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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 3

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Decatur, AlabamaThe Decatur daily. Saturday morning May i 1965 new products self adjusting movie camera by de Morse a business Newt writer new York april 27 apr a new line of Home movie cameras has been introduced which its claimed Are so automatic that they adjust themselves completely. Among new products this week Are b6�o amp Howells a super 8�?� movie Cam 0s. Lerttie Eye devices Quot a v4riou�?~ Aryl the company a first Battery powered cameras. The cameras have on Are designed to accept an in a a Lissul y by Eastman Kodak. The photographer its said by the company is required to make Ini no Nual settings at All. M woman who never before loaded a movie camera could pick up a a super 8�?� camera and film Cartridge insert the film and Start taking movies within-11 seconds the company said adding that it expects the Complete Automa City of the cameras to attract Many women to Home movie making. A device for hanging pictures and other objects on steel Walls without bolts or screws and without drilling holes has been introduced by Magnet sales co., los Angeles Calif. The Hanger gets its holding Power from a piece of kor Oseal flexible noetic strip. The hangers come following Are the addresses in four sizes to support weights campan4es mentioned in new i a a. P Rawia in to a up to 16 pounds. Dogs confined in a room can scratch deep grooves in the door when they want to get out. To protect the door a product called a Doggie scratch guard is offered by Combar enterprises Detroit Mich. Its a 12-by-16inch rectangle of plastic to fit the door panel. It has an adhesive backing which Sticks after a cover is peeled off. Now a a tie clip that writes a a telescoping mechanical Pencil that expands from a length of 2% inches to 4% inches. In the Small closed position it acts As a tie clip. Offered by Gene h. Mueller Chicago St. A hew Hobby Craft material which is said to spread As easily As butter yet dry to a Stone like hardness is called Quot gook Quot and is offered by Woodhill chemical corp., Cleveland Ohio. The company says it should be useful in making vases face masks topographical proved 8 my. Film introduced Quot a a offered by in he a a to a Nassau shores a amp to Massage Jua . In the kit Are Chrome finished brackets and bolts to attach to the handle bar and a heavy duty plastic winds add that Dan be curved and Cut to any height or Width. A new entry in the Field of emergency tire inflators is the a Dapper Dan Quot Bem somatic tire inflator sealer made by the Bem somatic corp., Rochester . The eight Inch aluminium Cylinder is attached to the tire valve when there s a Flat. Freon Gas and liquid rubber flow to the site of the leak and Seal it. The company says this permits the car to be driven at Normal Speed to a tire repair shop or for 100 Miles continuously. Thle quit it made up of que Eklons of general interest asked it five Leeding Libarle Acree the country. See How informed you Are before turning to the answers. 1. Who was the first signer of the declaration of Independence 2. Whet is the world s largest River 3. How Many p Ayers make up a water Pele teem i Quot a wet a Pawlit Waif involved in the crimean War t. Who wrote the novel Tom Jones Quot 6. What is the derivation of the expression a according to Hoyle Quot 7. When did the Battle of the a Amo take place 8. Of what Battle was it said a uncommon Var Sims e com Mon virtue Quot f. When did president Frank Len d. Roosevelt recognize the soviet Union As the government of Russia a a 10. Who is the Only jockey to win Tho trip e Crown twice answers on Page eight products Bell amp Howell co., 7100 Mccormick rd., Chicago 45, 111. R. F. Goodrich go., 800 second ave., new York . 10017. Combar enterprises 12591 Glen yield Detroit Midi. 48213. Gene h. Muddler 1100 n. Lasalle Chicago i. 60010. Woodhill chemical corp., 18731 Cranwood Parkway Cleveland Ohio 44128 Nassau shores a amp a 5500 Merrick rd., Massapequa . Bem somatic corp., 740 driving Park blvd., Rochester . 14613. Butcher hog top climbs to $19.75 Chicago apr Butcher hogs were steady to 25 cents higher Friday j As the top climbed to $19.75 a hundredweight. Mixed no. 1 and 2 grades sold at $19.25-75 and mixed 1-3 at $18.75-19.50. Mixed 2s and 3s reached $18.75 and sows $16.50. Slaughter steers were Strong late buying Sparks Stock Market new York apr late and scattered buying of Blue chips Friday put Stock Market averages up to historic highs again even while losers predominated on the new York Stock Exchange. Trading slackened in the Market which seemed unable to make up its mind which Way in go volume fell off to 5.19 million shares from thursdays 5.58 million. The International oils recovered moderately from the depression of earlier this week when they were dampened by a decline in quarterly earnings for Standard Oil new Jersey. Careful investment buying in this sector As Well As among the Blue Chip mail order retails chemicals papers electronics and office equipments went hand in hand. A a Quot the Dow Jones Industrial average Rose 3.60 to the new rec Ord Peak of 922.31 this was possible despite the fact that of 1,368 issues traded High Power horses Aycocks radio Shack >717 6th ave a a . 353-9271 on the big Board 574 declined and 504 advanced. New highs for the year totalled 103 and new lows 38. Industrials up 1,3 the associated press average of 60 stocks improved its record High of thursday by edging up .4 to 340.3, with industrials up 1.3 to a record rails Down .3 and utilities off .1. Standard amp poor a 500-Stock Index advanced .18 to a record 89.11. Sears Roebuck Rose 2, Eastman Kodak 2%, Union Carbide 1%, Jersey Standard Texaco 34, internal try Nal paper 1, ism 5 and Reynolds tobacco a. For the third straight session pan american Sulphur was the most Active Stock. It fell to a new Low As the Street remained fearful of the mexican limitation on its Sulphur exports. The Stock lost 14 at 35% on 193,200 shares. Of the 15 most Active issues 9 Rose and 5 fell with Chrysler unchanged. Steels were irregularly lower with most losses fractional. Challenger . Abel was declared the official Winner of the fight for president of the million member United steelworkers Union. Prices Rose irregularly on the american Stock Exchange. Volume was 2.42 million shares compared with 2.96 million thursday. Corporate Bonds were mixed. . Government Bonds Ina ined mostly unchanged Light trading. Re Quick easy to repay mis from $901 up for any Good purpose on signature auto., furniture real Estife guardian discount company Decatur 310 2nd ave., 5.1. F a a r Alabama phom 355 150 t jury Hudson my of. U. S. Quiz i author win decide the today a Winner it Mary fat mar to it Taxa Grain future Mart firmed Chicago apr a moderately improved demand firmed the Grain futures Market Friday and nearly All contracts finished with at least Small gains on the Board of Trade. Brokers said they knew of no actual Market factors which could have been sufficient to have reversed the downward trend and suggested that the revived demand May have been largely speculative. The expiring May contracts showed the broadest gains. May wheat moved up almost 2 cents and May Oats More than a cent. However May soybeans eased slightly in late activity a f t or having been Well ahead earlier. At the close soybeans were % cent a Bushel lower to % higher May $2.87%-88 wheat higher May $1.454-% Corn unchanged to % higher May $1.334-41 Oats 4-1% higher May 724 cents Rye unchanged to % higher May $1.17. Today in history by the associated press today is saturday May 1, the 121st Day of 1965. There Are 244 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history t on this Date in 1898, adm. George Dewey told his Captain on the Cruiser Olympia a you May fire when ready Gridley a Dewey a Fleet made the first of five runs against the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay. Before noon Dewey had finished off the last of the Spanish cruisers and gunboats. In 1847, the Cornerstone of the smithsonian institution was Laid in Washington. In 1873, the Penny Post card appeared for the first time its now four cents. In 1893, the world columbian exposition opened in Chicago. In 1942, japanese forces captured Mandalay. In 1943, american troops cleared famed Hill 609 in Tunisia. Ten years ago a evangelist Billy Graham was winding up his crusade in Scotland estimating he had reached 24 million persons by radio television and in person. Five years ago cuban prime minister Fidel Castro made it Clear at a May Day rally in Havana that he had no intention of holding elections. One year ago a soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev says . Policy toward Cuba could Lead to another world wet . By a Leokum what b Mistletoe ? win the 15-Velum Brita Mica Oak has Fleshy stems and thick Junior encyclopaedia Lor school Oval greyish Green leaves. In and Homo. Sond your questions Namo ago and drool to toll to Why i Quot Caro of this paper. In the summer it produces clusters of Small Yellowish Flowers which mature into Small White Pearl Caso of duplicate questions the like berries. These remain most of us think of Mistletoe Only at Christmas time when it is used As a decoration. But Mistletoe in associated with some of the oldest supers Titu ions of Man. The ancient druids considered Mistletoe a sacred Plant that symbolized the spirit because it had no roots in Earth. A White Robed priest Cut it every year with a Golden sickle. And Mistletoe was believed to be a remedy for epilepsy. This was because Mistletoe did no to fall to the ground and so people with epilepsy called the falling sickness could not fall Down while they had a piece of Mistletoe with them. Mistletoe grows on the branches of certain Trees in Large Twiggy Ball like growths. The Plant has no roots of its own to obtain moisture from the soil. Instead when it is very Young and just developing from a seed it produces tiny outgrowths. These Pierce the bark of the limb on which the seed fell. After they have grown through the bark to the Wood they spread out and there absorb a part of the moisture and food which the tree contains. The food and moisture go to nourish the Young Mistletoe ant which then grows As most other plants do. The mistle$3e neither has nor needs any connection with the soil. Sometimes the Mistletoe grows so abundantly it May kill the supporting tree. The Mistletoe occurs on Oak and a number of other kinds of Trees in the Southern and Western United states. Some grow on Evergreen Trees. The one on through fall and Winter the berries Are much liked of a a by Birds which eat Many of them. In eating them the Birds get the seeds on their beaks. When they try to remove them the Birds wipe their beaks on the limbs of other Trees. The Sticky seeds then hold fast to the branches where they Start to grow into new plants. A a a Gallup poll Page thru overpopulation fun time the chuckle Box doctor you re looking much better. How a that pain patient she a visiting her Mother. Singer did you notice How my voice filled the concert Hall tonight0 music critic yes i even saw some people leaving to make room for it. # did you know by George Gallup Princeton n. J., april 29 the concern of experts Over the world a population explosion is reflected in the views of the american people a a whole. Today Only 3 persons in every 10 among those who have heard or read about the population increase say they Are particularly worried about this. Seme authorities est mete that the Glebe i population new it 3.3 billion will Hove doubled by the year 2009. A hunger and malnutrition population experts and others see the increased population predicted for the next few decades As seriously aggravating the problems of hunger and malnutrition which already exist among a Large proportion of the worlds population. Others fear that Over population and its accompanying problems of poverty and hunger May provide communism and revolution with a a ready made Market in Many important areas of the world. According to an october 1963 a a Timeto of the population Rofo Ronco Bureau 220 Bebis a Aro bom in Tho world Ivory minute. The food and agricultural organization of the the driest spot on Earth is Chile a Atacama de a it the National geographic says. At one place Calama no rain has Ever been recorded. Rainfall throughout the area is barely measurable. United nation Tayt that up to half of Tho world a people a offer Frem hunger end Malmi. Tuition. Those experts who do not View the population growth in terms of crisis reason that technology will provide ways to increase the food Supply. Behind the Public s View is often a belief that the problem will take care of itself or that something will arise to offset it the following question was put to those persons who said they had heard or read a bout the predicted population increase 7 persons in 10 44 Are you worried or not worried a bout this population increase worried 77 747.77.777 r.tt/r.7. 77t.�?r, 30% not worried. A. 66 a opinion. 4 College persons among those who Havo. Wieard or read about the matter tend to be j slightly More concerned about the a Popula tin explosion than Are those with less than College training cathodes Are slightly less worried than Are protestants. By income level persons who earn under $3,000 a year Are the least concerned. Copyright 1969. American Institute of Public opinion m i my i see Ley she sell a $10.95 Quot Crewe Mestor Quot fun $0.91�?$0.95 a Quot Kim Arthur Quot few $s.9s Rehb ref can Rea Sui per Only $4.00 Peir Bey a . Quot kids Quot specie i $3.7$ feb a Mee i Humphreys 114 not Moulton Quot a Usk. Brown Quot knits a Ltd Smith com a Ranu swimwear known for values for the every Fisherman dreams catching a big one. But nobody has yet broken the record set by a Man called Alf Dean in 1959 near South Australia. He caught a Man eating White shark that weighed 2,664 pounds a the largest fish Ever caught by a Rod Decatur shopping Center win the Britannica world Atlas or yearbook of events. Send your riddles jokes to riddles jokes Quot Tell me Why Quot today s Winner in Jesse Bufford Danburg geor by in Decatur 50 years ago disposing of whisky a. The Athens police department held whisky disposing Day this week at City Hall. Chief Terry Bottom shown with several bottles in hands said his department disposed of All of the booze confiscated in the last three or four weeks. Shown with chief Bottom Are David Cain left and John Henry Clemons janitors at City Hall. Daily photo by Janies Long Asti Jen. The Puri y bottling co business and began manufacturing a Gav of a. 25 years ago a pins were Urru a j r under a v for a he observation Observance of music week. The broke several windows a am of this we Erk prv5 tour an is hmm Ted damage a ?$100 which service projects of spa were visited 10 years ago Decatur joined other communities in the however bless Fig the Rains were a to the Tea rms and Mur tits week an event in was a making enriches life. Murric to 50 cents higher at $25-27 for choir Grade. Mixed High Choice and prime moved at $27.25-28.25 with a few loads of strictly prime up to $29. A few mixed Choice and prime shorn Spring lambs cleared at $26. No wooled kinds were offered. Dow Jones closing averages what stocks did new York april 30 a Fri thur advances 504 537 declines 574 566 unchanged i 29q 263 total issues 1368 13 66 new 1965 High a 103 100 new 19654 f lows 38 21 close changes 922.31 up 3.60 up 0.43 off 0.24 up 0.78 212.63 161.76 320.40 new York april 30 it apr open High Low 30 industrials 918.51 925.42 915.36 20 railroads 212.32 213.54 211 33 15 utilities t 162.09 162.61 160.88 65 stocks 4/,. 319.66 321.67 318.23 transactions in stocks used in a averages industrials 460,300,-rails 11,900. Utilities 77,700, 65 stocks 652,900 Bonds 40 Bonds 90.15 up 0.04 10 higher Grade rails 84 80 up 0.06 r 10 second Grade rails 92.82 off 0.06 10 Public utilities 88.78 up 0.06 10 Indus trip is 94.20 up 0.10 commodity futures Index 131.34 up 0.32lay away now while stocks Are Complete ail the latest styles in miss and misses mens and boys Only 1 Down stretch tank suit for Yow it Etc Merman Only 1.99 3 Button bib front Adoras this bathing suit of 100% stretch Nylon. Toddlers and girls Sisera 2-ox. Whistle bait Fig tire molding double knit Nylon swimsuits 9�?� you la love the Way these Nylon knit marvels hoax your curves in place yet the fabric is so Light you hardly know its there. But your Audi ence will know the Bright colors will make you a stand out All summer Long Todd Ursa an Suttel Girish stretch Nylon swimsuit Standard and poor s Stock Index new York. April 30 ap4 a net 425 industrials 25 railroads 50 utilities 500 stocks a a a a High Low close 94.44 94.17 94.44 46.66 46 36 46.57 up 77.49 i 77 44 off 89 11 88.88 89.u up pkg. Up ,27l a. 2-p4�c� strip tap surfer has Navy pants red or Lemon and White top. Sizes 30 to 36. Sess a Quot a a a b. 2-Pi�ce Tob front Mol lot has unusual textured weave. Black Blue Lemon red. 30-36. C by Ltd Waist Sajt sucker has a 2-piece look. A Black red Blue Lemon a White. 32-38. Only 1.99 Shell flip for thong Otto look the a Piad of Vod White and Blua. Low Bolt Low Bock Fiaiai 8 to a a we my w w we fifino .06 .23 ant co. I Decatur shop no Center open every Niti

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