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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 3

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Hayward, California Jordan orders ceasefire guerrillas refuse Beirut Lebanon Apfield marshal Habis Jordan s military governor ordered his troops to cease fire in their War against palestinian guerrillas Satur Day. But a guerrilla statement broadcast from Baghdad Iraq said the Palestine forces would not join in tire shooting halt. The Bagi Idad transmitter of Hie Palestine liberation organization s Central com Mittee declared the imperialist agent Habis Madaii wails to catch his breath. We Are aware of these tricks and Madaii will not be Able to Lead us into any Madaii ordered Liis forces to Slop shooting at c noon Edt. Earlier in the Day Itadio Cairo reported that King Hus Sein had agreed to an egyptian proposal for a 24-hour cease fire. But 1his was thrown into confusion by a ultimatum by Madaii to the guerrillas to surrender in Siree hours or face death by firing squads. Also a guerrilla spokesman in Beirut had said it was doubtful guerrilla leaders would accept the egyptian cease fire idea. Maj Ali s cease fire order broadcast by radio Amman was addressed to All army police and Security units of the Royal forces. Two hours after uie dead line for maj Ali s ultimatum the Field marshal abruptly or dered his men to Stop firing except in dealing with sources of fire hindering your humanitarian fighting in Jordan was re ported raging for the third straight Day. Egypt s Middle East nuns Agency said the cease fire proposal was Send to Hussein by president carnal Abdel Nasser. It quoted Nasser As telling Hussein through an emissary that a cease fire for at least 24 hours could prevent the International plot which is evident in suspicious move ments of the american 6th Fleck in the Mediterranean it also quoted the president an immediate necessary be As saying ceasefire is cause our information about casualties is a Cairo newspaper had re ported earlier that the num Ber of persons killed or wounded in Jordan had soared past radio Amman Hie surrender ultimatum by Field Marsha Habis Jia Jali Jordan s military governor who gave the guerrillas three Hows to surrender or be executed by firing squads As mutineers. Maj Ali s announcement made no mention of the key plan initiative. He stressed that the Ultima Tum was imposed under lie martial Law decreed by Hus j skin at uie Start of inc fight martial on a Duu-8e of armed All guerrillas must Lay Down their arms and surren Der by 4 . Anyone who resists the Royal forces after his Lime limit will be treated As an outlaw and killed or arrested and tried by courts ing on thursday. Maj Ali s proclamation sail this is the last warning to lie cd Avcin. Mutiny against the authorities. This crime is punishable by the Unity vol. 348 serving Southern Ala inca comity Hayward California saturday september 19, 1970 10 cents 20 pages siege threatened b52s dump bombs on attacking reds up Thep Nolau israeli prime minister Golda Meir president Nixon discuss Mideast situation ambassador Yitzhak Rabin upper Leff and Joseph Sisco assistant Secretary of state aided in talks Saigon up a High lying b52 bombers dumped More than half a Mil lion pounds of explosives on communist troops besieging fire base o Reilly in South Vietnam s Northwest Corner Mili tary spokesmen said today. In Cambodia fresh troops broke through to a beleaguered government task Force which Lias been trapped by communists for five Days 43 Miles North of phenom penh but the communists almost immediately Cut off the government troops again from resupply. The situation now is serious very very Brig. Gen. Neak Sam commander of the task Force told up newsman Frank Frosch a fihe scene. His statement was the first official admission that the operation termed the government s largest of the War at its Oul set was in serious trouble. Reinforcements reinforcements readied the Euvema Rnell troops Friday bul by saturday the communists had blown up a Bridge of Lind them cutting off the entire Kiisk Force again. Military in South Vietnam said the b52s that bombed communist troops around fire base o Reilly flew in two Waves so High they could not he Beard by the North vietnamese regulars surrounding the base. But Only four Foo super Subric and i m phantom jets were flown near the base in the 24-hour period ending at 6 . Today the spokesmen reported. No casualties an element of the South vietnamese 1st infantry division operating about 6-1-2 Miles Southeast of o Reilly took about 100 rounds of 82mm mortar fire Friday morning but no casualties were reported. The artillery outpost located on a thickly Jungle Mountain has been under heavy communist pressure Sinap july i. In the past 12 flays there have been Al least 30 b52 missions and 285 fighter bomber strikes around the Camp tie air Force said. Fire base o Reilly is 390 Miles North of Saigon in the mountainous Jungles about is Miles South of the demilitarized vane separating North and South Vietnam. It has been under siege by communist troops for about two months. Downed copter spokesmen also said today in a it la cd report that communist gunners thursday shot Down an army helicopter i the upper coast 15 Miles Northwest of Danang but the two pilots of the a cobra gunship were rescued unhurt. In the week since last Friday communist ground tire has downed at least 24 Ameri can helicopters and two Jet fighter bomb ers. In phenom penh two North vietnamese defectors said today they had been sent in Cambodia primarily to defend North vietnamese bases along the Border with Smith Vietnam. Mrs. Meir tells Nixon Rhodes answers attack Suez missiles Block talks Central Park plan 5hjngton a israeli prime argument although they would not agree contrary to provisions of the standstill Washington a israeli prime minister Golda Meir has inflicted a heavy blow on american Hopes that the Middle East peace talks could be resumed in the near future. Mrs. Meir Lold president Nixon there can be no peace talks until Egypt re moves the missiles Israel claims were implanted along the Suez canal in Viola lion of a military standstill agreement. Nixon and Secretary of stale William p. Rogers tried Friday but failed to per Suade the 72-year-old israeli Leader that talks under United nations mediator Gunnar jarring provide the Only Avenue to peace. In principle mrs. Meir agreed. Bul she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a country which Vio lated a lesser cease fire agreement virtually the same Day it agreed to observe in president Nixon and Rogers Are. Re ported to have understood airs. Meir s argument although Illey would not agree with her conclusion. American officials concede the stand still cease fire violations could not have occurred without the knowledge and complicity of the soviet Union. They say there is no quarrel with the harsh words the israeli Leader used at her Friday press conference when she accused mos cow and Cairo of bad Faith and said they both Are the Nixon administration consoled it self Wilh the conclusion thai because of the Jordan situation the question of re suming of political talks is hypothetical anyway. The United Stales however would not take mrs. Meir s no for an answer. Diplomatic prodding will continue on several fronts officials said. Moscow and Cairo will be urged anew to rectify the which has been interpreted As removal of Flicia missiles deployed in the Suez canal zone contrary to provisions of the standstill cease fire agreement. American and israeli diplomatic observers agreed that despite the failure to smooth Over differences mrs. Meir s Daylong talks Wilh the president and to Gers were useful because they restored Confidence Between the two countries. . Officials reluctantly concede the safely of hostages held by palestinian guerrillas and the chaotic jordanian situation in which he throne of King Hus Sein a pro Western Monarch is at slake have priority Over the hoped for resumption of the peace talks. The Chicago Sun times said in a Story published in two editions thursday night after a briefing by Nixon thai the United slates was prepared to intervene in Jordan if Iraq and Syria did so or if the Hussein government should be in danger of falling. Ziegler told newsmen the f res Wilens s discussion with editors during i visit to Chicago was off the record Fremont charges that the City Council is using subterfuge to bypass voter approval of More Central Park land brought a Promise yester Day from mayor Gene Rhodes that All parties will be Given a Chance w be in a press release sparked b y charges from former councilman Rollin cunning Ham Rhodes said the Council had to act fast to prevent the loss of this prime land1 through development. Tie Council tuesday night authorized cily manager Don Driggs to Start assessment District proceedings to buy up to 160 More acres of land cast of the existing 290-acre Park at an estimated million to million. The Council chose that method instead of seeking voter approval in a Bond election. Realtor Cunningham lashed Oul thursday calling the procedure a backward approach to Saddle the voters with additional taxes without giving taxpayers a Chance to vote on the Issue. The Council has taken License and used subterfuge to bypass voter he charged. Rhodes in response to the criticism pointed out that Central Park has Long been a major Council goal i provide for a liable Civ. Rhodes said private development proposals prompted the Council to look to ways of preventing the loss of the land. Charles Getchell of Fremont Meadows has filed applications for development on the prop Erly. Rhodes and Driggs when questioned after the action tuesday agreed the decision to proceed with an assessment District was influenced by re Ceni unpopularity of Bond elections. Ii is Rhodes said. In the press release the Niaj or indicated commencement of assessment District proceedings provides for a series of hearings of All parties in express opinion on the City s acquiring this important in tie statement Rhodes said state statutes govern Council action in the use of such proceedings and provide for a series of safeguards to the Public interest. He Saiof All interested parties will be Given the Opportunity to a Beard. Alt laugh he Isles claimed All will be Given a Chance to be heard he did not indicate whether the Issue will be determined by a vote of the people. Rut Cunningham said the should definitely go to flip voters lie questioned Why the Council did t agree. Young radicals rejected by Fremont Law strikers by Ken Castle and Jim Wilson Fremont his hand shaking the Young Radi Cal held Oul a pamphlet to a Burly striker who was guard ing the United Aulo workers Union Hall yesterday near the general motors Assembly Plant. Get out of snapped the worker glowering at the Long haired youth. We Don t want your kind around sensing the hostility hip. Youth slowly backed away but not fast enough. Some of the 100 Union pre pared for potential violence by radicals started closing in. I said get Oul of Here and Lake thai garbage with repeated the worker his voice raising. It looked like he meant it and the Radi Cal who tried to spread his word among the rank and fila Union members scurried away. The big striker chased him for half a Block before return ing to the beefed up picket line which formed a human Wall around the red Brick Union building yesterday. In his haste to escape Hie tempers of striking workers the youth one of some two dozen assorted militants and student radicals hardly noticed the Riol helmeted police men who directed traffic and eyed the scene carefully. The incident is typical of How things a Cal at pm yesterday. Seeking to avoid a re c u r r c n c e of the violence which rocked the Auto Plant Early tuesday As the strike began Union members policed themselves yesterday and jealously protected Law property in the face of a threatened rally by leftist political ele ments. The rally widely announced Over radio and television was scheduled for ii . At the Hall. But it never materialized. Instead. The United action caucus an organization claiming 100 members within the plan held an Impromptu press conference for the Benefit of five television Crews. Fearing a demonstration at tie Law Hall could touch off further trouble Fremont police had bolstered their 45-Man Force with Law enforcement officers from Alameda and Santa Clara counties which were placed on a Mutual Aid ale i thursday night. Throughout the morning Bolh workers and police were Tensed for the arrival of demonstrators in buses and Pri vate cars. Police confiscated bats stockpiled by the Union Security men. The workers re placed them with boards and tree branches which were kept within sight of the Radi cals. T some Union members arrived about 10 . To pick up their paychecks in the South parking lot of the sprawling Plant. This Large influx of workers which police feared would High Lii Ihu tension was cooled i Union officials when the Radi cals appeared Al the Only a handful of disorganized dissenters appeared and handed Oul leaflets. Among groups represented were the youth oriented inter nations socialists the Stu dents for a democratic society the progressive labor parly the work ers league the committee in a party and the associated students labor committee from the univer Sily of California at Ber Keley. By 3 most of the out Side groups left stymied by their inability to gain a follow ing among the workers. Low Clouds tomorrow fair weather is expected to continue through Tomor Row with Little temperature change. Tonight s Low will be in the mid 50s, with the High tomorrow in the Low 70s. Low Clouds Are predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning Clearing in the afternoon. More weather Page 10. Obituaries .10 sports la a teen review .73 to log m vital statistics 10 balloonist Aims for France 4-s .14.19 Church classified ads comics crossword 2 finance j-7 Horoscope .-.1 new York a Rod Anderson a 32-year-old commodities broker turned balloonist figures the Best time to go up is when the Market is Down. He Aims to slay up longer than anyone. A Novice in the sport Wilh 30 minutes flying time an Derson plans to leave Long is land sunday on the Bottom Side of a 10-Story balloon bound for England France. Or somewhere trans Atlantic. Details there Art a thousand other things to think he says dismissing the worry of exactly where Liy concentrating on the details you Don t dwell on accompanying Anderson will be Malcolm Brighton 32, of Farnham England an aeronautical Engineer and Amateur balloonist with considerably More experience. Ii succeed in crossing the Atlantic in will be the Lisl time a manned balloon has made the trip. The mile plus journey also would establish a distance record for All classes of balloons. Record the pres Cal record of Miles was set by an right Iii German team i tiny a class id balloon in 1914. Anderson and Brighton will make their trip in a smaller. Class 8" balloon and the record in Hal class said an Derson is just Over Miles. Rut Retting in the record books is Only pail of the Chal Lenge says Anderson a a the new yorker who lives with his wife in Manhattan. There Are so few adventures icel wanted to try he said. "1 guess that s prob ably the biggest and he has never been to Europe

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