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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Aug 13 1964, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - August 13, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCellar rapids Iowa editorial Page cite mimes 324-7th fast Codor Iowa managing editor editor 1. A Grant Jar . Kuncl j contributing editors racing Burianek boating Merrill Lund woman s editor Meg Blair labor Ethan Akin 1ntertainment j. Grant photography office manager Barbara Elam Art advertising layout dept. Kay Brock circulation department Dick Harvey Billy Pulda sex. 2 published weekly by zen Public Ati Ems inc. Second class postage paid at Cedar rapids Iowa Iowa subscriptions 6 months 1 year out of state subscriptions 6 months i year s3.10 Issue being closed the dispute Between the political Security Moti Cedar rapids fire depart Vates the retention and the ment and the Union that enforcement Antiqua represents its men Hasun Ted and unjust Rule de fortunately broadened signed and applied to Ere ate itself this week from an the impression that All is understandable Wrangle Serene within the City cd Over wages hours and be in service when in fact befits to _ an unprofitable is not. And needless clash Over the principles of Cellec citizen times our readers write to the editor v now that it .lias1 been advertised through the daily newspapers that there would be a possible holding action of farm commodities by the National far mers organization it May be Wise to discuss just what is a holding action nothing More or less than to get parties involved to sit Down across the table with the buyers of farm commodities to try and get a Cost of production Price plus a profit for the Farmer. First thing is said when members of the no and those Farmers who Are sympathetic toward the movement go in for a holding action by keeping their commodities at Home until he will receive a of production Price is that it is in Ameri can that we Are going to starve somebody that the Farmers Are brain washed. Let me say to All did you not have a holding action when you were a child Don t you remember when brother sister or would want some of the Candy or toy that you had did you not say to them Well you can have it if you let me have so and sol do you remember those words that was your first holding action the explanation of it is just that from childhood Days you went on into some kind of business As a grower Baker banker implement dealer then you set your Price on the article you were Selling and which you Are entitled to. That was your next holding action. But what about this farm boy who went into farming of How naughty it is for him to try and get a Cost of production Price for his commodities. He must try to balance his bookkeeping by Selling his commodities for less than Cost of production he must never be lad to believe that he must have Cost of production that would be brainwashing the poor soul. When it comes to marketing the poor soul August 13, 1964 common lbs s administration lands a camera bearing rocket on the Moon to verify if human life is present darn democrats they la go any distance. On the Odd Chance of rounding up another voter or two it would almost be Worth the tragedy of senator Goldwater s election in order to see the first . Cabinet composed entirely of old ladies in Tennis shoes. Boo dub americans says he deplores v violence those civil rights workers should be hanged drawn quartered chopped up in Little pieces and thrown to the wolves. Quoth he Minnesota senators Humphrey and Mccarthy Are neck and neck for the democratic vice presidential nomination. It s a question which rings better in the ear Hubert Bird or Eugene Bird senator Goldwater has t produced a new Book in quite awhile. It s a lengthy process writing books with a Quill pen. If it weren t such a dangerously Radical idea he might almost wish someone would invent a printing press. Boobs americans wants prayers put Back in pub Lic schools if they at schooldays boobs first thing you know the Little brat will be bothering us by a lot of praying around the american citizen do you still wish to be called two issues collective toe any farther than his great great second7olass citizens As has been quoted Many and free speech underdone d in e i s that should not have been Well established principles allowed to Cloud and con need neither explanation or fuse the negotiations in the defense in this instance first place acting in the Pursuit of the it would be academic to legitimate Aims of collect define Here the principles Tive bargaining under in of free speech. As Ameri Striction of their Union t cans we have traditionally membership three fire and do now reject any but men were arbitrarily sus the most urgent reasons Pended from the fire ser for denying anyone the right vice for legally pursuing to speak out. When the those Aims. Their sus National interest Demartis pension was a repudiation when our Security is at of a Basic right a firmly stake we agree that the established prerogative of need arises for some american control Over what gets said right to negotiate with and by whom but to suggest hands untied the right to that these same limited negotiate in a climate of kinds of restrictions apply Public awareness of both to the fire service of the sides of every Issue in City of Cedar rapids and solved in negotiation the forbid the opon discussion right to express Dis Satis of legitimate grievances is faction about wages or con an argument that will editions without first seek stand neither the test of ing the permission of us necessity or fairness periods who have Little when he first started. Still saying times through the press. Give the negro has his civil rights Law to help let us see what one of our Church leaders has secure his rightful place in society ready As applied to the fire ser vice of Cedar rapids the denial of the right of free expression explicit in the department rules and regulations serves no loftier purpose than a convenient sympathy with any expression of dissatisfaction. We find it unfortunate that in Cedar rapids in the fire service of this con Unity it becomes necessary for firemen to first win to Sav. Quote Rev. James l. Wizzard so says in my judgement there is no objective reason Why the no should be such a cause of Contention. Over the past several years i have had Long discussions with leaders of All three established National farm organizations and of the cooperative movement. When pushed to it All of them agree that there is no Basic or necessary conflict Between the no approach to farm problems and their own. They All admit that if the no idea had Arisen and had been developed within their own organization it would by now be a major part of their accepted program. Unquote. The time must come when the Farmers As a group will have to set Down across table with the buyers of the farm products and bargain for a Price. Agricultural collective bargaining is authorized by the capper volstead act of 1922, the co author of the act senator Arthur capper Republican of who said its purpose is to give the far mers the same right to bargain collectively that is already enjoyed by corporations. Are you As Farmers ready to use it you have the Law Are you ambitious enough to use it As or. Farmer to use the capper volstead act to secure your wealth produced George publicity director Cedar co. No. Washington and Small business by c. Wilson harder although dramas of past wars Are popular Why not a play about a future War. The i scene somewhere in America i in the panelled Field head Quad j lers of an Advance uhf in the War on poverty. Behind the sector commander it his Cir Cassian Walnut Field desk is framed motto ask not what you can do for your country ask instead what i lie u. S. Treasury can do for in order of rank around him seated in leather up c. W. Harder gag Rule designed to deny the right of free speech the fire service a full and far Public understanding their problems. No climate of urgency no need for Security can be demonstrated Here to support the unreasonable Contention thai firemen May not speak out about their jobs. It would appear rather that ment and fire department command. Time still re Mains to resolve the prob lems with Harmony and if a willingness to negotiate without Ham is and the right to bargain stringing procedures collectively before the real exhibited. Issues at stake can be re solved. The Community will Bens it Little from Dis sention in its fire depart ment dissection that need not have Arisen had More reasonable postures been adopted by City govern we would Hope that both the fire fighters and the department will re Exa mine their positions and make every Effort to Clear away the extraneous issues surrounding the dispute. We would further Hope that the department would show that it acknowledges and respects Freedom of speech and the right to bargain by reinstating the three sus Pended firemen and by meeting with the duly constituted officers and Nego. That Lon representatives of the Union in a sincere at tempt to resolve the real and pressing issues involved adequate compensation for devoted men who do a dangerous Job on our behalf and do it Well. Hollered Campaign chairs Are the Deputy commander Bat Talion commanders. As curtain rises major x is reporting. Hir All it would take to keep this family off poverty is per Mission to grow just five More acres of j Deputy that s ridiculous. Is this family communists or i commander sternly dept j two Don t use such terms Deputy sorry sir loss my head. Meant Are they Bircher or commander that s better. Bui 1 agree the request is fantastic. How ran we War on poverty if people arc permitted to do things them selves next major y. Sir. Have Case when Man is starving to us nah add jobs. Bui he is a Mechanic Wilh wanting to Hiro Journeyman three firms him hut Union will permit it. Recommend National Board to i Skori to Sonny to. Take action so Mari con work. V. Commander Wrath fully major watch you subversive attitudes. We Are at. War. If you Don t restrain your extreme Radical viewpoints i shall have to court martial you next re major a sir. Poverty in my salient largely due leather craftsmen Only working about Day per week due to inability to compete with products imported from Low labor wage Yugoslavia people would like to have some Tariff commanders if your people have those ideas you Are not properly educating them you must explain to these people that this nation opposes com. Mull so and anything that would deprive communist Yugoslavia or american Dol Lars would be a big Victory for communism. Next major q. Sir. Many poverty stricken old people in my area would be comfortable As their children could help them if they could take credit on their income lax for such help with out having to prove that their contributions equalled half their parents commander rising wrathful by slapping boots with Riding crop enough i be heard enough gentlemen you must realize we Are at War with poverty. And this War Effort impeded by people helping i hate War. But i hate logic More. There is Only one weapon to win this War lilo i a. Treasury. And i you gentlemen ideas to the contrary art1 trea

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