Defiance County Republican Express in Defiance, Ohio
3 Mar 1892

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Defiance County Republican Express in Defiance, Ohio
3 Mar 1892

Read an issue on 3 Mar 1892 in Defiance, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Defiance County Republican Express.

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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - March 3, 1892, Defiance, Ohio Mothers will consider. That no Medicine should be Given to a child without their full knowledge of its real character. That Pastoria is purely vegetable and that a list of its ingredients accompanies each bottle. That they Are familiar and harmless and form the Best possible remedy for children. That Castoria is a Standard prescription a distinguished physician or. Samuel pitchers the result of thirty years observation and practice. That Castoria May be Given by any one and without change of diet that it is Superior in its effects to Paregori morphine syrups or Castor Oil without being dangerous or nauseous. That Consumers receive 35 average doses for 35 cents or one cent a dose the bottle contains 900 drops of concentrated extract which gives 90 doses often drops each 35 doses of 25 drops Etc. 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The spot by the River to which the two scouts had come was indeed As they supposed a the general camping place of the Modoc and Sioux Savages. Within an hour after their arrival the Banks of the Stream were lined with Camp fires and wigwams and the warpaint of the indians and the general Bustle and activity Lold that some movement of importance was meditated by the blood thirsty hordes. It was destined that Ranger Ralph should soon learn All the plans of the indians and their renegade White allies and that he should be plunged into Active contest within a very Short time. When he so summarily sprang into the tree where Darrel had been compelled to leave him he lost sight of his companion amid the excitement of the hour. He saw the indians scour the Vicinity secure the horses and Lead them away and then All became still in his immediate neighbourhood. A there s a perfect nest of them around Here a he muttered grimly. A ifs goig to be no easy task to escape. I wonder that has become of Young Grey he Isnit any too familiar with this kind of work. The indians seem to be starting out on some kind of an expedition and while in a in the Corral of their Camps i intend to find out what it is. A Ranger Ralph was an expert scout and was thoroughly familiar with Frontier tactics of Craft and warfare. He descended from the tree and began to reconnoitre his position. He made out that the main Camp of the indians was directly across and Down the Stream a Little distance. Making sure that he was unobserved the scout forded and swam the River landed on the opposite Bank and then gradually and stealthily began approaching the Camp of the Modoc. He at last gained a Point of espionage most favourable to his plans a Small Knoll of Bushes and stunted Trees enabling h m to completely Survey the Camp and its inmates. A Shadow snakes band a he muttered concern edly As his eyes swept the scene a and in War paint too. It Means trouble for the settlements. A it is As thought Despard has come to his old friends. Then the girl Inez must be Here also. A the scouts face darkened and he frowned ominously As he recognized As Darrel had done the form of Dyke Despard in the throng about the campfire. As he discerned the number of his enemies and realized the hazards of approaching them any nearer he reflected deeply. He was plunged deep in his meditations when the sound of a familiar voice near at hand startled him and unchained his attention. A Despard a he murmured excitedly a and Danton is with it was indeed the outlaw Leader and his chief associate. They paused in a careless stroll from the Camp and sat Down on a log near the very spot where the scout was secreted. The latter thrilled with the keenest satisfaction at this Opportunity of overhearing the plans of his enemies. A you wanted to see me alone a were Dan tones first words. A yes a a what about a a your own affairs we be got among friends but i ainu to satisfied. A a Why not a a to uneasy. The old chief Shadow Snake is reckless and revengeful and if he should suspect us a a about the girl a asked Towner. A White a How can he a a should he meet any of the nes Perces reservation indians he would learn of our treachery. A a How a a they would Tell him that the girl never reached a a that a a so whatever we do we must act a but we agreed to accompany Shadow Snake on the raid on the Emigrant train. A a no i gave him the information of its whereabouts that is All. A a but he expects us to go with a we will have to disappoint him Here we Are Safe from Pursuit from the vigilantes. That is Why i came Here. A a what do you propose to do a a to remove the girl Down the Valley a alone a a no. You and one of the others will take her away from Here about Midnight. I will remain with Vance and guide the Modoc across the country to the train and rejoin Yon later. A a and the rest of fur band a a Are at Damon a Bend. I will Send them Forward to meet Yon. Go to the old rendezvous and wait for me. You see the Snake agrees to Divide liberally for my share in the present venture. Once i get that i will leave the Camp for he will soon find out about White Fawn. A a and then a queried Danton. A we will carry out our plan to find the Hermit who has Inez Tracey a Fortune secure it and leaving the boys to their own plans go East and enjoy our wealth. A the old scout looked grim As he overheard the plans of the conspirators. He knew now How to act if he could evade the Savages and follow on the Trail of Despard a men. The two men left the spot and returned to the Camp and Ranger Ralph began to determine How he would make a Detour and reach a Point Down the Valley where he might intercept Despard a men who would leave for the Bandit rendezvous that night. He began to cautiously work his Way Back to the River believing escape by that Avenue More easy than by the land. He crept from Thicket to Thicket and from Covert to Covert gradually nearing the Stream and meeting with none of his enemies. At last he came to a Point where he paused in dismay. Since he had last been there a campfire had been built by a Little coterie of Savages directly in his course to the River. It Cut off All Safe escape in that direction and nothing but a bold dash across an open space or a slow and perilous Retreat by the Way he had come would Avail him. He resolved on the former course even hoping that by a sudden run across the place he night gain the River unperceived. With a Spring he broke from the Thicket and started across the open space. A a series of loud alarmed yells from the fire told that he was discovered. Within ten feet of a Thicket where the horses of the Modoc were grazing Ranger Ralph a foot caught in a trailing opa score of Dusky the to fell heavily. The next moment a warriors were upon him. Ranger Ralph was a prisoner in hands of his most merciless enemies. Chapter i. The escape. Ranger Ralph made a desperate resistance against his Savage captors but struggled vainly in their Iron grasp As they bore him towards their Camp fire with yells of Triumph. The demonstration soon Drew a Large throng to the spot and the scout securely bound was tied against a tree the cynosure of Many murderous eyes and the object of the jeers and insults of his victorious foes. A grim look came Over the old rangers face As he saw the Modoc chieftain Shadow Snake approach the spot. With him were his renegade allies Dyke Despard and Jim Danton. The outlaw Leader started and then stared in mute wonderment at the Man he had endeavoured to kill at ten spot two nights previous. A Ranger Ralph a ejaculated Danton with a Savage scowl. A the bears a charmed the eyes of the Modoc chief kindled with satisfied hate As he recognized an enemy who had More than once crossed his Trail to his serious disadvantage. A the Ranger is a spy a he hissed. A what brings him Here a the scout was silent. A yes he has been trying to incite the Pale faces to attack the tribes a said Danton. A the is a dangerous enemy. A a let him die before we leave Here at another Sun a ordered the Snake briefly to the indians about him. The old scout did not speak. Into his mind came a memory of what he had overheard Despard and Danton say about the daughter of the old chief. He resolved to bring this intelligence to the knowledge of Shadow Snake but the Opportunity was not yet presented. He formed a plan to see the chief alone when Despard and Danton would not be near to deny his statements or silence him. For Over an hour he remained secured to the tree watching the Savages who paid no further attention to him for the present. In some Way they had secured a Keg of liquor and were intently engaged in disposing of it As rapidly As possible. The old scout knew from experience that As soon As the indians were fighting drunk they would pay attention to him. He recalled his Many Battles with the tribe and knew that they were full of animosity and hatred toward him. To his Surprise however when they had finished the liquor the majority of them staggered from the Camp entirely ignoring his presence. Only a few sleeping inebriated now guarded the prisoner. The scout endeavoured to free himself but was not Able to break the Bonds that secured him. In a few minutes the indians returned with a second Keg of whisky from the direction of the main Camp. They were All or nearly All of them very much intoxicated and straggling along with them were several other Savages from a different Camp. One of these attracted the rangers attention by his helpless and reeling condition. As the Savages placed the Keg on the ground and began to drink from it this Indian stretched himself out on the Green Sward As if to sleep. His hand almost touched the form of the captive scout and the latter looked somewhat startled As he observed that unperceived by his companions he had drawn a knife which he held half concealed in his hand. The Indian appeared to be drawing nearer and nearer to Tho scout and finally stealthily Drew the keen Blade of the knife Over the Withes which secured Ranger Ralph to the tree. The next moment the Lariat that held the rangers form captive was also Cut. Ranger Ralph was relieved of his bands. A a done to move yet a the scout started As his strange Friend uttered the words in a Low cautious tone of voice. A Darrel Grey a he muttered in amazement a How did you come Here a a never mind now but act quickly. These indians Are so drunk they will not notice you. Make no suspicious move while i talk with you and warn me if any of them seem to notice us or come this Way. A Darrel Lay with his Back turned to the indians who were perhaps ten feet Distant. The old scout kept his Eye upon them and listened intently As Darrel resumed the conversation in cautious tones. A there is one Way to escape safely a he said. A you must follow a where a a to the East. Once across the River strike to the North and you Are Safe from ambush for the Savages Are intending to move South and Are camped in that direction. A a How did you come Here this disguise a were you not afraid a a i risked it and Luck has favored me. A a you cannot Long continue it a remarked the scout. A Why not a a you cannot speak a word of the Modoc a that is Why i pretended to be intoxicated. A a you cannot keep up that pretence All night. A a i done to expect a what then a a to find the girl and escape with her. A a to night a a yes. A Ranger Ralph looked serious. The inexperience of his Young Friend he feared would Lead him into trouble. So far however Darrel had out rivalled himself in his tactics of dealing with the indians. A i have marked out a course of action a said Darrel confidently a and i expect to carry it out successfully. You know what these red fiends meditate a a the attack on the Emigrant train a a yes. From what i have heard they intend moving at once. The train should be warned. You can do that. A a How i cannot reach them in time a a you can with a horses in a few minutes i will stagger to the Corral and have a horse ready for you. Then you must ride As fast As possible to the Trail and give the warning of the proposed attack. A a a i fear that i leave you in danger. A a no i am Safe for the present and i believe i shall succeed in rescuing Inez a replied Darrel. The Young scout arose to his feet and reeled toward the Thicket where the horses were kept a minute later. The Savages gathered around the Camp fire were too much occupied in drinking to notice his absence. Ranger Ralph waited for some time and then allowed the Cut ropes to fail to the ground. Then he stole quietly to the Thicket. A Quick Here is the horse and there is a Rifle and Small arms strapped to the Saddle a a then ifs one of Despard a horses a a probably. Lose no time. Cross the Stream and keep to the North of the Camp. A the old scout sprang into the Saddle and a minute later Tho horse was crossing the River. No one seemed to have noticed his escape and he made a wide Detour of the Camp and then directed the Steed toward the Distant Emigrant Trail. He chose a lonely Road evading whet he believed would be the Cetares pursued by the Modoc. Twice he nearly ran into a party of horsemen and the discovery made him very anxious. A it cannot be possible that the indians have started on the War Trail already a he muttered concern edly. Suddenly an hour later the sound of shooting some distance ahead alarmed him. He hastened toward the spot. As he emerged from the Woods a sight met his vision that thrilled him to the keenest excitement Ranger Ralph was too late with his warning. The Emigrant train had already been attacked by the Allied Modoc and Sioux and the wagons were now the scene of an animated contest. The red demons were pillaging and burning and killing while the shrieks of the unfortunate emigrants echoed on every Side. A too late to warn and save them a ejaculated Ranger Ralph grimly a but not too late to help them against their murdered he directed the horse into the thickest of the conflict As he spoke and Rifle in hand determined to sell his life dearly in protecting the lives and property of the imperilled emigrants. It was a Brief and sanguinary Battle. The Modoc and Sioux and their renegade allies were Superior in numbers to the emigrants woo were surrounded driven Back and butchered mercilessly. The Brave old scout saw the horse he Rode shot Down and himself wounded he dragged his form to a covered Wagon and crept into it for safety and conceal Mene. Then As the blood oozed from a terrible wound in the breast Ranger Ralph Sank into a Blank lethargy of insensibility. When he awoke it was Broad Daylight. The Wagon was moving and he peered cautiously Forth from a pile of Hay in the Bottom of the vehicle. He was weak and in pain and almost helpless but he made out his situation at a glance. Behind the Wagon on horseback were half a dozen men doubtless another portion of Despard a band. Driving the vehicle was Jim Danton and the scout doubted not but that they were proceeding to the outlaw rendezvous at Lone Canyon. So far evidently his presence in the Wagon had not been discovered he knew that he was in a position of great peril and that affairs were fast assuming a shape most favourable to the plans of Dyke Despard. To be continued. From Bradley Heath. Recently a deputation of women went from Cradley Heath in England a place where women Are employed at heavy work in forging chains to London to protest against the passage by parliament of an act which proposed to prohibit the use by women of a heavy forging implement known As the a Oliver. A they objected to the passage of the Bill on the ground that it would deprive them of employment. At London they were questioned at length upon the manner of their employment by the Home Secretary an officer whose position in the British government is much the same As the Secretary of the Interior of this country. Between or. Matthews the Secretary and the Chain woman the following dialogue took place or. Matthews and what is the precise nature of the employment in which you Are enga Chain woman breaking in a i Doans to want my work taken away from me or. Matthews blandly a Pardon me that is not quite the Point on which i desire information. If you will please explain to me the nature of the operation in which Chain woman firm though flustered and determined to get out what she had come All the Way to London to say a it never done me no harm sir or. Matthews hut my Good woman if you will suspend your observations Long enough to communicate some idea Chain woman i likes the a cavy work sir an i says let each one do what they can the interview proceeded in this unsatisfactory Way until a questioner was found who could talk to the charwoman in their own language. Evolution of the knife. A this Case full of instruments which we have newly placed on exhibition is designed to show the development of the tool which we Call the knife beginning from the earliest times a said prof. Mason at the National museum. A first you observe is the fragment of Flint which the Savage split by banging it on top with a Stone Hammer into a number of flakes. The smaller ones were used for Arrow Points and the bigger ones for knives their edges being split off so Sharp that you might almost shave with some of them. Next you see the Flint inserted into a handle of split Wood or Bone and As further improvements the fastenings of this primitive knife in the handle by the Rosin of Trees and by Cord of one sort or another bound around to secure it. The most Beautiful knife in the collection is this exquisitely folded Blade of greenish Jade belonging to the Stone age handled with a Walrus Tusk. You can hardly find a More admirably formed weapon among the products of modern cutlery wares. Most curious of the modern tools Here is this sailors knife Square at the end instead of pointed to prevent stabbing in a Row or the dangerous falling of the weapon from aloft. Its Blade drops out of the end of the handle when a Spring is touched so that Jack can hold a rope with one hand and open the knife for service without the need of ten a Washington Star prayers Tor rain. I have heard my father say that in the Days of his Early manhood which dates Back to More than a Century in a season of protracted drought it was a custom for the deacons of the Church situated in the old town of East Windsor to Call together the members on a week Day and put up petitions for rain. And he has assured me that these meetings were always followed by rain. He failed to Tell me just How soon. Among those always in attendance was a Man of the name of Potwine one wonderfully gifted in prayer. My father called to mind some of the pious Many a Earnest expressions such As a Send Down the rain o lord not in torrents but in copious Dicj effusions. A on an occasion of extraordinary and prolonged drought he put his petitions nearly in the form of a demand. Rain they must have rain they would have and they could not do without it. Realizing that he had gone too far in that direction he qualified his demands by saying a to lord we do not wish to dictate but Only to a Hartford the professor had just explained that in mediaeval times they used to bring brute beasts and reptiles into court and try them for misdemeanours. A professor a asked a Young Man in the rear seat a is that the origin of the Frog Felon a it is very discouraging to have your tailor Tell you that the most desirable thing to is season for clothing is a Large Check. Wholesome exercise. How physical exercise May promote health and Beauty. Few theories Are carried to a More unwarranted extreme than that of the importance of physical exercise and muscular development. Because exercise improves health and muscle is a Fine thing to own half educated reformers preach exercise and muscle As if there could not be enough of them. Any Plain spoken physician will say at once that there can be too much exercise and that unwise forms of exercise can be injurious. He will also say that there is very slight essential connection Between muscle and that supreme physical Quality vitality. Many a Man has developed muscle at the expense of vitality and Many a nervous temperament has impaired health by dragging itself through exercise when it needed rest. Muscle is All right in its proper place but ahead of it come heart lungs brain and stomach. Cultivating muscle does More for Beauty probably than for health and since Beauty is really one of the proper objects of Effort the forms of exercise which bestow most symmetry of outline and Grace of movement Are to be studied. One of the women writers who Deal out instruction to the sex has recently advocated running. She is nearer the right track than most of the didactic writers of her kind. Running is the great Beautifier of figure and movement. Running gives muscular development Strong heart action and free lung play. The muscle comes where it ought to be the shoulders go Back the loins hold the trunk Well balanced and the feet take their Correct positions. It was running which made the greek figures. The More Active tribes of american indians have been runners from time immemorial and from the Chest to the heels they Are much More beautifully built than the average of White men. Running people have usually the firm but elastic texture of flesh which is the Beauty of flesh. We know infinitely More about taking care of the human body than greeks or indians and if we would train oui children to regular and wisely supervised running exercise supplemented with other exercises for the hands arms and shoulders we could surpass them in Beauty and activity. A general adoption of such a system seems very far from Likely since we have none of the appropriate grounds 01 apparatus. The next Hest thing thing is walking. But most of us walk on our heels and lift up the feet instead of springing Forward with them and driving the body on with the Back Muscles of the legs. Fashionable people will pay High prices for grooms and Riding masters to go out and teach Correct horseback movements but whoever saw a Man woman or child with an instructor in walking yet horseback Riding is a trifle beside Good walking in its effect either of health or on those qualities of figure and Carriage which the whole world holds in High estimation. Gymnasium exercise is so easily overdone and May be so injurious in some cases that it is doubtful whether anybody should go in for the gymnasium strongly without the superintendence of a skilled physician in at least the Early analyst. Historical Geog Azaliy. Students of history Are always impressed by the powerful influence which the physical features of nature exert in shaping the current of events. The existence of a Lake or a Mountain Chain has at times produced most important historical results. When the chinese in the first Century of our Era overran All turkestan it is said that their Gen. Pan Chow with his army reached the Caspian sea and that he was so impressed by the supposed difficulty of crossing it that he abandoned his design of extending his masters Dominion into Europe. It has often been asserted that the great Mountain Barrier which encloses Italy on the North was absolutely essential to the growth and maintenance of the Early roman Empire. All that covers Egypt with Fertile Fields hemmed in everywhere by sterile wastes is the sediment which the Atbara River the Niles great tributary brings from Rich Kassala and the mountains of Abyssinia and spreads Over the Nile Valley. It has been maintained by sir Samuel Baker that if the sudanese Only knew their Power it would not be difficult to divert the Atbara from its Channel and dry up its Waters in the nubian desert turning Egypt into a Barren wilderness like the surrounding waste. Although few writers now admit that the hand of nature has been so potent in shaping the destinies of Mankind As buckle contended yet All agree that the physical features of the Earth have strongly affected the history of Mankind and that a sound knowledge of physical and political geography is necessary to the profitable study of history. The schools and universities of Germany and France now regard an extended course in geography As an essential part of a Liberal education and they give this science a High place in their schemes of learning. A Goldth Waither a geographical Magazine. Bin fortunes made. A much sought Desideratum namely a really practicable method of waterproofing leather and raw hides is claimed to have been practice by an austrian hungarian chemist with much Success his method being to impregnate the material with a gelatine solution combined with some Mineral Salt to coagulate the gelatine in the pores. An effective mixture for producing the desired result is found to be the following. Twelve Hundred parts water fifteen parts gelatine and five parts Potash dichromate or 1,500 parts water fifty parts gelatine and thirty parts Potash dichromate. The temperature of the solution May vary from 50 degrees fahrenheit to the boiling Point. When the dichromate percentage is Small the liquor is mixed cold and the leather or the hide is immersed for a period of some Twenty four hours. As the proportion approaches the Point of saturation the temperature must approximate More nearly to boiling and the time of immersion reduced until it becomes momentary. What is in Castoria is or. Samuel Pitcher prescription for infants and children it contains neither opium morphine nor other narcotic substance it is a harmless substitute for Paregori drops soothing syrups and Castor Oil. It is pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by millions of mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverish Ness. Castoria prevents vomiting sour curd cures diarrhoea and wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles cures constipation and flatulence. Castoria assimilates Tho food regulates the stomach and bowels giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas Toria is the children a Panacea the mothers Friend. Castoria. M Castoria is an excellent Medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of its Good effect upon their or. G. C. Osgood Lowell mass. A Castoria is the Best remedy for children of which i am acquainted. I Hope the Day is not far Distant when mothers will consider the real interest of their children and use Castoria instead of the various quack nostrums which Are destroying their loved ones by forcing opium morphine soothing syrup and other hurtful agents Down their throats thereby sending them to premature or. J. F. Kincheloe Conway Ark. Castoria. A a Castoria is so Well adapted to children that i recommend it As Superior to any prescription known to h. A. Archer m. D., ill so. Oxford St., Brooklyn n. Y. M our physicians in the children a department have spoken highly of their experience in their outside practice with Castoria and although we Only have among our medical supplies what is known As regular products yet we Are free to confess that the merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon United Hospital and do spew Ahi Boston Man Allen c. Smith pre., the Centaur company 77 Murray Street new York City. Carters Wittle Siver a pills. Cure Bick headache and relieve All Tho troubles in of Dent to a bilious state of the system such by dizziness nausea drowsiness distress after eating pain in the Side a. While their most remarkable Success has been shown in curing a sick headache yet Carters Little liver Phi Ara equally valuable in constipation curing and preventing this annoying complaint while they also Correct All disorders or the stomach stimulate Tho liver and regulate the bowels. Even if they Only head f a Bathey would be almost priceless to those who Buffer from this distressing complaint but fortunately their goodness does noted Here and those orhoo Netry them will find these Little pills vain Able in so Many ways that they will not to Wilding to do without them. But after Ai i sick head ache Ila the Bone of so Many lives that Here is where we make our great boast. Our pills Core it while others do not. A Carter s Little liver pills Are very Small and very easy to take. One or two pills make a dose. They Are strictly vegetable and do not Gripe or purge but by their gentle action please All who use them. In vials at 25 cents five for a bold by druggists everywhere or sent by mail. Carter Medicine co., new York Usu. Up t. Small dose. Small Price every one in need of information on the subject of advertising will do Well to obtain a copy of Quot Book for 568 pages Price one Dollar mailed postage paid on receipt of Price. Containing a careful compilation from the american newspaper directory of All Tho Best papers and class journals gives the circulation rating of every one and a Good Deal of information about rates and other matters pertaining to the business of advertising. Address Rowells advertising Bureau. To Spruce St. N. A no 421 y remember a that the Toledo amp Ohio Central Ray and Kanawha amp Michigan Ray a Kanawha Short line a x9 the Short and most direct line Between Canadian and Michigan Points Chicago Detroit Toledo b. B. Kingsbury a attorney of Law. Office Over Poe a office on second Street Delanoe Ohio sept h g Baker attorney and counsellor at Law office in Defiance National rank building. German spoken. Sept a 91 Milton e. Orcutt attorney at Law and notary pm buc collections promptly attended to. Office Over Harley a Corner store opposite Russell House. Sept 1-91 w. C. Travis attorney at Law and general collection office Over May a grocery j Cor. Clinton and first streets. Will attend to any and Alf business entrust d to his care i Defiance Ohio sept-l-9 Charles e. Bronson. A attorney and counsellor at Law i Al real estate and collection agent office Over Kitt Nero a clothing store opposite court House Defiance. Ohio. Sept-l-9l a b. Harris. J. P. Cameron. Harris amp Cameron a attorneys and counsellors at to Law. Rooms 1 and 2 Stone front oppo site Defiance National rank. Sept-l-91 Dir. Iii tip a a nil. cd / n o i p o u n a a sore for and Fostoria Bucyrus it. Gilead Newark Columbus Athens Marietta Middleport it. Pleasant Charleston w. Va., and Virginia and Southeastern Points torpid liver and kidneys Bilous Ness dyspepsia. The Best blood purifier pi3ice $1.00 for Sale by Detroit Medicine of and n. G. Woodward Defiance no. 23-Lyr. Buckeye route Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo railway time car i the through car line Between Columbus Toledo at7cens, and Pomeroy. The direct line to and from Detroit Jackson Lansing and Michigan Points Chicago St. Paul and the great Northwest. Note following time card North bound. Rates Low As the equipment Ano service goop. South Boun do feb. 14, 1892. N0.33 no,37 stations. A. In. P. In. I Pomeroy la. T 4 40 t2 45 i Middle sport. 4 50 2 52 Gallipolis. 5 26 3 23 Mcarthur. 6 50 4 57 Athens. 7 50 5 Ooi Nelsonville 7 22 5 36 Logan 8 of 6 to Lancaster. 8 38 6 48 Columbus a 9 50 8 of Columbus by to 05 9 40i Delaware. To 50 to 30 Marion. La 30 la 10 up a Sandusky �12 to. I Carey. 12 45 Fostoria. I of 2 25 p. In. A. In. Detro itar 6 20 a a a a a a j chicagoan 8 50 8 251 no.31 no.35 no.49 a. In. I p. In. A in. I i 4 in 5 04 6 30 8 30 a 5 of 5 53 3 45 4 35 6 30 5 21 i 7 20j �6 to 7 361 6 30 j 8 05 7 04 i 9 25 8 20 up. In. I 12 25�?~ to 50a South bound. Toledo. Pemberville. Fostoria. Bucyrus. It. Gilead. Granville. Thurston. I . 1025 1 la 08 i la 48. 1 21 2 i0 3 45 4 40 . 5 45 pm 5 30 6 15 6 58 3 25 6 35 8 13 9 to pm. A m Columbus Leo new Lexington. Athens. Middleport. 5 45 3 20 5 38 7 25 . To 15 7 50 10 of 11 5ci . 1 1140 i 39 3 27 5 i i . 4 40 8 21 Gallipolis. 5 45 7 05 by Elf j snut Vav. A g 12 3 55 Charleston. To 2d i i . I Anorth bound. Charleston w. A. It. Pleasant. Gallipolis. Of. Middleport. Athens. New Lexington. Thurston. A Columbus. Granville. My Gilead. Bucyrus. Fostoria. Pemberville. Toledo. I Arr. Lve. A m. I p. V. I 6 151 i of 8 51 3 45 9 14i 4 to. 9 52 a. M. 4 is . La 421 6 25 7 to i 48 i i 9 8 03 p. M. I 3 32 2 i 6 9 to a a a a 4 40 3 20 to 15i 5 45 p. M. 7 50 3 209 525 23 ill a a 31. 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Rates via the Buckeye route Are always As Low As by any other line. Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destination. If contemplating a journey in any direction please Call on nearest agent of the company or address any of the following representatives of the passenger department for folders rates and other information e. R. Davison Northern passenger agent. Detroit. H a. Wilson District passenger agent Toledo. _ it y?.landman Southern passenger agent Gallipolis. O. L. W. Buckmaster. City passenger and exit Columbus. passenger and ticket agent Boom is. Deshler Block Colun jus

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