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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1964, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - July 24, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage 2 edit Oral Paci citizen times 324-7th St. South East Cedar managing editor editor j. W. Grant or. . Kuncl contributing editors i bur1anek boating Lund woman s editor Meg Blair labor Ethan Akin sports. Walt Hammill . Leni Stasny Dennis Malone i. W. Grant photography office manager. Barbara Elam Art advertising layout dept. Kay Brock circulation department. Dick Harvey Billy Pulda v sex. 2 published weekly by the citizen publications inc. Second class postage paid at Cedar Kap ids Iowa Iowa subscriptions 6 Moshi 1 year 60 out of state subscriptions 6 month 15.50 wild eyed spending we Are grateful to sen. George Mcgovern for calling attention to a fascinating bit of information. It has to do with the John Birch society the organization that regards 20th Century As a civilization. To the Bircher deficit financing by the Federal government is a communist plot As is just about everything but it appears that the society itself is having its deficit troubles. According to its latest report to the Massachusetts attorney general s office the John Birc Hso piety is another year older and deeper in debt in 1963, As com pared with in 1962. For the Birch society to be caught a growing debt and a mounting de Days the demo y cratic senator from South Dakota is roughly com parable to Carrie nation being picked up on a charge of Public Intorica the Bircher intoxicated with their own fears and phantoms fling Char Ges of in americans mat anyone who would spend Money to promote the common welfare while they can t run their own show on a fiscally responsible basis. The Needle by Francis Gillon Don t underestimate Barry. Harry started with Only a Haberdashery. Barry s got a department Tore. Goldwater says that no party can guarantee any thing. That s a Safe conservative approach. But will he remember it when he starts Point ing to things the democrats Haven t done during the past four years the three absentees in the Roll Call for naming Miller up nominee were holding out for George Gobi who did such a great Job on Abc to s commercials Wosic warn veterans were pleased with Ike a display of leadership and decisiveness at the Republican convention. Pleased that he was Only supreme commander and not their platoon sergeant. Times common Sim senator Goldwater was asked if he had an Esti mate of How Many states he could carry in novem Ber. The entire 13, my he replied the entire president Johnson should appoint Bobby Baker to head his anti poverty drive he did such a Nice Job of overcoming his own. Boobs americans Down the Block is against this newfangled Daylight saving the extra hour of sunlight every Day is ruining her Lawn. This is a Tough Campaign for second District Republican James Bromwe ii. It s hard enough chasing Democrat John Culver around the District trying to justify his Bromwell s anaemic voting alone doing the chasing in a horse and buggy. President Johnson appoints sex Florida governor Leroy Collins As head of the Antl Agency. This is not unlike appointing. The Marquis de Sade to head the anti pornography league. Boobs americans allows its kind of a shame that or. Shepp Ard spent 10 years in prison by mistake. But he Hopes Ohio will Bill the doctor for 10 years room and does t want fellow living on his tax Money. The air Force is preparing a new Jet for sen. Goldwater s use in Case he is elected. Installing the buggy whip in the cockpit was no but finding Chariot wheels for the Landing gear is turning out to be quite a chore. Washington and Small business by c. Wilson harder sooner or later the Congress must come to grips with the problem of How to build up the social Security Lund rather than spend time seeking ways to increase the Benefit pay ments out of the fund. This year when the required report on the status of social Security was Given to Cong Ress Kep. John Ashbrook Ohio took the trouble to read All 24 reports that have been released since the plan was started. He found some interesting matters. In the six years 1958 through 1963, o. W. Harder the fund has paid out More than it has taken in. The Defi Cit of pay outs Over receipts runs As follows 1958 Mil lion 1859 million 1980 million 1962 billion 274 million 1983 million. Only in 1961 was there a surplus amounting to million. In 1950 payments had not yet reached billion last year social Security paid out billion 845 million. When the system started in 1937, the contribution to the fund was 1% each by employee and employer on the first of earnings in a year. This has steadily increased until now the combined employee and employer tax is on the first earned in a year and four years from now that will go up to or expressed in another Way by 1968 an employer paying a Btl Neil wage per week will pay almost another per week in social Security taxes and the employee will be actually drawing before income tax deductions per week. An average of new beneficiaries arc being added each year. In 1947, rep. Ash Brook reports the social Security report for that year predicted in 1953 payments would reach million. Instead in 1952 they totalled billion 982 million. The 1949 report predicted total payments in 1954 of billion 167 million instead they reached million. Thus it seems reasonable that in order to keep Faith with the people on the present sys tem new taxes from other sources will have to be raised to maintain payments. This is a major reason Why the nation s Independent businessmen voting through the National federation of inde pendent business have consistently voted against using social Security to finance medi care or other welfare plans As evidenced by the data developed by the congressman when bureaucrats project potential income and outgo it is Only a guessing game. And As further pointed out there Are claims from washing ton now that people with in comes of or less Are Liv ing in dire poverty. T but people in Hose Circum stances Are even now paying much More out in social secur Ity taxes than they Are paying in income faxes. Thus the ques Tion becomes this. Can people in poverty be made More secure by taxing heir poverty even More the editors notebook what did he sax a missive or two came across our desk last week in regard to some of our observations in the editor s notebook concerning the candid Acy of senator Barry Goldwater for the presidency. We allowed As How the senator May find cause to regret some of the statements he has made in recent years As the Campaign progresses and that for the Sake of political expediency he May modify some of them substantially. One Reader who took the time to Stop by in person asked us to be More specific to cite a few of the senator s pronouncements that we thought might cause him embarrassment or Cost him votes if let to stand As uttered. Always willing to oblige we reprint below some of the Goldwater doctrine that we have been garnering and that we feel significant. We May have missed your particular favorite but Well ask your indulgence and Promise t o try follows now Goldwater speaking on the prob lems that face America and his response to them education i do not believe we have an education prob Lem that requires any form of Federal Grant in Aid program to the dictators i Don t object to dictatorship As violently As some people do because i realize that not All people in this world Are ready for democratic civil rights we have no right to Tell the Southern states what they must do about school integration and i do not think any decision of the supreme court is necessarily the Law of the foxes the graduated tax is a confiscatory tax. Its effect and to a Large extent its aim is to bring Down All men to a common Mccarthy i know you will join me in thanking god that while Joe lived he made a contribution to his countrymen that will forever rebound to the credit of the people of Wisconsin and to your Republican Organiza m i think one of the most imperative decisions that could be made would be for the con Gress to Stop foreign economic the in frankly i think the fact that it s proven to be unworkable is grounds enough for us for us to quit wasting our Money on War someday i am con Vinced there will either be a War or Well be subjugated without bureaucracy i fear Washington and centralized government More than i do Moscow that would seem to us to illustrate the Point we were trying to make last in the upcoming election Campaign he will be called upon to clarify repudiate or stand by his col Worful statements from Days and years gone by. What the american electorate chooses to make of it All is a dec Ision that november will make. We offer them without qualification or comment and Welcome rebuttal in any area that we might have inadvertently erred. Get on the buy handhold m Bonos

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