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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa prairie program evaluated Look at, Individualized Instruction (In Section A)ACTIVITIES IN PICTURES ( . V. House Tour, Symphony Week (In Section C) Section A Weather- Sunny today, highs in Bos. Fair Sunday, night lows near freezing. Partly Sunny Monday, highs 65 to 7.*{. VOLI MF 92    MM Ii KR 256 CITY FINAL 35 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES AEC Shuts Atom Units For Check WASHINGTON (AP) - About! one-third of the 52 nuclear: power reactors in the U. S. will have to shut down to determine if there are cracks in their! cooling systems, the Atomic En-! orgy Commission said Saturday. ! An AEC spokesman said no' safety hazard is involved. In another development, a nu-j clear safety specialist working; with the AEC has resigned his1 job because he says the public does not know the truth about “potentially dangerous” atomic power plants. Carl Hocevar, 34. who worked; at the AEC’s Idaho safety re-1 search center, said in a telephone interview Saturday he resigned “because I don’t think j the AEC is putting enough em j phasis on safety as it should be. I Reactor Safety “I just had this frustrated! feeling and think I can do more I for reactor safety by joining! with the safety advocates” he, said. In a letter of resignation to AEC Chairman Dixy Lee Ray. j Hocevar said that “in spite of the .soothing reassurances that I the AEC gives to an uninformed. I misled public, unresolved ques-; tions about nuclear power plant safety are so grave that the U.S. should consider a complete 1 halt in nuclear power plant con-! struction.. The agency issued its order after detecting small cracks in auxiliary piping units of three I-reactors that use boiling water as a coolant. Although there are 21 boiling water reactors in operation, only 15 or 16 have similar units, j the AEC spokesman said. He said operators of all 21 reactors have been notified, but that those without the suspect units will not be required to shut down. Pulled Out pup tnt- Lawmakers Seek Pressure by Ford Bicentennial Bus Gazette Photo bv Ouane Crock A familiar sight around Cedar Rapids since late July has been the "Spirit of 76" bus, painted to commemorate the nation's 200th birthday two years from now and to get people thinking about the celebration. Robert M. L. Johnson, project director for the Mid-America Bicentennial commission, says the bus is so familiar to folks fhat many think more than one is decked out in red, white and blue. Actually, the bus simply follows a different route every day. As far as Johnson knows, the bus is not only the sole one in Cedar Rapids, it is the only one in Iowa. One of its features, shared by three others in the RTC fleet, is a hydraulic system that lowers the entire front of the bus eight inches so that getting on and off is easier. U.S. Mounts Big Aid Effort for Honduras The spokesman said the reac- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) Woman Found Dead in Blaze CORALVILLE - The badly burned body of Mrs. Arthur. Mu-sack. 74, was discovered by Coralville police and firemen Saturday afternoon at her home at 902 Fifth street in Coralville. According to neighbors, police and firemen fought their way through heavy smoke in the two-storv frame house before discovering the body at 4:40 p.m. Marian Ciha, a neighbor of the Musacks, said another neighbor came running to her house to report smoke coming from the Musack house. The neighbors said they thought Mrs. Musack, an semi-invalid, was home alone at the time. Mr. Musack was reportedly attending a wedding in Illinois. Police Officer Charles Stubbs was credited with preventing a jx)ssible worse fire or explosion by turning off the jets that were, still open on the gas stove in the! kitchen of the house. The fire was confined to the stove area and a trail to the liv-J ing room where the body was discovered. A fireman sjieculated that the, woman was attempting to cook: a meal when her dress caught fire. Without the use of a walker, she nearly managed bi reach the front door before Col lapsing. Authorities said the house will be .sealed jiending a full inves ligation by the stab* fire mar-j shal’s office. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The U. S. has rushed emergency supplies to hurricane-devastated Honduras and the Honduran embassy here appealed to the U.S. public for additional aid as the confirmed death toll neared 4.000. The U. S. sent about $125,000 dollars worth of supplies from disaster stockpiles in Panama. an aid spokesman said, as well as two helicopters with trained disaster teams. Two more helicopters were on the way Saturday night. The supplies included water purification units and tablets, water containers, 7.000 blanket*,. 500 tents and four 16-foot plastic boats with 40 horsepower motors. The man coordinating relief efforts for Honduras issued a plea for food, medicine and clothing Saturday to aid the 50.000 persons he says are homeless. "Need Everything” “We need help so desper-, ately,” said Anthonio Valla-dares, Honduran counsel in Miami. “We need everything — food, medical supplies, everything.” Valladares said ships and planes are leaving Miami.! Tampa and Atlanta as quickly as enough relief supplies can be gathered. He said 2.000 tons of: emergency supplies have already been collected in the two days since hurricane Fifi spread death and destruction over Honduras. “About 5,(HK) people they put in the stadium in San Pedro Sula because they don't have! anything - nothing, ’ Valladares said “We urgently need medicine, milk, clothes, food ’’ 2,760 Rudies Rescue workers parachuted into the ravaged town of Cholo-ma, Honduras Saturday and reported that 2,760 bodies have been found there, bringing the confirmed death toll to nearly! 4.000 nationwide, the government said. The Honduras National Emergency Committee said earlier ■that it believes between 7.000 and 8,000 people died in the storm which raked the Honduran coast with 110-miIe-per-hour winds on Thursday. I The state department late Saturday still had no word of the fate of rome 70 peace corps volunteers in northern Honduras, the most severely devastated area of the country. Washed Away Access to the hardest-hit areas has been difficult as most of the low-lying coastal region remains under water. As more and more bodies were being discovered, rescue teams resorted to burning the corpses to avoid outbreaks of typhoid, a committee spokesman said. No Breakthroughs' in Ford-Gromyko Talks WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Ford and Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko held another round of detente discussions Saturday but achieved “no breakthroughs, no agreements.” a White House spokesman said. Ford devoted the full day to detente, including recently* high-level foreign policy talks, resumed    negotiations    for    a    new meeting also with Argentina’s S    1 r    t e 8    1    c    Arms    Limitation Foreign Minister Alberto Vignes (SALT) Ireaty and attempts to in the morning and holding a swap U.S. trade concessions for late afternoon session with Ja- expanded emigration right the far-ranging discussions begun yesterday,” Deputy White House Press Secretary John Hushcn said. Those talks covered most of! the major issues involved in! U.S.-Soviet efforts to promote pan’s Prime Minister Tanaka. Ford invited Gromyko back Ut the White House in company with Soviet Ambassador Dobvrnin and Secretary of State Kissinger “to complete No Crossword People who regularly do The Gazette’s S u n day crossword puzzle are going to be disappointed today. ’Hie puzzle was 'lost in “computerland” and a duplicate* could not he secured in time for today’s paper. The Gazette apologizes to those people whose Sunday is not complete without the puzzle and hope they will bear with us until next Sunday. s for ’Soviet Jews. ‘‘No new subjects were! brought up and the discussion was not limited to any specific subject.” Hus hen said. “There were no break-; throughs, no agreements,’ in the talks, which lasted just over half .ai hour, he added. Ford's meeting with Tanaka was described as mainly a get-; acquainted session and an op-! portunity to go over plans forj the President’s three day visit to Japan, starting Nov. 19. Ford will be* the first American President to visit Japan while in office and he will travel from there to South Korea for two days of talks in Seoul. , Ford spent nearly an hour with Vignes discussing the decision of the Organization of American States to review its decade-old diplomatic and economic embargo against Cuba. Rescuers reported that when 'they reached the town of Cruz J Laguna, which had a population I of 1,500, every house had been washed away by floods and not ; a single person could be found. The emergency committee said another 1,000 bodies were found in the coastal town of Ceiba, which had been cut off I for three days. LL Ignacio Acosta, of the emergency committee, said at least 75 percent of the house* and 90 percent of the roads in the hard-hit northwest region were under flood waters. Acosta said banana plantations were “IOO percent destroyed” in the states of Atla-tida, Yoro. Colon, and Cortes, where U.S. companies of United Brands and Standard Fruit have major holdings. Crops Ruined U. S. Ambassador Phillip Sanchez flew’ over the stricken area Scores Injured in Houston Blast HOUSTON. Texas (AP) - An explosion ripped through the Southern Pacific Railroad yards here Saturday, sending almost IOO persons to hospitals and damaging building* up to a mile away. A hospital survey showed that at least 96 persons injured in the explosion received emergency room care at six hospitals. Eight were admitted, including one railroad company employe said to be “in extremely grave” condition with burns over IOO percent of his body. Fire department spokesman Paul Carr quoted railroad of-; fieials as saying there were cars in the arca loaded with military missiles and that one of those could have been involved in the explosion. The type of missiles involved also was not immediately known. for six hours Saturday and reported all large agricultural valleys under water and “crops 90 to IOO percent ruined.” He said he saw bodies floating in flood waters and survivors clinging to trees and homes surrounded by water. “I don’t doubt that the death (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) FDA Study Sets Safety Of Additives WASHINGTON (AP) - Following a five-year study prompted by the cyclamate scare, the Food and Drug Administration announced Saturday that it has established the safety of four common food additives. They are the first to be approved since former President Nixon ordered a review of more than 500 food ingredients and additives in 1969 after cyclamates were banned. EDA Commissioner Alexander Schmidt called the action “an important milestone in our goal of assuring that all food ingredients, whether old or new, are evaluated for tv bv the best WASHINGTON (AP) - The I Senate-House Economic Committee called on President Ford ! Saturday to play a vigorous role in inducing business and labor to hold down wage and price; ; increases. He should do this, the panel : said in a special report, by making the fullest use of the j 'Council of Wage and Price Stability which congress created at his request. The council can recommend guidelines to govern both price* and wages, and the President can use the power of his office to try to see that these are ob-j served, the committee said. No Controls The committee did not propose reimposition of wage and price controls, although one of its veteran members, Rep. WR- Abzug Urges More Women ilnio Politic* AMES (UPI) — Rep. Bella Abzug (D-N.Y.), Saturday urged (some 1.000 delegates at the second annual convention of the Iowa Women’s Political Caucus 111 WPC) to "break bhat political male stronghold.” Abzug, the keynote speaker at the opening day of the convention here, told the delegates they were doing a “magnificent job,” but needed to place more females in congress and statewide offices. “We have to break that male political stronghold and especially that stag senate — that is not exactly what we need in thisj country,” she told the convention, the largest women’s rights meeting ever in Iowa. Commended Smith Abzug urged more women to become active in party positions. commended Iowa native Mary Louise Smith on her appointment as chairman of the national Republican party and predicted that if more women were in the GOP “the tragedy that befell this country with Richard Nixon would not havci occurred.” The New York congress-' woman noted that no woman was ever under consideration for vice-president but added, “that’s just as well because we should not settle for the vice-; presidency.” The remark was greeted by cheers and applause. Senator Clark iD-Iowa) whOj also was among the opening day) speakers, commended the caucus for getting more women involved in politics, noting that 30 candidates for the Iowa legislature are females. Clark said the “win with, women in ’74” campaign of the; National Women’s Political; Caucus is “a welcome development in American politics with; only 16 women in the U S house: of representatives and none in the senate.” liam Eidnall (R-N.J.) did favor this. He said he fears that the only way to stop inflation is acro*s-thc-board controls applied to all segments of the economy. Other recommendations in the report were: A $5 billion cut in federal spending to $300 billion for the present years. A moderate easing of the tight money policy. An expanded program of public service jobs. Income tax cuts for low-in-|come families with the loss of revenue offset by closing of tax I loopholes. Creation of a commission to make recommendations on removal of barriers to competition. "Tile restoration of healthy nan-inflationary growth will not come easily or quickly,” the report said. “At best, the nation faces several more years in which both the unemployment rate and the j inflation rate will significantly exceed levels previously regarded as acceptable.” Were Unanimous Senator Proxmire, vice-chairman of the committee, said its 12 Democratic and 8 Republican members were unanimous in support of the recommendation*. Various members had additional proposals, however. The members conceded that the President’s Council on Wage and Price Stability had no powers to enforce guidelines. But Sen. Humphrey (D-Minn.) declared. “The President can do much in this field if he will focus attention on these price increases.” “Maybe Mr. Ford can put the government back to work. But he’s going to have to stay with it seven days a week if jawboning and guidelines are going to work.” Proxmire asserted, “This is not a demand inflation because purchasing power has fallen off. Real Rip-Off “There are many factors but in some industries which have power to force administered (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) Triple Oscar Winner Walter Brennan Dies OXNARD, Calif. (AP) - Vet-cran actor Walter Brennan, who won three Academy Awards, died Saturday night after a long battle with emphysema. He was BD 1 V,' Today's Index available scientific methods.’’ Affirmed as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) were the widely used anti-microbial agents propyl and methyl pura-ben: the sweetener sorbitol which is used in baked goods, baking mixes, frozen desserts and gums; and the thickening agent (Continued: Page 3, Col l l Toil"t;'s Chuckle A little boy, getting ready for bed, interrupted a family gathering rn the living room to say: "I’m going up to say my prayers now Anybody want anything?” copyright a,.    ......    * IO Percent Increase has been a ise in the running for office over Abzug said then 40 percent inert number of womer state and national the past two years, and women have an “image of credibility, honesty, compassion and moral-1 ity” that voters are looking for. ! “We must return compassion and understanding of people’s needs to government,” she said “We want institutions of govern-! ment to work for people and humanity all over the world.” IWPC chairperson Roxanne Conlin said more than 2U0 female candidates will be on the Nov. 5 election ballot in Iowa, (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) 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