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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - June 20, 1890, Defiance, Ohio Rural topics. Information for the husband Man Ano horse Rikk porn or neural for the of tempi a of Tor i Oil Terr n Mil 11 Onset keeper. The farm. Annn run Urmi in a communication to the Michigan Farmer messes. Dewey Stewart of Oswego mich., give the following in relation to hungarian grass we recommend sewing one Bushel per acre Between june 6 and 15 Cut it As in the milk sure. Mode of ripening was not understood. When first sold the Trees brought $5 each and More than one purchaser dug up and threw his tree away after it had borne a few crops. It Bas been before the Public for Over fifteen years and As every year sees a great demand for the Trees it is to be presumed that the Public values it. I am convinced that an Orchard of Kieffer Pear Trees near any Large City would be a paying investment to any one accustomed to growing for Market. A Joseph Merhan. The a i in of. Potting milk Tor Cream. A Ream rises in the milk by Force of its higher specific Gravity just As a Cork rises in water. This tendency to Rise is counteracted by the viscosity or adhesiveness of the milk due to the soon As in the milk sure. If your Landa a j is of such a character As to to Dusty of. A Quot eme dissolved in it As Well As a con the time of cutting Rake by hand. As blow Rob a Quantity of serum and mucus the horse Rake will take up too much i dust. Cure it thoroughly in the cock. I be careful and do this As it contains 1 much sap when it is Cut that if not Thor i Mold in stack or roughly cured it will mow. A e have raised and fed a great Deal of hungarian Graas to horses and if Well cured it makes the Best Hay known to us. Vav e found also that our Stock would always leave Good Timothy or Clover to eat this. If fed liberally it is surprising How it will fatten them. With a Good land and a favourable season you should get two tons or More per acre. We Are inclined to the opinion that it is the cheapest and Best Hay a Farmer can raise for nil kinds of Stock. Our experience with it has been on Sandy Gravelly and Loamy Rich soils. Frost kills it easily and for this reason we sow it right after june 6th, As we sometimes get a Little Frost the first part of june. Generally it is ready to cutin sixty Days after seeding spor Lal taint of Clover. As subs Oiler says a. B. Barrett in the american cultivator Clover is almost perfect. It keeps the subsoil where it belongs and the Fertility where it should be works on All kinds Quantity of serum and mucus the presence of which in milk is discovered by the separation of them by the centrifugal separator andean hardly be realized until this ocular demonstration has been Given. If we out a handful of corks at the Bottom or a pail of molasses they will Rise very slowly. I be difference in the specific gravities is overcome with difficulty because of the adhesiveness of the fluid. If we can overcome this adhesiveness in any Way or change the specific gravities the tendency of the lighter matters to Rise to the surface of the fluid will be increased. Aud this we can do with milk in More than one Way. One Way is by Cooling the milk and thus adding to its density or practically its weight. The milk being made heavier and the butter globules not increased in weight they become relatively lighter and Rise to the surface More quickly. Thus by setting milk in ice water at 45 degrees the Cream rises in 12 hours and at the end of 24 hours j becomes quits thick from the More com a plete separation of Tho fat globules. But ice is not always to be had and the coming summer will be scarce and dear. I hence a cheaper method will be very desirable. This is to reduce the viscosity of Tho milk by the addition of water of soil and is Good for All kinds of us to free the fat globules and permit crops. It subsoil the Field better than 1 any plow and gives Hay enough to pay for Lull labor. By opening up the subsoil the Clover plants give other Crons a better Chance to Range in search of food and water a Benefit that must be recognized by All. It is the Only crop that leaves the soil Richer after it has been harvested and it has taken Farmers a Long time to appreciate the exact extent to which this goes. Many still believe in turning the Green Clover under As the Only Means of benefiting the soil from the crop but in doing this they Are still clinging to old forms. The roots of Tho Clover plants do the soil More Good than the Green stalks for the latter when turned under will often Supply the soil with such an excessive amount of Plant food that succeeding crops can not utilize it. A great Deal of this valuable Plant food will be washed away by the rain and drains and i entirely lost. Such wasteful practices a should not be adopted on any soil where a Good catch of Clover can be obtained. Exception May be made to such poor soils where Only a very scanty Clover catch can be obtained. A Orn out soils suffering greatly from Lack of Plant food can frequently accommodate All of the Green Clover that is turned Nuder without washing it. Them to Rise More easily through the fluid. This May be done by adding Oue i third the Quantity of hot water to the milk As soon As it is taken from the cows and brought into the House. The water should be heated to 130 or 135 degrees and the heat should be tested by the thermometer Boas to have the temperature precisely. The hot water is simply poured into the milk after it is strained into the deep pails and the pails Are then set in water at a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees. The milk is raised by the hot water to too degrees and the Cooling of 40 degrees effects the separation of the Cream in 24 hours As in the colder setting at 45 degrees in ice water. The separation of the Cream is effected by the Sadden reduction of temperature of 40 degrees. This increases the density Aud weight of the milk which renders the fat relatively lighter and the separation is thus made easier As Well As by the thinning of the milk. This method will gravely reduce the need for ice in the deep setting of milk tribes and of course Lessen the Cost of raising i i. Correspondent practical the Pima and Maricopa. New tribe. Of Indiana in Arizona interesting furl i oncoming Thorn. It thay Post Van Arizona contains two tribes of indians of whom the world at Large knows Little or nothing. Above p h of n i x and below the Mouth of the verde in the Aztecan Valley of the Salt River is a settlement of some 500 Pima n d Maricopa indians. Unlike the other tribes j they Are As peaceful As grangers. Their arrows Are even made without the usual Flint head and Are fit for killing Only Small game. Their reservation is irrigated from an old canal supposed to have been dug by the aztecs and reopened by these indians. Arch zoologists have established that the Salt River Valley is the Egypt of North America. Lieutenant Cushing of the United states army who lately conducted an exp or ing expedition into this Region made researches which show that this Valley had at one time a population of not less than 800,000, Many of the old Sites Are traceable by the naked Eye. Some Lead out into the Mesa for Miles others were crossed in cutting ditches of modern irrigation systems lieutenant Cushing says the Pima and Maricopa have their land divided in Small plats bounded by Little ditches which carry a Stream of Clear water Here Are raised crops of wheat Corn Barley melons and pumpkins. Wooden plow Are used in the tillage and the work is shared alike by the men and women the former doing the heavy work. These indians have always been self supporting Selling enough to buy what few clothes an needed in that climate. They possess great skill in making decorated baskets Woven that they will hold water. They also make a pretty pottery which is invaluable in that climate. It is the big unglazed water jars in the shape of a Pear. These Are known in the w est Only by the mexican name Olla. These vessels allow a slow percolation of water and in that dry climate great is the evaporation in their wet water service that it keeps the water at a temperature below seventy degrees. Most of the men speak English and All talk Spanish. They Are very peaceably inclined toward the Whites. That there Are a no Good indians but the dead does not apply in the Case of these some years ago a company of Sparks of wit. An american Biz Mark it. A slow match four years of courtship. Artists Are generally designing creatures. Passino away time handing Over your watch to a highwayman. An educated hog the College professor who spits tobacco juice on the floor hot a Etc Asp by wants to know whether a bakery properly be classed a pie Plant. Its funny that a Blind boy can to even see his father although the old Man is a1 Way a Parent to him. A Odd How this Chilly weather affects me i have Goose flesh All Over a ooh that a quite a Baa hat do you find is the first requisite in business a a Pluck a returned the dealer in live Goose feathers. A tack a i his Silver watch has Cost me Over eighty dollars. John you must have pawned it a Good Many times. A let me give you a Jointer a As the Small boy said when he carefully adjusted a pin in the school teachers chair the Cream. Farmer. The household. Farm note. Young animals increase with less food than aged Stock. Pigs raised in Clover makes the sweetest meat. They May be finished off of Quot a Corn. A plentiful crop of Sweet Corn for fodder will greatly increase the flow of milk in August and september. Calves being fed sour milk should not have i grass Hay is better As Long As they Are fed on milk of any kind dangerous bulls should Bede horned. And it would do Well to take the horns off those that Are not dangerous to be in fashion. The Young Farmer who possesses a Good capital of brains and Industry will succeed even if he starts bar handed and without a Dollar. According to Edward Atkinson the annual production of eggs in this country equals in Money value the country a annual production a of Iron. Creamery butter is usually better than Dairy butter for the reason that it is made with greater skill and care but there Are dairies that fully equal creameries in the Quality of the product. Experiments at the Illinois station show that Lair dried Corn contains about for this paint Are la per cent of water. Fully eighty pounds in the ear after husking were required to make a Bushel of shelled Corn. Alike Clover will stand wet and succeed better in moist ground than red Clover. Its blossoms Are much esteemed by Honey bees. But it has never succeeded As Well for general culture in this country As other varieties. Traer Clipper Here is an estimate of what Corn can be raised for per Bushel. It would be Well for some Farmers to study Well these figures As there is a store of information in them. The estimates Are made by various yields per acre. The estimate is As follows sixty bushels to the acre 13 cents fifty bushels to the acre 15 cents forty bushels 18 cents thirty five bushels 22 cents thirty bushels 30 cents. It is usually estimated that 80 per cent of the manorial elements in the food consumed by cows is voided in their excrement. In or. Colliery a experiments eighth report new Yor fully 90 per cent of All the fertilizing constituents of the food consumed was avoided and if properly preserved May be used to maintain the soil Fertility. He found that at the usual prices for commercial fertilizers the amount of Plant food in the daily excrement liquid and solid of Well fed cows was Worth Over to cents or Over $36 per year. The daily food of these cows Cost i cents per head. Thus nearly three fourths of the food was got Back in the manure. How to paint a floor. If you have a floor you want painted and can not get a professional Painter to do the work or find the wherewithal i to pay him just do it yourself. It is not hard work and you can do the painting Well enough if you get Good j paint and a wide Flat Brush to put it on with. If you use Oil paint for a floor be sure and have some lit Harge in it. This causes the paint to dry quickly and also makes the paint harder after it is dry. Oil paint should not be stepped on from three to five Days and if you can spare the room for two or three weeks it is All the better. This gives the paint time to Harden nicely. I have used specially prepared floor paints. They come in and pupils. It is said they contain natural Mineral and Hydraulic Cement. There is a Good gloss to those paints and they we ill usually be dry enough to step on in Twenty four hours if the weather is warm and the air is dry. I think they do not Wear Well As Oil paints but they always dry nicely. For a Kitchen floor i prefer glue paint. It dries quicker lasts longer and costs less than one half As much As any other kind of j. Aint and if your floor is rough it will make it smoother than any other kind of paint. The materials needed four ounces of the Best Sheet glue three pounds of Spruce yellow a quart of linseed Oil. This Quantity will cover a Large floor with one thick coat of paint. I never put on but one coat at a time of this kind. To prepare the paint break the glue in Small bits and soak it Over night in a quart of water in the morning add to it three quarts of boiling water and thoroughly dissolve the glue. Then stir 1 in the Spruce yellow. Apply this to the floor while it is hot. Yon will need to warm it on the stove several times before the entire floor is painted As the glue will grow Jelly like As it cools and it must be used in a liquid state. If you paint the floor Early in the morning you can apply the Oil at night. Put this on with a clean dry Brush. The next morning you can walk on the floor if you wish. I always Lay Down some paper and walk on this for a few Days it protects the floor from dirt and dust and prevents it from getting scratched. Spruce yellow is a common name for yellow ochre other colors May be used if you prefer As any of the dry Mineral paints work just As Well As the ochre. I have used glue paint on Many articles it is Good for out of door work and wears As Well As Auy paint. Ashen von paint a floor use a thick mat to sit on or a piece of carpet doubled several weekly. Raising squatters tried to steal some of the indians land. The Pima told the White men to go away from the reservation. A we Are for peace but you must go away. The White Man has plenty we have but Little a was the message sent by the chief. The squatters knowing Well the peaceful disposition of the Rodmen refused to move. One night a powwow was held and the next morning the tribe seized the squatters and drove them beyond the limits of the reservation. They were As careful As a Shepherd of his flock and not one White Man was injured in the least. You kisses by mail. The Young postmaster of an Eastern Village was hard at work in his office when a gentle Tail was heard upon the door and in stepped a blushing Maiden of 16, with a Money order which she desired cashed. She handed it with i a bashful smile to the official who after closely examining it gave her the Money it called for. At the same time he asked her if she had read what was written on the margin of the order. A no i have not a she replied a for cannot make them out. Will please read it for me a the Young postmaster read As Fol lows a i Send you $3 and a dozen glancing at the bashful girl he said a now i have paid you the Money and i suppose you want the a yes a she said a if he has sent me any kisses i want them too. A it is hardly necessary to say that the balance of the order was promptly paid and in a scientific manner. On reaching Home the delighted Maiden remarked to her Mother a Mother this Post office system of ours is a great thing developing More and More every year and each new feature seems to be the Best. Jimmy sent me a dozen kisses along with the Money order and the postmaster gave me Twenty. It beats the special delivery system All free press. I Ather now Tell me George How Are you getting along lifting the mortgage on your City property George Well ifs higher than it was. An american liar writes that onions Are Strong Down in ids District that if placed in the cellar for any length of time they will lift the mortgage off the House. Mrs. Chatty if there is anything i do hate its a Tattler. Now Only this morning i heard that mrs. Or. Chatty raising his baud now done to. I hate tattling too a you look sick. What is the matter Quot asked nobs of Dobbs at the poker table and Dobbs who had just drawn the Deuce of clubs to four hearts feebly gasped a heart Hal Borin ukr i never see Yon at the play now. Jack Bloodgood a no i done to go to the theater much now. I prefer to stay at Home. A i suppose you think there a no plays like or. Joker i see by the paper that old Fishkill who was in he glue business has gone up. How unfortunate is it a very heavy failure ? or. Joker a yes. Everybody was badly stuck. Clara Mother calling Clara or. Smithers is in the parlor and says he wants you. Clara entering the parlor and throwing herself into Smithers arms a of Charlie this is sudden Eastern Farmer contemptuously catch me going West where you have neither Coal nor Wood mighty inconvenient burning Corn for fuel Isnit it ave Stern Farmers Well yes it is rather. The ears is big we can to git Mem in the stove. Two Busy doctors meet and speak of the influenza. A you must have plenty of work a says one. A a done to speak of it replies the other. A i am absolutely played out. The patients Are killing their doctors at a revenge is Sweet a the other retorts. The Sweet innocent children were playing House. Mamma and papa scarce less innocent were watching them. A a in la be papa a said Little Bob. A til be Mamma a cried Alice. A and ill be new nurse a broke in Effie a and when you try to kiss me Bobbie 111 scratch your face and say 111 Tell tableau. The Orchard. The k Lefter fear. It was in the year of the Centennial i exposition in a Philadelphia that the Kieffer Pear first secured much notice i it was there awarded a medal As a new i kind of great Merit. It has been steadily gaining in popular favor Ever since that time notwithstanding that there is j not a year goes by that some one does not condemn it. But the fact that As every Spring comes it sees More Trees set out and Many of them by men who already have Large numbers of them i planted Speaks enough in Praise of this Pear. I have eaten the fruit when it has seemed of the Best Quality at other times one bite has been enough for me. It All depends on the season and on the skill of the one who handles it in knowing when to gather it and store it away to Ripen. I have had fruit of it from the hands of air. Kieffer who raised it of splendid flavor. He gathers a week or two ahead of ripening and sets indoors to Ripen. The further North we go the less the Pear is valued. On the other hand the fruit is better in the South than Here As in fact Are All i those with chinese blood in them. Aside from its value for eating from hand when Well ripened it has proved a most useful sort for preserving and Large quantities Are used for this purpose. I have always had Faith in the Kittier Pear because if the general j testimony should be that it is not a Good eating kind there would still be the indisputable fact that it is an enormous and regular bearer of splendid fruit for preserving. Many persons were Digap j one egg beaten with a tablespoonful of i it. A3 said above the a molasses. Hint to housekeepers Strong vinegar will cure the Hiccough give a teaspoonful. For Raspberry stains a mixture of weak ammonia and water is Best. It is Best to buy raisins in Small boxes As they Are injured by time. Equal parts of ammonia and Turpen Tine will take paint out of clothing no matter How dry or hard it May be. Satu rate the spot two or three times then Wash out in soap ands. The Kitchen. Of rubies. Prunes Are often cooked haphazard that they Are not relished. It is Well to have a definite recipe for them As they Are necessarily often used for the children a Tea when Richer preserves Are excluded. Put one Pound of prunes in a Ste pan with water enough to cover them a Large cup of sugar three cloves and a stick of cinnamon simmer until the fruit is quite soft. Roasting a Chicken. Ashen roasting a Chicken or Small fowl there is danger of the legs Browning or becoming too hard to be eaten. To avoid this take strips of cloth dip them into a Little melted lard and wind them j around the legs. Remove them in time to allow the Chicken to Brown delicately. A Kerr a molasses cookies. I to cups of Good molasses one cup of Buttermilk one cup of shortening one half cup of sugar two teaspoonfuls of Sal Eratus one teaspoonful of Ginger and cinnamon. Mix at night roil out on your moulding Board in the morning Cut in squares with a knife just before baking Wash the top of each cookie with pointed with the largest Stone Ever quarried. No traveler to Egypt returns without words of Praise Aud astonishment for the ancient egyptians As builders. How they handled such enormous blocks of Stone has always been a mystery and probably always will be. But now it appears that we have surpassed the egyptians. At Vinalhaven. Maine there now lies in a Quarry the largest piece of Stone Ever quarried anywhere and if erected it xviii he the highest largest and heaviest single piece of Stone standing or that Ever stood far As there is any record. It considerably exceeds in height any of the egyptian obelisks. The tallest of these which was brought from Heliopolis to Alexandria by emperor Constantine and subsequently taken to borne where it now stands is 105 feet i inches High. The Vinalhaven Shaft is 115 feet Long to feet Square at the base and weighs 850 tons. This enormous Monolith w As quarried a just for fun a As the boys say or perhaps to show w hat the Granite company could do when they tried at any rate it was not quarried to order. A hat a splendid Monument it will make to somebody. A proposal. Dear Phillis will you Eliare my lot its not a Corner lot a tis True Anil yet methinks that any spot would be a Paradise with you. I very much Admire your face Aud yet i do not fab you now i fear to Lone my wonted Grace in breathing Forth a lovers vow. Tho a Grace Quot is what id have you Grant o matchless maid divinity i abjure those Mournful words a i can to Quot and Send a tender a a yes to me i a Detroit free Praus. Enjoyment at heme. Done to shut us your House lest the Sun should fade your carpets and your hearts lest a merry laugh should Sitake Down some of the Musty old cobwebs there of you want to ruin your sons let them think that All mirth and social enjoyment must be left on the threshold without when they come Home at night. A Hen once a Home is regarded As Only a place to eat drink and sleep in the work is begun that ends in endless degradation. Young people must have fun and relaxation somewhere if they done to have it at their own Hearthstone it will be sought at other and perhaps less profitable places. Therefore let the fire Burn brightly at night and make the Homestead delightful with All those Little arts that parents perfectly understand. Done to repress the buoyant spirit of your children half an hour of merriment around the lamp and firelight of a heme blots out Many a care and annoyance during the Day and the Best safeguard they can take with them into the world is the unseen influence of Bright Little Domestic Circle. Put Home first and Foremost for there will come a time w Hen the Home Circle will be broken when you will a Long for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still a and when your greatest pleasure will be remembering that you did All in your Power to put a song under every Burden to make each other Albany journal. Or envelope Are redeemed Aud stumps Are not. A some people Havo an idea that the government redeems postage Stamps when from any cause they become unfit for Nae or Are difficult to use. Frequently sheets of Stamps Are stuck together or Are torn or injured. The loss if any Falls upon the owner As the government refuses to assume any responsibility of Stamps when once sold j i he agents of the government the postmasters can redeem Stamps which they have for Sale if through any Accident they become unfit for use. But when the citizen buys a stump he either pics it in the legitimate say or else he a is out the value of the stamp. The government however redeems i stamped envelopes of one should bullpen to in misdirected or should become blot toil or for any reason a person should wish to tear open a stamped envelop after he has sealed it for mailing he can bring it to the Post office and get a Brand new envelope in its place. The reason for this difference in the treatment of the adhesive stamp and the stamped envelope is that the adhesive stamp can be used and then washed and passed As Good unless a careful scrutiny is made of the government should begin the practice of redeeming adhesive stamp the opportunities for fraud would lie increased. Then the adhesive Stamps Are manufactured at a Cost to the government which the stamped envelope is not. The Stamps Are furnished to the Public at the face value and out of this has to come the Cost of manufacture but in the Case of stamped envelopes they Are sold at their face value plus the Cost of Washington Star to wonder she a afraid. A Galveston Texas Man is in the habit of getting up Early and going in swimming in the Bay before breakfast. One morning his wife remarked at the breakfast table a George Fin anxious Whilo you Are away bathing in the morning that i can to sleep a Wink until you get George Felt very much flattered that his wife cared much for his safety and being desirous of allaying her apprehensions he said a a done to be alarmed. I know How to swim. And there is no danger of my gutting a i was not t linking about your getting drowned. That never entered my Bend but i am afraid that some thief knowing that you leave Tho House Early in the morning May sneak in while you Are away and steal the sittings. A. M. L priest druggist Shelbyville in. Say hair Catarrh cure give the Lieut of re i can get plenty of testimonial a in who taken it Quot Brugli sell satisfaction it cures a it t it a of just what she wanted. Anon Gandy at Bird store has this Parrot any accomplishments proprietor Ile can speak a Little but he a too old to learn anything new. A Oung lady hesitatingly a would he imitate any sounds he might hear such As a sneeze or a cough or anything of that kind j proprietor no. The girls were trying the other Day to teach him to imitate the sound of u kiss but he do it. A Oung lady fun take i Tribune ladles have tried it a number of my lady customers Hare Trie a Mother Friend a and would Nof be without to for Many times its Cost. They i recommended it to All who Are to become Mother. It. A. Patna druggist Greeneville Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., at i Ian to la., for particulars. By All druggists. My courted danger. Or. Seaside it is very dangerous to i go on the water in a boat. Mrs. Seaside yes All kinds of distressing accidents Are liable to occur. Obi Moneybags went out on the Lake in a boat with the Zavidow Witthar and when they got Back they Wert engaged. A Texas sittings. Get the Best or. Bull worm destroyers Are Tho lest. They taste Good. A i Bey Are Safe. They Are sure. Almost n reproach. Texas editor a mormon editor is in jail for supporting four wives. Wife Aon say he was an Edito it a that the Way it a and he supported four wives Quot just Quot Well i done to believe it. Texas sittings. Old Cigar what is the rate of Inte Reu when distance lends Enchant Merit to Tho View a Boston Uta Lexin. Smokers prefer Quot Tan slut a punch Deal gently with the stomach. If it proves refractory mild discipline is Tho thing to set it right. Not All the nauseous draughts and Boluses Ever invented can do half As much to remedy its disorders As a few wine Glass Fuls a say Throe a Day a of Hostetter stomach bitters which will afford it speedy Relief and eventually banish every dyspeptic and bilious symptom. Bick headache nervousness shallowness of the complexion fur upon the Tongue vertigo and those Many indescribable and disagreeable sensations caused by indigestion Are too often perpetuated by injudicious dosing. An immediate abandonment of such random and Iliad Vised experiments should be the first step in the direction of a cure the next step the use of this Standard tonic alterative which has received the highest medical Sanction Aud won unprecedented popularity. Tho soft Clow of the Tea Rose in acquired by ladle who use Pozzoni a medicated complexion powder. Try it. Sold every Hyrc. Do. J. B. Foils sanitarium it Wilson av.1. ,. it Tim or. Fever sore Ami i leers of Alt forms i Coli i tallow i it r treatise in above j on enjoys both the method and remits whew syrup of figs is taken it a pleasant and refresh into the taste and Actu i fitly yet promptly on the kidney Dver and bowels cleanses the system effectually dispels colds headaches and fever and cures habitual constipation. Yrun of figs is the Only remedy of it kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach prompt in it action and truly beneficial in it effect prepared Only from the Mort healthy and agreeable substance it Ninny excellent qualities commend it to All and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup or Fig is for Sale in 50e and $ i bottles by All leading druggist. Any reliable druggist who May not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it do not accept any substitute. California Fis syrup co san Francisco Cal. Louisville. By. At York. . I Ewis 98 of Lye i rows cars ans Fink mrs. In Cai i in u Tho to Brovont and purest to Modi. Xviii make the Best perfumed Haro h Jai in Twenty minutes without hailing. It is Tim inset for Dis info a Quot ii at sinks closets drains washing bottles barrels paints Etc. Penna. Salt manuf g. Co., Gen at s., Philo. A. 111 i i i Aby in i to a a Iii us i n. J i. Hints of j it it hit Iii. Ii Iii it .hi.1 it i his it oui try Ewe hour liven their in Rolth Ani their he i l less to hide n . Their i air diet in Infin of Anil childhood having a a been Kadi few Good 38 it it nth up druggists la a co., in Olaer mat Hall the Only Peru thai wad easy cure or. J l. By Epheus Labraun. Ulna. Good Revenue does food opium a jewish Bull. The following goes to show mat the Irish do not make All the bulls a a wort would Yon jews have done fora religion if no such persons As Moses father had Ever existed Quot asked Sam Bennett who loves to bother the chosen people a of Mose Schaumburg. A a mister ban Nett de Chews Vash Dot chosen beetles and if Moses father had never been born Den Man would have founded de mosaic religion probably i Aaron de brother of sittings. News a dont to. We. It Sofeo current report about town that kit in pm a Balsam for Tho Throat and lungs is making some remarkable cures with people who ure troubled with coughs. Sore Throat asthma. Bronchitis and consumption. Any druggist will give you a trial bottle free of Cost. It is guarantied to relieve und cure. The Largo bottles Are 50�?� Ami $1. Done to crowd the mourners. Jones if Tho new York officials have any gentlemanly instincts at All they will refrain from stealing for a while. Browne Why should they hold up just now Jones because the prison at sing sing is sittings. Bix novels free will be sent by Cragin amp to. Philada. Pa., to anyone in the u. 8. Or Canada postage paid. Upon receipt of 25 Dobbins electric soap wrappers. Bee list of novels on circulars around each bar. Soap for Sale by All grocer. The fact that parents Ere to Refl Muy account for Thoro being Many Bloke hails among the children. No matter How fond t gambling when he loses 6ort of Ante dote. in Ess a it and a Sapp Liq Iris amp solid cake a scouring try it in your next House cleaning be Happy cheap Comfort can he secured by the Small investment in one cake of sap0li0 when you have a House or Kitchen to Dean from the paint to the pots and pans and including the windows and floors it is the very Hest labor saving soap for scouring und cleaning. All grocers sell it. Mam unacquainted with the geography of the country will of Tahr much valuable information from a study of this map of. Man May be of his Money it is a bronchitis is cured by frequent Small doses of la Isons l ure for consumption. This in hot a of oust Blunt. A Parrot that does no to like chestnuts. A Friend tells this Story about a Parrot and vouches for its truth. It must have been a wonderful Bird that but belonged to one of those Fellows who Are always Iii hard Luck. One Day he found himself reduced to hard pan in the Way of finances and left his Green hued exile from Africa a Coral strand at his �?Ouncle�?T�?� every Day after that when he passed the Diop the Parrot would be hanging Over the door and would cry out in beseeching tones a Pete Pete w Hen Are you going to Tako me out a another peculiarity of his was that whenever any one said a Hull of to him to would reply a Hullo but for gods Sake done task me if i want any Telegram. A the Spring. Base Ball blooms sugar of Cyk according to or. D. Morris is nowhere found wild and it has been supposed to have lost its Power of producing seed. In specimens received at Kew gardens however seeds have been found. This discovery is Impi Octant a i it is anticipated that Cross fertilization and selections of seedlings Mav greatly improve the Plant. What a in a name about the hottest country on Tho Globe is Francisco pout. 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