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Defiance County Republican Express Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1892, Page 1

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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - March 3, 1892, Defiance, Ohio Defiance county Republican established 1857.Defiance, Ohio thursday March 3, 1892. Vol. Xxxv no. 12 in Bronson a addition to East Defiance. No weekly and Montney payments Call or write to us for terms and prices. Bronson a Beal estate Exchange Corner Clinton and second sts., Defiance Ohio. Sherwood. A thriving Village in the Center of the county. A Republican express representative visits the town and is warmly welcomed. Many new subscribers. I spent part of the past week at Sherwood and was handsomely treated by the people of that enterprising town. It is hardly necessary for me to say that Sherwood is located nine Miles East of this City at the Junction of the b. Amp o. And c. J. Amp m. Railroads. Sherwood has been the convention town of the county for Many years and hence has very frequently been the Center of attraction for All the people in the county. The population of the place is too or 700. It is an incorporated Village and is controlled by the following officials mayor or. George Hock marshal c. F. Heller clerk d. F. Open-1 and or councilmen James rank c. I. Hartshorn Emanuel Miller Jerry Blume John Openlander and j. K. A Lender. Politically the town i3 about a nip and tuck a though the township in which it is located used to give a democratic majority of something like two Hundred. I enquired As to the cause of the falling off of that majority and was informed that Many of the old time democrats had rebelled against the democratic leaders at the county seat and had declared that they would never again affiliate with them. Some refused to go to the election at All last fall while Many others swung into line with the Peoples party. The springing of Wesley o. Barney Minerva like from the brow of democracy on the eve of a county convention and his nomination for treasurer by the City bourbons after other worthy men had made the canvass and practically won the Honor was one of the things that soured Many democrats in Delaware township and caused them to sever their connection with the party of their fathers. It made me feel sad to contemplate the changed conditions in the Camp of the enemy. The great cure All for such ailments is for the disaffected to Cern into the Republican party and help wipe out the evils that have occasioned so much sorrow among the tax payers. It is believed that the Peoples party will nominate a township ticket this Spring. There is a Large faction that left the democratic party that cannot be reconciled to democracy and has not yet concluded to cast its fortunes with some other party. There Are some prohibitionists in the township but it is not expected that they will be in the held during the Spring Cam Palau. The republicans Are feeling very Good this season. They say thag while this is a democratic county Many of the prominent democrats in the county have Cut Loose from the party without surrendering their principles and will act with the republicans until there is a recasting of lines and general Reform in county affairs. When i struck the town plat i heard Many sensational stories regarding the celebrated Case of sheriff Ewing is. A. F. Schrack of the Crescent Affiche was for hearing in the corridors of the c out House one Day last week. Due Man had it that the editor had wiped up the floor with the sheriff another that the sheriff had taken the editor on his horns and tossed him through the roof of the Temple of Justice i explained to All enquirers that the gentlemen in question did not a j tally lock horns. It is the consensus of opinion in the Hay Fields that too Many cases have been tried at Defiance without judge or jury in the past and that the practice should Stop. If the sheriff had frankly admitted that he had forgotten to make his returns of the special venire in the Willey ease within the time required by Law and had notified the court of that fact his friends in the county would have Felt much different that he did make false returns and then wanted to whip a fellow Man because the truth was Given to the Public is a Little Jnore than the average american citizen in the Rural districts can stand. It tends to shake the Confidence of the people in Public officials and lends weight to the claims of leading democrats that new men and new blood Are needed in All of the county offices. Immediately after the arrival of the Republican express in Sherwood last thursday a delegation of prominent citizens called on me and asked that make one correction in the next Issue of the paper. In the papers report of the Flag raising in Tiffin township the claim was made that it was the first instance where an american hag had Beeh elevated above a common school building in Defiance county. On february 22, two years ago the patriotic order sons of America celebrated the Day with fitting ceremonies and put up a handsome Flag Over the school House at Sherwood. The Flag was destroyed a year ago last september when potters drug store was burned. It is the purpose to buy a new one in the near future. The commendable Point in the Flag raising in Tiffin township was that the Money necessary to meet the expense of putting it up was raised by scholars. The claim of Sherwood is recognized but now let the scholars of the Public schools give an entertainment and buy a new Flag themselves. During my first evening in the City of Sherwood i listened to an animated discussion Between or. Hartshorn of Ney and Johnson Miller. They were doing what has Here to fore been considered an impossible feat discussing politics and religion at the same time. They Are both republicans both experts in an argument and made the Sparks Fly. In the meantime the audience amused itself by seeing How nearly it could cover the store floor with tobacco spit. It was a Friendly contest and honors were even when it ended. The doctor has to come Down occasionally to straighten the boys out. Davi d Palmer is one of the Best known characters in the Village. He is an agreeable and entertaining talker. He was born in Huron county and at an Early Day went South and finally drifted Over a into the Indian territory where he remained for 18 or 20 years. When the War broke out his sturdy opposition to slavery made that Region an unenviable dwelling place and for two years or More the mountains were made his Domain and his dwelling place whenever night overtook him. He was an aggressive fighter and though hunted by the rebel Bushwhacker Day and night escaped alive finally returning to Ohio and losing All of the property he had acquired in the territory. He came to Defiance county a number years ago and started a saw Mill at Delaware Bend after a time he sold his Mill and moved to Sherwood and started the Mill that is now operated by e. Reyff. His excellent wife is a native of the state of Maine and was a teacher in one of the Mission schools in the territory when air. Palmer first met her. Uncle David was formerly an ardent Republican but now favors the prohibition and woman a suffrage party. As i heard him Tell his thrilling experience among the rebel Bushwhacker and knew that he was hunted by the Cut throats like a wild beast because of his advocacy of the principles that were first taken up and advocated by the Republican party i thought his proper place was in the ranks of the party that had upheld by Force of arms the doctrines for which he had risked so much. That would seem to me to be one of the most appropriate associations that could exist in the evening of his life aside from the Church. Midnight mechanics better known As burglars broke Loose in Sherwood one week ago saturday night. They tried to Force their Way into the stores of Potter and Miller Brothers and also visited the residence of b. M. Hutchins the Well known Butcher but were frightened away. Sunday right they visited the Haver House and were so anxious to get the landlords wealth that they pulled the Pillow and his Panter looks both from under his head. That awakened Mose but he did not know until the next morning that he had been visited by burglars supposing of course that some of the girls had thus disturbed his rest. The War cry that he raised saved him any loss for the visitor dropped his in Nemuti enables before leaving the room. At c. W. Openlander Sythe thieves took $2.50 from one pocket while $80 in another of the same garment was overlooked. A watch was taken from the Home of John Lutz. The marauders visited the Home of miss boor the pos mistress but were frightened away. There Are Many theories As to one it enjoys both the method and results when syrup of figs is taken it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste and acts gently yet promptly on the kidneys liver and bowels cleanses the system effectually dispels folds headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of figs is the Only remedy of its kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects prepared Only from the most healthy and agreeable substances its Many excellent qualities commend it to All Aud have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of figs is for Sale in 50c and $1 bottles by All leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who May not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. California Fig syrup co san Francisco Cal Louisville. By new York. . It is thought who the burglars were. By some that the work was done by Home people by others that it was travelling Talent. As the detective service in Sherwood is fashioned after that in Defiance no one but the recording Angel will probably Ever know who it was that aroused Mose Haver so one week ago sunday night. They have three churches in Sherwood German reformed u. B. And methodist episcopal. Rev. Moore of the u. B. Church closed a revival last week Rev. Keller the presiding elder delivering a lecture in which he recited the causes that led to the division of the Church into two factions Liberal and Radical. He also spoke of the grounds upon which the courts had Given the liberals Possession of the Church property. The War Clouds that hovered Over some of these temples in the past have about disappeared. The schools at Sherwood Are in charge of Wesley Johnson principal miss mate Clark intermediate and Geo. Shoe primary departments. The schools Are in a prosperous condition and teachers Are giving splendid satisfaction. Wes Johnson is a Farmer township boy while miss Clark and or. Shoe were raised in Sherwood. They have four lodges in the town k. Of p., g. A. Ii., w. It. C. And O. S. A. They have Large memberships and Are All prospering. The ladies in the Village Are also trying very hard to Institute a pythian sisterhood. The hotels in the town Are the Sherwood and the Haver House. Moses m. Haver is the proprietor of the latter and is one of the largest hearted and most accommodating men that Ever kept a House of entertainment he has a Good hotel and is doing business. The travelling Public will receive Good treatment at the Haver House. W. T. Rufer who was formerly connected with the new foundry company in Defiance has a tidy Little Hub factory Here and is turning out 10,000 prime hubs per Day. These Are being shipped almost As rapidly As they Are made. Or. Rufer informed me that there was plenty of Timber in that Vicinity and the Outlook for a Long and prosperous run is Good. O. E. Haver the Dray Man has a new Rig that is a thing of Beauty and a Joy forever. It is not quite a Brilliant As were the whiskers that Denny Donavan lost but is a first class Dray and o. E. Is kept As Busy As a Bee. Cyrus and George Keller ire the tile factory men were formerly from Tiffin township and find a ready Sale for their wares. Shit key Bros have a Good planning Mill but it is not in operation. They come to Sherwood from Parmer township. I dropped in to see j. A. Marlett the Blacksmith. He has a Well lighted and Well arranged shop. He has a Good Deal of finished work hanging e. V. Smith the insurance Man was not at Home when i called. He is doing a Good business they Tell me. The new Openlander Block recently completed is a credit to its builder and the town. It is occupied by the stores of e. J. Potter Geo Hoerburger and Miller Brothers. Or. Potter has a Well stocked and Well appointed drug store much better indeed than one would expect to find in a town of that size. Hoea burgers a shoe store is a Beauty and takes rank with the same kind in Defiance. The hardware establishment of Johnson and z. H. Miller is also right up in the front rank. Besides hardware the Miller Brothers Are Headquarters for agricultural implements. They Are also running the Grain elevator at Sherwood and Are among the leading business men of the town. C. I. Hartshorn was Laid up several Days last week with a dog bite but has recovered and is again ready to drive a Deal in the line of live Stock. Chas. Openlander reports livery business a Little Dull bad roads. Or. P. M. Lehman for a time located at Defiance has returned to Sherwood and has his Headquarters at the Haver House. He is a Good physician a pleasant gentleman who was especially kind to the Republican express Pilgrim during his Short sojourn in the town. He inquired particularly after his Friend a. E. Chapman of the Telephone Exchange in Defiance. I met Robt. F. Renz a prosperous Young Farmer of Washington township and added his name to the great Roll of readers of the Republican express. He is a brother of Geo. Renz the harness maker. And by the Way Geo. W. Renz is doing a tip top business in his harness shop. He is a Good Workman and offers his Stock at reasonable prices. He is president of the Republican league club in Sherwood and is a hustling All around Republican worker. Miller amp Heller Are proprietors of the leading wet grocery in town. The firm is divided politically but will hereafter depend upon the Republican express for figures facts and Politi a pointed letter up. Cant Hooks Are a speciality with that him. Is said to Rake the Best goes on the Market. B. M. Hutchins is running the Only meat Market in the place he has a Bright clean shop and is doing a Good business Henry Rock the drive Well Man informed me that he had a big Summers work ahead of him. His work gives Good satisfaction. Spent a half hour very pleasantly with h. F. Miller. He has one of the Best gent rat stores in the the county and is doing a Good business although the bad roads has had a depressing effect for some weeks past on Trade. He has Cash carriers leading to the Cashiers desk and is running a modern store. J. A. Smith is one of the hustlers employed in the establishment. W. W. Huff the lawyer and Justice of the peace has a pleasant office on the main Street of the Village and is i Learned very successful in business. He received the Republican express representative in a Hearty cordial manner. Will is the son of John Huff one of the Best known Farmers in the township found d. E. Openlander with plenty of business on hands. He is a Hustler and is getting on in the world in Good shape. Cal history As Well As county and local news. I spent some time at Harry reeks Barber shop where i met d. W. Bogart Doc Lehman and other local celebrities. Harry runs two chairs in his shop and is a finished artist. He is also an accomplished musician and answers a Good Many demands for his services at balls in Sherwood and Vicinity. Harry has favored the Republican express in Many ways and i wish in turn to say a Good word for him. He enquired about w. P. Sanford and was pleased to learn that the old Man was still on Earth and As Chipper As a boy of twelve. Better go out and visit your friends w. P. At the Post office i met miss boor the Post mistress and j. H. Bayliss the mail Carrier. Miss boor has one of the handsomest offices in the county. The officials wished the Republican express a successful pilgrimage if any of the people in Sherwood or Vicinity that i did not get to see desire to subscribe for the paper or want to renew their subscription they can leave their names and Money with miss boor and she will receipt for the same. E. Reyff the saw Mill Man has a Good Supply of logs at the Mill and is doing a slashing business. Or. J. K. Kyle is still in business at the old stand. He smiled grimly As i recalled his famous interview in which he exposed the Boodle methods employed keep the Peoples party from nominating a candidate for common pleas judge last fall. Or. Kyles exposure of the democratic plan of Boodle izing some of the third party leaders had much to do with the de feat of Sutphen. He has a Good prac Rice and is the be publican committee Man of Deleware. I found j y. Shook the furniture Man and undertaker Over run with work. He has a Well stocked store and a Handy fitted factory in the rear. He had just put in place a tuning machine of his own invention that was doing Good work. The machine was put up in the machine shops at Bryan. Sherwood is not the easiest town in America to canvass for it 1ms had some experience the past with newspaper men that were not altogether pleasant. There was Sherman Mott James Ritter and w. C. B. Harrison Well meaning Fellows possibly who did not fulfil their contracts with a1 of their subscribers. However i met with Gratifying Success in my canvass for subscribers and added a great Many names to the list. That was proper for Sherwood is a live progressive town and should get As Many live newspapers into it As possible. Delaware is one of the Best town ships in the county and the free use of tile is fast making it a Garden spot the people however Are sending up the old cry for better roads. There is five or six Miles of the Hicksville Pike Between Sherwood and Defiance that is yet to be Gravelled. Defiance Anc Sherwood would both be largely Ben ated if it was completed in the nex year. The republicans at Sherwood Are in Good cheer and feel confident of Republican Victory in the county state and nation the coming fall. Johnson Miller and his to labourers Haft a Good Stock of seasoned fire Wood on hand and will not allow the Republican log Heap to go out in Delaware. Some very handsome residences have be a erected in Sherwood the past year. I spent an hour in Mark Center wednesday. Met Squire Marion Hartshorn and Curt elder and from them Learned that the town was right Side up and business booming. Miss Ida Rice the Post mistress has returned from Wisconsin Aud reports that she had a delightful trip. As Mark is the Home of John live via Paul Hagan and a Idem Herzer i will Hae to devote another letter to that township and so pass it by for the present. I would say in conclusion that if you Are not taking the Republican express now is a Good time to subscribe. Consumption in its Early stages can be cured by the prompt use of Ayers Cherry pectoral it soothes the inflamed tissues aids expectoration and hastens recovery. Or. J. C. Ayer amp co. Lowell mass. Hicksville ahead. Defiance dead to Hee interests. Oil the question College. Of Aid to the by the Courtesy of prof. L. J. Tucker president of Defiance College we publish the following interesting letter rom. S. W. Neaderhauser who is now attending school at Naperville 111. Or. Neaderhauser used to be an educator of this City Naperville iii., feb. 14, �?T92. Dear prof a i have been very Busy or several Days therefore did not get time to write letters. I Trust this finds you enjoying Good health and a degree of Good Success in school. I be that Hicksville is developing Ler school rapidly. They Are awake o tile interests of their town. Defiance is dead to her interests. She Dosena to know when she has a Good Hing. I am now attending one of the most thorough schools of its Grade to be found anywhere. All lines of work Are very thoroughly wrought but afer All i could get the same Good work at Defiance College. It is True there is More Competition in a larger school but it has disadvantages in recitation Etc. I wish i could impress and convince Vince the Young people cry the Home Community that in prof. Keys and in Defiance College they have opportune ies for securing an education that cannot be surpassed. Yet they do not see it. We have a commercial College Here but prof., i am giving you the truth when i Tell you that Defiance commercial far exceeds it in Good thorough work and excellence. I Trust the people will appreciate what a Blessing they have in their midst and will support it better. Wishing you abundant Success i am very truly s. W. Neaderhauser. Financially embarrassed. A Large manufacturer whose of airs were very much embarrassed and who was overworked and broken Down with nervous exhaustion went to a celebrated specialist. He was old that the Only thing needed was to in relieved of care and worry and have a change of thought. This doctor was More considerate of his patients health than of his financial circumstances. He ought to have advised him to use or. Miles restorative Nervine the Best remedy for nervous prostration sleeplessness dizziness headache ill effects of spirits tobacco Coffee opium Etc. Thousands testify to cures. Book and trial bottle free at n. G. Woodwards 5 when baby was sick we gave her Castor when she was a child she cried for Castor when she became miss she Ching Castor in when Aho had children she gave them Castor in dont done to done to be be be a a Clam chump school teachers done to buy your Reward cards until you have seen our Stock. Send 5 cents for samples. Scott a drug store. Biscuit Jar. Chocolate pot. Something sew the above Cut shows the decoration on our new open Stock pattern Semi Orceline dinner Ware. It is an Underglaze decoration in colors sold by the piece or in sets to suit the purchaser and matched for years As readily As White Ware. This is Only one of four Nice open Stock patterns we have in Stock. Hitney a 5 and 10c store 218 Clinton St. Opp. Court House. Republican league. A roster of the officers of Defiance co unto Cluba convention echoes. Defiance county clubs. Defiance a a. J. Whitney president m. W. May Secretary. Defiance to a William Phillips president o. K. Kleinhen Secretary. Eva sport a a. G. Mccord president jus. S. Cameron Secretary. Farmer Center to. A. Rice president Robert Clelland Secretary. Hicksville a Benj. A Cox president Homer Dilworth. Secretary. Center a John a. Sarvis president Henry l. Wallace Secretary. a we. Donnelly president a. A Lewis Secretary. Sherwood a Geo. Renz president Geo shoe Secretary. Resolutions or respect. Whereas it has pleased almighty god to remove Horn our midst by death our Friend and brother Workman Jacob Widmer we would humbly Bow in submission to his will know log that he doth All things Well and while we feel deeply our loss we Are assured that it is his gain. Memfred by the d. M. W. Relief association that in the death of Jacob Widmer the association has lost one of its most Active members one who always contributed promptly and sympathetically to relieve those in distress and we deeply feel the deprivation of his counsel and advices. Resolved further that a copy of the testimonial be spread upon the Roin utes of the association a copy printed in the county papers and a copy sent to the bereaved family of deceased. E. D. Moss w. F. Shultz v commute l. Spring v convention echoes. It was a body of representative republicans that composed the Ohio Republican league convention. A few pen pictures May not be out of place. President Squire is pushing the fifty year limit but done to look it. His hair is growing scare on the top of his head however and he tips the beam at considerable Over 200 pounds Secretary Mcdonald is the picture of health a perfect blonde and his Light Mustache curls gracefully Back to his Rosy Cheeks. He is about 84 years old. Treasurer Sefton acl mits to being Irish and he has been for More than forty years. He has a Bald spot on his head and sports red whiskers. First vice precedent Sleeper is a portly gentleman of about 86 and weighs about 236 pounds. He is smooth shaven and distinguished looking and has one of the largest Legal Clien tages in the Hocking Valley. Second vice president Case is a blonde gentleman with a fair Start toward a Mustache and an agreeable manner. He likes the Good things of life and is always Happy. Third vice president Jackson is an afro american a finely educated gentleman of Large Means and a member of the Ohio legislature. He hails from Cincinnati. Fourth vice president Sullivan practices Law at Warren Ohio and conceals much of his natural Beauty behind a full and Raven Black Beard worn la the English style. He is on of the Best Fellows in the country and a zealous party worker. Delegate at Large Bundy an eloquent speaker a Loyal fellow and one of the boys. He is. A grand son of the sex congressmen by that name and his Mother a a sister of mrs. Gov. Foraker. Delegate at Large Meshe Ohy wan a noted Republican politician Iii Indiana before he Oare to Ohio and has lost none of i his vigor or eloquence. He has stumped All the close states in the Union in important campaigns. The next session of the National league will be held in new York City. Bank n0te8. The Banks of this City have an aggregate capital of $400,000 with a Deposit line of $350,000. Few cities of this size in the state have As ample banking facilities As Defiance. Money is easy and can be obtained on Good in i do sement at the Legal rate of 8 per j cent per annul. Money can also be i obtained of agents of Eastern Oapital-1 its on Good mortgage Loans at 6 per cent per annul. The deposits during the past week have been heavier than for several weeks past. It is a Good criterion that Trade is on the increase. New York Exchange which has also been very Light for some time past is also picking up rapidly. A wonderful statement. Proprietors of a Uilama a great German remedies. Gentleman i have for the past two years been troubled wit ii a serious and very severe liver and stomach difficulty. Have had advice and Medicine from our very Best physicians and Only to be temporarily relieved some of my friends persuaded me to try your great German remedy for the blood stomach and kidneys and to my Surprise after using three bottles i feel Liko a new Man. If you desire you can use my name in print or by reference in any of the grand rapids Michigan papers or any other papers in the states to convince the afflicted that it is the Best blood liver and kidney Medicine on Earth i feel like a new Man. Have lived Here Over 40 years. $1 a bottle. J. M. Livingston grand rapids Mich for Sale by j. L. Scott. I Don t Bea Clam. Read the re publican express and know what the great world about von is doing. Buckles Ai Nina Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cats bruises sores ulcers snit Rheum Figi sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay Jaq Burrd. It is guaranteed to give perfect a amp toss amp of cob or Money refunded Price 26 wits per Box. For Sale by x ii. Scott. A the schoolmates of master Willie Hummer surprised him monday eve. By giving him a birthday party on the occasion of his seventh anniversary at his Home on canal Street in North Defiance. A seasons Are evidently changing. Forty nine years ago the 4th of the coming april f. Meally drove Down Tiffin River on ice from Rural Chapel to Brunersburg and Back a distance of three Miles. On the sixth of the same month in the same year Edward Lindenburger drove from the Pierce Evans farm to Evansport and Back on the 7th, on the ice on the Tiffin River. A distance of 14 Miles. Our informant is w. P. Sanford who arrived at Defiance in May of that same year. Files piles itching pills. Symptoms moisture intense itching and singing most at night worse by scratching if allowed to continue tutors form which often bleed and ulcerated becoming very sore. Swayney a ointment stops the itching aim bleeding heals ulceration and in most cases removes the tutors. At druggists or by mail for 50 cents. Or. Swayne pfc Bon Philadelphia. To 48lyr. I a the citizens opera House is a go this time sure. Work will be commenced about the the Middle of March. The people can thank or. Andrew Sauer for his indefatigable Energy in pushing this matter. It excellent qualities commend to Public approval 1w cafe Foyna liquid fruit remedy scrimp of figs. It is pleasing to the Eye and to the taste and by gently acting on the kidneys liver and towels it cleanse system effectually thereby hath and Comfort off Rich. Ses promoting the All who use it a quiz a number of Tho Al off Boy Horn this City visited their Napoleon Brethren thursday night Lase and assisted in the vow it re. Highest of ail a Bowe but a beat dont borrow your ice re Boris paper subscribe at once for the Republican express Only $1.50 per year less than three cents ask week s. Cut , aug. In Yooy baking powder absolutely pure

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