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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - April 26, 1889, Defiance, Ohio Domestic Economy. Ani Timmi Tullu topics discussion. A Hort set of a Ifni information to the farm Orchard stable parlor and Kitchen the fake. Rim for ens Ilage. I. Silos should be made deep or High when practicable so that the ens Ilage itself May exert a greater pressure on All below to. Tin i it Tom should Boon a level with the stable floor so As to admit of easier feeding. To. It May be tilled in at the top either by Means of a Carrier driven by the machine in cutting or on an elevated Bridge or Causer a. J. If the silo stands on a Steep Hillside. In Earth Road May be made to carry in the Load of talks to the Cutter and silo. 5. The silo May be constructed of Timber Aud plunk and while it lasts will be As Good As when built of costly masonry. To it Good Walls May i made of boards or Plank pulled on the two sides of a stiff Timber Frame forming an air space lined with tarred building pm Jer to make it airtight and prevent free my much. 7, if the punks Are Well naked with Petroleum they will lust mum Mars. The portion next to Earth May be treated with Gas tar or it May be of masonry. 8. A Plank door capable of being strongly barred should open it to the passage toward the stable. Y. If the Walls Are fairly even it will animals they Are bound to pay As Long f what laxative and people drink milk eat butter and bin beef. Raising horses or mules will pay. V really Good horse or mule never fails to command a profitable Price if raised with intelligent skill and Economy Fay one who understands his business in Euple have to have plow Stock Wagon Stock Carriage Stock Etc. Homebody Lins to raise them and the Best class of Stock will always sell Well. The idea is to raise the Best always that your Means and skill and circumstances will admit of. I hero will be ninety and nine sorry animals where there will be one Best. The sorry ones dont pay at least not much tue rot i tio \ Aku. Make to difference in the settling of the ens Ilage whether the Plank Are set upright or horizontal. In. Tin Bottom or door should have perfect drainage. 11. Hiles of moderate size or larger ones with divisions Are More convenient for tilling Aud emptying Quot provided the Cutter can he easily placed to feed All. 12. After filling the silo daring Ino Jessive Days. The contents will Settle in the course of a week Ort of to a1 out two thirds of their former Hulk. 13. Ens Ilage after settling will weigh about forty live pounds to the cubic foot if Cut Short and weighted heavily int will be considerably less in weight at top if Cut longer and not weighted. 14. A ton of Good ens Ilage cont ins no More Nutriment than an ennui amount of Well dried and Cut Cornstalk lint it is liked better by cattle and is better assimilated. Digested and goes further than the dry fodder. To. It has nearly the same advantages As Green food Given in summer. 16. Two modes Are adopted in raising i the stalks planting in thick drills and thus obtaining the heaviest crop with no Grain or the incur. And obtaining fewer stalks with some Corn. 17. The Grain obviates feeding dry meal with the ens Ilage and is believed by Many to be More profitable than the heavier thick crop requiring Home meal. 18. The Best ens Ilage is obtain d by allowing the stalks to Ripen enough to let the Grain Glaze and the leaven to dry on their edges. Failure results when cutting too Green. Id. From four to six inches apart in the Row is a mailable distance for the stalks Small Corn Aud Sweet Corn nearer than Large Southern Corn. 20. The amount of fodder which May be grown on an acre depends chiefly on the Richness of the soil. Common or Good growing Northern Corn planted thicker than Large Southern will yield from fifteen or Twenty tons of Green stalks to the acre on Rich land. Large Corn will yield rather More in stalks but j less in Grain. 21. Cutting the fodder half an Inch in length admits closer packing in the silo and prevents the making of Long fibrous manure. If Throe or four inches it is better than the whole length. 22. Thoroughly tramp around the edges of the silo in filling the Central portion will become solid without Mach tramping.22. Weighting Tho silo Parks the top layer More nearly air tight leaving it exposed causes several inches to rot on the top. A liver of several inches of dry Straw holds a portion of the steam from the hot ens Ilage and tends to lesson the rotting. 21. A weight of a Hundred pounds to the Square foot is ample. It May be stones Laid on Plank cover or it May be Sand sawdust Earth bags of Grain or tubs of water on Tho Plank according to convenience. Weights Are better than screws because continuous. 25. In feeding out expose As Little of the ens Ilage to Tho an As convenient either by cutting Down perpendicularly in successive sections or in Small silos with Large Herd by taking off successive layers Over Tho whole gentleman. Poultry notes a correspondent of the America butt Nome says it is getting to be the Rule for some men and most women to raise chickens the general Concession being they pan out better for capital invested than almost anything else. In Ante Bellum Day nearly All Tho i servant women had their Hen houses and the plantar wives would buy from to i negro women w Hen the fowls at the Quot big House it re Laving in a desultory sort of fashion that could not be depended upon for the Many cakes Aud endless breads that could not be made w without eggs these same a a coloured ladies would Dally throw cabbage siring Beans potatoes. Or Antt big of a like kind to their Lowie Tut now Ainee fancy poultry is so much the order of Tho Day we read and gift get hot Mash in the morning vegetable for a midday meal Etc Etc. Some seven or eight years ago i was walking in Tho barnyard of mrs. M., with or. H., her agent and seeing a Large number of Beautiful a Chester Aud a a Berksh ire hogs i asked him what Stock he liked Best. walked on to a Large Boule full of Corn and with an a1 i ii sit chuckle pointing to the Corn said. I a that is the Stock i like Best. So it is with poultry. Iou May like the Asiatic fowls which take the Lead in size and we have the i Lany bans which originated in the Northwest part of China and were first imported to England Fay major Croad there is where we get the a Croad Strain Quot of the English Nav the brahmas in or Ridge. And Buff Cochins and others. I Hen w e have the Houda usand Dork us with the supernumerary ton Black a Spanish leghorn and Tho Minorca much esteemed for their Fine lying qualities and their Fine Large White eggs As non setters usually Lay a White egg while those that set Lay from a Pale Straw to a Rich Orange. But to be such everlasting layers or a egg machines they have to be fed regularly Aud without stint. The Man leaves Home for a few Days g i what laxative and Well supplied with y i nitrogenous elements. Such foods Are wheat bran Oats pea mull Beans Aud linseed meal. Corn is unsuitable for Breeding ewes As it produces fat and heat there is to animal which responds with better results to succulent foods than sheep and ewes with Lamb. Potatoes do not seem to to adapted to this purpose turnips arc a natural food for ewes As Well As for tither sheep. Carrots Are excellent and so Are beets and mangles. A few roots or a Small ration of those say four quarts a Day with bran and linseed meal and put ewes Iii a most healthy and vigorous condition and at the same time this combination of foods will tend to promote the growth Aud support of the fetus and when the Little Lamb is born j it will have the Bone and strength to j help itself and it will give far less trouble to get it on its legs and obtain i its sustenance from the Mother. There is such a thing As Reding the Lamb be fore it is born to nourish mid strengthen i it through the blood of its dam. This is an important matter and should never to lost Wight of in Tho feeding of the Mother tins idea is particularly a j Pic Otbie to Tho Ewe As its offspring is so Likely to be weak and More or less help i less if the ewes have not been fed on such f oods during Thi Winter the sooner tin is done before lambing time the Bete r. The feeding should be in limited quantities at first not More Thitu a Gill a Day for a few Days. Then gradually increase to a quart or two according to the size of the Ewe. Three parts of wheat bran to one smrt of linseed meal is a Good proportion fed twice a Day w Ith the roots. Ewes May be fed Oats w Ith roots Aud do Well but the bran is almost in a liable Aud it will furnish Hie muscle and Bone food required. When ewes Are to Lamb soon they should not be fed on Timothy Hay As it is not a proper Sheen food. There is nothing so Good in All the list of forage plants As Bright Clover Hay. Sheet will do Well on this food alone up to it the time of lambing As it is the Best balanced food in the whole list. The ewes should have Access to water whenever they want it As they naturally drink but Little at a time and drink agriculturist. Aromatics for Kasti ii i a11 Nal Niskoff Tyr etched a Why that is the Way now we raise do. Tai Macik skit riffles sri nos of ii Al so s ices in Kem of the adornment of Tho Tomb Tho to no Moinelo hosts of Tho dead a Tho dories of Hie resurrection of Tho righteous Tho Mio beyond Tho Tom ii a vast multitude attended the easter or views at the Brooklyn Tabernacle last Munday. The pews the aisles and All the adjoining rooms were thronged and multitudes in the Street could not gain an Entrance. Rev. To de a 111 Talmage a i preached on the subject a aromatics Tor or. I Ulm ago took two texts Luke i a bringing the spices which the hoi . Tho care of flannel. It is excellent Economy to buy the Best of its kind when purchasing any clothing and then to take Good care of it after it has come into one s Possession. All Wool flannel requires More careful treatment than the Cotton and Wool although the Latte should not be neglected by any Means. All Wool flannel shows neglect More quickly than the other and a on despoiled always spoiled a i cannot be remedied. The garment once and comes Back. The first time lie looks i shrunken cannot be restored to former at the meal is surprised to see so Little j commences to watch the feeding out of j a pan to the chickens and not the stable j As the hired help takes meal by the bag j then tile dear old Man says if Yon gave j your fowls less Don t you think Tho meal would last longer. The Little woman who mixes the Mush feeds the vegetables and Corn or mixed Grain at i night put in place by Pap says very Little As she remembers the twelve in Hie family of hired help and knows the trusted help has an Index Finger that is every ready to Point toward the poultry 1 Yard. The Way to realize profit is not to crowd your fowls have just what you can care for yourself. Measure Tho flt Vod by noticing what they eat heartily leaving nothing Overand in two weeks time you will be Able to know what it takes to feed them comfortably on. Then you can charge the actual outlay and credit them not Only for Tho eggs sold and eaten and chickens disposed of but the feathers May be also the droppings. The Raiser of fowls will find it a Good investment to give the droppings to the father or husband As he will take it for his a Plant land a or Garden. As i stated count All Tho Cost and profit and if after you get Well under Way with your favorite kind of poultry your income Dosons to double Tho outgo you la be More unlucky thou i have been. Aha be and All Wool flannel will shrink bad the a Irv. The Sto . Dots Stock Breeding pay in answer to this question by sub live Scriber the editor of the Southern Stock journal replies yes Stock raising pays. But How much pays depends upon very Many conditions. Good Stock Well fed and Well cared for. Intelligently bred skilfully managed pays Well any kind of Stock horse cow hog sheep Goat. They must Quot a managed correctly to pay lug profits. They must be fed Well yet economically. They must not Only be fed Well but in order to make Tho quickest growth and the most economic and the most perfectly developed animals Uliey in i be fed such food Aud in such relative proportions of Are adapted to the special purpose in View. Do we know of any one making Money raising Stock we do. We know of very few who Are engaged in Stock Breeding As a specially who Are not making Money. Not All making Large profits and growing Rich rapidly but far More financially successful As a class than ninety nine out of a too Farmers who Mise Hoed crops and Breed no Stock. Of course some men fail some because they Are not fitted for the business either by natural taste for Hie business or Lack of practical knowledge of the business or both some fail who would fail at almost any other agricultural Pursuit. There is As much depending upon the Man As upon the Stock the soil the feed. What is the wealthiest agricultural Region of Kentucky is it not the Quot Blue grass a Region the lauds Are Worth is no to fist per acre and Why we answer grass and tuck. In Tennessee the Middle portion is the wealthiest agricultural Section Why ? gras Aud Stock. Is it not so in All the states except where the ranching business is carried on that the highest priced lands Are grass lands and the richest Farmers Are a stockmen what Branch of Stock raising to advise As the Best depends upon so Many a circumstances it would i e difficult to answer satisfactorily the character of j lauds and grasses that can be grown distance from Market the tast s it it i the Man himself Etc., Etc. There will always As Long As you live or i live Aud our children live by Good profit in Dairying and with Jersey cattle. J Here will always be a Good demand for the Best Quail of milk Aud butter Aud cheese and there will never be a time when a first class Dairy cow will not sell at a Good Price As Long As people eat beef and grass grows the Devon will pay a profit to the breeder who manages skilfully his business. The Holstein being the greatest of All milk producing bleeds Aud fair Nutter animals and fair beef Dairy note. It costs somali inc like Hio a year to maintain a it of and Hie profit lies in what she yields above Tho Cost Aud maintenance. Switzerland produces seventeen kinds of cheese for Export. The Milch cattle Are celebrated for uniform messes of Rich milk. It is a common mistake to nearly fill the churn and then churn for two or three hours before the Blitter comes when it ought to come in from 35 to 50 minutes. Remarking on the influence of feed upon Tho Quality of milk a Exchange thinks that if the feed be continued while the cow is bearing a calf. The progeny will inherit this tendency to put More milk into the Cream pot. In this Way our Large milkers May in time he bred As equally remarkable for butter production. When the Cream foams in Tho chum and will not make butter it May be Aud most probably at this season is due to too much acidity Iii the Cream. If the milk be kept at a steady temperature of Tiff or 62 degrees for two Days. Aud the Cream kept for two or three Days longer at the same temperature there should be in difficulty in churning. Some people seem to think if cows get i water once a Day it is All they need but that is not enough unless they Are living on succulent food such As roots or ens Ilage. Cattle Are hit in own Best judges of their need of water and they do Best when they have their option about using it. When they drink but once a Day they Over Load with it to their injury. It takes very Little arithmetic says major Alvord to prove that 200 pounds extra weight of cow kept alive for five years while returning no profit during this time will actually Cost As much As the fatted carcass of the animal is Likely to i ring in the end. Unnecessary is nor weight in a Milch cow is a source of constant Hiss to the owner. The profit of the cow should come All of it while she is productive in the Dairy. On a farm where milk or butter is produced in Winter the outlay for feed Aud care is much the largest item of Tho year s expenses. The question of what it de to buy Arni in what proportion it should be used with tile fodder he has on hand is a question of prime importance to such a Farmer. If he fails to secure the feed which will give tile Hest returns Iii Dairy products in the condition of the Stock Aud the value of his manure pile some of his Money and labor is wasted. Y if it is improperly washed or left on the drying line through storms and j freezes. The change from hot water to j cold or from cold to hot should never be made in washing flannel. The water should be warm doth in washing and rinsing and soap should not be rubbed j on to the flannel As it tend to mat the Wool and make it hard. Flannel which is shrunken and Quot fulled Quot till it is hard i and uncomfortable is no better Thuu j Cotton. Flannels should not be worn till they Are very much soiled because it is almost impossible to make them clean again without using soap of the garment. Ammonia in the Tenter Aud sufficient soap to make it Frothy will usually cleanse the garments without the vigor Ous rubbing which some Washerwoman think necessary. Blankets especially want careful treatment. They should to 1 put through set it Rel soapy Waters warm and ammonia Tebbitt not rubbed very much. Most Washerwoman think they Mast have a wringer but flannels keep softer and nicer if they Are wrung with the hands As the wringer tends to make them hard. It is better still to squeeze and press out the water with the hands. Iii drying flannels put them where they will dry quickly for leaving them out exposed to ult kinds of weather is injurious. Freezing Aud hanging in a fog tend to shrink the All Wool flannel. Home housekeepers insist non ironing All the garments but there Are others who carefully pull the flannels into shape fold them and Lay them away without ironing claiming that the result is better for the flannel better retains its softness. I hey bad i corinthians Xiv 52 Quot the trumpet shall to said enchanting work have i before me this faster morning for imitating these women of the text. Quot who brought aromatics to the mausoleum at Christ i am going to unroll frankincense and Balm and Otter of roses and Cardamon from Hie East Didies Aud doors from Arabia and. When we can inhale no More of the perfume then we will talk of Sweet sounds and hear from Tho music that shall Wake Tho dead. Having on other easters described the whole scene i need Only in four or five sentences say Brist was lying Flat on his Back lifeless amid sculptured rocks Rock a scr Over him rocks under him Aud a door of rocks All bounded by the Flowers and fountains of Josephs country seat. Then a Bright immortal having descended from heaven Quick Aud flashing As a falling meteor picks tip the door of Rock and puts it Amitie As though it were a chair and sits on it. Then 1 Brist unwraps himself of his mortuary apparel and takes Tho turban from his head and folds it up deliberately and lays it Down in one place and then puts j Hie shroud in another place and comes out and ands that the soldiers who and i been on guard Are laying around pallid j and in a dead swoon their swords Bent and useless. The illustrious prisoner of the Tomb is discharged Aud five Hun j dred people see him at once. An Especial j Congress of ecclesiastics called pay a bribe to the resuscitated soldiers to say that there was no resurrection and that while they were overcome of slumber i the christians had played resurrection its and stolen Tho Corpse. The marys Are at the Tomb with aromatics. Why did not these women of the text bring thorns and Nettles for Tieso would More thoroughly have expressed the piercing sorrows of themselves and their Mon about the Angelus rolling a Way the Stone bul we did not remark upon the Sublime fact that it sat upon it. Why certainly not because he was tired. The Angels Are a fatigue less face and that one could have shouldered Evi by Rock around that Tomb and carried it away and not been be swarmed he set upon it j think to show you and to show me that we May make every earthly obstacle a throne of Triumph. They it it no a men who get their education easy Seldom amount to much. Those who had to struggle for it come out atop. There is no Etui of the Story of studying by Pine knot lights and Reading while the mules of till Towpath a it re resting and of going hungry and patched and Barefoot and submitting to All kinds of privation i to get Scholastic advantages. But Tho Day of graduation came and they took the diplomas with a hand nervous from night study and pole from Lack of food and put their academic degree in the pocket of a threadbare rout. Then starting for another career of hardship they entered a profession Ora business where they found plenty of dishearten ment and no help. Yet say Jug a i will sue a need god help me for no one else will quo they went on and up until the world was compelled to acknowledge mid Admire them. I he fact was that Tho obstacle bet Ween their discouraging Start and their Complete Success was a Rock of fifty tons j but by Resolution nerved and to muscular Czetl and re enforced by almighty god. They threw their anus around the of i Stacle and with the strength of a supernatural wrestler rolled Back Tho Stone and having become More than con. Quer ors they sat upon it. Men and women Aro Good and great Aud useful just in proportion As they had to overcome obstacles. You can count upon Tho. Fingers of your one hand All the great singers great orators great poets great patriots and great christians who never had a struggle. That Angel that made a throne of the Bowlder at Christ a Tomb w Uthai k to heaven and i warrant that Hal ing been born in heaven and always had no Orv time he now Speaks of that wrestle with the Rock As the most interesting chapter in All his angelic lifetime. Of men and women with obstacles in the Way. I Tell you that those obstacles Are Only thrones that Yon May after a while sit on. Is the obstacle in your Way sickness conquer it by accomplishing More for god during your invalid ism t ban Many accomplish who have never known an ailment. Are Yon persecuted by your uprightness and courage compel the world to acknowledge your moral heroism. Is it poverty conquer it by boing Happy in the companionship of your lord and master who in All his live owned but sixty two cents Aud that to got from a fishes Mouth and. A a. The dead. I Ake the statistics if you can of the millions of souls that have been raised from Hie death of sin by hymns by psalms by solos by anthems by j flutes by violins by organs by Tram j pets. I rider god what hosts have been resurrected Fay Ira d. Thomas Hastings by William d. Bradbury by Lowell Mason by Motherly lullabies by Church do ologies by oratorios. If we raise the dead now by music be not surprised that on the last Day the dead i a to be raised by music. The trumpet shall sound and that instrument shall have plenty of work to do on the Day mentioned. It will have j to sound through All Tho pyramids i which Are Only names for sepulchres and liberate the buried Kings. And through Hyp Ogean Graves which were i built in Mounds and the Hyp Ogean i Graves which wore dug in Rooks and through Tho nine Hundred winding Miles of catacombs Nuder and around the Homan Campagna where Over seven million human beings sleep. And through All Tho Crystal Sarcophagi of Atlantic Aud Pacific and Mediterranean and Caspian and Block sea deeps. And Over All the bottle Fields of continents until All the fallen troops of English and French and italian and German and russian and persian and american and the world s Battle Fields answer the Call. Marathon come up Agincourt come wit and humor. # Vassar should have a course of True lore. Mks gets hut Little Here below Over which to make much of a Crow. A if we Cawns the entirely Happy let tis be Sappy As we can a is the dudes motto. When artists submit competitive designs the contest is Likely to result in a draw. Has a lawyer named descendant of John to sat on marriage. By his after jord Why did they not bring some immediately paid it All out Inta Xee to Tho National eur Ign such As that of the Homan Eagle typical of Conquest no they bring aromatics suggestive to my of the fact that the gospel is to sweeten and deodorize the world. The world has so much of putrefaction and Razalo Homan assessors and who would have been buried in a potters Field had not Joseph of Arm thou contributed a place for lie who had not where to Lay his head during his life had a borrowed Pillow for the last slumber. There is up Blenheim come up acre come up j Hohon Linden. Come up Sedan. Corno up Gettysburg come up near Sharpsburg during our civil War when i was with some others tinder Tho auspices of the Tristian commission looking after the wounded Federal and Confederate one Moonlight night i was where i could look Down upon the tents of the sleeping army. On Wii at an imposing spectacle but my subject Calls us to look Down upon a mightier Host of soldiers slumbering their last sleep in Tho bivouac of the dust the seven Hundred Aud fifty thousand slain in the crimean War the eight Hundred thousand slain in our american War the fifteen million slain in the wars of sesostris the Twenty five million slain jewish wars the thirty two million slain in wars of a Hangis Khan Tho eighty million slain in the wars of Tho crusaders the one Hundred and eighty million slain in the Heman wars. Aye according to or. Dick the dead in War if Ono i one occupied four feet of ground would make enough Graves to reach four Hundred and forty two times around the Earth. The most of people Are dead. The world is a House of two rooms a basement and a room above ground. The basement has two to one three to one four to one More occupants than the superstructure. Thickness and War and death have been stacking their harvests for near six thousand years. Where Are those who saw the Pilgrim fathers embark or the declaration of Independence signed or Franklin Lasso the lightning or Warren Hastings tried Dor that Christ is going to Roll Over into throne that you Are sure to keep excl i la t it to housekeeper to make a Good liquid glue put one ounce of Borax into a pint of boiling water add two ounces of shellac and boil until tile shellac is dissolved. Bottle for use. Silvia becoming Black May be avoided by keeping that which is not often use Din Canton flannel bags with Small bags about the size of a thimble filled with bits of gum Eum phor packed in around the articles. I Fols Nril Dew pour a quart of boiling water on an ounce of Chloride of Lime. When it is dissolved add three quarts of cold water. Into this put the garment and let it soak twelve hours. If not very bad the spots will come out in less t Ane. A men Way to freshen old fashioned silk making it to look like new Surah is to sponge it carefully with Strong Coffee. While Damp Lay it wrong Side up on an ironing Bourd Aud place paper Over it then priss with a warm Iron. To sure the Coffee is perfectly settled until Clear before using. This is also Good to freshen Black lace Cashmere ribbon and Alpaca. Us Kitchen. Purim i it Stew. Three slices of Salt pork boiled one and one half hours Serape five Large parsnips Cut in quarters Lengthwise add to the pork and let boil one half hour then add in few potatoes and let All boil together until the potatoes Are soft. The flu Iii in Tho Kittle should to about a cupful when ready to take off. Brown lure jul. Scald one out of Indian meal add to this one pint of Sweet milk and stir till the meal is Well mixed three fourths cup of molasses one teaspoonful each of Salt and soda and Graham meal enough to make a Hatter that will pour w Ith great difficulty. This makes one Large loaf. Bake one and one half hours. The sheep Mai k. Tile Best foods Tor foes. When ewes Are fed exclusively on dry food there is danger that they will become feverish Aud constipated. Hen this condition arises they w ill generally show it by lying on the ground and stretching themselves and straining. Sometimes they will Pluck at their Wool. And show signs of distress and uneasiness. When sheep Are in this condition they Are not in Good health to have Young. They w ill not prov Ide As much milk and their udders Are liable to be caked and sore or to show evidences of inflammation. There is danger that they will not own their l Imbs and the milk will not flow freely. When the udder is sore or much inflamed even if the Ewe owns her Iamb she will refuse to let it suck. Under such circumstances Tho Lamb very soon becomes weak and Dies. Prevention is better than cure for All these ailments and this lies in providing the Ewe w Ith suitable food. This must to such As not to produce a feverish condition. It should be Sorne i mini pie make a Nice Al nov crust line a deep pie pan and bake. Have ready the filling made by taking Hie juice of one Lemon Aud yellow Rind grated two thirds of a cup of sugar one egg Well beaten and one tablespoonful of cornstarch stir All into one half pint of boiling water and boil from three to five minutes pour into the crust and set into the oven a few minutes. Kill meringue. One cup boiled Rice one Large pint milk two eggs one Large cup sugar one Lemon. Boil the milk stir in the Rice. Heat Yolks with one third of the sugar then add to the milk and Rice and Cook until thick As soft custard l Ake from the lire and grate in Rind of Lemon pour into a Butte red dish. Beat Whites with the rest of sugar and add juice of Lemon pour Over pudding and Brown. A delicious pudding. Black Ami Whit Quot Marble fake. Whites of eight eggs one half cupful of butter one of White sugar one half of sour Cream two of floor one teaspoonful of Cream of tartar one half of soda Yolks of four eggs Tea cupful of Brown sugar one Liaf cupful of sour Cream two of flour one half teaspoonful of soda one of cinnamon cloves allspice one Quarter Pound of Citron Cut in slices. Mix in alternately or have one half Black and the other White. Waves of frankincense and Sprinkle it All Over with Sweet smelling myrth. Thousands of years before this Solomon had said that Christ was a Lily and Isaiah had declared that Nuder the gospel the desert would Bloom like the Rose but the world was slow to Tako the Floral hint. And so now the women of the text bring hands full and arms full of re Dolence Aud perhaps unwittingly confirm Aud emphasize the lesson of deodorization. When Christ s gospel has conquered the Earth the last offence to the of factories will have left the world Sweet pure air will have blown through every Home and churches will to freed from the curse of ill ventilation and the world will become two great gardens the pm purple Aud emblazoned and pm Paradisa hemispheres. Sin is a Buzzard holiness is a Dove. Sin is nightshade holiness is a Flower of Yon Are trying to Reform the world open the windows of that tenement House and pour through it a draught of gods pure atmosphere and set a Geranium or a Heliotrope on the window Sill cleanse the air and you will help cleanse the soul. How dare the world so often insult that feature of the human face which god has made the most prominent feature in human physiognomy to prove How he himself loves aromatics i bring the fact that there Are millions of Flowers on Prairies and in Mountain fastnesses the j fragrance of which no human being i Ever breathes and he must have grown i them there for his own Rega Lement. And for the compliment the world paid Christ by giving him a sepulchre in i Josephus Garden he xviii yet make the whole Earth a Garden. Yes he expressed his Delight with fragrance in the first Book of Tho Bible when he said a the lord smelled a Sweet savor Quot Aud to filled the air of the ancient Tabernacle Aud Temple with Sweet incense and there Are Small bottles of perfume in heaven described in revelations us Golden vials full of orders. I preach an j ambrosial gospel which will yet extirpate from the world All Foulness and rancidity and the last Noisom eness and the last Meph Itic Gas. Glad am i that though the world had chiefly spikes for the Saviours feet and thorns for the Saviours brow the magi put frankincense upon his Cradle Ami the marys brought frankincense for his grave. Notice also that Christ s mausoleum was opened by co?1 us Sion. It was a great earthquake that put its twisted key into the involved and Labyrinthine lock of that Tomb. Concussion that is Tho Power that opens All the tombs that Are opened at All. Tomb of soul and Tomb of nations. Concussion Between England and Tho thirteen colonies and Forth comes free government in America. Concussion Between France Aud Germany and Forth comes republicanism for France. Concussion among the rocks on mount Sinai and on two of them w As left a perfect Law for All Ages. Concussion among the rocks around Calvary and the crucifixion was made the More overwhelming. Concussion Between the United states Aud Mexico Aud a vast area of country becomes ours. Concussion Between England and France and most of this continent West of the Mississippi becomes the property of the american Union. Concussion Between iceberg and iceberg Between Bowlder and Bowlder and a thousand concussions put this world into shape for Many a residence. Concussion Between David and his enemies and out came the psalms which otherwise would never have been written. Concussion Between gods will and Many a will and ours overthrown we Are new creatures in Jesus Christ. Concussion of misfortune and trial for Many of the Good and out comes their Especial consecration. Do not therefore be frightened when you see the great upheavals the great agitations the great earthquakes whether among the rocks or among the nations or in individual experience. Out of them god will bring Best results and most magnificent consequences. Hear the crash All round the lords sarcophagus and see the glorious reanimation of its dead inhabitant. Concussion of Ever a general european War which the world has been expecting for the last Twenty years should come a concussion so wide and a concussion so tremendous would not Leavo the throne in Europe standing As it now is. The nations of the e Irth Are tired of having their Kings born to them and they would after a w Hile elect their Kings and there would be an italian Republic and a German Republic and a Bussian Republic and an austrian Republic and out of the cracks and crevices and chasms of that concussion would come resurrection for All Europe. Stagnation is death Ful concussion is messianic. Notice also what the Angel did with the Stone after he had rolled it away from the Mouth of the Saviour s mausoleum. The Book says he rolled away the Stone from the door and sat upon it. Copt that which you make out of vanquished obstacles. A ungrateful Republic at the ballot Box denied Horace Greeley the highest place at the National capital but could not keep Bim from rising from the Steps of a new York printing office on which to sat one Chilly morning waiting for the Boss Printer to come that to might get a Job until he mounted the highest throne of american journalism. Ile rolled Back j the Stone and sat upon it. A poor orphan boy picking up chips at Richmond va., accosted by a passing sea Captain and invited to come on Board his vessel drops the chips and starts right away and is tossed from port to port and homeless and friendless wanders one Day i along Tremont treat Boston Aud sees Park Street Church open and speaking of it afterwards on a great occasion and j using sailors vernacular As was usual with him he says a i put in i up Helm unfurled sail and made for tile gallery j and scud under Bare polos to the Corner i Pew. Then i Hove to and came to an i Chor. A the old Man or. Griffin was just naming his text. Pretty soon he unfurled the Mainsail raised the Topsail a ran up the pennants to free Breeze Aud i Tell you the old gospel ship never i sailed More prosperously. The Salt Spray flew in every direction but More especially did it run Down my Cheeks satan Hail to strike sail his guns were dismounted or spiked his various crafts by which he led sinners captive were All beached and the Captain of the lords hosts Rode Forth conquering and to before that Sailor boy was poverty but he conquered it and orphanage but he conquered it and ignorance but be conquered it and the scoff of the world but lie conquered it and he Rose till every sailors Bethel in the world blessed him and great anniversary platforms invited him and Daniel Webster and Charles Dickens and Frederika Bremer and notes and orators and senators sat electrified at his feet and his gospel Zed influence will go on until the last Jack tar is converted and the sea shall give up its dead. All the obstacles of ins life seemed gathered into one great Bowlder but Edward t. Taylor. The world renowned sailors preacher rolled Back the Stone and sat upon it. Yet do not make the mistake that Many do of sitting on it before it is rolled away. It is bound to go if you Only tug away at it. Of not before then i think about 12 of clock noon of resurrection Day you will see something Worth seeing. The general impression is that the resurrection will take place in the morning. Tho ascent to the skies will hardly occur immediately. It will take some hours to form the procession skyward and we will All we Antto take a look at this world before we leave it forever Aud see the surroundings of the Couch where our bodies have Long been sleeping. On that easter morning Tho Marble. Whether it Lay Flat non your grave or stood up in Monument will have to be jostled Aud shaken and rolled aside by the Angel of resurrection and while waiting for your Kindred to gather and the procession to form your resurrected body May sit in holy Triumph upon that chiselled Stone w hich marked Tho place of your protracted slumber. On that Day what a fragile thing will be Aberdeen Granite Aud column of Basalt and the mortar which will rattle out of Tho Wadi of vaults that have been sealed a thousand years and the Taj built for a Queen in India a sepulchre two Hundred and seventy five feet High and made of Jasper Aud Cornelian and Turquois Aud Lapis Lazuli and amethyst and Onyx and Sapphire and Diamond w Hie i shall that Day rain into glittering dust on Groves of Banyan and Bamboo and Palm. And All under what Power ponderous crowbars wielded by giants no. Thunderbolt cleaving asunder the Granite no. Battering rain swung against the Walls of cemeteries no. Dynamite drilled under the foundations of Cenotaph and Abbey no. It will to done by music. Nothing but music Sweet but Green Elizabeth in her triumphal March to Kenilworth or William Prince of Orange land or Gustavus Adolpus i crowned or Jerome of Prague burned at j the stake or Tamerlane found his pm a Pire gone gone but the trumpet shall sound. Music to raise the dead. Of How much the world needs it you take a Torch and i will take a Torch and to will go through some of the Uiles of the Homan catacombs and see the expectant epitaphs on the Walls and right Over where Tho departed sleep. You know that these catacombs Are fifty or sixty feet underground and if one loses the guide or his Torch is extinguished he never finds the Way out. So let us stay close together Aud with our torches As we wander along a Small part of the nine Hundred Miles of underground passages see the inscriptions As they were really chiselled there on both sides the Way. On your Side you read by the Light of your Torch a there rests the handmaid of god who out of All her riches now possesses but this one House. Thou Wilt remain in eternal repose of happiness a. D. 380.&Quot on my Side i read by the Light of Tho Torch a Aurelia our sweetest daughter she lived fifteen years Aud four months. A. D. 325.&Quot on your Side Yon read a there hath been Laid a Sweet spirit guileless Wise and Beautiful. Buried in peace. A. D. 388.�?� on my Side i read a you Well deserving one lie in peace. You will Rise. A temporary rest is granted you. Plautus her husband made on your Side you read a Nicephorus a Sweet soul in the place of on my Side i read a in Christ Alexander is not dead but lives beyond the stars and his dead body rests in this on your Side your Ead Quot Here Happy you find rest bowed Down with a Irene sleeps in a Valeria sleeps in a Arethusa sleeps in a a Naira in peace a Sweet soul w to lived sixteen years a soul Sweet As Honey this epitaph was made by her parents a but let us come out from these catacombs and extinguish our torches for upon All these longings Aud expectations of All nations the morning of resurrection dawns. The trumpet shall sound Anil Tho sooner it sounds the better. Of How we would like to get our loved i dolandak., Korns la he a Bunyan ? a Man likes to sweetheart before marriage he does no to. The trouble with dancing clubs is that they have too Many round dances and too few Square meals. There is very Little profit in manufacturing Strawberry boxes for the Trade. The Bottoms come too High. The italians May be a Light hearted enough people in their own country but Here it is common to find them in the dumps. It to a Little singular but it is True All the same that if or. Tai in a were to quit Tho pulpit he would be an sex Pounder of the Bible. A that Man an editor he a a i should think head get the writers a ooh no he uses the scissors too much a a Chicago lodger. In in Muir hours her hand he sought when they together played at. Tennis the Winter to the in Aden brought a Richer Beau whom soon she caught and now Tho first ones Nom is Dennis. A a what a Viper that mrs. Z is a a a there a no use making Lier out As bad As that my dear. She Only tries to Bito in order to make us believe silo has some Teeth wife in be found exactly the girl in be been looking for but unfortunately i can to engage her. Husband Why not ? wife she a too Large for Tho servant s Beacon a Dkl say my boy a a a what is it old Chappie a a did they a ave bees in the he Ark done Cher know a a i suppose a a but i Cawns to find Hany account of hit in the he arks Ives you a what did miss Frost say in answer to your proposal a a Well. The spoke in such a hoarse whisper that i found it impossible to understand a to then Slie probably said Bilby my trousers Are Short and do not touch my shoes. I do not see How they could get fringed that Way. Dolby done to understand it Why they re frayed of your shoes. That a it. Mother to Throe children a come children be getting ready for Church. Day aged 7 a Well id just like to know what preaching s for any Way. Girl aged 5 a Why done to you know ifs to give Tho singers a rest. Lbs. Par venue did you take my advice dear and go through your husband s pockets for some pin Money All i it Eue Ratiu ? music. Tire trumpet shall sound you say that is figurative How do you know but whether literal or figurative it Means music anyhow. The trumpet that stirring incisive mighty instrument with a natural Compass from g below the staff to e above blown above Sinai when Tho Law Quot was Given blown around Jericho when the Walls tumbled blown when Gideon discomfited the midia nites blown when the ancient israelite were gathered for worship to be blown for the raising of the dead in the last great easter. The Mother who when the child must be awaken Ned kisses its eyes awake does Well. But the trumpet which when the dead Are to be aroused kisses the ear awake does better. Be not surprised if the dead Are to be awakened by music. Ones Back again if we Are ready to meet our lord our sins All pardoned what a Good thing if this moment we could hear the resounding and reverberating blast would you not like to see your father again your Mother again. Your daughter again your boy again and All your departed Kindred again Roll on Sweet Day of resurrection and reunion under the hoofs of the White steeds that draw thy Chariot we strew easter Flowers. Would it not be grand if we could All Rise together you know that the Bible says we shall not All Stoep but we shall All he changed. What if we should be among the favored ones who never have to see death Aud that while in Tho full life of our body we should hear that trumpet sound and these mortal bodies take on immortality. Of How i would hasten to two dates before Tho close of such a Day peaceful Greenwood and the Village cemetery Back of Homerville and i would cry aloud a the hour Bas come the trumpet has resurrection is Here. Father and Mother you were the Best of All Tho group now Lead Tho Way a the Earth sinks out of sight. Clouds under foot. Other worlds Only milestones on the King s Highway. We Rise we Rise we Rise to be forever with the lord and forever with each other. May we All have part in that first resurrection in tills dark world of sin and pain to Only moot to part again but when we reach the heavenly Shore we there shall meet to part no More. Tile Hope that we shall see that Day should Chase our present Griefs away tile cat out. Or. Higl liver to his Valet a James you Are evidently an honest Man and in be never missed a Penny since i had you but i done to see How a Man on your wages can have so much spending Money. Tames you buys a mighty big lot of Champagne sail to you self aah you friends. A indeed i do enormous quantities lest imported fresh from France. Or win pm an does no to give you a commission does he a a ooh no Bah but he pays me a big Price for the empty weekly. Actress i see the daily Bagle devotes half a column to criticising my bad acting. Manager in a sorry you did no to act twice As lad. Actress Why manager a they a probably Given you a column. Electric graph. Sugar Money by Tele mrs. Quill end yes but i found that Tho pin Money had been ahead of me. There were holes in both pockets. A do your shopping Early in the morning a says a fashion paper. That May be Good advice but it is rather hard on Hie Salesgirl As it will prevent them from exchanging confidences concerning the social experiences of the previous evening. J a Spring whose water is a perfect a writing fluid has been discovered in Michigan. Now All that is needed is the discovery of a writing paper a mine of i>08tage Stamps and a Quarry of steel pens in the same Vicinity to make that portion of Michigan a a literary a Mamma a said a Little girl who sat behind an Auburn haired travelling Man in the railway car. A what is it a a i know what made that Many a hair a an hat avos it a a a a Rod finished him off with Brick dust a was the reply that sent the traveler into the smoking ear. St. Peter i am afraid you can to enter Here sir. New spirit i can to Why i Xmas one of the purest statesmen that Ever lived. Did no to i spend thirty years of my life demanding an honest count a yes but you always wanted the other party to do tile honest a Job blew do you believe All this nonsense you read in the novels about the Sailor falling in love with his ship and All that sort of thing Wabbles of yes. At least when a vessel goes on a cruise the Sailor is gone on her until she gets Back Isnit he a Terre haute express. Theatrical manager i done to see mile. Sprite the premiere Danseuse Here. Stage manager no she sent me word that she Lead the Ballet to night because her trunks were destroyed in that hotel fire and she had nothing to Wear. A huh that a no York weekly. A Little Golden locks to her Sisters alliances who is a airing in the Parlord god loves me More than he does Marie. A know Little one that he loves you More a a because he gives me Golden hair for nothing and she has to rub hers Avith some stuff in a bottle and sit Ever so Long in the Suu to make it like mine. That a the reason Why she a so Long coming unfair. When i was a baby and sucking a ring and held no views on anything except of course of the Lac Teal Spring we hich kept me occupied it seemed to be the girls Delight to kiss me morning noon and night my nose they made a perfect fright Aud How i howled Aud crud i now i have grown to Many a estate behold the irony of Fute no Maiden tries to i Ducat o that roman nose again \ and strangely shy is every miss though id appreciate the Bliss and value every Hearty kiss they wasted on me then Ethel As the old gentleman enters Well papa what is it old Scroggs Here san umbrella in be brought for George. It looks As if it would rain before morning

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