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Columbus Telegram Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Columbus Telegram, The (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Columbus, NebraskaIi is impossible to defeat an ignorant Man to William g. Mcadoo number 239 ninety first year the Gram weather Outlook partly Cloudy to Cloudy to night with Chance of rain or Snow Central. Portly Cloudy Sun Day. Lows tonight upper 20s to lower 30s. Highs sunday 50s. Up leased Wirg Columbus Nebraska saturday october 10, 1970 12 pager today evening except single copy United states has second thoughts on russian intentions threat of War in Bolivia appears Over Washington up Secretary of stale William p. Rogers says recent questionable actions by Hie soviet Union and is return to cold War rhetoric have caused the United states to have some second thoughts about whether mos cow really wants world peace. But Rogers rejected in a wide ranging news conference Friday the suggestion that these doubts were the reason Russia not advised much in Advance of president Nixon s five Point Indochina peace plan wednesday Wigtil. Log cars contended that wait ing to Telephone soviet Ambas Sador analogy f. Dobrynin about the plan Little More than an liquor before the broadcast was simply to avoid taking the Edge off Nixon s proposals. There was t any pique was that Rogers said Al presidential aides try to Salvage plan grand Cay Bahamas Nixon re Leuned on the private Bahamas Island of a millionaire Friend Loday while aides mapped a strategy to Rescue his welfare Reform legislation. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Friday the administration s welfare plan is still very much alive despite its rejection by Ilic Senate finance committee. Ziegler said supporters of the legislation to put a floor under the annual income of every family of four Hope to restore the measure with amendments on the Senate floor. Nixon his wife pal his daughter and son in Law Julie and David Eisenhower and his Friend c. G. Dehe Rebozo flew by helicopter Friday afternoon to this Island in the Allan tic about 100.Miles cast of Miami. The presidential party was met by Robert Abplanalp the new York industrialist who owns he Island. Abplanalp driving a red bus whisked them to his Bluff lop House. Nixon1 planned to spend Al Easl part watching on television the world series game Between the Baltimore orioles and the Cincinnati reds. Ziegler said Nixon was not distressed at the Rebuff the Senate com Millie gave his family assistance plan. We Are Abtil where we thought he would be on this piece of legislation Al his Ziegler said. We still feel there is a Chance to Amend the Bill on the Senate though the soviet Union the 20lh nation Nolif cd Lay. Thai and Hie Secretary s critical remarks Friday was further evidence the United Stales has adopted a Longcr Atli Lude Owaru the Kremlin since discovery of the russian egyptian violations of the Middle Easl cease fire agree ment. This change first became evident about a month ago in while House background Brief Ings when High officials abandoned their previous Opl Mistie assessments on the possibilities of Progress on nuclear control. They also began to defend them selves against Char fecs they had been naive in assessing soviet intentions Rogers said Friday he planned to Challenge soviet foreign minister Andrei Iro Myko at their meeting in new York next Friday on the violations of he cease fire and evidence of Sovil Union May be building a submarine base in Cuba. He said thai despite russian denials Here was absolutely no question the egyptians with soviet Connivance bad moved More missiles into the prohibited zone along the canal since. The aug. 7 truce. Rogers did to mention the thursday Appeal to the soviet Union to use its influence in Getling the communist delegation at the Paris peace talks to accept Nixon s new Peac proposal. But he said that despite the knee Jerk read lion of the delegation we arc very hopeful thai the. Cease fire proposal will be accepted communist diplomats in Lon Don said Friday the soviet Union was neither willing nor Able to exercise any influence Over Hanoi in that regard. 1.a Pax Bolivia us l the in real of civil War in Bolivia appeared ended Loday with a new government in Power thai included something for every one. President Juan Jose Torres who look Over in a military coup monday swore in his new 17-Meinher Cabinet. Ii included seven Jinny men and four holdovers from the Cabinet of ousted president Alfredo Ovan do toppled by rightist Gen. Rogelio Miranda whose three Man military Junta lasted Only 14 hours before Torres took Over. Life in la a churned Normal with crowded streets Busy shops and no signs of the tension of the week when opposing right and left Wing forces at limes appeared on the Brink of civil War. The Torres Cabinet includes ministers designed to placate All factions from loft to right. Named As minister of Hydro carbons was Enrique Mariaca a leading figure in the nationalization a year ago of the bolivian Gulf Oil co., and the Man who recommended the american firm he indemnified for he losses of ils installations. Organised labor has demanded the new government suspend any indemnity payments to Gulf Oil hut Torres told newsmen Friday thai Good Faith of the country was involved and his government would pay he indemnity authorized by the previous government. Torres also said his govern ment will maintain and fulfil All International obligations contracted by previous govern ments. Torres new chief Gen. Luis Roque Teran said the country was completely Calm Friday even though in was the third anniversary of Revol Ullon Ernesto Che Guevara s death reran was a Field Veteran of Bolivia a Campaign against guerrillas in the Interior which led to the capture and slaying of Guevara. Iraqi militiamen seize hijackers killed in fhe recent civil War. The number of Graves at the Amman cent Emery indicates just How bloody the conflict was. Up telephoto local readings 42 ill 10 . 30 Low this morning 42 High Friday 64 High year ago 42 Low year ago Sunrise sunday Sunset sunday Sunrise monday Sunset monday fire report Calls to data.____124 to Dale last year. .80 Days without Call. 3 Amman Jordan the bitterness of War lingers on during the current cease fire As jordanians Biry their countrymen Egypt and Arab North vietnamese troops hit neighbors Confer s x phenom penh Accident report Friday. 2 saturday.1 total this year .609 total last year____.624 injuries .5s deaths .1 by United press International Flie sem official Carro news paper Al ashram said Loday Egypt and its Arab neighbors Are discussing a joint Atli Lude on . Economic interests in the Middle East. It hinted at joint action if America s Complete Bias in favor of Israel continues. Al ashram said important contacts currently Are under Way Between Egypt and Libya and some other Arab countries on determining a join Atli Lude towards american interests in the area. It noted Hal egyptian president carnal Abadyl Nasser had suggested such action might be necessary in a speech several months before his death sept. 28. The newspaper also said j Lynom penh. Egyptian foreign minister Mali vietnamese troops attacked six Moud Riad will Fly to the will Fly to United slates to ask the United nations to impose economic sanctions on Israel and to expel the Arab enemy from the world organization. The request will be lodged with the general Assembly next Friday Al ashram said. Al ashram did nol go into the possibilities of what the join Arab Altitude towards Ameri can economic interests might he bul it was a Clear threat of action against . Interests including Oil. In news Agency Tass Aid . Charges of soviet cease fire violations along the Suez canal standstill zone Between Egypt and Israel were sheer fabrication de signed to cover up american encouragement of israeli cd this Campaign was instigated and is being fanned by highly placed officials in Wash Tass said. In Israel jews marked their holiest Day Loday will a lament for their War dead and a prayer for peace. Yom kippur. The 2-1-hour period of along Mcnol that flailed at Sundown Friday and Las until is incl was highlighted by a message from israeli Premier Golda Meir to the families of War dead. While Lii Monling for those who gave their lives in campaigns for the Renaissance Ami the existence of the Sale of mrs. Cir said the War is not Over yet Hull we believe Hal Pence will come because in is Villa in our neighbors no less than to for such a Price do she said. Today s funny Miles cast of downtown phenom penh Friday night in a second straight night of thrusts against the City s outer defences. The Glare of Bailie was in View of phenom. Penh crowds celebrating the nation s new status As a Republic. Cambodian spokesmen said gunboats rushed up the Mekong River to support government troops battling the communists near Moat Krassas Karo six Miles East of the capital. The fighting on the East Bank of the Broad Mekong River was Well within View of celebrants in phenom penh. What surprises me is that the communists did not try to attack inside phenom said a cambodian military spokes Man. This is still another indication Are nol Strong enough to break the defences of the the attack at Moat Krassas Karo was the second night in a Row the communists have tried to overrun cambodian positions in dial area. Casually figures were not announced. Communists troops also car ried another heavy alack Friday night against the 1g battalion cambodian Force at Tang Kauk 52 Miles North of phenom penh. The North vietnamese and Viel Cong opened up on cambodian positions along Highway c with mortars and rockets then launched a ground assault. South vietnamese troops re ported killing 25 Viet Cong in a Mekong Delia Battle 100 Miles South of Saigon on Friday. Tki Iran iranians who identified themselves As communists hijacked an iranian jetliner today and forced it to Fly to the iraqi capital of Baghdad where hey Chr Ealend to blow up the plane in a demand for the release of political prisoners. Iraqi militia Man seized he hijackers at a Baghdad Airport and the bizarre incident ended apparently without bloodshed among passengers and eight Crew members who were aboard the Boeing 727 plane in addition to the hijackers. The plane was commandeered at gunpoint on a flight from the iranian capital of Tehran to the kingdom of Kuwait on the persian Gulf. It returned to Tehran a Short Lime Afler the hijackers were Arres cd in Baghdad. Officials Here said the hijackers were arrested because they identified themselves As communists. The baathist government in Iraq is strongly anti communist. The hijackers had threatened to blow up the plane if iranian authorities did not release 21 political prisoners in Iran. The iranian ministry of information denied the existence of such prisoners. In Baghdad the official Iraq news Agency said iraqi authorities negotiated with the Hijack ers for the release of the. Passengers and Crew the hijackers were identified As Hassan Zahran Ali Reda and Mohammed Masoudi All iranians. The Copilot of the Jellinck suffered injuries scuffle with the hijackers bul the reports did not make it Clear whether he had been shot. Ii was the second hijacking of an iranian Airliner to Baghdad this year. On june 21 Ihrcke iranian students seized a Boeing 727 with 91 passengers including a Nephew of of Iran and forced in to land in Baghdad. The plane and passengers were released and the students granted political Asylum in Iraq. Relations Between the two neighbouring countries bulb moslem although Iran does not belong to the Arab been poor in recent months historians Sand Sample and Lori Gary cars rearrange Ihor window display Al Columbus High school. The juniors i Ludonis in Don Bockenhauer s u. S. History dais Camo up Wilh those old Rel los flir ii class completed a unit in the display contains such things As Loo Cir old pipe from Germany Tho wooden Butler Mold and word bibles Dainty and old pictures. All articles Camo from Iho iwo girls families. Tolo pram photo Community Calendar sponsored by chamber of Commerce and the Telegram. As the Calendar has More listings now in has been reduced to to or three weeks in Advance. The Calendar itself however is maintained Al the chamber office for a Fuh year in Advance and you Are invited to inform Hal office of Ymir group s coming meetings and october 12 noon. Lion s club at Louie a Kiel Christensen on How a Community grows l ., strop limits business meeting Lic Lail rally. Ikes Cabin Pat Council High school. 13 Lino Legion auxiliary card party legion Hall 7 ., elks ladies slag Etc elks country club 8 ., mrs. Jaycees Consumers. It. I cubans and Clair Callan speakers Public Welcome 8 ., newcomers style cily auditorium i p chamber office. In meeting. 15 in . To ., Certoma Pancake feed City auditorium ii ., arrival of Omaha flying ambassadors. Noon luncheon for flying ambassadors elks 8 league of women s Volkerts Home of . Lie Hlen program by. Or. Garnet Muirson. If Duncan Lions Pancake feed. I to 7 Duncan Parish Hall 2 ., Haron social Spons. By Beta chapter of b la Sigma Phi in Home of mrs. Jim Hall. Show m Hoard counselling on wheels Ken housing vocational coun Selor at Platre College shows the features of n hew Mobile vocational and occupational counselling Van to be used in so Milo around Columbus. The federally funded vehicle will visit communities schools factories and Ether places to counsel Young people and adults. Goals Aro to help people study for jobs improve their jobs or Job performance learn of schools and take psychological intelligence vocational interest and aptitude tests. Lansing will have with him a Complete occupational Library and a listing of Alf colleges degree programs and other facts. This is not a recruitment device for pm ally College but a service for any area housing said. Ils Only connection with the College is its location. Telegram photo chiefly due to a Hitler dispute Over navigation rights on the Al drag River dividing Iran and Iraq. Four airliners were hijacked by palc Linian guerrillas in the Middle in september. On sept. C commandos of the popular front for the libera Tion of Palestine help hijacked three jetliners. A pan american world airways Boeing 747 jumbo Jet was flown to Cairo where in was blown up on the runway. Ils passengers escaped without injury. The same Day a trans world airways Boeing 707 and a Swissair dc8 were hijacked to a desert. Airfield in Jordan by the same group. Three Days later fhe pulp hijacked a British overseas airways corp. Boeing 707 to the same Airfield. Eventually the More than 100 passengers and Crew were released bul the planes were blown up by the commandos. Pentagon orders tighter Security for installations by United press International in. The Wake of bombings in two Western states the Penta gon has told the National guard to increase Security against possible terrorist attacks on government installations. Gen George Bennett adj Lant of. The Idaho National guard Friday asked increase patrols around Milila by Federal aviation Agency and other government facilities 10 protect against threats of bombing from the underground Radical left. Bennett said he was acting in response to a message from he National military command censer in the Pentagon which said it had received Telephone threats from the militant Weatherman group asserting West coast government instal lations will be the target of bombings next week. Blasts rocked a courthouse in san Rafael calif., a National guard armory in Santa bar Bara calif., and an Roth building in Seattle wash., thursday. Another Tim bomb was discovered at the University of California in Berkeley after 11 failed to detonate. The pre Dawn blasts caused extensive property damage but to injuries. In All but one cast Anonymous warnings were icle phoned to authorises before tin bombs were scheduled explode. Early today lie Weatherman threatened to detonate an explosion at today s us football game. School officials at Stanford promised that the Sladin would be guarded and searched and Sketl fans nol to bring packages into the stadium tiie bombings came three Days after the release of a statement purportedly from Lier Nadelle Dohrn of the Weatherman announcing a offensive from Snola bar Baralo Boston and Back i Kent and the Fri ordered by pres ident Nixon to track Down those responsible for the three bombings declined Friday to comment on ils investigation. Unsigned letters to news Media in Bolh California and Washington stale Friday said the bombing s were attacks on the crumbling american Empire on behalf of militant youth and Black prisoners of today s Index farm women s mows editorial Horoscope comics sports classified Page 5 Pago 3 pane 4 Pago 5 Pago 4 Pago t Page 10, ii your help can t help but United fund

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