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Cincinnati Daily Press (Newspaper) - April 15, 1859, Cincinnati, OhioThe Tia Isis printed and published daily sundays excepted by to Tahiti no. 14 weit fourth Street nil in Fixari Linfa 6i Ortw Attl Jot -. 1nuton and Newi m in Rooding cities villages and town a six cents Wiek 41 Price of single copies t one month 40 Cal. Three months ii 00 one War. 14. Amusements. Wood a theater Cornea sixth i Van Stiv Cincinnati. Manager Skorok Wootis. Plage manager. ,.ij. Vervant. Treasurer a. B. Vstsd., motion Tiki Chan Ort. doors open m o clock performance commence Ai io Cioca. Tricks of Aduis Siok. Areas Circle and Parquette so cents family Circle 24 ,. F y a a Friday Venino Aphel in will he proven Tel Mir la tilt a Domestic drama in & Acta " " Willow c0pse Luke Fielding . John lif Lalev. Lion. Fielding Are. Efflo Ellnorr. Hulk. . Douglas. , .,.. Wesley. Arthur a rp.f.,n,l.,t,.vilr. till Gibsom. . Hip . To Loitra Anglia re . Brvant. Lucy Vanguard Hui Meg v wide Ali Ifonia. And White and Bine in run Rae re by Mia Riordon. To with the cumin pantomime in one act railed. The1 Frisky i Cobblah. ,. Tim nnor.7.1p . Myth. Rimini Wax . sexy. Old Ora Hall . He oven. Inbi thu Mich l. And darn. Cent urdu h.on8t of., w tailor. The great and Yankee Iioaiefhana. And my. J. Flirence Are Iniga eds and Ali nor tit Aji Pear. New National theater Tiknis Baker sole Lon see p. A. Bari Edaj. ,. Al. Al the acne third Naglit the engagement of the celebrated m Lle Loii inc we iue8truuan4 a vane i Boujie. Friday liw b acted the Koui Antic Aue Atrian drama in three Acta titled Buck Byson in which Highl trained Teeda will appear. By fikely . Geo. J. Arnold Nick a Riffle . T. Ayr idiot Hull Day . We. It. Derr Buck Bison . Kugle Runford in Alp demolition . Mortimer blanched m lie i Louiae Wella Moll Laager Mia Cooke. To commence with the comic Pikatch called clip s clip . O. J. Arnold in which Char Acter be win Imnaha Iwai Jav. Rur rest. J. B. Kolb Alkim Clima Insaad Bali Williams m Lle Louiae Helli will f in Siutu Tuuao meottewbalet7 greatest Novelty of the age fort nigh i of no Frilay Madame Bosco the origin Tyror irl and Emrih Wii Marvilea Moat-hw8tfj la Donau oct her j grand Palace entertainment i of astounding transformations and illusions i. A presented by her . The most dating nihed Andamli Honable eni Diencia. To Many of the principal cities of end own America and before Queen Victoria and the Bra blah court Balmoral Castle Scotland on Trio Ollhof , ims. A taif. Haa been Nat roil cd by clergymen of All denominations. And. Urive itally Llroy non Ceby thebulte and Praia be Ruvii Nalcy. Mad Boa co will m Aele Cliotis from the Moat re Horche of her Nauy of which Are entirely and there never i Meafeu nere. M e ne s b a n d end e d i Odra Valori 30 Ceuta a j oi5rj 6 in to o clock Momiu Aoa . Benefit of the Public Library. Musical festival in the Ali Ullh of j. Intermediate and ill Gli Sci tools Asili lated by till. Iphilharmonic society.1ii1. S opera Hall monday even Lii afraid a r59 doors open 6, and. Exec Tea commence o clock. Tickets 60 cents All parti of the Hoise and no seat Tii Keta procured the Library Corner blk and Vino mud the several Book a Tovrea and in that Day of performance the door of the opera House. Aph Che Ai opera a contracts our Powers but the Itose opera. In the Day ii a 1 .r0lll.s0x7& i Ike s i1hj.iuam a Wamby. .11ihu War the must Talente d affy Cut Chi company Ever pre Aenied the Ciuris Knetl Public and Al candid Paviliunas by Vun Delvere Treasea trappings on the Cut lot Mou Dayt Kelio Byi ii Ruedi Resony a play 23 . No half Price. ,. La rail i i ii Iii. I of afternoon entert Giumenta men i o Cloctt evening 7 p. Doors open half a 1 and half Paao clock. A iia a a1 h. Ai Western imtj3etjm. Alb an in Titi .8tlna Kellk 1 a and Kven la h the in item states. A Thorner Sye Ami if Kua Fyk a violin . J Turt received a fresh Superior violin fun Coultar a Tringa beat italian. " A Tonda fv74 Roi Irth troit Ope Oali like s operaj1s11 Anderson a Hannaford i. B. Third an Are Giaier alar apis "1 Ohio Jet bub Fri merchant Altril 6. O Vine Arcet opposite the Burnet Maraea Cinatl of particular attention paid scouring dyeing and repairing. Ill i .1 ii la irim Cincinnati Friday morning april 15, 1859, pkg e one cent. . companie8 will and the Tunnat com nor of Uvoda Anil table i Orther prof Aaion n in Foj Taylor a161 flu St., bet. Once and rim con Laling 111 part of equestrian tights and shirts in every ale and color of Polk Lorii Arcotta. Clown presses opera , Prana Lea a Star a Alcoa ..,. Also a general Stock at Ildren m and m Zimni Sinenci goofs Leaai cry a Horta. I i incr Arien v Gaclia loll not. Nuhui Endon kid Novra i Nee Tili. . A. " Iforcall and examine the i the fancy blocking. Tav Loil Sukjo filth Street al2, Between race and Kim. Stranger s guide. 1io0k8 and stationery. A c o., no. 43 main at. Andersan Vatca Wal Vnti la Amain it. A wind Aid Stencil Cutter. " 1. h.". ? Bunino Lvii Piid Coal 0il7 c bus. A. Jenna Hanna Corner third and Mill . Cabinet Majcher s hardware. Goal Pitt us Naan of Walnut. J. Ii. Wayne cd Boa 144 main St. rur Ile Duer 81 Walnut at. To b. Sly do co., 34 main St. J i Cio afis and. Tobacco. Kennet Duricr fcco.,lma4ut.rj. A. L4itterori, 115 Mala . A. But Treaon 197 Walnut Fleer Slotten 1h3 main at. Fancy goods a Ted jewel re Gardiner auction Honne 194 main at ? fancy an Staple dry goods manat. V. Villa in Voo Drui r3, file no two in i ,,.ei, inn. Ataii i Vivain a. J. Butler 39 Vine it. Fac reign i Domestic fruits John ill Tchell 0 College build log Walnut 4r0cer3. Anuk. Commission i Olleia &.vaudtiark.ej.3a Lulo at. Ocet Rejona 4c co., 01 Moian. Talt pc Hon 49 Walnut Stem Trena hah a columbian Wendy , 14alnlt. I i ghn3--a.n-d pistols. a. ,.,. A f Hab Dwarf a8d Iku Hannahv dec of Efnor j1w maw it. Hubb factory and a Timber Yard. Urn he Guild As co., 03 West front " i in . Mann Uaria ii 53 Sycamore at. Looking Glasse . J. , taut fourth we u . Iron West fourth it " Jennina 184 Walnut at. Hambel Boyd 134 Walnut at. Johari w. Beetley 103 main it. I paper manufacturers. Bachelor Decamp Csc co., 01 Walnut at. Pollock Job jct All 434 Walunt it " six n Chatfield 77 and 79 Walnut Physicians and surgeons. i. C Beck m Broadway. J real estate. Re. Inn cent soft main saddlery a Carriage trimmings iter lid Eaton of co., i s main scae.,beam s Al a trccks."1" Vav right in do., est Socony starch manufacturers. T. Eve I of 61 Walnut at. Sugar can e and Grain Millsi Hebrea free &. Co., 0 main at. Trunks and carpet bags. G. Tkv. Hoholl 97 Walnut St. Watches and jewelry. Bib cd Hulth . Onihan a Acala a co., 100 Walnut St. Window shades and Oil cloths Hub Deu & Otto 41 West fourth a Jafe Ryer a Kirk 8 College Hall Walnut St. I were cloth and products. A. B. Burnittebcv., 4waloiietj. 6. Wood and Willow cards. Tit a, to1,1 a office 90 West seventh Street Between Vink and Back. C. E. Newton m. scr be. W w eat Woven the Street Between Ham. Ileal us no n so. Al Bevent Street in Walnut and Vina. Ira uou8-7. I m. In 2h p. A i 7 8 p. M. Dental cards. am lbs. U. R. Smith. Drs Zamlen a Smithis 3 West Foutab. St. A. --4 a a a. A a Soffio Kot 138 Weil feat Reed Omo saloons a. Nodi an q, s 6bseb Al.o6w. 59 least Pearlt. Keep constantly on band Coffee Tea chocolate Bis opem bib. Of. Avritt s diff Lett a Loon. I i i 43 a .,, St.,i0b Aird. n Iso West fourth Street near in 1 4oio. Is i a v ki1"" Lii ice Cream Saloon. Tiii3-.p it., fit i Dav. Correspondence Between Philip Barton key and several gentlemen relative a Rumor that there was an improper intimacy Between key and . Sickles. The following Lottor wore of Broj in the Sickles trial by the Defenso and refused by Tho court. . Brandy took exception. To Tho . Key . Sickles. Washington March 26,lion. 1858. a hit firt t4ntl by Jonah Hoover copy of a had and Yoa will per Ceve the Enort 0 fix the ridiculous and Iago aging in nov on of. Uie parties concerned Wai , and Barton key. . Key . Wooldridge Washington March 26, 1858. Okoro b. Would Rioff Esq. Shiv will you please in writing what communication you Manuo the Hon. I me Bickley concerning the and also give inn your author for making Auch communication my object a Uncertain Tho More f Baa Sal Umney. Must shed Ion trs Ervant. Phil. Barton key. . Wooldridge key. kit Esq. Marshal j. Bacon info ruled Ine on tuesday afternoon March 23d, that Beckman said that Sickles had been out Riding on horseback three different times with Barton key during . Sickles last Absencethe City of York and that they Stop pod a House on the Load toward Turranol that . Sickle had a room and remained one Nour Ana a Nan mat sue up. Nor Babit and that be had no doubt that Mere was an intimacy Between . By and . Sickles. There was much More the mine kind of conversation. And . A con told also in a manner that assured Meas so also that . Key boasted that a Only asked thirty is s hours with woman g. B. Wooldridge. March 26, 1858. . Key . Bacon. March 26, 1858. Marshal 3. Bacon. Esq. Sir herewith Send a copy of a note from g. B. Wooldridge efort which you will be pleased read and answer in writing whether you made the Montua contained . Wooldridge g note and if Yoa did make state upon what authority you made it. This will be banded you by my Friend j. D. Hoover Esq. And you 1 i. I 1 will Piu Aav aus Fli u . your obedient servant. Phil. Barton key. Bacon . Key. March 26, 1858. I Barton kit fun deaf sin your j note hag just been banded a by . Hoover a web a copy of. A., note from . Wooldridge. 1 have state that in the main statement is Correct though some Points beyond what 1 said. As i told . W., repeat you . Beekman waa my author 1 stated the time . Wook Ortdgo and repeal that i did not believe there was any truth in Tho statement and went in the conversation give my reasons such and that i deemed a Fabrica respectfully yours m. J. Bacon. . Key Beekman. Washington March 26, 1858. My. Beekman sir i Send herewith a of a note me Froni . Didgo hnq., and also of one from marshal Bacon. You will be pressed read and in writing if the statements Aro Correct and if you Are responsible Tor the vile Calmur Nies contained therein. This will be handed you by my Friend . Hoover and you ple Aeo give him an immediate answer. . Tour Oteoaero key. Key. Beekman slur Jiha Leco ived yours of a through.1 Hoover together with notes from Wooldridge and . Bacon and in ropy your inquiry whether i Ara the author of font calumnies contained in in Wooldridge a statement i aay.1 disa vow that iwo Over their author and pronounce every Thimig therein As a lie and also the statement of . Bacon i was their author. Very Roseo fully yours ., s. D. Beekman. The Eso letters wore All copied in . Handwriting a Small scr Tohy and cramped style of calligraphy Upo n Buff stumped the top with Bis Crest and initials. Tho. Crest is the head of a dragon other monster in heraldic holding in Jesk a key. ". Y a suon Presson aubb1ca Hilmart nature is not changed Jet i Centary nature improved by the action Sui Bortalo institutions. In Many Reapp american Congress is not so Woll managed. As the British parliament in no resp cots better managed. There 4s just As much Eeling Thuro and party fooling is just As my l.nll.,n a . Fol Iaun. W1ia , All Libor allot some Shundo other but reals As indeed we see Home can among themselves just As vigorously As against be their natural Opp Neuta. Thuro Are not conservatives in ,whigs,231 and republicans whatever Sli hilarity we May ascribe such designations Are granule in conf list with Quito As much Rosity and quite As much forgetfulness Public interest As any of our parties As a matter of fact too is perfectly that abuses. Of administration. Attain greater magnitude in Amerlia than t i of Jwj pair poses and All that machinery of faction feb ref of. Deplorable a drawback on Tuti Onai government is. Far More Active More Rompre benue in Tho United than has Ever been in this country in Short we take an impartial Survey the United states and their government we shall be induced Oon Olude that i advantage of that country Are almost not entirely. Independent of in administration. The state Are prosperous not because re government makes them so but because sources of their territory Are largely in excess of ther present population., they lightly taxed not because their government economical forbearing for is notoriously aggressive but because the youth of their loaves them with Little debt and their 108 graphical position exempts them from any of warlike establishments except for the poses of Conquest. If. However they Are an in the have he Euri. The will assuredly accumulate debt Anol at Ontl Topal existence than did. And in the interval is main Mai can not boast of better More administration. A Tunt,.alatcvi. Rate ran rat Anat aties Are Beine formed by Cath Lioa in Canada. The Orange Soo Netiea the of Lynnl Eriend Mil 43 Cai Holics this Mega proc cuing. The Blue Bir d. J am i Millie and bind y. Norn i Iiri Iru a no in i Hick Itow. F.f.1 my t1p primp hit of. Ului my ii u i Kip a i be Vitinia Miner me . I Jojou d platen Ami look the my ,. I. Pc Cullig Ali wildly litre and there purple Anidi odor Charm Tho air and the lift cup in the Lea a of Tho old vent burled up and All the Dollente insula Lull Moo non Trio in Tho gloom would Atli a their Alu Hiher and Cutch the Nln and of Thaun and the april Ali i Vor angina Haa Oliie when the l.luo-d a Tonga Ami Lola in the Maple Lillo a Lou. And the wind May lilo if and Tho torni my full lint Trio Vaice of ainu Miuor a heard in All. Ain Bill who and Clad y my heart Lien Lile the Milne Lill Allig and Folda Aero no weary iiiit., the Union thinks that the decs Trio Delip Fatio party is owing . Excess of great non. V bima Russhin prevails that sex judge Bat i will be appoint Eil superintendent jul Ubelio printing. is sad that . Flthe Sieok had been of. Feed but declined the appointment of commissioner of i Antenta. A larger number of Shi than usual will compose the next Squadron sent can coat j Edmund Burke has said taxes for education ir6 like Vapours which Rise Only descend again beautify and Fertilise the Earth. Tho Kentucky state medical society holds annual convocation on. The 20th of this month a Lebanon. The of the York Herald in Cuba is prohibited on the ground that is an annexation St a Frazer Kivor exc Lemeril has been got up in Canada and numbers of Young Moir Aro Clearing out he prov tone. The remains of John Hunter the physiologist and surge of Haye been torred West Waaler Abbey with appropriate solemnities ii. T. Of the i Lafayete journal reports that Allfriend Sli Loer. Late of the Argus has been miss ing for f Day two and fears Are entertained that he Pas been foully Avoalt with. Do . Scanton of Wurzburg who attended the Empress of Russia in her last has received for his services $5,000 who wouldbe a the meal called eggs on horseback by the Oit Zens of the Argentine confederation i consist of a Beefsteak with two eggs on the press has made our whole world of Ili ution one great lecture Roo from which no Reading Man can Soape and the Only defense against Progress is stolid . A paper is projected be published in Covington by " proprietors . B. Mouk-1a. Jun. And George w. Williams of coving Ai Jas. H. Basevin and will. P. Uchus of Mays due. T he journal is called the Kentucky. Jon Iori i v Tho est of toy owned by the lif Rendol and York steamship Jenl Sal fortnightly direct from Cork Ireland. To Ifni emigrants this line will 411 Bis Noi ant Long Fel and do a entirely with go the of of going Liverpool and o Tak 9 passage the n. Y. Herald says should the grand army of. Snow. Moving the Rocky mountains find work on ennui h and Gold enough detain them profit Tor ably least one route of the Pacilio Railroad " will determined upon before the next meet ing of Congress " the Pittsburg press tells of a Scotchman named Erskine who was in the Cambria county poor House. He received a remittance copy Money defray his expenses Home but being of a weak mind Joyful news put him Stark made and next morning he was found dead a Pond in water about two acct gentleman somewhat distinguished for the Tisei f Choice language found fault with Pundt ing As having much calorie in will which the Landlady top in High dudgeon de daring that she Byver used the article indeed theri never was any in the House. Ithe Good lady bad ther. Ericsson s caloric engine in her mind and a right Good work article it Lyons War Hinton. In presenter. Init Bis credentials on. Tuesday Lyons the ave utterance the most prot Una Ioe Ungs Rich Shin of Nis nov Ormont. Lor Inai of me uni Iod states and express of Tho Hope that the ties of Amity would be drawn still closer Ine president warmly reciprocated the sentiments announced. The interview was of a More Man usually cordial character. A mistake. The n. Y. Tribune of wednes Day err sets the news in a matter in key s Cincinnati is interested the news has funny Story about the Republican Legislaturef Ohio imposing police commissioners on deju Horatio City of Cincinnati. The Boot Soma Ora Otlet in the 6thet the legislature a who Tor last two years Nas been Uedoi Ueary democratic in both branches Watilo Tuo Monatt is cd publican in bar local government haying Jan Eremea Vappu Siuyu no arvo in. 1.3uu majority. Jasnin mews Deena Truia. Of inn Natoria canvass Ink a wide ii i no no iyar Duits of society. 7 . Magoffin. Of Merw county the demo ratio Canamare party Niv. And . Bell of Boyle the Ophy sit Ion of Randi data for governor both present a Ronota R of no Qixia Ana a Navaie wnu., lib blot stain both Are esteemed by an fight Hove their personal acquaintance As fiend men High tone d and Bon orame. I Ney Nave tories one nod the canvass both favor the acquisition of Cuba their prospects too Truing in Ine Tim of an office Soldo Are that Al Agoton found will be returned by a majority of about 5,000. Ani the gubernatorial Camka Iov in Virginia. Of the rival candidates messes. Goggin Nome. Letcher Are a Kini a tour of Tho state certain stumping gloriously. On the 27th a Thev met Lebanon truss eur county were Goggin led off and was followed Iao it. Jiuu Jiuu a in which number of ladies were present constr on the 29th ult. They met Princeton. And juror county where Goggin took the Load states in the former ease. Letcher followed claiming if some of the ladies As his mends because. Gog of cd a in Faroe of taxing Silks and satins their next meeting was on the 3d inst., the Union Monroe county in the presbyterian if of Huron. A number aiders protested the candidates that the Church was dedicated their the service of god and not such sinner the a they but they acquiesced Cut of gallantry the . Letcher led off Here Oro is a London Dooh Rrt. The London correspondent of the n. Y. Herald says an act state ridiculous and disgraceful cruelty on the Geo of our chief Clio Midas mayor need just excl nor Pullo indignation not Pur Little aggravated by that functionary s Endeavor defend his own conduct the expense his helpless Vlot in s Obar Soter. A poor vagrant Amoh a run girl Lone Mary Ann Donovan was a we Days ago hauled up before this do Berry Mey Bank aug of tabs in Cornball in other trying get in honest living in a very Humble k Way in the Street. This however seems an Indita Bact Fonsa Ulwin nuked by roman prisoner v w hat can a poor girl do 7 Bis of ship by Way of answer sends a Noor striving Ami creature prison for fourteen lays Herd with those thieves and Prost Tuta i ,.v.v. Re u. A business cards. J. J. Bitler 8 Lexcil Frior fluid inks. Manufactory if Oliie St. 84 we. 3ioiteiiouse& co., upholstery and of nil kind of and Bill Ditzik Ruuth nit Oor prof filth Akita fluid roots. Jitirihimt., Kajiu ii l Boyd. Merchant tailor and dealer in reap mad e clothing. I no. 134 Walnut St., 90 " Cincinnati 0. William Mecord. Kermit ant tailor ii. Doebler Foreman. sulk Street ,1 f.,Kenna Coull Kaitly on hand shirts i m Brno int ii Mikkah Iiire. Cravats and All kinds of Tient p Farsi Siginu goods. B a tit. T. by vuuv1 j Ubea 33ji3aijii3x1.s Hucht Panr c. I. Iierman n. Corner fifth and Walt int ii. Cincinnati In. I booksellers Public Skiersi. Stationers Blank Book manufacturers 43. Main Street.12 " i i i c. Curry Williams. Manuras Turin and ikpobt1i of. Paper hangings. T. No. 85 main Street one door above Pearl Cincinnati. M e. Myers & co. Whole Iau manufacturer of and a Mart candies. French no. 52 main Street three doors above second in Eire works from the manufactory 11. 1. Dull. 4. To re a Tut Tiit t to xxx. A Judi a Ujj of. A Anspac tuners of bar a Hist a we ,.r inn. A Tow Hirahm. Rail i old Slick he. also agent for tile Sale of Ironton Star Nallen. War rooms no. 19 East second 8treet, Cincinnati Ohio. T ta11 kinds Iron made order. Iuo press Tiloi mings. Our Toca. Of Prljaca All the novelties of the season and pop ear prices. J. I Pickering & co., 10.liu90 West fourth Opp. P. O. Of of Fitcheu Rammelsberg wholesale and retail in furniture Ware rooms no. 9 West fourth 8treft, n Otto Post orno1 Cincinnati. factory cornus John and Botond . Daguerre typists a. 13 is. Dague bean o Altiert Wegt Firth i. Cincinnati Dewe if. & co. Photograph gallery no. 11 Pipih Street Kat Large a photographs taken to lowest Price. Call and 8ee them. B. D o d p s the Connerly of a co. Late Urban j Oddais of w ii up dam & co Rhyljao 3sr c?.t.jnftt rite inf Zitur Fular proof a . Coi Ner of Vine a. Second streets. No thin lit in Iii ont pm pome Al re Ard he Kola Slutt h my de in thenite 5tal Ham 1b warm ipod fair factly Froe from Damp. Can ear lower Priow awl Tutler cull a found Olne where. In Havn a Hurire Artir lenient hand. And Ara to . Ai Pricola Slutt Caw thu Lane. And old safes take in Exchange. Whix and Hak safes ult., Waya on Paud exl Rociy Low prices. Zekiel al4 he saw saw what i a. As i. Done Aat. V both Wrightson a 107 Walnut Street. Alb i. I. Quickest time yet of York Herald part a Jurii Tribune Anda of the Day before of i received the. T ,Pqst-0f in e news sad Lew 3 a m. Each Dav i,., for and delivered Erbec bars words without extradia gos. ,.1 the is Trak Klin Type and stereo Leyte Roundt a. Alison , Liere 1. A Limm. Jim. . , a. Piid a sent Hrold Lul we m i i fax u w i rr7titi m Lxi business cards. A & c5. Itea Klut " 52 second St., bet. Walnut and Vine wholes Dlug gusts imp6kter8 of and ,.freuch w Germau chemicals. ". Spring style hats. Silk and ca3stijes 1.kelt hats of a Tylea Man b and boys cloth . R. a l Moherman Ficke a co. Import Anta. Wholesale and retail dealers la China Glass a Queens Waue l no. I e a a Plail & tit. R Fri tit bet Pyc Amora Anil Broadway Cincinnati. W j. D. A g. Giesting who Canle and retail of ladies6entit, Aki 8 w boots and svites pc 3. 62 wast Kerrn ht., but. Wam Ani Vine Cincinnati Ohio l attention paid custom . the did stand of Unhan Hatleli a . Wholesale pro cents i no. A we811 Blu Hull a i Eie Matatt. ,,. We. B. Wiwllamsoh just received n Kinport Fotioo of til in Lea Sherry wine Mandala and Caps Winea ii us we Flaky Loudon Porter India ale Earl the a Kancza they Are an of ice choicest a prior any that has aver been by uncut into. Cim innate. For Aale w burial a and retail National theater building by Nior treat. B. Bart Lett & co., c0m1viissi0n Mee chants i and pears 1st oils turpentine glue Potash a. I also teat Oft and Tarn Jig fluid and Coal. Oil Apa Ruiu amt ivs West. Front. Street Cincinnati. attention Given Purchase Aal of. I l a met a a t .4 i Cru Rucj Huu a Juvani w. D. . H. By Iii & co., i. Maker act trebs of stoves & hollow Ware. " a of every Uresti Ipuru. Wholesale and retail. Foundry East Pearl Street. Sales room the foundry and no. To if tue St. Cincinnati. Ohio. Portable cooking Range. E Nave perfected the Tkins of a Superior Vor table cooking Langej of a Wood. Coal. Tvs Tel two and Patent charcoal broiler one Saul seen in operation our store. We Resor & cp., a Rita 13 cd in Blean it. Lan e fit. To pfc a. Jiascfactubbr8 of Wood working " . Rit Tinett a1, c1w Corier Jolsin Suad water ., Cincinnati George m. Dixon importer and dealer in. Drugs and chemicals Hasl , Pru Para i Ion., glad award Taiuta of a a Caturia a Northeast Cor. Maio an4. Fifth . 112 Snowdon & qtte4 21 West 17ourtn.betman & Ali window. J9l5aiiesduma saw ? and i. Trtan 1sflll. Hair Cotton and Kusk " tap Teand Fibert s. T largest and Bent Alao Faulent window Shade Ever Oue Roa in the Chiy. 8hades made order us .30.i i j. I m Landerson Gates a Wright p u b i s h ers Wop resale and retail booksellers and , 18 Printer cd stank Hook manufacturer ",0., 112 main bt., Between third and fourth streets Coors Minati 0. 1 " us l k i. ,.lf i a f a. I Whoie Eilo Defiler ". Al i a s.j., of. To. T lt.,1 1.,. Fine Anu pain la Illies 46 main Street Cincinnati. I. Jno. Griffiths i Besold Kaffir act Reb Oliai rifles an n i t01vs a West Side Birwe in fourth and fifth Stroota. Ii j if i of doable barrel d , gun Mike. Ai rial. Sporting apparatus . In raft by Paltis 1 hunk manufacturer " Street " 1w.kbm ,a., if issus Cimic Tinati Ohio. Travelling and packing Trak f ail Al ride wicca on hand in Nide order. M21-a i i i no u.1 i i Niziul. I To i a. A. Up Auasi wo.aunu-ii-, Surinna. Widoe ease g Roger so. Al. In a Alkul 0, v i. m1 Cincinnati no. 55 Columbia second Atzell stat refined sugars adj Sinap always onland. Y. Palmer s vegetable cosmetic Lollon. ave heard y0ubj-loti0 High i times by extolled and Huva seen wed Elul direct. Lolelia . Ihrl i Mattila m. Joji Khon i. Faba .eniirnllti1. In in Dat m it Hir Ulm Porter of i . Is what fourth Stowt of Trujil v Eia a ,.,vi.,. V,t,.t., i a Raj .kng1lsh lpcvlf9 ii Sares w i Diakit 1 Tolth let Atli Kunak i Lorhke Virom i Road i Cin Prizina i Iii,t.,- ii Cali la. .wl.to . Galili tuns. Jval Hui. Aul Flower and mixed tickles. Alsa ,1. S us w1 ,1 tejiw4s.wf j. Ainr2rtvjt Sindi till i la Tut Woi ratio
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