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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa No Shortage of Advice on By Jahu ( unRiff NEW YORK (AP) - There Is no dearth of material from which President Ford can pick and choose in formulating an anti-inflation policy. There nevW was, and that is precisely his problem. He must exercise the wisdom of Solomon. On the matter of taxing, for example, Richard Cooper of Yale university claims a tax reduction of Sift billion to $15 billion for low-moderate incomes would be anti-inflationary. But J. Kenneth Galbraith of Harvard urges a tax increase. The proposals advocated over the last three weeks of pre-summitry are replete with contradictions and special pleading of business, finance, labor, government, housing, the poor, investors, borrowers, lenders . . . But there are' areas of agreement as well, especially in regard to lowering interest rates, keeping a check on government spending, and attempting to keep joblessness from rising swiftly during the adjustment to more stability. Among the suggestions that must be considered by Paul McCracken, who has the unenviable job of formulating an economic program, are these — separated into monetary (money supply, cost) and fiscal (government spending, taxing) categories: Monetary Ease federal reserve policy on money supply. Widely advocated by economists and others of all persuasions While John Cunniff administration spokesmen opposed mildly, Arthur Burns, fed chairman, indicates the easing already may have begun Allocate credit to most productive uses. Money now is allocated by price alone. Has been suggested that criteria of efficiency and social good, such as to boost housing, also be used. Negotiation of an international agreement to regulate Eurodollars. These are obligations payable abroad in U.S. currency. Critics contend that while domestic dollar supply is limited by fed, dollars abroad are unregulated Fiscal Balance the budget. That is. don’t permit government spending to exceed revenues. Widespread support. Government budget deficits over a long period of time are highly inflationary. “There is only one cure and we all know it.” said Milton Friedman of the University of Chicago, generally regarded as a conservative. ‘‘We have to slow down total spending Only the federal government can do that. ” Use taxing power for special effects. Nathaniel Goldfinger, AFL-CIO economist, proposes an excess profits tax. Investment community wants to encourage capital formation by lowering income tax on interest and dividends. Some economists suggest higher taxes on income to curtail demand. But others suggest a tax cut for lower income workers to make them more satisfied with smaller wage increases. Many of the suggestions from economists and others go beyond the usual fiscal-monetary measures. Among the suggestions for a multidimensional attack on inflation are these Controls or restraints. Business especially complains about negotiated inflation through wage settlements, but unions declare something of the same sort occurs with prices. Less support than in past, but still prominently mentioned. Indexing Advocated by the Friedman school. “Escalator clauses on all sorts of things,” says Friedman, plus cost-of-living adjustment on taxes. Already used in labor contracts, which specify raises equal to inflation rate. Examination of existing regulations and subsidies. Hendrik Houthakker. Harvard economist and former adviser to President Nixon, claims he has a list of 45 federal programs that inflate prices and which should bt1 ended. Business complains that environmental and safety regulations raise prices without contributing to production. Trans- oral- WM Im ii mm REPE REPEALS REPEAT OF A SELLOUT SEALY POSTUREPEDIC * No morning backache from sleeping on a too-soft mattress,” For a great night’s sleep and a good morning try this Unique Back Support System. Designed in cooperation with leading orthopedic surgeons for comfortably firm support. Always your very best value! Open Thursday ’Til 9:00 P.M. Phone 366-2436 PEOPLES Easy Payment T#rm* 215 First Avenue, S.E. FURNITURE SEALY REST GUARD Twin Sis# 39”x73” ea. pc. Famous Sealy support from specially    tem pered coils and exclusive torsion    bar foundation. Plus deep quilted cover. A    lot of motteress for    the money! Also avowable in full or queen size at slightly Higher prices V I I THE UNIQUE BACK SUPPORT SYSTEM FROM *99* Free sprit Just about everyone has it Maybe not always a card-carrying, banner waving sort of sprit But the need, nevertheless, to express yourself in your own way For a moment in time, at least, to be alone against the world The choice of an automobile is just such a moment It involves some very personal and individual decisions And it represents an opportunity for you to be a free sprit It is to that sprit that we dedicate our 1975 Buicks SKYHAWK The wrullert Buick in 60vcarv And die    J sportiest ever, obviously To tell the truth we at Buick just can t help chort ling about the Sk'yhawk Not lust because it s something of a departure tor us But because it s so good at being what it s    V supposed to be A small and agile little car. rakishly good looking, that can be practical and make your heart beat faster both at the same time Naturally. Skyhawk otters standard features dedicated to quick, responsive movement Buick s new V-6 Front and rear stabilizer bars Power front disc brakes GM-Specification steel-belted radial ply tires A 4 speed manual transmission    skylark    s r All the right gauges    Ha,f    hb*<* are there, too Including a standard tachometer But let's not get into any    \ lengthy lists    J'toms. Instead let s focus on the totality    J A Buick with a 9?- inch wheelbase that s    IfOffl reasonably priced, economical to operate, fun to drive, and so neat-looking it can turn the heads of at least two generations Maybe three THE NEW BUICK V6. Aux that we dunk even you VB fans will Uke. Skyhawk Hatchback tires Or forward mounted steering linkage And so on Interior Thick, heavy cushioning richly covered An instrument panel that s both elegant and convenient Thick carpeting Quality appointments abound Some family car sporty cloth and vinyl upholstery, a rallye steering wheel a great new 3 8 liter (231-cubic inch) V-6 engine, center console, map pockets and the like Listen, it s no accident that the Skylark S/R bears a startling resemblance to a European touring car We wanted to *1MMM■» S^0W could I * happen ELECTRA BARK AVENUE. Anytime you can buy a Buick this Mxi tacular, well, you needift wander on looking for somethin* better. The Electra Park Avenue is the most elegantly appointed Buick ever built You get a hint from the special halo vinyl top that something special is going on here But we d have to say that the real story is on the inside (as it really should be in any luxury car I worthy of the title) In front, you have individual easy chair seating for both driver and front passenger And all the seating is covered with velour loosely draped like on fine furniture, and very soft Overhead more velour Riviera Sport Coupe RIVIERA. RN turd to believe thai anything this well built and richly appointed can be so much fun to drive. To really understand Riviera, you ve got to take your eyes oft the square headlamps, ignore all the luxury tor a moment, and fix your attention dead center on the following A standard 7 5 liter to an essentially practical car if essentially nifty things were done to it But even with the nitty things we ve done to it Skylark S/Risn t any less frug* with a gallon of gas And it's still reasonable in terms of price It s lust that if also happens to be fun to drive most en-ioyabie to sit in and more £5^9 interestingly apposed than a practical, economical car plectra Park Avenue 4-door Hardtop lust as soft and just as rich looking Even the extra large console is covered with velour The carpeting is of the shag variety Not so unusual in a tine home but special indeed in an automobile Then there are the little touches Like the impeccably designed IHMMk instrument panel The fo... .Jim* power windows The \uper F f digital dork Big touches Little touches They all make the Electra Park Avenue a most remarkable automobile LeSABRE k liberates the American family car from a portion of Mn Ordinary CEKlUDf REGAL One of America's most impressive mid sized cars. Inside. Outside. Or under the hood You ve already had the word on Buick s V 6 How peppery it is How tires Front stabilizer bar t our coil springs Highly readable and informative instrumentation Then you have to drive Riviera Only then are you allowed to savor the classic styling The standard power windows The standard notch-back seating The Standard tilt steering wheel And all the other creature comforts Riviera indulges you with The point is that you appreciate Riviera for the very special kind of car it is Luxurious Even a little snobbish But more than prepared to hold its own m motion MAXIMUM MILEAGE SYSTEM. We ve provided every 1975 Buick V with certain .standard equipment that Mf , ^, has collectively come to be called the Buick Maximum Mileage system bet ause it rep Mm resents the most advanced engineering and technology Buick can otter for 1975 It includes three base elements One a catalytic,    «    m*    . converter T wo jS®5* ill* High Energy    —- Ignmon Three    MfL steel belted radial * * I ILI I fj* ply tires Now we could wax technical    I here and end up boring * -w you bewildering you    * or both So we choose M not to Suffice it to say that the System does much to make every Buick operate more efficiently Spark plugs tire more dependably arx! last tonger than in the 1974 Buicks The engine ii - tuned tor operating onomy And the tires otter lower rolling resistance The key to th© Buick s Maximum Mileage System is re.illy quite simple It s time that we shook up your thinking a tad Because    :    - if you re like a lot of people you think of a six as some —jWHHf thing just to ‘ > ive money with Which is simply no tonger true because of    ^ Buick s new V-6 Something altogether different from a straight six The vee design incorporates a shorter crankshaft The piston stroke is shorter The engine weighs less than Buick s straight six And the horse power is greater All in all, Buick s V 6 shares many of the design concepts of a Buick V 8 but with generally greater fuel economy One thing s for sure This engine is going to change the way a tot of people feel about six cyltrxler engines SKYLARK NR Skylark rn hack, with Vt power, a European touring car-Uke interior, and a ^orty new kook. k jam other Apollo models a* ton of the Executive^ Economy Gar What I letter way to bring back the Skylark name than with bucket seats ' the passenger s reclines) GM Specifi cation steel belted radial ply tires, ( WTI ut i Regal Coupe It i ertamiy won t hold Regal back (Of course our 5 7 liter V 6 is available on Century if you insist on those two extra cylinders) Standard equipment includes more than things like deep full foam seats carefully refined styling, GM Speci tication steel belted radial ply tires, power steering Full Flo ventilation, rn a notchback front seat and so on G A ,o standard is a nit picky kind fog of attitude toward sound deadening a Riding smoothness And toward the quantity and quality of Century s appointments T hat fussiness about things seen and unseen in the Century Regal is what distinguishes it as a Buick And what makes it we said if before but it bears repeating one of America s most impressive ^ ^ mid sized cars That s the nice thing about dealing with Buick You don t find a lot of corner cutting creeping into the scene So when you finally decide that the family car is going to be a LeSabre the rewards are visible and immediate Styling There s most decidedly nothing down home about it LeSabre is a richly designed beautifully turned out automobile Well, look af it Performance The 5 7 liter V 8 has High Energy Ignition and several other refinements that help increase operating performance (More on that a little later) T he suspension is Hie kind that has given Buick its reputation tor smoothness And let snot forgot standard GM Specification steel I cited radial ply Dedicated to the free Spirit in just about everyone. Built Atop Rubble park officials as a nationwide Inflation porters claim maze of regulations on how things must be shipped adds to costs and prices. Thomas Moore of Michigan State university insists that erasing Interstate Commerce Commission regulations would reduce trucking charges by 2ft percent or more Limitation of competition among airlines also keeps prices high, he says. Antitrust action Various proposals have been suggested even before pre-summit conferences. The belief is that concentrations of power in big industries, unions, institutions tends to reduce competition. Encouraging smaller businesses. The more competition the lower the prices — in theory anyway. Assessor Sets Rapid Inflation COCOA BEACH. Fla (AP) — When .James Higdon purchased an aluminum utility shed for $88, he thought he was getting a good buy. The Brevard county tax assessor apparently agreed, valuing the shed for tax purposes at $511.67 The only addition Higdon said he made on the shed behind his home was a floor, built out of scrap lumber. BRIM: SAFELY Squatter Makes Himself at Home In French Palace PARIS (UPI) — Bernard L’Heureux wanted President \ aiery Giscard D’Estaing to help him collect a $240 claim against the army, so he walked unchallenged into the Elysee palace, drank milk and wine from a presidential refrigerator and took a nap in a palace chamber. A valet discovered the uninvited guest. '■‘‘Ah, I’m glad to see someone finally,” L’Heureux, 23, told the servant, ‘i’ve been looking for the president sinee last night I have a very important request to make of him. Can you take me to him?” The servant fled, shouting. ‘‘A squatter! I tell you there’s a squatter!” He returned with security men and the intruder was gone. He was soon found in a bathroom, shining his shoes L’Heureux said he walked into the palace, got lost, got hungry and drank a pint of milk and a bottle of wine he found in a refrigerator Police released L’Heureux after questioning and a medical examination. Giscard D’Estaing had been away for the weekend. ON THIS DATE in 1775, the American Revolutionary war hero, Ethan Allen, was captured by the British and Indians as he led an attack on Montreal ‘Artpark’ LEWISTON, N Y (AP) -From the rubble of a local dump has risen New York State’s newest cultural center — Artpark The resurrection has not been cheap The Artpark Theater, busy hub of the park's activities, gobbled up $7 2 million in state funds before the opening night curtain was raised But since the July 25 debut, officials of the state’s department of parks and recreation have recorded box-office receipts of $135,000, a figure expected to climb before the season ends Sept 13. “The season has been extraordinarily exceptional, ' said ( harks Cinnamon, the theater's publicity director. “It’s been beautifully accepted by the audience. There's a climate, there’s something in the air. The minute you come here you respond to it.” The theater, a massive structure of brick, glass and steel, resembles a topless pyramid. It sits overlooking the precipitous Niagara river gorge, slightly down river from the world-famous falls. The facility seats 2.400, hut giant steel shutters can be raised behind the building to allow another 1,500, seater on a grassy incline, to view productions from outdoors. There is also an artists-in-residence program claimed by first. “We've asked them k come and use the park as a lahora tory for their ideas.’ said Dale Mel Anality, the park’s execu live director. The invitation has drawn about 30 sculptors, poets, dancers, printers and architects, who are paid up to $290 a week to ply their crafts before park patrons. Jqck Maranville, a parks department spokesman, said original cost estimates for just the theater came to about $5 million. The complex, including two 560-ear parking lots, an amphitheater and boardwalk, is expected to have a final bill of about $10 million. The premier season has served as an audience market study, giving state planners a chance to determine what the audience likes, said parks department analyst Mark Lyons Lynns says the best received offering to date has been piano virtuoso Van (llburn's stand ing-room only appearance Rock concerts have done poorly. The season has included a potpourri of entertainment ranging from the ear-splitting rock of Blue Oyster Cult, through the mellower tones of Gordon Lighlfoot and on to the patter of slippers from New f ’• city’s Jeffrey Ballet. r   V, TIK Ellis Part Church of Hod ^ •*L” Ave. and 8th St. N.W. prenenl* The Exciting Gospel Singing Group The Tom Mitzsche Trio THURSDAY & FRIDAY Sept. 26 & 28th af 7:30 p.m. and SUNDAY SKPT. 29 at 10:30 and 6:00 with Evangelist Dick Reinholtz, Founder and recent Director of Houston \ outh for ( Brist Everyone    Nurnery Wekom*    iruilnhle    ^ ;

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