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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Hayward, California Tin duty a new saturday it . California poll Reagan retains image Unruh s More narrow by Mervin d. Field not Only is Jess Unruh not nearly As Well known As his rival incumbent governor Ronald Reagan his Public image comes across much More narrowly than Reagan s does. Reagan won the governorship four years ago in his firs try Public office. During the 1966 Campaign the California poll found that the Public perceived his strongest attributes to be his personality. The Public said it liked him at that Lime be cause of his Public speaking his Strong personally and that he represented new blood in politics. Now four years Laler and in his second Campaign Reagan retains much of this original impression. Added to thai is the current general impression shared by Many people thai he is trying to do a Good that he has Kepi his Campaign and thai he is honest sincere and Suraj ghz his personality characteristics also have a negative Side. He is thought by some to speak without thai be lacks political or that he is changeable and does l keep his he also gets wide attention not All favourable for his stand on Campus disorders his no Lempel in balance the budget and his stand on welfare and taxes. People who have an impression of Unruh think of his Strong Points As being his in Lilica experience plus the belief of Many that he is for the common people and the Little he is seen As having a Strong forceful personality by some of those who know of him also. His longstanding position As Leader of the democratic opposition to Reagan and now As rival for the office of governor causes some people to be critical of Unruh. They feel he criticizes his opponents Loo his reputation As a political still clings to him and the belief that Unruh is in sincere and arrogant has some currency. Following Are the detailed responses that come when a Cross Section of voters was asked to describe How they saw the Strong and weak Points of each Man. Reagan s style is still a Strong determinant among those who say they currently plan to vote for him. Almost one half 4fl per cent say his strongest Point is that he Speaks his mind is honest sincere straightforward and on welfare and dislike for his handling of a variety of educational matters. Intend to Volfi All Verin statewide for Reagan Reagan s weak taxes have gone up he has added taxes dislike tax policy .21% 14% Cut Down on welfare pay ments to aged disabled handicapped .20 is dislike his handling of Edu cation system cuts in school Aid charging tuition is 8 lacks political experience knowledge not a politician not politically aware lets other people Tell him what to do.14 13 acts and Speaks without thinking.11 14 not for the people not interested in average Man is for big business.11 4 Cut Down on medical care Hospital spending mental health. 1 4 dislike handling of Dis orders student unrest Campus problems 9 8 does t keep his promises is changeable. 7 3 no week Points. 5 8 Don t know no answer .17 21 Agal nit Reagan 29% 30 17 19 13 2 10 being an experienced legislator and having a Good Strong personality Are seen As Unruh s main positive Points by those who say they plan to Vole for him. Intend to All voters statewide reagans Strong Speaks his mind honest sincere straightforward decisive .30% trying to do a Good Job keep hit Campaign promises is concerned .19 like his stand on Campus disorders student unrest violence.19 mentions of personality Good charming personality presents himself .17 his stand on welfare handling of welfare.13 trying to lower reduce taxes tax return .12 trying to balance trim budget Cut spending expenditures.11 Good speaker Speaks Well 10 like his stand on education tuition educational policy 8 no Strong Points.12 Don t know no answer.11 for Reagan 48% 30 27 18 20 18 19 11 11 ago Init it Lagan 11% 10 17 3 10 4 28 18 All a Slat wide Unruh s Strong Points experienced legislator his experience in politics Good politician Good record .20% Good Strong forceful personality 10 straightforward says what he thinks Speaks his mind honest 9 for the common people the Little Man the poor 8 running against Reagan 6 concerned about education for student rights for the Young 6 no Strong Points 19 Don t know no answer 31 intend to vote for Agel Nir Unruh Unruh 30% is is 17 13 8 3 20 167. 6 5 32 34 those who say they do nol plan to Vole for Reagan Lake Issue with him in his tax policy the fact that he has Cut Down Jeane Dixon tomorrow s Horoscope sunday sept. 20, 1970 your birthday today this year is to be your fresh Start in All departments of life. You must Start Wilh what you Are and what you have. Changing conditions give you Freedom to evolve More chances to be effective. Sentimental inter ests respond to the same transformation. Many Poi Gnant moments Are promised. Today s natives keep them selves Busy often with unrealistic projects occasionally Radical ideas. Aries March Ujj april this sunday should really be reserved for rest and expression of Faith. Travel is delayed. People Are generally caught up in their own con Cerns and nil very communicative. Taurus april a May take a quiet sensitive approach to discussions As squabbles deteriorate easily into serious quarrels. Seek diversion in intellectual Pas times. Gemini May 21-june you Are Likely to miss the Point or substitute your Point in discussions. Try to do a better Job of listening. If pos sible spend the Day in Soli tude. The evening is easier. Cancer Junt 21-july join in the Community expression of Faith. Draw away from possible discord with tense people. Quiet menial pursuits bring answers White distracting you from emotion Al stimuli. Leo july . I your impulse in generous hospitality and showing off would Lead in expenses beyond expectation and still not i a. _ achieve the results. Social a i i v i ties Are Beller kept simple. Virgo aug. 23-sept. Use care and consideration in All you do. Formality and Rit Ual now give people some re Lief from conflict and uncomfortable pressures. Libra sept. 23-oct. The temptation is to overdo in physical exertion games exercise. Old issues reappear and May precipitate much discussion argument. Take it easy Scorpio oct. 33-nov. Your tendency is to be for Bright in your state than people sex you present yourself More strongly than you plan. Reflect on he situation. Sagittarius nov. 22 dec. Sometimes the Best thing is simple cooperation deferring questions until later. Such a time is this directions switching Day. Later hours bring relaxation. Capricorn dec. 23-Jan. You Are Temple to take sides but where your clique is already Well organized perhaps More uncommitted people Are needed to Bridge the Gap. Think before you plunge in. Aouar1us Jan. 20-feb. Allow extra space for he general impatience of others today. Where conditions per Mit Lake plenty of Lime off for your favorite pastimes. Pisces feb. What happens today brings you mixed feelings. Wait for the full Story. You find eventually that nobody was completely right nobody entirely wrong. A Kusswurm Puzzle across 1 Moccasin 8 cat i file Roll of 30 Indian 31 a june a bar 32-Atnmpt 3 33 slip 34 Pio noun 35 ii Kim currency cd 39solmry i prep Jit of i run figure who plums 51 in Hon i 52-be 53 City in 54 o 55 River m a Cluny 56 2-Optrl erf a hey con it re net 47-ln la Tot of 40 Stoiu of 45 Fie of Xgo town i note of 50goal it Ltd. By Zolud furl and Liciu Lac. Cadi Iii John in Lii of the school of memory and rapid Reading san Francisco applies the test of time to Gary Spafford a Myca program director and Kristina. Under a prospective student As he prepares to offer a special course at the Eden area Myca office 24718 Mission blvd., Hayward. J he course will run tuesday and thursday nights from to starting this tuesday and ending oct. 15. Cost is ?60 and. 530 for each additional family member or a family. Information can be obtained at 582-9614. Chabot College plans tuition free television courses Over Channel 14 Unruh s weak Points arc seen to be primarily personality rela Leil. Most frequently mentioned weak Points of Unruh Are that he talks ton has an unpleasant and is seen As being insincere and arrogant by those who do not now plan to vote for him. Intend of Alt voters for against statewide Unruh Unruh Unruh s weak Points talks too much Speaks out without thinking inconsistent.11% 4% 17% no personality unpleasant personality appearance. 9 7 12 too much criticism of his opponents knocks Reagan consistently 9 3 13 reputation big his Boss image. 8 11 9 poor attitude insincere arrogant.8 2 14 crooked phony Don t Trust him Don t believe what he says 8 1 12 too Liberal. 6 6 7 son s misconduct son arrested for narcotics can t take care of family 5 s s no weak Points. 12 1 Don t know no answer 39 42 32 i no other Unruh weak Points accounts for More than 3% of the copyright 1974 by Field research a top. College courses in health history psychology and Home Money management will be offered in Smith county living rooms next week. The courses will he part of Cotta Bot College s educational television series beginning its fall Quarter offerings monday. Registration ends Friday for the courses which will be Lele Casl Over uhf Channel 14. The station is run by the College of san Mateo in conjunction with Charol and four other Bay area Junior colleges. The tuition free courses include introduction to health three Quarter units Lelecas from seminar for parents of retarded on tap the Chabol College office of Community services will sponsor a seminar for parents of mentally retarded children on thursday mornings from to . Starting t h u r s 1 a y and running through dec. 3. The seminar will he held in room 1g4 of the Alameda county office building at 224 West Winlon Avenue Hayward. Although the seminar is open to the Public if is de signed primarily to help fam Ilies Cope with the problems of mentally retarded children anti also those who work Wilh such children or come Inlo con tact Wilh them on a proves Siona basis. Warren Cheney a psychologist and an instructor at the transactional analysis training Institute for retarded children in Berkeley will conduct the seminar. He has lectured to parents of retarded children through a special seminar offered by the Oakland technical adult school and has extensive leaching experience in psychology psychiatry psychoanalysis and transactional analysis. Further information May he obtained by contacting the of fice of Community services at Chabot College Telephone 732-Mflo, Extension 415 or 417. To . And to 8 . On tuesdays wednesdays and fridays. The course begins monday and continues through dec. 15, aught by Stephen history of americans from Africa two units to . And to . Mondays and thursdays. Tele casts begin monday continue through dec. 14, taught by Frank Wisl. Psychology in practice four units 7 to . And to . On tuesday wednesday and Friday. The course begins monday continues Hirouth dec. 14, taught by Leonard Blau. Lectures on Home Money management no credit 9 to . And 9 to . On wednesdays. It begins wednes Day and continues through dec. 16, taught by mrs. Genevieve Cory. The course is described As a to game which will have guest authorities in Home economics household repairs store purchasing fashion editing and Oiler areas. Residents of the South county Junior College District which includes All of South county except Fremont Newark and Union cily May obtain mail registration packets from tie College admissions and records office. The office will mail Oil packets to Telephone callers. Channel 14 is receivable in the Hayward Castro Valley san lean Rico and san areas but nol in the Livermore Amador Valley. A Cable television firm Tele vue systems inc.1 plans to carry lie programs Over Channel 6 for its subscribers in pc Sanlon and Dublin Only. Hayward wage talks scheduled Hayward state conciliator James Marshall has asked City and Union officials to meet tuesday for another at Emp Al breaking dead locked talks on a wage and fringe Benefit package. Executive Secretary Paul Varacalli of i tical 390 of the United Public employees Union said he has agreed to the meeting. The cily and Varacalli s negotiating team will meet Al 9 . At City Hall 15 hours in Advance of a Union strike deadline. The cily and the Union which represents Aboul 114 maintenance and operations employees have been at an impasse for about a week. The dispute centers both on a wage plan and upon a variety of fringe by Neil mailers. The Union membership locals Aboul 140 employees and a strike could involve City fire men who also belong to a Union. Area Crol Gisl sol for incl san Kandro David Richardson director of the South county ecology Center next week will attend an East coast Institute designed As a follow up to Earth Day activities. The four Day Institute for the study of health and society which opens next thursday will be in South Fallsburg . Students and repress natives from Industry arid governmental agencies will be in attendance Rich Ardson said. Purpose of the ins Itule will he to establish permanent channels of communication among those three groups to formulate plans for cooperative action and to study the sociological Impact of environmental deterioration. Richardson who is a Slu Dent at California slate col lege in san Jose lives in san Constitution week set i Hayward Hayward mayor Leo Howell has issued a Procla mation declaring the week of sept. 17 through sept. 23 to be Coral Tulion week in the City of Hayward. In his proclamation Howell urges the display of the american Flag during the week. He also Calls for All citizens to spend some time studying the Constitution and the Bill of rights. The week which commemorates the signing of the Constitution in i7b7, is declared Constitution week in a National basis each year by the president. Award or. Ted r c h r a d e a 17025 via my Dia san Lorenzo arc Cully received an award from the California chiropractic association for his work As chairman of the professional re lations department. To was cited for special efforts in the Field of improved Public health. Four Birls received on City Road work Hayward four bids have been received for Road improvement work on second Street near Patricia court. Apparent Low bidder on the project was Les Mcdonald construction co., of Hayward. The firm s bid was the highest hid was and the county had est maled the Job to Cost . County will con Sider the bids next tuesday. Conservation group forms san Francisco new conservation group Doh Calello cleaning up the each s oceans and them Clear has surfaced san Francisco. The oceanic society plans to keep a militant Eye of Wasle dumping whether by cruise ships in Pago French destroyers in pane Elp or american aircraft carriers in san Francisco Bay. Other targets will be radio pesticide Mercury Lead and Petroleum pollution. Of i Corgi c. Kiska Ridon the group s chairman said in society cd Pecos to Floal a shipboard Marine a stationary pollution ing station on the Farallo islands a Magazine for and programs to promote native fisheries and Marine Dusl Ries in the Pacific Ocean islands. Bull ibid by to doily it vhf f Mam Callcott Luft Enlil to of of if 01 i conf doll Malstr All of Morch 3. Adorni 116 w. Tafon at. . 3127, keyword Colin. T41u. Suuciip1ion 1aks 10 a lilt pm copy Wuhr fair 2fi Sunda i one month to los Altey Ivi Wiki w. War Jon ave. Hat Aio Alameda county , hav Waid office Huni 7u.611i 3j1 s4m i Erandio of face Ruif 135 Eon huh St. Ion off Sci 7h.1jij me tit 4udit i Jileau Ciocu Patjon

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