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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 4

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Decatur, AlabamaMe amp the Decatur daily saturday morning. May sunday at the churches news of religion Filion Baha i Lover world Sill by Hal Mcclure a q Haifa Israel apr Thi Lind that saw the beginnings of both Judaism and christianity also is the world Center of a new religion founded in a moslem co try. It is called Bahai i there Are said to be Well Over a million Bahai i in nearly 300 countries territories and possessions a in fact every country of the world except a few soviet republics. The largest number is in Iran where the Faith started More than 100 years ago. It is not officially recognized there i today. Tie religion has Appeal its leaders say among both the old established nations and the developing ones. Members include american educators Canadian eskimos japanese businessmen and Indian doctors. Its teachings have been translated into 270 languages and dialects Golden domed shrine a Golden domed shrine set amid gardens on the slopes of it. Carmel in Haifa is the world Headquarters of the Faith beneath the dome lie the remains of a the baby a the Gate a the Martyr Herald of the Faith who was executed by the persians in 1850 because of his religious teachings. Before his death the Bab predicted a promised one would some Day Lead the faithful this right was claimed by the son of a Tehran Cabinet minister Mirza Husayn Ali who took the name of Bahai us Liah a glory to god. Bahai us llah was exiled to Baghdad and later was moved to constantinople 1 a modern Istanbul a and Adrianople before his final imprisonment at Akka in Palestine. He was still under virtual turkish House arrest at nearby Babi when be died in 1892 at the age of 75. The Bahai i Honor and respect All the worlds great religions. They believe that god educates Mankind through a series of prophets who appear at intervals in Many a history Moses Zoroaster Buddha Christ Mohammed a and now Bahai up much. . A compulsory education the Faith teaches compulsory education Equality of men and women and elimination of All forms of prejudice. The Bahai i find no contradiction Between science and religion they believe in the eventual Unity of Mankind and world peace. In time there will be a world Ordo world Economy one race and one religion under god the Power of Faith a Wood i Ishmael episcopal St. John s Comer Gordon or. And Jackson St., Rev. James o. Bod Ley Rector holy communion at 7 90 . Family service and classes at 9 15 . Holy communion and Sermon at 11 . ? it it Lawrence Church of Christ Wolf Springs James Sparks minister sunday services begin. At 10 preaching at 11 evening service at 7 00 . Midweek Bible study wednesday at 7 30 pm a it a the parents of William Wordsworth one of England s greatest poets planned for him to be a minister. But while in Cambridge University his love of poetry won out Over the clergy. Yet through his poems Wordsworth has served god and Man better and far longer than had he taken the other course. His love of people and understanding of their needs is expressed throughout his works. With the simplest words he gives us the Beautiful prayer poem father take my hand. J / the Way is dark my father Cloud on Cloud is gathering thick try o or my head and loud the thunders Roar above me. See i stand like one bewildered father take my hand and through the gloom Lead safely Home a f a thy child., a. R Athens Orr to serve in Davao r. Alton Orr son of mire. F. H. Orr and the late or. Orr Athens is one of 48 Young men and women who will begin training As the first missionary journeymen of the Southern Baptist foreign Mission Board june 19, grow it in Richmond vo., to will arvo for two Yoors As a Baptist student worker in Davao the . This program is the Baptist Mission boards newest category of special overseas service for single College graduates who do not feel called to a missionary career but who have dedicated their talents and vocations to Christ and Are willing to serve As a missionary for two years. Under the direction and us re Felon of career Mlo Otonari ies a Hoy will moot Home of the critical needs of people in cown tree abroad. Orr graduated from Auburn Hatton. Kyle Mcwhorter minister p and 18 do a a 5 lords Day services Bible study 10 . Morning worship 11 . _ evening service 6 00 . Midweek service wednesday 7 30 . It it it town Creek. J. Enloe or. Minister lords Day services Bible study at 10 . Preaching and communion at 11 . Evening service at 6 00 . Midweek Bible study 6 30 . Wednesday it. It it it it Hope John Abbott minister Bible study at 10 . And preaching at 11 . Evening service at 7 00 . Wednesday evening Bible study at 7 00 . The Southern Baptist theological Seminary Louisville by. Church briefs guest speaker the Morgan county Baptist associational sunday school meeting will be at pleasant Hill Church at 2 30 . Sunday. Rev Ralph Halbrooks of the state sunday school Board Montgomery will be guest speaker. Bits of first building was erected in 1960 _ pm Ville Church Courtland Bernard l. Dawes minister Bible study 10 . Preaching and communion 11 . Evening services 6 15 . Midweek Bible study wednesday at 7 . Brookhaven 635 memorial or. So Clifford Mitchell pastor sunday school 9 45 . Morning worship 11 . Training Union 8 30 . Evening worship 7 30 . Wed. Prayer meet ing 7 90 . It it it North Side 211 Wilson St. New Rev. Jesse Rogers interim pastor sunday school 9 45 . Morning worship 11 . Training Union 6 30 evening. Worship 7 30 choir rehearsal sunday at 5 15 pin. Wednesday prayer service 7 30 . It it it Westside 311 memorial or. New Elree r. Waddell pastor sunday school 9 45 worship 11 . Training Union 6 30 . Worship 7 30 . Officers and teachers training Gas and rats wednesday at 6 30 . Sunbeams meet at 7 . Mid nights 7 00 to 8 30. Radio program. Station winos 000 ke., i0j 00 . Sunday topic a a fresh approach to it it it Christian first fourth ave. And Moulton St. A Jerry c Smith minister Church school 9 45 . Worship ?0 50 an. Youth fellow ships 5 45 . Evening Wori ship 7 . It it it Val Hermoso Springs Ray g Mcculloch minister sunday school 9 45 . Worship service 10 55 . Memorial Day services will be observed this sunday with dinner on the ground. Evening worship will begin at 6 . A it it god demands obedience How decisions affect menus lives scripture i Samuel 13-15. Or b. K Ramsey it has been said that the life of Saul was the first of the a greek tragedies a for Here was a Man with great spiritual intellectual and social assets and few liabilities. Yet he was so enslaved by Wilfulness and jealousy these liabilities rendered his assets impotent. Saul took his first Steps toward ultimate disaster on the eve of a great Battle with the israeli test traditional enemies the philistines. Samuel the Man and voice of god in Israel a the time had Given Saul an explicit command to await his arrival in Gilgal before offering sacrifices and Burnt offerings to the lord for Success in the coming Battle. Saul did wait but when Samuel failed to show assumed the prerogatives of a priest which had never been conferred upon a injustice for it was Jona Rpu a i i to u week services at 7 30 . And there Are 69 National a i choir rehearsal at 8 10. It it it Antioch Alabama 67, 3 Miles e. Of Church of Christ assemblies comprised of local spiritual assemblies in 1,500 centers. The National groups elect the ruling body. The uni a Tor Versal House of Justice is com prised of four americans three Mim y iranians two britons. Baptist 5ixtkenth ave. Comer Wadsworth St. And 3d Teeth ave r. E a a bobs wll Lens. Pastor. Sunday school u 9 45 morning worship at 10 55 . Training Union 6 30 pin. Evening worship at 7 30 . Midweek service wednesday at 7 . A a it it it Central 4th ave. And Grant St., pastor a. Vanarsdale sunday school 9 30 . Morning worship 10 50 . Training Union 6 00 . Evening worship 7 00 . Midweek prayer service at 7 15 . It it it Cedar Creek Rev. Jimmy Brown mini sir or sunday school at 10 . Worship at 11 . Training service 6 30 . Evening Jer tee 7 30 ., midweek services wednesday at 6 . Bible study at 7 00. It it it Oak Park 1311 19th ave. Be Rev. A. Ray Lee pastor sunday school 0 45 . Morning worship 11 . Training Union 6 . Evening worship 7 . Wednesday Praye Novice 7 . Choir practice 8 . Thursday q. A. And sunbeams meeting 3 30 . Visitation 7 . Union 6 30 . Mid week prayer service wednesday at 7 . It it it Greenbrier Olen Gregg pastor sunday school 10 ., morning worship 11 . Training Union 5 ., evening worship 6 50 . Mid week prayer service wed. At 7 . It it it first Oak and Lafayette St. Rev w. K. Stephenson pastor 9 45 ., sunday school 11 morning worship 6 ., 7 ., evening worship wednesday at 7 ., prayer service. It it it Emmanuel 2248 Kooken ave. So sunday school 10 . Morning worship 11 . Training Union 7 . Evening worship 7 30 . Radio broadcast wednesday 9 15-9 30 . A special missionary to Liberia. Africa j. T. Lyons will speak at the morning service. 4ft it it Grant Street 240 Grant St. Be Elbert m. Young minister Bible study. 9 45 . Morning worship 10 45 . Sermon topic confessing Christ a broadcast Oyer who pm evening worship 6 . Sermon topic Joseph an example of forgiveness a prayer meeting 7 30 . Wednesday television program 1 30 . Sunday Over Amsl to. It it it him and made the Burnt offerings himself. This on the surface was a sin but was Only an indication of a far More serious flaw or sin deep within Saul himself. When Samuel chastised him for his error Saul instead of confessing he had done wrong tried to justify his act by insisting it was expedient for him to won a great Victory Over the hordes of philistines mainly through the efforts of his son Jonathan though the account of the Victory makes it obvious that god was fighting on the Ide of Jonathan. Avid to extend the Victory Saul asked the lord whether he should pursue the philistines. The answer was silence. Convinced that one of his people had sinned by disobeying his command to eat nothing until the Battle was finished Saul discovered that Jonathan unaware of this unnecessary command had eaten some Honey and condemned him to die. But Jonathan was a favorite of the people and the teachings of Samuel made their selves Felt the people informed Saul they would not tolerate such an act than who had brought them Victory that Day. I Samuel 15 is concerned with Saul a disobedience regarding the destruction of the Amale kites. The am lekites were a powerful nomadic tribe the first of the Heathen nations to oppose the Progress of gods people after the exodus and thus doomed to destruction. The Golden text a and Samuel said hath the lord As great Delight in Burnt offerings and sacrifices As in obeying the voice of the lord t behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to Hearken than the fat of rams a i Samuel 15 to. Lutheran St. Paul s Sherman St. At 4th Avenue Rev. R. A. Reinhardt pastor worship service 8 15 amp 10 45 . Sunday school .9 30 . Sermon topic a religious for Christ a it it it methodist Wesley memorial Christian science a in sir Church 6th Avenue and Johnston amp to sunday school sunday services at 9 30 . Topic a everlasting punishment a wednesday evening service testimony meeting 7 30 . Reading room 112 second Avenue . Open 10 00 to 4 00 thursday the Bible Speaks to you Quot sunday 10 ., who 800 pc this we i Christian science program a Flash approach to retirement Quot Omen phew to Mara it of. Pm Mem 4 my of comeer Njo of ctr 7 1 10. My an i Rev. Bart Lewis pastor presently holding services in boys club building on 3rd St. So sunday school 10 morning service 11 . Evening service. 5 . _ j a it Ftfe Central 6th ave. And Jackson St. Be Rev. John Rutland pastor morning worship 8 30 . Sermon topic a was a Little child Church school 9 30 . Morning by ship 10 50 . Youth Fellowship at 6 ., evening worship at 7 .4topic a an hour late and a Dollar Short a Bible study wednesday at 7 . It it it v do what he did at that critical. Hour. The most significant thing which Saul a act discloses is that he was not really Bent on m complying with the will of god. To Saul god was not a reality not the Power on whom everything depended. Saul realised that a Burnt offering should he made to propitiate him and prevent him from causing the Battle to go against the israelite but he did not think of god As the one being who could give him Success in Battle. Saul simply set aside a commandment from god through his Prophet Samuel to serve the needs of expediency. Uncompromising in his loyalty to god Samuel brushed aside the Flimsy excuse of expediency called the sin sin and chastised Saul severely. Speaking from his divine authority Samuel announced that god would take the kingdom of Israel from him and give it to another unrelated to him who would Stab Ash a dynasty that would perpetually Rule Judah. Thus Saul a determination to have his own Way when it was contrary to the will of god Cost him and his sons after him his kingdom. In spite of the rebuke Saul time for the execution of this divine sentence came during a amp a reign of Saul the israelite were victorious and though Saul destroyed the am lekites he spared agag the Amale Kite King and a the Best of the sheep oxen failings lambs and All that was Good a contrary to the command Samuel had received from god. When god informed Samuel of Saul a disobedience the aged Prophet took the matter up with the King. Saul protested his innocence saying that he went against gods will because he feared his people who wanted the Best of everything spared for sacrifice to the lord. Still excusing himself Saul pleaded with Samuel to Pardon Lofia sin and to turn again with him that he might worship the lord As though realizing that he was a stranger to god and could not worship him without the help of the Prophet this was the last time. Saul and Samuel Ever saw each other face to face. Saul iad rejected the word of god and there was nothing else for god to do but reject said As King Over Israel. Samuel denounced Saul for the second time hacked agag to pieces with a sword and Toft by Rev. I. W. Myers this 1644b Issue brings the order of events up to the year 1962, when the Morgan county Baptist association convened with the Danville Baptist Church on oct., 16 and the evening session with the Central Baptist Church Decatur. The second Day session was held at Lacey a Spring Bethlehem Church. Due to the fact that the new officers were to take charge a a it the dose of the annual the election was held at the business hour on the last afternoon. Those elected were Rev. W. W. Coffey Moderator Rev. C a Boezer vice Moderator Rev. Howard h. Golden clerk and Rev. Bethea Stedham treasure. See p. 3 Rev. D. F. Hickman associational missionary a report p.8. Was in detail. Part of the report was Given As follows Miles travelled 22,511 radio broadcast Amsl Decatur. 49 sermons and addresses 306 churches visited 416 helped ordain 6 deacons Telephone Calls 412 tracts Given out 5,-000 a furnished transportation for 5 negro Emu to Institute in a Petiti onary letter from the Mountain View Baptist Church was read by the Moderator and referred to the credentials Peti tonary letter committee a the Constitution provided a that the petition would be voted of at the next annual meeting. The introductory Sermon was by Rev. J. A. Gomes on a for such a time As tins Esther 4nl4-17.�?� the evening session was devoted to Mission reports Emu state missions Home missions foreign missions and the missionary message by or. Hampton c. Hopkin from the Howard Extension department. The second Day morning session closed with the doctrinal Sermon by Rev. Howard Golden. His scripture was romans 8 31-39. Ail the churches in the association have changed pastors since 1952 except or. A. B.,Van Arsdale of Central Baptist Decatur Rev. W. K. Stephenson first Baptist Decatur and Rev. W. J. Johnson Southside Decatur. Some churches have changed Many times. From the statistics we learn there were 460 baptisms additions otherwise 507 losses child. 584 net gain 383 present total membership 12,454 Enron de inf sunday school 8, �8 training Union Roll 3,383 Emu Roll 1,-455 brotherhood 221 value of All Church property $458,113 Mission gifts $35,378 gifts for All purposes $295,061. There was a decline in the reported resident Church members and an increase in the number of non resident members. From 1952 to 1964 there has been an increase of nonresident members from 4,121 to 4,293. The writer urges a readers and record keepers to spend More time and thought to the by David Knight shy staff writer Priceville a the Priceville Church of Chris a was organized in 1953, at a gospel meeting being held in a tent at j. J. Ransoms store in pc eve according to l. J. Andrews i Kiister. Ministers Donald Grace and Ray Humphries conducted the tent meeting. J Quot the congregation Mot in the houses of individuals and to Fott school bundt of for several months after the organization Quot the minister said. Quot finally a resident of the Community Enoch pole agreed the Penn the Church to meet to his Holm permanently and the Chu refi was located there for about twa years he to the present min Ter the Church members required the tract of land where the Church is presently located in the mid fifties and began to hold worship services in an old House located on the three acre 9p8l a a the members remodeler the old House and used it As a Sanctuary for several the present building was com plated the fall of i960. It has four Bible school rooms two rest rooms a baptistry and an auditorium that will Seal about 100. The building is constructed of Concrete blocks. The inside Walls Are plastered and the outside is painted and exposed. The Church constructed a Large Brick veneer parsonage year the Sanctuary in 1964. Long Sang plans for future expansion induce s completely new Sanctuary building and bricking the present building and utilizing its space for educational purposes. A we definitely will have to expand before Long a the mint Ster declared. A we have an overflowing crowd at Hajmosi every service and if the growth rate continues As it has during the past few months we will be forced to expand to Accomma late those who wish to attend a he added. Quot the enthusiasm Kara is greater than it has aver bean and a Are on the March Forward Quot he concluded. Andrews began his ministry at the Priceville Church in november of last year. A native of Russellville in Franklin county he is a graduate of Alabama Christian College in Montgomery. He is married arid has one missionary from Liberia to speak at first methodist the Decatur District women society of Christian service will have its Spring meeting at 9 45 am monday May 3 at try first methodist Church. Miss Vara Huewett Liberia missionary will to the guest a peaker. My Hughlett has returned to % . After three Imp Fly a a a special the r m methodist a do i i o n a f Hughlett Liberia. In Utu Etu miss Hughlett pm assigned to the Hospital at Ganta methodist Mission Center in the i ulterior of Liberia. There will be a 45-minute training period for ail local officers at this meeting. J cemetery cleaning the annual cemetery cleaning at Cedar Creek freewill Baptist Church will be observed thursday May 6. All residents in the area who cannot come a this Date Are urged to come earlier. A Macedonia Church Rev. Ralph Halbrooks sunday school executive Montgomery will speak at the 11 . Worship service Tomij Row at Macedonia Baptist Church. Skate Board is h child s play dad finds Athens term. A there was a Pew cast for the easter want Atli at the. First Bapty a Church of Athens. It was on the leg of choir director Ray Kickliter. Leg of the minister of music was broken while he was teaching his daughter to use a so amp a Board. A bibles a books a Church bulletins # Ira s Book amp gift shop 222 e Moulton St Bah on Oval Lam product d by Tho Devi Ioos of cd Futlz due Ntim. National Council of a amp urn a of Chhat in the u.a.a., Aad mad by of halon pm attributed by Kinoff Taatu Raa Syndicate presbyterian first Comer of Oak and Vine its. Be Joseph w. Walker pastor James e. Bowden asst pastor 9 30 ., Church school 11 ., divine worship topic a prayers for others/4 7 30 . Wednesday prayer meeting. Want ads get results Westminster presbyterian Church of the a flied presbyterian Church in the .a. 1 Jackson St. And ii Flktti ave., . Edwin f. Dalstrom pastor. Sunday school f 40 . Sarv Lum 8 30 and 11 . A Sermon Kytka Pastar a a .ly.-.,.,.,.�? of re a a a Quot to Ujj i you fac a Hawk ice 8 10 ., \ h. R i. T. A a a a a importance of a keeping up with want ads get results attend j sunday night services at seven o clock at the Central methodist Church sixth Avenue at Jackson Sermon topic an hour late and a Dollar Short special music congregational singing Rev. John Rutland pastor or. Jesse Stimson organist 7 Central Baptist Church % on television we Hove try stalled Complete television facilities in our Church so that you May View our services and worship with us each sunday. Morning services 11 00 . Evening services 7 30 . A a a telecast Amsl to Channel 23, / Cable Channel 3 broadcast Amsl 1400 . Telecast Cabla Channel 4

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