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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1968, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - August 21, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaI be i my it ii i citizen Cedar rapids Iowa a i a wednesday j i a like Garcye re Fjeld Sweel Corn to 51 percent of Auh Igli temperatures. In f a Burlil sugars Iii Corn Togan to change toys Tayeh i minutes after.1 Otiel psf you re eating Corn. Or Canning it use it us soon after picking As possible. Garden Rand would like a Good pickling i be enjoyed using this sum Mer. For 1 gallon cooked Ami sliced beets use 4 cups sugar 2 cups vinegar 2 cups be it juice Tablespoon Salt. Spices Are optional. I did t use any. This Iccie Calls for More sugar than some but we thin kit s just right. Another recipe i be used several times this for the 2-1 hour cabbage Slaw. Shred 2 Large Heads cabbage .1 onions Green peppers celery and o oils Coyer with water acid 2 Tablespoons pick Ling cover and let stand in the in Friger Ator pm Crete dressings made by Healing i1 cup cup vinegar i Teaspoon celery seed i Tablespoon Mustard seed 1 teas Poon is dissolved let Cool and the Mindu with f cup vegetable1 to the domed Mendibles Mai be kept in the re ii Giloi a week or Moie the City Defide skins a native too Man silly questions list year there windmills Heie and now there s Only one the visitor said did they like Down Hie other Windmill 5 v drawled the Nate we list had wind for one in Mill for Fath you wont hive to worry too about avoiding tempt lion grow Aldu it is Iris avoiding caused a re your to j How dynamic w. M Bob beg i big Ilick a i i no i Martin witty chairman 1 in Minoty Prtrt a ways to ii flow a tax Doharis is jobs and m fab Blev to this Vita t Iii . I. Us jives Thane we a climate in develop new markets for agr fek ,.-._of our Girt our Young people a it Snake Iowa arts Chi to live 1 improved eds s i intend Toen ase in Job Board of of u Leyan in chairman o l 13e6. I Swift served on a m Arfe Tes Upu in. Iowa w and lower to v to oink co rate. tried o Towa s . Adj Jhc Aie your support and see that if does is n fill 1 diff co t Ittem a tuner Corpora her Allih Kiva n to Svaicr pollution Anis diet you Etui wont Jur wll Tiu experts mean by water. They Are referring to Calcium ill Coni pourits 1 11 sent in most supplies Lii c Aie the cult its Ipson lie for p i Coluci Rig w hat Cal 1 Anil did you Tjit depending Nyoh the Liard Ness of Yoiiro from 50-uo p or cent of tic soap you use my fuated. Tjimis is because the hard it to Loizu i Cut Ink my Unicoi eng diff cult. Curd adheres to clot i i Lub her dickies and Niaj hold by Leiu it s this Cunt tint that 101 go feeling to Touchs ill nid Nikoi be Buji Otard Pri d face surprised How. Little Calcium my Ina 0 m to Harl pcs Locc of these Elf till neg is incas Icil Higi Ains and it oink Liike inc tenths of one Chain to make Laid Moit i Tiff is from ,1 to ill grains hard but in Sci pc 1 is Homem in arc must Nhuc Itoi lint 15 i of iritis Hail Carium and eng Nelium m also ii Icson Silzle for other head aches around the e j of c hid Uei fonts insole Jekle Scales when it is heated or Eva pointed and 113 Ottlo As one Colliot in Inch of Jenny heat aug of i hot at r by Lopel unt Hals ulc tin Schilc acts As Art insulating a Ferial How Tref thanks to Portem iter Xou Uon t i to j Moil condition tag Chi has Len. To these Ulesis before they got into Ioui hair the itch i mics in the Home it 13 of Lucid to enough i of spec no Icsis Ami i Haj Iii ionic the Calcium my Jiing Nessim leaving a Good As it it left Llie Clouds. Fat cat fraud Mure Nuccil or milk la Kef inv i Mem Nimir and Many Nill for Lack of other food anaemia symptoms from insufficiency. And even in a reeding uncooked harbours tape orm ii Minmin enzyme cause of Inch Nosis. Nil a this Only fool proof no j solutes in Conn Cclara k s a ii no j cat ill i it to sin Rillias assuming i Ella Hays have inc Energy and expertise is your boat in Tlle Wayt a Well placed Tia at is Aust As last an in the Liand Oil in Rottle May be As res Post me for subduing a As Tho trembling tha Roii i proper Hosic Jiana Finuff flstiing1 experts at Tuv plays Jode in a shag to Fortu Iarj Aila its True significance Afteu becomes apparent too to Good Ash plus la doll most anglers Are reasonably Al Hond Hng thai file and Caslon of hooking and netting or i nary size Flash present no special problems however Tel prs change fulfil try a Hon the once a a lifetime Junker comic along cd Crisos Nutten lion n the Battle and Merida to forget tic boat can by i my and to a. Happy outcome some guides run their to lors during the entire Battle to Bielji i Sherinne hold out m unobstructed Irr and to turn a Villi the ii when the Ilse Sfanos fans. Of tiring and resistance Mekong the guide backs off id ii so that continual i Oss Urc can be exerted with it letting Uio fish get a second near the Hull. Large fish such As Pike Salmon Trout and muskies have a Peru Lar infection Tor Elijat Bottoms p when about to b they May slide Doci Side o Cump Letefay _ i Rtin splash and under unless inc in file plunges ids Rod drop Inlo the wafer the Hal Stibman swings beat Fisic Frlj say fhe mar cure Alejj to a Csc Nasif cd and inc escape Niada Good since you can t keep big Al h from the boat Iteck the boat away from the fish until he s definitely beaten. New. York no Otic knows first used inc expression bul Llic origin nor of the pair fisc either Hall no Eye fur Fetics or to feeling for inc incl i liar c Saij obese Matless or even but cols of no Cre lures Are Hie Laid if left to follow Impi Rich. Talk feline is usually a Model in scr taking in exactly what Kilts his Arul Seldom a Rico Nihoul Ripe Accord Luiis to or. Jai pics in. Cdr Fri who supervises More than 500 cals e Urina Pel care Yeti Pirn but in heart however cat keepers keep corrupting Kittens. Of fwd exactly what lie cat is Whit Ili Cyrny completely unaware that what they pc just Procla Uncil with Pundi Niay really be a death for Bol i the species. The ulcer heart attack. A lid stali5tici serve to show that so Caj cd Homo Jas Pictish is less than Bright about requirements in any c ise a Cit s Ari not in ill the same before a e Elver feeds his i Infin Illis neophyte should find Kimseu a soup spoon and fix its bowl size firmly Mhos Rind a Kite n s Fusto Mach has just about the same capacity even in Idun Nicod his stomach not be big Clr than tie average Orange of course it can be Sorc eclied in vend tins Norm by f Din the Lii Cost out Ondish Emu f acquired Carlo ind info kid t cirt us my do the Picc of Psi Itil in Hie Kitten Loti Jakc ca1s Al least Don t flow c11s Cocullo pc Dicj coff a klatch is ten course of cases nntili7inc color ids for Bohr tanks ilk forc i House Iti ins humans inns be do happily orc fool proof Fannie been to Utica for. T along Vith Victr a prod pm in ins human i i Indi Loisl nails or bid will b t single person Ifor owners Somi fills must be squared Purina has a Dinar in sum of Motley a canned cat food for like inc Fink Lenl us and week Pio Minena most Luril foods Ira null ind 1 to 7. Fish. Past caning a cat Lias no in ii Illarmo Ujj pc clip Here Are a Vork i rat ass none d u store or bin j Basel on Iii supposed to Cle on wife pfc Jcj he can Lay his claws on. The sumption Hen. 15 that a Well Fth cat will Laze around and jog me Luc the fact is Hal a healthy i. I Well fed cat Mil Hunt with g i More vigor a mouse or Tot u that matter t Dos the Irani in just spirit in Ulruch humans sly lib. Rabbit and of Crim l Quail the Only difference is total c do it Vic Call it enrol at Kirksville Moo freshmen to nearly freshman live enrolled at Northeast Missouri state College for the fall Quarter Senjt. 9. An additional 300 Are expected1 in september. For the past seven weeks entering Fresoli men accompanied by pare tils have been the Campus for briefings coun seling various tests and the filling out of schedule cd ids while the prospective Sui dents have been involved in procedural hitters taken on a tour of the City and the nearby state from this Iii who. Have Al pre enrolled include Joeinne k Baita summer Lynn Barry Linda mari6 Holden Tlle ii sue. Hipfer Jtj Jin c Conway and Patricia c. Turner allot Cedar rapids ice her the successful Man one matches his Back tone to i a i these Days it s quite in credible o us hat the United sialej9 was founded As a pro j Tesic against area x diplomas for 62 summer grads tyo Assoc to of aits degrees and silly diplomas will be conferred Al the summer commencement of area ten Community College commencement exercises will he held at 4 a m on saturday August 24 at John f Kennedy High school auditorium cedi rapids Luiss Ken associate professor in the College of Medicine of the University of Iowa will deliver the commencement address miss Kerr is the director of health occupations Al the University and is chief stale consult in h.o.e., of the Despai Merit of Public instruction commencement program includes invocation and Benediction by the very revoke and j Robert Mcdonald of is Patricks Coholic Church Welcome re Maiks by re i a Davidson Board i r county and the con Fening of degrees and diplomas by or. S a Gallantine superintendent. The candidates will be Pic sealed by or. Ver non Pickett Dir Cloi of he arts and science division g w Iddings director of the vocal Imol technical division and a Topi Weihrer director of the adult education do Sion or tank e. Malone As s s ant Etienn pendent will preside. Students receiving associate of arts de gives have completed two years of College parallel study in the arts and science division. Oil Loizu recipient have completed one year programs in practical nursing pro grammy Dilt processing and Junior accounting or As dental assistants medi Cal. Assistants or general secretaries for associate of arts Deeres Are As follows Cedar rapid Barbara l. Bucha Nan Donna j Redell Binef a. Churchill Wah Rileeta Jones Davis Nancy Lealh de Grofik Kathryn b. Dulin Mary Eichacker a j Cynitha k. Flier risen Jeanette i. B Cue Helm Jane a. Fitzgerald Linda m. Harris Sandra k. Helms Elmer of Lap Joe. And Mary Kay Matias also from Cedar rapids arc Jean e Malus Margaret m. Meyer Mary d Mon Pas Susan l. Moore Alary a nun maker Eileen e. Nye Janice m Oaks Keith j. Penning Susan us nearer Vickie m. Shepard and Carol a. Self Mack from Central City Evelyn r. Mcshane from Ivi anon Lana k. Comb Joanne m Henderson Linda a. Homing Kalhleen Mnissen and Louann e. Davidson from l. Quote says Jon Soji s gaining by .j3ill Coleman Don Isenson s on the Hcan ticket seems to be catching on As the race Cornes Down to the wire. The wallaces Farmer poll announce i Johnson running Al cad c his two opponents. This is significant be was in third place m Jari Iarj Ivi eur a similar poll was Laka Branch businessman with Fri background has been to Duci Iii a to . A spin face in Lom Polilli Csilliam worked. The Vineyard of his parly foil the past 20 years Al orig will his Are inc parents if nine children the oldest being h the. Army and a member of the orca berets Pill trial advertise mex e Wavidell is dem Bratic candidate for Lino sheriff former tinn county Depitt s no Milt j. Iowa hell 35, of Spring Iowa Hail announced he a i shrill Gvillo demo cratic the office of Linn county sri Riff. A of Linit county he is presently employ Cal ii k Wees a Olthoff of Otic company of Jar Ion. After in he n avy to tiring world a Wajih he was mayor of is Home Oakville Iowa for font years. Luring his years in Law enforce Merit lie has served As vice president of the Iowa. Peace officers held memberships in Iowa. association Anil i inn c Oit peace officers association. competed the police traffic school and peace officers or air ing courses offered by the University he Cedar rapids Djarf Nicol. Or. Waddell is a member of tie county democrats n Orli i Itin game. Club Clarion Lulf ofic is a s2nd j agree Whir san and attends he Spring Church. and his wife Doris re Siulc in Springville with their Low sons and Rick 9. They have a. Married daughter living in Marion

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