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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WATIONM WI MHU StSVICl lOSKAtt ic. TAK (St »    *4 30.00 30.J4 Obituaries Thp (’friar Kapids Gazette: Tups., Sept. 24, 1974 Shirley A. Sturgill    Clayton    Ramsdell Craig A. Sturgill    Clayton    L.    (Shorty) Ramsdell, Shirley A. Sturgill, 27, wife of165, of 3205 Franbrook terrace Enrollment AfU. of I. Up JurY Selection Finished 743 Students In Nowlin Murder Trial 6AN FW AHCHOO J965?0WJSniAI I* LOS ANSIll 297/ town? TfMMftATUftiS Delbert Sturgill and -a former resident of Cedar Rapids, and her infant son, Craig A., died Sept. 18 in West Germany following childbirth complications. Her father, the Rev. Forrest E. Whitlatch of Des Moines is district superintendent of the supe!intended ui lI,c,was a rPtired employe of Collins, Church of the Nazarene in Iowa. Radio Co. A native of Waterloo Mrs.i Surviving in addition to his|ords w. A. Cox. Sturgill lived in Cedar Rapids wife are two sons, Eugene, innocence of their client, a verdict of innocence must be returned. Questioned Individually As was the case in the Servey JS a member of .St.|iVnZ'"‘=,”"T jZn'Z/riof Maureen' Connolly of Cedar harder trial, each prospective Catholic church, the L“y, u "T, ^ ^ Rapids    Juror was questioned individu- ported a fall enrollment of 21,- Tbe (d Mjss Connolly 17. aby by the defense in a sepa- 271 students in residence, up 743 was found two miles east of rate court room ~ out °f bear' from last fall, according toiAnamosa March 16, six days! of other prospective jury Dean of Admissions and Rec- after her shooting death.    members - as to knowledge of Nearly 40 Cerro Gordo county the case, citizens were interviewed in the! Both trials were transferred IOWA CITY - With a sub-1 “M01" Pru,fbl!"s NW, died Monday. Rom Auk. stantial increase in enrollment    . to mon * rr *    1 (ru 11    11 woman, ten-man jury was se- 19, 1909, at Tama, he    was    mar-    ior saturday    and evening j lected late Tuesday morning to ried to Edith Vajnar    Aug.    25,    classes and with    slight increases!try the case of George Nowlin, 1931, at Fort Atkinson.    in most olhcr    enroIlmcnLs, the I who is charged with the murder He was Jude’s Men’s Catholic Order of Foresters, and 1REW local 1362. He Cox “d lhe SatUr,lay ^Iday and a half jury election|oul °f lde counties in which the and Council Bluffs before mow, Kansas Cly . and Hob rt C da ,    ,    ,    217    mw    css    sjx    prospective    jurors    alleged    crimes took place be ing lo West Germany with her ,£ VlZPalm™fc I! Wcre “«*• f°r hayi"* “T 7 *?“• "«>5 '» husband who is stationed there T..m,.    ’(program    that    to    a large extent know]0(jgc of the case    pre-trial    media coverage which ,dmd^    enrolls    women    and older per-    ®,_____ .    . with the U.S. army. 9f UTI WI ATH?ft rotoc AST w Chanco of rain Tuesday night from eastern New Mexico, and the western parts of Texas across Oklahoma and Missouri into the Tennessee Valley and parts of the south Atlantic states. Mostly fair elsewhere. Nowlin in Story county. That J°nes counties. was rl, oc.    ....    ..    .    ..    4    per,    The    makeup    of    the    jury    con-was believed to rule out impar- »    .    e    i re i Services. St. Jude s church isons who cire unable to ultcnd *    .    *uA    nnn    |L0*    ti] juries in both I inn and She was a graduate of Jeffer- Thur!day at a m by the Rev :classes during week days.    !,rasts    w,,h ,he ont ,hat lrled J son high school in Cedar Rapids Richard Amcnt Burja|. Mt    .ra,.llate    „0n„s„ thl, and attended Olivet Nazarene Calvarv eemeterv Vieil Braver u hrd(,u<ilc gc    _    ------------------ college in Kankakee, III. Shcl^^Sy a    T ’T 'TS J?"! “stCo2\ was a member of the FirstL th, Tcahen y.hapel w'hcrc *|ed ™ i,urdavIntl e^nlM S! V m    K’sT^    ^Se Church of the Nazarene in Court- friends may caU fr0m 2 to 9' .?    y    dnd    evening    Servey,    |lys deatn. (Another prospective cil Bluffs.    Dm vVednesdav    ( asses.    Juror Excused Surviving in addition to hers ’    --—    ,in    the hcaUh science areas Another prospective juror was    .    ,    . , ,    . h    r,    /m    -    -    where    soecial    efforts    have    been     „,i    u,,    u.,i„~,i    of drunk driving (second of- ihusband are a son, Darin Clay; her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. A. Whitlatch of West Des panel member was dismissed __*n    tbe    health    science areas Another prospective juror was j b*;cau*se bo had been convicted where special efforts have been excuSPd bv Judce John Hvland of dru^k dnvmB (second of-James R. Haney Lade to increase the number of Tucsda morni„g for attempting I fe"selva tel(“7 "h'ch aut°ma“-James R. Haney, 83, a former graduates, enrollment this fall l0 obtain information about the ca,,y ^^qualified him for jury The Weather Health Unit    Rapids    resident,    died    in,ros<in.every college with -I    ...    !    latch    of Des Moines; her pater-M«"day followlne 3    ind^ai^iP1^' \A/f^X/n2d grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.>bort iHness.    g .    Ihis V^liaiiycb way IA whitlatch of West Des: Born Sept. 7, case from a courthouse cm- duty. His dismissal was, howev- High temperatures Monday. lew tem-j »    c. u perfllui'es overnigt’f and inches of pre-1 JOSOpiunl*    rail, fipifation: Anchorage 49 45 .53 L. Angeles 90 i6 Atlanta 74 52 Miami 84 78 Bismarck . 78 42 Min'apolis 62 49 Chicago . 56 51 N. Orleans 78 63 Denver MMM New York 61 43 Duluth . 55 39 Phoenix 96 72 Honolulu 92 76 .03 Seattle 81 57 Houston 72 to Washington 63 45 Extended Forecast — Chance I    ,    _1C    0 -    .    i    Cr    *    SE: David Frederick. 815 Sev- of rain Thursday through Satur-|cnth street South Marion. clif_ day. Lows in the upper 40s and ford Williams, Iowa City; each cr, challenged by the defense.)  was in violation of the    Common Thread 189I, at Dows, he    for    5air?s    of 29’ I judge’s admonition that pro- Annthpr rommon thread run- \Tor th brook lane NE; William! n • I I A    Pi    •    'l    I    '"T„,T    hor    "m"at«rnai    i was married    to Ethel K Mall at    19 30(1 21 respectively, over    197J. SDectivc    lurors not discuss the    Anoiner common    tnreaa run Pierri't, 72U0 Council street NK;j QI I IC Aff* Pal    ‘    nd    dor maten’d1. was marrRd to fctntl K. Mall al    es    lease    ning    through    questioning    by    de- UIMo It? I Cl I grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Belle flame. He was a sales.    «-,,roc    ;J    J    j    ,    .    fense    attorneys was the view- ti. It. Trosen of Burlington. representative for Cre scen t "d ast fall s t!» n, Judge Ryland, obviously upset (ha, the ..,cstimon is nol going ^rvippe    Uflli    hp    at    I    nm    Electric Co.    prior to retirement,    parentheses, are. Liberal    arts,,at the    transgression,    opened    . b    :    „    F h : p ,    iMr Hanev    was a memfwr of    *11,670 (11,517); business admini-(court Tuesday by again    remind-    wjtb c b j j d r e n    was 35^ whether the “violent nature of the alleged crime” would sway feelings against the defendant. None said it would. One of Nowlin’s attorneys also 211 Wiley boulevard NW; Ronald Bingham, 905 South sixth street, (Marion; Ronald Krut/.er. 805 South Fifth street, Marion; each fined $30 and costs. Arlene Miner, Monticello; Larry 1436 Bever avenue ...............          fall’s    tigures    in Linn county has changed the manner of processing expenses    wlctnVf>r hi Mr. Haney was a member    ...    .    - ^ of the county health center after j ncral home in Des Moines with the MizPah Masonic lodSe and j^ation^ 9!7 (K3); engineering, ing the panel members of his „ ncra* nome ,n 1Jes Ivl0incs’w,in Fi Kahir Shrine    472 (3"); graduate, 5,181 (4,-; aae rule receiving an attorney general’s burial at Resthaven cemetery. *amr an™.    8U))    .    .    m    (60Q|    s    ,Li    un coin <*•„ riAt lion that indicated thorn wag The familv suL’cests that Surviving are his wife, Ethel,    ’    .    ;    ..    ^bis    case,    he said, is not non that indicated there was The family .suggests .ha    *    The graduate school enroll-|going „ be tried in the halls, on "I "L hC P,0CCdUre : tribute r’,*'    SjM.,    Cedar    Rapids,    and    two    ™    X    “WS- ing in departments of liberal |)aper, or acr0,s ,he backyard .. m , auumeys aisu arts. 283 in business adminkrtra- ifences of Cerro Gordo county    1 askcd T"*1 Pr0SPpctlv,e Jufor,s ..    iiences    or    uerro    uorao    coumy.    Ijf they had any particular feel- 878 in engineering, j “Not a Game” “This is not a game,’' TI' L A f    77    TaUU.V    I    4J    ll    I    PITH    II    i      ll    111    V    J    VV-*    O    v.    A    lOlvilLv    t    ...    v,III UiJ\ Monday^.... ......' Lindeman, Swisher; Carles; claims were ar Droved bv the!sent to ^e district treasurer, viCes will be held at Chapel of ^ -n Low overnight ....... •.....52jLong, Swisher, two charges;!    DA    Diehl 1542 Eighteenth Memories in Cedar Rapids at a :r- j Noon Tuesday ............... 65: Paula Taggart, 1537% Ellis center board and paid by the _ . DPS Moines    later date, with inurnment in Thia ____em hnnlpvarri XVJ Frank Smith _____...    Sired,    UeS    Moines.    I _    *      I    IHS ings concerning alcohol or guns he old wj1jcj1 might prejudice them in the case. Again, no one answered in the affirmative. opinion that indicated there was no low 50s. Highs. 70s north to 80s I fined $20 and costs.    j    previously    rn    effect.    being    established    with the iowa'grandchildren in south.    urFai,ureT 10 gt?-p J“.Q?uaSS Officials say that for most, if|Church 0f the Nazarene in Services: Harvey funeral,,    . dpntjstrv C R Weather ISST’    !n0t    aU'    °f    ,he nearly sewn mt™ry of Mrs. Sturgill and home at Fort Myers, with cre-l^l Faulty cquipmpnt _ Jerry years of the center’s existence,    her son. The memorials may    be!rna_10rV1j)    ^chapel(of ^m.in medicine-    125    in nursing, (those    in the courtroom. “It    is ^ m pharmacy,    and    334 unclas-jnot a    television drama. This    is a serious matter.” - " "> itat. ...............L"P*e™. Mar;Jre«lhdhd"ty aUdi'°r- ,    .    ^    “    "«*    >'    “h    "rT    a"d"Cox    lawyers hin'cd, ,thal Precipitation  None, $J0 and cost;    An attorney general’s opinion Carpenter Infant ’efum Arrangements by Cedar reported adding that the rate of ^on    gm    e‘    their    client    again may not take Total foi September  ....... -    overtime    parkinf    —    David    received    Friday    said    no    authors    vr    .    .    n    rarnAntpr    in    Memor,al    funeral    home.    enrollment by women showed a:    ,\fter a fuii dav 0f auestionine L , Sta •” hls own deferisc Normal for September .....3.97    Bauk, 318 Center Point roadL    .    .    .    Michael    David    Carpenter,    in-    -- izreater inermse thin thit nf . a lull day oi luesti n defense wttnesses were present- formal through September 27.12 NE: fined $10 and costs.    could    be    found giving a boaid fant son of Mr. and Mrs. John M Dona)d M> Kelley men 8 6 Lce^c tmL cd w. h m°rc tha" 20 pr0Sp^tIVf I™’ cd in the Servey trial Total for 1974     38.85    Driving    without    lights    _    of    supervisors    power    to    delegate    L.    Carpenter,    died at birth    .    *    !0 3^    Parp r4Sior#* -WM reiysaed at 5:40 Due to the seriousness of the “t'2 .........5«'3    —    '™"d 1 “,3[ f0r aPPr0Val °f health lury in 3 Cedar RaP‘dS h0S' Th“rd «tr«teNE .^w“ veferans enrolled. Wind direction and velocity    atC’overw-elxht _ Oscar Anthcs.|CCTher opinion was in response    Surviving in addition to    ^    3 $154.90 and.    ..    parents    are    the    grandparents,    ,,    not included in tho hpaHmunt I ■ . ,,, in: ,c , iUm called as prospective jurors for to a question from the health.^ william FrpJ^nn Ffl1ifnr. years, died Monday.    L    I.IIL Q neaticouni tnal, followed closely the pro- the tria] ,    ,    , ,    .    17UC    IU lite act trusties;* ui p m. Monday by Judge Hyland chargcs agajnst Nowljn> 50 2 p.m. SSW at 16 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, 6:57; Springville; costs. Resisting an officer fined in n niHJcimrt    trnm inn    noairn    r    ' .    .    _    T    ...... William    Freeman, Califor sun sets. 6:59.    Resisting    an    officer    —    Carl-{center posed    by Rep.    James    ni    Ray    of    Mississippi,,    t . „    . oo ,noc Year Ago Today - High, 81; Jon    Jordon    .ave- Wens (D-C.R.) concerning the and Mr. and Mrs. John R.    ^    Jun^    19“' low, 56; rainfall, 0.98. .    i    Ninth    street    SW;    each    fined    $25 auditor’s authority with respect penter of Cedar Rapids.    lK«ii*v    rn    Waterloo    Mrs Kollrv to budget matters and to claims Private services were held in'Kell*y at Waterl0° Mrs- Kellcy She was born Oct. I, 1904, at 1(1 port of enrollment, Cox said, jurgeon, Ind. On June 28, 19 he was married to Donald M.l had been a saleswoman for the —Gas— (Continued from Page I.) Weather Bismarck Chicago Cincinnati .. Cleveland ... Des Moines . Detroit .. Indianapolis . Kansas City . Milwaukee . Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha...... St. Louis ... Sioux Falls . and costs Hug^i fsrrongKILamom*;alMi!chaTl I approved bv the health center ^ur,n^ lh^!„C^St Wlth 3 CrC';Avon Cosmetics Co. for manyjtion off the coast of southern motion committal. ceedings in August in Story county when Nowlin faced charges for the death in Linn county of Michael Servey, 18, of Cedar Rapids. The jury then found Nowlin Traveler’s Forecast Wednesday    _    __ Ili-Lo I Unertl. 3425~ Third avenue SE;! board Fair 82-48'Linda McDaniel, 1620 B avenue! A    u    . ..    4U Ptcid.t 69-49 NW; each fined $15 and co ’    a    r('SUlt of the opinion the    K    _ I tsiirvivinfT Cloudy 75-53 Dannv Cornwell, 448 Twenty- health center board Monday *    surviving Cloudy 66-50 seventh street, Marion; fined I began a procedure in which that    (Continued from Page I.) Mrs- Jerry R,tter* I>ongmont, non, vice-president of Western verdict against Atwell Conner of faJr    and    costs‘    hoard    screens ihe claims for an-    - Colo.; a son. Richard E.. Cedar Oil and Gas Assn.    Bertram for the death of Miss p cfdv    control ^.violation    |proval    by thc board of    | there was even disagreement as Rapids: nine grandchildren; a    0    Cwtrols    Connolly.) o,n« —j    *    to    whether    it    was    a    man    or    a|brother, Victor Shepard, On- —Kidnaping— (Continued from Page I.) 'years. She was a member of the California is “absolutely essen- guilty of first-degree murder. (A Central Church of Christ.    Cal to the success of Project In-Jones county jury earlier re- dependence,” said Edfred Shan- turned are a daughter. Ritter, Longmont, a first-degree Council Airs Lease In Building Exchange Cedar Rapids city councilmen suggested Tuesday a lease be drawn regarding the Buchanan 50 Fair 77-51 PtCldy 69-48j Clear 74-50j PtCldy 79-481 PtCldy 76-50, .. Fair 83-451 Vehicle control violation — Kristie Higby, 2102 Eighteenth, .    ®    #    ,,    - street SW; JoAnn Hamilton.iv,sors before they arc forward- Mlssissippi Staqes (Flood stages in brackets) 2214 J street SW; each fined cd to the auditor. $30 and costs. improper turn    Hope West. state code provides that the . arni '„sta.vt'nu°    : ,incd *30 county auditor "shall (not mayl^8 Reckless driving woman. The suspect reportedlyjtario, Calif., and two sisters* was The executives also advocated T r, ______„__i fined $25 and costs. I ,aC i osso (12) 4.f, no cn<ingc p:ffui ..r ...„ v    • Lansing (18) 7.7. risn .1    R'sht-of-w.y    violation Lines of Questioning not .    ,    ,    a    ...    woo about 30 years old, withers. Wesley Johnstone, Seattle. ,ifting government price con-i Ihe prosecution lav^vers- it* o^TnrnvH^ that hr bIpached b,ond hair and wear' and Mrs. Grace Monseur, Holly- tro,s on natural gas as a stimu- done^ County 'Attorney David ate rode nmvtdes that the ova,.framed sun glasses, wood.    I    us    to    development    of new re-!Rendfy and    Asst .h !a71 The getaway car, old and white.; Services: 10:30 a.m. Thursday S€rveS-‘jjd of was aband“ed “wral mUw!at Bcatty-Bcurlo chapel by the “T 1 ’    *    from the Meehem s home.    Rov    Pnnnnv F Niehnlc Rnrial* murder (school and Ambroz recreation center buildings, so the properties can be used by the city and school district pending a final sale or exchange of land. The city wants the Buchanan school for use as a headquarters Atty. I for recreation activities now con-General Joe Beck, asked pro- ducted at the Ambroz and Riv- . issue monies pursuant to the di-j",v y '■***» w m”?    ^■ *W,T' a'i" ‘."T'Tw “Thn law nf cnnniu ana spective jurors if they wouldjerside centers. The school dis- Fritz, 1417 Ellis boulev^i'NW:Irection of the county board of ~    Rev    nSS    BuriaL|mand must be allowed to «nd it impossible to find Nowlin trict has expressed a desire to supervisors. Dam 9(18) 12.2, no change McGregor (IP) 6.6. rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 3.7, fall .1 Dubuque (17) 6.9, no change Davenport (15) 3.5. fall .3 Keokuk (16) 2.0, fall .9 Jerry Lawrence, 512 Seventeenth street SE; fined $30 and costs. Mary Forsyth, 1208 First! avenue NW; fined $15 and costs. Iowa Deaths Cedar at C R. (13) 3.9, rise .09 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday Births — St. Bargain Law Explanation Set in C. R. Jacket in Car Mechem was informed of the car’s location by an anonymous telephone call. Inside the car which de- use the Ambroz center. Linwood cemetery. Friends ">^i^'e#fa^‘^rka«s "j“ H mantis a'life imprisonment sen-! Because of some difficulties calf at the chape). _    SlaiT^mTSSi. Nowlin's two court-appointed transfer of the property from Thomas J. Nutt Thomas J. Nutt. 67. a resident I terms of profits and id “Til late development of all our do mestic energy resources.” lawyers from Iowa City, who also defended him in the first note! bl'lTsmtofte    of    Cedar”    Rapids    before‘moving    0bi“'‘    Stat,    "once    again    stressed    that    so    ti*    property    could    be    used one governmental unit to the other, the lease was suggested e s and Mrs Swisher, Sept. 22 — Mr Clarence Coppork, son. Sept. 23 — To the families of Robert Young, Central City, a son; Randall Jarobson, 5037 Kesler road NW, Rick Miller. 700 Thirty-fifth street. Marion, a son: John Perry. 1124 Sixth street NW. a son; Robert Armstrong, 616 Fourth avenue SF. a son: Jerald Short, Hiawatha, a son; Lyle Jensen, 321 Nineteenth street SF!, a daughter: Walter Saekett, Toddville, a daughter. Leonard Jam-1 bargaining law 'day at 1:30 atldu!ed Thursday «horiHoni’““''u iiiuiouB. night. Mayor. Don Canney said Tucsday. (stations and several radio eta- Birfhs Sept. 23 of Michael Crowley, 725 Eighth avenue. Marion, a daughter; Donald Skalsky. Norway, a son. Iowa Citv — A. A. Welt. 87. Tuesday at 2 at George L. I Gay’s. Visitation at 9 Wednes-dav. Burial: Oakland cemetery. 683.53 j Memorial fund established. Tama — Mn zen, 37. Wcdnt Harrison’s. Burial: cemetery. Decorah — Odin G 55. Wednesday at I at First Lu- will be held from 7 p.m. until L'corah'-!- Myrt'^Christen, ‘pm Thursday at Ihe daughter;) 88 Steine’s. Kalona —wSHHBHHHpHHSBSSBHHQPH 74. thursday at IO at Holy by representatives of the Iowa Trinifv Catholic church, Rich-;C. .    •    ..    . land Burial:    Holy Trinity    Sta,e    university extension    ser- remeter.v. Prayer service 7:30    vice,    who have recently    re- Wodnesd-’.v at Peterseim’s. searched the new law. R o w lev — Mrs. Beryle (Mildred) Hookins. 64. Thursday at 2 at Rowlov Methodist church. White’s, Independence. I n d e p r n deuce — Laura    meeting was Maeder, 88. Joliet. 111., a former Independence resident. Wed-no^d iN at 2 at White’s. to Leon last month, died there cd,lo tha sl^gcs,lor7    the state’s case may rest on cir-J this fall and winter even if a also has two Monday.    gW^ econSc nceS t -mstantial evidence    I    formal, permanent agreement is Mr. Nutt was employed by f. g. , .    mcenuves to They also cautioned the panel (not reached. II r*Huu.«.,.u„ ut Ute S.cm-    .    d    b    Paramount Pharmacy in Cedar ^ oil industry whose profits tm,mbers that if _ at thp ^ while discussing the transfer, public employe collective    Sen    Robert Taft IR- Rapids as a pharmacist. He is ‘ ***" "d‘C,U!?US.L ddielusion of thc presentation of ev- the councilmen heard protests has been sehe-1 elatives of&m    survjved by his wjfe, Kllen    J*?’/.    J?. nDa2d idenee - there remains ‘Tea- from recreation commission revealed. Mechem. 41, An explanation of the state’s l0^ber children. new , a    ,    ,I ■    ...    (Stewart-Duerr funeral home in Nelson,! A meeting, open to the public.IIlons<    T IO The company also owns two L^on. Joint amusement parks. County school system office, i E. Codman, The meeting will be conducted Kidnaper Says Boy Didn't Have "Good Mother" Services will be Thursday at p!dlj“,cl °f ,he (,eore'a Powcr sonablc doubt” as to the guilt or spokesmen who oppose moving n u .t it t l. • I-  (the    commission    offices to Bu- menta^Polir! CemtMn^Wash-1 Stolen Car Crashes,    “ho®1    from their pres- --,    i    vvasn    Tuent location in city hall. . .    .    I    r •    ington    opposed    any “energy and    Three    YOUTHS    hurt)    _____ Memorial cervices mineral developments which are Brian Sheen. 15, of 3844 Vine Rezab. Gillette — Graveside planned for the oceans without avenue SE. was in good condi services at    aBmetery^ at firsf assuring the f.urvivai 0f our tion at St. Luke’s hospital Tues- Rfduced Use — Mercv To the familic Mr L'rens^s nd Donald Jan-r Rapids. Independence Davis, 23. sun of Agnes Ward Davi at 11 at White’s. Guttenberg vitter, 16. Wedne; Tuecke-Allenstein - Al bort odrach and Wednesday City employes have petitioned the city council to explain the new bill. Canney said the ISI! planned in Vance of the petition, not as a response to it. He added thai the information available at the Thursday meei- Hanna, RUTHERFORD, N. J. (AF) —(Kenwood 1:30 p m.   .....—j ^ *—i»- u Rev. Sylvan Lange. Friends fisheries, may call at Turner west until noon Wednesday. Arthur Willis — Kenneth Dupuy, regional ad-Park Presbyterian j mjnistrator for the Federal En- Administration which is Miller, 16, of 2240 Grande ave- A 7-year-old boy was taken from church at 3 p.m. Wednesday ,ergy ad. a ^hoo\ playground here, ap-    ^ial: CcdaTMemori- coordinating the hearings, said parently by a neighbor who|a, Friends may call at Turner Americans must reduce their    "]g    22Q7 —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) day with injuries suffered in ‘*|servjce entrance through which Monday night crash of a car bcj Nixon entered the hospital. is accused of stealing.    Nixon’s    entrance    was    marred Also in jut ed were passengers L ont> incident. NBO camera-in the car driven by Sheen, John man picj4 smith said that as he was taking pictures of the thought the child did not have a east until 9 p m. Tuesday and use of energy resources.    .....    .    A    —« ------- “good mother,” the FBI said |at_the church from IO^.m. to | At the current rates of de-1006    ,a    °    g?°:lto    the    ground. .Ti aq Nora Bailey Ish. jr., both of Ced. Patricia Brasel and William McClannahan, both of Marion. Barbara Austin and Orlando Rodriquez, both of Mt. Vernon. Sherry Klutz, Cedar Rapids, and Mark Haynes, Center Point. Fires 6:16 p.rn Monday. Unknown to tra*.h at 505 Thirty-third avenue SW 9:12 a.in Tuesday. Malfunction of alarm system at Third street and Sixteenth avenue SE. Maqistrafe'v Cour* Speeding — Ronald Sanborn. 2615 Thirty-third avenue SW; Erie Mays, 96 Summer circle j NE; each fined $35 and costs.! Velma Sonkn, route two, Cedar can private plummeted 3,000 Rapid. , Half Blackford, route wben j js paracbl,j(1 fad j one, Marion; Craig Yeisley,    ,    1    'amu Springville; Cheryl Loeffler,; open,    hit    (lie    trees, and os- 135 Twentieth avenue SW;    Caped    without    a    .single broken David Men nett, 5620 Johnson    bine. avenue* SW; Douglas Thomp-__ Out of Town Births At Oak Ridge. N. J. Mr. and Mr. Steve Gllliatt.a daughter Sept. 2d. Mr. Gilliatt is the* son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilliatt, 4709 Montclair drive NW. son, 713 Eleventh avenue, j Marion; Mathias Collins, 6502 Tuesday An FI 2:55 p.m. Wednesday. The cas- ins will be more complete end    d    f    Ka|0yOTakiS. thorough than any the council ald Kla at IO at could provide. FrirtncV Book Sa!» Begirds Friday a* 10 Thf‘ Friends of the Cedar Rapids Public Library used hook sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The beginning day was inferrer!Iv listed in a headline in Sunday’s Gazette Hours are IO a m to 8 pm. Friday; 9 a.rn to 5 p m Saturday and IU a m. to 5 p m. Sunday at the Vete rans Memorial coliseum. 30 YEARS AGO An Ameri- who was abducted in an auto from the Union school playground Monday evening. —Rockefeller- (Continued from Page I.) Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance  .    366-7654 F B I ....... 402/348-1    210 Fire ..............398-5343 Highway Patrol 364-5171 After Hours ...    363-5629 Police .............. 398-5353 Sheriff ........... 398 3521 Medical Society .. .365-2527 (lf you havo no pSyttaon) Foundation ll .......362-2174 (Cmit h#lp, I p.m.'midnight) Information, Referral 398-3955 (To loom who con holp) (Clip and carry in your billfold) He said Thomas Burns, 23, of said the nation would have been in 1972. Rutherford, was being sought in faced with “total disaster” last the abduction.    year “if the I S had not had a rn I n i s i r a i o r lor energy “We have no reason to believe dozen major oil companies pro- sources development, said oil he has crossed a state line, so    ducing around the world    imports    are now estimated at 35 we have not officially entered    “if we had been dependent on    to 36 percent of U.S. consump- the case,” the spokesman said. (he OPEC (Organization of Pe-    tion. He said one    aim of Project Police here said the child s troleum Exporting Countries) as    Independence    was to    reduce mother, Natalie Kaloyerakis, others were, our prices would    that to 20 to    25    percent    in the old them Burns telephoned her have gone up 400 percent as    near future, and said he didnt think sbr theirs had    When    first    announced    by was a g^HKl mother and that he    .*Rl|( j do believe there    should    former    President Nixon, the was never going to bring her son    bp an excess profits lax    on the    goal of    Project Independence hack. Police said Burns mother od companies, unless they use was complete self-sufficiency in used lo babysit with the child, the funds to put into production I energy bv 1980. Ligon said the to meet our needs for the fu- goal war. revised because it was bure.”    I unrealistic. and Douglas L. Vandorrner presjdent a man guard-1207 Grande ave-jjng Nixon smashed his camera condition at the hospital. Van I treated at th to import    as much    as    50 percent    **!■ b": »a< not ■ldm,"‘’d    clothes police officer,    pointed    to lot its    oil    bv    1985.    He    said    im-1    1'lnn d<’l,lltl0J reported    .sheen    lhe brokpn    camera    and sald, lost control of the car    while    “pjc|< tbat    Up and get out    of eastbound on Cottage Grove av-    here.” enue SE. east of Cedar Rapids I keTwiil noY be oDened ifterTheIand expected production.    Smitb    said tbe man- P°ss‘bb’ ti spokesman identified    not    bl    ,,pomd    Dupuy    said    the    U.S.    might    have    Mf'"    was.treated    a    ,lbe    secret    service    agent    or    plain ports made up 15 percent of the oil supply in 1960 and 30 percent Ziegler told newsmen later Duke Ligon, assistant FEA ad Thf-V saidlheearsmashed into that ^ incident was "unfor-i n i s t r a t o r for energy re- a barncadc at ,ndlan Hl!l road tunate.” He said he had apolo- mto a tree at tbejgized to Smith, orner of the intersec- The FBI said no demand was made. ransom and then southeast tion. Sheen was charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, driving without a license and failure to have his vehicle under control. The car reportedly had been stolen from Tyrone Vick, 3630 Mt. Vernon road SE. . a A TIT- 11        «*--* TRAOLS]    epUWC'O (flu Cff(lnr l\ttpul* Established In (M3 by Th* Gazette Co. ond published dolly and Sunday at 500 Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5J40* Second doss postage paid of Cedar Rapids, iowa Subscription rotes by carrier ti cents a. week By malt: Night Edition and Sunday * issues 13 75 a month, 139 00 a year Afternoon Editions and Sunday I issues S3 15 a month *40 00 a veor Other states and U S territories UC OO a year No Mall Subscriptions accepted In areos having Gazette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled e*clusiveiy to the use for republication of ail the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. >s in/in th v ii th,- hurtle*! intr,I It, 11 rile, *iiy ii with flatter* F lower Shop PIERSON’S !*• ELI IS RI V|>. mw MOW IR PHON! floral artistry evue (ten FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 rn VTV For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasionsI John E. 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