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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - August 15, 1851, Marshall, Michigan She Ftp mole a 41 i if Calhoun August at i in Tyl fire mini psf two a 6 were not rail tons of this tact on the there so persons of Magyar Des Sifft Kirg the Magyar language at he or mint moment in there1 were in euro Joe America of Liis con Bering and colonizing people time or tub wet if split live Tyun it n South it the victim it Milf that Masr Len an u it belled of k and i per in Kalb h6ly Ufim Csoto Sver our Letb a n1 to Wrotny wort that gladdened t Iii Rode to talk of the political necessity for absorbing san Tell races sixty years ago Anglo Saxon Roe did not exceed 000 in at time it was hot numerically stronger thai Tho thirty years ago it counted Only thirty your millions being altogether Tinly three millions and a fraction than the population of Franco at that and considerably Jess than Tho teutonic population of Central in i85ltit is ahead of every civilized race in the world of races lying within Tho zones of the slaves alone Are More counted by Heads but comparatively few of this plastic and sub missive Stock have yet escaped from the barbarism of Tho dark in and they Are not to be compared with the Tho and the number i almost their Only element of of Arttlio races which Are now striving for to Mas Lory of the impress on the future of society and civilization the stamp its own character and Maku its govern and opinion Anglo is now unquestionably the most powerful and the when in might possibly have been or trampled Liko Hungary and by stronger is gone by that it was possible at one Lime for Ihu people to to subdued by Vio Lence or to fall a prey to Tho slower Ngo i pics of there Cun be in who United provinces seemed Mure Likely to Mako a grand figure in Tho worlds future history than their and maritime Power were the most imposing in they had nil the carrying Trade of Tho West in la Weir their language wus spoken in every in Tho great Orient to boil Empire and their influence part England was hardly her difficult idiom Gra Ted on foreign her Normy courts repelled be curiosity of Moro had lie thought of a Tiluy or any single european Ian Ign Etc would be spoken by millions of per scattered Over the Groat continents the Earth from new zealand to the j and from the Capo of storms to Tho Arctic occurred to any Luu native not would probably have been the Tongue to which the would have assigned Tho marvellous vet Holland has fallen Emily ibs much As Tho Saxon has risen in shoot her idiom is now or red her merchants conduct a their correspondence Aud transact their Hub guess in French or in even her writers of Lahaut in a foreign on the Pur literature and language have passed entirely out of ibis phase of like i and other doom led to As an intellectual medium whatever May be the future changes filie the Tongue of sheiks euro nod of is now too firmly rooted Ever to be Lorn no longer con ton i with Mere Aims at univ or Ira Dusley it is inking Poi season of All the ports and coasts of the of world isolating All rival like k it of Birtt Lud Tome from the it my and the ilk wanderer i to the Batch a tubs Jud told Siw Thor Rel Elfi Wai Ana the boy path nil through thai Kate Mother Hiil milled upon hut i for i he time a Keri i 6ir Uke and Merfy to grief like n Lyre i Home hid Iown on the1 Ito Niy word of Alhani mount la in turned to tile Brekken and i loved the Klick the Lem pent Din and thelow Lonc Breeze were All wild they told him or Tulei of a Tony Linda Shutro Fluer inulin Gold Ulione intr Kller from River and to new tulu Bent they bad wiled him from hex Licarte in Liglin of Peice and lit voice Ahful pow 4old and lie to trim nettle th0 drop la voice of pro Nilie thai Chr old in hit ear at that Jiyoun Momert ant Hie Huplet he Hail abated wild Tho wild of night it id melted like a lire Llya of t watch him Gailone Whert the vetault Lay chant Lii Gad Uto Uima with Acme old or Bruch Long away All i Well i knew that weary like the Dove of uie pined for there a worry Itlie Hud Irli oae fold pedal the Leech and Zietlo plague pot told the Tilg or a broken the boy knew that he win but the Al cup of Dib la Ellaa to Thule Tuat live to was in College with her arid j Edward kiss at least two ladies in your they Ware very Ami he looks upon Emma Only As a he Doest look upon her Only and i his manner in her of fils hot the Tholt it is if Thea Sis it is like his manner to a when to he regards her with the same expression with which he used then to look Apon Mev you need not it id to we a very serious hot i am i satisfied that Edward loved f Polly Emma you know is a Clever those were his and Rhy particular i dont mind ther i will Tell you How to put this jealousy of yours to How make miss Lawrence your Friend seek her treat Het with affectionate know her Good Quali How innocent which kisses the sweetest what do you mean mean that i have found you me what have i done i you have kissed Emma Lawrence her dare say you would Call it extract and you will love once you ing Tho Dews of Wisdom from her lips Are Good Yon will no longer mind Edwards attention t6 nor take it very heart if to should kiss but As it is you treat her and he sees sympathising with will to a i ill upon my you May but it is you have kissed Hen deny it if you ass surf her on the the husband stood a mor Girnt in a Stilto she Fondi sure Treather Toto More tenderly to Between laughter and at so is writes poetry and so does atone for you Mako you see a bad length Trie former though to matter mfr re your Rifal your coloured with conscious of is v l i 1 l v in Tow nil Jitou oaf Anirl it is in the very accomplish mints added to her Havo ensnared his Why should he no often seek her society and leave mine the husbands pres j l Utlz it Fri and she win then have too much confess Tell me the truth generosity suffer your lius Burrid to taks and i wont be so i will Tell you the truth if you will loll me Why you suspect do not know am i a Liberty with her that he would not in your but treat her As an enemy and you but to no Protection the no top tiflis in will be where his heart Edward from and to fear not right it t 1 scarcely passes an evening with do you them with her i am sure he do you know Sis me but memory Power with Ila ghostly train had f Oine to the Henryta at that Laal and he Hume and Iua aprill Pupil in tint Happy like a Bird on the track of a Bright talk of a prong to the trampled of Lull to the Lall ii of glory to the who in Lour lie Culdon the fled of rut or mock Liepart when be Tell or ought nit the Home where ii pin Patchouli of tue act of the k the inscribed to All flirting where else should to go to is so confused or else gets to angry when i ask i am certain that life passes with her More of Bis time evenings than to does with it May to Emma is very Aud 1 know Ned delights in hearing her to assured their acquaintance is merely neds heart has nothing to do with i know to fours 1 be made to Beli ovo the his attentions to you Are a love like now As they Ware before you Wero As to to certainly never looks at you without making the truth i you Are too you Are suspicious of any other Ladys admiration of i and tremble if to Speaks in civil terms any Lovolo girl he has Thih selfish love Lias an noyed your who lifts More than Oitice spoken to to about to is of a social turn and loves intellectual conver flu know Yon arc very taciturn Call up the resources of your t u is known to Ull lovers of Sweet Brj mat that there is a very costly und fashionable perfume bearing the unseemly looking term which to Havo placed at the head of our but much in Vogue is this charming scent now it is not a very Long time twas first introduced upon Thot ii lets of Tho fair shia aide of to at its origin is i Risun und when j first its rare and delicate o Der with its costliness United it exclusively to Royal it is at this period that our Story opens the is Laid not in Paris i but in i by a window in a drawing room of a handsomely furnished Riouse sat a Young married her Phoek resting upon her fair and Ber ryes fixed upon a Small parterre of Flowers thai intervened Between the mansion and the the Roseate glow of a Rich Twilight Lent Rylo her which was lofty und very beautifully 1 he lady wus dressed with simplicity and Tusto in her dark Brown hair bound about her head in a Graceful band of with a Tress or two falling beneath the our and resting Tipon the snowy her Beauty was without save that her Cheek was something and her looks Dis Turbed and she sighed and lifted her eyes from the for an let them rent upon the moulded Arm which Hud supported her the Arm was Bam in its Loose sleeve and clasped us the wrist from Sui Paziy feb Rutht is the first i did in your Bull must i have out of Redongo Upton you for so of Lon brought you that Little bottle of parisian ing charged to Willi i ask your Fok that 1 by Tho merest Chance As i Hod to do but needed in getting before 1 left it How did you know it were you Peep is probably one in j Ina in Tho window some Tell Talo theron Goott time u the Burthen of our Nong Tieh in the poetry of our Kre air and Hope but when the Rizii of die How changed Are men i than pm were hot no lir beat 01 times 1van there Good Lime in True i Trow and Naya Liep Lulu unclouded there in a Good Lime nut improve the i Conj eur the future Ami let each priming Bear proof us thought Anil Iliad there is n Good time Ninny a Licci Flynn who All for cols the present the greatest that of nil Lumen since the worm began the present is Kir film Oliai will Airita Siviy ten Rint thee in Good time Stiitt filing m of no has fur each had his own Good and will live to me then Lurry i in Ger for i hirer pales in wit liner in ining the nil of Juliu Licul us limes la How Norn Kllc it is delicious 41 yes it is the most exquisite Perfumo in the a Revoir t tomorrow i will Dine with and to you will destroy All cause for said the jealous As Tho closed on her now will i put 1 know that tar air meetings Are not purely Emma loves for i Havo discovered it n her Novar Fraidon loved nor Lover Moro than this talented girl Lovea 1 will think of what Frank has said if after this trial to proves the following about eleven it i knew Emma was very of Frank bought to a new and costly one from there is none like it in this i suspected 1 undo a present of it to Hor it was for ten lips and you kissed me just now i fount your lips As fragrant As doubtless her own Wun when yours met this is Tho Way that i have discovered your treachery to it has you will u successful the convicted husband laughed hear Lily at this development of the plot against him and promised his ingenious will from that hour she should never have reason to quost4pn Tho loyalty of his and i Suid in r for certain reasons is Nero Yttri noted to persuade but in reality because no other Critne had the same Ultra tons of Unn Aluffi horror about he resolved to murder his Mother this being Tho next thing was to nor Nign Annii Nilly to the Rii Sloin Sheti in to Felling first nil rumpled Tho tiling by the when anticipating tricks and armed her constr Tynion like Mith drates and and trophy or is indie probable the emperors agent in such leu Iii Bis sudden repentance Ami re Murto on first bearing l his mothers or possibly even witnessing her had composed a Poison stir fee ring tins had certainly occurred in the Case of who had thrown nil with Case the first Toloso r in u1iowii Oil a Lull Usu lilt Iasi i Usu o Emma Lawrence was practising Denvor to your Inte Letual to by upon n Ninon of Nutu nil j q and so Charm you with my society that upon her Harp a piece of new on the ton of in w nover8eok that of others for men 1 o Emma from e a servant entered for Roll Kocat Hor and announced i u Tho of Foll j Tho Lovely girl blushed a spy Between b in Man which to had summoned to his presence in Tho and to Maglo a More powerful portion in his own pros a Natl tried it Success Sicly upon Dif mind As you ought you Road very while to reads Grout read ers love to interchange ideas upon books and you once Little for and such conversation can never to Long continued Liet Woon if Edward meets with a lady like miss for in in wham to discovers a mind congenial to its sympathies with his it is natural they should sock an inter change of the treasures of their this Alono in Tho basis of and to sure you have nothing to Foar from it As a if Emma were not so Beautiful own Beauty is Bis heart will Cvar to i do not like this close it robs it to that she should share his 1 envy i almost Hunio i confess thai it is with difficulty i can speak to Horwith she hic Riis to to us she Kleiv she Heid a Power Over my this is All in your Clu i i la u12uuiuui Tuii Iii in Neilce Lital i Tiu ii Iii Uii Surprise and and putting aside bal transferred to who pors Iii the he wus Butis nod with the Roso to meet her who of i Tho late had been Emma met her with and would have kissed but cloves slowly Drew Tho interview was for a moment or two mutually Emma had Long i full and she Bard Friendship that had its beginning in thu head May enslave the Snible Flint can think Ilpo he to much Anil nil Foci u deeper emotion than Mere she has ryes and a dangerous voice and file Lor a per lid if i win lie a cart look her hand upon he win with i nhonldn1 cure to ii would to no great harm done in he i Boule never Cara to have him Luck mine an not require who hands should be locked you him of Ihu enormous of a few Days ago a Jonsco Picut Brookin a shrewd Chap from Over amongst by know How to Trout at i the steady Imbiow und wooden glancing us who asked her to schoolmasters and other drove Happy to Havo an Frfd to through our heavily Laden with Tho seated Herse Fhy Corn to called at several stores and Sang several songs with exquisite Eland offered Bis or Ever so Small u accompanied by the Rich music of portion of it he uld them he who skilfully touched wanted Gus i and nothing else in gradually the restraint wore and they uniformly gave him to they conversed easily Piid that they had got brooms and Emma was Clara was Ull the that he at last while envying her Grace and Beauty and up to a Large wholesale establishment on ire bling for her husbands Tho West and not far from the hate her and mice More offered said who i Waul la brooms badly but what will you taken this was a the pedlar wus n of ing to got rid of his brooms he haled the very sight of Bis brooms but to would sooner sell a single Bruin for rash than the whole loud for any Tolhur especially Uny article Winch he could not us read ill dispose of As in could alter a screwed his courage to the sticking j its elects alter immediately inviting Fri Tanious to u he lion finally despatched on no changes in who whether of kind or effect so alter various Tri this Modo of murder wus and tin emperor address my himself to Oili or the first of these was some eur one of he the late a Man of infinite wit humor and who has probably much of life in America As any used to Tell the following which too goo to be lout thu ugly probably Sootae do such foil Justice to if we err it if an some How thai i what Railroad Stock in Tho 1 Steamboat shares Ace in the arid owns More or a i almost impossible to procure a judgment i against any company of j or even loss of such suits Ara j cd very tend give fled to some j strange not Long it see Ris a Steamboat called the old Kon tuck blew near i the at the Mouth of the where it is a Welt established i act that it Grout Many Oahe Musqui titles will weigh a by which Accident a lady rejoicing in to name of mrbry lost her husband and her for both of which an action was i there strange to great difficulty in proving on Tho boat at Tho Taino of the that worthy having been notoriously drunk on the wharf boat just As the steam1 or Lea j Many witnesses were examined to prove the until finally a Ilia Mode and the n German was placed on the our Friend was attorney Fajr the and elicited from diet mar this testimony did you know Tho old Ken tuck Wash Blower up Mil you on Board when she lapsed her she bust do bile i Wash did you know Jones to be Jones and 1 took passenger Yoti when did you last see Jones on Board of Tho boat 1 didst see Jones aboard or boat last fancied Bis Case was and with a most triumphant glance at the jul said you did not when did you last see Jones when de smoke pipe and me vat going we met Jones coming Pray she Felt that in her heart she for the very qualities Edward loved in she turned the to a and then to her Brothers the you Uro very fund Frank brought Home one very thai is Only in use with 1 have u Hollwo thai i can and beg you will receive in is called by who Odd urine of Are Loo kind to remember but i cant take anything so valuable from 1 assure you in will afford me pleasure to receive miss Frank i says it is used Only for the to which it gives a charming while it makes the whole breath As fragrant a Tho per fume of a the gift was und the fail some things Are quite As Well said in Verso As in prose a fact which will to among Tho poets at the following from on of our is decidedly an Well put Rio is mechanical by which u a3 anything of our own could it re Ceil Nir to have Boon suspended by Lai Esto the new Post office and the by bolts above her and in the Middle necessity of accorn dating ourselves to it of the Bolt being suddenly with Jln All possible despatch a vast weight would have descended with a ruinous destruction to nil be this taking Nir from Tho indiscretion of some amongst the reached who ears of a upon which the old lady looked it jul lick to sharply to leave much Hope in int scheme so that was aban h1 Conci Ivill Iho idea of an a Tili Vijil at Ili touch of a few Lull u in stir n ship wus Anil Sla Iii him at n suitable but the main Dillun Liy to persuade Lair Oil ugly to ii on not i hat she knew in this Case who had been hip for that would have ruined cons Brulor took her you May ridicule but 1 to i ii like i know to her last evening when lie Tali of ilium up from Intercourse with other by it Bracelet of Golden the i com of it wus a Painter to u making itself the Channel of every at a Hundred Points at once plays the it contends with Spanish on the frontiers of drives breach and russian before it in Canada id in the Northern super det dutch at the Cape and Al greek and italian at Malta and in ionian the right of he love is tie have done homage to its faultless she regarded in for a moment or two and sighed Beauty to my if it no longer binds Edward to my Side she said sad we have been but a year half and already his Bio at and Alexandria main turn itself supreme at Hong and Helena fight Way against multitudinous and Vari dialects in the Rocky in Gutraj on Tho Gold in Paauew my Arm Aud called it lie once called to Beautiful beyond All my Llu used to Lull me that one hour of my society was dearer to him than years w uld be in the presence of me said he had no then Bogan to with my Ami to Admire and spank no la Weir he would then turn my hand Over Aud Lien look a my All in such u tint i waa mire in of Tho no Ber language is spreading in this ii Enoh Aud German and among Ulii voted men but English permanently supersedes the idioms with in was mentally comparing me with Kiim Nii Lur incr Arij pm Chism my from i u he to with Hurdt unit he i go Buck 14 Lue society a Iraj just Nel to that to and in Tigard to would Treuil the i Nallur you Litke Iho courts to mid a turn to Juii Hui you old him la if Nelly Shiuk your husband laves your proper course he Zulj be to i i i to la Beu Uulu the but now How changed is Hia conduct u org Evory from these protestations i know he no j and you Are Lier longer loves he carts but lightly if you Star for your Power Over his Lor Tuy 1 know that another bus Interior of and among Tho Eye or thought or emotion for any taken his love from Tutu her that he had never beheld her Lerdau Tfaye relative growth of Tho two great serous Beauty has ensnared and my is goner in Britain was Power Over Oiin instead you have Only la Rived her you fear your head the books that he and talk with him upon study his and meet him with smiles and suspicious to sees Only Oft lure eos enjoying my him see Only sin Flea 011 it is no society and sympathising with me in the for wife who would retain a the population in the population of Sites Beauty of the scenery Ami of the bands to make her face and Hersell two jul Lions so Ltd a third More Tuliau that is with her of craps Al this moment she m disagreeable As he will f great Britain in this Luoni ent leads upon his arum and looking up into be sure mentally to Oon Truit it with the exceeds it by three Uia face with her deep Blue listens brighter of her she looses by i rate of decennial in this enraptured to us voice As he bends Tenne the rival gains by airy is less than Fineen per Derly nor and discourses of affections hire god by lie is in u if about thirty five per that Low voice which is mine Only to rendered indifferent and reckless to in Tea Continental states the ten Tol thai Arin we Nice u is my wifely y0ur out of i u Yonai durably lower than in i of privilege to be m hour we perhaps you the real cause for econ juju a do not believe Ned has either voice pressed the hand Tor lip of miss United fire to larger How softly you eater Edl t but i believe you could make him in Tuttin they win she Wilb and slight to do both us very text time be Oft t Mel m c1ia1xeh a k evening of the same Edward Rose from the table and took up where 1 am going out to see miss 1 dare 1 think you had Butler divorce to and Murry her at 1 shall not go will you Promise to i if you Uro so jealous As to make to 1 have reason to to you have i Hutc never Eaid a word la mils or comported myself to wards her in a in incr dil Lerent limn 1 Nho ulu have said or done in your Vii you me run Tanily of you will soon weary my Utida 1 do that out of Rcv Euge which your suspicious Are constantly Chang aug me 1 cull mid see und your Mitku your society your he Uuie is inured by you watch me with a Active Aud Mark All by if i Tat ice late rom the Post ten you us me of having passed on the Ivy with Fry Zuj make at us Redublo in to Mim Lawrence Raj never her logic in or that of Uny Oiler t thus the flite aug bus bait Lefi the 1 required so ii courage thai she took in ill to be lost the Chanco of Selling Iii loud half a Huu Rilei in Lens murderous and was Doi Tir limes by a similar frankly told the merchant to must have Cash of course the merchant protested that Cash was and to must Pur if he purchased at what to had in the lore to pay lie re wanted who und he did nut la say hut the times were 10 had noles to Hud goods hot must be disposed he would put his goods at the Cost for the Sake of und would take the whole loud of which to pedlar had Laboured so unsuccessfully at other stores to dispose Suid he to the Man Iron Connic unload your and then so Tot any articles from my stare and you shall have them at Precept on Hoe a Rcpt your postal and ill prepay Tho importance of this advice will better understood when we remind the Reader that by Tho new Law ice save two cents on Ertry the postage of which is paid by the our correspondents Are particularly there for and Tike Sake of the Public to pay three cents in and Vance on their that we May to spared the necessity of paying a Penny says is a Penny according to this two Pence saved is two Pence gained and putting the saved Ana gained together in such we Are four cents Richer by All logic at the close of the about half Pott one the Young Wile the Jooi Siepi of her i Hull up with a feel f of painful he Ite Tro ached Joau Ahe iting fix on the am to tee you meet me instead of with do Yon not deserve Lor Sofce out of humor with Hor son besides that any proposal coming from though previously Indi lorent to would have uni Laully been to Ernecl this a son of was u very Affif Etionne mess go which had i Hellert of throw ing Bair Ivor Llu purpose of joining the Ini troib Paru us u Gruel held in of a she Citize by water in a swirl of Jailil i was la Leburn in the sumo Nero tampered with the commander of Hor i Tessil and prevailed upon him to wreck hut Wasto he done Tho great Ludy was Uji Mous to return Lound no proper conveyance it Puiul suddenly it was if by Cut Vitice Ami p Tho pedlar scratched his Iba ship of the emperor s now and prop idea As the sequel show a moored at a Iii Libor was an Eaas the sequel Sotta plainly 1 Tell you what it be answered us just say them terms Tor half the Load soon Uller Tho revolutionary a Bravo Yankee a former Captain in the happened to be at Peters Burg in and while there was invited to Dine at the Tuble of a distinguished there was a Marjre num Ber of guests Rit the table and among Tho Restan English who was anxious to appear As one of who knowing on understanding that an american was Silling near she expressed to one of her friends a determination to quiz she fastened upon Bun like a making numerous enquiries touching oar modes of life to All these queries the officer gave Courte Ous which seemed to satisfy company with the exception of the lady sic wus determined pot to be and Wen i have the lug this was readily Rich people in your any Carna by Agrippa Tjin the emperor accompanied Ges f for i suppose there Aroa owe who her to the place of took a Call themselves my residence re a Btl i ii and Cash for Tother in your Lender of and saw her set plied the Captain is in a Small town upon Blower of 1 dont of Connecticut sinks with All her Broom stuff the next the merchant hesitated a but finally concluded Tho Chance a Good one he should be getting half the for it wus necessary Thul the vessel an where there Are but few Carria should got into deep water before he edges Kepi but a larger towns and cities Peri men could be invade and with the Lupon the main Laud there Are quite Nauru inst agitation this pious son awaited Berlo Republican Tiews of the j indeed replied his fair ques suddenly a messenger rushes breath in a Lone that was both inter Roga some Hiag Teaf would not sell As j uss into his and horrified him Ive and Caluin Ettory i cant fancy and As for the Cost Gammon in regard Price it was a easy to the bargain was the brooms Brot Aud the Cash for half of them paid i by Tho Joyful information that bin August Mother had my with Acci Donl by who Blessing of had escaped sail and and was now on her Road to mingle congratulations with now what will you have for thu remain Der of your Bill asked the the pedlar scratched Aud this time More he walked the with for everything tie old it turned his fingers on the head of a bye1 Gauld swim Aud Byo Hia reply whole had brately a Little Seu Providence Fellers Are you ship Ful her the it seems had is the mechanism Hiil played Udini Reibly but provide like a Aud the Hera was Kuy Wor sell at Prelly Emch All of Aud Len Ipei be i to such make Money 1 dont see How in is it i but be that somebody gits the worst Ual Serigos Aud and in Lilito upon oae old of now i dont know now much your j who would upon any goods one and of 1 be invoking certainly Lake anything 1 Hwy get Ash any Odds with you 1 guess ill take to Siua 1 know them like to what 1 you for so the Hia a numb toil we in conspiracy them against am your 1 know of a Man like Nero in could not be expert of be should atty longer dissemble Bis or put up Wuh Suci repeated he rushed upon his simple Aud swore where you find Coachmen i think the americans Kevvn How to drive a find no difficulty on that Candy replied the Captain we have plenty of by sending to England Lor England exclaimed ing very quickly think americans ought to drive tic English instead of in or Iyog Uio Adam in the Date rejoined the offi cer but since the Pef Toa we have permitted the English was no of our dinner lip waited Weller in Bardel it k Vuk w

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