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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1964, Page 4

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - July 24, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaWir j a Punk Iowa red Cedar shavings the need for another voice an address delivered to the canopus club j by Tom Kuncl citizen times editor j gentlemen first let me thank you for the Opportunity to spread a bit of the fourth estate s gos an exasperated hostess at a function where or. Coolidge seemed in particular agony buttonhole Pel on top of the tranquil the president and deman Waters of a Good meal and to say that i am particularly pleased to address a group that has repeatedly demonstrated it s interest in Community affairs and has been a vehicle for Good and positive action in Cedar rapids. Your interest in Cedar rapids has prompted me to speak on a subject that i approach i m afraid with missionary Zeal. Absolute strangers can testify to the fact that a soap Box and an old Man with a hearing Aid Are enough to touch me off for at least fifteen minutes on the subject of shrinking channels of communication in a rapidly expanding Community nation and world. I Don t think it Neces v on the importance of communications in this fast moving Era. The fact that i am Here today to speak Are both tangible evidences that communicating ideas in formation and opinion is a daily process in which we All take part. But we Are a relatively Small group Here today not truly representative of the total complexion of this Community and this is not the level of communication that concerns us. While we May be Lieve this level of communication to be an Ideal method for thrashing out the problems and proposals that confront us As a Community and As individuals we also Rea Lize that it would be an impractical Way for All of us to keep abreast of what is happening and what others Are thinking. What is taking place in the Community and the world. Perhaps the taciturn Calvin Coolidge Best summed it up in the 20 s or. Coolidge it seemed never turned Down an invitation to attend a ban Quet but stoutly refused to speak and through All the after dinner oratory wore the pained expression of boredom. Finally to know Why if it pained him so he came to banquets at All a Man has to eat Coolidge cooly replied the fact is of course that for information concerning things that affect us on the Community state and National Levels we rely on the mass Media radio television magazines and most prominently i think you la agree on the newspapers As our Finger on the pulse of the Day s events a chronicle of the mighty and mundane happenings of the hour that can be pursued at Leisure and at length. We rely on All of the news Media to inform us nut we look to the news paper to perform. Another perhaps More important function. We look to the. Printed publication to objectively Analyse and impartially interpret the significance of what has taken place to look be Hind the scenes to Call on a Large collective memory and understand ing. And1an awareness of the responsibility it to ids to bring us not Only the news but its Impact it s importance How it will affect us to separate the wheat from the chaff to Tell us of its Good por tents and of its Short comings not to save us the trouble of thing King but to give us the am munition for informed thought and enlightened action. Still More importantly in analysing the functions of a newspaper functions we have every right to expect is its role As a Channel of full Complete a slanted information and it is Here gentlemen that we approach the crisis and the Crux of what i would say to you today. It is Here in the performance of its duty to keep the Public fully in formed on All sides of every Issue that printed journalism has been fail ing and continues to fall. It is und Vandable perhaps it was inevitable. The fact is i won t bore you with statistics there Are few cities of this size in the United states ser Ved by More than one newspaper. The reasons Are varied keen Competition for the advertising Dollar the huge amounts of Money required to pub Lish roadblocks As in finicum. Few can re member the Day in this Community when it was served and enriched by two full fledged news two full fledged news papers. The trend to Ward the one newspaper town continues the town where a Large single monolithic press pre sides Over one of the most sacred rights and corresponding duties in our american heritage the right to know. The duty to inform. What Price does this Community any Community pay when Only one becomes the Arbi Ter Standard bearer the purveyor of news when Only one pen pre Sumes to speak Only one Point of View escapes the typewriter and finds its Way to your Doorstep. Assume if you will for a moment that you Are an Apple Salesman in a town where you have the Good Fortune to be the Only Apple Salesman should you decide of course its your Perro native to sell Only wine saps. What recourse have i when the craving to eat an Apple strikes me bluntly but can eat win saps or go to so it is when there is Only one Channel of expression to serve the Many the divergent the legitimate difference of opinion that All men in every society have. No matter How Well intentioned any journal May be like the Apple sales Man they will have their their Point of View their set of values their patterns for pro Gress and they will work consciously and unconsciously toward their own ends to the exclusion of the frustration of the lovers of Mclyn tosses or Johnathon the expo Sers of another Point of View. Let us admit i think we must that often times we find ourselves in Dis agreement. We Don t All think alike we can t All believe the same things we Seldom hear unanimity expressed for any proposal any course of action. It becomes important then that we have the mechanisms necessary to reach consensus some Happy blend arrived at through give and take that we can All agree upon. That consensus can never be reached in the sterile climate of one sterile climate of one Ness. Information discus Sion participation these Are the building blocks for Cornerstone of Progress the fabric we must weave a Community that can move Forward intelligently not capriciously not at the whim of a Small aggregation that presumes to know what s Best for us to know and what murky pools Are bet Ter left undisturbed. It becomes vital then for this Community for any Community to have readily acce Sable Chan Nels for the expression of opinion unpopular Opi Nion As Well As the parroted platitudes that satisfy the timed but leave the concerned not hungry but furious. Some of you have won dered i imagine just what it is we do More importantly what is is we Are for at the citizen times. My partner first looking on our new Loca Tion an old Church build ing sighed and said thank god Sanctuary at few endeavours in this City have stood Only insurance prevents total loss w. C. Zeman insurance save Auto package policies for Home owners 19 years of reputable service 82 16th ave. . Pm 5 3643 More in the need of help from the almighty. Analysing the role we have charted the larger role that we envision for the citizen times a fair question might be in what Way do we change the complexion of the transmission of information in this Community do we change it All and what is it that we pro pose to do we have been accused of course of being no More than a vehicle for dissent a rallying Point for the disgruntled and a divisive element in the Community. For the most part by people who have never read a full Issue of this publication. In essence we have tried to put before the Public another Point of View of civic moral and economic issues that con front us. Often by airing and advancing these views we have become identified with them when in reality our own opinion might have been different. We have tried to articulate the problems that face a Large percentage of this Community s citizens citizens that of ten find articulation difficult who find cogent expression an alien task. We have spoken beyond the immediate concerns of the present when the need for Progress rears its head. We have asked for the discussion and examination of considerations that go beyond expediency beyond and mortar to the human equation the Price we must pay for Progress and who must pay it. How often Are we agreed with sometimes. Not always. Viewing the Day by Day tribulations of publishing a weekly news paper these observations come to mind 1. If reprint ple say we Are silly if we Don t we Are too serious. 2. If we stick to the office All Day we ought to be out Hunting we go out and try to Hustle something to write about we ought to be tending to the office. 3. If we Don t use local Talent we Don Tapper cite Genius if we use their stuff we re print ing junk. 4. If we edit the other Fellows Story we Are too critical if we Don to we re asleep 5. If we clip things from other papers we re too Lazy to write them if we Don t we re stuck with july 24, 1964 Page 4 our own stuff. Now like As not some one will say i swiped this from some other fact is gentlemen i have said to you and will repeat that this Community any needs every available Channel for the expression of opinion on every matter of civic con Cern. You Are the Best judge of How Well that concern is being aired in our Community now. It is Only through the exposition of every Point of View the hearing of every argument pro and con that we can move Forward As a Community with All of her citizens driving toward the same end. Honest disagreement is nothing that we Nee fear. We need fear More the soldering resentment that exists when every voice has not had its say when groups and areas through Lack of under standing feel that their interests have been crushed to enrich the few. We need to remember that while it is not always pleasant to be unpopular to Champion an unpopular cause it is sometimes necessary sometimes the path of duty. Vol Taire said it Best. I do not agree with a word you say but will defend to the death your right to say gentlemen we will continue to be a forum for the expression of any legitimate Point of feel that we Are doing the right thing. If some Day Cedar rapids realizes it if someday you believe in it ours will have been a richly rewarding task indeed. City yellow cab for Quick Sei Vicc cell Empire 5 1444 painting exterior free estimate Cihla pm 4-7759

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