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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 2

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Hayward, California T. Saturday sept Mytr California poll it medicare Reagan retains image Unruh s More narrow by Mervin d. Field nol Only is Jess Unruh nol nearly As Well known As his rival incumbent governor Ronald Reagan his Public image conies across much More narrowly than Reagan s docs. Reagan won the governorship Lour years ago in his isl iry for Public office. During the 1966 Campaign the California poll found that the Public perceived his strongest attributes to be his personality. The Public said it liked him at that time be cause of his Public speaking his Strong personality and that he represented new blood in politics. Now four years later and in his second Campaign Reagan retains much of this original impression. Added to that is the current general impression shared by Many people that he is trying to do a Good that he has kept his Campaign and thai he is honest sincere and straight Hij personality characteristics also have a negative Side. He is thought by some to speak without that he lacks political or that he is changeable and does t keep his he also gets wide attention not All favourable or his stand on Campus disorders his attempt to balance the budget and his stand on welfare and taxes. People who have an impression of Unruh think of his Strong paints As being his political experience plus the belief of Many that he is for the common people and the Little he is seen As having a Strong forceful personality by some of those who know of him also. His longstanding position As Leader of the democratic opposition to Reagan and now As rival for the office of governor causes some people to be critical of Unruh. They feel he criticizes his opponents too his reputation As a political still clings to him and the belief that Unruh is in sincere and arrogant has some currency. Following Are the detailed responses that come when a Cross Section of voters was asked to describe How they saw the Strong and weak Points of each Man. Reagan s style is still a Strong determinant among those who say they currently plan to vote for him. Almost one half 48 per cent say his strongest Point is that he Speaks his mind is honest sincere straightforward and intend 10 Vole All statewide Iee Gons Treng Speaks his mind honest sincere straightforward decisive .30% trying to do a Good Job keep his Campaign promises is like his stand on Campus disorders student unrest violence .19 mentions of personality Good charming personality presents himself Well 7 like his stand on welfare handling of welfare.13 trying to lower reduce taxes tax return .12 trying to balance trim budget Cut spending expenditures Good speaker Speaks Well 10 like his stand on education tuition educational policy 8 no Strong Points.12 Don t know no answer.11 for Reagan 48% 30 27 18 20 18 19 11 11 against Reagan 11% 9 10 17 i 3 10 4 28 18 intend to Reagan s weak taxes have gone up he has added taxes dislike tax All voters statewide .21% for re agon 14% against Reagan 29% by tin doily Ini. Floyd Sporski Prii Edwil Milr Lutr Chii Coti to Ragir of Hoyward California 01 a lond Chou an of March 3, h97. A Firth Oil to 116 w. Wii an at. . Jox 3117, Heywod Colin. Tiu. Szuc tiption dates 1c on copy Sci Dayi k month 75 doily sad Oil 116 w. Winton ave. Hayward Alamida county California he Hayward office 783-6111 351 san i Erandio office phew 35 Eon 14i h il., Jon Liondro Calif. P4j77 Fremont 122 Mcm Iet audit Tuifau ii curation 79j.1j1i Frt mom Calif. Word a Day by Bach 6hes hot much to look at but she s loaded Cut Down on welfare pay ments to aged disabled handicapped .20 is 30 dislike his handling of Edu cation system cuts in school Aid charging tuition .15 8 24 lacks political experience knowledge not a politician not politically aware lets other people Tell him what to do.14 13 17 acts and Speaks without thinking .11 14 7 not for the people not interested in average Man is for big business .11 4 19 Cut Down on medical care Hospital spending mental health 94 14 dislike handling of Dis orders student unrest Campus problems. 989 does t keep his promises is changeable. 7 3 13 no weak Points. 582 Don t know no answer .17 21 10 those who say they do not plan to Vole for Reagan Lake Issue with him on his tax policy the fact thai he has Cut Down on welfare and dislike for his handling of a variety of educational matters. Being an experienced legislator and having a Good Strong personality Are seen As Unruh s main positive Points by Hose who say they plan to vote for him. Intend to All voters for against statewide Unruh Unruh Unruh s Strong Points experienced legislator his experience in politics Good politician Good record .20% 30% 16% Good Strong forceful personality.10 15 6 straightforward says what he thinks Speaks his mind honest 9 15 6 for the common people the Little Man the poor people 8 17 2 running against Reagan 6 13 concerned about education for student rights for the Young 685 no Strong Points .19 3 32 Don t know no answer 31 20 34 Unruh s weak Points Are seen to be primarily personality related. Most frequently mentioned weak Points of Unruh Are that he talks Loo has an unpleasant and is seen As being insincere and arrogant by those who do nol now plan to vote for him. Intend to All voters for Agat nit statewide Unruh Unruh Unruh s weak Points talks too much Speaks out without thinking inconsistent.11% 4% 17% no personality unpleasant personality appearance. 9 712 too much criticism of his opponents knocks Reagan consistently 9 3 13 reputation As big his Boss image. 8 11 9 poor attitude insincere arrogant 8 2 14 croaked phony Don t Trust him Don t believe what he says 8 1 12 too Liberal 667 son s misconduct son arrested for narcotics can t take care of family 555 no weak Points .6 12 1 Don t know no answer 39 42 32 no other Unruh weak Points accounts for More than 3% of the mentions copyright 1710 by Field research Chlone Bond drive site found crossword Puzzle across 4-unit of 1-Moccjlin Cunerty 4-spftads far 5 sea Eagle drying 6 Chaste 8 cat Sfat 9 Mona Modar. Rare 10-benign tumor 11-Sinfc in middy 16-Lnciixi no in 17-coniur.ction _p3cvaje 19 babylonian dirty 22 no matter of o Ives 15-artilicral Mam rial 20ogani of is for nerves ,

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