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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 3

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Charleston, West Virginia The Charleston Gazette pige4a 5-27-72 vol. 100 no. 128 readers9 forum editorials handgun control Issue no matter for hedging the daily mail has a curious habit of introducing an Issue in its editorial col smiles to the West Virginia Garden club for being judged As having the nation s leading pro Gram in conservation education and for winning several other National awards during the Cleveland meet ing of the National Council of state Garden clubs. To Walter f. Snyder upon his retirement after 40 years in pub lie school education and eight years As Kanawha county school superintendent. To or. Claude h. Pritchard jr., a native of Charleston upon his selection As the new president of Sullins College at Bris Tolva. To t. Sgt. Paul a. Dolin of the 130th spec Jal operations group of the West Virginia air National guard for his modified method of keeping statistics a suggestion that saved the guard last year and won him an incentive award. To Tony Brown a graduate of Charles ton s old Garnet High school and now Dean of the school of communications at Howard University in washing ton who has been named one of the "100 most influential Black americans by Ebony Magazine. To William k. To Gers a 14-year member of the Charleston Civi Tan club who has been named civitan of the year. To Sam Snead on the occasion of his 60th birthday. R17ssell Baker kid Hood forever new York times service Washington the kids the kids remember the kids of course. Who could forget they were the hit of the 60s, the agony and the glory. Already we begin to miss them. The music is tired. Everybody is getting older duller. The country feels knee deep in lint. Massa Cre s frequency has made it a bore. Nixon is a rerun. The love in is forgot ten and the country pins its Hope on jail. Where have they gone those great exciting infuriating kids they have gone to sulk. They Are poor losers those kids. Those gotta have it my Way or i wont play kids and after All we did for them too look what they re up to. Look at the birth rate. Those kids have reached the age where they ought to be having kids of their own but they re not doing it. The birth rate is going Down. Down Down Down. The latest figures show it is now lower than at any time since re cords have been kept. What do we say it would it make us sound certifiably paranoid if we said it out loud of course it would and so what certifiable paranoia is As american As the Fri files. Let s say it what if those kids Are going to quit reproducing altogether what if they Are planning the ultimate vengeance on America obliteration by no reproduction what a Rotten betrayal that would be after All those years of faithful Devotion to anticommunism to find that America was to be done in by Zero reproduction a bitter dose if so. Let us be Calm. Let us try to think clearly. Zero reproduction is surely implausible. The defense department and the Justice department would never let anybody get away with it. The kids Are surely up to something quite different. Suppose for instance that the kids liked being the kids so much that they did t Ever want to give it up. That May be hard for a lot of us old no kids to understand not having had the experience of going through kid Hood in the 60s when the biggest thing in Side of kids. There was one huge bloc of people qualifying As kids in this country during the 60s. Sometimes it seemed that kids was All there was. What with grandmothers going around in hair the color of Blue jeans. The kids must have realized As they moved from beatles to stones aging becoming must have realized that soon if they were not careful there would be More kids coming along to take their places. And that they the authentic original kids created by the Flap Doodle Industry of the 60s, would then become in relentlessly successive stages of Nix onic inevitability Over-30, mid dle aged and finally the last ghastly twist of it could be prevented. Yes they would have foreseen that those kids of ours. Of they were smart those kids we kept going to the schoolhouse to Tell those imbecilic teachers How smart our kids were. There have never been kids As smart As our kids. They would have grasped the Point. The Way to go on being the kids for the rest of their lives would have been obvious to them Cut Back reproduction. Smart he look As their mothers and dads picked the kids wet towels off the living room floor for the last time and shuffled off to this happened All Over America the kids would be becoming Over-30 and Middle aged. Power. That s what goes with being Over-30 and Middle aged. Power. The kids who have always wanted to run things would now be running things. Only one thing could spoil it for them they knew that from experience. Kids could spoil it. Their kids. Have a lot of kids running around the country and people who Are running things can t enjoy their Power. Yes they would have grasped the Point All right and seen the solution. If they limited themselves to just a few children among Back the birth rate to a Clever Point at which their own children would always remain in the they did that they could go on for years and years maybe forever being in charge. There would be no need to Grant kid Hood to their children. Their children would be too few. They would t even have to be told that kid Hood had once been for the Young. The parents could train these few children not to refer to them As but As the life will not be kid like for these child Ren. As the kids of the 60s become Middle aged and Foge fied and then old and reactionary they will probably continue to be in such numerical majority that the society they impose upon their children will be Dusty and lint Ridden and jail Loving and music hating. Of you crazy kids you were Wonde Rul in the 60s, even after All you did to us. What parents we must have been to have created you Why Are you denying us the Joy of seeing you up kids classic example of colouring editor the Gazette i should like to Register my keen disappointment in the Way the Charleston Gazette covered the luncheon at the Daniel Boone hotel tuesday of this week sponsored by the Charleston kiwanis club honouring top Honor students from the four City High schools. I was present at this luncheon and heard the two students from Stonewall Jackson High school excoriate the Kana wha county Board of education and the administration for neglecting Jackson. Although i do no jee1-whatta you so mad about you won didst urns discussing it from various Points of View and then leaving the Reader to guess the daily mail position. The familiar pattern was followed in the daily mail s Lead editorial of May 23 when it introduced the subject of hand gun controls. Although the newspaper goes to some lengths to avoid saying whether it is for controls or against them we Are going to guess it is against them. We base our guess upon its assertion that outlawing handguns won t keep them out of the hands of assassins. It reinforces this assertion with a compari son. It is against the Law to produce sell and consume marijuana too but it is produced sold and consumed All the same. True enough. But it also could have been said that heroin also is produced sold and consumed illegally and that Laws against theft Don t Stop the enter prising burglar. The Gazette advocates handgun controls extending even to their manufacture in limited Quantity for military and police use. Most police officials in the larger cities and the late j. Edgar Hoover have concurred holding that handguns should be produced Only on order for legitimate users. Marijuana in t produced to order in factories and it is an exercise in fancy to compare pistols with pot. If Only handguns Are needed for military and police use and Are manufactured for Sale to anybody who wants to buy one an Assassin can easily obtain one. But if manufacture is limited by Law to the necessary it would t be easy at All. The argument that Laws Aren t Neces sary because somebody will always Vio late them hardly merits debate. It is Akin to the absurd1 declarations that changes in one s heart not Laws will protect the civil rights of minorities. We Don t wish to wait around for the hearts of assassins to change no More than negro citizens relish waiting for sen. Eastland to acquire new insight. It is True that some Law such As prohibition of liquor or marijuana if you will requires modification in the face of almost unanimous Public opposition. But it would be extremely difficult to base a Case for unrestricted handgun distribution upon these examples. Stonewall this Point of View by these two students then is no question in my mind that they had the right to say what they thought and the Gazette should have included their statements in the Story. But i am at a Low to understand Why the eloquent testimonial of miss Allison Tucker salutatorian from George Washington High school on behalf of the educational program there was not even mentioned in this Story. Miss Tucker a Transfer student to was Nitro from new Jersey was unstinting in her Praise of the educational program at George Washington Hlub school. In my considered opinion it is a classic example off colouring the news when a newspaper reports on criticisms voiced by one student yet fails to mention econ sums expressed by another. Walter f. Snyder superintendent of schools 200 Elizabeth st., City Joseph Kraft fear and the Summit Moscow there is an invisible third party Here at the big two Summit in Moscow and its influence like a super natural presence in a medieval chess game affects every move. It explains Why against All the Odds the Summit survived president Nixon s latest military moves against North Viet Nam. It defines precisely what the rus sians want from the sessions Here. And it suggests that in the end Secretary general Leonid Brezhnev will probably not be Able to give president Nixon the one big thing he is help in Vietnam. The third party of course is communist China. The chinese make the Moscow scene thanks to the obsessive mistrust of the soviet same kind of dark suspicions that cause so Many people who walk alone to see ghosts. Most of the suspicion centers on China. There is almost nothing Moscow will not believe of peking. The russians see the chinese As a threat to their supremacy in the communist world to their stand ing As an asian Power to their economic strength and territorial integrity. Several russians have told me they believe the chinese inspired the recent North vietnamese offensive in order to break up the Moscow Summit. The pravda article reporting the special May 19 session of the Central committee which approved the Summit went out of its Way to take a swipe at the anti Len Inist line of the leaders of the people s Republic of the russians Are almost As suspicious of president Nixon. Brezhnev s report to the last party Congress which set the policy line that led to the Summit and is being circulated Here anew makes a disparaging reference to the Zig Zag Quality of american policy. When i asked a russian journalist about the phrase he said it refers to the principal figure on your Side. We have had our doubts about him for a Long time. We think he is this double suspicion causes the rus sians to take with the utmost seriousness the possibility of a chinese american Deal at their expense. As a recent account by Henry Kissinger makes Abun Dantly Clear the russians began to move quickly toward the Summit Only in a gust of last is after the announcement the president would be visiting China. The actual visit and particularly its meager results Only sharpened russian mistrust. The russians seem to be totally convinced that there were secret agreements made Between Nixon and the chinese leaders. They believe the Ameri cans and chinese Are preparing a two Power strategy that will leave them isolated in the world of triangular poli tics. Given these deep suspicions. Moscow was powerfully inhibited from using the Summit As a counter against president Nixon when he responded to the North vietnamese offensive by min ing harbours and bombing railroads. The russians recognized that move As a Power play which directly challenged their support of Hanoi. They considered the possibility of can celing or postponing the Summit meet. But they rejected that possibility because they believed cancellation would leave the Field to sino american perhaps for years to come. Heading off such cooperation has now become Moscow s prime objective for the Summit. There is one common thread in the various agreements proposed on arms control space Trade pollution and european Security. The common feature is that they Are agreements possible Only Between and s Vance countries. In effect these agree ments All say that in the world Triangle there Are really Only two and Washington. When it comes to Vietnam however the chinese influence works against har Mony. Chinese officials Here in Moscow Are already disparaging soviet talk about responding to president Nixon s Semi blockade of North Vietnam by a joint Overland Supply Effort. The chinese claim that their rail sys tem is overburdened by supplies and food going to Hanoi. They say any in crease is very hard. They intimate that if the russians really cared the soviet Fleet would break the Semi blockade. That kind of talk is a foretaste of what the russians have to endure in trying to promote a Vietnam settlement. Any move they make even carrying Mes sages from Nixon to the North Vietnam Ese exposes Moscow on its most tender flank. It gives the chinese a wide open shot on the charge that Moscow is letting Down the communist Side. So despite the president s extremely astute diplomacy despite his truly remarkable skill in playing upon soviet fears of China the Odds Are that Nixon will not be Able to move towards a Vietnam settlement and the Moscow sum Mit. That will probably cast a Shadow Over whatever else happens Here be cause More and More Vietnam is emerging As the test of the Moscow Summit. Abortion which is clearly a matter of state rather than Federal Law has now been turned into a presidential election Issue. In Omaha just four Days prior to the Nebraska primary election the Catholic archdiocesan newspaper the True voice ran a Large and from citizens concerned for the preservation of life which charged South Dakota s sen. George Mcgovern with advocating liberalization of abortion Law. Like a majority of americans including individual reverted by recurrent the the denial of abortion to victims of rape incest and serious hazards of health. He replied that this Lith hour attack was a phony Issue to inject into a presidential he still lost Omaha to Hubert Humphrey whose Long standing Friendship with Mcgovern was apparently not quite deep enough to prompt him to repudiate such tactics. In new York just five Days before the state legislature voted to repeal its recent liberalization of abortion Law which in two years has substantially reduced illegal abortions maternal deaths infant mortality and illegitimacy archbishop Terrence Cardinal Cooke utilized similar last minute tactics in re leasing a letter from president Nixon. The president acknowledged that Abor Tion is a matter of state decision out Side Federal but in the very same letter he associated himself with the Cardinal s position. Repudiating the commission on popu lation growth which he himself had appointed Nixon railed against unrestricted abortion practices and termed abortion an unacceptable Means of population since the population commission had advocated neither Posi Tion one . Daily newspaper rightfully accused the president of distorting the Issue. The nation s Catholic Bishops by contrast have grown moderate in their intercepted message May 27, 1972 dear Ted since when Are lawyers expected to make anything simple yours Theodore Wilding Wishful thinker City. Story on Page 12b latest addressing of the Issue. At their recent meeting in Atlanta influenced by the advice of notre Dame s the Rev. John Reedy to avoid calling Abor Tion murder the assembled prelates termed it merely an unspeakable just what of unspeakable Means was vividly demonstrated during Succes Sive press conferences when Cardinal Cooke and later Philadelphia s John car Dinal Krol were asked if the physicians perpetrating this unspeakable crime were guilty of murder what Cooke How you want to phrase it in your Krol i Don t know any physicians who do such things. My doctor has 16 cardinals reluctance to charge most of the medical profession As Well As millions of mothers with murder is in their apparent desire not to be associated with some of the fanatical opponents of liberalized abortion leading families of America four or More offspring led by retired municipal court judge John Henry nor ton of Connecticut recently charged that the Catholic Bishops have contributed Well Over million to support abortion a horrified Bishop Joseph Bernardin of the u. S. Catholic Confer ence in Washington replied that judge Norton provided no documentation for such charges which he said proved unfounded after investigation United for led by actress Loretta Young produced a Large and illustrated with a giant Scalpel and headlined merry Christmas her without actually mentioning physicians and pregnant women the and charged the Slaughter of the holy innocents is now Legal. Every Day hundreds of innocent babies Are being executed in cold in Honolulu state sen. Vincent Yano a Catholic who supported abortion liberalization has received phone Calls at 3 . In which a weepy voice tells him i m one of the babies you professor Robert Bryne understandably restrained by the courts after his bizarre attempt to have himself appointed Legal guardian embryo in the City of new now goes about exhibiting photographs of fetuses in a bag or clutched in a hand. Not to be outdone in Good taste Minnesota s medieval weekly the wanderer in Best National enquirer style front paged the following headline fetus thrown from crowd at Boston hockey the majority of major protestant churches and jewish bodies who have resolved in favor of liberalized abortion Laws appear by contrast to have become overconfident in View of the most recent legislative and judicial actions on the subject. But unless they and other Abor Tion Law Reform advocates begin to focus Sharp scrutiny upon president Nixon and All other political candidates their cause May be lost. James Reston War s unspeakable human tragedy new York times service Washington the North Vietnam Ese should be getting the message by now. Their main ports Are closed by american mines. There Are now six . Aircraft carriers off their coast bombing them night and Day. The Railroad lines from China to Hanoi Are now under constant attack and the weather and american air Power have slowed Down their offensive against Hue and Danang in the North Korntum City in the Central Highlands and an Loc North of Saigon. Moreover the . Counter offensive in the air is not Only battering their lines of communication and Supply but turning to their electric Power plants and they Are on notice that their Industrial Facto Ries will be next and that even the destruction of the red River dikes is not ruled out. The chinese diplomats almost seem to be going out of their Way these Days to be pleasant to americans in the capitals of the world and the soviets Are signing an agreement a Day with president Nixon on issues which Are More important to Moscow than Viet Nam. It is popular among the friends of Hanoi to say that air Power never settles anything particularly when the North vietnamese can always break off the Battle and Retreat into Laos and Cambodia and carry on a protracted guerrilla War from there and this May very Well be True. But the human Cost of this Battle whatever the Safe chair strategists say is appalling. This War could easily turn into a massacre and end up by destroying everything Hanoi Saigon Washington Moscow and peking say they Are trying to save. In such a situation the so called great if the phrase Means anything might be expected to put All their peace Loving proclamations into practice and give a Little to encourage a cease fire. There is Little Point now in raking Over the arguments of the past or counting on a new american president to introduce a new american policy. By the time of the election the Way things Are going there will be very Little left to save and it is no favor to Hanoi or anybody else to cheer them on to disaster. The Plain fact is that president Nixon now has no incentive to Stop the bombing and lift the blockade other than the human tragedy which does not seem to move him. Moscow and peking have turned away from his Challenge at least so far and unless they can break his blockade which does not seem Likely they either have to watch the Slaughter go on or Fly in new Long Range rockets which can hit the carriers and the South vietnamese cities. And that would Only add to the carnage. Maybe Hanoi is still hoping to take the old Imperial capital of Hue and then Call for a cease fire with both sides holding the ground they have captured but they Are not Likely to do even that without a Little More pressure from Moscow and peking than they be had so far. President Nixon has asked for two things to get his prisoners out and to have an internationally supervised cease fire. He has offered two things to get All his forces out of Vietnam within four months of the return of the prison ers and the introduction of the cease fire and then to leave the political settlement to the North and South vietnamese them selves. This was not put Forward on a take it or leave it basis but As a basis for Dis Cussion. Obviously Many other things have to be settled including what aid1, if any Washington and Moscow and peking would continue sending to their respective allies. But even if there were a cease fire on Nixon s terms Hanoi would still be in Possession of much of the North of the country and could claim that it had expelled the French fought the americans to a Compromise and finally got All foreign troops out of the country after Overa Hundred years. At the very least the president could Send ambassador Porter or John Connal by Back 19 the negotiating table in Paris the argument against doing so is that be due Tho the North vietnamese negotiator merely uses the negotiations for propaganda. But the absence of the americans gives him the argument that we won t even talk and besides be due Tho does t need the talks to put out his propaganda. All he has to do is Call a press conference at his hotel. The immediate problem is to Stop the killing. There is Little evidence that either the enemy s ground offensive or the . Aerial counteroffensive will actually be decisive for one Side or the other but a prolonged struggle along the present lines could be disastrous for both the North and the South. Presumably these things were Dis cussed by the president and chairman Brezhnev at the Dacha outside Moscow but so far the world has heard nothing to indicate that the new Moscow Atmos phere of peace and the acknowledged responsibilities of the great Powers Are being brought to Bear on this unspeakable human tragedy in Vietnam

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