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Cincinnati Daily Press Newspaper Archives Apr 15 1859, Page 2

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Cincinnati Daily Press (Newspaper) - April 15, 1859, Cincinnati, OhioW Hava bigot cd to our new stare in Pike s opera House building and Are now prepared to Watt upon friends and Eust mrs with too urge and Ost oot plets Assort. Aunt of carpeting in the ctr. To Are in receipt of oar Spring import Tatlo of enqli8h carpeting pm bracing All the richest designs and aim porn Rar put uni brought to Tali country to Wiloh w invt special attention. Ringwalt & Avery no. 09 West fourth at rect. The press. Cincinnati Friday april 13. Correspondence containing important Newt solicited from any Quarter of too world. No notice taken of Anonymous . We do not return Njo Tod communications. Amusements this evening. New National theater Sycamore Street Between third and fourth Bock Bison or baby Beaucha the child of Tho Prairie clip s Wood s theater Corner sixth and Tine att. The Willow copse the or Lake Melodeon Hall Cor Ner of fourth and Wal a Madame Bosco 8 new novel and extraordinary entertainment of astounding transformation and Lulu icons. Great w esteem museum Corner third and Sycamore. Sympathy with the excellent and much injure d Sickles seems to rage at Washington with All the violence of an epidemic disease. All the dem reps in the pity if accounts Are to be credited have taken sides with and either for Sake or their own Are desirous to have the fact known As widely As possible. In fact an insane lust for publicity and a curiosity that no sense of shame is Able to restrain appear to be the prevailing characteristics of the female population of that most unwholesome locality the Metropolis of the United states vices which they Are free enough to display at All times but never it would appear More openly than on this most unsuitable Occa Sion. To this disreputable state of things the press and especially the press of new York City is doing its utmost to minister. The avidity with which they snatch at Aud the tedious particularity with which they give the prurient details of the Testi Mony indicate the spirit with which those journals Are conducted and the estimate which their conductors place upon the taste sense and morals of their readers. If these Are As they claim to be the educators of the people How will the rising generation be educated it is to be hoped however sceptical it might be to believe it that there is a conserva Tive element in the human character sufficiently potent to preserve the popular Rind from the consequences of the poisonous influence of these Publio Educ Ator these filthy teachers of the science of immorality otherwise what is to be come of the human race the bringing in by Sickles of wife s confession a a part of de fens Ethus putting it in the Way of news paper publication All Over the world an act of meanness of which it would difficult to find a parallel More than this the act is one which in the eyes the discriminating will have a retrospective effect and place the whole proceed ing from the first in a new and for the defendant not very much improved aspect the homicide standing by itself was miserable enough and cowardly enough but there was a Shadow of excuse in the real or supposed or pretended sentiments of Honor Peculiar to the set which both parties belonged. Here however is a new style of practice under the code of the High tone d. This gentle Man who during imprisonment blubbered Over wife and her term versa tons professing still endure and tenderness for her in terms touched the hearts of All the fast women and clergymen that were permitted to enter presence went kill Injurer armed As Well for defense As for attack with the evidence of wife s shame to accompany pistols. Bursting burning broiling a human Volcano in the Hight of an eruption still had the discretion to prepare a document to be used on trial and get properly executed and authenticated he proceeded to acts of inconsiderate desperation. This is the act of a Coward and will impart to All the doings of principal in the matter an air of Polt Rooney. Jobs. A. Washington the Speculator in the Bones and dust of the great Man whose name he Dis honors has bargained with a or. Crouchett to furnish material from it. Vernon for the manufacture of canes and other Cleveland Democrat. The Man who wrote the foregoing would probably consider himself a deeply injure d individual if he were not permitted to mutilate any tree or Shrub about the mount to Supply himself with a Cane As often As he pleased. Who or whatever or. John a. Wahi Sutoh May be he has probably received More Low Bre d abuse than any other Man no higher in station in America. Even land and tenements Are not own and a vulgar Publio seems determined whether or not he Ita wishes in the disposition of property to charge with All manner of meanness. The French people seem to be of an opinion similar to the one we expressed the other Day that it is not the amount but the style of display in the Ballet that determines the moral Chat motor of the performance. A certain Marot elite la Coce Kotob is setting the parisians maa with the vigor and audacity of her enter cheats. She is not a woman she is a she charms electrified rav wishes elevates her inferior to a fabulous Hight above her Superior extremities and is As queenly in her poses As she is unrivalled in her car Coles and yet so says an innocent Fronch correspondent Tho Bolice those Arcus Eye d guardians of the Public morals have taken no notice 01 the affair. Even Tater families so far from grumbling at the danger incurred by women Folk s in witnessing so extensive a display seems totally unconscious of risk and is in fact observed perhaps through Mere absence of mind to pay rather More than usual attention to opera Glas s at the time it is going Forward. .1 the Ohio state journal is pursuing the gentlemen of the Treasury investigation in a manner which but for the documents which it publishes in justification of its attacks might be punishable under the head of extreme cruelty. The truth of the proverb that those who live in Glass houses should not throw stones Wisnover More signally illustrated than in this affair. New books. The chb8s hand boo teaching Tia Bull. Menta of the Larue and giving an analysis of All the recognized opening. By an Amateur. Phila Delphia k. U. Butler a co. Cincinnati o. S. Blanchard. This is a handsome duo Decimo volume of 200 pages which seems to contain All that is necessary to a full comprehension of the game of chess with a Large number of examples and illustrations consisting of games played by Moarity Hama we Nadir ssh Start error and others. For the beginner it is at Good a Hook As we Hare seen. First things or the development of Church . Jim Baron Stow Norton a oui in Ancoin Cincinnati 0. S. Blanchard. This Little volume was written by a pious Nian for the instruction of persons about to enter upon Christian life. Agnes Hometown 9 schools and holi Bays. By Ira Oll pliant. Boston Gould a Liu Coin. Cincinnati g. S. Blanchard. This is a very interesting Story of trial perseverance and us Oreg designed for the Young. Perfection in machinery. The old Maxim a Workman is known the tools he uses is an almost Universal truism. The Quality and finish of the products of Given manufacturing establishment Are indicated by the manner in Wiloh the shops managed and by the Quality and perfection the tools and machinery employed. In order to do Good work in any department of Manu Factor Long Industry it is Nao Essary to employ Tho use of Good tools and to keep them in Good order and the better the adaptation of meant employed to Tho results to be obtained the greater will to the product and consequent profits. The adaptation of machinery to work is the most Beautiful and interesting Well As the most essential feature in the con Truo Tion of any piece of mechanism. Happily in this extensive manufacturing pity we Are not without examples to illustrate this theory and show its practical truthfulness and it might with much propriety be that the proof of the correctness of the theory is not Only dependent on but suggested by practical lessons Given. The penning of article was the result of a somewhat minute examination of the factory of messes. Sussia k co., 164 Richmond Street. Before is giving a description of the works it will be proper to state that this firm Are agents for Sale of wuss la & Wilson s Eriko of Climis the office and sales Roo being in Melodeon building Corner of fourth Walnut streets. The whole of parity of factory is devoted to the manufacture of stands and oases for these machines the average value of which is about fifteen dollars and number turned out about sixty per week these stands with the foot Power mechanism accompanying every machine sold and the number of stands made is an Index of the number to machines disposed of. The number of these machines manufactured by messes. A Hekler a Wilson at Bridgeport conn., for the american and european sets is one Hundred per Day on the average one tenth of which Are sold by messes. So ukr so co., and the footing of sales by this love since the Agency was established three that since. Is Over three thousand machines. Factory is a new Brick building erected crassly for this purpose and is one of the constructed factory buildings of its site into pity. It is thirty fou r by sixty feet and stories High. Commencing in Tho basement we find a boiler which furnishes steam twelve hours e Power engine for warming room in the building and for heating he Jap Anning oven to about one Hundred twelve degrees. To produce this steam it five bushels of bituminous Coal Are used and the whole expense of fuel and to the engine and boiler does not seventy five e cents per Day. Attached to boiler is one of Bee s Patent automatic the feeders which regulates the proper Supply water to the boiler with mathematical e Ion. This novel device is very ingenious valuable but too complicated to describe the limits of this article. The engine is idea with one of Reynolds Patent governors and it runt smoothly steadily noiselessly. There Are lines of thai Ting three of the stories yet they have been put in such a Workmanlike manner that t in of one Man will turn the whole when lathes Are not geared on. In this establishment there Are Cloven lathes one Iron planer one blabber two right drills one of Daniel s planing machines two circular saws one Jigger Taw one ing machine and one Tenno Ning machine. Tuandt and Caset Are mostly made of any and Walnut and the strength of the the Beauty of design and perfection of Are equal to the highest conceptions of a admiring Publio. The mechanism for the machine it constructed to be by the foot while seated at work and the it very happily arranged Aad ornamented the beet style of Jap Anning Art. About bands Are employed at the factory but a Ber of Thom Are engaged in boxing and ship Ping Tho Good. " Tho whkkls4 Wii sox Machihi wan one of Tho drat of the tutors soul one introduced and the Dull Csc Limp Floity and High finish of Ltd parts fonder it popular at a per err and a factory machine White it it not Leabu to get out of repair. The Salos room it in Tho Molo Doo n building Art Largo and handsomely fit Ted up and the if they do not Wlson to tar base. Can Call in and pass an hour very pleasantly and profitably. A lady is always in attendance to explain ibs operation of Lam Mach los. And Alvo information in reference to their manager font. Many of the Best mechanics in the Olty Nava decided in favor of this Mashino. At or. Greenwood s purchasers were found for five machines at j. L. Haven & co s three and at Many others two. Hey. C. B. Boynton Wra. A Cor win. Ii. Moore j. M. A ill s. S. Of Lnommedieu. Judges Matthews fall Woodruff. Oliver and Many other influential Cit Seua have these machines in use in their families. From the new York Herald another Cuba excitement. It is in the recollection of our readers that a Short time ago we published a statement from a French paper to the effect that a filibuster expedition against Cuba was actually in a which was followed up by another state ment that a vessel had actually tailed from this port with filibusters on Board destined for the Gem of the the statement was positive and circumstantial and was reiterated Strain. There Are Many rumours and facts afloat which appear to confirm the statements. In the first Laoc several cuban filibusters have suddenly disappeared from the City and nobody can even guess whore they have gone unless it be on me cd Penrou in. Secondly Thero is great excitement among the merchants Here who do business with Havana and it is evident they Loueve there is some thing in the thirdly the Spanish con suls have sent Dis Patous to the Zapiain Gene ral of Cuba apprising of the sailing of Tho expedition and yesterday they sont further dispatches to the tame effect by the Catawba. Indeed so important does the Spanish minister consider the matter that be Nas come on nere from Washington specially about it and is now stopping at the Brevoort Home. Well known Wen. To Iyouna me near of Iotov Yobu filibusters Here sailed suddenly yesterday said in the Catawba for new Orleans and probably for Cuba. He was teen to go on Board and not come ashore again be is in me Dhu ii of taking these trips. He goes in our steam ships into the very Harbor of Havana not a s tally leaving the vessel Dut communicating on Board with parties from Shore. So sudden Are movements that nothing is known them till he has accomplished object. Would not be surprised if it should now turn out that he is on Way to Havana to make the final arrangements for the descent on Island. Of course there is Many a slip Etc. No one of these facts taken alone is sufficient to Bear out the statements in circulation by but when combined they present a presumption that either there is some truth in original statement or that the spaniards a very much frightened perhaps the latter. In tact the atmosphere of the Are rooms of the tuba merchant u rite with of Rumor and it does not require a very keen sense of Tell to sent filibuster ism in the at the time of the Lopes expedition which ended to disastrously the Spanish officials apprised of Evory movement by Well spies who pretended to embark Wita great Teal in the Enterprise for the purpose of betray in the it. We would not be astonished if the thing happened now. But the Piet recently arrived Here in bran new clothes May come too m drab or the Marquis of wat Rivord. Another bold British Nimrod has Home to end in the Way natural to men who pans greater part of their lives on horseback and jumping Over d Gates be pity Baltimore brings news of the death of Marquis of water Ord who was killed by a from horse while Hunting in Ireland. Said lord Waterford although still comparatively a Young Man had lived Long enough to outgrow the in a great measure the tastes and tendencies which bad conferred non a reputation this unlike that of Byron s lord Camelford or the unparalleled or. Mutton. He was the w. Illustrious Type of that curious class of eccentrics who sought distinction not the Cannon t Mouth indeed but Inbe watchman s rattle and by wringing the door Handl and knockers thrashing trades men a smashing plate Glas s windows and the riotous pro tidal jokes of the like elevated world wid e notoriety As Noble and nearly Twenty years ago lord the visited this country in yacht with vivacious friends and found Bis Way within night or two after arrival to the police station in this pity for a Lark on Broadway. Next Day the mayor Lawrence reprimanded the prisoners and punished them Vith an invitation to Ner Soston Ana Philadelphia were also the scenes of this unwise Young lord t achievements and career As a key of was finally Oono ended by a severe chastisement which he received in Norway from a old Norse policeman of Dron theim. Waterford figured conspicuously at that passage of arms and absurdities the mar Linton tournament on which occasion be himself by knocking lord Althorp horse with a Tough Good Lance in place the futile and fragile Ash poles prescribed to firm titters and carried off the prize of valor to at the feet of the Queen of love an years the the accomplished daughter of Sheridan Seymour now duo Heet of Somerset. After sex marriage with a daughter of lord Stuart Best Rothesay whose Arm be contrived to break Tho upsetting her from a Petton during the lord Waterford took to More five courses. In the time of the great Irish of 1847 he showed himself a Good and for a landlord and of late years he had lived each quiet respectable life. He is succeeded entitle and estates by brother the Rev. A John Beresford. N. Y. Timet. And markets. By Telegraph new York Market. New York april m. Boiler Market firm and moderately10,200 urls at to lot l for superfine s Jot 42 for of extra state is 10 5 1 for superglue wenters for common to Good extra do., 8t 40 ii for extra reel round Noo p Rulo closing steady Usu Auriau Reid Aida and Quot and nominal at 6 Lota 40 for Dull and unchanged sales bushels at within 51124 for Milwaukee club Sim for White Michigan Aad 1 80 for White Kentucky. Rye Dull Galea 2,000pro bushels at 66c. Barley Quet sales 7,fo0 bushels at 63&76c., a in Quality. Corn heavy sales bushels at at 83 i6. For Jersey and Southern yellow 61c. For White Southern mixed weaters nominal at Oata quiet at m dec. For state and 9&6lc. I eater in and Rui Sulci 200 urls. . Up pork lower with a fair demand Sules 4,300 urls. At 817 4oai7 5u for new mess 9 17 v for old do. So 74powor 8,20 fur Clear Sis for prime mess and f 12 m for prime including Sou urls. Seller s option april and May atthe s17 saudi for urls. Men for May and june at 917 7s. Beef uni ctr Siu Farls. At vrti7 Lor country prime j7 a i 7 for do. My. 9 sofi.12 25 for repair be Iron Clink to and t2 , Lor extra to. Rrime mob of steady at Kiv sales 2ii Tler cos it i7. Beef up Llama a Evv itt t4 rms my. Enron quiet. Air eased ii oks quiet at said. Cut meats Dull Aalo Seminack. A atif4o. and but font fur steady sales Bra. At 1u 4611 for . Sill in. For prime Western and Small lots at i inc. The but terquietbtcl2c. For Ohio and i.v3 sic. For Khuc. Magog Cotton quiet suits 1, Ofle Bales. i in Mous Raie uni thu a reign in we. Work tallow Dull at put ,111,1 Earls quiet $5 75 for , steady at Miv a Coffee firm Salos 1,400 Beauty bags at i file. So Iuis study at 40c. By Telegraph new Orleans Market. New Orleans april 14. In Cotton advanced he sales 7,000 Dull and declined so. Thirty ked wheat Al 12 l 20. i us num. Gunny bags 10hme. Cincinnati produce Market. Thursday evening april fl017r the demand la Active and thy Marcet buoyant. Haifa or 2, Una. At a i our Lino and is 7.vn r entry incl Lenir my Una. Of Uuie Etra wow wheat at s it i of urls. Were re Elvod. I. I. w11i8ky-t a demand waa unite alive with Aale of Ana Bra. At the a Turtle to t it Wainn including of be. Rkdyiri0n8- a Good demand for lard and 1mj Ami worn offered quite freely but Holder Aak arthr acid wid not my much deep need to Aell at this rata. A limited of Mand for Bacon at love. The Ealr were unimportant. Bulk Matt unchanged. Salon of 100,000 Ilia. Shoulders at a packed and Coal a Sale of Bushel Yough Logany t 7ttc., Anat Salea of 10 fcb a. Sugar at. Hwxc.,including 100 lids. Taken by a Buffalo stealer. Aio Laa steady at s4c. Coffee firm at ia.l3ewheat the demand continue flood nod prices am Well maintained. Salea m ii Liela Prtini Watt at $1 4. In Covington w do. Fair White at is 30, Aoi Rii. Gilr mixed at is 20. I . i. Fri int and null Touati there is not Murli we Vuoto 788ic. As the Rago Iwho Barley sales a huh prime at64c.,andt00 do. Pill at Milc. Market Ami. Bye a fair dem Nuil and prices Are steady sales 700 Buah Cla at 90c. Oath the Market Ian ult and unchanged. Bales Lynn Brahe last Fuk Fettic. Potatoes sales 500 bushels Noahann Ocks at too per Bush of. By Telegraph Philadelphia Market. Philadelphia april 14. In a. A t m,.imii Antna Galea to the Trade at bal a veto my for ape Rene and extra and 7s7 60 for extra family and fancy. Bye flour heavy at St 24. What to Nail Galea of red at is to pm and White at is vat 70. I but ii. . Nova inn Foht at me. Corn scarce Sale 2,000 Buh. Yellow at jtffibsc., afloat.oatadullat81,s2c. 11 a iian malt Heady at 25,h2.hc. For Pennsylvania and Ohio Oris. By Telegraph new York Stock Market. New York april 14. Stocks higher. Cd Largo and Bock Island pm new York Central 77 Al Laanui Nivea by be Wiig i Galena Ana Vinc Aijo Lunn Nimi vein Pacilio mall. Panama Kwh la Rosae land grunts 17 4 Tennessee Nixon pm. Home interests. A prime article of table Nutter from the Best dairies in Ohio it to be found at 357 West sixth Street. We know that to be to. For we Are Well acquainted with the Propri tort. See the advertisement take notice. Autonio Arr co hair Dresser re. Spec fully inform friends former Patron and the Publio generally that he hat removed to no. 63 West third Street Between Vine audit Walnut. Winder on Western Row opposite court Street it still in a flourishing condition taking fic Turet Beautiful and cheap. Magnificent pictures Are taken at the of Broadway gallery of Art for the nominal turn e of Twenty five e cents. wonder full the Auba Strmlau pictures the taken by Harlan & Wilson on fourth Street go and see them. An excellent a Acturo of yourself or friends for Only Twenty five e cents at the great the Are Western gallery 68 and 70 web fourth Street. Pictures inserted in rings lockets and Breastpins at cheap at the cheapest air. 68 and 70 West fourth Street. Who wanta the new York papers were paid two o look precisely each Day t let Call at Church s Post offi stand. Ball b Thomas photographs of every same site Are now taken at thit establishment have Superior style. The bread manufactured by the Union steam baking company is of a very Superior Quality. So say those who have used it. The those who have not yet Given it a trial in of would say do so at Onoe. The j. Ball a. S. Thomas and t. Fall Ball the Champion picture taker can always be found at 120 fourth Street near Ragas stoves for All Kludys of Etc 272 sixth Stree t. Not married. On la Rah 24th. He tha to inv. Or. Lowrey. Daniel Dob a to lira. Matt s. B. You no Allin this City. The a s both the parties to this contract have passed off Meridian of life it shows that they had Faith in old adage that it s never too late to do special notices. Some proclamation a wonderful medical cures by the application of prof. De Grath s Din Oil made unwise on Man and beast. Man to the inhabitant of Philadelphia and Vici Aiti rugged t a Yonnaa to Enra. Almost instantaneously lord visuals attic cd with deafness headache neuralgia. Famous chill fever. Ague. Babeu mutism. And All sorta Rains. t Nonnan in a bark and Elf actually Dos slate ache Aud pain and to accomplish nearer and off perfect equilibrium of All the circulating fluids inhuman system than can be effected by any other of All other methods of medical Aid in the same space the time the masses do not propose to cure xxx a disease but allay u in Rohlo he aka it Mediti Beauty ances. My electric Oil operate on chemical lady Electrio principles and is therefore applicable to Eure or natural restoration of any Organ obit arising from an improper circulation of de want the Mareea to join in this matter theaby As the sick because if these things Are so All Zulika sensible k. B. Please inform me of any ease of failure cure in from half an hour to three weeks a famine to cure or charge nothing. Defiol Philadelphia. Efficient wholesale and retail by a j. D. Park Corner fourth and Walnut f for Hale by All Drac Sute. Jar the Union Bank third Street. Discounts Papor Granta Rary Loans and s in a Chanse a pole and Reut bulk not collections made on the terms. Interest allowed of time Daypu-1mfg0 James b. Ramsay it Guilford s heat Genic syrup. The following is an extract from a letter from Stephen m. Wheeler a gentleman Well known formerly connected with the Public schools of City i Clark count a Ohio March 29, i. Wentum Guin Road dear sir i am of or of tha Girmu of your since my attack of Couge Etive chills and lung spasms some three years since my health been gradually declining having been troubled r a Tina with n Ili t went a bad cough and severe nervous prostrations which destroyed my voice for Flea or six hours Fiina. In november last 1 Olita Guetl Toiuo or medic due Siivo which Timo my Kuuku Nas deep Iuah v and bad nervous ? my 1 a Tim trained some i t,.hli. If others who Are Alle colons of the Throat Hui lungs can obtain Ninon Nellt t trom your Neamtu Gritu syrup -i.u. Al. In id for Toful to von fur Unur utile medicinal preparations f am pleased to thut Mestra. Brow. A losers Milru skims. Of Are to be furnished with your Medicine for yours truly Burnin a. . For Eale at no. I m Wist a Tukli Lone door Katt of race. Pi2-1 t in6eed Oil and duo urls. Mcseed Oil 70 urls. Turpentine for Sale by b. Baht Cut a pl3.a Xhu West front of at8villk Coal Oil a pay for Tai or Sanii Iii a Apia a us wast front new advertisements. H. M. . Pick s jul Lycra House. Rev. Ii. W. Bellows. The fallacies of freemen wednesday even of april 20. Cabanas. We have received direct from Havana forty thre e thousand Oio-ah.s-, various brands including a Small invoice or the celebrated Cabanas to which we Call the attention of smokers. Also a Large invoice of o lamp agile including Green Seal Imperial cab inet and other brands. E. B. A w. B. Coleman not t and 0 Burnet House building. Garden Tooris. Garden Spades rakes and hoes Garden trowels pruning Knees shears and saws. For Sale by Jos. W. Wave v co., Denert in hardware and Metal no. 196 main Street Apt 5 opposite fifth Street Market space. Important notice it is with great pleasure ithe arrival of a new lot of those Superior double threaded sewing machines Price so Anil 140, which elicited such Universal commendation from Tbone who saw and used them. Fact i expert to he Able to keep a Supply on band and shall be Happy to show them to All who May favor me with a Cal for particulars Send for circular and specimens work to to. B. Coleman no. 1 Burnet of ouse bul Lillqu. Sole agent for the West and South we of the apis new York bowing machine compar. Boots and. Shoes Stock of Light boots Andy suitable fors Nrang Nowr adv and open to the Public for inspection and i wish rail the attention of All lovers of easy and g boots to my pump sol e calf boots which Are As soft As kid and As easy to the foot sock tall Ana see them. At John h. Deters Carlisle s building at Apps no. 03 West Ful huh . Feed feed in this line Ofin Competition a treat Hight and it is Wiah to secure the advantages of that Competition the Publio by Selling feed of All kinds in quantities to Ault Ruric Naayers at Gnu inuit a Wii us of charge to any part of the City. Customers and my Asa stants to of zeo Iowa Nonean Gnu and it is the ardent desire of the subscribe to set them tue example. Re Ltd n n r Ili i a ii we apl6 317 and 319 Broadway and lock c. Try our California liniment an internal and external remedy for Man and electro magnetic Salve for White swellings flyers bores Burns ulcer ated breasts Etc. Call Auu get a list 01 our Mauw cures. Hov. Brown manufacturing 00 of dealers in Fatuet medicines perfumery Etc. No. 246 main to fat our Stock of perfumery is the largest an the varied in thie City. Pm by Jacob Graff & co. 18 Kast fourth Street. 20 lots in Locust Grove or Avondale. On Fri Dat afternoon april be old at auction at s o clock on premises on the Lebanon Turnpike in Locust or Avondale near p i of a Garden 20 lots of being 100 feet front each by Iso meet deep numbered the plat of Locust gets a 6. 7,8, 9, i 12, 13, 14, i7. Id. A. 4. 2m. To. Ai. 32 and 33. Those Lota Are an improving Peteh boyhood. Near to Lien is a Aud a Church. They Are of easy Access about a mile from the corporation line and Are posing the property every hour of the terms of Bale balance in one Indi two years with six per cent interest secure mortgage on the Promise. Til in Good and sule positive and omnibuses will leave our office no. 18 East Street and the court hous at 2 o clock on themore Sale. Passage the or of hardware. Such Anulf. And Latimer Colburn & Lupton the wholesale Well hardware merchants Are of i3zja.x1.31j St., wish to Cincinnati. Having received important of both English and american Oda and our Stock being now full and Are a reputed to Oner to hardware dealers Aud Apps country Trade special inducements and advantages the inducements of reduce a prices Ana tue a varied and Cimpl Tostock including goods which can not be procured on the same2t Elf where. Tempo our arrange Mouts As agents for tue Saie i Best Hoe & co s a avs co. Casey Clark & co s planes and nay Loii & co s steels Aro permanently established and having control As their agents in Cincinnati our enjoy the Benefit of purchasing their goods factory prices. Or. In ten Atsma nation of Toek and Nelces. And will execute All orders entrusted to us with and dispatch. This Latimer Colburn & Lupton 18j9. Wholesale hardware merchants Rei alced Bird. Violent Ivo. Is plea Iii Striect. Baa ap7-lm most bronchial United states your at a Hail steamers n re Bybia sailing from new. York. Wei it from Fob Siam bib As As i sax0nia, May 2d. Vulsia foil Liverpool learn City of Washington May suit for have North Star May eth. Of Lxii for passage apply to. Jam. A m Kline Al Jim f it West third bt., 4 b. Coombs venetian. Is n u .i1. 4uii,. Nil. In . Ii. U i l in t. .1 1,1 Ulvi Wii . Uii 1 Mil. , wholesale and retail. Mccord s old stand. Cheap a tha cheapest a Good a to Best.co., to please. 8 Iii in i c0ai, Otic and fluid lamps up. On Hamaj. And for Sale by b. Bat Lett i81. Alj a h West front buy your ribbons at no. 30 West fourth Street an immense Stock just opened v j. Lebot Tillier & Bros. Mrm Cincinnati hosiery store Cincinnati hosiery Stor Cincinnati hosiery store n. W. Cor. Fifth Aud Vine n. W. Cor. and Vine n. W. Cor. Fifth Aud Vine. Leavittt & Bevis Leavitt & Bevis Leavitt & bevi8, Leavitt & Bevis respect fun invite the attention of purchasers to their Well selected Stock of Spring has i re Spring Hussi Ery under garments under garments under garments gloves and mitts gloves and mitts gloves and mitts new it lace ties new hty1.e 1,Ace ties new byte lace ties and furnishing goods generally and furnishing goods generally and furnishing goods generally for ladies ousts and chit ten Lapikas gents an d , and children in Iru five Tel. In 1111 Ninn hosiery store to 12 fifth Street. Otto pits in j for. Equestrian performers of i and actors. 1 also a full Stock of to a Isnino goods at auction price8. At r. & Holmes a t. V.apl2 s new books at my to Robert Furke & cos will 65 West fourth Street. To i. Three visits to Madagascar during the years 1853,154,185 1 including a Jour. Ney to the capital with notice of the natural history of the country and the present civilization of the people. By Bev. We. Ellis f. H.8. One Largo Dvo. Volume. Illustrated. Price 2 50. Ii. The american Home Garden being principles and Kula for the a Dituro of vegetables fruits Flowers and shrubbery to. Which Are added brio note on farm crop with a table of their average product and chemical constituents. By Watson. 1 vol., 12rao. Illustrated. Price 8150. Iii. Science and Art of chess. In tent the Board and game the individual pieces and tha theory of checkmate theory of checkmate determine checkmate pawns and most. Pieces theory of exchanges chess openings problem positions Aud solutions. By j. Monroe b. C. L. Price 81. In. The chess hand boo teach. Lag the rudiments of the game and giving an analysis of All the recognized opening exemplified by game actually played by Morphy har. Witz Andersen Staunton Paulsen and Many. Others. Price 71 Eta. Is v. Tankwei or the san Jacinto in the the seas of India China and Japan Liy will. I Wel l Grove Hood m. P., u. S. N. 1 vol., 12mo. Land Price 81 25. On i an introduction to the stud lit of Philosophi with an untuned treatise on in logic. By Hov. Of Chaun v. V. Once i. Being Day. Volumes now ready and by of the elegantly illustrated edition of Cooper s Day of from drawings by t. O. A Darley. Apis the last of the Mohi cans the pioneers j or the Sourbet of the oust Reuanna the red Rover. Just received and for Sale by Robert Clarke & co., is West fourth Street. J John Boner j acc Cessna to Pete a sm1iu, at 36 West fifth St Complete the has constantly on hand a Large variety of various fancy goods toys China term fancy basket8, fishing tackle military goods Etc wholesale and bet ail i at very Tow prices. Ap4 Sono Jeum customers exclusive sugar can e. Here at and precision i our annual. Illustrated pamphlet now in press and to Issue about the 1mb inst., contains a f Plain and comprehensive treatise explaining How to make sugar and Birdp from tha bog cum cams together with report of interesting experiments made throughout the country Dur lug the last two seasons. It also contain a catalogue with cuts Aud description of our improved Potorf rent harm Twila. Pans Olam Fiobo Al Knack f1xtube8,7th. Skimmers ladles thermometer pot Hac barometer retort Mold and All the appurtenance requisite in the Bug making process. On receipt of thre postage Stamps thit will Oan mailed prepaid to any address. Blind edges free ii 0., Cincinnati. . Ip9-Ttno. 0 Mala hi., . As we aim dress National coffer Andin,77m no Saloon. 214 Van Itrat so door theater. Oysters Woottn meal and us nears Terveus up in eur prior St i n. B. Sadr Saint ladles1 dining and refreshment co Saloon attached Ana Coda mud is the asst Tat Lefao. By. I Lory manner
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