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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1964, Page 3

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - July 24, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCedar rapids Iowa How to keep Well 8y or Theodore r. Van Dellen o 1m4 by Tim cd scam Talbot to the limit of space questions pertaining to the Preven Tion of disease will be an swered. Personal replies will be made when return stamped envelope is Telephone inquiries not accepted. Or. Van Dellen will not make diagnoses or prescribe for individual diseases. Views on Park glasses a few months ago i received a letter asking Why some people Wear dark glasses at night. I replied that the practice is Siviy and psychiatrists contend those who do so Are neurotics who Are trying to hide or escape from the pub a few Days later an Indi Anapolis ind., woman wrote i neither silly nor ready for the psychiatrist s Couch but i use not Only on Bright Days but at night. The reason is that i have had cat tract surgery on both eyes and sunlight and Auto headlights practically Blind me a Friend who has diabetes also finds it necessary to protect her eyes in this Way on extremely Bright another rebuttal came from a chicagoan who wrote your answer made me see red. Since 1937, i have had chronic Eye infections and one Eye pains when exposed to Light or movement. In addition i need dark glasses to hide the unsightly damaged the following letter came from an Alexandria va., Reader people who Wear coloured glasses at night Are not necessarily neurotic vain. I use Contact lenses and some times Wear dark glasses at night a height is Windy or Dusty. They act As a r this person could use Ordi nary specs As a shield and i guarantee she will see better at night. I have no objection to tinted lenses during the Day especially when the eyes Are inflamed or sensitive to Strong Light. Wearing them indoors at night is another matter. But regardless of opinions likes and dislikes never Wear dark glasses when driving a car at night. Or. Van Dellen will answer questions on medical topics stamped self addressed Enve Lope accompanies request. Tomorrow deferring old age. Sticky eyelids g. T. Writes when i awaken in the morning i can hardly open my eyes because they Are Sticky. Can you Tell me what this is due to reply inflammation of the conjunctiva the membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids May be caused by infection injury irritation or allergy. Yours sounds like infection. Send stamped self addressed Enve Lope for leaflet on conjunctivitis. Wants positive girl John writes my blood is re positive and i am of the opinion that i should marry a girl with the same Type of blood. Do you agree reply there is a Good Chance that you will considering that 85 per cent of the population is re positive. I also predict that when you fall in love your silly idea will be forgotten. Can t absorb gluten j. A. L. Writes is sprue a condition of the stomach lining reply sprue adult Celia disease is classified As a Mal absorption syndrome. The stomach lining lacks a certain substance that prevents the absorption of foods containing gluten. This moans the individual must avoid any products made from wheat Rye Barley buckwheat and Oats. Calcium after fracture m. B. Writes will a High Calcium diet quicken the heal Ingol a broken Bono citizen times reply no but this Mineral gives the Bones at least one of the elements needed to encourage Healing. A Normal diet usually supplies All the Calcium required for Bone growth. Leg ulcer j. W. Writes i have a Vari cose ulcer on the leg. Will re Moval of the varicose vein heal the sore reply usually. If not the ulcer is removed and replaced with a skin graft. Allergies and vaccination mrs. A. Writes my 8-year-old daughter has various allergies and for this reason never has been vaccinated against Small pox. She has no skin outbreak and the doctor says this is a Good time to vaccinate. Do you think it will be Safe reply yes. The Best time to have it done is when the skin is Clear of eczema. B. B. Writes could acne scars be eliminated of plastic surgery reply shallow scars can be planed a wire Brush. Deeper scars could be treated by skin grafts but the plan is not practicable. Counteraction e. G. Writes can a nervous stomach get beyond control reply Puu the reins tight and yell whoa when you feel control slipping. Rheumatoid arthritis m. R. Writes does rheumatoid arthritis Ever affect the heart reply yes in a Small percentage of victims of this condition. Kidneys and alcohol w. Writes is Gin harder on the kidneys than Bourbon reply no. Both contain alcohol. Al Cohol is not hard on Normal kidneys. Oily and dry skin c. Is my skin oily in summer and dry in Winter reply the heat of summer turns on the sweat and Oil producing glands full Force. The opposite takes place in Winter More so because humidity in most Homes and offices during the Winter months. Broken blood vessel a. S. Writes two months ago in stepping off the curb i broke a blood vessel in my right leg. What is the cause of such a mishap reply blood vessels Are As susceptible to injury As Are other soft tissues. When they break Black and Blue Marks appear. Bla dept tumor g. T. Writes is papilloma of the bladder another name for cancer reply no. Some of these growths Are benign others Are. Malig Nant. They Are removed As a Rule because there is no Way to determine in Advance whether cancer exists. Coit those what makes my nose cold As i sit watching to at night this happens even in a warm room reply poor circulation from sit Ting still. I assume your nose is not resting on the top of an Ico c old drink most of the time. Salty tissues g. M. Writes what parts of the body Are affected by the overuse of Salt in Cook ing and at the table reply Salt finds its Way into All the tissues of. The body. It has no Adverse effect upon the healthy individual. Today s health baby s skin is tender. July 24, 1964 Page 3 peanuts Charles Syfu i Good Saip about . Savings Bonds. They must very a mice. I the citizen times is m m m m m a m m m m m m m m m m m save name address phone Check Bill m m i n m b w i m m m m m n n n n n w m More local news More features subscribe 50c 3 Only when Tiffee but when you sind Coupon and Check when Check accompanies subscription i n h m h the Cedar

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