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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa FRI. SEPT. 13 The Jolly Bohemian SAT. SEPT. 14 Headstone Sapor Bock I Reservation* 857-3002 Coming ne*f week: FRI. SEPT. 20 JOHNNY KETELSEN SAT. SEPT. 21 ENOCH SHOREY Dance Mor SWISHER Advertisement KEITA LEITA Continuous entertainment at THE MEETING Pl ACE KEITA HITA, from Jamaica — elating Eire Dancer and Belly Dance*, storting wilt) a 5 30 pm Matinee Evening shows 9 30 — 2 am. UNIQUE MOTEL 852 A Avenue NE 2 minutes from downtown Tile Blk & IO St Intersections are now open I 365 9061 LAMP BAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. .OOSEVEUI MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in oui ramp DOWNTOWN, Business Beat J Marilyn Beck 'N*. * The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri , Sept. 13. 1974 By Marilyn Berk HOLLYWOOD (NYT) -Fred Williamson claims he hasn’t officially been informed that ABF wants to buy him out of his contract as "NFL Monday Night Football" expert commentator. However, he admits point-blank he wouldn’t be surprised if he learned such news soon "It s obvious to everyone that there are problems, that it s just not coming together on the air,” he says "But the fault isn t mine, it s Howard fosell’s He’s avoided me on all three of the games we’ve done, just let my lines die I’m not coming off well because he’s not doing what he does best — playing it for controversy. Something’s happened to Howard lately; He’s started taking himself seriously. And it’s not very becoming.” The pro ballplayer-turned-actor has achieved a hard-fought reputation as Mr. Ego However, sharing a broadcast booth with champion ego-tainer Cosell, Fred’s braggadocio facade has abruptly fallen away — and he’s been coming off timid as a mouse caught in a lion’s cage New, obviously concerned about his future on the show, Williamson says he’s ready to start fighting back "Game number four will show a most definite change," he vows. ‘ The real Fred Williamson will rear his ugly head — or at least what the public has rome to regard as the real Fred Williamson." From the game plan he outlines, it would appear we can expect to see fireworks on ABC Monday night. “I’m going to take the initiative away from Cosell. I’m going to let him have it," he promises "Yeah, you’ll see controversy in the booth You can bet on that." And if it s too late in the game for Williamson to save his career as a television commentator? "If I’m not wanted, why stay0’’ says the suddenly-meek Fred "I don’t want to be anywhere I’m not liked.” Then, sounding a bit more like the fellow who’s earned his share of fame and fortune as Fred Williamson, the bombastic, the vainglorious, he adds, "besides. FII sell anything — for a price. It wouldn’t bother me a’tall." Lucie Arna/ was still In a state of shock when I spoke to her Thursday about the premature shuttering of "Seesaw" at the L. A Music Center. The production had drawn rave reviews for Lucille Ball s talented daughter. But, once again justifying bis An geles’s reputation as a terrible theater town, ticket sales just weren’t there, and the notice went up Tuesday that the show would shut down Sunday night instead of on its planned Sept 26 close date. “Shocked as I am about it,” says Lucie, who’s just winding up a four-month cross-country tour with the show, "I’m still grateful that a lot of important people have seen it — and some awfully nice things are happening as a result. There have been movie offers, and Paramount TV has even wanted to tie me down to a series contract. I said no’ to Paramount, only because television was where I was at when I start od on my morns series. There are a lot of things I’d like to do before I return to series work. Like movies Like another play." Peter Falk has no intention of conceding the ratings wars to the opposition without a fight. If he has anything to do with it. his "Columbo’’ series will leave the video arena because he’s grown tired of the show — not because the public’s grown tired of "Columbo”. Just a few months back, Falk was of such contrary frame of mind he slapped suit against Universal Studios to THE HOT SPOT EMERGENCY ROOM 4650 Ut Ave.N I. Bud Blue Old Mil. on Tap Trophy Lounge presents Fri. Night "STEAMBOAT WILLY" Sat. Night "WEBSTER IOHN” 519 H Street S.W. )i\r ENTERTAINMENT Lite Fntertainmenl Fiery Friday and Saturday Night Happy Bright and Tony Serving Delicious Foods Mnn.-Thurs. 5-IO Friday 5-11 Saturday 5-12 Tues. & Thurs. Mexican Foods *2.95 RANCH SUPPER CLUB Party Rooms, Capacity 10-1 25 Rehearsal Dinners ON HIGHWAY 218 MIDWAY BffWFEN CEDAR RAPIDS AMD IOWA CITY Dial 857 26*1 Enjoy Our Delicious Breasted Eat it Here or Carry-out it Fri. and Sat. * Dance To DICK MILLER COMBO STADIUM LOUNGE 957 Rockford Road S.W. 364-0976 Across From Veterans Stadium LET’S GO ROLLER SKATING! A Fri. A Sat. Nights A 7 to 10 p m and 9:30 to I 2 P M. ADMISSION $1.00 Extra Session 50c Skate Rental 35c SAT. MATINEE 1-4- SKATE FREE!*s.nC33< ★ Sunday Night ★ SPECIAL FAMILY DISCOUNT Whole Family $2.00 includes skates - Schools, Churches, Scouts, Etc. " Book your Skating Parties Now! CEDAR RAPIDS ROLLER DROME Highway 30 West Phone 365-0176 brrak his "Columbo’’ contract But what a change of mood has overcome him' He was on the phone Thursday asking me to tell readers that the segment of his series which opens the new season Sunday is the best segment ever It also happens to bf* the first time "Columbo” will he facing Telly Savalas’ popular "Kojak" series as timeslot competition Calk does concede that he expects ratings of his NHC show to suffer because of CBS’ Sunday night schedule reshuffle But he’s eonvineed the popularity of "Kojak” also will he hurt by the move. "You can make hook,” says Peter, “ ‘Columbo’ will survive the season It’ll do more than that. My deal calls for me to he hack in fall of 75 — and I see no reason why I won’t Im*.” We’ll soon see if "Kojak" interferes with those plans -—Tonit* Fri.— Country Travis —Sot.-— RAY Ti Tennesseeans [The Best in Country ond| Country Rock Always/ The FRONTIER 219 14th Ava. S.i. Your Favorite I*ame of Card*! Acting Course For Beginners Acting classes for beginners will be offered at the Cedar Rapids Community Theater this fall and next spring Preregistration is open this week and next for the fall semester The course will consist of eight Saturday morning sessions from IO a m. to noon for young people grades 5-8 The fall semester opens Sept 21 and ends Nov. 9 The fee is SIO. payable by the student at the opening session Parents should pre register their children by calling the Community Theater, 362-0501 fir 362-7632, weekdays between IO a m and 3 p m Held in the CRCT Studio, 1128 Third street SF, the classes will be supervised by Reader Theater Coordinator Patrick Cassidy and Managing Director Don Teacher. The spring semester will begin March 22 Need a bike, car, or home0 Shop the want ads SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14 JOHNNY KETELSEN RAMADA INN 5550 6th St. SW Cedar Rapids, lo,'n Presents September 13 thru 28th 9 PM - 1:30 AM KING COLE TRIO In our Granada Lounge For Reservations Phone 366-7721 co ming soon “Holiday in Greece" Now Taking Reservations For Your Meetings, Banquets A Holiday Parties Eastown 2 Richard Dreyfuss has ♦he title role in “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz opening at the Eastown 2 theater Friday. Zodiac “MO SAUCE” Inn ALL DRINKS ’ NON ALCOHOLIC ' 5185-8th AVE. MARION TURN RT AT 50TH ST DAILY 6 p m 2 a rn • DANCING NITEIY • OPEN SUNDAY it TONITE ★ TH* versatile tinging 4 guitar ortittry of ii Mz. Alice” it Sat. & Sun. * “D-J Duo” The Want Ad number is 398-8234. • Frldoy, Sapt. I 3 • “BIG FAT DUTCHMEN’’ Benefit Dance for the Ryan Community • Saturday, Sapt. 14 • “Do s & Don’ts” PRAIRIE MOON BALLROOM •rairiebvrg, Iowa Dress up Rules Urns. 437-2271 FflraibY e EVENING SPECIALS Tuesday—Swiss Steak Wednesday—fried Chicken    includes    Pototo, Thursday— Roast Pork & Dressing Salad. Beverage Evening Specials With Our Salad Bar $2.75 OR YOU MAY ORDER FROM OUR REGULAR MENU SUNDAY NOON BUFFET I 1:30 a rn. to 2 p.m. Select from Several Meats $025 Delicious Homemade Salads    w Closed Mondays THE PURPLE COW Highway 2 I 8 at North Liberty Phone 626-2253 Only I 2 Minutes South of Cedar Rapids Tues.-Thurs. 6:30 a.rn.-8 p.m. Fri. 6:30 a.rn.-9 p.m. Sat. 8 a.rn.-9 p.rn.,Sun. 8 a.m.-8 p.m. After Dinner Visit our WOODN WHEEL Gin SHOP EVIimiNG GOOD! MAT IMH HMH! Til TMF SUER SUR. BURTT SI RLO IN'N" 8 Re to SHELVED ll 36 a rn. til 3 p m VSS! n"iCNT peking rn ova 1407 First Avenue S.E. Next to Target Phone 393-9727 Adults J2.J5, Chilren under IO JI.75, Children under 3 CREE CEDAR VALLEY CHAMPIONSHIP TRACTOR PULL HAWKEYE DOWNS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA i rn ■ mrn I When your family wants out ... bring them in. A good meal in an informal setting is one of the hest pleasures of life . . . And it needn’t cost all that much. Join us at the Country buffet — for lunch, for dinner. We’ll be glad to meet the rest of your family too.Country buffet at the BOOSEVEU MOTOR HOTEL Country Kyle • Country priced Country good Bit-itMrisi $2 I Mitch I Turner Vt f tee parking Dnutitdvni I rdtii Kaput*-$4,400 IN PRIZE MONEYSEPT. 13-14 — 6:30 p.m. RAIN DATE SUNDAY SEPT. ISIDE INFORMATION UIL: 111)1 Iii TISI NIGHT OI HIU CDI ISS USI ;

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