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Cincinnati Daily Press Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1862, Page 1

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Cincinnati Daily Press (Newspaper) - February 20, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio The daily press Abl led Kren lne Ott Dayi iii Tbs the cinc matl Fless co. Riles vla st of Ochoa Boit i 1he a Jami att a i it is. To in . . A Ottlo. Ant Tow. To. Cent. Wookpat1ili to m of Sallia. Amusements. Pik s o kii a Hoij or. Robert Heller the great illusionist unrivalled pianist second sightseer Tvett night thi3 week w entire Chenge of programme. Nailiu lesion 30 cents to dress Circle Balcony and rare Luetto children 15 cents gallery j cents. Seats Totani Uette or l acis circles secured during Hie Day so cents. A grand matinee on saturday commencing at it p. Is w m "theater.,Corner sixth and Vine Street. Manager Geo. Wood manager treasurer to t. to st it Tiik i fixes Dren Circle Anil so cents i gallery. 13 cent. The management of fully denounce Antor Only tax nig Liti will Tho renowned and popular actress lbs who a. Everywhere met with triumphant Success. This a Venino. Feb nary 20. Willbe performed the most play in live acts ii iii tub c Torunn of lire is lot Astana Ujj Ati Okaj t it it a t k k John rates hires. Action . W. Feulo 3lage manager. Brilliant 8ccuess. Fourth night of the artist miss Cuba Klotak Thompson who will appear a this thursday of Venino february 20, the to in Iannce with the Beautiful play in five acts entitled Camille. Camilla. Liis Charlotte Thompson of Verturo. Full band. To conclude with Tho farce of Betsy 1iakeb. Friday ironing Benefit of miss 0. Thompson. Paters or Antwion. Dress Circle ii5 cents family Circle tio cents Paniotte As touts Nai Lery 10 cents. All letters on bus pcs connected with the theater Nuwt be addressed to John . Ujj 11 i t ii. Tic tilt Hon h Hall monday february 24. Miss. Allman it Palm Fin of the Academy of malic new work beg leave to inform the Public thai h 332 or. It a. W in the treat will Giro six of hit l ptrform4dc. In tilt pity commencing at Tho above Dito. Mirin the Uteri ailment be Willau produce Hia brother Alex Ander in nil wonderful expo Situu of la do Cable vue second sight cd psychological , which prod wed Euch an Maia Bens it Ion for Orr sixty nights at Tiu Academy of Mutio. New particulars la iut tire advertisements with regard to the operatic into Ludo Lale of no. by a k i h h a f. Bunt lilt. Extracted in most cases without fwt3spain, or the least danger by a simple pro of of cos practice by no other person. Artill dial Teeth made and All operations pertaining to dentistry executed with professional skill. Will Render entire satisfaction or no charge. Teeth extracted fur the poor free. Oruro 13? West fun arts st . Oct uht Dov it Takk i Makamik cur Rei notel from our old stat a too As l Earl tit., to the nud commodious store o 34 West Perl the doors East of Walnut North Side recently occupied by Kuhn Heitur a nowhere we Tiball of. A tatted to Boe our Friend a Cut Omen and the Trale a neral. Foft cha bks c. Doh Krov a co. 3ntoti033. All kind of Hinrika Biro Sand sold at to. 17 sixth a Between lain Anu Walnut. F10 by sealed proposals ii Rex is Hec Zivko at the of a. Filcic of the vile Lulu ii n a i pm Street be tween seventh and iii Ritli and in Luduig in 22d of feb univ iii Lor the Fernie hints the och social Hospital and Cut fam adv with a1kat, medi Otnes. Lil Rikk Kjus and coffins c0ttfin8and coff i in torte tit door Pool. Also to furnish the vom11ebcial hohp1tal with milk ice leeches. Dread and crackers for on. Year commencing on the 1st Day of March Imit. Security required. For full part Lenolan Call at the Nve Between Tho hours of eight o clock a. Old twelve Of each Dav. Felt h t. Wister clerk. Army spilies tor Cairo and Paducah no Phat h will by atthe i h of iii intern Wiater ii. H in Cairo until 12 m., to Urslia a the 2.h buy of Telfia for la supplier to Bedilia re d at Cairo or Paducah a. The i part meet Luuy oct Viz in. Hundred thousand 1nhelf of Oats Tine Lium red Tho Ithaki d of Corn five Hundred thus of u a. All to be delivered on tha levee. Orain in Good it Iund Hay to be Gud Timothy Blue or Herd areas Well baled. Oneth Rosand Tupa of Good Coal for Steamboat and Tuul Purpo Nea la Gool barges. Bids will be considered tor any lesser amounts than above called for Ard bidders will state the Price at each of the i. Ices Cairo and Paducah. The object being to procure the supplies at the lowest ratio rate Fiorin actual dealers All Persou. Having the articles to spare whether in great or lesser Umo tilth Are Rei nested to make Bona fide bids and to come Forward and comply with the same and Palm kits will bit prompt or on to the exclusion of Auy Specula account a. Did to be addressed to the. Unders Knetl Cairo iii. G. T. Turn Ike Felt h a. Q. U. Cairo lil pols. Masquerade costumes. Hit. C it Bitner in the Jim. Herman 1 beater Corner of Vine and Mercer sis invite ail who want maa Nerad. Costume to Osrue Aud see his air Arment. Yon Oak got ther. Almost every Atzl. Of t of Striae from the Knight to the son of to. Alp. Price to suit the. Times Feil a l business cards. Pm , Law of Fiok no. 8jam building Northwest of Nam and court st Sci Cannati 0. A Vecial Atte Tiou Cut id to land or., examination of Laud titles to be writing of deeds. To and to claim of Goldie a you Toj i a. Htiu. A. a. Frazer co., wh01.k-j p8alk Rooer. And comm Aulon merchant., Noa to and in Walnut at Cincinnati 0. Jyl if weekly bks now Kab a the la. Hews of the week both and local and a Telegraph to summary of sim vii up to the. Hour of going to a eur. For and. At the Cunt lag Ruou pile a Nav thib Wiiki prbh8 now la. la. Steak both and local and a Telegraph to Bumuary of kv.uul.wlir., up o the. Hour of go lug to 4 Kkt Goa Patag iwo a. Pro. A Paola. now Heady Jav costal plug the. Mews of la. W Eek both for Aigi and local Aud i Telegraph to Humr uary of ewher., a to the. Hour of go lug to Prem. O aam at the. Cou aug Ruou i t re. & Reata. Volume to. Cincinnati. Thule sat evening. Fett Unity 20. 1862. Number 145 the daily press. daily xxx dirt sakha to by the Cincinnati rho cot1pany. Trilk Kay Kilt Tejar y 1.0 five weeks for fifty cents. The. Daily Cincinnati Kriss is furnished y and promptly by on carriers for tan cents a week a to. for fifty cents. The other City papers Erst fifty rents for Eva hmm. The parts gives ail to. Mpg near Telegraph dispatches Haa unite City news than the others and contains a digest of All the current news of the Day omitting the. Long and dry details. U Thesa time of trial t very body pockets the. Saving of week each month is an item Woll Worth consid ering. It is our intention to make the the Piile i var. Ems by Low. The fort Donelson Battle. Details of the engagement. Saturday s operations the of general Smith and general Lew Wallace. We have the detail of the grit fit at fort Doc ipod. The hardest fighting and the decisive blows were made on saturday. We copy from the st Louis Democrat the details of that Day s work. It is very inter Seetin g saturday. Saturday which was destined to witness tie grand denouement of the tragedies which had a scene about Donelson was cold Dalip and cheerless. Our troops however had hut Little time to cogitate upon the weather or any other subject Ere they were called upon to attend to More serious matters. The enemy during the night had Tram fitted several of their batteries to portions of their works within a few Hundred feet of which our extreme right Wiota was resting. Upon the first coming of Dawn these Batter ies suddenly opened on the ninth eight event Twenty ninth thirtieth and thirty fir st regiments comprise in of Riesby s bri Gade and who bad the Advance. Simultaneously with the opening of the batteries a Force of about twelve thousand infantry and a regiment of cavalry was hurled against the which made against less steady and troops robust surely have resulted in their entire demolition. Sudden and unexpected a3 was the Bally on the part of the enemy it did not cud the Gallant Lollino asians unprepared to meet them. Ine attn ii was mane in columns of regi ments which poured in non the Little baud from no less than three different directions. Every regiment of the brigade found itself opposed to three and in Many cases to no less than four different regiments. Undis Mayer however by the greatly Superior Force of the enemy and unsupported by Ade quate artillery the brigade not Only held their own but upon two occasions actually drove the rebels fairly into their entrench tents but Only to be pressed Back again into their former position until at last hav in g expended every round of their ammunition they were obliged to retire and give Way to the advancing regiments of col. W. H. L. Wallace s brigade of the eleventh twentieth seventeenth forty fifth. Forty eight h Illinois and forty int h Indiana regiments. Here again was the Battle continued with redoubled vigor now one Side and now another giving Way. Our troops fought with the coolness of veterans Aud the desperation of devils. I would not diminish the gallantry of our own troops by saying that the enemy did not fight bravely and Well. They did both. An exact by tement of the varying fortunes of the Field for three or four hours following the first attack it is impossible at present to definitely present. Suffice it to say our troops ought and not Only fought and fought courageously but fought coolly an scientifically. In the thick est of the fight where officers had to re move the dead bodies of their men out of the Way of the backward wheels regiments coolly performed Maneu vers which Scott a his tactics pronounces impossible to be made on the Battle Fiel d. The Batte for the most part was fought in a Forest with a thick undergrowth beneath and regiments acted mostly on the principle of hitting a head wherever it could be found. Swarming on a 1 sides of them they were not at a loss to find to been. One regiment wag Only driven from before them when another sprung no to take its place and there is hardly a regiment of the Force engaged but was opposed to trip e its numbers. Thus went the tide of Battle for four hours now gaining a Little but upon the whole obliged to retire. Officers and men dropped upon All sides. Field officers were borne killed and wounded from the Field and their next in command coolly took their place and continued the fight. Lieutenant colonel White of the thirty first lieutenant Colone l Smith of the forty eight lieutenant colonel Irvin of the twentieth and major Post of the eighth Illinois and scores of company officers Ere killed All gallantly leading on their men. Colonels Logan Lawler and Ransom were wounded but yet firm in their determination never to yield. And still with unyielding courage the Gal Lant Illinois aos Aud Indian wins would not acknowledge themselves vanquished. When the last Cartridge hid been expended and orders were Given to retire for other regi ments to take their place soldiers grim with smoke and powder would angrily inquire for what and beg to be allowed to use the Bayonet. But it was not in the Power of mortal men occupying the position ours did and exposed to Euch a raking artillery fire As the enemy subjected them to to maintain their ground against the overwhelming Force which the rebels continued to pub against them. Oil Tiv a w. H. L. Wallace s and car. Thur brigades were successively obliged to retire a portion of Schwatz s and Mcallis ter s batteries bad been lost and gained and lost again and it was not until the advancing enemy had reached Craft s brigade and Taylor s and Willard i batteries could be brought into action that we were Able to Stem the tide. These two batteries outdid themselves. Grape cannister and shrapnel and an uninterrupted musketry fire from the first Nebraska forty eight and fifty eighth Ohio proved too much for the so far victorious toe and they at last were obliged to retire. By this time it was noon. General Grant bad just returned from the Landing where he bad a conference with Commodore Foote. That officer had informed he general theft it was impossible for him to put his gunboats in a condition to make another attack for several Days at least. Notwithstanding this upon being informed of the severe repulse our troops had met with in the morning he saw that some immediate action on our part was necessary to retrieve the Day. He immediately gave orders to his generals of divisions to prepare for an immediate and general attack along the entire lines. The regiments which had suffered most severely in the morning were withdrawn. General Lew. Wallace was Given a division composed of two regiments of his own brigade the eighth Missouri and eleventh Indiana and several other regiments whose loss in the action of the morning bad been but slight and was Given the Job of Clearing the ground we bad inst in the morning while general Smith commanding the left received orders to storm the works under which his division general Smith s assault. General Smith is emphatically a fighting Man and. As my be imagined the events of the morning had tendered to decrease in no it Yrure his Pugna City. When he received his Long desired orders for an assault of the enemy s works his eyes glistened with a fire which could it have been seen by his aligners would have left them in no doubt As to his private feelings in regard to the present contest. All the arrangements were Complete by three o clock and his column was put in motion soon after. The Force under his command was As follows col. Cook s brigade seventh Illinois gift it the do., twelfth Iowa thirteenth Missouri fifty second Indiana. Col. Laumen a brigade second Iowa seventh Iowa fourteenth Iowa Twenty gift h Indiana fifty sixt Indiana. Undercover of Captain Stone s Missouri Battery this Force began the assault. It was a formidable undertaking which under a less Brave and skillful commander than Gen. Smith might have proved a disastrous fail ure. The Hills at this Point Are among the most precipitous of those upon which the enemy were posted. Selecting the second and seventh Iowa and the fifty secon d Indi Ana for the storming party general Smith it fleeced the main portion of his division to the right and having succeeded in engaging the attention of the enemy at this paint himself headed the storming party and advanced non the works from his extreme left. It a a Moat magnificent sight. By the perfect storm of bullets which rained about him the general on horseback and with his hat on the paint of Bis sword preceded his troops and inspired them Wilk a furore there was no withstand ing. Steadily with unbroken line the Gallant Hawk Eves add Indian its advanced. The enemy s grape and cart Nister cams blowing through their ranks but not Ashot was fired in return. Closing of the ranks As one after another of the Brave Fellows dropped to the Earth Ard animated by the fearless sex Traple of their undaunted Leader they pressed steadily on. The works gained one tremendous Volley was poured into the astonished enemy and with fixed bayonets a charge was made into their ranks which there was no withstanding. They fled in contusion Over the Hills and at last we had penetrated the rebel Job Stool and the misfortunes of the morning were retrieved. Captain Stone s Battery which in the mean time had been doing tremendous execution in the rebel Runks was promptly advanced to the Posi Tion gained and instantly supported by the remainder of his division the Point was secured against any Force Tho enemy could Bertg to Bear against it. Gun. Law. Wallace s attack on tug bight. In the mean time Gen. Lew. Wallace had completed his preparations fur an attack on the enemy occupy Itig the position he had wrested from us in the morning some two Miles Abd a half to the right. Just As his column was being put in motion a Mesener Arr Vea with the Joyful tidings that limn was Misue 01 me Niren Ruments. Y Ith a cheer that refunded far Ami near the irresistible eighth Missouri and eleventh Indiana which occupied the front advanced on the double Quick k into the encounter they bad so Long been seeking. These two regi ments from their superiority a Drill and fighting capacities have been considered a crack corps and most nobly did they up hold to the letter their enviable reputation. They did not Tarry Lone to bother with powder and Ball but with a shout of itself Ternna enough to Appal their toes Nave them the cold steel with a will which will Long be remembered. Shell and round shot Kruno Nuu itt Muniain inc uni ice Ai Leui in Onward they pressed and regiment after regiment fled before them. Valiantly sup ported by the first Nebraska thirteenth Missouri and other regiments of colonel to Bayer s and crafts brigades a steady and Vance wbb made until by dusk the ground which had been so hotly contested in the morning was ours again and once More the rebels were forced to seek the protecting Shadow of the earthworks. The effect of these successes upon the army was electrical six hours before with gun boats disabled and the enemy a Possession of n portion of our gound the position of affairs was gloomy indeed. But now All was changed. Elated with Victory and the knowledge that at last they had obtained a foothold in the enemy s fortification and Savage at the thought of the privations they Bud encountered and at being so Long walked in the Possession of their prey officers and men alike clamoured Foran immediate assault that night. General Grant however mindful of the risks attending such an operation even with troops exhibiting such Veteran characteristics As Thule under Bis command had displayed Witt postponed the final coup de main till the coming of the Morrow s Light. What the Morrow brought Forth and Bow the rebels worn out and dispirited by the protracted Belea Germent concluded to give no their stronghold and Lay Down their arms is already Well known. The More detailed particulars of the surrender of fort Donelson and its cordon of Field work the departing mail allows me no time to speak of. G. W. B. We find the following in the proceedings of the Illinois convention now a session at Springfield a widow name unknown desired that an ordinance be passed allowing a plurality of wives in View of the Scarcity of men now in the country. Referred to the committee on internal just think of that a Man with a plurality of wives a la Brigham Young what Nice family jars would be in store for that Man and then the cat fights which he would have to Settle. We Hope the Law won t pass. At any rate let suckers do As they like. If that widow would Only come to Iowa she might find a comforter. Dubuque Herald. Goni the rebel officers adapt need at fort Donelson admit that if Nashville is taken the rebellion in Tennessee has gone there is no doubt of it gone no beyond the Power of All the spirits in the vasty deep of rebel Dom to Call Down again. Not Only bag the rebellion gone up in Tennessee but in the whole Mississippi Valley for Columbus is certain to be evacuated unless our forces cutoff Polk s Retreat and then Memphis Vicksburg and new or leans will immediately revolt against the tyranny that has kept them Down and with those cities the states in which they Are located As Well a Arkansas and Texas on the West Bank of the Mississippi gone no gone a majority of the members of the if. E. Church South in Louisiana mo., have left it and attached themselves to the K. Church. The presiding elder of the Hanni bal District paid them a visit and initiated the work of organizing the old Church. It is stated that in Many places in Missouri the members of the Church South Are inquiring for the former paths and declare that their connection with that disloyal Church is Sev ered in fact if not in form and they Are wait ing patiently for an Opportunity of entering the fold from which they were separated in 1844. Though the rebel authorities refused u let commissioners Ames Aad fish pass within their lines on the Mission of men y assigned them by the Secretary of War they came Back with an important proposition from those authorities. It is to release All our prisoners on parole for Exchange a future a proposition which will be immediately accepted by our government As in accordance with the Well know n Neiges of War. Wit and sentiment. A Frenchman intending to compliment Ajoung lady by calling her a gentle Lamb unit she is one Mutton As is the pleasantest thing in the world is pleas ant thoughts and the greatest Art is to have As Many of them As possible. It is said that no fort Ever suffered so much from a single Battle As has the piano Forte from the Battle of the Young woman that was lost in thought after wandering in her own mind found herself at last in her Lover s arms. Dull men Are to Bev Osely studied. Their qualities like pearls lie out of sight and must be dived for. The labourer who adds his share to the general wealth is Worth a thousand who Only consume. Wasted a sewing machine one about seventeen years old of dark completion and generally considered Good Lookin g. To make hens Lay tie them Flut on a Board and put pillows under their Heads. Sorrow comes soon enough without it does a Man no Good to carry around a lightning Rod to attract trouble. Vermont is famous for four 8tatiles,"men, women nipple sugar and horses and that the first Are Strong the last Are Fleet the second and third Aie exceedingly Sweet and ail Are uncommonly hard to a widow said to her daughter when you Aro of my a you will be dreaming of a yes Mamma replied the girl for a second an old gentleman has a queer Way of show ing his hospitality to strangers. The Momenta person comes to his House he brings him a Pine knot and a Jack knife the old gentleman is a genuine Yankee and be. Lives there is but one pleasure greater than whittling and that consists of Selling shoe be for Oats. Some Days since a Young lady from the country culled at a s Ore in Springfield and desired to be shown seme collars. After closely inspecting to been for some time the Fiir Derrise exclaimed Well i show to gosh i can get pm cheaper than that across the the Yankee vernacular is not extinct yet. Susan stand up and let me see what you be Learned. What does n spell 1 Don t know a Why you Lino Rati t Critter i what do you sit on Ohma am i Don t like to what on Earth is the matter with the Gall Tell what is it i Don t like to Tell it was Bill i craps knee but he never kissed me but Whiee "artbiinke3 Aud Apple sauce i " exclaimed the mistress Aud fainted. A Young lady from a boarding school be ing asked at table it she would take More re plied by no Means Madam gastronomical at Tiey me that i have arrived at the ultimate of debilitation consistent with the code of duing the examination of a witness As to the locality of the stairs in a House the coun Sel asked him which Way did the stairs run the witness a noted wag replied that one Way they run up stairs but the other Way they run Down the Learned counsel winked his eyes and then took a look at the ceiling. Woma n. The morning Star of out youth the Day slur of our manhood the evening Star of our age. Heaven Biess our stars i anti ution the tie that binds the Happy my be dear but that which links the unfortunate is tenderness unutterable. Love Justice and Fortune Are said to have no eyes but All three make us mortals open ours pretty wide sometimes. You seem to walk More erect than usual my yes i have been lately straitened by when the government is afflicted the political doctors generally apply leeches to its Chest. In 1838, Francis Baily the astronomer estimated the weight of i be Earth at tuns. An adult school for the instruction of negroes has been stub Liehe at Hatteras. It is under the Oare of Patrick Kelley of co. A u. S. Artillery. The tobacco Trade the Louisville journal thinks will be transferred to the Middle states. A family in Newburyport has acquired Possession of a comfortable residence through Twenty years of occupancy during which time they were never presented with a rent Bill and did not even know the owner of the House. The Law has confirmed their right of Possession. Fashions for february. From the illustrated London news much trouble is being taken by the parisian Modister to invent new combinations of trimmings and ornaments for dresses which appear fortunately to be endless. They Are the luxury of the Day and in reality the most modest material com poses a charming Robe when it is tastefully ornamented with passament Erie braid ruching ribbon or other trimming. The Talent of the dressmaker consists in these ornaments but the chief Merit lies in the Novelty and every exception worthy of approval is pretty. The predominant materials for ladies dresses for toilet Are mores Antiques Sand Colore a Violet dark Green Chestnut shot with White White Boot with Black and Black with White Fawn coloured and Magenta Silks embroidered with White Flowers and for very grand occasions White Light Blue Light Pink Aud steel Gra y satins. Of course the stuffs Here mentioned do not include those frequently chosen for dresses for balls and soirees for which the lightest gauges tulle embroidered Tarla tans and especially the gaze de Chambery still continue in High favor. Apropos of chapeaux for the present month there is something in the Way of improvement to mention. The Interior crowns which bad become much too exalted have resumed the proportions that Good taste and refinement can approve. Should the ornamentation consist of but a single Flower it is no longer worn Over the Middle of the forehead but a Little on one aide which is preferable. Ornaments on the outside Aro still frequently adopted a mixture of feathers is fort a la Mode As also a single Flower accompanied with lace or with Little bows. Ball dress. White Lute string Robe hav ing on the skirt above the hem a very deep Grecque in rushed ribbon. The intervals of the Grecque Are decorated alternately with puffs of White crepe Lisse and White Suk buttons also covered with the same description of crepe. As a variation a deep Ruoh in g of crepe Lisse May replace the fluted ribbon. Walking dress. This elegant walking dress is of Green Mold antique. The Bot Tom of the dress is ornamented with a Nar Row fluted flounce above which is a Wido band of Green velvet and edged with a but. Ing of the same material As the Robe. The Corsage is round waisted and the sleeves Are furnished with a trimming similar in arrangement to that on the skirt Bonnet of Whit tulle with feathers in bouffe of White Barolet covered with Black Lake. By Telegraph. Night dispatches. Congratulations to the victors of fort Donelson. St. Louis february 19. The following will appear in the morning papers of Missouri. St. Louis feb. 19. Major Gener commanding the department congratulates Flag officer Foate brigadier Genera l Grant and the Brave of flyers and men under their commands in the recent Brilliant victories on the Tennessee and Cumberland. But the War is not yet ended. Prepare for new conflicts and new victories. Troops Are concentrating from every direction. We shall soon have an army which will be irresistible. The Union Ling must be restored every where and enthralled Union men in the South must be set free. The soldiers and sailors of the great West Are ready and willing to do this. The times and places have been determined on Victory Ancl glory await the Brave. By command maj. Gen. Halleck. A. H. Mclean a. in order that nothing May occur to mar the pleasures on the contemplated Celebration of Washington s birthday the Provost Marsh al has ordered All drinking saloons to be closed from Sunrise saturday till Sun Rie e on monday and recommends All Busi Ness to be suspended on saturday. The Provost Marsh also orders that no pig or bar Lead shall be shipped from this port hereafter without a special permit from his office. The rebel soldiers sick of secession. Cairo february 19. Troops Are continually arriving and departing for the scat of War. It is believed if permitted to do so Many rebel prisoners would gladly take up arms on the Eitalo of the Union. Numbers of Pri Vates declare they have seen enough of secession. The officers however generally Are very morose and bitter in their expressions against the North. In addition to the killed and wounded previously reported Are in the forty gift Illi nou Joni Essaiy sergeant ravers killed lieutenant Colon Maltby Ball in leg lieu tenant Boyse Cornelius Bhaw and George purple tin wounded. From key West and port Royal. New Youk february 19. The gunboat has arrived from key West and pol t rely al. There were rumours that Savan nah would certainly be captured a a few Days. Jiuu federalists took Possession of Island de Flor in in Savannah River and erected a Battery and Cut Oil communication Between Savannah and fort Pulaski and captured a rebel Steamer of Tatnall s Fleet. Washington s Farewell address to be read. Wa9tiiigton, february 19. By the presi Dent of the United slates in a proclamation it is the people of the United suites that they assemble in their customary Plares for Public solemnities on the the Day of february inst., and celebrate the anniversary of the by today of the father of his outcry by causing to be read to them his Farewell address. The Battle at fort Donelson How some of our regiments fell Back and afterwards gained their position. Chicago february 19. The Tribune Cor is prudent s description of the Battle of fort Ilu Nelson says when colonel Craft s brigade we Gnu urdu truer eur in Reia Urce i crier a Etc a came up in the rear of the thirtieth and thirty firs t Illinois Twenty gift h Ken Tucky these regiments were lying Down firing Over the Crest of the Bill. They Rose not knowing whether the Force in the rear was Friend or foe. The Twenty gift h Kentucky supposing them to be rebels poured in a Volley which did terrible execution and was sufficient to throw the entire brigade into disorder. At once there was almost a panic. Some threw Down thei Gurs equipments and fled immediately. The Woods were filled with stragglers. Some even fled to fort Henry. The enemy improved the Opportunity advanced toward Schwartz s and Dresser s batteries capturing five guns taking pos session of Mcclernand a and driving our forces nearly a mile and a half. Instead however of adhering to their sup posed original intentions to escape the rebels resolved to follow up the advantage by Pursuit at this juncture Wallace s division was thrown in front and took position on a Ridge with Taylor s Battery in the Center. At the Road the rebels formed on the Ridge which Mcclernand had occupied and flu bed by Success moved Forward. As they came in Range Taylor opened on them wild grape cannister and Shell. Fhe rebels quailed and came to a halt. As the infantry advanced they began to fall Back. Wallace improved the moment and moved on them and drove the rebels Back recovering the ground previously lot from Bowling Green. , feb. 19. The Louisville Aud Nashville Railroad is now in in suing order to Cave City and will be completed to Bow Ling Green on monday next. Col. J. J. Mil Ler special agent of the Post offic e depart ment leaves to open postal facilities to Bowling Green and through All Post routes tunning from the Railroad above that place. It is believed that Kentucky is cleared entirely of rebels except in Columbus and its Vicinity and that their reported concentration at Russelli lie a false. Hardee and Hindman with three thou Sand men and provisional governor John enwere at Bowling Green when Mitchell s forces approached and at the first discharge of our shells they All broke in the direction of Nashville. None of the rebels were killed by our shells is previously reported. The rebels just before Mitchell arrived burned the Railroad Roundhouse and depot injuring thereby five locomotives. It is not believed that the rebels injured the Railroad below Bowling Green As their departure was too abrupt to afford time for the Pur pose. The Union pickets it is reported Arta King no a few Hundred feet of rails at Frank Lin to prevent a possibility of a Surprise from to rebels below. Or. Calvert cashier of the Bowling Green Branch of the Bank of Kentucky has just arrived and reports that Bowling Green had been occupied by 40,000 rebel troops and recently 10,000 additional sixty Days troops arrived. H says 5,000, including Twenty per cent of the sixty Day s men bad died there during the occupation. The roads in the lower part of the state Are impassable. A committee of physicians and lady nurses left hero this morning for fort Don Elson. More prisoners captured at fort Donelson correction. Or. Lotus february 19. Gen. Halleck has received dispatches from fort Donelson stating that on thousand snore rebel prison is hav been taken. They Cam Down the River to Rai Forea the fort not knowing it bad Sut rendered and bagged by our troop professor Swallow stat geologist was arrested last night and committed to the military prison on a charge of disloyalty. The name of the rebel officers captured at Warsaw on saturday last wer incorrectly reported from Sedalia this morning. They were Utica Dir Chenera j Price Coign and Captain Inge All of major general Price s stiff. Confirmation of major. General Grant. Was Noton february 19. Gameral . Grant the hero of fort Donelson has just been unanimously confirmed by the Senate is Mejor Genora an Honor conferred in y of his Gallant conduct in Battle. The Reading of the tax Bill will lie pm Mence in the ways and Means committee the Bill will not be printed till ordered by the House of representatives. Rebel officers captured. Wag received at head quarters from general Halleck dated st. Louis llc30 a. M., to Dav saying general Curtis had captured general Price colonels Dorsey and cars and Cap ,. Inge of Price s stiff. There is no official information that on forces intended advancing on Savannah with a View of capturing and holding it. S. B. Buckner to be arrested for treason. Lottie Villa feb. 19. The journal learns that marshal Merriweather left Here lost evening for Cairo to bring Gen. Buckner Here under a Federal warrant from Justice Catron on a charge of treason. Confirmations. 19 specials state Shields Tot firmed by the Senate As bri Hilier general. Also col. Garfield. The Good time come. The following remarkable editorial from the Richmond exam our of february 0 shows How deplorable is the state of affairs in the once quiet and sleepy capital of Vir Ginia. This is a fair Sample of that Golden age which was promised As the immediate fruit of secession the Rowdy ism now Riff in this City has become intolerable and demands immedi ate suppression with he High Haud. Acts of brutal violence vulgar Ruff Janis and Gross indecency Are of momentary occurrence in our streets. The most orderly citizen and the most delicate lady Are exposed to out rage and insult. No Man s life even is secure in Broad Daylight on our Public thoroughfares. To surround Knock Down Bruise and maltreat has become Tho pastime of the Rulli that throng our pavements. The evil must be suppressed or else society must Render its authority. We must disorganized society resolve ourselves into Savages and prepare for Protection by the effective weapons of or else we must assert Tho Power of the Law tip Nothe persons of the ruffians and Vaga. Bonds that infest our streets and big Fiance should be required of the Pelicci and a larger constabulary employed. Every Street Corner should be maimed by n policeman in uniform aimed to the Teeth whistle in hand pre Pai to rally a dozen colleagues in the in Stant of disturbance. The License Money arising from the rapid increase of Gro shops would seem appropriately employed in invigorating the police. If hese furnaces of hell fir e Are allowed to dispense at every Corner what not merely intoxicated but crazes surely Tho revenues which they pay into the City Treasury should be expended in protecting the valuable lives which they imperil and in restoring the order which they disturb. The City by tolerating a thousand Dens of Iuliu Tiitu and passion owes the duty to ifs population of Agio ring it Protection from the dangers and outrages thus engendered and pre pared. The time has arrived for vigilance and summary Reform or else Ruffia ism theft arson drunkenness Aud murder will soon claim the City As their exclusive pre serve. In another column of the examiner we find the following extraordinary statement on which it is not necessary to remark at All a few nights ago the gamblers of Rich mond held a convention in this City and after Tho fashion of the Noble refrigerators of Congress transacted their business in secret session. We Are informed that one Hundred and fifty members of the gambling and plug fraternity were present that fifty thousand dollars were voted and subscribed As a fund to carry the next election for mayor and that the candidate nominated As Likely to unite the gambling and Rowdy interests of Richmond is an ungrammatical grocer and whisky Wor of the name of David j. San Ders. We Are very much of the opinion that if matters Are not speedily bettered in Richmond the gamblers plugs and the retired and unsavoury Whitty dealer they propose As their candidate will be in the bands of a vigilance committee before the Date of the next municipal election. For the daily press a National clothing and Supply Bureau for soldiers. Editor feb h4. I see by a Washington telegraphic dispatch of the 13th, that the military Board of inspectors have Coade maed Twenty five e thousand soldiers Coats de by swindling contractors a new York and Philadelphia. The extent to which this system of swindling in clothing con tracts has been carried on Calls loudly for a Radical Reform in this Branch of expenditure. It was the Public press of the country that called attention to the enormous waste of government Money bestowed on favor ites for executing the Publio printing and now we witness a Reform in that Branch which saves is millions a year. The government now has its own printing office and employs a competent superintendent at a reasonable salary. Now Why not organize a clothing and Supply Bureau at Washington with superintendents in every City where work is to be executed open government shops and employ tailors and sewing women at fair prices and thereby get rid of those swindling con tractors who make it their business to cheat the government with their shoddy clothing and oppress their workmen by their miserably Low wages 1 Bop the daily press a a Friend to the Labouring Community and an opponent of every species of government swindling will rail attention to this important matter until those in authority shall not Only hear but heed it. Some May think As ther is a Good pros Peot at this time of putting Dows the rebel lion at an Early Day it will do away with the necessity of taking this step. A Large num Ber of troop will be required Long after the close of the War and it is not unlikely that after to Southern Serpent has entirely ceased to its Tail we May seek a quarrel with a certain Power that bantered The american Board of commissioner for foreign missions have within a few weeks received several donations from citizens of the old town of Taunton. England amount in g in All to about $.20,000. The donors wished it to be understood that this sum was a special contribution to the Board at this time in to Lupito Guio. That the War would Dilu Ibish by Iciey to v Advell t i s Emen to inner be d ret Tho Ito Llowana it Troj Temh Cash. Adv.rttoeai.nt., Sot lord la it. Line be l a inapt Laoo a 6v i a Laht Noaim h at larger advert Lumenta inserted al to. Full Octal rates Par squat of a line h.1 09 ,33111 limit Lori. At in Iino. . Sewing machines. Wheeler & Wilson s sewing machines awarded the. First Premium As the Best family sewing machine for three successive years at thex. Is. Fair for four successive years at til it Ohio state i for Ftp. Suede How. Or. Tub Cincinnati Macii a Tilfas Fai 1 office no. 77 West fourth st. Just f Pike opera hots sewing machine sat great . I ii ave ten fib8t-Clas s sowl xxx 2vx Aoh Liness particularly adapted to the. Manufacture of army clothing Etc. Etc., which to will sell at great Jet ize Duse d prices. Call at our store and see them. Nixon Chatfield & Woods Noa. 77 and 79 Walnut Afree t. Ideal 3xj 33 text Anninais or Williams & Orvis improved noiseless double Threa d family be vying Touchine the it Creahen i lift and Marohl nuts has called a i hike increase id our stuck and we now inv tothe soldiers Pant b ouse Vest Aud Dree maker of this City to cull Aud see a Macmu. For to that Willu my Kkt work in less time Aud co it Bat to any thei in this heavy and Light work with on at our Central ibo. Lorthe w but Iso w. Foi Kwh pt., Cincinnati commercial building or d of no. 3i3 Waiming tab a Boston. Raft Lxi Stock Oft Piaso. Am new Rev ing Niy print at ick of i Ains bought exclusively fur Fer Grealer har Traviis fur Cash thin f 3 have Ever iwo n in llii.-,t " Lor a Bradbury a a Kimbe a is or Hall t. A cos and boo 1 m tko9. The number. Wet Suortti. T c. pianos taken in Exchange fur new. Fels Flam Tsvok 11k1kt piano Fob i i a. Nave h Isa larkf1, Hock l f Riani a for Rettit in Tutu by Amie the i lie Loveit Price per Quarry or 1 will rent Una h t the rent pit fur the j 17plains at 7 j wout fourth st. C m Rinnooi taken in sex Char go for Ntow. Fels 500 to ices ally testify to the Sterling Worth of Ludlum a specific paste the Only pertain Clrk fori1eak8. I Rice it. Cau Bovent by Tost any where for six three cd t strictly cond dental. To Iota who Peale and retail by Dav Listin a uuo., druggist., to. St. Dix of Market place n. It. Our. Fifth Aud main Sia 1iel5 Cincinnati. Head Quarter s. Viliam Hen my setlers w ill. Save Money by purchasing tuk1r goods at the new rubber store bulk wis Titan a Inot for the Sala of the Patent combination Camp cot 3p3b30"wxox3 Eft of. No. 56 West fourth st.os1tc Carlisle Block. Jjatii1ncvk.00.1is and gymnasium warm old Shower and pm nor. Bath. Opal from four la the. Morning until to al no Obi. Membership Yir 1. Apply to l. Not con. By atari at the. La or at the. Ord Baloiu soldiers Back pay. I will give prompt attention in Procurot g the Back pay of at Dler. Who Havo claims against to. United state. Also in proof leg Pepsi us. For Thiee who hav. Wou Udea while in the my and for widows whoa Hue Baad hav. Bean Blued while in the service tkankl1m Hall Day United state. Commissioner Dett f oui la Muawia hoax Cinqui Miami. Deo. 1mi born demand a Burt test. , november Tistl. Obliged Tuut Clare a co. Whoie Aal. s Tai. Atm Saa. Dt3d--l Book papers. The regular sizes fro All beat to the cheap us on band and Beaubr a Wool id Aoa 11 and 1st a Halaut to. The weekly pre met new Ditth. A. Of to week . Aad lot Aud a telegraphic summary of Evisa sine a Bale up to the. Hour of a dug to Aal at Thuita Jwa v Fife 4 Camlai i. I i. A
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