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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATIONAL WI AINU SlHVICe IOMCAST lo 7 am IST g -26 - 74 3600 Mrs. Louis M. Schultz Prosecution Outlines Case Against George Nowlin (Continued from Page I.) Tho Odar Rapids 3A Gazette: Wed., Sept. 25, 1974 He further contended A ..    ;;    ... ,    .    r> Miss Connolly was shot again, wearing on Another witness,, Michael Pe-jln (|K>    *    h in “vaginal-rectal Edward Spores | Josephine Schultz, 65, of 2426j Edward (Peg) Spores, 79. of Wisconsin street SW, widow of 1906    C street SW, died Wednes- ; Louis M. Schultz, died Tuesday day    after a long illness. Horn    terson of the state criminal lab-    ‘‘j    ‘‘‘v    , Sp7'uu?V j after a long illness. She was Jan.    25, 1895, in Edgewood, he    oratory, testified that seminal    ‘    ’ j born Jan. 19, 1909, in Prague, had    lived in Cedar Rapids for    fluid was present in Miss Con-    f* clony-Murder .Czechoslovakia.    the last 70 years. Ile was a con-    nolly’s vaginal area at the time    Beck    had indicated    earlier in and testified that Michael Mrs. Schultz came to the Unit-f struction worker until his retire- of her death.    the    trial    that    the    state expects led States and Cedar Rapids in men!. His wife, the former Lib- The opinion was based on an;j() convict Nowlin on a felony-11909 and had been a resident*bio Medulan, died in 1960.    examination of cotton swabs murder charge, rather than I since. She was a member of As-! Surviving are two daughters,] used in Dr Weland’s autopsy. murder alone. tified by Beth Wernimont, a friend of Miss Connolly’s, as the that clothing Miss Connolly was the day she was area,' allegedly killed. Miss Wernimont, 17, of Cedar Rapids, was the first witness Ser- vey and Miss Connolly her “boyfriend” and “best friend,” respectively — visited her in bury United Methodist church. | Florence Driscoll and Anna Heck indicated that later testi- j^is would necessitate prov- f°wa City on March 9 while she Surviving are a daughter, Bruce- Ccdar Rapids; two sonsjmony will show that the victim ing that Miss Connolly’s alleged was recuperating from surgery. gh, New-Bar°ld and John, Cedar Rapids; Iraped by Nowlin.    murder    was    committed    subse-    Last    Seen Mrs. Roger McCullough ton; one granddaughter; a ^ grandchildren and sister, Mrs. Ernest Rejsa, Cedar:grand-children. Rapids; two brothers. Frank! Services: Brush chapel 10:30 Teply, jr., Cedar Rapids, and am friday. Burial; Czech Na-Milo Teply, Los Angeles, Calif. :tional cemetery. Friends may Services: Thursday ll a m. jcal1 at chape! Thursday. Janeba-Kuba funeral home west    # I by the Rev, Charles R. Mehaf Memorial jervices The defence raised a standing quent to a fHonyi in fhis casr ei. objection to this testimony, (hor the alleged robbery of Ser- .. again on the grounds that it had vey or the a)lef,ed rape of Miss abv no relevance to Miss Connolly’s Connolly. This charge requires deal h. Firearms Expert Andrew Neuquist, a RCI bai lli WiATMfft FOTOCASF Q Rain is expected Wednesday night from eastern Texas, across the lower Mississippi va^ey, into the Tennessee valley and over parts of the south Atlantic states. Chance of showers over the western Gulf coast, southern Florida and northern New England. I fey of Asbury United Methodist |church. Burial: Czech National cemetery. Friends may call at the Janeba-Kuba funeral home west. RamsdeH, Clayton Thursday at IO a.m. Jude’s Catholic church Rev. Richard Ament. Mt. Calvary cemetery. Prayer 22 great-! She said she last saw them alive at about 11:15 p.m., when onnolly. This charge requires *w0 ^or Cedar a verdict of either acquittal or r]ex* ‘mt‘ saw ss first degree murder.    Connolly,    she    commented,    was Conner was found guilty of a *uneral home. listics and firearms expert, tes-jsucb a char*ge in Jones county.! I.. at by the! _ t 0„..CTP * ’ 'I Nowlin’s conviction in ____„,    .    .... Burial; Wednesday morn'^'s final ‘"“"'V I* Servey’* death was    him    to bring^ gas^to A second witness, Stacy „M,« aim iireanns c*|ier, ira- :™. ]    -    -rj;”-    Schrcekengast, 19, of Cedar — tified    that the power pistons    invf)ivink    me benty    robbery    ^ railnd him St. found    in Miss Cnnnnllv's hndv    and Miss    Connolly’s    killing.    Hapids, said Serve} called him found    in Miss Connollys hod}.    sto*    at about midnight on March 9 service Wednesday at 7:30 prosecution witness, Dr. Aaron hosed solely on murder, p.m. at Tcahen chapel. Laura E. Maricle The Weather Extended Forecast — Chance of showers Friday through Sunday. Lows in the 40s. Highs mostly in the 70s cooling to 65 Sunday. 3:43 p.m. Tuesday. Tree limb    to    power    lines at 1020 Maplewood drive NE. Magistrate's Court Speeding — Alvin Brustkem, High temperatures Tuesday. low tem-I Rowley; Fredrick Strohbchn, ooitK overniqht dnd ,nches 01 pre‘ Reinbeck; Lewis Olson, Ca-Anchorage so 48.12    l Angeles    78 ii    manche;    Gregory Atlanta ... 63 51    Miami    88 77 Bismarck 74 34    Min apolis    73 42 Chicago 70 53    N. Orleans    81 75 Denver ..    76    41    New York    61 49 Duluth ... 64 51    Phoenix .    94 73 Honolulu 90 77    Seattle .    89    55 Houston 80 77    .OI    Washington    64 SO ...................—    Laura Ella Maricle, 66, of 719 72. Friday    at 1:30 at    United    Second avenue SW, died at Uni- Church of Christ. Overton’s. | versify hospitals, Iowa City, — Mrs- Donald Cron- Tuesday after a short illness. an, 62. Henderson’s. Decorah — Myrle Christen,’ Horn Feb. 9, 1908, in Waterloo . ,    ,    Friday    at 2 at United Con-Uhe had lived in Cedar Rapids Sil^iio NF alrcarof    ^aggregational    church    Burial:    most 0f her life. She was a t ii st avenue in t.    |    phelp    s    cemetery.    Steine’s. The!his stranded jeep, located on 218 iHrat.-u.mn    | iurV_in’That case"mild'haw'near Skate Country. Randolph, acting Jones county Jur” in ,ndl case (0Uia nave    caia    wh_n    u.    at Kelley, Mildred C. — Thurs-1 medical examiner at the time found him *u,lty of manslaugh-    He sa,d    uhcn    J®    arr‘Jked at day at 10:30 a.m. at Beatty- i \»j Connollv’s bodv was found tcr or Brst or second degree    ^ scene>    sornc    la    or 30 min- Beurle rhanni hv tho n„v Pm. * Hss Conn illy s body was t u, I. , innocent    utcs    later-    Servey    and Miss Con- sa.d it was his) opinion that the murder, or innocent.    were    not    there After girl died a “violent death    Refused    Comment Beurle chapel by the Rev. Pen ney F. Nichols. Burial: Linwood cemetery. C. R. Weather Decorah — Dontie Mott, 87. Olson-Fjolstul’s. Colesburg — Halsey Sabin, 82. Friday at 1:30 at Colesburg Methodist church. Burial: Mt member of St. Patrick’s Catholic church and St. Bridget’s circle. Three Injured In Separate R. Accidents searching for them in various Ho male a cursory examina-    refused    comment    on    establishments nearby, Schrec- 7ion °f the body at the site of the vvhich felony charge the prose- kengast, testified he left the gas discovery, which he said, in his CU(jon expects to pursue. And and a note, opinion, was the scene of the I Rernley said that the state has’ C. death. Daughter Called several “alternate programs in Dr. Randolph said Miss Con- its prosecution of the case He Mrs. Connolly told of a phone Three nor    inn,md in "ft* 'T35’lyin* in a P001: said the plans are “flexible’’ but call at about the same time that ...    .    j    ldree    P(rsons injured in two,0f blood and there were two (lS(jmated that about 15 wit- ni8ht from h€r daughter, who Surviving i . one brothe*. Her-jaccjdents Tuesday were treated areas of the head wdth wounds. ;nesjscs vvjj| be ca]ied    reported    running    out    of    gas. Harmony, Garber. Visitation k°rt Cariole, Anderson, Calif. for minor injuries. None was I He also noted an “oval” hole in) One of Nowlin's lawyers after Fighting tears, Mrs. Connolly after noon Thursday at Apple-; Services: St. Pa^^] hospitalized.    [the    girl’s blue jeans.    unsuccessfully    bidding for a! said she told her daughter “to ton s, Edgewood. manche; Gregory Slager, 1422 Oakland road NE; Jerry Zim-| merman, 1226 Thirty-fourth street NE; Frances Hoefer, 2121 Blairs Ferry road NE; Richard Stenson, Shellsburg; each fined; $30 and costs. Robert Gordon, \R,, ml***    !« 1430 Ninth avenue NE; Lavern ■    UtQ IQT    IH llOUSQ High Tuesday ............... 701 West, Des Moines; each fined    Floyd E. Gouchec’s lunch Low overnight ...............50* $25 and costs. Charles Walsh, break took an unexpected turn v .Ta-    i«i    j jr., Burlington; Jon Mullan,    ^ Noon Wednesday ............J* 1750 B avenue NE; Donald 2 p.m. Wednesday............*®|Kehrli, Clarence: Richard Tom- Precipitation ..............Nonepkins,    342    Twenty-second Total for September ........1.02 street NW; Mary Kula, 9271 Normal for September  397iMcVo”rn Normal through September 27.12 Patterson Total for 1974 ........... 38.85    NE; Nancy Ladler, 230 Wesley j screen had been cut. __church Friday at IO a m. by the: Qcnevjeve c    „    ,    '    Following    opening statements delay Tn’ws'opcning statement hurry up and come home” _    Rev. Martin Laughlin. Burial: I    ™LVI ^ an’ 01 ^ by attorneys Tuesday afternoon.    “    ....... * Mon Goes Horne d Calvary cemetery. Rosary:    _cxa™n.ed    .allincluding an abbreviated one hy^„n^ she didn't rP°^n*juntil the state presented its evi- then added, “but    told the jury that “our come home.” To I u nr A Finrlc i'”’ F"1-    “,r    lva''    juries    to her right hand suffered ;inr    prosecution    wit-^,casc initia„y is the'state’s lack She said she last saw her I O LU ne ti, rinds hen chapel where friends ma}    ^    nesses were called to the stand f „ ’    daughter    alive    at    6:15 p.m. on call from 2 to 9 p.m. Thursday. 'while walki    fo establish foundation evidence1 He said, “Our position at this March 9. when Miss Connolly Police said the bus. driven by J? !e mur ,na! L(*orgc    t^at    ^    s(ate    canno(    left    for    Iowa    City,    and next saw Marlin M. Metcalf, 40, of 4420    ^    _i Prove its case.” He again ham- her at the Mercy hospital mor- Tuesday when he arrived home and surprised a burglar. Gouchee, of 1416 A avenue NE, got home about 12:33 p.m., Mrs. Anthony Herbeck    TOCl^oll    „    ________ _________ Mrs. Anthony F. Herbeck, for-Bowling street SW.' struck Mrs! isTeli’re^to^XT^Vback ud merod al the ccnlpntion that '•» gUf inJ°Tu j is require el 1.) pio\c t - > back up m a j n r • ^ v    tpstimonv'    A    fourth    witness.    Rex    Roh- merly of Cedar Rapids, died Mulligan while making a right L inHLfm)»nf Lainct Mnut-iin majority of the testimony Sept. 17 at Garden Grove, Calif, 'turn at the intersection of Ninth .jro that vTaurLnVonnoliv was against his c,ient wiU be “cir-^cdder- 01m’ testified that he Ci.roiiiinn ore o eon \1atthrvu' 'aupniip anrl rirthtk    CIT    I    COnnOll}    V    HS    pumstflntial»* and that prOSCCU- f°Und th Street NW; Tammy ;T ’    .    .    ,    ,    J    ,    !six grandchildren and six great- Mrs. mick, Fairfax: Jerry tuesday and noticed the back *drhilrircn    senecr ., 1416; Oakland road door was slightly ajar and the g    ’    hplH    in    ralifor    >    tp,L drive NW; Wavne Gauge, 5012! E When he got inside Gouchee. Barometer, falling   30.05    ■------- v.UUvi.«i ..    ....    .    °    rrm’E avenue NL; Jack Shepherd, . .    •    ,    .    'minster Humidity at noon    .55%11034 F avCnUe NW. Loren heard noises from the upstairs; _____ Wind    direction    and velocity at Morrissey, 129 Day street NW;    and    called police    from a    first 2om NW at 7mph    Larry Messerschmidt, Oxford;    floor telephone ,    leach fined $20 and costs.    TheHH Sun rises Thursday, 6.58, sun Driver’s license violation — sets, 6:58.    Michael Berns, 1522 J street,. ,,    i0.    , SW; fined $10 and costs.    ita,l« P^nds, and wearing Faulty equipment — Darrell    ran    the front    door VanLancker, 801 Old Marion;and    east across    A    avenue to the road, NE; Clair Br a c e, j Hy-Vee store, 1556 First avenue HOO Second avenue SW: Terry nia and burial was in W'est-'wa#-; struck, police reported. Miss Connolly’s body w-iii not present March 16 near tne Old Morley Surviving are a son. Matthew, [avenue andEighth street SE. jailed"™ «atat Marchin andl5““!!?"a' , Mrs. Culligan had been a nas-Lu . .u j    j    •    i lion witnesses ..... —    r----- ----on    the    bus    and    had    M 1 (    occurred in Jones    >‘credjble evidence.” He asked    road bridge over the Wap Services were held in    Califor-jstepped    off    the    bus    when    she    ('7>lVsorutinn    lawyers David    the jury t0 ^uestion the moliva‘    !*.ipinicon r*Ver Prosecution    lawyers D^‘d    tlons of state witnesses.    >»ng in the area Robert Calif. burglar, described as white, about 17, 5 feet 9 inches Year Ago Today - low, 64; rainfall, 0.01 High, 77;! Traveler’s f-orecast —Rockefeller— (Continued from Page I.) top Nixon administration officials in behalf of a New York firm’s contract renegotiation effort. No charges were filed. ♦ * * Ralph Gholson, 22, of Park Towne lane NE, and Robert Moore. 4. of 820 N street SW, were injured in a two-car colli- Rem ley, Jones countv attorney.; and Joe Beck, from the Iowa at-' ‘tornev general’s office, attempt-! Visser, an assistant to the Jones Mother Testifies    county    engineer, verified the  °---------------  r'    i    s‘x    state    wdnesses    scene    of    the discovery, as did cd    to    substantiate    these    two    Tuesday was Mrs. Joan Connol-    Jones    county deputy    sheriff claims    with    their    six    initial    wit-    \y _ mother of the slain teen-    John Miller. ager — who broke into tears im-    All    three identified    photo- nesses. sion Tuesday at the intersection of highways 149 and 30. .Gholson was Luke’s hospital Charges Outlined    mediately    upon    taking    the graphs of the area. Rohwedder his opening statement,(Witness stand and observing heriwas also asked to identify ft Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck   PtCldy 70-40 Chicago ..... Cook, 612 Fifth street NW, twojNp'..    .    .    10 .J (-'annon said h*s onl>; queat‘on Moore, who*was a passenger in whof* address is rural Key- expect to see her clothes here,” defense, however, Judge John I ohce arrested an 18-year-old;in the case involving the    ,    .    .    »R . 7 n stone.    she    sobbed.    Hyland    deferred    allowing    the charges; each fined $10 and costs. PtCldy 85-58    Improper    width — Robert Clear 77-58 Myhlhousen, 911 B avenue Clear 75-56] fined $25 and co t    Nothing    was    reported    taken    in    going    too    far.” Fair R6-53    lmpropor    leneth — Robert i lhe    breakin. PtCldy 71-56! Myhlhousen. 911 B avenue NE;! ... Fair 76-58 fined $25 and costs. Fair 86-62 Traffic signal violation    """DOC^Qp-r „ (Continued from Page I.) Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines . Detroit...... Indianapolis . . Kansas City . Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha .....* St. Louis ..... Sioux Falls . Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 683.46 j Births — St. Luke's Sept. 24 — To the families of Rn b e r t W. Strcight. 434 Thirty-second street NE, a son;: James A. Seater. 3112 Carroll drive SF,, a son; Charles Bateman, Anamosa, a son. Births — Mercy Sept. 24 — To the families of Daniel Rizzio. 701 Nineteenth, ___     f street NW, a daughter; George Springville: fined $20 and costs, until the middle or the Engel. Ela son.    Prohibited    parking    — Fash- next week at least. Out of Town Births I cnth^vcnuf!’Marion; fbfetfsioL ' has a lwl1 of a wil1 Hworked.” At Clear Lake _ Dr. and »"<»    lllVe’    ,he    doclor    «“ Mrs. Robert L. Broghammrr, a daughter Sept. 21. Broghammer is the son of Mrs. B. G. Broghammer, 359 Park Terrace SF.. Mrs. Broghammer is the, _r . T>---------- drive    NE; Jef- he stated. Nowlin Conner made plans doctor for a head injury.    jto    conduct    a robbery that night Police said the accident hap- and armed themselves with two .But he dropped the matter pcned    a car drjven bvLsawed-off shotguns — a pump after placing four memos deal- Smith struck the rear of Chol- f tnodel belonging to Nowlin and ing with the case into the com- son's auto. which had slowed a single-shot type of Conner’s down to enter highway 30 from!which Now,in dubbed “short shorty.” The clothes were earlier iden- jury to view any of the pictures. treated at st Fernley outlined the nature of daughter’s clothing on the rail-photograph of the body of the for whinlash rbe charges against Nowlin, ing of the witness box. “I didn't dead girl. On objections by the *    \ I WhO(!?G pddrc ~    1 -    —__- 1    «    Avnnni e/jn Bnf* AlrtfkifiC KilPO dofnn CO kflllffH/DP JIhHcTA man inside the store. The sus-|controversial F-14 navy fighter    ^"aTso    rf    820°^Street iS ^ Mar. 9. tobcrt pect was released after ques-1 contract of Grumman Aircraft!^,,, ’    ’    ,    ,    nrjva*«    and Atwell C SNW: lionlng. No charges were filed Corp. was “whether you werej^ ;orn,,.,, in;llrt a" ,0 (Mnduct , robbery that night! I A//. ,    Cl J    I washington Students Protest Ball Diamond mittee record and told reporters later, “As of right now, I have]highway 149. a |not seen anything to block” the No charges were filed. Rockefeller nomination.    __ PtCldy 80-57 j Robert Malloy, 1129 Nineteenth I Fair 76-421 avenue SW; Merle Opperman.* Fair 81-52j 2163 Forty-second street NE;    -~T . , , PtCldy 81—60 j William Fravatt. 1645 Hillview ® tests conducted by .. Fair 81-42 drive, Marion: John Stanerson. specialist in nuclear medicine. 153 Crestridge drive NW; “We find Mr. Nixon now has! On the Attica riot, Rockcfel- drivT VFa^Vh37f?n^Ei^W^H an embolus in the r»ght mid-}ler said that if he had agreed drive NE; each fined $15 and'i..--    c    i *    t    .    .    .    .    , costs.    lung    field    of    the    lateral surface, to prisoners demands for Right-of-way violation __;which is a potentially_ dangerous amnesty and flight to another Cheryl Maboni Iowa City; fined»situati°n but not critical at this country, “the same thing would j priority given the needs of Ja- of gas. $25 and costs.    '    time,”    Lundgren    said.    have happened in every prison 'wcrski. Plate violation — Marion “There is a very good chancels the country.”    I    Senator    Nelson    (D-Wis.),    chief1 Bv Judy Daubenmier -Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) ....    .............. close to the tennis courts and Shortly before midnight, Mi-    ,. ,    .    ,    .    i    ..    ,    ,    .    ,    , |chad Servey and Miss Connolly, Washington high school sin- another diamond to be safely i w ho had been in Iowa City, dents, Wednesday began circu- used concurrently with the other became stranded on highway dating petitions asking for a halt [facilities. ,218 in south Cedar Rapids when]to construction of a softball dia-l After consulting with the their vehicle reportedly ran out mondonthe jchool's front lawn, coaches and athletic coordina- -r i    n___„h    tor, Nau made the decision him* Theresa OConnell, vice- .    .    .    .,    .....    . ., . t    e    ,irv,    self to construct the additional president of the student forum    ^ “Paths Crossed” ™SnNE- Tcd^WaKoncr i«oo"l r recovery' but' if win'takei''ctaViretepping, he said New|»P°™or of 'he bill. called it “the! Rcmley said they phoned for at the school, said the forum was a ,e decisjon) and avenue NI: each fined J20 and sometime," the doctor said.    I York Stale, while he was j(irsl s.'eP towa''d preserving the help and upon walking back to voted unanimously toi oppose !m ^ more convenient over a costs.    No    surger}'    is    being consid-governor, issued more wiretaprud Watergate story for posteri- the car “their paths crossed (Construction of the diamond,    0f years adjusting tntoxkation -- Harold crod at present, he added.    orders    than    the    entire    federal    ^    and    for    uso    »n    rclated    crimi*    Nowlin and Conner, who he stat- which school officials believe ls tice schcdujes lt*s coing to SeTrh^ $30^nd c^stsn°n    Lundgren    said    he believes!government “because we had a;nal trials "    .    led were driving south on the needed for use by girls softball ^ thc intcrests of a lot of Overload — Kurt Johnson, ^ixon must remain hospitalized serious problem with organized said {he bill would revise highway.    teams in tne spring and sum- pp0pje over a jong period 0f J - who mer.    ,    time,”    said Nau. Miss O Connell said the school could destroy any of the tapes around and forced the pair into!grounds contain three other    N° Bleachers after Sept. I. 1979, and which the car at gunpoint and “took diamonds which could be shared No bleachers will be end of {crime and that was the onlv|the Provision in the Sept. 7| Remley claimed Nowlin. I way we could light it And it!aPrecment undor which Nixon was driving, turned his vehicle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J Spreitzcr, 2200 Country Club Parkway SE, At Soda Spring:*. Idaho Mr. and Mrs. Reid Fullmer , a son, Sept. 18. Mrs. Fullmer U the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Zmoos, 1242 Fourth avenue SE At Dubuque — To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gradoville, a daughter. Sept. 24. Mrs. Grado-Ville is the daughter of Florence Fcldhaus. 2055 Washington avenue SE. and Paul Feldhaus. 133 Thirty-fourth street NE Gradoville is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C B. Gradoville, 3820 Vine avenue SE. “His! mood is remarkable considering what he has gone through.” Vehicle control violation — Daniel    Davis, 913    Seventh street SW; fined $30 and costs. Thomas Adamish. 2925 Johnson avenue NE; Jeanne Mitchell-5425 Pineview frey Maish, 1403 Second street SE; each fined $25 and costs. . . .    . Improper turn — Earl (interlock systems Brown,    route one,    Marion; vent    a car    from lined $20    and costs.    belts    are    buckled Meter    violation —    Dennis ;u    f .    v    fif Hromidko, Swisher; fined $105' Saieiy The Discuss Tapes stiffest question —GM— (Continued from Page I and costs. Iowa Deaths 86. Marriage Licenses Traer — Pearl Dunlav Thursday at 2, Overton’s. Waukon — Elsie Stone, 68 Thursday at 2. First Presbyterian church. Martin Brothers. Monticello — Morgan J-1 termini Hyde, 52. Friday at 2, Dcvan-' ev’s. where friends may call after 7 Wednesday. I o w a City Wehrle, 86. Thuii He said a freeze on additional standards beyond those in effect for 1975 models would allow for a full cost-bcnefit review of existing and proposed regulations by a government-industry panel. The panel then would de former governor has undergone Sept. i in the two days of friendly'first. .interchange came when, for; ! about IO minutes, Byrd sought Z’whioh nr !l° Rockefeller to discuss: The starting until ,he ,Wh"* S’*? J31*? agrcc quires - is not offset Jn g    statement!jointly (there should be full disclosure'government tor three years and of Nixon's Watergate role At one point, Rockefeller said (poena for judicial pr Byrd was trying “to make 'provided for destruction of all I them for a ride.”    by    the boys’ and girls’ teams, j structed at the t h e the tapes on Nixon's death or J Next. Remley continued. Now-She pointed out that boys’ and said, because a 1984. con- diamond, he hill near the whichever    came    Un told Servey (who    was    aile-    girls’ teams share the    gymna-,backstop will provide natural gedly in the back seat    with    Con-    sium for practice according to a    seat Mig area. tier) to “hand over his money.”;rotating schedule.    Nau    met    with    representatives Remley claimed Servey gave    Lawn    Important    of the student forum Wednesday 7 agreement re- Conner $42. which was then    tho    nrpcPrvo*jon    morning    about    the    softball    dia- Nixon,    papers    bo    passed to Nowlin    „ £    montk bu, -ho,r    arguments    did To Jones County    (ant than convenience.    Ifs the    „e ^ * he sdid    ^ mmd Joint Holding Sept that held itant than convenience. gUYt I liniLi.i IAH tin it Vials ill IU    _n]    {    al    rtamnic    VL^hinh    u    ilc    ulu    iiiiiiu    u    uic the tapes for five years for sub-1 It is the state's contention that anl> Pdr 'he i aa’P“s w"'1" students submitted their peti-poena for ludieial proceedings. Nowlin proceeded lo drive fo"n> u™er an atnieut iuia. (ions to his immediate superior. she said. two* Washington Eli/ab ay at Joanne Irvine and Roger Heck rot h, both of Cedar Rapids. Kathy Voss, Cedar Rapids, and Steven Pasker. Hiawatha. Virginia King and Jerry Burgin, both of Hiawatha. me In the agreement, Nixon do-!rurid Jones county, near differ w ith the President on a nates the tapes to the National I^*d Morley ro;*d bridge subject where I don’t have all Archives on Sept. I, 1979, with miles southeast cf Anamosa. the information.”    the provision that he can order! /Ihere. Remley charged, Now-:^^    ,    ranl'si. * ‘ nf .. “We're not sitting as a schoolidestroyed    any    that he deems    Bn “had forcible sexual inter-    I    d \er(.    ,,    T(h    it    h ...    u    ,    j .    ..    I.    ...    <    aith    \ti««i    Connol Iv II mond from baseball. I he pitch- hi i jboard here on whos going to'could be used to injure, cm- L0UISC <w,,n M,ss vonnouyn    ,    , which should he elimin-L _ . .    ,    .    ,    u i ZL    i    »»    apainst hi»r rpsistanro’’ and “a1- mg mound and distance be superintendent of schools,    barrass,    or    harass any person,    against net resistance ann ai    * agree-;    most immediately thereafter I tween    bases are wishes with his s^ot ^er m Hie back of thc head said-|you might someday be Presi- papt»rs after three years and he at close range with a shotgun.    Safet\ hactor ,, dent of the United States.    states in    it    that    he intends to do-    'he evidence will show that    \    “safety factor”    is    also    in-1 said,:    »—*—i-' «u«is h e    dic'd almost instants-1 volved, he said, because one of ated and which maintained or established for 1978-model cars. “GM is not for undoing” cur- Byrd said. “I’m going about He is free' this in the fuli recognition that mcnt to do as under he Principal Don Nau said the additional diamond be- different. he Dr. Don Stout. he Fires 10:06 a.rn, Tuesday. heated furnace at Twenty-ninth street drive SE. 11:06 a rn. Tuesday. Illegal Donahue’s.    j    ,    *    „ Vinton - Zella A. Lvnk. 88. control requirements, Friday at 1:30. Presbyterian contending that 1975-model cars church. Visitation at Campbell’s (provide adequate    safety    and an- beginning Thursday.    A memo-    j ti-pollution f e a t    u re s    without rial has been established,    !    , Elkader - Elmer J. Gott<- add>Honal requirements. j chalk, 65. Thursday at 10:30,    ------- Peac<‘ United Church of Christ.] IO YEARS AGO — Queen Eli-1 IV" Over- Liiuij! C layton (entcj. Witt s. zabeth II signed a proclamation JI « . . 1070    . 2’»2u Oelwein David Dal ie n- ,    ..    h    ..    .    ,    On    Sept.    I,    1979,    the    tapes “ibach. 82. Thursday    at 1:30.    forma,,.V anding    the    longest ;%ou|(1 F    1 I Hintz’.    fK'acetime British    parliament in wm Stnior Citizen Butts Cedar Rapids System Telephone 363-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids .398-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5996 . .,ntl ,,    . ..    ,    Lanxing    Selma    Seihet,    til biirninK at 11f“< Fmi’ tcenth av-l q,(1urs(ji enue SW. 11:16 a rn lance rail at nue SE. 1:05 p.m. lie lit ballast avenue SW. 3:27 p.m. Tuesday, Assis-1414 Seventh uve- Tucsday. Faulty at 634 Fourteenth Tuei day. Over- ay at 2, United Methodist church. Burke-Thornburg’s. Springville Alma B. Grimes, 88. Murdoch’#;, Springville. Hazleton Delia Marie Riley, 78 Mason-Hawe’s, Independence. Dysart Theodore R. Na ... 58 years launched a campaign political career Churchill, Under an agreement an-nato “certain portions” to the Inounced Aug. 8. the day Nixon Archives. (was pardoned, the government The senate bill would give acknowledged that Nixon owns him access to the tape record-Ihc tapes but he would be pro- ings but he could not order their hibited from destroying any of destruction after Sept. 1.1979. rn for at feast three years.       — Higher Rates Urged ; WASHINGTON (AP) - The] transportation department has I urged the Civil Aeronautics Board to adopt higher rates for mail carried by U.S. international airlines. neously.” Remley told the jury, j the diamonds is located too become government property but Nixon could order which officially!;,    7" I I , ‘ jibe destruction of any tapes he general election    . .    y    m i i i ,1 wanted, and closed tin' epic!    __________ of Sir Winston I    #    ~ Drive Safely Thr Crrdur l'npul j I stoblished in 11(3 bv The Ooiei'e Co ona pubilsned dallv end Sunday of SOO Third ave SE, Cedar ftapidv loi*a S7406 Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids, iowa Subscription rates bv carrier 9S tents a week By mail: Night Edition and Sunday A i-.sues S3 TS a month. $39 OO a year; Afternoon Editions and Sunday I issues $3 IN a month, 140 OO a year Other states and U S territories IOO OO a veal No Mail Subscriptions accepted in areas hovtng Carotte carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. 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