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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Fair tonight with lows in the upper 50s. Mostly sunny Thursday, highs in the upper 70s. VOLUME 92 — NUMBER 259 LO ethic a pid* # CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1974 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESCALLEY CONVICTION VOIDED Bills Seek Access to Nixon Data WASHINGTON (AP) - Bills lo assure that Richard Nixon’s White House tapes and papers will be available for Watergate proceedings are headed for house and senate action. The house appropriations committee has deleted from a Nixon appropriations measure the money for a vault to store the tapes near San Clemente. And the senate government operations committee approved a proposal to supersede the Sept. 7 Nixon documents agreement and prohibit destruction of any of the tapes or papers except as provided by congress. Meanwhile, one of the coverup trial defendants said he plans to call 80 witnesses including Secretary of State Kissinger and the outgoing White House chief of staff, Alexander Haig. In other Watergate-related developments Tuesday: U. S. District Judge John Sirica set a hearing for Monday on whether to allow' transcripts of taped presidential conversations to be used in the trial. The accuracy of transcripts of 33 conversations is being challenged by defense lawyers. California Attorney General Evelle Younger asked the special Watergate prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, to give him any information that might be used in any state prosecution of Nixon. Besides Kissinger and Haig, lawyers for former White House adviser John Ehrlichman said they plan to call former presidential Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler and James St. Clair, an attorney who represented the former President. Jaworski meanwhile released his own list of 44 witnesses for the trial that begins Tuesday, including former FBI Director L. Patrick Gray and the foreman of the grand jury that indicted the defendants, Vladimir Pregel j. Ehrlichman and Jaworski have subpoenaed Nixon to testify. Expense Money The bill approved by the house committee Tuesday includes $398,000 expense money for Nixon but none of the $110,000 requested for a vault. In an accompanying report, the committee said congress should not act on permanent tutorage for the material until “the special prosecutor and the courts have concluded their requirements for and interest in the tapes and papers of former President Nixon.” President Ford’s staff asked the $110,000 vault under the Sept. 7 agreement signed by Nixon and the government for joint holding of the tapes and papers. Nixon was to have one key and General Services Adminis-i trator Arthur Sampson the other so neither could get into the vault alone. $452,OM Cut The $398,000 approved for Nixon to wind down his affairs! is a $452,000 cut from the; $850,000 Ford requested for him. J The senate bill would require that the materials be made! available for subpoenaing for Watergate proceedings, with (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) $ 166,000 for Attorneys Is Approved Iowa News— IOWA CITY — Attorneys for [James Speed, who won a $750,000 judgment from the state I after he lost his eyesight, will receive more than $166,000 in fees and expenses. Speed, 25, was recruited to play basketball for the University of Iowa in 1970. On Nov. 26, 1970, he entered [University Hospitals in Iowa | City because of a headache and ! toothache. He had two teeth extracted,! and four days later doctors diagnosed a blood clot in a sinus! cavity and bacterial meningitis. He underwent surgery and was given heavy doses of antibiotics, but by Dec. I he was permanently blind. Sought $3.5 Million I Speed filed suit for $3.5 mil-I lion and was awarded $750,000. | Speed contended his blindness j caused him to forfeit a career in professional basketball. Ernest Wombacher, Johnson i county clerk, said District Judge Harold Victor Tuesday permitted Speed’s attorneys to receive $150,000 in “reasonable fees” and $16,473 in expenses. Speed was represented by the Iowa City firm of Meardon.i Sueppel, Downer and Hayes. Appeal Stated Asst. Atty. Gen. John Beamer said the state was to appeal the judgment Wednesday, contesting ‘‘the findings of negligence and the amount of the award.” j Beamer said Speed’s award was the largest ever returned! against the state. Speed received nearly a year’s training at the Iowa Commission for the Blind school in Des Moines, and later studied for two semesters at the university. He is now C working at another school|the daughter of broadcasting ex- |about ,. mllcs from ,he Me. for the blind and attending col- ealtlve charies Mechem. The chem home in aburban Mount : girl was found safe. Army Considers Appeal Options Rocky "No" To Agnew, Ehrlichman WASHINGTON (UPI) - Vice nrcsident-desienate Rockefeller COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — A'Elliott took his appeal under ad-said Wednesday that both Spiro fedcraI JudSc Wednesday over- visement June 25. Agnew    and John Ehrlichman    turncd *be ^y ^ai murder    con- The    army automatically con- asked    him for financial help    vTctlon former Army LL    Wil-1 siders    parole for Galley Nov. 19 after scandal forced them from bam Galley, ruling that Galley|the date when he will have the government last year, but was not accorded due process served one-third of his 10-year he refused.    of law” and ordering him freed sentence. His original life sen- Rockefeller told the senate    District    Court    Judge    J    tence was reduced to a 20-year rules    committee during the    Robert Elliott said Galley should jerm    by Qen Albert Con- third day of hearings on his    be released immediately,    but ners    commanding general of nomination that Agnew, who re- j his decision may be appealed Third army, and later resigned as vice-president last Oc- by tbe army.    duced to IO years by Secretary tober    after    pleading    “no    con-;    Elloitt based his    decision on    of the Army    Howard    Callaway, test” to    tax    evasion, called him    three key constitutional conten-    Although    more    than    two    dozen seeking help “in connection with tions:    officers and enlisted men were a book — asking for someone to That Galley was denied a fair charged in the sensational case finance payments in advance on impartial trial because of and six were tried, Callcy was a book. ^    massive, adverse pretrial pub- the only one to be convicted. For Money    ;    Deity.    Calley already has submitted That he was denied his right of confrontation with witnesses and was denied    compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor. That he was    denied due “I did not help,” Rockefeller (said. But he did not make it clear whether Agnew asked for (Photo on Picture Page) his petition for parole to auth orities at Ft. Leavenworth, and his lawyers say the request should soon be before the army and air force clemency board in Washington. Calley also has applied for process by being convicted on[presidential pardon, based on charges and specifications tbe issue of amnesty for draft —UPI Telephoto KIDNAPED CHILD SAFE — Charles Mechem hugs his daughter, Allison, 4, kidnaped Monday, after she was found unharmed. Parolee Held in Kidnaping money or assistance in contactile a publisher who would pay I in an advance on a book. "I also received two letter* which werc improperly drawn I “^7“ from John Ehrlichman for his anb illegally used by the prose-    "I    nefiuol    Justice" defense fund." Rockefeller said, ™*™    ’    ,    . referring to former President!    Stay Possible    Elliott is the same judge who Nixons No 2 aide who rcsi-mcd    :frced Calley last hob. 27 after in April,    ITO.‘and    goes    on    trial    A™>' '"V” cou'd an    J** formCT lieutenant hod spent next    week    in    the    Watergate    mmedtate stay of Calley s re-    three years under house arrest ■msnirarv    ,ease    by flbns a brief Wltb E1* at nearby Ft. Benning, Ga. the human point ofor. b>! fill"8 dir*c“l 10 Three ra°n‘hs »»'“.«« army K '5th U. S. circuit court of appeals won reversal of Elliott’s bail in New Orleans.    decision    from the 5th U.S. chin Washington, the army said    cult court of appeals in New its lawyers would study the    Orleans. Calley appealed to the judge’s decision “in order to    U.S. supreme court, which re evaluate various legal alterna-ifused to overturn the appellate ♦    »*    Ipnurt's Hppisinn nn halt. lege cover up conspiracy. “From view I’m embarrassed to say I did not answer these letters. From the human point of view these things are very sad.” Rockefeller said Wednesday that it will be almost impossible    -    ..    .    ,.    ... to control the nation’s inflation tives.”    court s decision on bail. and balance-of-payments prob-j At Ft. Leavenworth, a spokes-! The heart of Calley s plea^was Ic ms if Arab oil prices go any man said authorities there wouldI that he was a victim of un-higher.    I    awalt    instructions from the, equal justice when convicted Tight Money    army    officials    in    Washington.    b.v military tribunal in March, ...... Calley’s Attorney. J. Houston f°r the slaying of 22 Viet- He also declared on his third, Gordon said; ..Wc are of course namese civilians. •onvie-;room 118 Tuesday morning, but[and    Jnuid    e,ated    by    the    Judge’s    decision.”    PwbUdtj I the door was locked and a “do P11th!?f-deral r^IHe Said hc did n0t kn0W what| The first 86 pages of the in Washington. D.'charged with .he abduction    ™    sign hung on the .J £    ^    money“    ^    ^    ’ "    !    (nnlim;    nnlncc nthPl* nPTIOn ISI    tot.    _ ..    _    .. “The army may appeal, he] The ruling says “Calley was hope that it n*v *• ww    vfMkkkMkp,    **••*''    ?    !    mn/ic    t n t n inn cum I 1 mMrxni    i    ..    .    . after \jjv CINCINNATI (AP) —* An un-,from an armed robbery employed parolee has been ti°n in Florida. 'Lookout was released policy unless other action I When crying again was heardu^,-, “t0 increase the flow of J ,.R t * would near the 4:30 p m quitting time, /..-.J, intn ran;tai market ” I ,    J.    ”0U1° Miss Pinson and another maid The ^airman of the commit-i ^ • W S, ?    ’ . ’* A ? “Our little girl is back, and Questioning, police said. He was g0t a pass fcey and investigated. * cpn rannon (D-Nev ) said idccis,on wlb bc madc    a bl8b she’s hannv Mechem said not identified.    7    ..... f. tee ben. Lannon (i>i\ev i sdiG, level t t    ths snes nappj. Metnem saia    ‘    There was a little girl, all meanwhile, that the panel won tLon „ M v    & after 4-year-old Allison was fee man surrendered to ar- ajone gjttjn? on the ^ wjth act on Hoekefeller’s nomination,    p , found crying, but unharmed, in resting officers without a strug- her shoes off crying and watch. ^    a    from    aJ    Parole a locked motel room five miles *1*. police said.    jng television >. said Mjss pin-;othcr congressional committee! Calley, SI, has been confined from her home on Tuesday. She    Tip    son. “There was nobody else on Rockefeller’s taxes.    [to    the    disciplinary    barracks at had spent 24 hours in the hands    Officers    said they arrested    around.    She    was    almost    hys-    Rockefeller    refused Tuesday Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., since of her abductor.    Wiechman after receiving a tip[terical from crying.”    to answer questions about    .    .    . Authorities said    no ransom    that a man matching the de-; Mechem shortly after Alii-    whether he thought full disclo- was collected.    scription of the kidnaper, pro- son's return said that his daugh-    sure 0f Watergate would be Police said Tuesday night    vidcd by witnesses to the abduc-1    ter was    not    mistreated    in    any    ^mp^ed by    a Whie House rv    of    the    T73    Arab-lsraeli    war    ily had charged Frank Joseph    tion. was    driving a white van    way.    agreement to give former Pres-j The    purpose    of    the    raids,    and    I Wiechman, 26, Cincinnati, with    Po I i cc    spotted the vehicle    “She’s    in    there    now    cating    ident Njxon    his Watergate he’s fine.” (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Israel Presses Air Offensive TEL AVIV (AP)—Israel's air force bombed and strafed targe t s in southern Lebanon Wednesday less than seven hours before the start of the fast of Yoni Kippur, holiest day in the Jewish vear and anniversa- of similar strikes Tuesday in the kidnaping. Wiechman, who w HS parked outside the chili parlor suckers, and _________.- i I. _____ dill    Hfvinrf    niinclmnoH    Wnflnpg.    i    in Cnlnpoin fnmnchin    _ same area, was to break up any still being questioned Wcdnes-jin Colerain township, attack the Palestinian guerillas daV' was scheduled for arraign- “j aiways thought we over-might be mounting for the Jew- mcnt Thursday in municipal protected her a little,” Mechem, ish Day of Atonement com- c°urt on the state charge.    chairman of the board of the mencing at sundown Wednesday. Police L,aid Wiechman was un- Taft Broadcasting Corp , said and ending at dusk Thursday, (employed and was on parole after his daughter was reunited with her family. Doctor Reports Nixon Lung Clot tapes. In doing so, Sen. Byrd (D-W. J Va.), who posed the questions.J discovered Tuesday how hard! it is to pin Rockefeller down. when he wants to avoid answering a question. Rockefeller, for his part.; Marion Boy Dies: Cycle, Train Mishap Timothy James Skyles, 13, of ; 1525 Twenty-sixth street, Marion, was killed about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in a collision of ! his motorcycle and a Milwaukee [railroad freight train. Linn deputies reported the ac-i cident happened as the boy left la trail on private property near Blairs Ferry road and C avenue [NE and tried to cross the (railroad tracks. They said he was dead on ar-[ rival at St. Luke’s hospital. * * * A lilllong resident of Marion, Timothy was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Skyles and 'was born April 5, 1961, in Cedar Rapids. He was an eighth grade student at Linn-Mar junior high school, was a Gazette carrier, and was a member of the Lutheran Church of the Resurrec- v_______________^      ^    tion and the Mari-Linn 4-H club. county district court moved lowed the photographs to be sister, Melissa.    DQCK5    /    I    Surviving are his parents, his slowly Wednesday, as numerous admitted.    Officers    said that after the    _    (    _    grandparents, James Skyles of conferences among the lawyers Randolph also identified sev-children identified Allison as    _    D*+,l    ii    /-m n j-J    /%4i/    / -rut a a r Rook Island, ll!., Mrs P. J. Hyn- and Judge John Hyland, both at oral items of clothing as being Melissa's sister, the man pulled    yy    fJ    I OI I UT IO ll    OflO OC# I y LmdWr 5 ish, Melbourne, Fla. and Mr. the bench and in chambers, de- on the body of Miss Connolly her into the car and sped away    "    'and Mrs. Jerry Fronek, Cedar layed the proceedings.    prior to the autopsy.    The car    later was found aban-    DETROIT (AP) — General causes inflation; rising    prices — and    added about $270    to    the    Rapids; a    brother, Jerry, Dav- Thomas Randolph,    special!    when asked by state’s    attor- doned.    A    blue jacket and one of    Motors has begun to flex its cor- air merely symptoms.”    price of    each GM    vehicle.    enport,    and    three sisters, Shana, agent with the Iowa Bureau of ney Joe Beck if there was any- Allison's shoes were in the car. pupate muscle in support of a    Wrote    Ford    Average Boost    Robyn and Vicki, all at home. Criminal Investigation, testified thing unusual about the items.:    Ransom    three-year moratorium on new    Services: IO ani. Friday at as to his collection of evidence!Randolph noted that there was a Tne tamilv received two anon- auto safety and anti-pollution    revealed    Tuesday    that    During    the    same    three-year    Lutheran Church of the Resur- sur rounding the    death    of    small hole in the crotch    area of | ymous    telephone calls and two    laws. calling them inflationary. iGerstenberg wrote President [span,    however,    the company    rcction    by    the Rev. Otto Zwan In his strongest criticism yet Ford early this month    asking Nowlin Trial: State Calls 6 Witnesses By Tom Fruehling MASON CITY - The third morning of the George Nowlin murder trial in Cerro Gordo at Miss Connolly’s Iowa City. Photos Allowed autopsy in | LONG BEACH (AP) - Rich-“I guess this shows you really ar£* Nixon has a blood clot in his:complimented Byrd for the way can’t overprotect them ”    eight lung “which is a potential- j he put him on the spot. Neighborhood youngsters !y dangerous situation,’ his doc-    Attica    Role gathered around the Mechem tor said Wednesday.    Rockefeller    defended    his    role home to greet Allison as she!    ^r-    J°hn    C.    Lungren    told a    in the 1971 Attica    prison upris- news    conference    the    clot, which    mg and explained    he was “do- vessels    jng my duty for    my constit- found    uents” when he intervened with peeked through the door. Police said Allison and a play-;moved through blood mate were riding their tricycles from Nixon s leg, in front of the Mechem home on Monday when a ear pulled up and a male occupant asked Judge Hyland eventually a1- about Allison'*, 16-ycar-old W£ (Continued. Page 3. Col. 3. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) WILLIAM CALLEY Today s Index Comics ........— .......7D Crossword ...... . —7D Daily Record ...... 3A Deaths . .. 3A Editorial Features ..... 6A Farm 12B Financial RD Marion ti; Movies ............ 9C Society ..... IOU, IIM Sports ID-5D Stale 1C4T Television hi) Want Ads 101)131) Maureen Connolly. Nowlin is accused of killing her in rural Jones county March IO. Exhibits Much of the delay was caused as the prosecution asked Ran-i d o I p Ii to [state's exhibit I photographs of the dead git The defense object I'd in every case, arguing that any “probative value” of the exhibits was 'outweighed by the “inflammatory” and “prejudicial” nature I of the evidence both the jeans and underwear. Identifies Shell The BGI agent also identified a shotgun shell, power pistons and pellets' as being material removed from the head, abdomen. and vaginal area of uuonymous has raised prices an average money drops were made by Me ! ,n n,s sirorU5esl criticism yei c ora early lins monin asking ------ -    -    - -b- ziger. Graveside services:    2 chem to meet ransom demands, °f federal regulations. GM that he consider a moratorium.    .    rV! .. pn1, ^ r)day at National ceme- police said. They said the Chairman Richard Gerstenberg c;M .. K . u d .    .    Gerstenberg    said    GM wouldteijat Rock Island, 111. money was not picked up. also called for a joint govern-. ’    .    . modernize its plan.s, expand its L riends may call at the Mur- Police confirmed the ransom ment-industry review of the scllt 1 e proposal to federal facilities and put greater em-:doch funeral home in Marion demanded of Mechem in two need for existing and proposed agencies for study.    jphasis on ncw-product engineer-(after I p.m. Thursday, and at - nun ini, ai IU v«i|^iiiui cilia ut i" v ••• identify potential MjsJ Conno|jy by Dr Regis We. day was s moulding colon|an(j wbo performed the au- na^y rep dephone calls Mon-1 regulations. $128,000. It was origi- pe topsy. As to testimony tin* vaginal and ureas, the defense The proposed moratorium has,,n8 wer® ^ unhindered by been endorsed by the Ford    federal    regulations. Co. and the Chrysler He said GM doe regulations which product ues for the consumer. He added that the better eeon- cost have been worth ^nefits oi the new anti-pallu-they have cost in*i catalytic converter offset the $100-to-$160 additional cost for the device. But he said the extra $30-to- ex- the church after 9 a m. Friday. Friends may, if they wish, copilot oppose tribute to Hie Lutheran Church val- of the Resurrection as a niemo- ! rial. “We question whether today’ reported    that the    kidnaper    inflation does not make all the [Motor sought $2,000.    more necessary a complete Corp. •oncerning During the    24-hour    ordeal,    moratorium on laws that dispro-j In a recent    interview ,    G.er- abdominal bechern made numerous ap-    portionately affect the costs of stenberg questioned    whether objected.1    Pcabi ^)r b*s daughter’* safe re-jears and trucks,” he told the    some safety and clean    air    im-i?my and ‘ower ©P^ratin saying that it had no connection    turn, but the first solid contact    C i t i z e n s ’ Research Council    provements with the death of the girl    ;was a telephone call from theiTuesday.    the    money    they    haveB Judge Hyland    overruled the    manager of the motel where the    “High prices cause inflation    dustry and the public. The photographs, including objections on the    condition that    girt was found after a maid    like wet streets cause rain,” he He said government-mandat- one showing an apparent gun [ testimony be tied in.    I heard her crying.    ! said of the relationship bet weened equipment since the fall of    B „,WII „inM M shot wound in the back of the    The    maid.    Dorothy    Pinson, GM prices and the inflationary 1971 has cost GM about $1 bit- *40 0051 for safety-belt ignition mucj) Qf R either, head, were taken by Randolph (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) -said crying had been heard injspiral “Cost without value lion — $300 million in 1974 alone (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) a Today's VhuckU* The grandfather who thought nothing about walking four miles to school is sure to liavc I a grandson who doesn't think Copyright ♦ ;

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