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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Odar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Sept 13. 1974 jj J » , '•* * % si. The Young.. UPI Teleohoto Age is no concern when you hove things to do, os Beulah Jenkins, 75, can attest. The Spring-field, III., woman has been earning a living for the past 30 years cutting weeds in the city. She plans to work for about three more years and then sit in my rocking chair and get my knitting out.” Maneuvering a tractor over steep hillsides and soggy ravines can be risky but according to Beulah "I like to experiment-see what I can do.” And The Youngest And five-year-old Stephanie Perryman of Smyrna, Ga., keeps herself busy building and flying model airplanes. At right, she puts the finishing touches on one of her creations in the basement workshop of her grandfather’s home. Stephanie won the national championship for rubber band powered airplanes in August, competing with 30 contestants in the under 15 age group. She is the youngest member of the National Free Flight society’s hall of fame. AP Wirephoto Getty Married In Town Hall Ceremony SOVICILLE. Italy (UPI) -J. Paul Getty III, 18, his long hair covering the scars left by kidnapers who cut off his right ear, married a 24-year-old German divorcee Thursday night in a ceremony they vainly tried to keep private The hippy grandson of American oil billionaire J Paul Getty, and the bride, former model Martine Zacher, angrily refused to kiss for the benefit of photographers who jammed the town hall of this Tuscan village of 8.500 persons The couple went to l,a Fu-serna, the villa of Getty's mother, where friends said they would spend most (rf their honeymoon It was 9 40 p m when the couple showed up at the town hall, besieged by photographers who had traveled 140 miles from Rome Getty, wearing a red lined black suit and tennis shoes, kept his hands in his pockets Getty’s mother, Mrs Gail Harris, attended the wedding with her other three children and Miss Zacher s twin sister Miss Zacher’s two year-old daughter from her first mar nage was not there. The couple’s romance began in Rome, where both lived before a gang kidnaped Getty July IO last year and held him in southern Italian mountain hideouts for five months, cutting off his right ear Hest Side ( lab Winners in a Howell movement game played Thursday at Welty-Way wert1 Bruce Thiher and Bruce Cuthbert-son. first, and Mrs KE Hennkson and Mrs W E. Ey-man tied with Mrs Thomas Mullin and Mrs Howard Wilfong for second The next game will bt1 played at 5 30 Sunday at Welty-Way * HAND * PACKED Frosh Fruit Buckets For Any Occosion. Gilt celli wrapped I i Cheery Bid Always Fret Delivery ti Either Hospital DALE'S FRUIT MARKET 3338 Cantar Pi Rd. NE 364-3314    ^ RP Open 9 to 6 -7    ^ DEBORAH BARC IJS FETID AT BRIDAL SHOWER Mrs Norman Wassigner, Mrs. Albert Barnard and Mrs. Cecil Bunner were co-hostesses to 18 guests at a bridal shower given Tuesday evening honoring Miss Deborah Barms The event was given at the home of Miss Barms’ mother. Mrs Ira I Banus, 1388 Wilson avenue SWf Miss Banus is the Sept 21 bride-elect of Robin N Glover 4009 Oakland road N’E son of Mr, and Mrs. John L. Glover of Amarillo. Texas ©LYN W HUGH FETED AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Glyn W Hugh, 1249 Nineteenth avenue SW. was honored at a birthday party Thursday evening at 7 30 at Todd’s Indian House restaurant Thirty-nine guests attended Advertisement CET RID OF THAT FAT lim 5 ll 25 or more pounds al r.ue-js fat — * ghoul mi*.xin# a meal - Kith this Plan that ( un help you slim do»n The XII Reducing Plan contain* a un> tablet eau iv s*j|lo*ed (hut tam bines ingredients lo combat hungei appej.se appetite supplement vita mins No strenuous exen ive Over SM million ol X II tablets u,ed all over America Company founded in IWK X II Reducing Plan costs - large economy size $5 (jet X ii no* Your money refunded by manufacturer if you don t lose those pounds nouue^ hon* asked ^ most drug stores Trudy Thompson Is Bride WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, Canada — Trudy Swenson Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Harley A Swenson of Solon, Iowa, was married to Jack Seitz Saturday in a 5 o’clock ceremony at Lutheran Church of the Cross The Rev. William Baths officiated The bridegroom is the son of Mrs Frances Seitz Smerchanski of Mcdika Manitoba Following the ceremony a reception and wedding dance for 158 guests was given at the Khartuom temple The bride wore an ivory gown of matte jersey styled va ith a high, rolled neckline and belted at the waistline with a cummerbund She wore a floral headpiece and carried an arrangement of flowers centered with an ivory Jaffet orchid Her matron of honor was Mrs Barry Szumlanski and Mrs. Glenn Sears was bridesmaid They were attired | in dusty-pink sleeveless eyelet gowns and mauve picture ; hats Each carried a nosegay of pink and mauve asters Mr. Szumlanski was best man and Mark Ferguson was groomsman and usher ♦ * * The couple chose the Hest Indies for their wedding trip On return they will reside in Winnipeg. The bride attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and was graduated from the American Institute of Business in Des Moines, Iowa. She has been employed by U.S. Attorney Evan Hultman of Waterloo, Iowa, and is presently employed by the law firm of Aik* ins. MacAuiay & Thorwaldson. The bridegroom is employed by the Great-West Life Assurance Co of W innipeg Golf Flmcrest Forty attended play Thursday Guest prize was won by Mrs Robert Zirbel and other prizes were awarded to the Mmes. Donald Hollihan, Burden Humbert, E O. Spangler, Gregg Hilker, Frank Pfaff K.E Heintze and James Griffin Committee members are Mrs Harold Wioto, chairman, and Mrs F. F Stepanek, co-chairman, Mrs Gertrude Veldhouse and Mrs Ray Moore Darts League Bans Women $ Teams UOLXi ELIJAH, Wales (CFM) — The local Darts league has banned Women s teams because they might create a baby-sitting problem for husbands already playing ball Tell her how much you care on your Anniversary. Send her favorite flowers. rn* 4:lh KREBS FLOWER SHOP 2424 18th St. SW 363-2081 7 .Mn Society for Women Features I Sister Sye Case Typifies Korean Repression Plot By Fox Butterfield vork Timex Ne*. Service SEOUL, South Korea — The men who took Sister Sye Raymond!* from her convent, in a blark stslun never identified themselves Not even after three shifts of them interrogated her rn a small windowless room for 17 .straight hours and ordered her to sign a confession of anti-government activity* that could be punishable bv death But though they never told her who they were. Sister Sye. a 38-year-old Korean Roman Catholic nun, knew they were members of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. For she was held in a squat, concrete Building known to almost every Korean as .Nanism, the name of the hillside on which the intelli gence agency 's headquarters were originally situated The building is the agency’s interrogation center. Closed Trials Sister Sye is one of dozens, possibly hundreds, of South Koreans who haw quietly been taken from their homes or offices in recent weeks bv the secret police* for interrogation us part of President Park Chung Him* s effort to repress all opposition to his rule The most dramatic part of Park's crackdown has been a series of closed trials before military courts in which 89 Koreans — including Protestant clergymen, students opposition politicians and the nation’s bestknown young poet. Kim Chi Ha — have been convicted of subversion. A respected 77-year-old former president of South Korea, Vim Po Sun. is on trial But to add to the terror and impact of the trial* the government regularly detains, for periods of a day or more, seemingly almost anyone it is suspicious of Among others taken for questioning by the intelligence agency recently we ne the local Korean correspondent for the Renters News Agency and the lawyer for the most Rev. Daniel Chi Flak Soun. an outspoken Catholic bishop who is under indictment for subversion. Both the bishop and his attorney. Im Kwang Kyu, are still being detained. The intelligence agency’s harassment of suspected political opponents takes other forms also. The secret police routinely stations agents in Protestant avid Catholic churches to check on the content of sermons. An American Catholic priest complained recently that two agents had not only followed him after mass. hut had forced*themselves into Ins taxi, .Sister Sye’s experience illustrated the usual process of detention and questioning, though she was luckier than some because she was not physically tortured and was released after one day But CIA agents told her sin1 may In* called lie fore a court-martial soon to stand trial An account of what happened to her has been put together from sources familiar with her case Sister Sye herself, before she was permitted to leave the interrogation building. was forced to sign a document saying "lf I tell anyone about what happened here. I will certainly in* punished Her trouble began last month when she typed a defiantly worded statement denouncing the government’s repressive rule that had been written by Bishop Daniel ('hi Hak Soun, who is under indictment for subversion According to friends Sister Sye is not a regular secretary, but she was entrusted with the secret task because she is intelligent and composed A few hours after Bishep < hi read the statement to a group of newsmen and i athol-ic supporters, the Korean intelligence agents came to Sister Sye’s convent to pick her up. Threatening Interrogation According to the account that has been pieced together, she was taken with no explanation to room Itll of Xunisan. where her interrogators repeatedly asked her, in loud, often threatening tones, if she had typed the bishop's statement To protect hun, Sister Sye said she did not know. a lie that was to weigh on her conscience. So the agents reportedly began to mock her "Why do you live without a man? Why don’t you marry?" Then as the night wore on and she became sleepy, a new team of agents warned her. “lf you weren’t a nun and a woman, we would have beaten you by now Finally, the policeman took her to see Bishop Chi, who, it turned out. was being interrogated almost next door in room I KI. His face was flushed, Sister Sye is said to recall, and an empty tray sat on a table in front of him The bishop adv is<*d Sister Sye to admit that she had typed his statement and when she agreed she was returned to her own room. That was the last time any outsider has seen (’hi According to Catholic sources. he is believed to have been transferred to a remote hospital in the southern part of the country under guard *»f the intelligence agete \ Executive of Year Chosen by Group Richard Brecke, route one, Cedar Rapids, was designated “executive of the year” recently at a meeting of Women In Construction, chapter No. 180 Mr Brecke, president ol BG Brecke, Inc., was nom inated by his secretary, Mrs. Chris Scholmann and selected for the honor by employers in the construction industry The event took place at the Embassy club At that same event, Mrs. Eugene Christensen, 1819 E avenue NE, was elected as W’lC woman of the year. Selection is based on a member s contribution to her field of work and also to the activities of WIG. Mrs Christensen is president of the chapter and is employed by Metal ( rafters, Inc. Ohlhauser-Forde Vows Exchanged Richard Brecke Miss Viola Lynn Ohlhauscr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted St. John. 212 Eighth avenue SW, was married to Leslie Gene Forde during a 2 o’clock ceremony    Wednesday    at Olivet Presbyterian church. Officiating was the Rev. Francis Roy King The bridegroom is the son ii Merle Forde. 1238 Third street MW. For her wedding the bride (those a silver and white gown She wore a full-length veil trimmed with pearls and sc*quins and her flowers were wihite miniature mums and {tank miniature carnations Mrs. John St. John attended the bride as matron of honor <md maid of honor was Linda Parmele Bridesmaids were Hrlen St John and Kelly (Rtlhauaer. sisters of the bride They wore white lace-tnmmed gowns in lavender, aqua, green and pink, respectively Each held a single red rose Best man was Larry Beam and groomsmen were Kenneth (thlhauser, brother of the bride, and Pat and Ray Regan. Ushers included Robert Ohlhauscr another brother, arid Gary Beam A reception was given at the home of the bride's parents following the ceremony ♦ WW After a brief wedding trip the newlyweds will reside at the Eighth avenue address. The bridegroom is employed by Penick & Ford. Ltd '■J**    AT* Super Leather Production f Tantra /-* # %' -A * NOW SHOWING AT IHI / # rn Bv Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I am M and my husband. Walter, is 52 Two years ago he had a heart attack, but he recovered and is now enjoying excellent health Walter plays tennis at least three times every week, so he’s not exactly an invalid, right'* However, when it comes to lovemaking. I am told not to “bother him" because he doesn’t want to take any chances on damaging his heart Before his coronary, he wasn’t the world’s greatest lover, but now has an excuse (Or has he’) Please ask one of your medical consultants and let me know Don’t advise me to ask Walter’s doctor because he Is also Walter’s tennis buddy Thanks MISSING SOMETHING DEAR MISSING: I consult cd Dr. Donald B Efrier, the famous Cleveland clinic heart surgeon, who is cooler than Denton Cooley and hotter than Michael DeBakey. His response: ‘if Walter, age 52, is enjoying regular tennis, but will not take care of his homework. three possibilities come to mind: (A) Walter’s got something going on the outside; (Bl Walter’s wife has lost something that must have looked good to him a number of years ago or. (C) Walter Is one of (hose rare men who loses interest in sex at 52. In any exent. judging from his wife's letter, Walter’s past heart attack is most likely a phony excise. "Very few coronary patients are advised against sexual activity at home. This simple observation, made long age, gave rise to the aphorism, Theres nothing dangerous about sex. it's the chasing after it that ran kill you’.** WWW DEAR ABBY; Tell that smail-town bartender that he doesn’t have to lie If someone phones the bar and asks if Joe Blow is there, all he has to do is page Joe Blow by calling his name loudly. If Joe Blow doesn't want to answer the page, it’s his business. That way the bartender isn’t in the middle. LADY BARTENDER DEAR LADY: Leave it to k lady to figure out how to keep from getting In the middle ♦ WW Everyone has a problem. What x yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. WTM. Los Angeles, Calif. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please Save and Shop tomorrow! Now you can open or add to your Morris Plan Savings Account on Saturdays between 9:00 a.m and Noon. Get Free 1-hour parking in the Armstrong Ramp. Our teller will stamp your parking ticket. 6%    5%% 6y DIAMOND ACCOUNT compounded quarterly 1 Op»*n Aith lust $*>00 and bi least this amount to earn h Interest paid daily from cay f investment Just SSO minimum on additions to this it, count A her first Quarter *<thdr,»*,i s atli>*cibie during first IO da/s Qt a Caten a Quarter F it,., VIFL f) 'Sh 14 CA«l46i\5Rrf*GULAR account earns daily instant INTEREST' Invest as little as $<> qq t^is at ( cunt pays you 5*4 interest ,rr' 'ta/ of investment to I withdrawal interest compounded Guar if y •deal account for    • f »»•>< five r lf LO is b RH ’ lay MORRIS PLAN Morris Pian/MorAmerica IOO American Building. Cedar R»0,ds 524Ql ;

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