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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - June 20, 1890, Defiance, Ohio Topics of tiie times. A Choice selection of interesting items. Lii of Wanh caught by the villagers As he essayed to escape and a it Many houses were consumed by t he devouring flames they proceeded to Lynch him As an incendiary caught in the act. He was bound hand and foot saturated with Oil hurled into the burning mass and speedily cremated a victim to the Blind fury of a mongolian English Nobleman invited a Gallant French officer to Dine with him. Wishing to Honor his guest and the Cati o which to sorted that of the French King the English peer ordered his Butcher to bring him a bottle of Tine wine one Hundred years old a a Ray of Sun shut in he opened it carefully and offered a Glass to the Marquis saying a if you deem it worthy the Honor will you drink in this wine the health of the King a Tho Marquis a How do you like it a a exquisite a replied a then a replied lord Beverly a finish the Glass Only in a full Glass con one drink the health of so great and so unfortunate a the afar Nis did As he was Bidden without hesitation Only when the englishmen tasted the wine did he learn that what lie had forced on his guest was easter Oil and thenceforth he held the politeness of the French toward the English in Tho highest a steam. Tasted the wine. Asked the Host the Marquis. There has been discovered in Augusta oa., a wonderful Spring which cure any kind of nausea and other stomach trembles. Its cures Are pronounced immediate and remarkable. An australian musician has invented a trombone that is played by steam. Ifs a god save the Queen can be Beard a distance of four Milos. He had hard Luck with it however for the people of his own town drove him out As a nuisance airs. Hiring a Rhode Island woman being thrown into the water by the filling of a boat in which she and two lady friends were rowing escaped drowning by clinging to her dog which swam with her to the Shore. Her friends were drowned. Several years ago a Richmond ate., Man refused to allow the mine Central j Railroad to put a foot on what he supposed was his land. A Survey showed that not Only the land in dispute but several rods More belonged to the Road and when the line Fence was built it took off a slice of the citizens Doorstep. _ English religious papers frequently a Neer at this country because a marriage which is lawful in one state May be unlawful in another state. But a Simi Lar condition of things exists in great Britain. In England for instance marriage with a deceased wife a sister is illegal while in the Island of Jersey such a marriage is valid. Experiments recently made in Spain show that sunlight has an important action in maturing wines. Layers of new wine in bottles of coloured Glas have been exposed to the direct rays of the Sun with Hie result that both Tho flavor and Quality have Boon improved. In the South of Europe there has been a practice it it of ripening Cognac by exposing the bottles on the roof for years. A general on his return from the wars showed his family a regimental Flag All j albeit the object aimed at is so excellent tattered Ami torn and riddled with bul and worthy that it is to to hoped that lets which lie had captured from the it May not be destined to remain in enemy with his own i lands. On the nub ibus. Following morning the trophy was to be prometheus according to the store of greek mythology stole fire from heaven and brought it flown to Earth. It appears that Tho performance of a somewhat analogous service is gravely contemplated by the promoters of the Watkin Tower London not fire but pure air being Tho useful commodity which it is intended to convey from the lofty h ight to the lower level for the Benefit of Mankind. The Tower is to be ret less than 1,200 feet High considerably higher than its prototype in Paris. T this atmospheric Point air even in London is declared to be absolutely pure and it is proposed that by Means of machinery specially devised for the purpose a Supply of fresh air shall be drawn to Tho Street level and thence distributed to houses and Public buildings As water and Gas now Are. The project to Tho non scientific mind at least May look rather shadowy. Presented to the general commander in chief. When lie came to look for the Flag his industrious housekeeper brought it to Bim with a smile of proud satisfaction Ami said a what a Job in be had but i munged it i sat up All night and mended that old Flag Aud now it looks nearly As Good As now. A a pin ult a style of advertising which still exists in May towns Ami Rural districts is a the card Ltd of after a Man hts passed through some severe tribulation such As tile illness and death of a near relative lie inserts in the local paper a card formally thanking his friends for their kind attentions. The Hustoft Texas Tribune thinks that Tho business was rather overdone by a Man who caused a card to be inserted thanking the undertaker a for the pleasant Aud satisfactory manner in which that fun actuary buried his wife. A savings ago and an old woman entered Hank in Albany a few Days taking a number of Gold and Silver coins from her reticule said she wanted to Deposit them. Hilo further remarked a i want you to keep this Money so that i can get the identical j pieces whenever i care to. I have the Date of each Coin Here a and she displayed a paper on which was a list of the dates. On being informed that it was impossible she replied a Well All right of i can to get the same coins Back again i wont it posit Mem a Aud she went out. Ai any years ago travellers in Africa and Asia brought Home marvelous stories of the stimulating effects of the Kola nut and its Power of sustenance during fatigue and abstinence from food. Recently these stories Avert revived and the world was told of the wonderful things which were to be accomplished with Kola. It is classified with Tea and Coffee and its Active principles Are the same As in those stimulants. The nut is in no sense a food and has no marked Power in warding off the sense of Lumper or fatigue. Its beneficial properties Are merely caffeine and Tannin and medical science gains nothing from the much exploited discovery. It is stated on Good authority that England has purchased the Congo free state in Africa from King Leopold of Belgium and that Henry Al. Stanley will be offered the governor generalship of the new territorial acquisition. All that impedes the publication of the Deal is the opposition of the United for six yews Greece has been searching for an executioner. The office is looked on with Peculiar Abhorrence in that country and the present difficulty i is no new development. The last capital execution occurred in 1881, also after a Long wait for an individual who was willing to perform it. A Man named Mesa Enier who had killed his wife offered to serve tile state As executioner for Pardon and he guillotined seventeen murderers the accumulation of five years dearth of an executioner. There Are now five murderers awaiting the penalty in Athens and eleven others in the rest of Greece. They All will before Long suffer death at tile hands of a pardoned Assassin named Kioukis the athenian convicts being attended to first and then the executioner embarking on a Man of War for a voyage along the coast stopping Here and there for a journey into any Interior town needing his services. So uncompromising is the National detestation of an executioner that even on the Man of War Kioukis will be protected from furtive assaults by Tho Crew by being housed in an Iron Cage. Patties dramatic birth. Afore questions have been asked about i patties Birthplace probably than about any other living persons. Instead of waiting for her death to Honor her with their rival claims half a dozen nations Are striving to appear As having started her on her Golden path of life. Here is the account o f her birth and childhood As related by Tho diva herself to the Queen of Spain at Madrid years ago. The Queen had Given Patti an audience and made a gracious Little s Leech to Hor after which she extended her hand to Adelina which the latter reverently kissed. Adelinda thereupon replied As follows a in the year 1843, my parents Tho italian singers Signor Putti Ami Signora Patti Barilla came to Ladrid in order to give a series of performances. Aly Mother who had retained tile name of her first husband was a native of Rome and counted among the Best singers of her time. On february in they both made their debut in the opera of a Norma which was considered As one of the most Brilliant performances of Ray Mother. They had scarcely returned from the theater to their hotel when Signore Putti Barilli whispered into the ear of her overjoyed husband a i am a Kotlier a which Only a few hours before was the last confession of Norma to her father Orovio St. The child that the Tir to mornings Ray of february lit greeted was i a said Patti a three weeks Lator my parents travelled with my Sisters Amalia and Carlotta and my brother Carlo and myself Back to Italy where we lied for three years. My father thereupon put my two elder Sisters into an Institute at Milan Ami went then with my Mother Aud the youngest children to new York where i states to the repeal of the Berlin Congo treaty of 1884 Al Rich stipulates that All remained until my sixteenth year merchandise imported into the free state shall remain free from import or transit dues for the space of Twenty years. The sovereignty of the free state was vested in King Leopold individually and not in Belgium. He had sunk Many millions of Money in the running of the government and the Only Way in which he could save himself from insolvency was by Exchange. Just what John Bull paid for the territory with its 1,200,000 Square Miles and its population of nearly 40,000,000 souls is at present unknown. A result of the unreliable Ness of circumstantial evidence is reported from client i Atman China. While a thief was engaged in robbing a House during the absence of the family the watchman hearing a noise entered but fail ing to discover the intruder proceeded to enjoy his pipe. He fell asleep and set fire to the building. The frightened the cares connected with the support it in a numerous family compelled my father to Avail himself of my Talent a Erv Early. From my seventh to my tenth year i travelled with him As a Youthful Prodigy through the whole of South shifting the responsibility. The railway Accident had been a terrible one and one of the men who were carrying the thirty seventh victim no Tho embankment said with Strong feeling a somebody will have to pay dearly for All the mangled passenger opened his eyes and glared a the speaker. A the company is not to blame a he said feebly a this is a dispensation of he was the attorney of the Tribune. Tue m i need Riel. The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and Low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it. Washington Telegram to Chicago Tutor Ocean it is becoming Moro evident every Day that there is to be a very Sharp contest in the Senate Over the acc Kislev Tariff Bill. There Are Many features to this Bill which do not commend themselves to the Republican members of Tho committee on finance. The contest in Tho committee Over Tho Wool and Woolen schedule is a Good illustration of this w Hile it is understood to to a fact that the majority of the republicans agreed to accept the Senate Bill substantially in the same form in which it came from the House so far As the Wool and Woolen schedules Are concerned it is also a fact that or. Allison moved a very considerable reduction and was outvoted it is understood moreover to be Tho intention of or. Allison to move in the Senate the amendment which was Defeated in the committee should he decide to do this this would cause i a break in the Republican ranks ii it on the subject of which the j opposition would unquestionably take the greatest possible advantage. The j representatives of the Wool growers i Are in Washington very closely watch i lug the actions of the sub committee i of the finance committee. They have j Boca watching Tho proceedings of the i sub committee for the last few Days with a in at Deal of interest. They had hoped that Tho contest Over Tho Wool schedule was ended. They now fear that the fight is to be reopened in the Senate not Only Between the republicans and democrats but among Tho republicans themselves when the Bill shall be reported Back from Tho finance committee. The members of the sub committee no longer talk of reporting the Bill in a week. There is now no expectation that it can to reported Back to the Senate earlier than a a. Otto week from next londay. The a a most moderate estimate for Tho time i human nature which is Likely to lie devoted to the discussion of this Bill in the Senate is one month. Alessis. Alor i 11, Sherman Jones and Histock Are understood to be Iii favor of maintaining the Wool schedule As it is in the Isi Ckinley Bill. Air. Allison is said to be opposed to this. It seems very probable that Tho Silver men will be Strong enough to prevent any action upon the Tariff Bill until after a Silver Bill shall have been finally disposed of Between the two houses the Silver men Are very much dissatisfied at the manner in which the rules in the House were made to work to their i Savun him and he has a lot of Good sturdy straightforward american characteristics. When he comes to this hotel he keeps dear of the bar room moves Al hint quietly does not chatter with i the Barbers nor grow familiar with Tho i waiters w kinds up his new York business As soon As possible Ami goes on with the w Ork of earning his Lhing in a thoroughly conventional and proper Way. He is exceedingly dose mouthed inclined to be rather thoughtful and is not lacking in consideration of his friends nobody claims he is a great Man but it is a great and notable mistake to hold him up As an object to jeer at. He is not that kind of a Man by a very Large York in n. Appeal in Hie South. You Are All willing to concede now that the political philosophy of John a. Calhoun was based on error and j permeated with error from Bottom to top. Yon know now that slavery was bad alike for w Hite and Black and you Are glad that the attempt to make it Tho Corner Stone of a nations existence proved an utter failure but you Are making As big and perilous a mistake when you try to get honest government by fraudulent methods and to maintain Tref institutions by fraud and v violence. It wont do. As Freedom and slavery co exist so can not honest government and fraud at Tho ballot lion. Tho two things Are irreconcilable. You done to want to be governed by the negroes you be afraid of that. Your better education the cultivated Quality of your brains your inherited capacity for leadership will keep you at the top. But for heavens Sake undo the terrible Blunder you arc making. Accept the Constitution As it is and see to it that every Legal citizen no matter what his color is allowed to enjoy All the rights to which the Constitution entitles him a Brook tue kiss of up i oot i Ford walk in in the Garden in Cool of i Iii i j. J the Days rut when a sinner starts for god a Tal of. Comments on i hoi Ileal son a it a Iii a. Tho father runs to meet him. Of i of a Man Ever wants help it is whim j to trios to become a Christian. Tho world i says to him Quot Back with you. Have Moro i spirit boil i be hampered with religion. I time enough yet. Waft until you get sick. T Walt until you get bitten says a Aback i with you you Are so bad that god will Havo nothing to Dot a with you Quot or a you Are Good i enough and need no redeemer. Take j thine ease eat drink and be to a i thousand voices say a Aback with you clod is a hard master the Church is a collection of hypocrites. Back into your sins Hack to your evil indulgences Beek in your pm Verluis Pillow. The silliest thing that a Young Man Ever does is to Tage. They intend to have an Opportunity to offer free coinage amendments in the Senate and to have a full vote upon them. As to the Woolen schedule the two important amendments which were recommended by the ways and Ai dans committee in Tho House Bill were Defeated by tile defect lion of a few republicans who United with the democrats in opposition have been it is reported adopted by j the Senate committee. One of these amendments made the rate of duty on Woolen and woisted goods valued at not i More t ban 80 cents per Pound three times j that imposed on a Pound of washed Wool. Another amendment made the j duty on Woolen yarn valued at not More than to cents per Pound two i and a half times the duty imposed on unwashed Wool of the first class Ami 85 per cent and Valorme. As it takes two and a half iou lids of Wool to make a a Pound of yarn this duty was necessary in order to give manufacturers a fair show with their foreign competitors. Those two amendments were Defeated in the House. But Accord j ing to the statement of a Republican j senator the Republican members of j the finance committee have agreed to report those amendments to the Bill As it passed the House. Air. Allison is said to have been Hie Only member of the committee who voted against making the change in the Bill he prolapsed an amendment cutting Down the rates on Wool to about the same As they Are under the existing Law. His amendment w As Defeated. The committee has passed the fax hemp and jute schedule and has practically agreed to make the rates the same As in the Senate Bill passed a Little Over a year ago. For instance where the Mickinley Bill fixed the rates on town or fax or hemp at $25 per ton the Senate committee has voted to make the rate $10 a ton the same As the existing Law and where the House made the rates on hemp $25 per ton the same As in the existing lathe Senate committee has reduced it to $20 per ton. On Brown and ble ached Linen cloths where the House made the rate 50 per cent and Valorme the Senate committee has reduced it to 25 per cent and Valorme the same As in the existing Law and on shirts and articles of wearing apparel of every description where the House made Tho rate 50 per cent and Valorme w Hen they consist wholly or in part of Linen the Senate makes it 40 per cent and Valorme the same As in the existing Law. The committee has not yet finally passed on the sugar schedule but. There is Good reason for stating that the schedule As it passed the House w ill not be changed. Claus Spreckles was Ieese to Day. And he said that he was satisfied with the rates fixed in the House Bill. Under the circumstances a member of the committee on finance stated that he did not see How the committee would be justified in making any change. The matter has not finally been passed upon and will come up again when or. Morrill is present. The Metal schedule As Given to the democratic members of the committee makes Tho rate on steel rails $11.20 per ton. This certainly looks j As though that would be the rate in the Bill when reported to the Senate. Russell Harrison. A some of the newspapers ought to describe Russell Harrison accurately and carefully for the Benefit of their readers a said a Man in the Gilev House recently. A i have known or. Harrison for a Good Many years and am in one concern a business associate of his. When he went to London just after his fathers inauguration and dined with the Queen the correspondents t Here decided to make him a butt for ridicule and As he is a Man wit i out the slightest pretensions and received the correspondents in his room at the hotel while to was packing his hard Valise instead of hiring a Lackey to do it and talked to the correspondents freely they held him up to ridicule More or less As a Man w Hose Amer Canum a were violent and pointed. The press is about equally divided now Between expressing admiration for Russell Harrison a bravery at the Texas Accident and in making fun of him for his action there. There is nothing remarkable about the presidents son one Way or Tho other but lie is a sort of Man friends stand by Tariff legislation. I asked senator Stanford if the air Kinley Tariff Bill would be passed and he responded that lie thought it would be passed substantially As it had gone to the Senate from the House. A every senator has sumac in his District so to speak. You know the Story no Well it is old but Good and i will Tell it Over. During the debate on the Ai Orrill Bill two free Trade members met to discuss the schedules. They agreed that they would go Over the list and decide Between them what they would recommend the ways and cleans committee to put on the free list. They had gone along with their pencils marking off one thing after another until one of them ran his Pencil through sumac. Hold on a said the other what Are you marking off sumac for in be got sumac in my Well that is the Way with the senators every one has sumac or something else in his state which to wants to preserve on the dutiable list whether he is a Democrat Ora Republican and so i am certain tile Bill will enquirer. Ile consistent. The country is writing to hear some free trader say that tile Mckinley Bill is responsible for the recent Advance in Tho Price of wheat Corn and Oats. The country will have to wait a Long time before it will hear any news of that kind. But Why the free traders say so they raised their hands and solemnly asserted last fall that the Low Price of farm products was due to the Tariff. We heard it All Over now a. Alore than that some Republican Farmers were foolish enough to believe it. The democrats persistently dinner it into the ears of everybody who would listen to them. The Tariff was the cause of 10-Ceiit Cern and 12-eent Oats they said and if the Tariff had such a remarkable effect upon the prices Why Isnit the increase in prices due to the attempt to revise the Tariff our free Trade friends should be consistent. If Hie Tariff held the prices Down last summer in rely the Republican method of reviling it has caused this Rise in prices. So our democratic friends ought to turn Iii and shout for the Mckinley Bill. Just see How it has raised the Price of Corn wheat Aud Oats a Iowa state importers for free Trade. The reason Why the importing class is found in Alliance w Atli the free Trade democracy is not far to seek. The value of our imports for 1889 was $770,000,000, of which amount $509,-000,000 paid duty and goods to the amount of $201,000,000 came in free. Importers naturally w ant to increase their business and their profits. If tin1 duties on articles now dutiable should be materially decreased or removed the importations would reach $1,000,000,000 or $1,200,000,000. These would have to be paid for in Cash or in the products of the country. The duties encourage the manufacture Here at Home of the articles we would otherwise import. They build up diversified industries and give employment to an army of wage earners w to themselves furnish a Market for american products. Home manufacturers and Home markets go together but they restrict the importing business. It is clearly apparent Why importers denounce the Mckinley they had a Model election from the Point of View at Jackson the state capital the other Day. The flavor was re elected likewise the recorder likewise Tho entire Board of aldermen All democrats of course. A the result of the election a says a dispatch from that City a was an overwhelming endorsement of the present the overwhelming character of the result however is due to Tho fact that the republicans did not vote and that less than one third of the democrats voted. Of course it would have been More overwhelming had All the democrats voted. But then had All the Republican voters voted it would have been an overwhelming Republican Victory. So much depends upon the Point of View. The total vote of the City was Only about 500, but it w As a great democratic Triumph. Overwhelming in democratic organs unite with Tho English in denouncing a the Mickinley Bill As an now if both wings could vote at the next election Protection would have a poor inter democrats can at last rejoice that the Mckinley my makes a ipecac As airs. Partington once observed a democrats Are great . Grover Cleveland is slow to reach conclusions but Long before 1892 he will wish he had tried harder to let brer Dana Ocean. A wonderful Sermon drawn from Fin Well known Tim god sinner a joyously its did tile in flier ills erring child or. Talmage Sermon for sunday Turin 15, wan on Tim prodigal Hon. And his text Luke 20. Xiv Quot when to was yet a great Way off. His father saw him and had Eola a passion and ran and fell on his neck and based him Quot following is the Hermon one of the deepest Wells unit inspiration come Home after be has been Ever Opi Ned is this Well of a parable which of How much help a Man does want when we can never exhaust. The parable i sup j he tries to become a Christian indeed pose was founded Ltd facts. I have de too prodigal cannot find his Way Home to scribed to you the going away of this Prodi his father s House alone i less some one Gal son from his father s House and i have comes to meet him he Hail better have showed you what a hard time he had Down stayed by the Swine troughs. When t lie tide conies in Yon might Moro easily with your Broom sweep Back Tho surges than you can drive Back the Ocean of your unforgiven transgressions. What Are we to do Are Ive to fight the Battle alone and trudge on with no one to Aid us. And no Rock to shelter us and no word of encouragement to cheer in glory to to god we Timve in the text the announcement a win n in was a great Way off his fatties when the sinner starts for god. God starts for the sinner. God does nut conic nut with a slow and hesitating Pace the infinite spaces slip beneath his feet and to takes worlds at a bound. Quot the fatties of wonderful mooting when god Ami the soul come together. A the father you Start for god and god starts for you and you meet and Whilo Tho Angels rejoice Over the meeting your Long injured fat Lier Falls upon your neck with attestations of compassion Ami Pardon. Your poor. Wandering sinful polluted soul and tile Loving the eternal father have met. I remark upon the fathers kiss. Quot he fell on his neck Quot a in text says Quot and kissed it is not every father that would have done that Way. Homo would Havo scolded hint and said Quot Here you went off with Beautiful clothes but now you Are All in tatters. You went off healthy Ann came Back sick and wasted with your he did not say that. The son All buggered and ragged and filthy and wretched stood before his father. The father charged him with none of his wanderings. He just received him. To just kissed him. His wretchedness was a recommendation to that father s love. Of that father s kiss How shall i describe tile love of god a the Arder with which he receives a sinner Hack again give Mea plummet with which i May fathom t ii is sea. I give me a ladder with which i can scale this height. Give me words with which i can describe this love. Tho apostle says in one place a Unsearchable Quot Iii another Quot past finding height overtopping All height depth plunging beneath All depth breadth co passing All immensity. Of this love god so loved Tho world. To loves you. Done to you believe it has to not Dono everything to make you think so he has Given you life health friends Homo the use of your hand Tho sight of your Eye. He has strewn your path with mercies. He has fed you clothed you defended you. Loved you import Ned you All your life Long. Done to you believe he loves bread you Why if now you should Start up from Ilio wilderness of your sin to would throw Bot i arms around you. To make you believe that. He loves you he stooped to Manger and Cross and sepulchre. With All the passions of his holy nature roused he stands before you to Cay and would coax you to happiness and heaven. Of tills fathers kiss there is so much meaning arum love and compassion in it so much Pardon in it so much heaven in it. I proclaim him the lord god merciful gracious and Long suffering abundant in goodness and truth. Lest you would hot believe him he goes up Golgotha and while Tho rocks Are rending and Tho Graves Are opening and the mobs Are howling and the Sun is hiding he Dies for you. See him see him on the mount of crucifixion tile sweat on his brow tinged with the blood exuding from his lacerated temples Bee his eyes swimming in death hear the loud breathing of Tho sufferer Asho pants with the world on his heart hark to the fall of blood from brow and hand and foot on Tho rocks beneath drop drop drop look at the nails hot Wido the wounds Are wider do they gape As his body comes Down upon them. Of this crucifixion agony tears melting into tears. Blood flowing into blood. A darkness dropping on darkness. Hands of men joined with hands of devils to tear apart the quivering heart of tile Bon of god m of will he never speak again ? will that Crimson face never Light up again to will speak again while Tho blood is suf fusing his brow and reddening his Cheek dipl gathering on nostril and lip and you think i to is exhausted and cannot speak he cries out until All the Ages hear him a father forgive them they know not what they do a is Thoro no emphasis in such a scene As that to make your dry eyes weep and your hard heart break ? will you turn your Back upon it and say by your actions what the jews said by their words Quot his blood to on us and on our children a what does it All mean my brother my sister Why it Means that for our Tost race there was a fathers kiss. Love brought him Down. Levo opened the Gate. Love led to Tho in the wilderness and what a very great mistake it wits for him to leave so Beautiful ii Home for such a miserable desert. But he did not always stay in the wilderness he came Back after a while. We do not read that ids Mother clime to Greet him. I suppose she was dead. Bile w Ould have been the first to i ome out. The father would hav a Given the second kiss to the returning prodigal the Mother the first. It May have been for the Lack of her example and prayers that he became a prodigal. Sometimes the fat her does not. Know How to manage Tho children of the Houschild the chief work comes upon Tho Mother indeed no one Ever gets Over the calamity of losing a Mother in Early life. St ill this Young Man was not a greeted when he came Back however w Ell a paroled we May to in Tho morning when we Start out on a journey before night what with Tho dust and Tho jostling to ha\3 lost All Eleu Liness of appearance. But this prodigal win n be started from the Swine trough was ragged Ami wretched and his appearance after he had gone through Days of journeying and exposure you can More easily imagine than describe. As the people see this prodigal coming on homeward they wonder who to is. They say a i wonder what prison to has broken out of. I wonder what Lazaretti he has escaped from. I wonder with what plague he will smite Tho although these people May have been Well acquainted with Lim family Yot they do not imagine that this is the very Young Man we How cutoff Only a Little while ago with Quick step and Ruddy Cheek and Beautiful apparel. Tho Young Man i think walks very fast. He looks As though he were intent upon something very important. Tho people Stop. They look at him. They won a <1 r where to came from. They wonder where he is going to. You have heard of a son who went off to sea and never returned. All the people in Tho neighbourhood thought the son would not return but Tho parents came to no such conclusion. They would go by the hour Atid titty and sit upon the Beach looking off upon the wafer expecting to see Tho sail that would bring Home the Long absent boy. And so i think this father of my text sat under Tho Vino looking out toward tile Road on which his son had departed but the father has changed very much Sineo we saw him last. His hair Bas become White his Cheeks Are furrowed ins heart is broken. What is All his Bountiful table to him when his son May be lacking what is All the splendor of the wardrobe of that Homestead when the son May not have a docent coat what Are All the sheep on that Hillside to that father when his a it let Lamb is gone still he sits and watches looking out on the Road and one Day he beholds a foot traveler to sees him Rise above Tho Hill first the head and after a while the entire body and As soon As he gets a fair glance at him he knows it is ids Recreant son. To Foj its the Crutch and the Cane and the stiffness of the joints and Bounds away. I think the people ail around were amazed. Tin y said Quot it is Only a foot pad. It is Only Soho do Trump of the n and. Done to go out to meet the father knew bet Ter. The change in Tho songs appearance could not hide the Marks by which the father knew Tho boy. You know that persons of a great Deal of Independence of character Are Apt to indicate it in their walk. For that reason Tho Sailor almost always has a Peculiar step not Only because be stands much on shipboard amid the rocking of Tho sea and lie has to balance himself but he has for the most part an Independent character which would show in his gait even if he never went on the sea and we know from what transpired before that this prodigal son was of an Independent and Frank nature and i in pilose i hat tile characteristic of ii is mind and heart were the characteristics of Bis Wain. And so Tho father knew him. He puts out his withered arms toward him he brings his wrinkled face against the Pale Check of his son he kisses the wan lips to thanks god that the Long agony is j Over. Quot when he was yet a great Way off his father saw him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him a of do you not recognize that father who was it it was god i have no sympathy with that cast Iron theology which represents god As Bard severe and vindictive. God is a father kind Loving lenient gentle Long suffering patient and lie flies to our immortal Rescue of that we might realize Iii a wealthy lady in one of the Eastern countries was going off for some time and silo asked her daughters for some j sacrifice. Love shattered Tho grave. Love memento to carry with her. One of Tho a Quot a a a a. Daughter brought a Marble Tablet beautifully inscribed and another daughter brought a Beautiful Wreath of Flowers. The third daughter said a Mother i brought neither Flowers nor Tablet but hero is my heart i have inscribed it All Over with your name and wherever you go it will go with the Mother recognized it As the Best of All mementos. Of that our souls might go out toward our father that our hearts might be written All Over with Hie evidences of his Loving kindness and that we might never again forsake him. In the first place i notice in this text the fathers eyesight in the second place. I notice the father s haste and in the third place i notice the fathers kiss. To begin the fathers eyesight. A when he was a great Way off jus father saw you have noticed How old people sometimes put a Book off on the other Side of the Light. They can see at a distance a great Deal easier than they can close by i do not know whether his father could see Well that which was near by but i do know he could see a great Way off. A this father saw perhaps lie had been looking for the return of that boy especially that Day. I do not know but that lie had been in prayer and that god had told him that that Day the Recreant boy would come Home. Saw him a great Way Oil Quot j lifted him up in resurrection. Sovereign j love i omnipotent love infinite love i bleeding love everlasting love of. For this love let rocks and Hills their lasting silence break am All harmonious human tongues Rise Saviours Praise speak. Now will you accept that fathers kiss the holy spirit Conics to i with his arousing Noelting alarming inviting vilifying influence. Hearer what creates in thee that unrest it is the holy ghost what influence now tells thee that it is time to Fly that to Morrow May be too late that is one door one Road one Cross one sacrifice one Jesus it is the holy ghost. My most urgent word is to those who like the Young Man in my text Are a great Way off and they will Bart for Home and they will get Home. They will yet preach the gospel and on communion Days carry around the consecrated bread acceptable to everybody because of their holy life and their consecrated behaviour. The lord is going to save you. Your Home has got to be rebuilt. Your physical health has got to be restored. Your worldly business has got to be reconstructed. Tile Church of god is going to rejoice Over your discipleship. You have not heard or read Many sermons Dur ing the past few years. You do not weep. Quot Hie father j but the Shower is not far off. Yeu sigh and i you have noticed that there is always a i wonder if god s eyesight can Descry us Gogh in the wind before the rain Falls when we Are coming Back to him ? the text j there Are those who would give anything pictures our conditions we Are a great Way j if they could find Relief in teas.-. They say off. That Young Man was not farther off a ooh my wasted Pel of. The bitter past from his fathers House sin is not farther off from holiness,.hell is not farther off from heaven than we have been by our sins away from our god Aye so far off that we could not hear his voice though vehemently he has called us year after year. I do not know what bad habit you May have formed or in what evil places you have been or what false notions you May have entertained but you Are ready to acknowledge if your heart has not changed by the Grace of the Graves Over which i Havo stumbled whither shall Fly alas for the future everything is dark so dark so dark. God help to god pity me a thank the lord for that last utterance. You have begun to Pray and when a Man begins to petition. That sets All heaven flying this Way and god Steps in and beats Back the hounds of temptation to their Kennel and around about the poor wounded soul puts the covers of his pardoning mercy. Hark i hear burs of the Unco around the Sheepfold. The Shepherd lets them Down and the hunted sheep of the Mountain bound in some of them their fleece Torii with the Brambles some of them i heir feet lame with the dogs but bounding in. Thank god i saved for time saved for eternity. Of god. That you area great Way off Aye. I something fall. What was that it is the so far that you cannot get Beek yourselves. You would like to come Back. Aye this j moment you would Start if it were not for i his sin and that habit and this disa Dvan i Tage. But i am to Tell you of the fathers Eye j sight. A the saw him a great Way to j has seen All your frailties All your struggles j All your disadvantages. He has been longing for your coming. He has not been looking at you with a critics Eye or a bailiffs Eye but with a fathers Eye and if a Jiaren Ever pitied a child god pities you. You say Quot of i had so Many Eril surroundings when i started your father sees it. You say a i have so Many bad surroundings now find it is very difficult for me to break away from evil y our father sees it and if you should Start heavenward a As i Pray you May your father would not sit idly Down and allow you to struggle on up towards him. Of. Ii Quot i seeing you a great Way off he would lev to the Rescue. The Middle of Tho Highway there and a Swift vehicle is coming and May destroy him five Hundred times longer a than it takes our heavenly father to Spring to the deliverance of a lost child. A when lie was a great Way off his father saw this brings to to notice the father s haste. Tim Bible save he ran. No wonder he did not know but that the Young Man would change his mind and go Back. He did not know but that he would drop Down from exhaustion. He did not know but that something fatal might overtake him before he got up to the door Sill and so Tho father ran. The Bibl Quot for t he most part Speaks of god As walking. Quot in the fourth watch of the night Quot it says a Jesus came unto them walking on the Quot he walk eth upon the wings of the our first parents heard the voice of the Tommy Wasny to afraid. Daughter twelve years old to Mother a Ala May i go in swimming this afternoon with Tommy Jones and his sister the water is real Nice and warm Kotlier with a lion Ifield look a what Are you talking about done to you know that it is not right for you to go in bathing with a boy daughter reassuringly a of that show Long take a father to pm to nothing it Nia his sister Sally and i have often been in with him after school. And he Wasny to the least bit afraid of us menaced by Savages. Cheyenne indians preparing for an uprising. Front Ai Arm Felt in Montana drop the i univ action it til Ken Ken governor tool uni Iii Arm anti ammunition to the Irene of Tho trouble allies City Mont dispatch the Cheyenne Indian trouble is daily and hourly assuming a More serious aspect. Settlers coming into town from the outside agree that every indication Points to an outbreak. Cheyenne bunts Are scattered Over the country in Small parties intimidating ranchers by insolent conduct and killing cattle largely in excess of their demands for food. The Bucks occupy the High ground and Are constantly signalling from Point to Point. Friendly indians report that runners have been sent to Blanding Rock and Pine Ridge to induce the Sioux and Fine Ridge cheyennes to join in a contemplated raid. These reports Are also to the effect that the cheyennes Are going to raid White settlements As soon As preparations Are completed. Pshaw agent of the cheyennes is marked for vengeance. Ile is to be scalped and his Scalp divided so each Indian can have apiece. Sioux indians travelling singly and in pairs with Large strings of ponies have Boon intercepted coming from the direction of Tho Missouri River agencies and headed for the Cheyenne Agency. The cheyennes Are All Well armed with Winchester and have plenty of ammunition. The settlers and cowboys Are poorly armed. To remedy this sheriff Jones of Custer county has asked Tov. Toole for too rifles and 10,000 rounds of a munition which will arrive to Morrow and be sent out at once. There Are now at the Cheyenne Agency three troops of cavalry from fort Custer numbering about 140 men. Under command of major Carroll. A detachment one troop of cavalry and three companies of infantry under command of a Apt. Matthewson loft fort Keogh this morning for Sweeney Creek where the indians were reported troublesome. It is probable that another detachment will to ordered to Ashland at Oneo. It May be possible to quell Tho outbreak by tile presence of the troops and armed ranchers and cowboys but the Only solution of Tho difficulty is the removal of the indians who Are Only half fed and Havo been kept in this condition for years past. Half their food has been furnished by stockmen of Custer county who Are getting tired and will relieve themselves of this incubus if the government does not act. Helena Mont dispatch gov. Toole has just received a dispatch signed by ten prominent citizens of Miles City requesting that he Send 1,000 stand of arms and ammunition. In reply arms and ammunition were sent Forward in charge of col. Curtis. The cheyennes Havo left their Camps and Are gathering in Small Camps of from fifteen to Twenty live in the Tepee and Are firing at settlers houses and making Tho most threatening demonstrations. Ranch men have been bringing their families into the settlement All Day. Cattle Are being shot Down by the indians through pure malice As no parts of the animals Are used for beef. Eighteen Cattie were shot in one Bunch on Otter Creek. White men Are believed to to responsible to a great extent for the present troubles among the cheyennes. These men without Tho authority or knowledge of the military authorities at fort Custer entered Tho reservation about a week or ten Days ago and harangued the indians with a Story of a coining Christ and inflamed their imaginations with tales of horses cattle and lire water to be bestowed when the Christ arrived. One night this week a band of braves wont on the Warpath almost within sight of fort Custer and surprised a family on the Little big Horn. The Only woman present escaped with her husband but a Man named Bowen was killed and scalped. The band proceeded to the Tongue River Valley and killed two More settlers whose names Are unknown. Four indians implicated in the murder were arrested and taken to Miles City. It was then fully realized that an ugly feeling was general among the Northwestern tribes Medicine men having inflamed nearly All of them by preaching the coming of a new Alessia. Cattle were stolen from Rancho in unusual numbers and the settlers have for weeks been in a state of fear. Bostons Bood senators. Charges that votes were offered for Sale to elevated Road. Boston dispatch the charge of bribery and corruption urged against certain Massachusetts state senators has proved the sensation of the hour Here. The Senate took the matter up immediately upon its Assembly tills morning and a committee of investigation was appointed. This body at once seitan its work summoning George Fred Williams Tho Young representative who preferred the charges to name guilty senators and state his proof. 1 Tho elevated Railroad advocates and Senate lobbyists were on hand in Force. Or. Williams urged delay As lie was not ready to produce his testimony. Pushed to a statement of what he really intended to show he said a i have evidence tending to show that a member of your honorable Branch in consultation with persons representing one of Tho elevated Railroad companies asking for a charter offered to produce ills own vote As one of ten members of your honorable Branch which ten members he would a delivery or their votes for the sum of $100,000 for Cadi the company involved he said was the Peoples elevated Road but that incidental to the charges would come up matters concerning the West end Railroad. Or. Williams will name the senators alleged to have been concerned in the transaction and produce his proof to Morrow. A letter from Bennington to a Boston Man informed the latter that a barrel of Spruce gum was on its Way to him As a gift. Realizing that he could never dispose of a barrel of Spruce gum i unaided in a lifetime he hastened to search out some dealer to whom after a hard Days work he sold about a Quarter of tile gift. The next morning the postman brought the barrel of Spruce gum and it was about two inches tall. Cable to Bermuda. It a reached the Inland on tile Westmeath. Philadelphia a dispatch the Cable which is to be Laid Between Halifax and the Island of Bermuda arrived at the latter place june 7 on the British Steamer Westmeath from London. This news was brought Here yesterday by capt. Fulcher of the British Steamer City of Truro which arrived from Almena via Bermuda. The Westmeath put into Bermuda merely to make arrangements to land the Cable As it is the intention to Start the work of laying it from Halifax. The Cable was manufactured in London and shipped on the Westmeath which is specially fitted out for laying it. It is Soo Miles Long and is said to weigh about 3,000 tons. Vessels destroyed. A terrific tempest sweep Over Montevideo. City of Mexico dispatch mall advices from Montevideo says that the City is just recovering from the effects of a terrible tempest which caused incalculable damage in the Harbor. No such storm Hail been experienced there in thirty years. It is estimated that at least 200 vessels of various sorts were either lost or badly damaged. The German Steamer Corrientes plying Between Hamburg Aud Buenos Ayres was wrecked and her valuable cargo saved Only with the greatest difficulty

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