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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon.. Sept. 23, 1974 U.S.    Will Use Defense Act To Avoid Pipeline Delays WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal law will be invoked to give contractors top priority in obtaining materials and supplies for construction of the 800-mile Alaska pipeline, the government said Monday. Federal Energy Administrator Sawhill said the Defense Production Act was being used to avoid construction delays for the project. The law allows (the government to give precedence in providing material for projects which promote tile national defense. The special priority will last until June 30,1978. Completion of the Alaska pipeline is now set for late 1977. A dday of as little as one month in obtaining materials could set back construction up to a year because extreme cold in the area limits deliveries to certain periods, Sawhill said in a joint statement with Gen. Leslie Bray of the General Services Administration. Tile decision to invoke the Defense Production Act was based on views expressed by congress in passing the 1973 Trans-Alaska Pipeline Act and on a recent finding that in any war-related emergency, the service of the Alaska pipeline would be needed for defense requirements and national oil needs, Sawhill said. While most of the material needed to build the pipeline was bought years ago, “certain of these critical items were and are in short supply,” he said. "Because of the quantities involved, (their priority allocation for the pipeline is likely to have little effect on other industries or on the over-all economy.” U.S. Urban Unit Asks $4 Billion To Boost Jobs WASHINGTON (AP I—Spokes-men for the nation's cities urged President Ford Monday to support a proposed federally funded $4-billion public service jobs program to deal with rising unemployment. The National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors said the type of program dis- Whites Fleeing African State LOURENCO MARQUES, Mo-zambique (AP) — Government officials say some 20,000 whites have fled from Lourenco Marques in the past two weeks, but the new' African premier says they are welcome to return. About a third of the white population left the capital of Mozambique after racial violence that followed the collapse of a white settlers’ rebellion. The rebels opposed the Portuguese government's agreement to give control of the colonial Report Ford Is Holding Up Nixon Gifts WASHINGTON (AP) - Gifts to former President Nixon and his family that fill 1,100 crates and boxes and may be worth more than $2 million are being detained bv ‘the Ford administration. the Washington Post reported in its Sunday editions. The General Sendees Administration, which has custody of the containers, was told not to send them to Nixon’s home in San Clemente by President Ford’s legal counsel, Philip Buchen, the Post said in a copyrighted story by Maxine Cheshire. The newspaper said nearly 200 of the containers hold gifts front foreign leaders and dig-nataries. Foreign gifts worth more than $50 to public officials are defined by law as government property. The Post said Buchen wanted the items embargoed until it can be determined which items belong to the Nixons and which may belong to the government. Buchen could not 75 Deserters Beqin Lawyer Predicts .    **    ^    More    Surprises Amnesty Processing Lur|( in Tapes I CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Best-Selling Novelist Jacqueline Susann Dies I have I aspiring actress. She appeared ,    i—    i.Jt.,,. •‘U.niwi Officials said tho men will bel Jennc^. ln,ervieWed fi . K    , , ,    free to come and so as theirK0 rad'° progri,m 011 ‘Sunday’ At ter bury is to be the central schedules permit    m> new P°rsons "ere im* processing point for military de- The descriers will be hustledlplica,ed in ,he burgla'y or setters seeking amnesty. Of IhrouRh abou, follr davs of 0 jcover-up in the tapes, but there taal* said another 18 are al !e e s s i n g Records will lie    new revela,lons for 1x11,1 Fort Benjamin Harrison, a bout [checked to make sure thcv‘redhe publlc and defense cou"sel eligible for the program Theni1" lbe WaterRa,e coverup trial. they will receive physical'exam- Jenn<,r said Spwlal Pmsiru' •    -    -J     I    tor    Leon    Jaworski has White 30 miles north in Indianapolis, where the first 27 men to turn At the time, Miss Susann, in the midst of a career as a stage and television actress, already knew she had cancer. But she went on to make a fortune with her lusty novels, “Valley of .the Dolls," "Th<* Izove Machine" and “Once Is Not Enough.” “Valley of the Dolls” sold 17 million copies; and won The tapes were obtaind after themselves in    already have    inations and legal counseling.j!V‘    w”"J5'iL""*h’ ;mrv,aph soia    11    m been processed.    Financial records also will be    H(,uf tapes.y    the    her    a    place in the Guiness Book There was no indication checked to determine whether ?enVcommlttee    of    Records where the charter flight was | they are due back pay originating, or where the deserters had been collected. Mustering-Out    and will he issued undesirable f -...^    discharges. After two years of The camp, quarters for 2o0,000ialterna(ive service, the dis- sion as _ game show panelist and mistress of ceremonies on interview programs. Although she was befit known for her sexy novels about some-times-thinly-disguised characters from show business and the jet set, Miss Susann’s own favorite work was a piece of nonfiction — “Every Night, Jose-• iwv......    jphine!”    She    described it as the Saturdav night, at 53, Jacque-Jsjory Qf jier life with Mansfield •     ll-.    ...U,* Before leaving here, partici-i[^    Vv^vecutive!dne Susann died at r)octors bos‘;and Josephine, "the poodle who pants must sign a loyalty oath:nril,ilntTP hr* caid    Spital,    where    she    had    been    a    pa 0Wned us.” to recruits during World war IL .    . and the Korean conflict and a C^arges ™y ** chanSed mustering-out facility for about* ^oncy 500,000 after World war II, can . ^f er military processing, the process 150 men daily. Its1 oin ‘ *ternatlve Service Board privilege, he said Portions of the tapes contain evidence damaging to cover-up trial defendants, Jenner added. Jenner also said he disapproved of President Ford’s pardoning of former President Nixon before Nixon had acknowl . I    _ I I I ...ill VHI ULlUi C    Ii    UUU at fort Harrison probaWy wiH have decided how much alterna- b b - - - be reached Report Shooting government to Frelimo, the [,ar    bd®    (!°use.    P,re”    Victim    Planned I lent tor mw un weeks.    I    ..ir ...    *    .t,    .. n. -• But “Valley of the Dolls, '•Pneumonia”    I>ove Machine” and “Once Is Until recently, only her hus- Enough made her the first band of 30 years, television- novelist in history to have three movie producer Irving Mans-1 consecutive No. I bestsellers. close women; Mrs. Margolis said Miss Su-though obviously ailing, that the “pneumonia and other'told associates nothing about fight against field, and two friends knew of her illness, oi jsann, mm ...UC.    Ion*s attorney probably won the ailments she had suffered in her tive service must be completed „reatest pjea bargaining victory recent years were a recurrence las cie-lr     j    ,l.,    —ii cancer until .. ,    ...     ,    .    I    Secretary    Ron    Nessen    said    he black guen la movement tat n0 knowledge of lhp em. has fought he Portugese a. my ba on (h J* b to a standst.ll rn northern Mo- £esman    lhat    the zamb,(,uc-    gifts    were    being    detained. The Portugese also promised Mozambique independence next June 25. Premier Joaquim Chissano, a ranking member of Frelimo. aid in his first interview as head of the new government that whites are welcome to return and be integrated into a “new multiracial society.” for the deserter to earn a mency discharge.” Officials n    k .    said the alternative service is . Rome Massacre not required and the individual 1 an*>e nti.niftp /adv a man ac may elect to take the undesira-    ^ ^ t    sanitated    m^Benuf    fTdays    b^b-hargr and .eave    Airline    Stalls    Strike; - lSP!!u“!!la"J"d U’*,5°^|ago was the PBlMtinian guerilla    Return    lo    Duty?    ReSUHieS    Air    Service tamers, which include gifts to wb0 masterminded the Rome Some deserters may be al in history and that Ford and the country got nothing in ex- -    „    .    .    The publicist said she and Even her son. Guy, and her Bantam publisher Oscar Dystel mother, Mrs. Rose Susann of vvcre invitcd t0 dinner wjth the Philadelphia, were unaware of .luthoress in Hollywood and the seriousness of her illness. Miss Susann told them she had Miss Susann s long-time publi-* fc>een undergoing drug and radi- cist, Esther Margolis, said on ation treatments since 1972. Sunday that the authoress had al Mansfield said his wife last KS?^veluivj DALLAS (APj-Bnmlff I„„r.|“T7 ~ ~7 k ,    , 'l"asb'"g,“    formal    day;    They    Shewed™    bU‘    maf    «>'"    «    »*    '<>««»    J*-*    resumed    opera-    !a'™Xi Ss' da*T* 1° "T ^ ---.    rank    and    agree    to    serve    for    two    fl°ns    early    Monday    following    ,*    i-nristmas    aav. 19b.. vvbPn she came out of a coma, •.....s    and    the    disease    was    in remis-|saw him teidp hcr and said. ftlease bv the White House. a gpprpi arm of Al Fatah the I —    ”    ~ The spokesman said the con-iu t « a ~ si PalnUnim Barilla yearS' To ^ eligiblp onc mus* biggest Palestinian guerilla |lave p^rVed in Southeast Asia •W    .    ..    and have received a decoration. In other amnesty develop- Kelley Blames Crime On Bail, Sentencing WASHINGTON (AP) — Rising among other things, those who tamers hold “literally all kinds >f things, ranging fromi pot hold- ^rab papers in Beirut said ov uable jewels. ’    t^e    viCtim    was    Ahmed    Abdel Ghafour, 42, whose code name Was Abu Mohmoud. They said he headed a breakaway faction of Al Fatah, the guerilla organization headed by Yasir Arafat. I The reports said Ghafour’s 'followers had released statements in Bagdad and Kuwait crime stems in part from cur- are repeaters and youthful of rent bail procedures, use of con- fenders. Kelley said FBI statis- (current    sentences    and “unrea-    tics show    that    repeaters    commit ilargest    residential    quarter, cussed earlier this    month by sonable    plea bargaining” that    about    two-thirds    of    all    criminal    f    A,    Fafa\,    cnntPCmpn    in Ford “is a far cry”    from what! allows hard-core    criminals to    acts is needed to take the    sting out of J remain free, FBI    Director Kcl- ments, black leaders Roy Wilkins and the Rev. Jesse Jackson Irving let’s get the hell out of again bere!” it \vas i    —----- charging Al Fatah with gunning white program.” while Wilkins agreement to let a fact-finding sion for manv vcars board try to settle issues in a When she' became ill conract dispute that led to a more than two years ago, 48-hour strike by pilots.    discovered that the disease had »    \    y Agreement came on Sunday spread t0 her lungs At the end Work I O Begin between representatives of the it had affected many parts of)    ProrUpn+'s proposed on Sunday that other Air Line Pilots Assn. and the {jie bock    v-/M    riCaiucni o veterans with less than honor-,airline, which is headquartered vii«« Cearin sow “Valley of able discharges be included in here.    jthe    and    ,.The    Love    Ma- the clemency program. Speaking on ABC’s “Issues and Answers”, Jackson labeled the program “a middle-class zn ■  ----- ------ Swimming Pool chine” made into movies that WASHINGTON (AP) — Con-also became “best-sellers,” with struction of a new White House the film version of "Once is Not swimming pool is scheduled to Pope Paul Backs Bishop Authority Enough" scheduled for release start about Oct. I so it can be enrinrr    COmDleted    I VATICAN CITY (UPI)-Pope inflation. I Ghafour down Sept. 12    after a    no(ed    (hat    ..more than    200.000 car chase through    Beirut s    blacks    have less than honorable    Paul    VI. responding to    militants discharges.”    within    his    church    who    question Al r alan spokesmen    in Bel-    Also    on    Sunday, the    latest    the authority of the Roman Cath- rut refused to comment on the    ciallup    Poll    reported that    59 per-jolic    hierarchy, said    Sunday j/i--    today    ther^^s ^ Vorrc 'r^T r3 reP°rts-    cent    of a nationwide sample of that all Catholics    must obey In a statement prepared for In a spepch prepared for deli- den^. --“- -    •’ Ghafour’s men killed 31 per-|1 583 adu!t5 surveyed the week their bishops ley says. Monday’s state and local govern- verv Monday to the innual con-    criminals    sons    when they fire-bombed a before President Ford an At a mass concelebrated with mnnf    in    fiafinn fhn ■■    -    ■ —*.—.    o ii vc been arrested time pan American World Airways flounced his program next    spring.    completed for President Ford to Aspiring    Actress    use bv the end of the year. She came to New York from Presidential counsel William her    native    Philadelphia an Casselman, who is helpuig with _j_____the project, said the pool will cost an estimated $300,000, which will be paid for by a public fund-raising drive. But instead of waiting until the money is raised, the project will be started with money from a commercial loan or some other temporary financial arrange- Sets Up Nixon "Justice Fund" JERUSALEM (AP) - Rabbi Baruch Korff. a supporter of former ITesident Nixon, says “Such a program should be advocated by this administration,” declared the two organizations, which together reprej sent 15,000 municipalities.■ experienced ment tonference in Ration, the ‘ vention of' the International IVt! ****    tim°    ^an American World Airways jounced his program agreed 70 US. bishops under the Midi two organizations endorsed a of Chiefs ol Police, Kelley cf, (Ting crit^ "    *    )neUiBer(    at    R?me    airpPrt,in that conditional amnesty was elangeloi ceding of the Ststtne proposal first made by Arthur said thal when cnme soars law „    ^    crimes^    December    and    then    hijacked    a    the best way to deal with Viet- chapel, the Pope, who will be 77 Burns, chairman of the federal I enforcement personnel "often th! if    t    reaS°n    Lufthansa    Plane    to Athens and nam w ar draft-evaders and de- later this month, said it was    *    h . t ^ er tempor reserve bean., fur .providing:^Sriy K    ^    ^    iB    ^ ™r.y-four percent fa/dear    New    ''N.xon    ^    N; 800.000 public service jobs. ,>rifirkm ” *    i    fu    .    tarrent bail proce- Kuwait.    ivored amnesty without condi- that the ministry was endowed y - Fnnd'»    .    .    ; dures that allows the repieater Arafat publicly vowed to pun- tiora and 7 percent had no opin- with "power " to receive^ the same consider-iish the hijackers, but the news-(ion.    defined    that    power    as paper accounts said that was ~ amnesty, me    «    ,aid    the    fund    would    help Pay!wi„ be located just behind the President’s Oval Office where kennels have been lo- ------— ... —«nv WWW)    ■'*'''••    **    J    “•fe    IW Mi t    Cl    V III in I* I I*- I r iiuii I U.    I    —V    '    —— *r-    r'v,v' 11  p 11 i------u.    ha... Anti-Bus Crowd KH!eySaid-    congress    in Kuwait in an at- I criticism I uvai |/uutn-tv vuncu IU pun- lions ana / DerceiH uau HU UUU!-    ..    ,    , ________,       Cl-    --    —« 0 receive the same consider- jsh the hijackers, but the news- ion.    He    defined    that    power    as “the!. ’ "r 0 .°v.    1    ... up the White House grounds, is He said law enforcement s a ions as the first offender. paper accounts said that was \mong the supporters of con capacity to act and to require tee 4.,,e e 'vcl! . uf,,cA    ^‘na^    decisions    on problems are compounded by. “Hence, the veteran. har-|not the chief motive for Gha- ditional amnesty, the Gallup the ecclesiastical-that is loving kVa-, S!U1 ,in. !    ^    plans for the pool, which obedience of those to whom I National Park Service, which is in charge of keeping the n I* p.. I j SmeTt7'mgirmmifb,a;'-tour;snh-TheKrii.^.ha.   ........ _...  ...... ■ogram for curing the eco- Polio© DlsbdPld , tional crimes md hp tti '-    lJ>assa    military    or alternative service fhis word is directed.” This, he    fces‘.    .    President’s >my. In addition to the jobs A R f* pm A Kelley said    ^    ^    0    U'!n^ to arran8e a should be required.    said.    was    the    concept of “pas- lile raW}i- wh° >s in Jerusa- ^    ^ J a«+,_K.,b. f    said.    congress    in Kuwait in an at-        tors    and    flock    ”    !em    f(>r    the Jewish New Year. 4—: j — c—I.... i— I—i «nib’ll 4 ca lea. inc He said the problem is aggra- tempt to oust Arafat from the 0Qp Unit Asks BOSTON (AP)-— Police broke vated by the wholesale use of [leadership of the guerilla move-up a crowil of about 300 anti- concurrent sentences and unrea- ment. program no my. In addition to the jobs program, their proposal included tax reform, expanded urban economic development, increased federal subsidies for public b u sing transit and re-enactment of gen- marebed from the Charlestown eral reve-ehnusrgani d- E section toward South BostonHB ill ■ I    I    I eral revenue-sharing programs Monday as schools opened for 1710 abu*e °,f these two legal    Qnnr/ (the second full week of court-[Pr(>c^sse8_ produces the same    P ■ result; More recidivists are a1- WASHINGTON (AI lowed to roam the demonstrators who sonable plea bargaining. Same Result Rocky Rejection Mariner Shoots urdered imesrali<in r% I*    i    •___w I X/cl 111 HIC OVICCld- la vin TUIU ddYS JlU ."ruTleLLn'LL,These ,wo fac,ors are beyond new sport; tennis. Mercury PhotOS ers at Haymarket square near;^ con(rol of ]aw    „You    ^ Ford Courts    Caltfomta Rep.tbl.can Assembly ^constituted by the Holy Spirit to has urged the senate to reject shepherd the church of God the nomination of Nelson Rocke-Presi-feller for vice-president.    Two    Named    to streets dent Ford says he's taken up a During a weekend policy meet- _    ,    .    . ,    *    a    _____ site is on the west 1 “Is the church going to be ?fid on Sunda-V ho had taiked t() side of the south lawn of the governed by the fadhful. to the S™" b>,    “L    W“k    White    House. service of whom the bishops are    ,    Iol'mer    sal    Ever    since    Ford    moved    out of it was hard for him to accept hjs A]exandria, Va„ home. where he liked to exercise daily (in backyard swimming pool, there has been growing sentiment for getting a swimming JKK)I at the White House again. bound?” he asked. “No, we SVN JOSE. Calif (AP) - The    Th<1    bishops    are I downtown Boston and pushed PASADENA. Calif. (AP) - (them back across a bridge over The Mariner IO space explorer lhe charles river to Charles- j     «    J    -    **    —    —    —    ' ait fh« !ng re> the c,°nservative voiun- Kane Committee (time,” Ford said Sunday ev* Ii*?' or8anization Passed a reso-, ,.E F Kane. Democratic ran. ’ Int ion saying President Ford had    for Linn county recorder President Ford's pardon. “The only difficulty is for an innocent man to accept a pardon,” Korff said Nixon told him. Autumn Begins With Equinox WASHINGTON I UP! Mon- raced away Sunday after a Bee town, ment,” he said.    El      w    ^    aa __________________ u As for juvenile offenders,    Kel-ming    in disclosing that    he    had [chosen a    vice-presidential    ^mi- ';ba^ a^aunced appointments    to day was j|1p | jrst dav ()^ aU[Umn for those of us who live in the DALE CARNEGIE COURSE i i i"    wioh    his    campaign    committee Hey said that about 75 percent oflplayed    tennis on Saturday    on    nee who    has been aen ea mg    Daye    Hennessev    2%5    Twenty- __ the persons arrested for crimes    the White House courts.    office by    the voting KepuDiicans    six(h avenue. Marion, will serve Earlier,    a spokesman for May-1areunder the age of 25. He said    Ford,    who played 44 hours of    of our nation tnree separai.    ^ campaign    chairman.    W.    E. or Kevin White said three pupils ^ answer to the problem to a    golf on    Sunday, said he and    his    times. ond look at Mercury and beamed back final pictures of the lifeless, sun scorched planet. lu/prA    phnrfffB:    of dis-.,    -    1—    -    -    —    —    —■------ :n. _ ne. m The repeat visit showed noth- rHprlv (Wldllrt n?v sauarc Iarge rxtent lies with scho°ls. chief of staff, Alexander Haig, The reference was to unsuc- b    ,o4    r^nth sh*eet. ing astronomers immediately-,,    HnUfm    rsrcumstances    .life’    churches    and social dad teamed up in the tennis icessful presidential bids by the ** the finance chairman, ctmsidered new, but one promi- Itf    arrp*»<    unclear but a8encies.    match to play Dr. WJliam Luk-    former New    York governor. nent researcher said, “I saw'    ^ .-„m„n    tjev ^ert, Kelley said    law enforcement ash, the White House physician.    — - things that don't look exactly *    .    uith    ^hool    inteera-:can    do    little    t0    end    8hettos and and Dave Hume Kennerly, tile    Tanaka Dream like what we saw before.” »    poverty, and wrongdoing White House photographer. HAMILTON, Bermuda (UPI) Meanwhile, Saturday’s pie ! i msv0r’c sookesnian    said    , seem*s t0 ^ closely related . .    Ford wields his tennis racket    - Prime Minister    Tanaka of tures of the ancient and rugged! -uJL fh: J. oH/u.ttho ritv    t0 contemporary cultural trends    and his golf clubs in his right    Japan fulfilled an    old dream ^i...    k    which can shape*, distort, or    hand, though he writes with his    Sunday by playing    golf in Ber- will Nortliern Hemisphere. It began officially at 5:59 a m CDT when the sun was directly over the equator on the boundary of Ugunda and Zaire in Africa. This is known to astronomers as Autumnal Equinox, the tune when nightime is equal to daytime. THE KEYS TO SUCCESS • Self Confidence • Human Relations • EHoctivo Communications Class Now Forming in Codar Rapids for Further Information: K.L. Burger 2JI7 Meadowbrook Road Davenport, Iowa ,    ,    IJ J. X4IUWJ uuuufeiiwui    “ surface were bern* studied by ^ le(| thjs morn,ng scientists to see how Mercury Charlesttmn the North End redefine attitudes toward inc and other planed - including and East B’oston are white “* earth nil} have been born. neighborhoods of Boston that law.’ Meredith March VICKSBURG, Miss (AP) -James Meredith, who is trying to qualify as independent candidate for congress, has completed a 50-mile, overnight hike from Jackson to Vicksburg to promote voter registration muda, then conferred with Sir - Edwin Leather, the governor of He said that if youthful of- William Roqers Gets lhis British colonial resort is-nrWc can be diverted from c ,    „ y .    land in a rest stop enn>ute tB positive juvenile pro- South Korean Award Canada grams of a major magnitude SEOUL (API — William Rog-must be instituted.    ers, the former U.S. secretary Kelley also said if crime is to    of state, received Monday one of go down, law enforcement of-    the highest South Korean dec- ficials must create citizen con-    orations given to foreigners, cern, cooperation and con    ITesident Chung Hee Park nim)arr (UPI 1 — Th* sixth ftdenee. *    presented the Oder of Dilpoma- In addition, Kelley urged em    tic Service Merit, First Gass. of    to Rogers when the American VI    */vv4Tv,« have been virtually unaffected ^en£ters can so far by busing intended to in- cnme’ tegrate the city's schools. Record Pay for Auto Workers pay increase of the year boosted the average hourly phasizing quality Tht e*chtr i&npifU    fHc 900000 workers Monday to $e    t0    gel    better    investiga-    called on him The honor was in ■ * eitiw^oa im DV Th. Goiett. co the highest earnings ever for t,ve results alon« Wlfh a necd recoKnition of Rakers' contnbu- blue collar workers anywhere    for jjgg P^neer work in pre- tion o close relations between Third ova. SE. Coder Rapid*, Iowa J240* Second clot* pottage paid at Codar Ropidt, Iowa. Subtcrlpfion rote* bv corritr *S c.nt* a week. Bv molt: Night Edition ond Sunday t Isouet S3 TS a month, U* OO o v»«r Afternoon Edition* and Sunday 7 ittuot S3 IS a month. SAO OO a veof. Other ttotet and U.S. territorial SM OO a year No Mo'! Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Cress I* entitle* enclusiv.lv to the use fer republication of ail the local news printed In this newspaper os well es ell AP new* dispatches And my husband said putting down carpets was man's work. ^ * • !.C $6.95 ie Now I did . . He gave General Motors Corp , the |venUve security program giant of the industry, said the “    Advertise™^" average hourly pay of its 376,000 ; employes went up to $6.06. The figure does not include an average $3 an hour in fringe benefits ranging from pension contributions to a prepaid dental care program effective Oct. I. the U.S. and South Korea. Advertisement AUDUBON WILDLIFE FILMS SEASON TICKETS AT ARMSTRONG'S AND BOXOFFICE SEPT. 25—WILD SCANDINAVIA OCT. 29—GIFTS OF AN EA6LE FEB. 13—MARSH, MEADOW, MOUNTAINS IN OREGON MARCH 7—FLORIDA CYPRESS SANCTUARY APRIL IO—ARIZONA’S CHIRICAHUA MOUNTAIN RANGE FAMILY $11 ADULT $5 STUDENT $2 7:30 PM COE AUDITORIUM What Do Many Doctors Use When They Sutter Fain And Itch Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues? 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