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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 10, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaO o to re 3. 1 n or o u o circulate times 1iiij8 Cedar rapids Iowa volume six number 15 per year i Nykl Stintl weekly by Charles. Dunha zip-5210o. Second class i Osueke paid cellar in plus Loc per copy Al Ril 10, add Eris fight welfare freeze 4. It can use emergency funds which a be available to make up the deficit. Governor Hughes has already eliminate d the first alternative by publicly stating at he will not Call another session of e legislature. The second alternative that of limiting Rev. Number of recipients can be com ared to a crowded bus pulling to a Stop Here people Are waiting for a ride. No can get on until someone else gets f. The Mere fact of already being he bus does not make a person More Orthy of a ride than the one waiting outside. The same is True of people need no assistance. Families cannot be lurid i Way because there is no nor an others be kicked out the Back to Nake room for the reducing add checks is not a Good alternative either because As progresses and the Money depletes mothers will be Given less and less to feed and clothe their children. Soiree will have 16 leave their Homes to find to wer reciting apartments which will prob ably be Loo Small for their families needs. Others will spend less on food and clothing thus endangering the health of the children. A very few Wil get by on income not reported to the add caseworker but the great major Ity will suffer by reduced amounts o Money. How can we make ends meet with the Cost of living going up continuously what then is available which will not cause these struggling families to be pushed further Down into poverty and Des pair we cannot1 tolerate the deprivation of the rights of these citizens of Iowa. The Rerita ining alternative would be to make use of emergency funds available to the interim committee of the legislature because the state legislature meets Billy Otic e every two years this committee thei fund which Are appropriated by the state leg bit which Are not channelled ii Ito . These funds should be i reeled toward the greatest needs. Providing the Basic essentials of food .3. 11 ,.v, shelter and clothing for families on As highly to the growing Inadequacy of fed is stance is a great need Era funds Kirin county add organization children in the purpose of the Aid to dependent children add Prog Ramis to maintain children in their own Homes arid to assist parents to provide care for children essential to their healthy growth and development. If the new social Security amendments Are implemented by the state of Iowa they will cripple the. Ability of add families to provide the food shelter and clothing necessary healthy development of children. V. This Law the number of welfare of children for worn the govern ment will pay ils share. If the does acl to compensate for Lack of necessary funds the affect Avo big the poor families Wil be harsh. Add receiving sufficient for needs now if assistance is reduced their situations will become even More desperate. Children will be in Del nourished they will enough shoes and1 bulb the Angl their parents will be come discouraged in to Weir efforts to pro vide for their children they will be Force to hive in even poorer housing. I the Long Ranie effects will to crowd these families slums while we Are spending millions 611 Wrtaza renewal to remove these the children growing up in such an environment swill react witty rebellion an delinquent and eventually even crime rates will Ris the Cost of rehabilitating delinquents a repairing the damage they do is far Grea or. Than providing them with the Heath to web and develop Feht would or Dice useful citizens. The i to creatives rpm we Jeri to choose of to fun Iha Gheciu ate Feder it of add r i pints number already on Assi Alicei .3. It can reduce add checks correspond Villiam Husted receives appointment to Annapolis William w. Lusted has received an a ointment to. The United Stales naval poll lit Annapolis. William is attic son Des newsmen prefer Beck gop governor candidate lit Annapolis. William is the son his inns a poll conducted b f or. I and. Mrs. William l. Husted 3519 limes Republican at the Oakland Road be. He was nominated by Lemut association Conven Lioi Jungr ismali Jolt c. Culver. Misted will graduate from Kenned High school where he has participated in several extra curricular activities he received letters in both football and a resling and also has been very Active in the civil air patrol where he is presently the Cadet commander of the Cedar rapids optimists composite Squadron. Culver said this Young Man has com pet de for the appointment Wilh a number of either candidates and Lias successfully completed the very difficult programs of both physical and mental i n him in tins out s Lowed that Robert Beck can Lorville pub Lisher is Hie top heavy favorite among candidate Foi Beck vol cd 295 votes among the 450 persons p Triu Patag m the polls. For Mer rain iliac in Stile chairman Rob Ert Rai of pcs Moines received 58, for Mer american legion slate commander Donald Johnson of West Branch received 11 and John Knudson of Albion democratic state treasurer Paul Franzen Birg polled 01 Coin enting in the poll Dick Wester Field Beck s Campaign manager said area x sets summer course a full schedule of College level Day and evening courses in arts and sciences will be offered during the summer session Al area ten Community College. Tic session which begins june 3rd also includes offer Ings on a limited basis in inc vocational technical and adult education a the College. The summer Lerm includes six Highl and twelve week sessions. Ii is provided for persons wishing to continue their Edu cation and training without i interruption those wishing to Sandy in areas for whish they would not normally have time during the regular academic year and for those wishing to liquid a sound fou Iula lion in. Subject areas in which Hoy have not done Well in previous study. The twelve week session follows the sume formal us the fall Winter and Lei is with students Able to earn a maximum of Ali Quarter hours. Over 50 College level courses Are sch cd Fulcd in lie areas of business data proc Orcas dressing English and developmental skills reign languages music sciences social fences male Malics speech and Art. In addition in he vocational technical vision 17 12-week courses in data proc sin will be offered. These courses Range of key punching and introduction to Ata processing which Wilt to available Otic Day and to applied pro and data process g mathematics. F calve Nasheim evry possible future Powers and promote army Grade e-2 it. Bliss Tex Obert a. Powers of a. Powers 4805 j Street so and Lynn g. 21, son of or. And mrs Donald h Scheer 160 Lar promoted to army privates pay Grade e-2 upon comple Tion of Basic Cornbau. Training. The promotion was awarded two months is Cust Biary under an incentive for outstanding trainees. As. Many As half of the trainees in each training Cycle j sve eligible for the Early promotion on scores attained Dur ing Range firing High score on the phys ical combat proficiency test military bearing arid Jea a Reship potential. In seamen Sci troeder private Richard l. Espe trains in Marine individual combat san Diego Marine private Richarl Espe of 1435 second St. So was graduated from eight weeks of recruit train in at the Marine corps recruit depot Here he will now undergo from iwo to flu weeks of individual combat training an then after leave at Home will report t his first Marine corps assignment the intensified Marine recruit t train ing emphasizes rigid physical condition ing and survival techniques both at sea and ashore to develop self Confidence and endurance. Marksmanship with the m-14 Rifle and 45-Caliher pistol ate equally stressed and close order Dell instills the traditions of Marine corp teamwork. A thorough study of Basic military sub graduate Friom Navy bask great Seaman apprentices William a Vrba a. Gary Schroeder 18, have been graduated from nine weeks of Navy Basic training at the naval training Center Here. Vibe s parents or. And mrs. Wilmer j. Vrba live at 1505 St new. His wife the former Sandra k., Woodward lives 2204 Johnson ave. New or. And mrs. Richard a. Shade 1669 jets Hygiene first Aid and san Lalion and the customs courtesies history and mis Sion of the Marine corps serve to polish the be Marine s recruit education and prepare him to join the Marine combat forces. Army pfc Max l. Flack z2 awarded purple heart it. Riley Kan. Army private first class Max l. Flack 22, son of or. And mrs. Donald Flack 2452 eighth ave. So received the purple Anu mrs. A. Acid me Joy. Lignin rave. A Ruusu Ivou my Uii Jig tenth St new Are parents of heart during ceremonies March 25 at it. 3 get appointments to air Force Academy april 25, 1 John Culver announced today that three Young whom he had earlier nominated have received appointments to the United states air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. Clark Andrew Maliner or. 154 26th St is a. P. Malmer ,.tr. 154 26lh, Streel Cedar rapids will Gradei ale from Efferson High school in june 1168 Mai Ner received sity letters in fool Al and basketball he attended boys state n.1967, has attained the rank of Eagle cont and serves As a member of the Ude it Council and concert choir. Bra ii h. Peckham son of or. And mrs Arthur h. Peck am 203 seventh avens graduated. From Washington High schoo n june of 1867. enrolled n the s.-. Air Force. Achoo Peckham was a attain of the vre Stich a and played varsity too Ball for . He has also Paitich lated. In concert arid marching band an vhf a nominee for Hawkeye boys state Gregory Vine Stoddard son of or an. Stoddard 835 Hawley St Reslip from Jesup Community High school in june. He served As Delegate to boys state received a Lett of for his performance Merit Schalo ship test .11 has tial Ned student Pilot certificate said these Young men a Corrip eted fair the appointments Wilh a number of other candidates and have number of Oiler candid sales and have successfully Cirri plated the very difficult pro Gratis of testing it Clinding both physical and mental aptitude. 1 co graduate them on this and wish them every possible future Smith announces candidacy for Linn county sheriff James h. Shh 71, former Linn county sheriff for 30 years announced his Candi Dacy. For that office. After leaving the office in 1965, Smith served two years As assistant director o the Iowa stale sheriffs association. Pros entry. He is. Employed by the Cedar memo rial cemetery co in his announce mint statement Smith sri Tai in the struggle against the in creasing crime rate i am concerned with Irh Proyce officer training and deeply interested in Good rehabilitation pro Granis. If elected in the interest of Economy of operation efficiency and rehabilitation of the first of rider Al the county jail level i plan to reside at the county Smith is a lie member of the Iowa stale a Clear indication of How the fellow news men i egad Hob Beck they know him 3sl and Taliej have indicated Strong sup Ort Bot i personally and through their cd i rial comments i or u s Senate former congressman Lames Broom cell of Cedar rip less re ceded 150 to lit for David slim Ley of Musi Lime and 126 for governor Harold Hughes the Only Democrat seek ing the Senate Iio Inin Ilion. In of Loci stale contests attorney Gen Lal Rich and Liumei bested Charles Lerhun of Nevada in the attorney goner Al s race 285 to 70 and senator Max Milo Mills of a us Halltown was an Odds on a Vonte in the Cut cent governor conies 254 to 20 Foi Donald Bowin of White Rio and 26 for Roger Jensen o Dave Sporl on the demo italic Siele Howard re Pei of Des Mozeb polled 51 to g for Edge Bert of pcs Moines and 17 for Vericci stiffen of new Hampton for attorney general Dan of Winston of Des Moines of Ink Walton of Davenport s to 6 for president Riehard a Lxii wus the. Lop Choice with 179 followed closely Nelson Rockefeller Robert Ken nedy1 Reagan 30 Mccarthy 28, vice i reside a Hii i it Humphrey 22, and Senato Charles to Raj 21 Ray has tax idea Simples income tax plan offered by candidate Ray you Iowa Sale. Income tax return might become a simple card that could be filled out in a matter of minutes under a plan proposed by Robert d. Ray front in neg Republican candidate for Gover nor. Simply Vituld Lake a percentage of your Federal income lax payment and that would become your state in come tax Ray explained. This would save Lime and headaches for you and it would save Money for Hie stale h Cumis Gwo would t need so Many employees to process the Sui Meir so he Tsnling includes classes both Day Puiul evening. Regis in Ion for lie first six week session and lie Highl and two Lac Sci k sessions will be held Al lie Haw Cyc la gilding m june urd. A legislation for the Sec Ond six week session will he on july i Iii. The varying lengths of sessions give indents a number of differ enl choices o Namer study find planning. In to arts ind sciences two six week sessions an offered Ivinel students May enrol in Litho cession or in both. A maximum of eight liar tar hours May be earned in each ses Ion. Students enrolling in tic eight week sob Siou which will conclude on july 281 h i spend slightly less time per week in Clas Han in the six week session but the toll amount of time invested in Ihu course i he same. A maximum of twelve Quail hours May be earned in ibis session. Culver hits fund increase for bogus subversives boar Washington april Cong Rossma John c. Culver in testimony wednesday to the he inset committee urged defeat for a p Ropos increase in spending by the Federal subversive activities control Board. Al a Lime we arc seeking budgetary Stringency in every sector of he Federal government and when As a Congo cd we have ordered a reduction of 2 per cent in our personnel costs and 10 per cent in other controllable Culver charged i find it to justify an increase of this she for an Agency which has notoriously Siulc aet ii work to do. Culver a member of tie House Coin in Hie Trade and Industry area four six week programs will be open for in Roll civil. Uliey include beginning inf Lvii viral Linci Irinel Reading and ing for machine for Iclal trades and algebra for tech in Civins. Special in Alanl classes for in Ellry May Hui arranged. A new nurse Ieie training pig no of our Wecks length will begin on july 8th of inulin out lie vocational technical sum Ner openings arc lie secretarial and Cler Cal Itice Plionis programs which will run or 12 weeks. All other vocational technical offerings arc on going. In Hie a Lull education division adult j High school completion and Basic Edul action classes will be offered at various locations in the seven counties. Tuition for ails and sciences cello Mil to clinical courses is per. Credit hour or if class fled Ull Jmc student. Students riot previously in Nilca Meisl also is Imbolt a a. No Callon fee. Ila Sec education Are free of charge while High school completion classes Cost do Pter courier. Individuals wishing further information arc invited to write the coordinator of. Admissions 4401 sixth Streetroad stif new agriculture Dei air agent i Liere has been a critical need for specialized training in Iowa s major Industry tills september area ten Community College will begin pro grains in production attic nature and farm equipment mechanics Alliese pro Grams Are designed to i Ovid the Neces sary training to keep Pace with the advancing technology of modern agriculture and tie new jobs which have Milec on Una Merican activities who opposition to legislation last year designed to reactivate Sac pointed out thai there has been a vacancy on Board since last the five member hardly scorns like in thai Liis position would remain vacant if the Board was As overworked As this by decl i a Mist would Arica Ilure regaled industries the two year production agriculture program will provide i rung in special izod modern farming techniques and ftus.1 Ness skills Anel procedures As they relate to agriculture. In addition to the potential to increase efficient farm operation for an i individual already engaged in farming new employment prospects upon comple is budget request would Nae. Be he said that the budget request which lion of inc program include assistant farm o specialist and his the former Diane Cook of 342-24 St. New. Gary is the son of or. And mrs. Palmer e Schroeder of 1322 if inside drive new. Is Grafe Wohr Gerry Ivy Tarmy specialist four Richard l. Pike jr., 21, whose parents live at 1115 k 4ye new Cedar rapids will Complete fond weeks of Exten Sive Field training March 23 with other members of the 4lh armoured division near Grafen Hor the exercise is the combat effectiveness of he division under realistic Winter combat conditions. Train ing stresses the combined efforts of Armor infantry and in attack perimeter defense arid live firing. His unit will be. Supplying medical support for the combat units arid undergo its own tests. Is ple1ku, Viet Nam army private first class Michael a. Peers 20, is a Tele Type repairman in the signal Battal Ion s company a near Viet Nam Rogers is and m mrs. James e. so. He graduated film regts Hig h Andi attended Ritey Kan. A rescaling the award was brigadier general Linton s. Boatwright command ing general it. Riley. Pvt. Flack was presented the award for wounds suffered in action against hostile go rfcs in Vic i Nam. Pvt. Flack a patient at the Irwin army Hospital it. Riley Elnere the army in april 1967 and completed Basic training Al it. Campbell by. While serving in Viet Nam he was with the 25th infantry Divi Sion near cd Chi. The private is a 1% graduate of South Gate Calif High school. Pensacola Fla. Navy Ensign James r. Meyer son of or. And mrs. Hay j. Meyer of 2220 Birchwood drive be has completed courses in Basic Aero dynamics and aviation physiology at the Navy s flight preparation school at the naval air station Pensacola Fla. In addition he received instruction in air operations air navigation Power plants and accessories As Well As phys ical fitness and swimming. After completing Hal next phase of raining under the naval training program he will receive his wins of l seeks re election Fritz song announces candidacy for re election to Rusgis Latuski f. Sorg Slat representative from Marion Angioi acct that he will seek re election to the state leg Ishtie in the Linn county first rep for inc 1068-70 term. Or sorg who w is elected to his first term in 1966, St Clcil it is important tint the people of " Linn county recognize the value of legislative experience if they Are to have effective representation Iii the a Marion pharmacist or. Sorg has served As a trustee of the Marion Walcer department from to 1966 and is pres Cully a member of the Linn county Board men la or nil is a lie member 01 Inu Unju Oisiu sheriffs association and the Iowa Asso of health and the Linn county elation of chiefs of police and a Hoard health Board. He is also a member of inc Serif he National Jai association. Medical p Annig Hoard and would permit hiring an additional live people for inc Sacii staff and raising other expenditures accordingly could nol be justified in terms of any increased activity by til Board. In its 18-Yar Culver pointed out inc Board has already Cost the american taxpayer Over 5 million Dol Lars but in has yet to Register a single he noted Hal presently the Board has Only one pending Case and even Hal investigation has been balled pending a court decision on inc Validity of wire Lap Ping by Federal agents. Thus for All practical purposes the Sacii remains with a year Mem a 17-Man staff Anel Little if am. while no thinking american Wuu have any objection to spending whatever amount of Money necessary to combat the he has participated in rehabilitation forums at the University of Iowa and Iowa state University and for the past three years has been on the staff of the peace officers Short course Al Iowa City. He is a past potentate of Al Kafir shrine arid a member of the american Loyal order of Moose Linn county farm1 serves As a director of the Farmers slate Bank and the Iowa pharmacy service corporation. He is married and has two daughters mrs. Charles darn slain of Woodcliff Lake n. J., and mrs. F. Richard Lyford of threat of internal subversion in ibis Conn operator livestock buyer crop specialist and livestock specialist. In either Case graduates will have a sound in a combination of business and farming trained farm mechanics ind techno clans will be the product of the new year Tarm equipment mechanics pro Gram. Instruction will Center on Ciali cd machinery maintenance pair techniques business management and service manual interpretation. Thil. Includes much training sex Irvil Peri Cnoc. In both programs approx mately 70 percent of the learning will Lake Nae a Iii shops and laboratories. Farm equipment mechanics graduates May he employed Wilh Arm implement dealers ,011 Large mechanized farms and with manufacturers of farm equipment. G. W. Bill Iddings area ten voc ii Lional tech Cal director notes Hal rot Lmont for the programs is Iddings said these programs will pro Oya re o Oose in Bureau and a 33d degree Mason. He a. Seaman Vern on l. Robinson member of St. Paul s methodist Church. I serving aboard uss Blandy Culver said ing to a comply ing to All the vide excellent training for men with farm a file v1uc excellent Iii Tiuis la. A. Heyoung r i a Nhav ringed of Mph who we secs a career m Federal agencies cd Aigel we anticipate interest also Jurf men who grew up on a farm or with the responsibility of Law enforcement in this area of National Security it May in fact interfere with that Captain Donald e. Haklan is on duty in Nam with u. Is. Combat air forces Trolman stationed at Toledo. Have you Ever said upon reaching Home Oss Brandy at sea ship s scr vice Mani first class Vernon l. Robmson son of or. And mrs. A Earlcy f. Rob with Defeated purposes that you had j worked every minute of the time at least you had been Busy Bill you did t get any thing done this lament of frustration conies mainly from those who have no taskmaster executives salesmen and Hose in creative or professional Wor. You cannot bring Prosperity by discouraging Only the a. S. President arid the governor of Massachusetts official i _ in Agri Culler from men who Tiauw in i those who have worked Summers or part time on a farm and would like to work in i aptitude test i a farm environment satisfactory general Lead cry scores and Wilh inc program coordinator Are ,0. View program coordinator s Sij binary in talc requirements Jurg of Rte. 3, Bertram is serving aboard the destroyer uss Blandy in the Pacific. The Norfolk va., based destroyer is on extended pc rations with Hie seventh Fleet in Western Pacific water. Blandy Flag slip of commander destroyer Squadron two will Lake Par in combat operations in he Gulf of Tonkin. Armed with five Inch and three Inch or. And mrs. Paul Miloran of 327 eighth ave. So is on duly Al 1 cat of Viet Nam. Caplain Harlan an f-100 super Sabre Pilot is a member of inc Pacific air forces. Before his arrival in Southeast Asia he was assigned to Raf station England. The Captain a graduate of Tombstone guns and anti subpar pc Blandy Willri afro Aljin us Force ashore and 1 Gram is wife is Iho daughter of 1.1 i c these programs programs. Tuition is per Larry slate or former director of vocational education at Waverly Shell Rock r has been named to head area ten s Agri k culture department. Ken Cuhel who served As assistant county Extension director for Johnson and Washington coun ties will be the production agriculture i mechanics will be de Scherich former vocational agriculture instructor at rein Beck. Wishing further , the Ariz Union High school attended instructor. Farm equipment University of Arizona. He was commis " k signed through the aviation Cadet pro

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