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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Decatur, AlabamaToday s weather hot place a daily want and Day Athens 353-4412 232-1535 nights 353-4739 All departments tub i a a my my country May she Ever be right but right or wrong my country Stuphin is Catt Quot 68 pages today c fied d3-d7 local a1 c word d2 movies b5b6 editorials a4 sports b1b4 to log 37 a a a volume 57. Number 154. Established february 26. 111 Decatur. Alabama. 35601, sunday morning july 28, 1967 member of the associated press new York times news service 5c daily 20c sunday single copy riot report shows roes y by John Herbers c 1968 new York times news service Washington a the president s National advisory commission on civil disorders released studies saturday showing that Urban riots of the 1960 s Are a form of social protest by noncriminal and Are justified As such by a majority of negroes. The findings suggest that Short of massive suppression of millions of persons with Force future riots can be prevented Only by transforming the negro slums and the institutions and attitudes that have created them. The reports were made Public As the work of their authors and without endorsement of the commission. On of the three studies purports to repudiate the Quot Riffraff theory Quot of riots which holds that Only a Small fraction of the negro population participates in disorders that these Are principally the Riffraff of the Community and that the vast majority of the negro population deplores the violence. The second an examination of negro and White attitudes shows that the majority of negroes still desire integration and conciliation with Whites but that a substantial minority seems to have lost Faith in the american system and Are looking increasingly to militant leaders who advocate violence and separatism. The third study documents what has come to be a common belief by negroes and some Whites a that businesses police and other institutions serving the negro slums Are frequently insensitive to the needs and attitudes of the people living there. Generally the findings substantiate the conclusions the commission itself made in its voluminous report last feb. 29. The commission held that the nation is moving a two societies one Black one White separate and unequal and that a White racism was largely to blame. However the studies released saturday showed that racism May not be As monolithic As the commission suggested. Massive surveys of Urban populations showed ambivalence among both negroes and Whites in racial attitudes and that most Whites have some sense of the problems in the cities and Are looking for solutions. The 11-member commission led by former Illinois gov. Otto Kerner was appointed one year ago by president Johnson to find see negroes on Page a-6 aug. 8 a Teli question Why do people living within the City limits have to wait so Long for City services the Best Money Decatur could spend would be to serve these areas with water sewage and streets while bearing a Good portion of the Cost. Answer City administrator Larkin Yates As he and other City officials have said before stated that the City would like to provide Complete services for All of the outlying areas As fast As possible but that Iris economically impossible. The City has always required the Home owner to Bear the Cost involved in such projects and there is no reason to believe that will change in the future. Question several months ago dateline said that dormeyer went out of business. Can you now advise where parts May be obtained such As the Small knife for the grinder attachment h. E. A., Decatur answer parts Are available through Midwest electric co., 907 southwestern ave., Chicago Iii. 60612 or possibly the Jones Mclead appliance service 1616 7th ave. A Birmingham. Be sure to specify the Model number of the appliance. $ 6 question i have a stainless steel electric mixer. The beaters Are broken and i tried to replace them. I wrote to the Camfield manufacturing co., Chicago but my letter was returned because of insufficient address. Can you help me v. C. G., Mooresville answer Contact the Midwest electric co., 907 southwestern ave., Chicago Iii. 60612, and specify the Model number. Question can Sandlin re. So be paved and made wider if so when answer it is highly unlikely that it will happen before october and after that it will be up to a new government which goes into effect then. It is not in this year s budget so your Best bet will be to express your problem personally to the officials who will be elected next month. Decatu r hosts Cotton Art Hanes sees conspiracy in assassination Cotton Farmers from the Southeast will meet in Decatur aug. 8 to Guasp plans for United action a to restore and perpetuate Southern supremacy in Cotton a volume Wise and the special meeting was announced saturday by p. R. Bobby Smith of Winder ga., president of Southern Cotton growers inc. Federal and state agricultural officials from at least two Southeastern states a Alabama and Georgia a Are expected for the meeting Smith said. Gov. Albert Brewer has been invited. The meeting will begin at 9 . At Decatur High school auditorium. Principal speakers will include u. S. Rep. Bill Nichols of Alabama a leading member of the committee on agriculture or. Walter w. Wilcox chief economist of the . Deportment of agriculture Quot Fred Acuff head of the Alabama stabilization end conservation service Fred Robinson head of the Alabama state Extension service and Rad Bamberg Alabama administrator of the Farmers heme administration. Rebound noted a we witnessed in our Region this year a great and thrilling demonstration of courage determination and hard work As our Farmers have literally fought their Way out of the disaster and ruin visited upon us by the Cotton crop failures of 1966 and 1967,�?� Smith said. A this momentum if we work together to improve the Quality of our fiber and to bring about policies in Washington fair to us will restore the South to its traditional place of supremacy in Cotton. A we expect the Decatur meeting to bring together perhaps the largest Assembly of Cotton Farmers Ever he said All Cotton Farmers and winners were invited announcing the meeting Smith said a the Southern Cotton Farmer has suffered great injustices since world War ii. Simply because we did not organize to protect our interests in the writing of Cotton legislation and in the formulation and administration of Cotton programs. Other areas to the West organized to the Hilt while we in the South did nothing. As a consequence a great part of our Cotton acreage moved West and thousands upon thousands of Rural families were made refugees in our City slums particularly in Northern cities where unrest now approaches the Tate of insurrection. A but now. Through Southern Cotton growers. Inc. Our voice is being heard. Quot we got organized in the Nick of time ahead of the crop Dis see Decatur on Page a-6 Memphis Tenn. Apar Thyr j. Hanes James Earl rays defense lawyer told newsmen saturday an International communist conspiracy was involved in the slaying of or. Martin Luther King or. Hanes said that immediately after King was assassinated Here april 4, . Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark called the slaying a one Man Job. Ray is charged with murder in the death. A but gentlemen a Hanes said a i am Here to Tell you right now that in my judgment the attorney general of the United states is 100 per cent wrong. There a a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the conspiracy.�?�. Hanes did not elaborate except to say that he had this information from a reliable source and that it All would come out at rays trial next november. Speaking at an Impromptu news conference Hanes also assailed what he called a Lack of privacy for his client and an in Vason of his rights since his arrest in London june 8 and his return Here. And Hines told of threats against his own family. A i definitely feel that my clients rights Are being trampled and his privacy invaded. While i think sheriff William n. Morris an his people Are trying to protect my clients political rights they Are at the same time trampling his individual to referring to the closed circuit television that monitors Ray in his jail cell the former Bir Quot Mingham mayor said i4neither my client nor i like the idea of cameras being focused on him 24 hours a Day. He has to hide his head under a Pillow in order to get any sleep. He even has the evil Eye of a camera on him when he uses the bathroom. A furthermore when i was there yesterday. I went to use the bathroom and i go on to. Gentlemen this in my opinion is see Art on Page a-6 want your window air cond. Cleaned 6 serviced Coll Davidson heating service 353-4623. Adv to record a yes vote dial 3s3-su2 to record j no vote dial 3sj-sii3 yes 3s3-s112 no 353-si 13 to participate i speak out Cor tatty consider today s question and dial the appropriate number to Register your yes or no vote. As soon As the recorded voice answers your Cali hang up. Your vote will have Boon automatically recorded. Today s question Detroit Pitcher Denny Mclain won his 20th game saturday. Will he win 30 this season Coll Befarah 9 . Tomorrow yesterday s question would you oppose an increase in Hie retail Price of milk in Alabama now setting far a maximum 58c per half gallon yesterdays results my 88% no 12% old fashion Day a Eldred Elkins takes his grandchildren for a ride in his old fashioned one horse open Shay. The Rock Springs Mitchell memorial presbyterian Church seen in background is commemorating its 150th anniversary with week Long special events beginning today. Seated beside Elkins Are granddaughters Beth Elkins left and Melanie Martin. At left on the rear seat is grandson Andy Elkins and granddaughter Penny Elkins. Wearing the top hat just visible behind Beth a head is a family Friend Phillip Roberson. Daily color photo by Lonnie Mcdaniel Hannah process search begins for top photos its officially a Shutterbug season from now until september As the Decatur daily ready with Cash awards begins its annual Hunt for the heat photographs in the area. The popular contest is for moms dads and even the kids. Amateur photographers in the area can enter As Many photos As they like in either the Black and White or the color categories. There Are six weekly contests coming up with the deadline for the first Competition aug. 10. Contestants can enter their Black and White photos in three categories. 1. Scenes 2. Animals and or children 3. Human interest. Each week the Winner from each category will receive a $5 prize and at the end of the six week contest the Best photo from All categories will earn the photographer $50. There is a special color Competition which allows photographers to enter photos without any category restrictions. The Competition is open to ail Amateur photographers except employees of the Decatur a daily their families judges and persons connected with the Sale or commercial processing of film. Residents can do their own photofinishing if they wish however no Art work or retouching of negatives is permitted. Prints up to 10 inches Long will be accepted and will be returned if accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope. Contestants should enter their see search on Page a-6 Apollo test successful Cape Kennedy Fla. Apr the space Agency reported saturday that the first manned Altitude chamber test of the Apollo 7 spaceship was a highly successful and scheduled a second test for monday. 5,000 Greet Wallace in a hot Lakeland by Don Mckee associated press writer Lakeland Fla. A states rights candidate George c. Wallace discounting the effect of a Kennedy on or Afif the democratic trek it said saturday the Only Way to change Liberal trends was to support his third party bid for the presidency. A liberals and left wingers try to write us off a Wallace told a rally that Drew about 5,000 persons in sweltering 92-degree heat at Lakeland. Wallace predicted Victory for his american Independent party in november. A the trend of the National Republican party and the National democratic party is leading us straight to socialism and statism in this country. And i Promise that we Are going to return Back to the people their government a Wallace said. Wallace spoke in Lakeland before taking his Campaign to Miami. Wallace said any voter wanting to change the trend should see 5,000 on Page a-6 the three astronauts who will Fly the ship participated in the nine hour exercise Here Friday. The commander of the Crew Navy capt. Walter m. Schirra jr., reported that he air Force maj. Don r. Eisele and civilian Walter Cunningham had a a Good the Trio who Are scheduled for an Earth orbit trip in october spent most of the time in the spaceship at a simulated Altitude of 226,000 feet in the 55-foot Altitude chamber. In this vacuum they exercised Many of the Cabin and space suit systems. Experts saturday Analysed the data called it a highly successful test and made preparations for a second run by the Apollo 7 backup Crew on monday. The backups Are air Force it. Col. Thomas p. Stafford and Navy cmdr. John w. Young and Eugene a. Cernan. They Are to spend eight hours in the chamber. Schirra Veteran of two earlier space flights reported a the major purpose of the tests is to prove out All spacecraft systems under Altitude conditions. The spacecraft the test team and we the Crew had a Good run but its like the first a game of a doubleheader. A we need to Complete both manned Altitude runs successfully before Apollo 7 can be considered ready for flight. The two manned runs supplement each transferred Call Sharp movers 3532820. Free estimate. Adv one for the Road a George Wallace Backer gets in a last blow As police Rush out of an auditorium in Miami saturday one of the demonstrators that tried to break up a Wallace for president rally a wire photo a other As far As systems verification is concerned. A then a Schirra added a we still have some major milestones to pass at the launch pad with the spacecraft and Saturn rocket mated before we re ready to the Apollo 7 commander said that the Crews Confidence fir the spacecraft was so High Friday a that we were Able to vent the Cabin and remain for several hours at a High Altitude in our pressurized suits relying solely on the spacecraft systems for Schirra Esele and Cunningham Are to orbit the Earth for 11 Days in the first of a series of Apollo flights aiming for a manned lunar Landing next year. City candidates ready for rally a monday will be a political Day for Decatur with a television show and two a meet the candidate Quot meetings scheduled. The league of women voters is presenting an a informational program Quot monday at 5 45 . On Amsl to with City atty. A j. Coleman explaining the mechanics of a change of government t mrs. John Chenault Wil Krep resent the league in what the organization terms a a non partisan presentation. Mrs. Byrd Thompson president of the league said it is hoped the program will enable the voters to vote at 12 15 . Monday the two candidates for mayor go before the rotary club at the Decatur inn. President Bob Dean said City commissioner Charles gun Tharp and former mayor Roy Odom will each be Given an Opportunity to speak after which they will be quizzed from a list of a a screened questions. Monday night All 28 candidates Are invited to meet the Public in a meeting sponsored by the Morgan county coordinating association. Candidates will appear starting at 7 30 . At King s memorial Church. Each will be Given an Opportunity to speak after which questions from the audience Wilbe allowed. The meeting will give the Public a second Chance to see and hear the candidates in an open meeting. They were also presented this month in a rally at Decatur shopping Center Decatur s Magna Vox dealer far 11 years Robinson furniture on 24 Avenue 333 2379. Adv

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