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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 4

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Childress, Texas Page fourth Childress Index Childress Texas tuesday june 28 1955 the tire a the Sumn if the to Reg at the Summit the that rom As he a in so ability of the proposed meet run is decidedly divided the thinking As to that results that will flow from such no t re is decidedly divided in other words there or it two distinct schools of thought. One is that commune Cann t be trusted Ana that it would or male it ily to enter into negotiations with such a group. These people argue that taper it Nee How 4 that in past meetings with communists the entire game fied in a charter that is. The lome Hunts had no qualms or quibbles about the promises they n Ade because they did. T intend to keep them anyway their Pur use was to drive a it hard a bargain a Xis Ible but to get their objectives regardless of Price also Hospital owned run by women at 50-year Mark b Jean Lipscomb United press staff correspondent a a hos plated by Wooth Annivera i ref a i men men on a new Orleans til founded Ard opt men celebrate4 its Ury this month the it Ara ho4p cared to the treatment and children. I admit As outpatients. T it is the Only institution of its Hind in the s uth and one of five such hospitals in the United states. The Hospital took its name from the late or Sara Mayo first pre Dent of the Board of managers As Well As one of the eight founder or Mayo continued to work with the hip tal Una a her death in 1930 1 Back m the k no skirted Suffran gis Ruigys of May 1905. Eight a of Enuh a Torso barred Fri my Kal Clinis because of their sex join per. A free Crispen a4 much prop i s pm Sib of 1 of thought is people of this Isi As patriotic t group but who belies c interest of peace would used if we give the com in Opportunity to meet inference table and to end search Gly exam hire world picture to the objectives of attained of thought is m purpose and them thinking of americans dealing with each other a her countries w Hose a fitment can be Hon i dined toward the fir4t school and until i am con Meed that an internal a. Meeting at which Russia r no Otho r communist nation us j party is governed and control-1 by effective and enforceable a ? conduct and ethics in Ceable not Only at the meeting a a Elf. But As to the conclusions i Rived at in such meeting. The Gas Bill the fight on fhe a it Bill at Tempo the a try close vote 16 to 15 by which the Bill cleared the com r tree seemed to give e new life much of the opposition. Propaganda immediately spread a hat the Gas Bill was dead for this Ess Ion s me o the staunches supporter against Federal control of Gas Wen caught off base by thus unfair propaganda and made Public latent its to the effect that the Bill w m serious trouble. He truth i it that the Gas Bill is not m any More trouble now than it was before. If there Are As Many Mem-her4 Ofey egress for free Enterprise and against Federal Bureau. A a Rise the Nisei is to re the Gas Bill will pass by an \ t Hweiming vote. There is no Netter time to bring this Bill to he floor than right now. The Bill in m Ping with the recommend 1 Lions of presides Eisenhower Sac set a it Council. This Council was appointed by the president to gather t facts and give him the truth about the whole problem. I feel sure that the president had Confidence in these men or not have appointed them. To de tec Etc Ury. The founders arid Ferar. A a d a borrowed i t ghz Irish i rom the Start. In pm t%m-4r�.jwe i i in regular $12.95 dresses 289 in Stock now. $795 regular $19.95 now go co a a regular $34.95 now to cd pm pm go regular $22 95 now s1495 regular $49 95 now s2995 regular $29 95 now go cd co Cal regular $59.95 now s4995 regular $39.95 now s2495 regular $69.c5 now s3995 by Wou since be did appoint them and since they came Forward with a r a commendation i think it be hooves the president to come out specifically and publicly and stand behind his own appointees. If he a vill do this the Bill abolishing Federal bureaucratic control Over the production and gathering of gds will be passed by the great majority that it deserves i whether is passes the Congressi a not. It should be brought to the a a. Floor of the House and the floor a a a a is a a a. Ard a a or it a x i a t de f u a a a a a a in a s a. A. Oarie at possible moment the in Channe quot sect on in record show be made Avail Thuv to red Wen Able us a11 of the of this e and children from the Low and country t concerning legislation and t in rat r on in of p Cutler the misrepresentations a eligible for Chanty care in tact Hae been made to the con 1997 inc dispensary Bee Arm a full-1 groups in the cities hedged Hospital officially named no Battle was Ever won by ref. New Orleans h pita and diet a a Retting. The Battle on the Gas pm nary for w a men a no children Mil in this session of Congress is then As now the Hospital help Juhe Best Opportunity that has been de turn out women pm sic ians by i presented in the last ten years to it offering residencies directors say a a Parade the sheep from the goats eve n now women doctors find it r the question of who is or who difficult to log t such experience at a a not for centralized government Many general hospitals and bureaucratic control. It is some 3.760 persons were among time to stand up and be counted the patients during he first year not i be should not miss the oppor and soon the is Ersary outgrew Bunite or the occasion it quarters m the of u r a a a t visitors age i f ther visitors in Washington this the Hospital now has 64 Beds week included or. And mrs. T offers general facilities but still a a Nelson and daughter n an is the reputation of a Good Cut a and mrs Chester huf 1 offers general facilities but still Stedler and son Don or. And a the reputation of being a Good mrs Howard Newberry and son t a metrics Center Jerry All of Childress. They were it of the eight founders Only three coing to the Lions convention at it a is Are living Atlantic Rity and then to new on. Or Elizabeth Bass took a York and Niagara fells we cer i a w r her Shingle five years ago t a Only did enjoy siting with these a retired to Lumberton miss Fine people. A edict can be a woman a Walter Rogers v rid a or. 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