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Cincinnati Daily Press Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1862, Page 1

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Cincinnati Daily Press (Newspaper) - February 21, 1862, Cincinnati, OhioTue daily piles we Mumm no co. ,.tt. Joo., " . , two nltht8hhe on Ivr Erl magician and pianist Robert Heller. V Lingo or programme each night. Now a e of bight Lar Enicirio. And ,n.,30 cents children,s3 cents gallery l jets. M Ujj a t i o n a i theater. John betes " " rte Fwilliam Horn. A. W. Fenno s " manager. Benefit of miss Charlotte Thompson. Thib Arblay evs Nino february is will be Rev red the Accoo Faful Aud popular l Lay of Camille. Mlle Shirlotte Thompson. To conclude with the com Dietta of tih morning . Charlotte evening a Orand entertainment i Honor of we Lugton i by rid to. Patera or ass Circle 99 cents my i vents 80 con i r 1ulu 1 cut8 Ual All letter on to Enn Neoto with the theat Ermet be Adil Reeste to John Baths. O o n t n a t a 11 Corner sixth and Vine Streeta. , Geo. Wood i stage manager o. H. Gllbert tau scr o. T. to Rorr Thi tints. Dree Circle and30 cent. Gallery 15 cent. Benefit and last night but one of miss Kimberly. This tilday Kven Iho Teh Tury Ujj. Will be performed the most Anee Estul play in no Acta called the 0ct0r05n of lira m Louisime. Pane. Mad l e Anbrey. To conclude with the Petite comedy entitled i wife s mib Tob. Mra. Backet miss i Phorly. Gynith cd Uritson b All monday february 24. Mowra. Tillman a Palmer of the Academy or music new York beg leave to inform the pub Lic that Piej r m a. Is in the great will Gore six of ills wonderful perform tics in Thi City commencing at the above Date. During the entertainment he will let mud his brother Alex Ander in Lia wonderful co Ostton of la Djubok sub second bight 0., psychological Clift Vornce which Panda Redecch an from Echo sensation tar Vrr Aily Nighta at the Oculi a. Of in Tulc new Haiti Colars in future advertisements with regard to the operatic interlude Bale of seats eto. Zfoia of by. , extracted in most without grow pain or the least danger by a simple ass practice by no other person. Art Lyl it Teeth made and All operations pertaining to dentistry executed with professional skill. Will Render entire satisfaction or no charge. Teeth extracted for the poor free. Orriola 137 West fourth st urn. O. Oot removal. We take pleasure our vernoral from our old stand no. A 6 Pearl st., to the Large and commodious store no. 34 West pearlst., three doors East of Walnut North aide recently occupied by , Netter a co., where we shall be pleased to see our friends customer and the Trade generally. Fed of larks 0. Doii erty 00. Zoo a x on kinds of sin wino Birdsall and sold at no. 17 Cuth a Between main Ana Walnut. Foo in sealed proposals Tetli by received at Thi of plam Street be tween seventh and eighth until and including the 12d of february. Inst for the furnishing the commercial Hospital Aud City in film am with meat Buttke eggs and. Cof kims coffins and Fin attend a Nob for the out door poor. Also to furnish the commercial Hospital with milk ice Leigh is dread and crackers for on year commencing on the lit Day of March 16j.fecubity required for full particulars Call at the office Between the hours of eight o clock a. And Twella Of each any. Felt h t. Winter. Clerk. Army supplies for Cairo and Padt Icah proposals will by received a chief Ynar Bormister c. S Alcairo until 2 m., Tokuda if the sith Day of february 1862, for the following supplies to he delivered at Cairo or Paducah As the department May elect via one Hundred Thoa tand Bushela of Oats one Hundred thousand bushels of Corn five Hundred tuna of Hay. All to be delivered on the levee Grain in Rood Fetuu urls Hay to be Good Timothy Blue or Herd Eilraas Well baled. One thousand tuna of Good Coal for Steamboat and Ether purposes in Good Barge. Bids will be considered tor any leaser amounts Baa above Gallt for and bidders will state tha Price at each of the paces Cairo and Paducah the object being to pro Enre the supplies at to lowest Cash rates from actual dealer All Persona Baving the articles to spare whether in great or lesser amounts re requested to make Bona fide bids and to come Forward and comply with the came and Nova iii will is Maun pub Mitty Oato the exclusion of any special accounts. Bids to be addressed to the Underdal Gnad Cairo 111. G. T. Turn Ley. Feir h a. Q. M., Cairo Illinois. American european express co. Elphe Cincinnati Branch of this m old Aad Well known company Baa been Stab Lush at tha Olloe of we. B. Barry & co., h9. Re third st near Tinb who will receive for Earh of tha steamers sailing from new York or Boston to Europe Parete earn ple valuables of All kinds for direct to ail parts of the world. Also All orders for tha execution of conic lesions is any part of Europe. This i press being recognized As the our opera connection of All the great Inland apr a oomph Nice this country q Sau be relied ail and a peer deliver t masquerade costumes. T v 1 Phi lbs my finer in themm. Beater Corner of vice and Marker Ata invitee All who want costume to Noma and aae his aaa orment. You Oan get tier. Suai Ost every style of Roe Turae from the Knight to the son of tit Alp. Prices As suit tit. Timea. Foll a l business cards. Pm Boulb Law Over cd no spam building North Wes t Corner of Mai. Aud of tort Ste. o. Special attest to. To land casts Exantu nation of land to Rita Toki writing al heed., to Nutima of Veldion. Fou of a. . Sex. Matrau a. Fazeh. Cd co., who la Groten and momus Neslon merchants Noah of Aud he Walnut al Olu Cinatl o. Jyl to f weekly Frohs now ready the tit. Maws of tha week both be Reid and loot tii. Telegraph to Tuaau Arr of area if Ala where up to the hour of going to Prees. For Sale at the co that room. Artoe s weekly pm bits now Reaby tab the news al the week both foreleg. And Logoai Aud a Telegraph to summary al Jip to the hour of go lug to prese. .4 Ata if u to my Fluri Orji a fief t opals. C f volume i. Cincinnati. Fri Dat evening. February 21. 18g2. Number 116 the daily press. iii to it units r tub Cincinnati presi company. t Eira or , a Row doom allow Rodth. " " fbbb17ah.y ill England will not recognize the South. The Southern bid of emancipation posed. A the Timo draws near for the meet incr of the British Tfir Libent the Onea tinn at British and French intervention in our affairs is earnestly discussed in tha English papers. We give below an Eit act from an article from the London Spectator an Able Liberal paper which has from the beginning of the War leaned strongly to the cause of the rebels but has not therefore forgotten that armed intervention in their favor Means Only to make great Britain the Power Ful ally of a slave government from the London Spectator Jan. 25, 1862. The Southern bid. It is understood in that indirect but Norm. Rate Way in which great facts get abroad that the confederacy have offered England and France a Price for Active st poort. It is no ibid less than a treaty securing free Trade in its broadest sense for fifty years the com plete suppression of the import of slaves and the emancipation of every negro born after the Date of the signature of the treaty. In return Toey blk Ursa tue recognition of their Independence and secondly such a investigation into the facts of the a oked As must in their judgment Lead to its Dis avowal. The Erst two items mar be Terr of. Free Trade is always an Excel Lent thing and free Trade with the South a really tree Trade that is a embarrassed by custom House s would be undoubtedly of the very highest importance both to eng land and France. With uninterrupted sup plies of Cotton and the command of a great tropical Market for our manufactures and for French Silks wines and articles de luxe both countries would in a Twelvemonth receive ample compensation for the Morrill Tariff and the losses of the Oast year. Rut. Earnest As they May be their offer on this Point is neither More nor less than a bribe an offer of so Many pounds Sterling for per. Mission to build a state w Hose Corner Ston e in the divine institution of human slavery and needs Only to be stated to insure its in Stant rejection. When England or France live Sunn to tue Point at which such bribes have any perceptible weight it will be Lime to prepare tor Ine calamities which to fast on an avowal of National cynicism. To too with the suppression of the slave. Trade. The South May be quite honest in that offer also for though the planting stages undoubtedly desire importation the slave Breedi states Are As bitter against it As the most ardent of abolitionists. Every Man smuggled in from Congo reduces the Price of the children annually exported from. Vir Ginia. It is the offer of a future emancipation and that alone which demands and will receive a careful consideration. In making it the South give up it is True the Only Princi ple they have Ever professed destroy their Only ration d etre and declare their revolt from a government Wuinn they themselves controlled a purposeless act of Caprice. On the same offer even now they might govern the Union for a Century longer fill the irrepressible dislike which Springs up Between men of a Northern and men of a tropical civilization once again urged them to try the Power of a sont Bern and there fore capricious race to stand alone. It it tar there men want and not recognition a breach of the blockade not merely a right to have if. Mason received at the foreign office. Were to declare War on the free in order that slaveholders May Promise one Day to commence emancipation. A More cynical proposal mat never made to a great state or one which if accepted would tend More directly to demoralize the few principles by which nations contrive to save themselves from utter selfishness and contempt of right. Enfranchisement in Masse would we acknowledge guarantee itself for millions of men once free can not be again enslaved except at a Cost which makes them peculiarly worthless. But who it u guarantee that the treaty made will not be torn up next year or at the first moment when european War leaves the South free to act. Is England to administer the South or is France to give a Prince president to the new confederacy ? even on those monstrous suppositions involving plans which if successful would overturn the whole balance of Power and if unsuccessful would make Western Europe the laughing stoc k of two worlds where is the justification for a purposeless and unnecessary War ? the Union feeling among rebel prisoners a correspondent of the Gazette writes from Cairo about the prisoners taken at fort Donelson no observant Man can visit a rebel Camp without noticing the vast difference in Point of intellect and intelligence Between the officers and men of the troops composing it. This difference is especially apparent in the Case of the fort Donelson prisoners. Many of the private soldiers Are wealthy men own ers of Large farms or the sons of wealthy men but they Are the most ignorant set of beings Ever assembled under any pretence whatever. The officers on the contrary Are As a class educated men most of them Young few of the captains and Lieuten ants More than Twenty five e years of age. In one company belonging to a Tennes see regiment i found a private who owns some four Hundred acres of most Rich and valuable land in the. Interior of the state yet i doubt if he can write his own name. The individual whom be salutes As his Captain is a penniless youth from a Nashville lawyer s office who not two years ago delighted an audience in a new York College by the eloquent rendition of his graduating essay. It is this species among the prisoners that Are the most vehement in their determination to Light abolition to the death and to contest every Inch of ground with the the unsophisticated privates avow that they entered the Field under a mistaken idea of tha nature of4ae War and expressed their firm determination should Tyty again reach their Homes Ana firesides to pass the remainder of their Days As peaceable citizens under their own Vine and Fig Trees. Not one in ten desires an Exchange until the term for which they Are enlisted shall have expired. The blast of War blew in their ears and they were too Quick in imitating the action of the Tiger. The Nashville papers publish a special dispatch that the rebels have gained a great Victory at Boonville to. It says that colonels Poindexter and Dorsey met the enemy in greatly Superior Foroe and whipped them in three separate the shoe Hap pens to be on the other pedal extremity. Colonel Poindexter s Force was routed horse foot and Dragoon by Federal cavalry and a Large number of them Are now comfortably quartered in the old Penitentiary at Alton. Thus the see he keep of their Hopes. This Western land of ours has got a idea that it wants the at Roaal Highway Down the Mississippi opened speedily. It has sent 100,000 into to work out its Road tax in that Quarter. True words fitly spooks. Is make a Short extract from an. Article it the new York Tribune of the 18 h Inal but the special interest clause is objected inn Iacoi iii uns in Nancy tor Miniers and another or Bankers. Let us tear the Giz Zard out of this clap tra we who protest Agamau baseless and bound less deny that the Uey Ern me it need Ever have gone to rings at All. Had the War been pushed in november and de Cember As it is in february and had them of the people been strongly appealed to for the Means of insuring a speedy Triumph of the nation we Are confident that one Hundred millions per month could have been borrowed at Par for at least three months on the 7.30 Bonds and the Treasury tons kept solvent on a basis of specie pay ment. It was the inexplicable paralysis of the National arms that temporarily destroyed the National credit. Hundreds of thousands who would gladly have Lent the government from $100 to $100,000 each Topay the. Soldiers of Burnside Grant and Thomas the Gallant tars of Dupont golds Boroug h and Foote shut their purses tight on perceiving that what Money there was inthe Treasury was devoted to paying such commissions is those of George l. Morgan and we. H. Aspinwall. Had Congress units meeting in december devoted the Cost week of the session to reducing its own pay to $1,600 and its mileage to ten cents per mile by the Tobt direct mail route and abolishing the abominable franking Nuis Ance and proceeded to make similar retrenchments generally had our armies then advanced non the enemy and had the government thereupon appealed to every Loyal citizen to contribute ail be could to a loan of three Hundred millions at Par on 7.30 Bonds pledging the country that this sum should be so applied As to use up the rebellion there would have been no hesitation to Supply the Minev a croat Haas Fratar of i used. Our slump into Ehino asterism is wholly due to official incompetency and imbecility. But Here we Are. What is to be done ? we say cling to the payment of interest on the Public debt in specie As our Only Hope of salvation from a general stagnation of Busi Ness through a worthless bin plaster cur Rency. A currency based on a National debt whereof the interest is scrupulously paid in Coin can depreciate very is quite As much the interest of the sol Dier As of the banker that the interest of the Publio debt shall be inflexibly paid in Coin. So Long As it is it is scarcely possible that his $13 per month should not at the worst be convertible into $12 is specie but let the interest on the Bonds be payable in irredeemable paper Only and Bis $13 will soon be Worth but $10 in specie perhaps less and though his Treasury notes May be cried Nar. In meat a v Manv Mara a i 1 i j j w. U in Tun and clothes and fuel of his family tan u me interest were maae Wayame in Coin from the Frankfort Commonwealth my dear ribs i now take my pen in band for the purpose of hold intr communion with thee through the silent medium of pen and paper. I have just Learned that the lines Are now open As far As Eort Donelson in Tennessee and i Avail myself with alacrity of the Opportunity now presented of resum ing our correspondence. Your Many friends in this Section would like to be informed on various topics for instance How Are r on any How How does dying in the last ditch agree with your general health How is the Constitution Down your Way do you think there is any government How is King Kotting is Yancey Well and Able to eat his Oats when will Buckner take his Christmas dinner in Louisville is Lloyd Tilg Hrzan still hanging Union men in the first District is Floyd still " rifling Cannon and other Small arms How is Pillow s last ditch and when will be gratify his numerous friends by dying in the same How is the " Southern heart Are Yon still Able to whip five to one what is your opinion of the dutch race did the recognition of the s. Conned. By England and France Benefit Yon much where is the " provisional government of Kentucky and what is it kept in ? where is the Louisville Nashville a courier now published ? say i and lastly what do Yon think of your selves any Bow ? a a prompt answer will relieve Many anxious hearts. Yours in a Horn a Lincoln Man. United states feb. 18, 1862. Will Mexico be con Virld the new York world asks and answers the question by saying surely not by the Twenty or Twenty five e thousand that the allies have combined to throw upon hellebore. It Oost the United states As official records prove 73,2c men to conquer a peace from Mexico and the number of americans lost by Battle and disease exceeded the entire Force now dispatched against her. The world further states that europeans with their wonted in ability to judge correctly of events on this continent have always supposed since the Conquest of Mexico by the United states that mexicans can not fight. It has suited them to believe that general Scott marched to the mexican capital not because of any great ability on Bis part or that of his troops but because of the cowardice and weakness of his foe. In their jealousy of the Ameri cans this Baa been a pleasant belief but the chances Are that this easy credulity will soon Cost them dear. The truth is that the mexi cans however unable to govern their coun try can yet defend it with tremendous vigor. It Cost us harder fighting to bring the mexi cans to terms than has been seen in Europe since the wars of the first Napoleon. A Good idea. The most ingenious contrivance that has vet come to Lieut. As an emanation from the secession mind is a Telegraph to communication Between general Buckner s Bead Quarter at Dover and the different Portifio asians at fort Doo Elbon. A wire extended from the head Quarte All through the fort with batteries at each re doubt and important Points. By this Means it was calculated that troops could be or dered from place to place with much greater Speed than by the usual medium of a courier on horseback and it is said to have worked admirably during every attack. While the Deno Emen t of saturday was Iron of on Gen eral Buckner stood upon a Hill in the rear of the tort viewing every ining through a spy Glass. A telegraphic operator was by his Side with a pocket instrument in his hand Aad by this Means All orders were transmitted from the commanding officer to the troops within the tort. A portable palais Fob South. Am Sioa. Messes. Spaulding k Well known itinerant showmen of new York have contracted tor the Iron work of portable equestrian Palace with which they will shortly Start on a tour for South America Ana tue w est males. Ait noun this Amphitheater is to comprise forty private boxes a with luxurious chairs and sofas throughout Complete Gas fixtures requisite o thews re factories and with drawing rooms and every thing in a style of elaboration to correspond with building of such pretensions they Bone by Means of the corps of artisans they take with them to erect this novel Structure in three Days at each place of destination., ladies would make the Best Post mistresses from their interest in the proper distribution of lev Columbus Kentucky. As this Point is Likely soon to be one of great interest the following sketch of it and the probable number of rebels there will be read with much interest. We copy from the st. Louis Republican there is no mistake that the enemy s position at Columbus Kentucky is As near impregnable As the engineering Art added to the natural Topography of that Section of the country can make it. From what knowledge we have acquired in relation to its defences we should deem it extremely perilous to at tempt its capture by Mere assault either Byland or naval forces or both combined for if the half that is said of it is True the place is capable of a prolonged and successful resistance to any army Leas than one Hundred or one Hundred and fifty thousand Strong that might be sent to attack it. Fortunately however Columbus can be reduced As we believe without the necessity of directing Agni at its formidable works. In Deakino of Calneh i1b w a wifi to fun fortifications and military works of All kinds which have been constructed in the town itself is a place which in Ordinary times numbers from one thousand to twelve Hundred inhabitants and is built upon Low ground sloping gradually to the River is about Twenty Miles below Cairo and by Railroad one Hundred and fifty Miles above Memphis. The town is situated in a heavily Timber d Region and protected on the North by a Range of Limestone Bluff along the River ranging in High from fifteen to seventy five feet flanked at their base by a strip of Low land Between them and the River which overflows in times of High water. These Bluffs disappear in rolling Hills the Trees and Brushwood udon which have been Cut Down Between the upper Interne Bents and a life pit More than a mile in length. I our Lutreau Menieri commence oppo site the place where the noted Chain was stretched across the River and where a masked Battery is placed. Above them the ground is Low wet and marshy sometimes completely overflowed. Balow the upper nun pit tue ground is elevated Ana non to highest Bluffs is a Strong work mounting Between Twenty and thirty heavy pieces 62 and 32 Pounders. In the rear and some what South of this fort is a triangular re doubt mounting about six rifled Cannon and eight or ten h Shell guns. Between this worn Ana the River the rebel troops Are principally encamped an entrenchment extending from the town northward and protected by a mortar Battery. The Mobile and enters the lower part of co Lumbus proper through an excavation fifteen feet deep which thus increases the natural defences. Another line of entrenchments extends East from the town and on the Bluff opposite Wolf Island there is a fort in which there Are about Twenty pieces of ordnance. There Are also other bastions lunettes and fort Alices commanding the approaches on the East the whole making a display of not far from eighty Cannon Independent of Field artillery. Scores of acres of Timber have been felled forming a heavy a Attis encircling three sides. V the number of the rebel troops at Colum bus at the present time is not accurately known to any except those who claim the right to know. Forty thousand is the figure that has usually been put Down but there is reason to believe that this is a great exaggeration. Indeed it in difficult to see if there were near As Many men there As some have supposed Why some Effort was not made to reinforce fort Donelson in the hour of its severe trial. Until some better proof is offered than the statements of interested parties we shall be hard to convince that there were More than Twenty thousand secession soldiers if so Many at Columbus we have spoken of the natural and artificial strength of this Manassas of the West the place where according to the new or leans Delta if the Field be lost All is lost to the Confederate cause. Yet spite of All the labor and Means that have been expended to impede the March of the Union forces upon Memphis and new Orleans Columbus must and will fall and in Oun opinion very soon. If not voluntarily evacuated it will be in vested and starved ont and a Memphis paper warning its readers of the danger tells us How this May be accomplished. It will be necessary to extend Strong lines from put Ney s Bend ten Miles above Columbus to Melbourne a Point twelve Miles from the River and thence to Clinton which is Only four Miles from the Mobile and Ohio rail Road thus cutting off All land communication. A successful movement against new Madrid will obtain control of the River below and the Only thing then to be done is to wait for the rebels to consume whatever Stock of provisions they have at the time of the siege or come out of their entrenchments to fight against far Superior Odds. But we do not think general Polk will de Lay until general Grant can surround him Aud put into operation this plan which the Memphis journal has kindly furnished or belter one of general Halleck s or his own. Just now Memphis itself is rather in too great a peril for the Bishop to Tarry at he will abandon Bis works at the latter place and at Hickman and Union City and fort Pillow and taking what traps be can conveniently pack up turn his face to Ward the South and begin his backward match. It is even a Little questionable whether be will be permitted to transport his men in that direction by boat or Railroad unless his reverence is very speedy about it. But it will All be developed in time. A warning to Catholic soldiers. We find the following remarkable warning in the last number of the new York Tablet a leading Catholic journal we have Learned that certain prayers of a superstitious character and applied to superstitious purposes Are being circuit Tea among the Catholic people and particularly among the soldiers. In the name of re Ligion intelligence and common sense we protest against these superstitions prayers und practice. Surely the Church has provided prayers enough for All the temporal and spiritual wants of her children. There Ieno trial no vicissitude no danger no Afflic Tion of our probationary state on Earth for which suitable prayers Are not to be found in the Beautiful ritual of the Catholic Church. Jut the use of any prayer by Way of Charm or wearing it about the person ii superstition and at Tuch the Church hat Ever condemned and prohibited such . This is not Faith though it May be grounded on Faith it is superstition and superstitious practices can never do Good to any one. Nothing can be More silly More absurd than the use of these prayer charms they and All such things Are a disgrace to religion and give our enemies a handle of which they Are not slow to Avail themselves. But instead of throwing the blame where it is one on the knavery or persons who con coct such pious trash and the ignorance and superstition of others who know no better than to adopt Aad make use of them the enemies of religion Parade them before the world As so Many proofs of Romish super we earnestly entreat All catholics therefore to put to Faith in snob delusions. If Buckner raised the Black Flag his sol Diers should Bare compelled him for slandering them to furnish the Skull and Cross Bones from his own personal property. bb1 amendment to a Bill is Defeated an a motion to reconsider it is taken out by the does. Nearly the last feat accomplished by the Bowling Green rebels was that of Morgan s by Telegraph. Night dispatches. Clarksville taken Large amount of supplies captured Price makes a stand and is Defeated. St. Lori february 20. General Ilal Lerk bus sent the following dispatch to general Movellan Clarksville has been taken with supplies enough for our army for Twenty Days. The place is now occupied by general Smith s division. Price in be infer reinforced by Mccal Loch s command made a stand at sugar Creek Crossings Arkansas on the 19th, but was Defeated after Short engagement and again fled. Many prisoners were taken and a Quantity of arms we flab his men threw away in their interesting from Mexico and the South via Havana. New your february 20. The Steamer Karnak has arrived with Havana dates to the 8th instant. It is stated that several vessels had arrived at Havana having run the blockade. The Steamer kale sailed on the 30th Ultimo with part of the Gladiator s cargo probably for new Orleans. The Steamer Miramon sailed on the 7th. The War in Venezuela continues. A frightful revolution is in Honduras. General Guardiola had been assassinated at Bis door. The troops adjoined the insurgents and excesses were be ing committed in Truxillo. Matamoras dates to the 2d state that the British commandant had attempted to take a Seaman from an american vessel by Force but a Federal gunboat protected the Man. Ine governor of st. 1 Nomas notified the britishers that the guns of the fort would Aid the Iroquois. The British Admiral subsequently arrived and reprimanded the com Mander and apologised to Consul began. Blip Island dates of the 7th state that five ships of Porter s expedition had arrived ban two More were spoken on Havana on the Lith. Very Cruz dates to the 8th state that no Advance had been made. Overdone thousand sick soldiers were there besides hundreds at Tejera. Yellow and typhoid fevers had broken out among them. The mexicans in Sist on the of the Spanish troops dut consent to two thousand Allied troops attending the negotiations at Orizaba. The allies state that they shall Advance during february to Orizaba and would give Battle at Cerro Gordo if opposed. Mexican papers express the greatest hatred of the spaniards. Four rebel schooners had arrived at Havana from new Orleans with Cotton. Later from Burnside s expedition. Fort bus Monroe february 19. No further Advance has been made by Burn fid a nor was any immediately expected. The gunboats had returned from Elizabeth City. All the Fleet were at Anchor off Roan Oke Island an immense amount of trophies Hae been captured including Abe splendid state Flag of North Carolina worked by the ladies of that state also quantities of antiquated Aims. Colonel Corcoran and seven Hundred other Federal prisoners Are expected hourly to arrive at old Point. The killed and wounded at Roanoke. Was Isotow february 29. A dispatch boat from general Burnside s expedition has just arrived at Baltimore. The Federal losses at the Battle of Roan Oke Island were fifty killed and two Hundred and Twenty to o wounded. The rebel loss was thirteen killed and thirty Nin e wounded. The enemy were protected by their entrench ments and poured a destructive fire upon our advancing columns so that our loss is the heaviest. Bridge burners respite the evacuation of Advance on Memphis. St. Louis february 20. General Halleck Bas issued an order that in consideration of the recent victories won by the Federal forces and of the Tep idly increasing loyalty of the citizens of Missouri the sentences of the eight Bridge burners heretofore condemned to death Are providentially Miti gated to close Confin Tarot in the military prison at Alton. If. However rebel spies again destroy rail roads or Telegraph lines and thus Render it necessary to make severe examples the orig Inal sentences against these men will be carried into execution. No further assess ments will be levied or collected from any one who will now take the prescribed oath of allegiance. Commissioners will be appointed to examine the cases of prisoners of War who apply to take the oath of allegiance and on their recommendation orders will be issued for their release. Six additional boat loads of the fort Donel son prisoners arrived last night and this morning and will be speedily forwarded to their destination. Private advices indicate that Columbus Bas been or is about being evacuated. Preparations will undoubtedly be made for an immediate Advance on Memphis. Washington Railroad convection. Wasabi motor feb. 20 delegates from most of the principal Railroad companies of the Loyal states met this Forenoon in pursuance to a Publio invitation of the Secretary of War with a View to make arrangements for the transportation of troops and military supplies on uniform terms. The convention was very largely at tended. After the meeting had organized by the election of or. Corning As president and messes. Barlow and Kimber As Secreta Ries the chairman deputed judge Jewett and or. William d. Lewis to invite the at Tendance of the Secretary of War who shortly after arrived accompanied by generals Mcclellan and Meigs. Or. Stanton Laid before the convention the object of his Call which was to throw upon the Railroad companies themselves through an efficient organization the arrangement and responsibility of the mess ures necessary at this juncture for conduct ing the transportation of the government both of troops and supplies together with the establishment of a fixed moderate rate by which transportation shall be conducted on All the railroads of the Loyal states. Trade not allowed on the . February coast. Numerous applications continue to be Mads for permission to Trade at the several East need Points on the Southern coast. None of them have been granted. " information is received Here that the Iron Clad gun Boa on the Ericsson plan is thus far satisfactory to the official inspector. A trial trip to fortress Monroe is contemplated. The Pursuit of feeling in Arkansas. Sybi Korbiii do february 19. It is not probable that our army will follow Price very far into Arkansas there is considerable talk of fortifying Noaha and placing a detachment of troops at cassville.,. Letters found in Price s head Quarta re veal a Strong Union sentiment in Arkansas. Albert Pike is working wonders among the Mcclellan urged to make a movement. New York feb. 20. Specials state that Cension untie Ana Andy Johnson bad an interview with Gen. Mcclellan yesterday and urged the necessity of Motlon with the army of the Potomac As Well at in the West. Death of colonel Dudley. La Minotos ky., feb. 20. Or. Ethelbert s. Dudley a citizen of this place and colonel of tha Twenty first Kentucky regiment died of typhoid fever this afternoon at Colombia Kentucky where his regiment is now stationed. Acts against the coolie Trade. We Simatos feb. 20. The president hat approved the Bill to prohibit the coolie Trade by american citizens and american vessels. Letter about senator Wade. C. Hills representative in the general Assembly from Medina county Reading the various statements from Washington relative to the relations of not Benjamin Wade with president Lincoln and disbelieving some of the absurd state ments on that subject wrote to Hon. Ii. G. Blake for information and received the Fol Washington Jan. 29. 1862. . C. By tsar bib yours of the 24th inst came duly to hand and Een tents noted. I am very much surprised1 at the statements of your letter in regard to what men say of Benjamin f. Wade. I know not what men mean when they say that or. Wade is slaved if Artiev mean that. To u imbecile and has no weight of Ohara oter and r vigor or action i can Only express my utter astonishment at such lying. Or. Wade is the most Active untiring energetic Man in the United states Senate. He is a Man of More influence in that body than any other Man there. He is in the most confidential Friendly relations with the president the latter sending for him frequently to consult on the conduct of the War. He is a firm and decided Friend of the administration and is doing All he can to put Down the rebellion and Aid the government in this Gigantic struggle for life. So far from its being True that or. Wade Ever Shook his fist in the president s face and called him a a d fool is simply a lie without any thing to make it out of. I know of no senator or representative that is on terms of More intimate Friendly relations with the president than or. Wade j and there is no Man in either Branch of the legislative department of the government that is relied on More and consulted so much by the administration As he is. He is the warm personal Friend of the Hon. E. Stanton the Secretary of War and frequently since the appointment of or. Stan ton has he Bent his Carriage to or. Wade s boarding hous e to have him Home and see him for consultation on matters relating to the War before breakfast and after nine o clock at night. The fact is or. Wade is the legislative hero of this War and at a time like this when our country needs the services of our Wisest men to assist in Sav ing the government sustaining the Constitution and preserving the Union it would be a burning shame and disgrace to throw aside a Man of or. Wade s ability experience and acknowledged Energy. The legislature could most effectually Aid the rebellion if it desired by the de feat of or. Wade. I know of but two classes of men Here who oppose the election or air. Wade 1st, the traitors and mud a class of generals in the army who insist on conducting the War on peace Princi Ples that is keep the army up with its Cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the people but no fighting. H. G. Blake. A veto called for. The new York evening Fott with its accustomed ability in a Long article on the 17th int Calls on the president to veto the Legal tend clause in the Treasury note Bill. We make a Brief extract our government in the War for Audrei a ing the Southern rebellion has isl won a series of triumphs. We have carried one rebel Post after another on the Atlantic coast and spread consternation into the Interior. Norfolk Wilmington Charleston Savannah and new Orleans Are la alarm and Are making their preparations for the Possi Dimy of capt oui Maia a Rivers we stre driving them out of their strongholds and penetrating to the very heart of their confederacy through a Region closed against As for months yet full of people ready to Lay Down their lives for the Union. Every blow we now strike at the rebellion makes it stagger and every thing portends that the War must soon end Ana with it the enor Mous sacrifices which it compels the nation to make in the pecuniary credit of the government was infirm a fortnight since when the people were dispirited by the slow Progress of our arms it should revive now in its Lull vigor. The victories we have gained Are equal at least to five Hundred millions of dollars poured at once into the Public exchequer. Men see that they can freely Trust the government when they see the near end of the War. You will be told that the Treasury notes made a Legal tender will supplant and drive out of circulation the notes of the Banks. The Bankers know better. The notes will have the same effect Here that the i convert Ible Treasury note s of the rebel states have there they will be heaped in the Banks and become the basis of a vast irredeemable paper circulation the value of which will diminish every Day. The Banks of Pennsyl Vania Are already in anticipation of this asking their legislature for leave to in crease their circulation. There is not a Bank in the country that does not expect to begin to put out larger issues of its notes the moment you sign the Bill. The first effect of this blow at the Sanctity of All contracts throughout our country from the Hudson to can franc Loco the nest result of this new flood of currency will be the entire disappearance of Coin High prices a fictitious activity in business and inordinate Specula Tion and the final result will be commercial embarrassment and ruin. This is tha his tory of paper Money the world Over and the annals of finance show no exception to the Rule or Cess or the Loisl Tubb. On Friday last the legislature took a recess no til tues Day. The pay of the members and of Floers from Foo to $600 per Day suffered no Abate ment whatever. It is probably perfectly right that this recess was taken. It Mey be. That Many of the present members will never be returned to the legislature f the people and therefore it is Well a off that they should Wear their legislative honors As Long As they conveniently can. The nature of their work and the Precipitin by with which they have been doing it inclines us to the opinion that they should have two holidays a Yettko. Chillicothe advertiser. Fri ssh most. A muss of Surrey at the be Claire House Davenport a few Days ago Between a watchman and one of the misses of the establishment the mischievous miss was in the balt of teasing the watchman playing tricks on him and even managing to Black his face. Watch got indignant at last took miss Down and spanked str. Miss Pio shouted for assault but tha comp Leut. On Bra ring was dis.wijmd.j.-,. I. And Vetr i sements inserted set the follow Lxi irate Tehmi Cash. , not exceed Long sve one As Mem Urray . Laastad at the. Flu Owata rate far sonar. Of Tea a Alai Tartt him Gimm 40 in hum 7 sewing machines. Wheeler & Wilson s sewing machines awarded to. First Prem Lara a the Best Fame sewing machine for three Yean at la. For four inc resolve year at till Ohio a tab Vail for Fly . Years at Thi Cincinnati hic Hamus fair office no. T7 West fourth st. Jars i f Piki s Obb sewing machines at great bargains. W hat a Tim Fibst-0las 8 sewing particularly adapted to to. By a nop to turn of army clothing Etc. Eto., which w. Will sell at be Alt Ruduas d prices. Call at oar atom and eee then. Nixon Cutfield & Woods Nee. 77 and 79 Walnut stare s. Des of to Williams & Orvis improved noiseless double Threa d family sewing Ruthk incites by t b 1w a if d Fortl these cab Ivald machines has Cailee for a Large increase of oar stoop ans we now Lavitt. The Moldt n a it. He Nam. and free. Maker Efthia Clov to Call and eee a machine for i an that Wahdo Mure work in less Tine and so ii b1t-Tbn a than any other in this of heavy and Light work with circular a Onwordi a on application at oar Central Sloe Lee Rob. What 13 w. Fourth st., Cincinnati commercial build incur s. Of to. 3 j3 a Bavm. Spring Stock of pianos. I Ammy Spring Stock of piano bought ecu Alively for aavl1 at a ish Ana i am now prepared to of Fca 1 Fer greater bargains for East than 119 i have aver Bern offered in this Light. A Bradbury Sam. Knabe a be a Orhal let. Davis a cos and other Rood number j West fourths t o. piano take. In of change for new. Felt pianos for Binti pianos of Kobe largest Stock Aemma Lof pianos tor rent in this City and Stew to the Bouast Price per Quarter i or Lier or a f will rent and in t the rent pay tor the j b u a piano at 7 West fourth st. O. M Morott. Old piano taken la Exchange for Aew. Us 500 "voioe3dally testily to the Sterling Worth of Ludlum g specific paste the Only Nurt Ain i re Fordi Beash. Proa is. Ca. Be event by Rost for six three Cen t strictly Lonb dental. Sold wholesale Aid retail by Davidson a bbo., , Success Ora to. O. Al. Dixon Market place h. A Cor. Fifth and main sta., 1 Fel Oine Lanai head Quarter s. Military men and butlers Wii sat Monet by ptjroha8in0 their goods at the new rubber store Soli we Stern Voinot for the Bale of the r attend combination Camp cot no. 56 West fourth Cable Isle Block. Bathing room s and Tymna Bijai warn. and a targe Baths. Open front four la tha morning Nutu Tea at a Jet. Menafee Phlp of Lalu Alioa a to l. Holtom. Beo Slact at or at the Aysaa Talosa. Soldiers Back pay. . Give prompt attention the Back pay of to Liera who a. Elei Lue Agai Aat the United Talee. Also a or veer in g pensions for those who have Bee. Wounu4 while la the army and tor widows whoa . Bees killed Sale la the service feb Amelim Halili Oay Bijj loud giant. Commissioner. Sest f oms u Chat Oak Aoa i Koiroun Deo. S. Usi. Berne demand sure teat. In Cik Ciavati november 1, ism 1 a Ste Ibri Eudas 13 idea uru rooji.xua.j.6loft div Jolt Fly Liuia Aud much oblige a Bobbt of Abb a oo., wholesale stationer. Fat s Tara aae., aaa Aasmaa. Book papers. Al t. To is Beltt sizes Feol Fobe beet eur Allty to the cheapo.1, of baud aaa fora labs. Silaus. Cola trial i Woods. Noil attaud it or aleut it. peeks now Ata Ooala Iang the slew of the week Frei a and local Aud a telegraphic Buo aider Ato tab Aive where up to the hour of go inf to paean. Jef Sals st the a Sauia rag.
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