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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Childress, Texas Weather forecast Childress partly Cloudy with no important tempera Ture change tuesday night and wednesday. Low 68. Vol. 69 n0.163 Nea Childress Ihde Childress Texas tuesday june 28, 1955 eight pages quot do Sion a Childress Abilene areas drenched rain doctor draft1 Washington a the House j tuesday passed a two year Extension of the doctor draft and a four year Extension of the regular draft. It thus ended a fight which had threatened to stall the whole Mill f tary draft system. On another military Bill the Otise armed services committee j approved 29 to 1, a Compromise j version of president Eisenhower s Corr Pul Sory military Reserve plan. This Bill was expected to come up in the House later in the fight in the House was Over drafting doctors. Opponents of the plan to continue drafting1 physicians and dentists tried to Send the doctor draft and the regu i or draft Extension Back to a Senate House conference committee j they were Defeated 221 to 171. J the House then voted overwhelming approval of both extensions. The Senate was expected to act immediately on the extensions. They must be finally enacted by Midnight thursday else All drafting. Except for those men previously deferred will halt. The government s allotments to military dependents also were tied to the draft Law and would halt after thursday unless the extensions were passed in time. Lightning strikes two texans fatally monday by United press lightning filled thunderstorms that killed two persons and dumped up to five inches of rain in some places moved into the East Ern part of the Texas Panhandle tuesday and drenched the areas around Childress and Abilene. Much of the storm activity entered in the Childress Vicinity heavy rainfall was reported p round Jay ton about 50 Miles Northwest of Abilene. Forecasters Aid the thunderstorms would continue tuesday and tuesday night in the Panhandle and West Texas area. Lightning killed two persons As a band of thunderstorms hit hard it in the Canadian Section of the Panhandle. An estimated five inches of ram fell in the Canadian Vicinity in a four hour period and water forced the closing of us Highway 60 in two spots Bridge washed out the downpour also washed out a Bridge Between Canadian and Gla Zier and covered the Road with water West of Canadian. Mrs. Henry Julian. 50, was kill d by a lightning Bolt As she stood in her front Yard in Canadian a Farmer Kenneth e. Guyer sr., was killed by another Bolt As he slowed a Field near Panhandle tex. The same Bolt that truck Guyer also stunned a Helper standing near him. Robert Parker. 16, escaped in jury however As the Bolt that killed Guyer knocked him Down. Rain also fell in a st Texas with Alpine receiving .84 of an Inch. From one to two inches were reported Southwest of Marthon in the Alpine area. Childress on the Eastern Edge of the Panhandle received More than on Inch Little Char it be in pattern forecasters said there be much change in the pattern of thunderstorms that skipped about Over the Panhandle and West Texas areas monday. The storm act Vity might make a difference of two or three degrees in temperature in those sections but otherwise the state will continue hot moist air and Cloud cover will help hold temperatures Down l be that forecasters said. Little league directors plan umpires Pool disastrous fire razes three major businesses in al Reno al Reno okla. A it Ipin fire went through a half Block of al Reno s downtown business District monday night causing an estimated 500,000 to is million dam lug in damage was believed to be even heavier than a disastrous 1945 fire m al Reno in which an entire City Block went up in flames. The Blaze fanned by a brisk North wind that threatened to plans were formulated last night for a Little Aid Pony league umpires Pool during a business session of the organization s Board of directors and manager president Bob Wadsworth reported this morning. Purpose of the Pool is to provide adult umpires for All games played in the leagues. Currently a he group is forced to use younger boys As umpires part of the time. A any Man who would Volunteer to serve in the Umpire Pool is a to 1 a Skod to Contact Louie Kanagy or i Ltd of local a quot it cr0,s Das to of Wadsworth at the Little Lea spread it even farther destroyed three business buildings then leaped across an Alley and heavily damaged the City Hall chamber it f Commerce and fire department. There were no injuries. Budding destroyed the buildings destroyed were the one Story Parks appliance store the two Story Brinkley furniture a lore and the three Story c. R. Anthony clothing store. The Blaze red Cross seeks Aid for Garden Valley families a Check by the Survey gue Field a Wadsworth said quot tinder our plan an individual would be requested to serve Only once or twice per adult participation in this years program has been better than Ever before according to officers of the organization. Wadsworth also reported that construction now is underway Ona new third base Side dugout and that work on the first base Side will Start upon completion of the present Job. Plans also Are completed for building a permanent Type Concession stand which probably will be started within the next few Days. Restrooms under the stands also will be overhauled As a part of the general program to improve the Hall Park. This years program is bigger than Ever before an operations report disclosed. A total of 310 boys have enrolled and arc play in g on the 18 teams in the program this includes four in the continued on Page eight rotary picnic moved to hotel Childress the rotary picnic will be held in hotel Childress instead of the fair Park according to or. Grover Fox. The picnic is to be tonight at 7 30 of clock. The change was necessitated because of the rain. care of their own needs. J these three families Are in desperate need of clothing bed clothing and household items a miss Ater said quot we have already received several donations of various items but the families need shoes for children of the family will be purchased out of funds of the Junior red Corss organization Here. Some clothing already has been provided by the local red Cross. A was a result our Supply of cloth inf has been depleted and we j would appreciate contributions to replenish our local clothing Pool a miss Ater stated. A due to the fact hat last years red Cross drive Cotton allotments of far if Childress fell considerably be Low the goal the fund now is at a Low the local chapter chairman pointed out that to receive Aid from the National organization at least five families must have suf-1-red losses in a single a a discs in this Case the needy families did not reach that figure. A consequently we must take also destroyed the knights of Columbus Hall located in the top of the c. R. Anthony building. The same building was gutted by fire three years ago at a loss of $70,-900. Al Reno a City of 11.000 por sons. Is located on us. Highway 6 about 30 Miles West of okla Noma City. Fire chief Leroy Searcy who estimated damage described the Blaze As a the worst i have Ever seen a the cause was not known but police officer John Tully said it darted in the basement of Parks appliance store and that firemen get a Hose to the flames. 1 from there it spread to Brinkley a furniture store and then to the Childress gets up to four inches Childress received another real cloudburst Early this morning which dumped 2.25 inches of moisture in downtown Childress by 8 30 o clock. A Light Sprinkle continued to about mid morning. An Early morning Survey by county agent a a. E. Hafner disclosed that in most instances the j additional moisture was More pcs i Tractive than helpful Randall ran-1 ged up to almost four inches in the county Hafner a report said heaviest rainfall apparently was j Between Childress and Tell with 3.75 reported from the c. R. Austin farm. Gaylon Smith said that 3 70 inches fell on his fathers farm just North of Tell. From the Union Flat Community mrs a. V. Mote. Index special correspondent reported Rains of up to three inches. On the Mote farm the measurement was 2 u inches j. H. Waters reported free inches e. J. Hassell 1.2 and Fred West 135. Practically All Fields in the area were under water this morning. In the South part of the county rainfall measured in excess of three inches Hafner said. A j. Brown who lives six Miles South continued on Page eight original standing on either tide of Rost urn seven past presidents of in general Assembly applaud As two in guards Lay original in charter before 10th anniversary session delegates in san Francisco sunday. On left Are Lester b. Pearson. Canada or. Luis Padil a. Mexico. Nasrollah Entezam Iran and Eelco n. Van Kleffen. Netherlands. At right Gen. Cal Zelcs p. Romulo. Pilip planet Paul Henry Spaak Belgium and Dag Hammarskjold present president. In final session. In reaffirmed its a common determination to save succeeding generations from Scourge of War Nea telephoto preparedness group has indicated that three families in the Garden Valley Community definitely arc in need of help. Miss Alyeen Ater reported today. The Survey group interviewed several families in the Community who lost part or All of their possessions during the rain and wind storm of sunday june 19. Three of the families applied for Aid and others said they would to Able to Farmers Don t have to replant c. R. Anthony store. Breaks through for a time it appeared the Blaze would be confined to the Brinkley and Parks stores occupying a 200-foot front but it suddenly broke through the roof of the three Story Anthony building and leaped hundreds of feet into the Nir a Shower of burning debris fell into the Street setting several automobiles aflame and scatter a the huge crowd of spectators. It then leaped across an Alley to the Roar and set the City Hall chamber of Commerce and fire department afire. Poison Speaks to Lions on dam project Bob Poison addressed the Childress Lions Hub today about the Salt Fork dam project Poison said that surveyors had a snorted that from the 750 Square mile water shed the dam could produce 25 million Gallons of water daily oven in the driest periods. This amount is a surplus of 19 million Gallons per Day since the daily usage of the cities involved is Only about six million Gallons Poison said. The r. A. Underwood company said that the project w d Cost around $8 million but the proposal has not been accepted. The project is Long Range and All the talk that might have been heard in regards to financing the project through taxes is strictly continued on Page six Solon sees Okay of Security Bill House committee okays compulsory Reserve Bill Washington a Ipp the House armed services committee approved a Compromise version of the administration compulsory military Reserve Bill tuesday. The vote 29-1, was a Victory for president Eisenhower who repeatedly has pleaded for congressional approval of i plan to build a ready Reserve of 2.9 million men y 1960. The new Bill was drafted to by Nass a Row Over racial segregation in the National guard which producers Union trying to beat strike deadline future Riners in this area who have been rained or hailed out and who do not plan to replant will not be affected by decisions either Way ask official Gene Frisbie said this morning. A we have had Many inquiries i in regards to this problem during a the past few Days a Frisbie said. A if you have lost your Cotton and decided not to replant or to Plant feed or some other crop it will not affect your future Frisbie explained that land on which a Cotton crop was planted under acreage allotment and on which the crop was washed or hailed out will be measured just As if it were Cotton. Future allotments will be based on the consideration that it was Cotton As Long As it was planted once or More. Airliner makes flight without incident today Taipei Formosa a a same commercial airlines which was shot up by communist migs monday returned a molest care of the three families at Gar ice Matsu Island tuesday and uen Valley through our local fac picked up a stricken american Wilities a Shi added. Contributions already have been made by mrs. J. W. Snyder mrs. Carrie Hardin Les Brummett mrs a a. Bush mrs. Alice Bracy mrs. Kuger Denton mrs. A. W. Hatley and mrs. Eura Landrum she reported. The plane Corporal pleads guilty to aiding enemy in Korea new York a it we Cpl. M Dunn pleaded guilty picked officer. The officer was indent if ted As it. Col Lochland m. Field of Burlington vt., an artillery officer advising the nationalist command on Matsu As part of the us military assistance advisory group nature of his reported illness was not disclosed. The plane sent for him monday a converted in re. Was attacked by a flight of migs and forced to return to Formosa without accomplishing its mercy Mission. Nationalist military leaders were reported considering emergency plans to keep the Supply lines open to Matsu after the Start of what v As feared to be a red Campaign to isolate the Island. High government sources said that they were considering head do protected convoys with Sabre jct cover to the string of islands 120 Miles Northwest of Taipei to head off a communist Campaign Washington a Dpi rep. Francis e. Walter a a said tuesday he expects Quick House approval of his Bill for a bipartisan commission to recommend any needed changes in the government s employee Security program. He Felt the House would act w Ith j about the same dispatch shown by t to Senate monday in approving. Similar Bill. A there is not a great Deal of Dif j Ference Between the two Bills a he said a except that mine puts More emphasis on the importance of a i non partisan both the Senate Bill and the version sponsored by Walter which has won approval by the judiciary committe would set up a 12-Mem-j her study commission patterned after former president Hoover s Pittsburgh a of a the steel Industry s top producers met Cio United steelworkers negotiators tuesday in simultaneous bargaining sessions to try and beat a thursday Midnight strike deadline. The under the gun negotiations a started As the Industry began preparations to shutdown its production facilities. Jones amp Laughlin 1 steel corporation and Inland steel took first Steps to shut Down blast furnaces and Cool Coke ovens tuesday morning. Us steel said it would Start wednesday. Us president David j. Mcdonald moved from meeting room to a meeting room to Lead his Union committees in discussion with comp by officials who for the time being at least appeared United on an offer averaging a Little More than 10 cents an hour. Mcdonald met first with us steel corporation the nations no. 1 producer and principal target of the Union Industry wide strike threat then he rushed to a Sions with Jones and Laughlin great lakes steel and Bethlehem steel corporations. Other sessions with i corporations other sessions with Inland steel were scheduled for tuesday afternoon. The Union president said he still had not set a specific figure on the Uswa a demands for a quot substantial wage boost for 600.000 workers involved in the Industry wide talks but Industry sources expected him to drop some hint soon As to the exact dollars and cents terms necessary to reach a settlement before the on Rushing deadline for his implied quot rolling walkout against key producers. Stalled the and ministry to a s orgin al Bill in the House. Rep Adam Clayton Powell or. I Day author of e previous anti derogation am sment said he will try to tack a similar one to the new measure the president a it urged Powell not to do that arguing that that Reserve Bill e not the right place for anti be re Tat Ion legislation. Committee chairman Carl Vinson a a predicted defeat for any Effort by Powell to revive the rare Issue in connection with the Compromise measure. A we re backing the president up Loo Oer Vinson said. Foreign Aid four Republican members of the House foreign affairs com Nitter proposed that Congress Cut of further foreign Aid funds until the administration makes a full report on the billions already spent they issued their proposal As the House prepared to debate the s3.285,000.000 foreign Aid Bill. The Hill was approved by the for a n affairs group last week 20 to l the four dissenters Are rep. Lawrence h Smith Wismar at quot Etc Stitt Church 111.e. Adair ind and Alvin m. Lev Mich Ross Bent Benson to consult us growers and Congress on Grade discounts Washington a aah agriculture Secretary Ezra t Benson will consult with that Trade and Congress before going ahead with any program of Price support discounts on Low Grade wheat. Benson announced sunday he would order a appropriate discounts in Price supports for cer commission of government Reorg Tain designated varieties of quot heat a animation. It would have an equal an Effort to improve t o number of republicans and demo Quality of the wheat crop. Crafts. Announcement came on the what he ordered Mary Ann Virgilio 6, stares admiringly a it Back of 14-year-old Jimmy Harts head after Jimmy got what he demanded from Barber in Chicago. Jimmy ordered a haircut to match his Davy Crockett hat and after a few glances in Mirror after Barber finished smiled approval. Opinion of his parents has not been reported. Nea telephoto Harold tuesday to charges of aiding and collaborating with the enemy while a prisoner of War in Korea. Dunn pleaded guilty 22 minutes after his military court martial got under Way. He faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and dishonourable discharge from the army. Dunn was the first former army prisoner to plead guilty to charges to Force their evacuation of collaborating with his Cornu a a nit captors the first army said. Four others have been convicted and one acquitted of similar Chart is. Dunn 26, a native of Fulton by was captured dec. 1, 1950 j and released by the North kor be quot s during a operation big switch a a prisoner Exchange at Panmunjom aug. 7, 1953. Lit was accused by the army of i volunteering to make a propaganda broadcast beamed to United nations troops Over radio piping cub pack no. 63 slates meeting cub pack no. 63 w ill hold a pack meeting and ice Cream supper thursday night at 7 30 of clock in rotary bowl cub master Bud Adams reported today. He said entertainment also was on the program. A fall cubs and their parents Are invited and urged to attend this meeting a Adams stated. Heels of saturdays National wheat referendum on marketing quotas Over 77 per cent of the Farmers approved the quotas in the voting. Under the quotas wheat will be supported at $1.81 a Bushel or 73 per cent of parity. At a news conference monday reporters asked the Secretary if he was a going to change rules in the Middle of the Benson replied that a a we la be slow in taking away from Farmers what they thought they were get tag when they voted. We will consult generally with wheat men and under the present Law Benson must support the 1956 wheat crop at an Overall average of 76 per cent of parity. However he can raise the support rate t a High qual Lity wheat and lower it on Low continued on Page eight Britain s red Dean blasted Over Sermon London a to the a red Dean of Canterbury a first pro come must Sermon in the Church f England smother Cathedral landed the party lining prelate in some of the hottest water of his Stormy career tuesday. Or Hewlett Johnson the controversial quot red Dean a had kept communism out of his sermons in the ancient shrine of Canterbury durin a his years of Pink tinged preaching and periodic missions to Moscow. But on sunday the 81-year-old prize Winner told worship continued on Page eight vow meeting is slated tonight report it. J. A d. M. Lockhart Alameda calif., left and it. R. H. Fischer Del Ray Oaks calif., co Pilot and Pilot of Navy bomber fired on by russian fighters Over bearing sea stand before map in Kodiak Alaska after giving detailed report of incident. Eleven airmen aboard plane escaped death when Fischer crash landed his plane on st. Lavrence Island. Nea telephoto a routine business meeting of the veterans of foreign wars will be held tonight at 7 30 of clock commander Irvin l Sealander announced this morning. The session will be held in the veterans building. Sealander also reported that the regular Square dance class of the vow and american legion would be conducted thursday night at 8 of clock in the veterans building members of the two organizations and their guests Are invited thus Lafimore Case to be dropped Washington a us attorney general Herbert Brownell or. Announced tuesday that the government has decided to drop its three year old a a jury Case against Owen Lattimore the court of appeals june 17 held a lower courts dismissal of the two quot key charges against Lattimore. A upon a consideration of All As Peets of the Case it has been decided not to apply to the supreme court for review a Brownell said. In the absence of these counts there is no r Tso Nable likelihood of a Success us prosecution on the five counts remaining from the first indictment. Quot therefore the United states attorney for this District intends to take the necessary Steps to bring about a dismissal of these counts bringing this litigation to a to attend he added. Conclusion

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