooling drink we both the Farmer boy and the Farmer that it the Home for that the Home for Whan the autumn Are wet Flung me ii gathering you for a Winter Nore Wilt Lay them for hta and to the Orchard Theu he for he each favorite Ani by Wavea the fruit for coming that la the Home Tor Thabiti vehome the Winter with lie driving then the Hoye in for Koym the now wblcb4a filling Aaita driving Over the Ahu he to flu Morrow morn with my lied and aka Tea ill while the cattle Are munching their Hay and that the Home for that the Home for Power of cold is to be found in Tiro adventures of the botanical Iii corks first were caught Ift on Del by birth a fetid Well a Quai ated wit the destructive deceits or a rigorous admonished the com in Defiance of to keep moving Daj said aits Down whoever sleeps will of tit doctor spoke As a but he Felt As a in spite of the remonstrances those whom he had and alarmed he Vas the first to lie the Dame was repeated a thousand times in the Streat from Ali son the the sat Down in his Garden at night when the thermometer had fallen four degrees be Low and to quickly did the drow siness come stealing on that to wondered we confess we were somewhat incredulous about there being a Gas which could instantaneously quench a flame and yet be inhaled by the human lungs with safety 4 but this matter seems to be completely at rest by the following extract which we take from London a the London in describing an exhibition or demonstration of the prac tical uses of this by setting fire to a and immediately extinguished it with this says the lecturer instanced the Mdse of a terrific which took place some years since in the when an is land wan blown up from a depth of 80 the flames reached a height of but As soon As a vapor the flames were extinguished on All the Post where it was seen and hav the How a soul of Napoleons unhappy band ing witnessed this his attention had had been Able to resist the treacherous drawn to the subject More the pain of the act of dying is technically termed the agony but the pain of dying must be listing Nahed from the pain of the pre Vious for when Hie sensibility As death is the final extinction of Corporal so numbness increases As death comes the prostration of like Hoa taif us engenders a growing sensation softly into a coveted the transition resembles what May be seen in these lofty whose sides exhibiting every climate in regular Gra vegetation Luxuriate at their base and dwindles in the approach to the re Gions of Snow till its feeble St manifestations is repressed by the the so called agony can never be More Formida ble than when the brain is the fast to Gol and the mind preserves to 1hb end a rational cognizance of the state of Tho yet persons thus situated commonly at test that there Are few things in life less painful than the close if 1 had strength Mough to hold a said William Hun write How easy and Delight ill it is to if this be said he neice of Newton it is a pleas ant thing to Tho very adds her which another Friend of nine made use of on her deathbed a few years the same words have of ten been uttered under similar Circum a second and common condition of the dying is to be lost to themselves and All around them in utter countenance and gestures might in Many oases suggest that however dead to the external an Interior sensibility still but we have the evidence of those whom disease has left at the eleventh that while their supposed sufferings were pitied by their exis tence was a wherever there is sensibility death precedes death and to die is to awake in another the faculties survive though averse to even the faintest and they badly of if is relieved to be but a momentary Shock to the nervous system but 6ts a protracted method of execution it must be exceedingly worse than the axe or was the fire As typical of the flames of was employed in the Blind Ness of theological fury to consume the Foremost of the pilgrims to the the vapor with which he could extinguish burning mass was so that wore Pauls Cathedral in flames in the he could inflate it in two or Thiee if the vapor was perfectly and tended to purify the and under its shield a Man could approach close to the flames and extinguish the it Drew out All nox ious and in the Case of foul drains if there were a vent it would Puri june Peters is the Niagara of having the same relations to Tho other master prices of human Effort that the great Cataract bears to other terrestrial efforts of divine in either the first View because perfection of symmetry dims the scion Ness of and the total absence of exaggeration in Tho details for bids the Conception of vast Ness in Tho a in viewing London you have a realization of bulk which Peters hoes not yet Pauls is but a wart beside 1 do not know that the resemblance has been noticed by but the semicircle of Gigantic yet admirably apportioned pilldrs1 which encloses Tho grand Square in front of Peters reminds me vividly of the general but great Wqlter while the column or obelisk in the Centre of the Square which column is a mistake in my human and should be removed has its parallel in the unsightly Tower overlooking the main cat tract from the extreme Point of Goat is legs of Bishop Hooper were and by Tern in answer to a ques his body before he was fully j put a Adyt Philips said that enveloped in the which a wind blew aside nor was it till the pile had been twice replenished that he bowed his head and gave up the a similar Fortune attended an excess of faggots hindered the flames ascending and his extremities were in body was slightly to the dictates ashes when his Ridley yielded of and ador Bio Pat is one of Tho greatest dogs Strong As a but gentle As a struggled at the height of his protracted j he leaves nothing alive upon which to is Hooper remained Imamov Cable i fairly but he would not ruffle the testify in languid and broken phrases that the torpor of the body More than keeps Pace with the inertness of the the same report is Given by those who have advanced to the very Border of the coun try from whence no traveller Montaigue after his Accident passed for a As the stake to which to was for three quarters of an hour his patience was proof against the fury of the and he died at length As quietly As a child in its but the pain of burning is fearful and the Meek endurance of these heroes at the stake was a Triumph of mind Over the tortures of the the the the supporter of those who gave their bodies to be drank himself of a bitter of All Tho devices of cruel Crucifix is the other pains Are sharper for a but none Are so agon izing and so one aggravation however was which owing to the want of knowledge in we still commonly supposed to have be longed to the the weight of the body was borne by a which projected from the Middle of the upright and not by the hands and which were probably found unequal to the the frailty of mans Frame comes at last to be its own but enough remains to preserve the preeminence of torture to the the process of nailing was exquisite and yet worse in what ensued than in the actual the spikes the wounds the local injury produced a general a most intolerable thirst but the misery of miseries of the sufferer was while racked with to be fastened in a position which did not permit him even to every at tempt to relieve the every Irr Terrial endurance and repose May to fitly typified by the oceans and Snow crested but Power and Energy find their Best expressions in the Cataract and the time and Gen ius May produce other structures As admirable in their own Way and regarded in connection with their uses viewed As a St Peters will Ever stand the materials would last any the unmatched and i portable fire aril dilator is less in size 1 Choso the Early morning for my first than an upright sixteen the sky was As it main inches in height by eight inches in Miami y is Here save in but the Day was not yet for the summer nights arc cooler liboro than in new and the current English talk of the excessive heat out prevails in Rhino at this Beason is Calculi ill to deceive no one fails to realize from the first Tho great and admirable accessories of this with Tho far stretching but quite Oiler than lofty pile of Tho Vatican on its and its Owtis magnificent Colo Nade in but you do not feel that it is nor nor anything but you ascend the and thus gain some idea of the immense proportions prevailing throughout for the Church seems scarcely at All elevated above the and yet Many Are the Steps Lead ing up to the crossing a Grund porch with in arched roof of glorious you find yourself in Tho body of the which now seems Large and lofty but by no moans but you walk on and Between oppo sing the grandest the world Ever the space at either Side Between any two pillars constituting a separate Chapel with its gorgeous its grand pictures in its sculptured saints and an each of these chapels having a larger area than any Church i Ever entered in a the human being is like a delicate and needs rest mid permanency in its endure Pep Fijal Moss will hot grow upon the rolling on the top that is swept with ceaseless the moving Sands Are an eternal desert but give o these waste places qui and Little by Little life lays hold upon gathers strength Day by and in process of tire tire polished Rock is clothed with a fruitful the Flinty Sands Ore decomposed into and the desert smiles with living life needs permanency and be dwell in said Jehovah to the people obis Plant gardens and eat the fruit of his counsel to those whom he would that they have per menant Homes and enjoy the fruit of their own the same Groat principles lie at the foundation of human pros peril in every to every family then lot me your Home and delights of vanity store your Little private do main with reminiscences of the mementos of Friendship and with comforts for the with books and pictured histories which shall prove a Solace to the and shall furnish abundance of wholesome food and of delightful stimulus to the look for your highest enjoyments in communion with in the society of Good men and of Little children in con verse with the Wise and holy who Are yet Hough Iho 0your who is in re apr i i i i persons who have made the from few York to Hartford by Nieter must have n Lively remembrance of Hie interminable landings on the Connecticut the a strange Ron Tho route was on Board of Hartford Bont one and being r Ather he had Only Laid Down quiet snoo7c just As the boat Bell jingled at he was not fairly awakened by the first but by the time he Bells bad jingled and the boat Hod faked against the wharves at Lymo and to was thoroughly in a Short Timo Tho pilots Bell again Youh and our traveler thrust ing his head nut of the what place is this was the the usual the bus Ile was soon and Tho boat jogging on its the traveler was trying to compose himself to sleep the Bell Fegain smote on his ear with ils Tinga n what place is this lid asked of a passenger who was thrashing about Tho Cabin preparing to this is was the Acra ii the traveler essayed to snatch a Brief moment of just As hews becoming insensible to Tho nippers of Tho bed the infernal Bell gave another signal to Stop the and another Pas Senger tumbled out to Moke Tho what Planco is this roared he tray Elor losing nil this is old Haddam Moro Llad Duns on this cursed feathers of the smallest Chicken unbidden for his right he will drag the Chil Dren in a cart As Long As he can drag him and never utter a word of complaint but to betide the being who comes within his reach when duty Calls him to a Ner a very useful dog is he will Harry and fetch anything entrusted to and make himself very generally useful in the Way of errand go he divides his time Between one of our neighbors and a farm a mile and saves Many a journey Back and Forth of those who would make More fuss about the other Day to was sent to the farm with a Basket for it was observed that he did not Como Back As promptly As but the circumstances excited do special he came in at looking As though nothing had he was glad to see the and appeared very much at his Case and perfectly satisfied with with no loadings of conscience to mar his America and by Tho Lime you have in the midst of his apparent walked lowly and observe Day to the he was interrupted of the main altar you realize pro with the where Are your that Earth has nothing else to eggs his Tail fell about sixty degrees match with St no matter though and with a look perfectly another Church were twice As and gent he turned and was going to a at Cost of twice the thirty Mil pile of Timber not far away he found his of dollars and fifty years expended Basket of and bringing them j up0n tvs St Peters would still stand in your Brethren and neighbors Here on Lii to a Placo of worship Church to work if you a Circle of friends Whoso natural tendencies and general and sympathies so harmonize with your that you nil have a Mutual understanding and conf in perfectly True to these friends through All never never forgot never neglect establish yourself in these permanent it Locso hold Plant Gar Dens for your soul to gather Richness and sweetness whose Cool Grottoes you May find rest and pleasant whose private walks you May hold con verse with those you Honor gardens that shall Hove some wholesome Herb to heal you when you Are and and shall yield fruit of entertainment and spiritual the poorest of you is not so but that he May have such a Garden and Tho richest Onyot is not so Rich hat he Cari afford to without Jive Over nil those Semi barbarous notions of which place its enjoyment in show and vanity in change and take the Christian idea and act on seek for for those quiet and enduring still and deep delights that Are found in Home and in Christian and in open and free communion with the seeking for Wisdom by practising by living up to his and for Righte jts reword of eternal in the manifold activities of the life two then a dozen More two did you say Huddon and and that enough shouted the i wish tie Devil upper and the first feeble indications of returning life resembled some of the com Monest symptoms of but his own feelings were those of a Man who is drop ing into the sweets of and his ongoing was towards Blank and not for he my life Only Bung upon my lips and i shut my eyes to help to thrust it and took a pleasure in languishing and letting my self in Many of these As in the cases of there Are appearances which we have Learned to associate with because constantly conjoined with a cold perspiration be Dews the the breathing is harsh find and especially in delicate death is ushered St Active movement of Only served to drag the lacerated and Wake up new and acute and his which must have been continually until advancing death be fan to Lay it to lasted on an aver age two or three quarterly the Lillo Kolni was no Pun that made the Best apology a dog could make and gave them into the hands of his mis on it was ascertained that on his Way Home he met some other and feeling a Little to put his eggs in Safe place and stopped for a so Cial Chat with his and finally went Home forgetting to take his eggs we believe this the first instance in which a dog has been shown to forget for every detail is so marvellously that no one is Dwarf no one challenges special of one Hundred distinct any one by itself would command your profound est but every thing beyond and around it is no less and you soon Caio to Aud remain to a a certain in a certain literary Community grave professor once required of a class i appreciate 1 devoted most of the Day to Peters seeing it under Many different but no other View of the Interior is equal 1 to that presented in the stillness and Corn a i Para Tive Solitude of Early presence of multitudes does not Cloud your consciousness of its immense by convulsive movements which the following is from a communication in the Newark advertiser for several years Post i have succeeded in preserving Isabella grapes till we have had the luxury of having fresh grapes All through the Winter and have found them very useful and refreshing to the especially to consumptive peo we pick Purs to preserve for the Winter u As we can and preserve them from Tho Frost gathering them when they Are perfectly say in the of m sunny we take a dry common Candle Box is very convenient for the cover Bottom with Cotton we then put Down layer of one Cluster after As thick As they can Well should be taken that no Woken or Green ones Are in the if there an they will Causa the others to would and we then put Down layer of Cotton and then another layer of till the Box a some have bees s4 the trouble to sea fee end of etch Stem with we do not believe it is of my As the Are it if necessary to with a great Deal of i they Are thus much de i upon the Deposit it should be in the have Jan in look like the wrestling of an oppressive ene but there Are signs of debility and a failing which have no relation to there is not any situation in which steady minds and Sweet dispositions evince a greater superiority Over the has to and sensual part of Mankind but self control adapts itself to the Ordinary exigencies of and if surprised by evils with which it not been accustomed to measure its the firmest nerve and the sunniest temper Are overcome by the sudden violence of the unless the understanding is irritability and waywardness constantly Dimin ish when experience has shown the wis Dom and duty of and there soon Springs with Well ordered a a Frenchman near Tho Canada in old a horse his Yankee which he recommended As being a very sound serviceable in spite of his to every enquiry of the buyer respecting the Quality of the the Frenchman gave a favourable reply but always commenced his commendation with the deprecatory Hes not look ver the caring Little for the looks of the of which he could for ten thousand persons Psi durable portion of its occupy no and an exercise in poetical the whole company with a single exception went readily to and the tasks Wero soon but one mint was Jim be yet wholly Lank specimen of humanity was com j a Letey no thought of future Fame had flitted across the gloomy chaos of his no spark of the Art Sublime had Ever gleamed on the dark recess of his benighted but the task must be and to let your soul be at peace heed not the Casele Bajars of a contentious world re Gard not its stupid Anil its Fanci Ful and wayward impertinence the de munds of and the examples of Idle and simple minded who for want of something to and out of the morbid hunger of an empty Are making changes the invisible to one who stood just inside the i and looked searchingly through of the Entrance to find them but Are usually very few and those for the to that hundreds Are constantly moving from place to which attracts Aud Mars n work he set himself with All the Energy of feeling of repose and delighted Awe desperation All he knew of poetry was the and being fully after minute that the beast Worth the moderate sum asked for made the Purchase Aud took him which tie naked Structure is calculated to ifs Sqq very some Bright sum 1 i of Ilia Mic adj ows14w judge for without the seller s As after a due degree of fear i Meru Tornino Isyou Vituld see Peters h Kai it Al Tiller nil l and he selected the two words Rascal and As Well adopted to his purpose after combinations the most cogitations the most a few Days afterwards he returned to the proof uric anal contortions the most ago ii 4 n mrs j i o the one Arith forbearance on the from the hour that sin and death entered into the it was mercy that in High and that he had been cheated in the Quality of the vat is de Mattair v said the said the matter horse cant see is As Blind As a but a said the i Vas Tell you i i pm Tell you he Vas not look ver i dont know r look at All i if he there it Good Deal of truth in the following which May be sex the following inimitable and learn de poem was thrown upon the world King of leg vol a Hec Auie Lio let tha children of nil their wives and children Anil go three journey in Iho la celebrate the Hist records a slight touch of an earthquake on that and from that time to the our hero has been considered a Model for All poetical make great boast of our and to hear some Meji we should Al most suppose them to be meat and and and my but great and excellent As Are the bless Ings of the education which these Iacre is an institution older than the school and to which it is in every sense j mean the family the he who should raise the Char Acter of the Homes of will be a greater Benefactor than any one who shall p murder at a diabolical murder was committed at some three months but not discovered until last the discovery was made by a Man out who came across a spot of ground in the which had recently been dug and supposing something of value might be buried Crimi Home and took another Man with and dug Down three feet when they came to the Corpse of a to was taken up and carried to where an inquest was held on the which developed the act who he and threw suspicion on is brother in Law of being Tho murder the name of the murdered is the suspected murderer is John both Are Burks was but recently from the old and was in Possession of som or goo which Gary circumstances Wero developed in the which Eft no doubt but that he was the murder some three or four weeks after the Nan was Gary wrote Home to the father of counterfeiting burkes Ucma and soliciting forty pounds in to assist him in making a Pur base of some land in the North part of this to which a reply was received from the father of Burke and his wife of course who appeared to be pretty Well that to had ordered the Iran Mia of a Check for one Hundred As he would need the Money to make in pro ments on his this letter was intercepted and life fact of other deceptions and lies on the part of go a great Way in fixing his he is now confined at the jail in grand and will be tried next for the crime of his it appears has left every body seems to think that she must have been or after the the old Man in Ireland has been written and will probably be present in person or by improve her schools the Mora the sentiments of patriotism the habits of disinterested the warm the religious the sacred convict Oua which Are born and a in the Lelund of near there a a singular sorrowful tree it Only flourishes in the at no Flowers Are to be and yet Ball an hour is quite toll of sooner begins to Shine upon than some of them fall end close this the f disease and decay should enter a i Perien ced that if a you Are a handsome sick room is a no Hool of whether i major or and Wear a Are apr Totton of the mortality of our by taking guest Dearest connections or experiencing our i nut Street i hate that said to be Ahot if Mode of ter1 a Chestnut Street the other Day to in attn yet rap t s Teoy Baa Leisure to and mind to in drowning the struggles at the Are prone Ppd by oat by pain in the major Fly of a pleasing languor without any a aae of or honoured Parent Why not my daughter t m because be always stares at me so Faeo Roe in the Bud Ubea Zemeeta me in me but Ray Bow do you know that in its Calm and stately i ascended to the and thence to the Summit but apart from a pro founder consciousness of the vastness and admirable proportions of tie Little tha entire i a Jay and its suburbs lie clearly Aud Lully beneath and around you but so they do from the Tower of the views and commanding sight Are obtained in almost j every the As far j the is easier than any other i Ever found within a instead of nurtured in a Good constitute ailed they yield a Sweet smell but the aun no Uca Tiou which is a thousandfold More valuable than the Mere knowledge imparted in a look to your Healths and firesides make your Homes gardens of fruitfulness and and you will have wrought As excellent a work As it is permitted Mun to accomplish upon be houses and dwell in them learn How to make your Homes each a Vineyard of it is Worth a labor of a it Feime and to Many of us i will Cost As but the Reward is Richer than and More honorable than und More Blissful than a Reward worthy of our and enduring is the truth and love of god for a Good Here is a Complete More like i Christian Home is a Vestibule opening to the ascent of a than a the eternal mansions fathers House the july number of the contains the following extract there is that in the ensuing effusion which cannot fail to Rouse the slumbering patriotism of every american it was composed by a Western in one by a what boat tub f Lorlona Vioa of an to Juat for a ton Martoc pupal of the Fla one single View which in Jolly compensates for the fatigue of the it is that from the Interior of the dome Down into the body of the in Aud a i indies of who in two Young the Alysmay present belong to the Bou were out Riding in a Hava Bucko by alter of riving aver by Lucula in j r but i never expect to have or like h it concluded o try the Plank Well i to the plunk Road they and White tool Ting Irakly along they were fad Denly army reach i May blessings i May neglect and lose those it has duties that cannot be done and privileges which will never be found in the the Wise Man will not leave until tomorrow what can be Dona today but improve the pres ent a beaten to a race to Crown two men were going Down the Street a Day or two since and they met a Humpback in said one to Ibe do you think the indians came across Sira it i Doni said Hia but i a think if Ilist one came across Behring Strait he Lias got mightily warped on this a inline Ali Roans mind to but depth in philosophy Bringel mens mind to think Jib out a a Western newspaper tha Fol lowing i knew an old Man who believed that what we to would lived in end was one Dag going oat several Miles through a Region infested in Early by wage Jle always took i gun Wii a bin but urae Ouno thai Tome a Ike it As he would k his Heads tantalized thers do danger of the Jad Aoa lie would not lie till his time came the old was to Jafet an big bad not a not to have Ray gun 1 it Way we Are Futua a get up away Weot leaving Ute Man to Trojie new York Hubert of because i have repeatedly seen the e Ozen Iodea frightful Many pet you this is kind of s you meet preserve Pur Many Flowers w Ajjie one follows Hia comfy no thou the

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