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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Steinbeck: Won't Change Fitness Test for Police A controversial physical qualifications entrance examination used by the Cedar Rapids police department will probably not be changed, Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck said Friday. The examination has been called discriminatory by the city human rights commission on the basis it tends to exclude a higher proportion of women than men from the police department. The commission made the finding after investigating a complaint by a woman who failed the test. Compromise Policy Steinbeck said a compromise policy has been reached that will apparently satisfy the complaints of the rights unit while retaining standards police officials feel are necessary to screen applicants. Chicago Men Report Assault In Cedar Rapids A Chicago man was treated early Friday for injuries suffered when a group of about ten men broke into an apartment at 835 Fourth avenue SE and beat the four occupants. William Finnie, 24, Chicago, was treated at Mercy hospital for bruises and a laceration on his right wrist and released. Finnie and three other Chicago men, Calvin Harris, 22; Carl Staples, 22; and Samuel Osborn, 20, said they were watching television w hen the group kicked in a door and attacked them. One of the alleged attackers had a knife and another may have had a gun, they told police. . Damage to a kitchen window and door was estimated at $50. The victims told police the beating may have been the result of an incident in a tavern where their musical group was Playing. He said three questions* were raised by rights commission representatives. First, he said, was whether it is possible to tell applicants what the test will involve in ; time for them to prepare for it. jSteinbeck said a booklet con-I taining an explanation and dia-! gram of the physical test will be prepared and given to each applicant, allowing each about six weeks in which to prepare for the test. Legal Questions Second. Steinbeck said, was the question of whether an applicant who fails the test may take it again. The safety commissioner said that is possible, but there are legal questions about whether a person who needs to take the test twice should be granted the same advantages as applicants who pass it the first time. The third question posed was whether a position exists on the force where all the abilities of an officer aren’t required. Steinbeck said the answer is “definitely not” because all officers are expected to be Capable of working in any area. An exception, he said, is for veteran officers who become physically disabled. They can be placed in less physically taxing jobs instead of placed on disability retirement, he said. -Believe It or Not! carrier shell achieves a CAMOUFLAGE EV CEMENTING ITSELF TO SEVERAL EMPTY SHELLS THE SAMOYEDS of Siberia, WEAR CAPS MADE FROM THE SCALP Of A BEAR AND ORM A -ME/JTED WITH A BEAR'S MUZZLE Recommends Prison Term Be Modified The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Friday, Sept. 13, 1074 President Acts Ti° nth eilay Interlock Demise Will In GH Bill Jump WASHINGTON (AP) - With I veterans returning to school still j Federal Judge Edward J. Mc- unsure of how much to expect in Manus Thursday recommended GI benefits, President Ford has that the federal prison term of j move(i 1° break the deadlock „ ,    -    . . ..    . over the veterans benefits bill. one of those involved rn the al-    ^    ,ctters    thg! letted seed oats fraud scheme hoUSC .-md senate Thursday run concurrently with a state proposing an across-the-board term he is now serving.    18.2 percent increase in monthly Robert Dennis White, Wa- benefits, terloo, had pled guilty in May to 'six counts in three indictments Previously the house and .senate conferees had agreed to involving conspiracy and mail scnd a b*b *° *‘ord ca'-*ng F°r a fraud in the sale of seed oats ^ P°rcenl hike plus a new loan and seed oats franchises. program and an increase in the time over which benefits could Judge McManus in July sen-! fenced him to four two-year j prison terms and two one-year terms, to run concurrently. White is presently serving a . „ seven-year sentence as a result house rejected the compromtso. of a conviction in Black Hawk k_Tk.tng ,ou! ,he l0im progriT be used. But .speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ford indicated he might veto that bill and the *1 VVTlHAt ti A MLA! _ ~rr—.sp.'-..:."J;: -the Mausoleum OF EMPEROR HUMAYAN, OF INDIA, CONSTRUCTED IN 1566, WAS THE MODEL FOR THE TAJ MAHAL. UH/CH HAS BU/L T 7S YEARS LATER county related to the same seed oats operation. Acts on Petition and the increase in payments from 36 to 45 months. The house then moved to provide a 22.7 percent increase for apprentice Area Officials Mull Funding of SEATS Program Officials from seven east cen-! Liquor Store Broken Into OELWEIN (AP) - Police In his ruling Thursday, Mc- traces and vocational rehabili-Manus noted that justice would i^a^on bu^ kept the 23 percent be best served if White’s federal ^glirp F°r others imprisonment be concurrent E Ord s suggestion Ihusdaydid with his present sentence at the n°l mention the loan program Fort Madison penitentiary. or the added months of eligibili-White had petitioned for a re-induction in sentence.    j    ~ However, the court does not Rodino: V-P Hearing Set After Elections were investigating a breakin at kave 'hc >*>WPr l° ^dcr lhls' tral Iowa counties engaged in a the stale liquor store here early!the Jud|e continued. Ile recom-, WASHINGTON » «»»    ..    lh.™,    ““    **-' Linn county courthouse concern- Police said the thieves gained (AP) — Rep. , chairman of the house judiciary committee, C. R. Man Named Coordi nator of Human Relations IOWA CITY — Aaron Doolin, 23, Cedar Rapids, has been chosen as the human relations coordinator for Iowa City. Doolin. a graduate of Northeast Missouri State university with a sociology major, was the unanimous choice of the city’s human relations commission. The newly - created position will process discrimination complaints and related matters and will pay $11,900 Doolin was one of some 60 persons interviewed for the position. He served from September of 1972 until June of 1973 as an investigator for the Cedar Rapids human rights commission. He has since served as administrative assistant and compliance officer of the Cedar Rapids commission. Ford Motor Co. Sets $389 Hike DETROIT (AP) - Ford Motor Co. has followed the trend set by General Motors and Chrysler and announced price increases on 1975 models averaging about $389 per vehicle. Ford Vice-president John Naughton said in announcing the increases on Thursday that Ford couldn't afford not to raise prices. Naughton said the cost of building a car has averaged an added $950 per unit since October, 1972. Ford has already made up $400 of that in previous price increases. ing financing of the Stale Eldcr-'™try by smashing the glass in    .IT    deari"«s    on    ,he    "°n»n®«<* iv Arpa in Tnncit Qvctpm tbe front door of tbe building    ...    .,    ,    ^    f    of    Nelson    Roc I L. I    J which is located on one of the !10n- Whlte, ,he on|y onc t0 vice president (SEATS). in the seed oats opera- 0f Nelson Rockefeller to become will not begin city’s main downtown streets. bave ,served bme *n Pr»son. until after the November elec* No vote was taken on An anc-    ^ hadn’t been determined    ‘Ringleaders’    lions ing the program, which Pro-jwhat was taken. The store su- plve individuals Died euiltv ,,e Said no fma! bm('lablc is vides bus service for    elderly    pervisor i^ug Henker, asked    t0 various charges    and received    s^1. fo.r ,h“    heannSs’ but ex' residents of the counties.    the help 0f the state auditor’s of-    fines; charges against one were    P,ai"ed n<>    actlon    c.an . *m The failure of the officials to fice to determine how much dismissed- and three are listed reports are received from take action prompted Johnson liquor was missing.    las fugitives.    investigations    and    they    are    not county supervisors to call for a---'    *.    ,    ..    u, u expected until next month. special meeting Friday after- n_ .a, DamLuV IAInr+U    V    t    7V    aV    Congress plans to recess from noon to decide what course they Post. HOCKy S Worth alle£ed bY Asst. L.S. Atty. Alan!0ct 15untii after the elections. toto    oi    ■    /aa    hmm Kirshen to have been the “ring-    ________ Set dt S33 Million leaders” in the operation, were _    , At a meeting of the Jemison    found guilty on a total of 101 Franco Returns After supervisors Tuesday, a    vote    to    WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice-    counts by a federal    jury.    Bout    with    Phlebitis nnnrnvA furfhpr funrlinct unc Hp- nrosidcnt - dcsionale Rocketed-!    .... The two were    fined $1,500    MADRID    (AP)    - General ferred in order to see what I er’s initial report to congession-,      «    *    ^    * other arca IO counties planned a1 committees on his personal each and given suapendcd pr^. Franc^ Franco returned to worth places his fortune at $33;°" terms. Both were also placed his official role as chief of C. R. Woman Held on Vehicle Damage Count Helen Dittmar, 39, of 815 Oakland road NE, was charged Thursday with malicious injury to a vehicle after she allegedly rammed her car into an auto owned by a man with whom she had quarreled. Police said Mrs Dittmar argued with David W. Brown, Solon, in the 200 block of Thirty-third street drive SE shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday. Mrs. Dittmar allegedly backed her car into the rear of Brown’s car when she left the scene. Damage to Brown’s vehicle was estimated at $350. Bond was set at $500 and Mrs. Dittmar was taken to the county jail. to do. The SEAT'S bus program has operated for seven months. At Thursday’s meeting representatives of the other counties expressed reservations about a million, The Washington Post an Bve >'ears probation, said Friday. Senators who have seen the report would not specify the figures but said they were much Judge Dismisses Utilities Suits program originally financed by'lower than most public esti- federal funding, but eventually mates of his wealth and ap-ord" tharitilitteste restored taken over at county expense parently were based on acquist    that utilities be restored laxen over ai county expense.    .    ,    V- at the residence at 373 Seven- The system uses two radio,1100 prices tor property, iney .    .    .    ,    .    .. dispatched vans to transport el-1 we being revised upward to re-1 l°°"*h street '    be*n    dlb , ,    - — • j - .    fleet current values, the story |II1IMCU* Linn state Friday after a two-month illness that forced him to transfer his powers temporarily to Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon. The 81-year-old Spanish leader presided at a cabinet session court |f°r the first time since he was hospitalized with a form of derly residents Richard Bartel, chairman ofjsaid the Johnson county supervisors, phlebitis, or inflamed veins, on July 9. Doctors said he has completers * t j * -. J ly recovered. u n ■1S U    V    Franco transferred power to Hansen, jr., dismissed he pet!-    h    inco'    hjs    de. lions, saying the utilities had    .    . \ cli ppitcenr ac    Vin rf rvl expressed willingness to support Penny Binger Renamed    hTfnreSl«nat«1 successor as king of the program. However, fellow Ta Qinta rAmmiHDA    ‘    ,    .    ,    ,    .    ,    ^    Spain,    on    July 19. after intestinal Supervisor Robert Burns in-1 T° State Committee which had been scheduled in the    brought    him    close    to indicated an unwillingness to con-' Penny Binger, of 1844 Second , as(>s tinue Johnson county suppoct if avenue SE, has been reappointed other counties in the area do not I by Governor Ray to the state’s fund SEATS.    |committee on child labor. She —........ —    (was first named to the group in 1970. death. Be Too Late for Many DETROIT (AP) — Congress|plained vociferously about hav-is expected to lift soon the re- ing to buckle on the belts even quirement that all new ears Tor driving a car a few feet into carry    seat    belt-interlock    sys-    a garage. terns.    But the action will come    Late fa|i    shoppers    will    find too late for about a million buy- some showroom models with in-ers of 1975-model cars.    terlocks and others without Companies    are already    into^hem. The companies    say shop- new car production and will    may not want a car with have an estimated million units the device even though it is with interlocks in dealer show- relatively simple to disconnect rooms by late this month, when an(j the government estimates congress is expected to drop the 40 percent of current model requirement for the safety de- QWners have disconnected it. vices. The interlocks, first required    to    ^ for 1974 models, force front seat General Motors says the inoccupants to fasten their har- terlocks add about $30 or $40 to ness-belts before the car will a car’s cost. It said it would start. Many owners have com- pass on to consumers any savings it realizes from eliminating N«    a ii    them. But    purchasers of    cars ixon Attorney with the device installed will Hit, Subpoena of Papers on Re I Iv vices ls not an abso,ute certain- rHARr/YTTF v r IAP ^ But aUt° comPany sP°keS' U/rTE. N. 0. AI ) — men th are confident such An atMmiey for former 'res- adjon js comi And scnate idem Nixon has formally object- action this week mdicates they ed to a subpoena seeking are r|ghl materials from Nixon in connec- The house aiready has passed ion Aith a Bi I Iv (.rahnm Day a bjj| which would eliminate rally here nearly three years jnterlocks on 1975 models. And, ,    while the senate version keeps he subpoena seeks docu- the device, the senate went on menis and tape recordings deal- record Wednesday in favor of mg with security measures dropping it. The bill is now in ta (ii during the rally at the a Senate-house conference com-CharJ0Re coliseum on Oct. 15, miUee for revision. 197!. from which Nixon pro- industry sources predict a testers claim they were wrong- modified version of the house fully excluded.    bjj| wj]| bcCome law. They say Nixon s lawyer, Raymond senate supporters of interlocks Larroca. entered his objection now appear ready to change in a letter tiled on Ihusday in ^ejr votes and push instead for L. S. district court in Charlotte, legislation requiring controver-lt was addressed to George siaj ajr bags for new cars start-Daly, attorney for 21 persons jng with 1977 mrxlels. who have filed suit for a total of $1,260,000 against former Nixon    Compromise Seen aide H. R. Haldeman. two Industry observers see the former White House advance move as a calculated compro* men. the U. S. secret service, mise: drop interlock to save the Veterans of Foreign Wars the air bag. The bag could add and the Charlotte police depart- as much as $600 to a car’s cOvSt. ment.    It is strongly opposed by    the Larroca termed    the    subpoena auto industry. /‘unreasonable and oppressive'’ The department of transporta-in the time and expense which tion, which regulates auto safe-would be required in searching ty, said recently it is willing to presidential documents for ma- abandon interlocks. But at the terial related to the visit. He same time it released a study also said the materials are pri- extolling the safety virtues of vileged and not relevant to the air bags. pending lawsuit.    --- The plaintiffs claim they were pr;<-nn<ar illegally prevented from attend- _    P ing the rally for Graham at which Nixon, a long-time friend of the evangelist, was one of the NICOSIA (AP) — Sick and speakers.    wounded prisoners from    the Daly filed a notice last month Cyprus war will be exchanged that he would take a deposition starting Monday, 31 days since from the former President on the cease-fire, the rival leaders Sept. 24 in Santa Ana, Calif.    of the island said Friday. Starts Monday Elevator Breakins At Lisbon Reported r'nllim Roliowoc Ford Il5,'u-    I    ^    breakin    at    the    Wilkins    ele-| vj up D I 5    ^js0    namc(i    the    committee!vator at Lisbon Tuesday night! Honeymoon Is Dead!was Clifford H. Boldt of Daven- has been reported to the Linn PHILADELPHIA ( A I*) — 'P°rt* past President of tbe Unit-J sheriff’s office. Pollster said ed Brotherhood of Restaurant Employes Report Items Missing Three employes of the Country Kitchen restaurant, 1341 First avenue SE. Friday reported thefts of personal belongings stored in an office. TTiomas G. Smith, 506 Thirty-fifth street SE, told police his billfold containing $40 was taken from the unlocked office at the rear of the building. Shannon R. Budolowski, 1437 B avenue NE, reported $8 taken from her purse. Diane Mary Schmidt, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion, said $4 was missing from her purse. Woman Suffers Minor Injuries in Accident Bonnie Wacker, 17, of 304 Thirteenth avenue, Hiawatha, was treated Thursday at St. Luke’s hospital for a bump or. the head suffered in a two-car collision. She was not admitted. Tbe accident happened shortly before noon Thursday at the ^intersection of Nineteenth street and Grande avenue SE. Miss Wacker was a passenger in a car driven by Linda Hay Langer, 19. of 1610 J avenue NE. Police charged Miss Langer with failure to stop for a stop sign after her car and an auto driven by Kathy Lynn Wenner. 17, of 1010 Bowler street, Hiawatha, collided. George Gallup o„..|and Jolncrs President Ford’s honeymoon! period with the public is dead,! and Friday the Philadelphia In-1 quirer reported Gallup's comment is a story on the obituary! page. Gallup told an audience at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday that Ford’s pardon of former President Nixon had cost Ford considerable populari-i tv. He said it put an end to tbe! honeymoon period most new i Presidents enjoy for a year. Carpenters About checks, GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nows, Sports, lookkoopmg. Control Infor motion ond Offices Not Listed Below Coll....................*....... 391-1211 (ifculotion-Subccription Dept  3911333 Mon thru Sot. I a rn. to 7 p m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll am. to 7 p m. Wont Ads    ..............398    82341 Mon thru fn I a rn toS pm. Saturday until 12 Noon Display Advertising    ........ 391    1222 8 o rn to S p.m. Morion Office    398    8430 $100 in cash, some! and 18 power cords,! with no value listed, were reported stolen from the safe. There was no sign of forced entry into the safe. Read the Want Ads For the Finest’ in Paints_ New Shipment of Haeger Pottery WEEKEND SPECIAL 6 Beautiful |    6    Arranged ROSES SI 49 ROSES $Q50 Only ......    ■    I    Only....... -CASH    &    CARRY- • HANGING GARDENS & LARGE GREEN PLANTS for Home or Office • Nice Selection of DRIED FLOWERS & FOLIAGE SOOS (enter Point Rd. NE Phone 393-SS6S SM ULEKOFIF'S In Downtown Cedar Rapids Not bad for a guy who pushes pencils all week. I did it myself, and it was a snap. First I talked to my Armstrong retailer. He gave me tips on installation, tools, and helped me choose the right floor for my room. He even gave me a “how to” booklet. Then, in much less time than I thought it would take . . . done! Suddenly the^ family room looks new again. How-to-install booklets with any purchase. New you con my N lim do-it your sril way v»ilh pro>.1ui I*, by Armstrong 12-wide cushioned vinyl floors-durable, beautiful, soft to walk on. rn Bastion* a dol e ut* iWj mosaic WSS? I resistant. $6.50 tq. yd. SMULEKOFF’S First Floor, South THE DREST WHISKEY OF THE WEST. THE GREAT WHISKEY OF TODAY. ■ Sumiv moo* annular CO. CINClNMtl, OHIO. lUNOtO WMIIKlt I* *000#, IS* MAIN NtUfOAl IMilll. ;

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