Defiance County Republican Express in Defiance, Ohio
3 May 1889

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Defiance County Republican Express in Defiance, Ohio
3 May 1889

Read an issue on 3 May 1889 in Defiance, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Defiance County Republican Express.

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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - May 3, 1889, Defiance, Ohio Defamer gun Una a Republican. Ten paces vol. Xxxii. Ten paces. I it a i Ian i. Defiance county. Ohio Fiji Day. Mai 3, 1889. No. 20. Out it til Tov Money people of taste till May 15th, 1889. Err a a a a Zurz Cut from and present it any time Between now and May 15th. Timforpuriha1shfg�0d a a a a a a a a we r6ceive my re than 0ne 8lip at any one appreciate the advantage of selecting their Wall paper from the Stock which has the largest and Best Assn Patti Arm newest and most tasteful lowest priced that s w1.t Colby amp Scott a. Bargains in the Stock of hosiery and notions carpets lace curtains in Defiance county. Stir ---2�?______________ i Cut me out in and take me to i a std Tiit la i will save you i to cents on a $1 Purchase. 20 $2 30 a a $3 a ill 40 a a a a $4 a a j 50 a a $6 a a 60 i a a $6 a a j 70 99 $7 a 80 99 $8 a 90 a $9 a $1.00 $10.00 a a i from lie in Republican and express. J bargains in the largest Stock of boots shoos tin Ware and ten thousand other articles you will find when you visit the ail Harp store of Defiance. We publish the number receive from each Pak. Advertise in and at the end of tie time Chance Quot to Makh Money at our fix Nof to St a s the l0west and we now give you a will find out what we want to knows a psf amp a Sig we have the largest double store rooms in Defiance a a a tcr�re"rtl1 new goods Are Headquarters Tor bargains. Peoples store. Walking if swa.lle-2 amp a co. And shoes slippers i v e wish to Call the attention of the ladies to the elegant line of walking shoes and slippers we Are showing a written for the be Public an and express. With mad Anthony Wayne. By Stephen it. Bolles. Is the name of a new which we French kid hand turned shoe c l m Bride Ever no20 successor to Bittnerr a. There Are women who have non of those ailments known As female complaints yet who still need Zoa Phora. When a woman has. Been working about the Home or sewing teaching taking care of children or of sick ones until her nerves Are All Unstrung and she feels As though she Yould Fly to plebes and everything irritates and annoys her a dose of Zoa Phora will strengthen and soothe her nerves and rest her. Sleeplessness is cured by Zoa Phora. For Side headache there is not a More reliable preventive and cure than Zoa Phora it works like a Charm in Many cases where everything else has failed. And any woman who does suffer from any of these complaints Peculiar to her sex should not delay a Day to use Zoa Phora. Our Book on diseases of women and children should be read by every woman especially by mothers of daughters. Sent in sealed envelope on receipt of five 2ct Stamps. Address Zoa Phora med hint co. I by g. Colman Bec. Pm nation this papery Skau Misoo Midi. Colby amp Scott Defiance Ohio. Chapter xxi. A British Soldier. I feared my brother. What could i do to see Atalie and be Safe. The Way out of the trouble seemed completely opened when major Campbell asked me if i would enlist in h. M. Service a which a he said in a meaning tone a you will find More congenial to your tastes than being an i took no time to decide but forthwith pledged my word to go with him. The major talked with the Shawnee chief Aud the leading warriors of the miamis who were there encamped together and they consented. Basil did not appear when i left but went away evidently displeased at the turn affairs had taken. At ten of clock that night i entered fort Miami and in th<3 morning was brought up to be sworn into the British army. But i did not enter. A courier came into the fort with a note to me from Basil. I read it. A i Send you by this Man the trophy which the warriors pursuing Hulse i Vondetta have brought Back. I can shed be tears Over his unfortunate end. From this moment we cease to be Brothers we Are enemies and enemies kill each Basil Rondetta. I took a package from the Indian s hand. I unrolled the covering and was horrified to find within a ghastly reminder of my father the Long White hair of his head a Scalp. Without a word i Knelt upon Tho ground and swore to have revenge. Had Basil stood before me at that moment i should have killed him. I returned to major Campbell s Headquarters whore i had staid during Tho night. J had determined to show the message from my brother and to ask that i might be allowed to leave the fort. I Hud nearly forgotten Atalie in my excitement but As i saw her sitting at the majors table i dropped Tho bloody package from my hand and bowed my Best. Atalie did not Rise at first but sat looking me in wonder. Then she reached but her hand and said a i am glad to a it you. It is so lonesome Here that new fauns ire very Gratifying to a solitary female Uke myself a a miss Atalie a i said a i Arn bore on a it was All i could think of to speak about. A a Mission ? and you a a yes from one who loves you a she frowned As i said this. A you May that be your country and Only hasten Basil no i do not wish me and held out a e thought he had forgotten you. Iou no doubt have believed that because you took a step once in life that you have been sorry for a sir a she was standing looking at me haughtily. I saw i had blundered but my ignorance of woman was so palpable that i begged to be excused. A of whom Are you speaking a she asked calming herself. A of mad Anthony Wayne. Bluff old mad Anthony whose heart is fairly breaking because you Are absent from a and you came to me from a through the enemies Are now in a British fort. a and suppose i should pronounce you a spy. My word would convict a do so it will a your brother to see she came toward her bunds. General Wayne will forgive me if i go to him. You Are sure a yes Here is a letter he Lias sent she read it and looking All about to be sure no one overheard then said to Rue in a whisper a we must make Ull preparations to leave to Day. I shall go with you a a How shall we escape a a by horses first. We will steal them from the stable. It must be done there is no other silo was Calm Aud spoke with a steady voice though her face was deathly Pale. My Back was toward tile open door and she was looking past me into Tho Parade ground i saw Lier quickly thrust the letter beneath her Waist and clasp her hands in front of Lier. a a Vor already she whispered. A a a e need not i turned involuntarily and saw the cause of her fear. Major Campbell and Basil were walking toward us. A Demon of hate seemed to thrill me. I hat Man was no longer inv by other he had said so. To was a fiend and i swore to kill him there. I tearing open the wraps of Deerskin about the Scalp of my father i leaped like a Tiger upon Basil. Campbell tried to pull to off but he could not. Inside my Hunting jacket a Small knife was concealed. The major let go his hold to Call Tho men. Quick it was my Opp Ortu in v Drew the Dagger raised it above my head. Mps.1,? Tomt 8k1,? a comes to me yet in the Day time and at night. Tho face grown Black from the choking the eyes protruding the Dagger sinking into the neck the blood Spring in streams from his Throat. 11 was horrible. Leaping up i waved the Dagger and Tho Scalp in Defiance of the soldiers who were running toward me. Basil Rose half Way up extended his hand towards to and fell Over dead. Not till then did i realize what i Bud done then the awfulness of Tho deed horrified to and i walked to Tho log cell whore the major ordered me in silence. A what had i done the brother whom i had played with in childhood who twice had saved my life who had always been so kind to to was dead i looked at my hands. They were by. It was his blood. It was that right hand that had done the deed Hail there been an axe in the cell i should have Cut it off j had been accusing him of wicked ass All the time but now it was my self who was the Chiefest sinner. Tile old Story of Cain and Abel came to my mind As my Mother had read it from tin Small leather covered Hook years before. Instinctively my hand went up to my forehead As though a Mark might be there. Atalie would never look at me again the would not la which had burned upon my forehead since the parting on the River Bud been blotted out by the Murk Cain. I would be shot for murder possibly turned Over to the indians that they might torture me. Thus i Sut until it had been dark a Long time the wild thoughts Rushing through my head until i was fairly mad. A Low Knock on the door roused me lining to my feet trembling from head to foot i tried to answer boldly though the next moment found me in the hands of the Savages. A Are you awake and dressed a acid a Low voice. Yes but do not come near to. Atalie Atalie do you forget i Ain a a no but do not say i he door was open she was groping toward me. A take my hand she said. A no no my god it is covered wit i his blood and i Drew Back a follow me then. Keep in the Shadow. Wait Here is a Jotter for leu. Wayne give it to him and some time not very far Distant i shall re Ward you. Have their names written upon the pages of history. There was Wells kit no a Captain among the miamis and to had fought Side by Side with the Savage at Harmer and St. Claire a the Iero Wum in Bart Mcclellan known As the most athletic Man in the country. Henry Miller whose youth was spent among the indians but who had escaped to the thevin i118 in re it us by. Yet is before. I. I Ipri Nero in Indian who hat sullenly looking at the ground and did not once raise ids eyes Flat in Jurty str t0 re a tue to them 1 Wou us xxx Spany Tho journey in detail need not be told i arrived it fort Seco very and found my father still living and gaining strength. K Horth Richland. I told him of Basilus death. He said not a word until i was through a enough a he said. A the was not in his right mind. How would he be. His father was continued a James re be lost week. A valuable horse i St Childr Tny to Home. A no admissions since last writing belts of Hicksville to. La out a mlle Gorga and miss Anna Walter of Defiance spent easter at the Home 0,.vl"lt�rs from Farmer on throng the institution last of a Man facing i would have replied but she stopped me. We went to wher6 a howitzer stood wit ii its muzzle pushed out of a Loon Hole in tile stockade Wall. I pulled it Buck with a superhuman Effort and without a word squeezed my body through the opening and run away from the fort. I plunged on and on in the darkness Tho horrid Specter of my brother his hand extended his eyes protruding seemed close behind. He was following following keeping just at my heels. Through swamps Over Trees torn on underbrush minding nothing caring for nothing Only to get beyond the figure in Pursuit urn ii completely exhausted i fell to the ground Aud became unconscious. It was Daylight when i awoke and glancing at the Sun saw that it was High noon. Weak and stiff it was a severe task to Lise but i was soon hobbling on my Way. You Are badly used up ainu to you a said a voice close Fay me in English. I turned in fright to face dressed in Indian garb. A who Are you a i used him. A Well i done to care if i do Tell be. I ears to me be ainu to Nowise dangerous. It you want Tor know in a scouting for a wide awake terror from Down East ii the Cognomen of Wayne mad Anthony Wayne. Me be yes be heard of him. A tears Fane a mad Anthony Wayne a scout am or a saw yer fooling me he said caught me As i was about to fall. A yes i am in a Rondetta. Hulse i Vondetta s son. In a from fort Miami the British fort and i have letters Fertile general. I am escaping from a yer weak a Fie said leading me flt Ward. A off yer icon Dettar a son be e bet on me. U and a you Are a Captain Wells. Leas ways thetis what tile boys Calls Rue. There a a lot of us Over Here a mile and we be bin Bavin a time getting through this Ken try without being i he Camp of the scouts was in a deep Ravine Aud the approaches to it Comer looked week. a a Nijmie Bonner of St. Mary a t. Dip. A a Quot r Fot of t0 a Ahtl a Ari Bruster Tao Girt or Bea Nitu Bull but it a a ?.nt�r/ia i Quot . to a cd Yzu is attend the a Golden wedding of Ber or. And mrs John Van neat. Which will i celebrate d. Than h Jay. May 2nd in to i Bomen teed it rows Obia lie friends of Hammy i Cully or Lime renew la improving a alow but mire he can now March to and from Tho dim or room without assistance Playa with the other children and has a a a of a a Lido a Jbf Cvar air �?�?o0�?o through the institution recently and sex Well pleased with thoth1� e,,1 Yed that Lur the Benefit of in Frei of a 1 a 1�oture us cd was Toth interesting and instructive Aud appreciated by All ofyras8ind, Taf Ulm a Savance in love/1 i i the i1,1� a occasion was hut Noti c. In an expected but not the less pleasant event of the due Brunei end Hushu Frlj generous re in Ems of Hope of Hicksville in a Muse oort la Here visit. In relatives and Friende. A Inmam purchased a Tine Cedar. Tor of to not Hist saturday. A it Epharm , Quot six to a a a ass so aass i Alison Tucker has moved in the Hon so formerly occupied by Washington Butler ii urn Smith returned Home from Ham. L7jt,8l,t,Vril,�?ov�?T when ha-1el"is ploy d for the Leat nine weeks Quot re of Orrne Al that will Tittle amt wil7j?�,n to of Niarra Al on Lay last week. Who set nit the cigars monday. And mrs n. Vansusan tenon saturday and san Day at Holgate Tim meat of their daughter. Mrs. F. Kapp Tucker and Dong her Bor. Tha of Holgate Are a spending this we air Here with relatives and Friend of Sisk 8runcrsbur6. A changeable weather. A Garden Hasse will soon be Ripe. A school or no achoo that a the question Otid ire la firming for mrs. M. Lower arc sojourning Mack tha them on wh�8 know mat these friends were keening to Ilse a Lleve a Quot a or i he contribution to our easter festival was however a Surprise which added Mach u t in enjoyment of the substantial gifts w u1 we we re favored we feel it due and Trust the donors will Pardon our 111 erty with their Ami l acknowledgement of their interest in the Fase adult o Cor Horis Hokl. An Wjt or Asur ssisnj2 j522 do it it of of Joy bar it Arne Ltd Down my so but our children of the proper Observance or fest Val occasions whether religious or , we regard it As a Nece Sarv a Childs education to hav predation of such Days. What our Hicks the friends did for our children on easter will always be to them with Tho Nan j�7 and a a a Al will associate i lord. Nan a an Ltd mercies of our risen what Lek Wir a. Contributions Arlle Webb and Bertha Williams ii boxes water color paint Bertie Aud Millie Diehs Carriet Horn la Kyle Hack of c,n<13 u w my re Piotre cards and Nav m i t>�7 it inc 81,1,0 dish of if. Dub Lek cd cd by a no Ala to Tab a i ill Jan Viii Biss sack Candy and dressed doll Minnie 0 Ison. Alice Gaff and Hadle Lur my dressed dolls pictorial paper and a get Ltd Sords mud trans a Jinni Fredda and Artic rises Lester cards Hiram and Arthur Dulwor a or noes temp trance a Ders easter cards books and Bali. A Matron. Knowledge Jed language. Volume Xii of Alden a manifold cyclopedia is now issued. A careful in Kew it tinn now of. A Langdon pm. Schie band j. In Dakota. A a. Helfrick will labor for h. Coming Hummer. Udssui.frtin.5, r wer Woutat a Quot a new pin f6nther, a his for those who Ara Suffi ring from Juu Mon Ary trouble. A yes they suy the weather la actual in having another spell. How naughty.  �.ain.1je Nayi Tomt knows How to Spade. Ile always takes Tho red card. Obj two Fura and wife from the 8on h Ridge a turd Ayad with friends in this place. To to Fri a Der Tho. In it Lufa cd in a hard elder Friday returned with or. Tangle foot of. Corwin and a Alslev of this to it former cent re 3 no want to see some Nice car rom Hass eau at or and mrs. F. Moats House Enterprise Stree. For uan snakes prompted in a. By. A serves and partly in order that we mss keep our correctly informed on Vinces us that All the Strong a famine is tons which have been bestowed him jul Previ uuiltr0farnub 18 Moas Redue to this. It is of course. Published Iii Tho same Handy form and is just As convenient to use As us i ins is no Small matter m All who have had occasion to consult the unwieldy volumes in which cyclopedia thu Illy appear can testify. In Assong to the contents of the Book we find the Aune thorough Neon and tide Lily we Lori has Char acted de the previous list a the Broad Field has been carefully gleaned. The results of Long continued investigation Are presented in an attractive and Ava Lawe offers Rich cite Jtj a Ltd j011 will the Book offers Rich treasures of knowledge. This work a roil a Domini to Al. Ecton clock. Among the articles treated at More or less length we notice the following do innit Italy 3 pages drainage Iii Auricula Are about 3 pages drama Over to vein5 5 paves Dye buffs a to it it pages l in ,1 in Ages earthquake i pages Emeer 3 pages eclipse 0 pages reduce lion including military state and National with valuable statistics47 pages event nearly i pages. Electrical unit a Over St Greta a potatoes Are mostly All planted As use. A1 some were lamed in the Moon and son plan in g a ways a a Lau f 5swb or it a a a a Gant equipage. An the selected party wag snifter of Chi Yonne Quot in of Well we Are not going to Huv univ bout it Only too bad. Us it a Ltd m�r1 a Hee Hee yonder comes a Young Man with grip sack a flying As fast As lie can. A timid Young Man with his heels a flying Law a a Earth can he be trying. Eve Thody standing looking aghast. The traveler groans Safe at last Bra Fields female regulator coins vhf a by the Young and bundt find Peculiar to n Row any disorder Peculiar to her sex and at the change of Jfe lit of Neflas ail who use it write the 1 by All mfr ibj.flr�?T1,Ator co., Atlanta a. Bold by All druggists Jay a Berry plants Are in Bloom la the country Florida. The word Zoa Phora Mearns health bringer. The remedy so Nammal a. Originally called woman a Friend Imit tors stole that name so a new one wus in. Inti Frt end attn a it la Yoa can Cau for we Nanis Friend but be sure that what to 1 k do Spisti naive Zoa Rhora old by a Eif Fht thou add of Toledo a 12.00g houses use natural Gas. A Kansas minister. Tor l h. Coulton of Cir Evjue Kab Oaks or. White wine of str a rots has been in my family and found to bean und even More than you claim for it it h 7 cure,ora11 Throat and lung Dis May fell beneath my blow and Ufa ainu in i r ghee in tile Piave i. Face that la ahoy bathed an Ltd my and brutoe8 my Apon Hie Throat. Major i to a who Lorn that company electrical Cutts Over a Mart recently of if pjt1110?, and in Here first published la a cyclopedia this work is u pm of 08 we�?~1 a cyclopedia a fact will and la greatly to its other merits. It seems almost incredible that such a work tlwv01 ? or 50 cents a volume in Good cloth finding or 65 cents in half mor oooo with to cents additional for postage but that is nil that is asked a in Stoimen a vol Urne May be ordered and returned if not satisfactory. John in Alden publisher new work. Chicago Han Francisco Toronto powder absolutely pure powder never varies. A Marvel it f had . More fan fax Ordinary kind. And can Plaht 1?,d a Competition with the is Ltd pm of fastest. Short weight Alum or do Cal Kilia ponlycan8 Ryal hawing powder co., 106 Wall by. . A a a

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