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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 4

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Charleston, West Virginia Sat. 197? to ghetto a secret service May be watching you secret service in its desperate efforts to prevent political assassinations keeps a close watch on More Taan 400 organizations ringing from the women s liberation movement to the chinese hand laundry Alliance. The Only troubles a Federal study of 81 assassination at tempts reveals that the assail ants were loners not joiners. For instance Arthur Herman Bremer who has been indicted for the Point Blank shooting of George Wallace does t appear in the secret service s computerized files of potential assassins but the liberated ladies and the Oriental scrubbers Are in the secret files along with the Quaker action group the nonviolent direct action group the Gay Ybera Tion front and other organizations that the secret service Consi Ders of protective usually this Means the group has written to the pres ident demonstrated at the White House threatened harm to some official or adhered to a nonconformist political Ide ology. The nonviolent direct action group for example is watched because it has urged members to write the president and other govern ment officials to protest War but not even the secret service seems to know Why the Gay Ybera Tion front is listed. Its interest in to acknowledges the secret service file on the homosexual movement is the file on the National welfare rights organization to cite another example contains a similar notation in Terest in but the liberation news serv ice is kept under observation because it has been highly critical of pres adm Nistra any group that Demon Strates in front of the White House apparently is automatically added to the suspicion list. When the National Alliance of postal and Federal employees picketed the White House on aug. 25, 1971, for example the Union probably had no idea that the secret service was lurking in the Bushes taking notes. To a confidential memo about the postal picketers. Special agent Louis b. Sims wrote that a group of about 40 persons arrived at the White House and commenced the demonstration carrying various signs concerning bet Ter wages and equal Job of Sims attached to his memo photographs taken of the group and a copy of one of the pamphlets handed the National american Indi an youth Council was kept under similar surveillance outside the White House on july 17, 1970. Apparently they had placards under wrote special agent Robert r. Faison because they were not observed prior to the demonstration holding them he noted that Pic Tures of the demonstrators were taken by the visual intelligence not even the correspondents who cover the White House Are free of suspicion. Back in september 1967, representatives of the National association of broadcast employees and technicians set up a lonely picket across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion. A secret service report notes that at . The protesting radioman unfurled a sign stating Abc has a radio studio in the White House and we Are not permit Ted to walk across the the picketers apparently were banished to the opposite Side of the Street. Secret service eaves Mirror Mirror. Droppers also reported Over hearing a picketed make a statement persons of the sidewalk to the effect that they Aren t getting enough it s like the dark Ages any time the president wants to go on to they have to run around and get him on prime the secret service keeps the closest watch however on organizations of ethnics Stu dents Blacks and other minorities. The cuban nationalist movement and iranian Stu dents assn., for instance Are among dozens of ethnic groups in the files. Among the Black groups under surveillance Are the Southern Christian leadership conference and the National association for the Advance ment of coloured people. Even a Black owned Bookstore in Washington the drum and Spear is listed. The student groups watched by the secret service include the left Wing students for a democratic society and right Wing National youth Alliance. But even the National student assn., which until recent years received financial Aid from the Central intelligence Agency is on the list. Here Are a few other excerpts from the guarded secret service files John Birch society accused pres. Eisenhower of communist employees for democratic society led Vigil at us Capitol bldg. To pro test abm Young Chicano for Community action have sponsored demonstrations in sup port of mexican american action group opposed to War the use of nuclear of racial Equality participated in Martin Luther King s 1963 March on readers forum cont just who will Stop the killing editor the Gazette As a concerned citizen of these United states i have opposed the War every Way that a citizen can oppose it Short of violating the Laws. It was not enough. Hanoi until my country kills All of you or until you Stop resisting this awful Wanton killing will go on and on and on. Hanoi Why Don t you Stop sending your people into the holocaust of american bombardment and incineration my coun try has developed in the name of free Dom the most efficient Means of killing that takes taxes from the working Amer ican. Hanoi can t you see that my government is testing them on your people you Are the Spain of our time. The Battle is not Between you and your would have been Over years Between you and the Best professionals who Man the Best instruments of death and disfigurement Ever devised. So in the name of humanity accept the terms he has offered and maybe my people will Stop killing your people. If you Don t Stop Hanoi there is no doubt what he will do and there is nothing any citizen of this country can do about it. We who oppose the War even though we Are in the majority Are totally Power less and have no say in the matter. H. , 845 Maple rd., City Union should protect editor the Gazette i just received a letter from the National right to work foundation an organization working against unions of the working Man asking my support is it More wrong for Union dues to pay for congressmen being elected than for big business to control everything with their moneys the letter contained the names of 152 big industries throughout our country working against the unions of the working Man. Lam glad the Union men have Back Bone enough to work for their rights. I was reared in a mining town. I know How miners were treated without a Union. I have seen them put out of houses in Winter living in tents and churches because they could t work under mis treatment they received without a Union to protect them. Are compulsory Union dues for politics any More wrong than Flower funds in Federal buildings the Union should see that their men give an honest Day s work but protect them against being made slaves. Bertha e. Morris Glasgow Why not save Ink editor the Gazette in Case you decide to demand the Michigan supreme court to Post the names of people voting for George Wal lace you could save the state Money by publishing the names of those not voting for him since they re the big minority and would require less Ink would t you say Jack Mitchel Yukon. Democrats will win editor the Gazette in the forthcoming Campaign in West Virginia the Republican party can expect a major confrontation. Consequently the political results Are quite obvious. Democrats will be elected from District magistrates to governor. This is the political forecast of a Veteran of Many hard fought political campaigns. The november election will be a Nota ble Triumph for Jay Rockefeller and in 1976 he will be elected president. Charles a. James Shady Spring representative of All on saturday May 20, 1972, you printed a letter from mrs. Pauline Larabee of Ohley regarding my recent candidacy for the House of delegates. Her letter stated in part i know those that Are not for us Are against i can assure mrs Larabee that i am not against her or any other citizen of Kanawha county. Al though we May not agree on All issues if elected to the House of delegates i will represent All citizens of Kanawha county with equal vigor. John hey 2106 Kanawha blvd., City stepping Stone for Jay editor the Gazette in another blatant political move Jay has impounded the Mingo county elec Tion records. As noted in the May 25 Issue of the Gazette Rockefeller does not have the Power to prosecute since the state statutes does not make the Secre tary of state the chief election official. In 1970, Jay and his carpet bagging friends monitored the election in min go county. Jay also did everything in his Power to have state sen. Noah Floyd and others indicated on vote fraud charges. Floys was acquitted of All these charges by a Federal court last year. Now every serious thinking citizen should ask himself Why a former Republican Liberal turned Democrat from new York decides to devote his time to West Virginia. The obvious answer is that Jay will follow his past record in the House of delegates and As Secretary of state and utilize his office As a stepping Stone to higher political position. My Fer vent prayer is that the voters of West Virginia Are not As naive As Rockefeller and the other political leeches imagine. William York 518 second ave., Marlinton support president editor the Gazette i would like to remind your readers As they hear Hubert to Humphrey travelling around the country blasting president Nixon s Vietnam policies that he too has played a great role in this terrible conflict. After All who was Lyndon Johnson s vice president and chief supporter As he continually increased the number of americans in other than Happy Hubert himself. Humphrey is now telling people that Nixon s latest strategy in Vietnam is sense less and dangerous. However if the Johnson administration had taken a similar action eight years ago chances Art the Vietnam War would t be an Issue in this year s elec Tion. The fact that thousands of 1 More men died in Vietnam while Johnson and Humphrey were in office than have been killed since Nixon has been in the White House shows that Humphrey s hands Are far from clean on the Issue of involvement in Vietnam. Pres ident Nixon has made very generous offers to Hanoi but All have been turned Down. He is obligated As any pres ident would be to protect remaining american forces and Potomac fever by Pat Mahan Brezhnev said when i am behind the wheel i have the feeling that nothing will Hap just keep on trucking v the sea s disaster Section has been a stepchild for years but it s now a mire than minor political embarrassment to the administration. Relatively speaking. Mrs. Nixon told reporters that she was practising some russian words to get ready. Yet they la Tell you when. Justice Powell thinks the government should be free to up the telephones of the Radi Cal left. Mail Calls it the tap and tape plan. To seek the return of All pow s. If we pulled out of Vietnam tomorrow there is really no guarantee that our pow s will be released. Or. Nixon s duty is to protect those pow s and i think his latest move is necessary to accomplish that task. I Call for All americans to stand behind our president in this time of crisis. Wayne Jeffries Sissonville c Harleston printing company 810 Virginia st., w. 343-9408 7938 final clearance floor models ranges air conditioners washers dryers refrigerators Darnold inc. 232 7th ave. South Cho Lesun phone 744-8693 vacation ideas Snappy punchlines Jantzen s for fitting trunks in two flattering styles Many summer colors. The banded Harpoon is America s favorite trunk. Sizes 28-40. 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