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Columbus Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Columbus Telegram, The (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Columbus, NebraskaTelegram opinion uniformed salons the Telegram Jeffrey Hart the soviets ice rally responded Lom american Movo to strengthen the Mediterranean Fleet. The reds brusquely warned that any . Action concerning he fight in Jordan Between guerrillas and government w o u i d be the once proud uni cd Stales in the words of administration officials obediently relaxed us Middle East evacuation Washington took care of american in crests by chartering a civilian Airliner of Fly from Beirut to Amman in evacuate those who wanted to leave Jordan. This Meek acceptance of soviet jingoism appears to have gone unnoticed Here. It went unnoticed by Iho Senate House conferees seeking agreement on Hie military procurement Bill who allowed cuts in vital am ballistic safeguards to go unrest red. The Senate version was retained barring funds for free world forces willing to fight in the anti communist struggle in indo Clirina. 9 but we can rest assured hint the . Unwilling ass to stand up to soviet threat did not go unnoticed by the commissars of the politburo. The Tail Between Llie legs Retreat from Ilia Middle Kilisl and in Congress May not have evoked a flutter from our legislators but iliac i separate polls conducted by Hie american Security Council shows a majority Resolute about preserving the free world a. Ninety Ihrck plies per cent were in favor of an adequate safeguard system ninety three plus per cent were in favor of inc uni cd slates maintaining military strength greater than that of the ssh and lied China c. Almost 90 per cell were in favor of Victory in Vietnam in ninety four per a Cal were in favor of a National Obj Clive of Victory in the cold War. Huth void k. Libby a retired Navy vice Admiral concludes that there Are people who arc concerned Over the survival of the United Stales and of world Freedom but somehow we have not succeeded in gelling our message to the Congress. Is there someone standing Between the news said the congressmen blame or. Nixon the now York times editorialized that the Nixon administration is ultimately More to blame for Hie strike against general motors than either the company or the workers. The Good Gray old lady reasons Hal the administration Lias failed to curb the wage Price spiral. So blame or. Nixon. The president is faulted for playing economic Ostrich by not even Irving to Jawbone workers out of seeking inflationary wage hikes. Thus to catch up with inflation the autoworkers have called a strike which if prolonged warns the times could reverse the moderate upturn in the Economy and further depress employment As Well As wreck pm s Hopes for ils Small car. It Hie times is interested in jaw boning Why does t it suggest that the Congress freeze wage s and prices that would be to obvious would t it just As the limes suggestion is Loo thin to hold reason. The Good Gray Liberal Sheet might conic closer to inc Mark if it reminded All unions that unconscionable demands on Industry can result in nothing More than a continuing upward spiral in inflation. If Iho upturn in the Economy can be termed Only and if that upturn is in danger of becoming a downturn once again it is not conceivable that the administration so would stand alone when blame is being dished out. Somebody else is now blaming the president for the real cause of the trouble in the Mideast. A nationally syndicated columnist says the ineptly conceived Nixon administration peace plan is the culprit. He says that the palestinian guerillas alarmed Al the Prospect of a peace which made no provision for the obliteration of Israel had no Choice but to Start hijacking airliners and to bring Jordan to civil War. That s inc same As saying Hal a bully has inc right to club his victim to death if somebody does t guarantee that his victim will be clubbed to death. There is a Rumor going around Hal there Are people who still Warit to be president. Really Well but of course the Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law school Lias come up with if not a solution Al least a new approach to a major headache of College administrators the soaring Cost of property damage insurance. Under a plan formulated by Dean Spencer l. Kimball each student of state universities would be required of pay a surcharge of each semester. The individual Carri pus would Lipold and the remaining would go into a general fund covering All schools in the state. At the Madison Campus alone of the University of Wisconsin this would create a fund of some 55.5 million. But if no damage or disruption occurred during the semester the would be refunded to he student. The slate would keep the a moment s pause Washington 1 Don t know it people have noticed it but to political commercials Are getting nastier and nastier. There was a Lime when a candidate appeared on the screen and made a one minute Pilch for your Vole. But All this has gone by the boards and now thanks to the great creative brains of our advertising Media the new approach is to Tell the audience what a miserable . The candidate s opponent i sat in on a session where inc top advertising men were brain storming a to commercial Campaign for their candidate Phi bus Wurm who was running for the u. S. Senate against the incumbent sen. Allegro symphony. This is How it went. As 1 see said inc copy writer we have of sell the people on symphony s softness on pornography. Now what i suggest we do is have a woman sleeping in bed and a Guy comes in and rapes her and the voice Over says these Are the people sen. Symphony wants to let Inlo your bedroom not enough Shock the Art director said. How about this a group of dirty hairy students sneaks up to a building and plants a bomb. The bomb goes off and the voice Over says symphony voted for the last education Bill that s not said a vice president. I bought we might use a lot of Colage from he California Brush fires. You know Homes burning and stuff like thai and when a shot of symphony playing a violin which he docs. The voice Over could say Nero was t the Only one who fiddled " thai s another up said. How about we be been working on the copywriter said. We have some Stock footage of a i platoon attacking Hill then we hear symphony s voice saying Vietnam was a big and the voice Over says Tell it to company a " the Campaign manager was ecstatic. Beautiful. You have anything on the the Art director says we have some footage of an unemployment office Ami we go in close on a Guy who is holding his Check and we say Why Are you out of a and he says because sen symphony closed the naval base.1 then we show a Crew pulling the Guy s furniture out in the did you Tell him about the hunger ad1 " a vice president asked. Not the copywriter said. We show this family at a table and the Mother says to her children All we have to eat tonight is turnips.1 then we fade and show symphony eating Spaghetti at an Kalian Saint s Day festival and the voice Over says mama Mia that s a Mca balt the Art director said i think you la like this one. It portrays Washington going up in a mushroom Cloud and Ihen a Bunch of soviet officers laughing. The voice Over says sen symphony voted against the abm it s dirty bul it will the Campaign manager laughed. But what about our candidate Phi bus someone asked. Don t you think we ought to make one commercial with him in hell no. If anyone sees Hal idiot on to Well lose All our copyright 1370, los Angeles times your Freedom newspaper this if dedicated to furnishing information Lorna vendors so that Tioy can bolter promote and i Cuervo heir Jan Freedom Nett Envoi Intro others to Aeo pm blessings Only when my is free to control himself mid nil lie produce s Chii to to his utmost . To Bollozo Trot Freedom is n Gill from Coil and not n political Grant from government. Freedom is neither la Canso nor mint City. Ii is Golf control. No More. No Leas. It must to consistent with Iho Tilths expressed til such juju it in nil guides is Tho Cove ing commandment Tho Golden Rule and to of Independence let peace begin Willi me the Telegram saturday oct. 10, 1970 Columbus Nebraska sorry sir locks like no obscene Nail Here and there answer of prey Tell Pix it across 3 provisional capital of Republic of China 7 Madagascar for instance 33 fiery 14 tidier 35 30 for pc flaying curds 17 Membranous Pouch 18 feminine appellation 20 German. Sir can 21 exists 23 very for 25 commonplace 28 Capo in Massachusetts 29 Coin of thai Laryl 32 Hopes and latin 33 masculine appellation 36 poetic contraction 37 Symbol for tellurium 38 rarely 40 favorite animal 41 Ron final peruse 44 slender wire Nail Samarium Symbol 46 heavy Rod 48 color 50 g Odd pm i. I in 53 North american nation s5 turns aside stand fora Kettle sol Tolotti decay 60 greek Moon goddess 61 hebrew ascetic Down 1 lace edgings 2 arrivals fab 3 notion 4 willing implements 5 suffix for adjectives 27 female g news paper relative paragraph 29 opera by 7 Hospital s Verdi resident 30track dial 1 physics apis 31 scottish Caps Vfli-3 33 unconnected 8 body of water 39 conductors s roman 42 european household Cyprinid fish gods 44 courageous lop Artick 4r unclothed 11 seines 47 indigo 12doclors at 49 Freshwater 19 indonesian wish of Mindanao 51 great Lake 22 Irish 52 solar disk 53 courts a 51 haunt enc rates 25 Pace Cedar of Lebanon iat 57 Mariner s instance direction. Attr Pitt by Bruce Biossat first of three articles can we cling to but grow up Washington Flea make no Maslako his country is Al a very critical urn in ils his try. Ils Hallmarks Are great Freedom and wide affluence hut it has really not Learned How to use either one. The world found much to Admire in inc forms which we As a budding nation gave our liberties. It is Sld copying the technologies we developed to convert our riches in human use. Cd Lodicy the grand american Mode Smajs dangerously on ils loosened foundations. Fane Clear sighted eloquent men like John Ardner fervently declare thai Hope is still High. We have All to believe that to is right that America Ivill endure As a Laud of immense Promise before we can strengthen the weakened however we have to face ourselves As we Are. For one thing we Are with some fortunate acc Lions a highly immature people. To have reached out for the american dream1 Wilh the impatience of children. From our beginnings have always been hosts to the now generation Ivsich first Lur cd West and then to the cities for the Kutck leap past inc barriers to fulfilment. It was part of cur immaturity Hal in our consuming desire not to he a varied in the push upward to hardly noticed or seemed to care How Lany americans while and Black were not making inc same Swift Transil to Ihn full enjoyments of Freedom and affluence our huge unfenced land Laden Wilh natural wealth helped to conceal this colossal oversight until the. Concentration of numbers in the cities brought it sharply in focus. When belatedly we began in the to attend or this oversight which had left Gross poverty insecurity and discrimination in its Wake typically we attacked the problems with the child s belief in Quick result. Sweeping programs fuelled by vast sums were to cure All and let us go Aboul our business. Even intellectuals whose Laic i9lh-Century forerunners had opted out of the action were caught up in the magic Wand fantasies of an immature people. We were the same in our approaches to foreign involvement. Safe for so Long Hen ind the oceans we tried Only to do our own thing free of sordid european and afian quarrels. When we did plunge Inlo iwo world wars because at last we Loo seemed Chr Ealend our fundamental Juveni Lity triumphed again. We had but one Basic thought gel it Over Wilh and gel to the Ball game. The world Power thrust upon us after world War if was not to our liking. To the extent Hal ils use was inescapable to inc extent Hal it led us wisely or unwisely Inlo two limited wars we did what might have been anticipated we established ourselves abroad in mental and or physical enclaves whose prime Mark was you Laiful self entered Domin Liim of the Enlar prise to undertook. We chafed under the Yoke of foreign arranged cols even As we , sold foreign Aid to Ouy people As a kind of scorned stalemate As obvious offences against Nur overblown Pride. The Laic Gen. George c. Marshall once said to Congress the american people regard As a stalemate any problem arising in he morning which is not settled by none of this Means of course Hal there Are no mature americans or Hal Here is no Hope of our growing up. Jiul we have teen two centuries in a dreamy whose contagion has spared few and certainly has caught Many intellectuals who thought they were free of it. It is one of America s crucial dilemmas today Hal o in to Nacios immaturity is exhibiting itself at High Pilch at a Imo when its crippling grasp can he most damaging to the nation s future. For stalemate and intricate untidy he nil Aboul us abroad. And at Home we know that wide Money do nil cure or even Hinric social problems whose magnitude and complexity have reached menacing proportions. Our orca need is for growing up. To no Lonter have inc the riches or Iho safety in play dial Drin s games. Newspaper Ilion of next the key i Campus meritocracy despite All that s been said Ami written about the Campus luring the pus few years Yon cannot understand what is going on unless you grasp the key difference Between the current generation of students and those of fifteen or Twenty years ago. The operative difference has nothing to do with idealism or political Ami so Forth. Those Are merely surface Phenomena. At a College like Dirrl Mutli and this is surely Irmo at other Coll Gas across the country the alumni of the thirties and the forties return with their families for a football game or for their class reunions they Wear their blazers they drop in at i hair fraternities they have Tail Gale parties some of ilium gel smashed. The we wac thing has a colourful Holiday Quality and this is a club to something important. Unlit sometime around the Lale 1940 site undergraduate experience was a sort of Holiday a hiatus before going out into business or one of the professions. You liked to get Good grades but except to a few grades weren t All that important. It was t a bad situation at All even from a intellectual standpoint. If you found that you really liked Faulkner Well you could read him All Day and Settle for c in geology. The College moreover was very much bound up in non academic ways with Middle and upper class life. Many students attended the same colleges their fathers had gone to joined the same fraternities. In ways that were often Subtle both1

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