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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Rosily cloudy tonight a"d Tuesday with a ('hance ut rain. Lows tonight, u ii p c r 40s. liicsday, around V0Ll ME 92 NI MBER 257* OS) CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 23, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Ford WarnsR ocky: Family's Power Oil Nations0ver Economv0 'W ,V,,“ WASHINGTON IAP, - Nd- Rockefeller said a revised ac-. On Prices son Rockefeller said Monday “it is a myth” that his family exercises vast economic power and added that he sees no conflict nPTnoiT    posed    by    the    vast financial hold- II (Af ) — Raising a jogs which brought him nearly warning Hag for Arab oil pro- $47 million in income over the ducers, President Ford declared Past IO years. Monday, “Sovereign nations “There could be no conflict cannot allow their policies to be with anything because my sole j:.,,..    ... ,    ,    purpose    is    to    serve my dictated, or their fates decided by artificial rigging and distortion of world commodity markets.” In remarks prepared for the ninth annual World Energy Conference here, Ford said: “It is difficult to discuss the energy problem without lapsing into doomsday language. The WASHINGTON (AP) counting shows that he and his immediate family have assets totaling $218 million, most of it in trust. The figure, he said, includes $39 5 million in trusts for his wife and children that were not included in previous statements of his financial worth. In a statement prepared for the opening of senate rules com-country,” the former New York mjttee hearings on his nomina-governor declared.    tjon Rockefeller made public a lie spoke as his vice-presiden-jnumber of j0ng-secret details of tial confirmation hearings opened before the senate rules committee. Potential Conflict his family’s vast wealth but only hinted at the true magnitude of the Rockefeller empire. Blind Trust Rockefeller was questioned by Chairman Cannon (D-Nev.) about the potential conflict of Rockefeller said he would put the trusts, and his own securi- .    ,    •    ties worth about $13 million, into danger    is    clear.    It    is    severe.    I    interest which    could result from    a blind trust “for the duration am nevertheless    optimistic.    The    j decisions he    might make as    _ should congress request ” advantages of cooperation are: vice-president or President. He dj(J no( dctaj, ,he fu„j Ile responded that the bul)}, of j amount of the Rockefeller fami! his income comes from trusts ny fortune, but if his personal! over which he exercises no con-1 holdings are any indication of | trol, saying “this myth aboutj(be vvealth of other members, it! the power which my family ex-J C0uld easily exceed $1 billion, ercises needs to be brought out as visible as the dangers of confrontation. And that gives me hope as well as optimism.” “Gone to War” Ford underscored the strongest language yet used by an American President in discussing the consequences of massive price hikes by oil-producing nations with a reminder that “throughout history, nations have gone to war over natural into the open." “It just doesn’t exist,” Rockefeller said, noting that he doesn t “occupy myself to even read the list of securities” but leaves financial management “to the very able The major disclosure about the family fortune was that the descendants of John Rockefeller, jr., his father, own or have in trusts oil company stocks totaling $326.7 million, based on their value last Friday.. He, pointed out that in no case , did this constitute more than He cited accounts about the, two percent of the stock in any interconnection of Rockefeller ;one oil company, debunking the interests, declaring that “there myth that the Rockefellers still isn’t this network of control that; own Standard Oil, the origin of is popularly imagined.”    I    the family fortune. Cannon described Rocke-    hearings    are lion ii cooneration in meeting s de*-larat*°n that PubJ,c expected to continue into next nonai cooperation in meeting,sorvice ls his whole goal as “a! energy problems. Ford listed jvery ,audabIe purpoae- but this as his final point:    sajd tbe committee must deter- A_i!0bal ?r^tC!y: mUSt..SL(;eu mine the impact of “this vast economic power which you say !you do not have.” Pardons Question Cannon also raised the ques- advantages such as water, or j food, or convenient passages on men” hired by his family to land or sea.”    manage    their    affairs. But he said that in the nuclear age war presents unacceptable risks for all mankind because “any local conflict may escalate to global catastrophe.” Outlining five principles that he said could guide interna- to achieve fuel prices which provide a strong incentive to Cites Responsibility To Family as Reason BOSTON (AP) — Senator I though I regret the incident I Kennedy .said Monday he would would have been able to focus 1 not be a candidate for President I *u    ..    . or vice-president in 1976. “I will lhe cam*,a,*non other lssues” ; not accept the nomination. I I    Early Decision accept the nomination. I will not accept a draft,” he The senator was reminded ^sS:ar^t^rCjto, •» -    -    He The Massachusetts Democrat ™    1°! mak<! “ dCC“i0n said his decision was final and the midd,e of next year and was unconditional.    asked why he had made his an- He said, “I would be unable to, nouncement earlier, make a full commitment to a “I had set the middle part of campaign for the presidency.” “One basic fact has became increasingly clear to me,” he said. “From the campaigns of my brothers before me, I know i hat seeking the nation’s highest • office demands a candidate’s undivided attention and his deepest personal commitment. Wife’s Health next year as the outside time for a decision,” he said, “but I always felt in my own mind that when I made a firm decision I would announce it. During the course of the summer I made a firm decision . ..” Saying that he would be unable to give a full commitment to the campaign, he stated: “I ■■■■    simply    cannot    do that to my Kennedy, 42, brother of the wife, children and other ,!.rcfiden!. dobn Kennedy members of my family.” ■HMH Robert Ken-1 He said he made the an- and the late Sen nedy, both of whom were assassinated, said he made the decision after discussing it with his wife. -UPI Telephoto DEVASTATION — A Honduran girl surveys the wreckage of what was once her neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiff. week, and the full senate is ex pected to vote on his nomination before the Oct. ll adjournment date. The house is not planning Storm Dead Being Burned SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras rooftops or in trees, but a short-,jackets. nouncement now “in order to ease the apprehensions of my family.” He called his decision, “firm, final and unconditional. He made the announcement at j There is absolutely no circum-a Boston news conference. His stance or event that would alter wife Joan, who has been in rest this decision.” ^a5.hu‘rW“ “•    To    Run    tor    Senator Kennedy said he expected Kcnnedy said he would be a that he would have been able tO|Cand!da^c ^or rc-election as sen‘ win the Democratic nomination alor m if he had decided to seek it. I Kennedy ls the sole surviving son of the late Joseph Kennedy “Real Question    and js ^be gUarcjian of his slain Kennedy said his announce- brothers’ children, ment “will permit others who Last November, Kennedy’s have been interested in gaining, son- Edward, jr., lost part of a the nomination the chance for Teg because of bone cancer, exposure during this cam-! Kennedy had been considered paign. He said, “The real question I before the people is who’s going food, drinking water!10 come UP wit^ some solutions by many observers a favorite to (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) to take up the nomination until I (AP) — Rescue workers are age of helicopters and fuel dc-,and other emergency supplies j ^ our economic problems. producers but which do not --------* ~.    |    arter election nay.    burning the dead left by Hurri-layed their rescue.    from    the    Panama Canal Zone. seriously disrupt the economies    Rar    ons C*tl0”    Cannon,    interviewed    on    Sun-    cane Fifi in northeast Honduras Officials reported thousands!    Sent Helicopters or the consumers. We recognize . (nli''‘,un '!. (,"y on the EBS program ,to prevent outbreaks of disease of poisonous green and black The U. S. also has sent trucks the desires of the producers to    I    ‘“Face the Nation”, indicated lading to the toll of one of the j Fer-De-Lance snakes swimming and helicopters, desperately earn a fair price for their oil asj^ Jhdt 1 b^. 1CP Drcsidcntfal the extent of ho,dinRS by Roc* 'worst catastrophes in Central t0 crowded rooftops t0 attack needed in the search for strand-a means of helping to develop declared a h s vice-presidcn la! kefellcr and his family poSe American history.    .onto crowded rooftops to attack ^    ^    ^    1Q their own economies. But exor- hearings last year that J problems for congress.    As    refugees    began    straggling    fdmil,es seckinS rcfu8e from p|ancs. Costa Rica’s minister of He said his committee will back to their devastated towns i the churning Hood waters. ! health sent a field hospital. Ven-point out and list Rockefeller’s and villages and relief supplies uCo[on4cl    Vd,anu€£a °‘ ezuela, El Salvador and Gua- assets, “but obviously this is not: sorted to arrive from abroad.National Emergency Relief temala sent medical aid and going to get to the real root of officials said at least 5,000 i Comrmttce said damage from rescue workers. last year that the bitant prices can only distort! country vvouidn t stand for such the world economy, run the risk!an act. of worldwide depression, and; He asked Rockefeller if he as threaten the breakdown of President would pardon a Pres-world order and safety.’’    jident    under    criminal    mvestiga- tion. “Mv total inclination is to “Surely Monumental” Ford listed these other four principles to guide a task he described as “surely monumental.” “First, all nations must seek to increase production, each ac- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 4.) the problem, which is the tremendous economic power that the Rockefeller family exercises, through tax exempt foun- say ‘no,’ ” Rockefeller replied. He added that he didn’t , I . u u . a tuio rwfcint :datums, for example. feel I should say at this point ^    t    , that I will amend the Constitution of the United States” by at least bodies had been found. They es-1 the storm was estimated at $1.8 Villanueva said Choloma, Asked what effect the Chappa-quiddick incident of 1969 had on his decision, Kennedy said: “This decision ... would have been made irrespective of the tragedy that happened in 1969 .., Were I to run, it would have been a factor that would have been raised.” Mary Jo Kopechne, a former secretary for Robert Kennedy, was killed when a car driven by Kennedy went off a bridge at Chappaquiddick island off the They said the storm, which hit the region with winds of HO to Cannon, who last Novcmber:'3» miles an hour and torrential presided over the hearings be-    “'Thursday nigh!, drove '1 50,0 00 persons f— saying he would take an ae- [ore President Ford was con-jh '    •    of    thc 1    "    ~f    -ui'u firmpd as vicr-nresident. was.    virtually    de-1 Tegucigalpa said most of an es tiun “circumstances of which I don’t know.” Adequate Winter Gas. Price Drops Expected firmed as vice-president, was,, asked whether he had "any con-lbanana tr0P and timated this toll would double billion in the San Pedro Sula (0vvn 0f 7 OOO, was 95 percent de  rr-i  ____ when all reports were in.    region    alone.    An    executive    of    stayed;    Omoa,    a    town    of    14,000    Massachusetts    coast. United Brands, one of the two on tbe coasj was 90 jxrccnt de- Kennedy said “I can live with major producers of bananas. !str0yed; and the port of Trujil- my testimony” about the Chappe country s chief export, es- j0 wbjcb bad 20.300 people, was paquiddick incident and why timated that 90 percent of thc totally destroyed.    there was a delay in reporting crop was destroyed..    'pwo    0ffsb0re    islands    —    Utila    the    accident    and added: “Al A U. S. military officer in and jose sant0S Guardiola — from their still had not been heard from, the cities of Choloma, teated 70 Peace Corps volun- Villanueva said. He said a third, tidence in asking hoi kcieiier    Truiill0    Hoers in northern Honduras were. R_t„n with a ^,.34^ of his views on issues rn view of!Umoa and    ;safe. but 10 were still unac- fSS-"’ JlSL Senator Kennedy World Food Proposal Outlined by Kissinger Ford’s decision to pardon    Still    Stranded    bunted    mr10 St,U Unac'| 5-000, was 80 percent destroyed. former President Nixon after, p|oocjwatcrs turned the rich! The first planeloads of emer-!sa|^eS^bpvWbaderSC0^4e(i 2 760 saying during the hearings the Ulua river va„ey from San |gency aid, including a complete j bodies Their faces masked* country wouldn t stand tor it.    pedro Sula to the coast into a field hospital from Cuba.    against the stench they UNITED NATIONS (UPI) — (of economic benefits); thc fact “Precise Questions"    lake 20 miles wide at some rived at nearby La Lima airport v,-,rcbccj the wreckage for Waning of a major world eco- remains that present prices skirmishes were KDOrt- Noting Ford s recent state-!',oin,s Th?uf",df, °f ^f°ns “n Sundf-^ s^rce (MMUrpjes, then poured gasoline on^omic crisis, Secretary _of Statejevcn threaten the economic iKirmisncs wert itpuii |    &    h were reported still stranded onjtransports brought boats, life- lbem d t thcm afjre    iKissinger    called Monday on well-being of producers,” he I    this    winter    it!    >rtions    of    Michigan    andLetical question wbcn be tes-“    The sun came out on Sunday jA™b oil producers to cut back|saki. at service; stations this » nt , ii Fcnnsyivania but dld not appear j tified Cannon said »i certainly will be because 0 g g a nationwide trend.    '——4    «1 » line prices, not short gas supplies. Gasoline dealers, auto clubs By United Press International Such lf cars are lined up for blocks cd jn 1 1 expect to pin Mr. Rocke-1 Arizona Fuel and Energy [feller down and have him as-Director C. W. Myers, however,1 sure us that the questions that nfftriaU nailed bv I reported that dealers may set! we pose to him are not merely ITI report that there should boloff price wars in an effort lo gel hypothetical questions but tire no recurrence of last winter s rid of surplus gasoline. But he precise questions that would By A, Swe„|f 1    ,    iir.u    -.mi    inni*    waiting    such wars probably would;bear on whether he were or ^rt    ImJ-!    MlVSS last only two to three months. were not appointed "    Kdlln*    lr“l But even without wars, gas! In thc candid, and frequciitly|lowa Saturday Soybeans Hurt More Than Corn by Frost Asks Roll-Back for thc first time in a week, and|od prices, and proposed a con- hundreds of persons returned to ('crted U.S. and international ef-    Kissinger    called    for    a the wreckage of their homes to * ^ort meet tae planets, long- (roll-back of oil prices, saying: look over the damage and start ^crm food weds.    j“what has gone up by political rebuilding.    Kissinger made thc appeal in decision can be reduced by po- New Path    a major, sometimes visionary Ilitical decision.” Men shoveled mud through'fw'ch'0 ,he 29,11 U N'    Kissinger    outlined    a five-point I the windows of the church onj*sse™bSOB,e 0    h,5.P>“'> f«r stimulating world food main square of Choloma. !,°u6hcst language on record:    production which he promised ' “The early warning signs of a to elaborate in greater detail to according to thc , weather J hit Northeast;bureau> lines at the nation’s gas sta-'asi omy mo iu mrfvmum„s. wc.c ,,w    j    Saturday    and Sunday In Winneshiek and Allamakee the tions Gas, they say, appears But even without wars, gas; In thc candid, and frequently:    .    counies, a killnig frost usually Isabel Fernandez told of her fa- olentiful and prices are going prices were declining and sup-j highly personal 72-page state-nights, but crop observers be- comes by 25; Sept. 30 in ther’s death when thc Choloma major economic crisis are cvi- the world food conference in {jown    plies    were    at    least adequate. J ment, Rockefeller told more lieve soybeans were hurt by the Fayette, Clayton and Dubuque river changed course during the dent," he told the world body. all-out, price-    “lurk    in Normal”    lbat?.    bad    evcr    before    bemm’frost more than    corn.    counties;    Get.    5 for    Delaware;hurricane    and    washed    away    Brink    of    Collapse Iowa Deputy    Agriculture    Sec-    and Buchanan:    and Oct. IO for hundreds of houses    as    it    tuned ret ary Thatcher Johnson said Linn «*“nty and south, accord-its new path. .. .    .    t    mg to the    Iowa    Crop    Reporting1 initial reijorts    indicate    most    of    §;ervjce the damage wtis confined to the jurors 1 north central and northeast s00*,Delmar*, Though ti slashing wars remained only a “B*fk ‘° Sor",al    I    public    about    his    weallhy    family. nomorv over most of (he na- W e v e discontinued our]including: r... • uh if sikvrock- weekly reports of supply short- His grandfather, J o h n I), tion, pus |> k ’    crunch a^es at    stations because the Rockefeller, and his father. John wefe dwpm^in most ..art" et aiU J is back to normal and:,.. jr. gave away a total bf $1 I we don't foresee any problems; billion to philanthropic causes Longlines of cars queued up >bls winter concerning gas sup during their lifetimes “It was 4 a.rn (Continued and we were Page 3, Col. 3.) at Rocco Minette service sta- P«V shortages, long lines of cars v ,, 4» i ir„h it«t week to'at stations or limited hours of Hon in Pittsburgh last v'^lK «ervirt, « SDokesman for the fill their tanks but it had noth- service, a spoKtsman mr inc ,l!l 1    .,    hurt 'im' Min. Minnesota Automobile Assn. ing to do with a shortage. Min-, 11 selling gas for 49.9:s>aia. 1    ' t    rents    a    The    California    Automobile cents as much as six cents a gallon leu Hum his competitors, dull expressed a similar view. gallon n ss    Yiost    dealers    and    refineries First Decline    polled    also    indicated    that    there r , s prices declined last;should bo adequate supplies of month for the first time in a Iud oil to meet residential and according to a govern- commercial heating needs. and Federal En-! "In short, thc energy crunch dill here, but we’re dealing we have the situa- one oil company Rockefeller said he has paid tions of the state from the Clayton,; Linn and Winneshiek Rome next November. He said: The U.S. is prepared to help developing nations by harness-“The world is poised on thc jng their unused land and water, brink of a return to the unre-J World fertilizer production strained economic nationalism must be substantially increased which accompanied the collapse and chronic shortages eliminator the economic order of the ed. ll'.ut state agriculture officials ^ . $69 million in taxes during his W1|j conduct surveys to determine the extent of frost damage county extension offices indicate lifetime. In the past IO years h» has made $46 million, deducted charitable contributions of $14 million and paid $21 million in taxes. over the weekend. New Records Early Sunday morning the most of their counties received a thorough killing frost. “Only one farmer has report-' cd less than a thorough kill this! Today s Index (Continued: Page ll, Col. 4. ,n,m sum-,, Iud Federal En-1 "In short, th orgy Administrator John Saw- ‘•'' Still here, t hill reported that price wars with it and rn I, ivo broken out among service tion in hand, have broke stations in several cities I spokesman said. morning,” Bob Hall of Manchester. lielaware county exten- While he has paid an average temperature dropped to a cool s*on director, said Monday. 29 degrees in Cedar Rapids,    Safe from Frost tour degrees colder than the Hall estimated that 75 percent previous all-time low in the 0j |j1(, twn cr0p ln delaware; “t.in, ^7.',”“da_y.t""rn>unty was safe (rom frost. Hoseh of j county extension director, estimated only 50* Toflfif/’* Chuckle Sign in a nudist camp: “Open day and night. We never clothe.” copvrtoht aaie sci in iw/. monaay hum n-iCOUnty was safe fro mg s low of 33 tied the previous howevcf( whUe James ufu°i 'I'1 jl“ o' M'ti" k u a Elkader. Clayton coun While Cedar Rapids has had a director, estimate IU killing frost as early as Sept. 18,; jjthe average is about (X*t. 12., Comics .. ........... IT Crossword ...... .... ..... 17 Daily Record........ .......3 Deaths .......J Editorial Features ...... 6 Farm ............... ......16 Financial ........... ......18 Marion .............. ......9 Movies .............. ..... IO Society 8 Sports ............... . 13-15 State ................ • ..4,5 Television ............ . ll Want Ads ... 19-23 Thirties. And should that occur Scientific and technical read would suffer — poor as well sources must be mobilized now as rich, producer as well as con* to meet thc food demands of the sumer.”    year 2000. Kissinger said it would take The world must create world international cooperation to an food reserves “freed from the unprecedented degree to solve vagaries of weather ” the world’s growing needs for I energy and food, and he harshly The U.S. is ready to provide a substantial level of conces* (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) j restricting output and maintain- On another subject, lie made I mg artificially high oil prices: 'an impassioned plea for control-“The world cannot sustain ling the spread of nu lear wrap even the present level of prices, ons. He said the V S., itself a much less continuing in- chief supplier of technology, will creases,” Kissinger warned. soon propose new saleguards on “We recognize that the pro-.the use and transfer of nuclear duccrs should have a fair share material. ;

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